ubottuGeekSquid called the ops in #ubuntu (rinah Troll or just plain idoit)03:40
rwwDaemonFC is ban-evading in #ubuntu+1. Banned address; c-68-57-223-4.hsd1.in.comcast.net09:03
persiaOops.  I sent DaemonFC there after an off-topic question in #ubuntu-devel (following some on-topic discussion)09:13
ikoniarww: looking now09:42
elkydaemonfc wouldn't be our favourite spammer now, would he?09:43
elkythe first name and isp certainly fit the profile09:44
ikoniahe's doding the ban in +1 for sure09:45
rwwelky: Ryan Farmer? Yes, that's him.09:45
ikoniaDaemonFC: hi, thanks for joining09:45
DaemonFCyeah, I know09:45
ikoniayou know what ?09:45
DaemonFCyou hate my guts09:46
ikoniaerrr no09:46
DaemonFCI also know what happens in 5 seconds09:46
ikoniaI was just going to ask you to leave #ubuntu+1 as there is a ban on that channel for you, and see if we can resolve the bans for you09:46
DaemonFCok, I'm not there now09:46
ikoniathank you09:47
DaemonFCWe should maybe discuss the shoot on sight standing order over a spat in 2008?09:47
ikoniaDaemonFC: if you could give me 60 to just finish reading up09:47
ikoniashoot on sight, I'm not actually sure what you're talking about - but just let me finish reading the notes09:48
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok, I was just catching up on your bans as there are many there09:49
DaemonFCyou're probably reading a lot of duplicates from "Hey, you got banned 6 months ago!"09:49
DaemonFCbut that's just my guess09:49
ikoniasorry - my phone went09:50
ikoniano, there are not lots of duplicates, there are a couple of issues, and a set of instances of you trying to get around the bans09:50
DaemonFCnot true09:50
DaemonFCif the ban expires and I re-enter a room under the same name, that's not an evasion09:51
ikoniayes - true, I've got the details in front of me, but I'm not debating that, I'd like to, if possible resolve your bans in the channels09:51
ikoniaDaemonFC: a ban doesn't expire - unless it's removed09:51
DaemonFCthat's a ban expiring and an op being a twit09:51
ikoniano - it's not. If a ban had been removed I would not say "you where ban evading"09:52
DaemonFCI also don't have to let anyone know it's me09:52
ikoniaI wouldn't be talking to you about it09:52
ikoniaI didn't say you did09:52
DaemonFCif I was trying to evade a ban, you woudn't be talking with me because you wouldn't know09:52
ikoniaI guess the first question is, do you want to resolve these issues and start re-joining/using the channels freely09:53
DaemonFCsure why not?09:53
DaemonFCWhere's the paperwork?09:53
ikoniaok, so that's a good start09:53
DaemonFCwho do I make an appeal to (again)?09:53
ikoniathere is quite a history of bans on you for various behaviour under various nicknames (again part of tring to get around the bans)09:54
DaemonFCI don't know what other nicknames you're referring to09:54
ikoniaif you could explain what that behaviour was all about, and show a little intention of not repeating it, that would be great09:54
ikoniaDaemonDEB, DaemonMDV, DaemonXP, AlmightyCthulu09:54
ikoniaring any bells ?09:54
DaemonFCwell, the first three are obviously me09:55
ikoniaok - so if you re-read and re-apply the question then please.09:55
DaemonFCit's been years, how would I know09:55
DaemonFCsome people obviously have long memories about trivial things09:56
DaemonFCI am not so blessed09:56
ikoniaDaemonFC: it's not been years, and you where a persistant issue inthe channel as you where a week or so ago in #ubuntu-offtopic, so I'll ask again, what's with the persistant distruption to the channel behaviour ?09:56
DaemonFCI think that time someone brought up mono and the assorted Microsoft patents that are held on it09:57
DaemonFCand I advised that I wouldn't use it09:57
DaemonFCand got banned09:58
ikoniano, you used rude language towards people09:58
ikoniaactually - in all honesty, with your history, I feel this is a waste of time09:59
ikoniaI'm not going to pursue it fther09:59
ikoniaapologies for miss-leading you, but I can't see a point in going through this again when you're clearly still playing innocent to your behaviour/09:59
DaemonFCyour call again10:00
ikoniano problem10:00
DaemonFCit obviously doesn't help that I didn't try to be dishonest10:00
DaemonFCsomeone else will definitely remember that next time10:00
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok, I note your comment10:01
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops DaemonFC attempted to resolve multiple bans, got lies/time wasting innocense back. Pointless to continue, not genuine10:04
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:04
ikoniarww: good eyes, thank you10:04
rwwhe just rejoined #ubuntu+110:04
ikoniahelps if I spell his name right in a ban10:05
ikoniayes ?10:22
DaemonFCIf I agreed to bite my tongue, could there be a way of potentially clearing those bans?10:22
