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tonyyarussooh hey, it's March.23:26
Obsidian1723All month. It's a 31 day special :D23:29
tonyyarussoAlso, it's Monday.23:35
TakyojiMeeting in 2 days as well?23:35
tonyyarussoAlthough my family looks like they might be working really hard to arrange for dinner to be at an inconvenient time again :S23:35
tonyyarussoTakyoji: uh, wut?23:35
TakyojiFirst Wednesday of each month?23:36
kermitthdthdthdthdthd  will my roomate have rent today!23:36
kermitoh the suspense!23:36
tonyyarussoTakyoji: we were doing Mondays...23:36
TakyojiSo you aren't going to be around at the appropriate time of the meeting then? :23:37
Takyoji:P *23:37
tonyyarussoI don't know yet - all I know is that I was just asked to put a 2lb meatloaf in the oven.23:37
tonyyarussoMy dad's supposed to be somewhere at 7 too though, so you'd think this time would work.23:38
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Do you have things to discuss at the mtg?23:47
tonyyarussomore inform than discuss really23:47
tonyyarussoQuick, someone stir up a controversy!23:47
kermitxfs is better than ext423:49

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