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davmor2Morning all10:47
thekornhey davmor210:48
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davmor2morning Yanks and Canadians14:05
davmor2fader_: ^ pass it on :)14:06
fader_davmor2: Hey dude14:06
davmor2:D that's my new generic greeting :)14:07
persiaIt's not particularly generic14:07
davmor2persia: It's fairly generic for this time of day14:08
persiaNo it's not.14:08
persiaThere's lots of folk from all over still around, including the entire swath of the world between you and I.14:09
davmor2persia: Humph s'pose so. Hello then how's that?14:10
persia"Hello" works :)14:11
persiaI suspect to get more generic, one would have to ignore that the channel requests the use of English.14:12
fader_persia: Something like "o/"?14:13
persiafader_: Indeed.  Assumes heads and arms though.14:14
persia 14:14
persiaI think that's about as generic as one can get, but it's not clearly a greeting.14:14
davmor2persia: 1001000, 1000101, 1001100, 1001100, 1001111 :)14:15
persiaAssumes a cultural bias in favour of dualism.14:16
davmor2persia: hah14:18
fader_persia: We should ditch English for Esperanto anyway.  Bonan tagon!14:27
persiaI don't find that Esperanto has sufficient semantic and syntactic flexibility to be able to instill changes in thought patterns through subtleties of expression.  Lovely language, but no more powerful than Odgen&Richard's basic english.14:28
fader_I respectfully disagree, but also sadly acknowledge that this is not the venue to carry out a debate about the relative merits and flexibilities of various languages.14:30
cr3fader_: ebonics all the way14:32
persiafader_: Good call :)14:34
hggdhmy, my, are we getting scholarly or what?15:57
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