ikoniaDaemonFC: not at the moment, I don't want to discuss this any more at the moment. I tried earlier and just got the same old story back, so I don't want to do that pointless trip again at this time10:23
ikonia(just being honest)10:23
DaemonFCif you think it's pointless, great. I'm telling you I don't remember the whole range of crap in detail over why those are in place.10:24
ikoniaif you come back at another time, and try being a bit more honest with your responses, I'm sure it will get sorted10:24
DaemonFCYou have logs and it's not fresh in my memory10:24
ikoniaI appreciate that10:24
DaemonFCso you probably do know more about it than I remember10:24
ikoniaagain, I appreciate that, but you know exactly what you did in #ubuntu-offtopic, and you know what you where doing with all the spamming, and trolling in the past10:25
DaemonFCfor WHAT!?10:25
ikoniayour blog/link10:25
ikonia(or a blog/link) that you found ammusing10:25
ikoniaI assume it's yours with the name10:26
DaemonFCwait a second, where was I selling anything or making revenue or whatever?10:26
DaemonFCthat's what I call spam10:26
ikoniaok "advertising" your link10:26
DaemonFCthank you10:26
ikoniayou're not banned in #ubuntu, so you're free to use that channel10:27
ikoniasee how you get on in ther10:27
DaemonFCmake me sound like I'm selling black market Russian Viagra or something10:27
ikoniano, I didn't10:27
ikoniaagain - this is the pointlessness I don't want to go around again10:27
DaemonFCone question though10:28
DaemonFCWhy is it futile to talk to any ops due to all bans being indefinite and pointless to contest?10:28
ikoniait's not10:28
ikoniaif you're just straight about stuff, %99.9 of the time things can get resolved easy10:29
DaemonFCShouldn't they be like 1 month, 6 month, etc and give the person incentive to improve? (ok thats 2)10:29
ikoniait can be as short as 10 minutes if the issue is resolved10:30
ikoniathere is no set time policy10:30
ikoniaas I said, most things are normally resolved easy, however it's persitant issues, and just not being straight when trying to resolve the issues10:30
ikoniathat's what drags things out10:30
DaemonFCso if a person can't remember an off the cuff remark than they're screwed?10:30
ikonianot at all10:30
ikoniamost of the time that can be worked through, and I'm not asking you to remember the remakrs, more your overall behaviour10:31
DaemonFCI'm an asshole10:31
ikoniayour attempts to get around bans, your attitude, your language, your topics to try to set of an issue10:31
ikoniaok - so in your words, why should we let someone who is an "asshole" back into the channels to cause distruption to other users who are not "assholes" ?10:32
DaemonFCbecause anyone can be an asshole situationally and choose not to keep it in check?10:32
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok, perfect response, however on the past you have chosen not to10:33
ikoniaso what's changed ?10:33
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok - shall we try to work out a deal10:33
DaemonFCok, well, most systems don't indefinetely punish people for things they have done or keep punishing on the assumption that in the future they may do something10:34
ikoniawell, you've not changed so far, hence why I'm trying to work something out with you10:34
DaemonFCyeah, go ahead10:34
ikoniayou're not banned in #ubuntu, see how you get on with that, if you can control yourself for a month in #ubuntu, I'll remove the ban in #ubuntu+1, then we can set a plan for #ubuntu-offtopic ?10:36
ikoniaI'll put a note in the logs, so it's not just me who can deal with it10:36
ikoniaseem a reasonable way forward ?10:36
ikoniaI'll put a note in the logs now for #ubuntu+110:37
ikoniaany problems/queries please ask as it's better to ask than make a bad reaction10:37
DaemonFCyeah. and this way it's not like nobody else can look and say "I didn't see any note on that"10:38
ikoniaI've just updated the notes now10:38
ikoniaso we can review it a month from now10:38
DaemonFCI'll be back10:39
persiaIt's all about frogs.10:59
Tm_TI'm actually glad I have no idea what you're talking about (:11:00
myrttithe side effects of my chronic pain meds are a bit disturbing, I feel hyperactive all the time and on the other hand I'm really tired because I've slept so poorly due to feeling hyperactive the couple past nights. So if I seem weird, feel free to slap me11:00
* Tm_T huggles myrtti11:01
jussi01myrtti: you are weird to start with, so if you start acting normal then? :P :D11:01
jussi01(hugs really, that must suck)11:01
myrttioh but the pain is gone, I guess that's good?11:01
myrttithis lack of concentration really is annoying11:05
Tm_Tmyrtti: yeah, one of the reasons I'm trying to stay away from meds11:07
* jussi01 waves to rww, heya! did you need a hand with something?12:11
