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nigelbczajkowski: who are people in the photos you tweeted?15:54
nigelbunusually only photo numbers got tweeted and not the subject15:55
czajkowskinigelb: 1st one iwth 3 people in them are my cousins and my sister15:55
czajkowskithe one holding the baby is my aunt15:56
czajkowskistill not got the hang of tweeeting with the pics and adding subject15:56
nigelbczajkowski: ah :)15:57
nigelbczajkowski: the baby photo looks particularly cute :)16:00
czajkowskiaye she finally went to sleep after we ate our lunch and decided not to sleep while we tried to eat16:01
nigelbmust've been good entertainment, heeh16:01
* issyl0 detaches screen quickly before she gets distracted by IRC - revision a-go-go!16:09
issyl0But hello, I will return shortly.16:10
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