rwwoops, forgot I was still in here, thanks :)12:12
Tm_Tbazhang: hi, how can we help you?12:20
* Tm_T hides12:20
ikoniadon't be so rude12:41
* Tm_T huggles ikonia12:43
ikoniahugging is also rude12:58
ikoniaapprantly everything that goes on in this channel is rude12:58
persiaIndeed.  That's why we're banished here.12:58
* myrtti grabs tim_______ in pm13:12
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
* Pici sighs at LimCore 13:26
ikoniareally ?13:26
ikoniaI thought I'd got him going in the right track13:26
Myrtti*sigh* tim_______ doesn't acknowledge my pm and I'm not too keen on putting the issue on table at #ubuntu-uk13:32
popeythe issue?13:32
Myrttididn't get help in #ubuntu, so13:33
Myrtti[15:09] < tim_______> oooo fuck you all self son of a bitches13:33
Myrtti[15:09] ~~~tim_______ [~tim@] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]13:33
MyrttiI don't want to ban or banforward, it wouldn't result in anything13:33
MyrttiI just wanted to poke in pm to tell him that that language is uncalled for and not needed. but *shrug*13:34
elkyMyrtti, does this mean daughters of such are exempt?13:34
* genii makes a very large pot of coffee14:52
Trekis ubottu lagging today?15:13
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.15:13
PiciDoesn't look like it.15:13
Trekokay, because its not responding to the message I sent it so I don't spam the public channels...15:14
Trekah, there's the issue... my bad (misspelled :P)15:14
PiciTrek: What did you send it?15:14
Piciokay :)15:14
Trek!info <package name>15:14
ubottu'name>' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner15:14
Treklol forgot ubottu is in here15:14
Tm_Tumm, Konqueror is still the default web browser in Kubuntu?15:26
charlie-tcathat would be better asked in #kubuntu15:34
* charlie-tca doesn't know the answer, either15:35
Tm_T...aww, I thought I was in k-d :p15:36
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)16:00
PiciJust a reminder to clear out stale bans, there are about ~340 bans in #ubuntu currently, and ~220 in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:02
PiciI'm about to clean out about 30 old floodbot bans16:03
PiciYay, that looks better: http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/ircbans.html16:15
Tm_TPici: wut?16:17
PiciTm_T: I like graphs16:17
Tm_TPici: I like too, nice (:16:18
knomewhen do we get stats for other channels16:22
Piciknome: such as?16:22
Myrttiknome: 34 bans. whee.16:23
knomeMyrtti, i want a day-to-day graph16:23
Myrttioh god, what old bans16:24
charlie-tcaproportional to the amount of users?16:24
PiciI just added #kubuntu and #xubuntu to that graph, it'll start graphing within the next 10 minutes.16:24
Pici#xubuntu is included on the population graphs I've been running though: http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/irccount2.html16:25
MyrttiI'm in no condition to prune the bans further though16:28
Davieyhmm, can farnborough be argued to be towards Exeter?16:28
* Daviey checks16:28
Myrttithe bus/lorry strike just made my blood pressure jump soaring high16:29
Davieyerr, wrong window16:29
knomeMyrtti, fsst. :) they started it?16:29
Myrttitomorrow at 180016:29
knomei'll get back from london then16:29
MyrttiI've got flights on Wednesday and the question is does the plane have petrol to fly to UK16:30
Myrttiwho are you flying with?16:30
knomeflight operated by blue116:31
knomehow so? :)16:35
MyrttiI'm going to Cambridge and it's easier to fly from Tampere to there by Ryanair16:36
MyrttiI'm in a state of panic though16:39
knomegood luck.16:40
Myrttigreat, lag.16:43
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Allmighty said: ubottu then why is gameserver not working too?16:47
ubottuIn #ubuntu, WizardOfOz said: !question is there a software like Ghostsurf to unblock filtered websites ??17:15
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=== nik0 is now known as niko
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (carmentina)18:17
ubottusolid_liquid called the ops in #ubuntu (carmentina)18:18
Tm_TKB1JWQ: it's all yours, I'm bit busy elsewhere (;18:19
KB1JWQTm_T: Heh, I'm not named explicitly in the ACL, I have to use staff powers to do it. :-p18:20
Tm_Tooh, right18:21
KB1JWQNot opposed to doing it, but I have to wait for it to be... blatant.18:21
Myrttiit's useless trying to ban19:03
MyrttiI'd end up doing a ban so wide it would catch half of Spain19:04
Picitopyli: Would I be overreacting if I sent a banforward for enthdegree to -ops for his weird clone behavior?19:05
topyliPici, i haven't been watching, but he could use a general brushup on behavior in general, that's for sure19:07
PiciAnyway, I told him to cut it out and that he is responsible for anyone connecting with his account.19:31
=== maco2_ is now known as maco2

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