RAOFbryceh: Speaking of plymoth transitions, would you like to sponsor an xserver-xorg-video-nouveau upload with an -nr patch attached?00:38
brycehRAOF, sure00:41
RAOFIt's in pkg-xorg git, or I could attach a debdiff if you'd prefer.00:42
brycehgit's fine00:43
brycehRAOF, looks good, upload sponsored00:45
brycehwow, nvidia.man is way out of date00:47
brycehsomeday we should update that :-)00:47
RAOFHm.  The intel gpu lockup event code looks like it'd be quite easy to port to nouveau :/01:22
RAOFSarvatt: Do you have that upstream link for the plymouth bug?  I think it's time to actually tell launchpad about it!05:12
vishjcristau: hi. :) i had mentioned it to the cairo-dock team to contact you guys , since they had several OpenGL bugs and Sarvatt had mentioned that the mesa devs were not happy with how cairo-dock was doing its stuff.  [i forgot what Sarvatt mentioned exactly ]  hence it might have been a bit confusing to understand what they[fabounet/mattbe] were trying to get at.05:50
vishmostly they wanted to get in touch with the mesa devs who knew what the problem was and what the cairo-dock was doing wrong ;)05:51
* vish hopes #dri-devel was the channel Sarvatt mentioned :)05:53
vishSarvatt: anyone particular the cairo-dock team needs to get in touch with? 05:54
RAOFEep!  Random people filing crazy bugs with nouveau upstream :(.06:58
RAOFOh, just one of our users testing nouveau & filing bugs simultaneously in launchpad and upstream with nouveau.07:01
RAOFFiling *bad* bugs simultaneously upstream and in launchpad; basically "my log contains (EE) AIGLX: can't load /usr/lib/dri/nouveau_dri.so".07:02
RAOFAlso, I'm fixing the xorg apport hooks; there are a couple of problems in the recent upload.07:03
RAOFThings like “lsb_release -c" returning "Codename:\tlucid" rather than "Codename:  lucid", so the hook crashes and doesn't attach the extra information.07:04
RAOFJust a couple of small things.07:04
RAOFA missing comma in a list.07:05
superm1RAOF, lsb_release -sc instead07:06
superm1then you dont need to try to parse whitespace 07:07
RAOFAh, there was one substantial question I wanted to ask about that: how would you like people running “ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-nouveau” handled - reading the GDM logs requires root, and so it will currently (once it's fixed) ask whether to add logs it can't actually add.07:07
RAOFsuperm1: Thanks!  I'll use that instead.07:07
RAOFThere doesn't seem to be a good way to escalate to root in the apport hook, so we can either (a) only ask that message when run as root, or (b) when not run as root, ask people to re-run ubuntu-bug with root privs.07:09
brycehit can't add the gdm logs?07:10
brycehI think I added in the right code to cause apport to prompt for gksudo, however I haven't tested it07:10
RAOFIt can't read the logs unless it's run as root.  And people can (and I *did*) run ubuntu-bug as not-root.07:10
brycehright, I *think* apport will prompt for that now.  worth testing07:10
brycehalso, regarding how to call ubuntu-bug, I've been recommending people just file them via 'ubuntu-bug xorg'07:11
RAOFWell, right now it won't, because the hook crashes a couple of times before getting there.  And when I've fixed that up, I don't think ui.yesno actually escalates to root?07:11
brycehthen I have a cronjob on my end that reviews the bug reports and reassigns them to the driver package as appropriate07:11
RAOFOk.  I'll do that in future.  Easier to type :)07:12
brycehyeah, and it turned out users got really confused 07:13
RAOFThere's a fair scope for users to get confused, yeah.07:14
brycehsome would file against xserver-xorg-driver-*, others would file driver bugs against xorg-server, or vice versa07:14
brycehregarding reading gdm.log as root, I'll get that fixed up07:17
tjaaltonbryceh: check bug 529583, the new apport code is probably a bit too effective :)07:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529583 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "I do not know why his bug" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52958307:17
brycehtjaalton, heh07:18
RAOFbryceh: I'll push the other fixes up to pkg-xorg git.07:18
brycehok, let me know once they're merged07:18
brycehtjaalton, yeah we'll have to decide how to handle these kinds of bugs.  It seems a bad idea to send them upstream if the user is clueless, but freezes are not things we're going to be able to fix ourselves.07:20
brycehRAOF, ok I'll tackle the gdm.log root stuff tomorrow07:38
RAOFI've just managed to make it work.07:38
brycehbasically the commands just need switched over to use root_command_output()07:38
RAOFJust writing the commit message.07:39
RAOFPushed to pkg-xorg git.07:39
RAOFI guess I should write a debian/changelog entry, too, while I'm at it.07:40
RAOFThere we go.07:41
brycehyep looks good07:54
RAOFWell, at least *some* people are finding nouveau nice; here's a bug about gnome-shell not working on the second monitor plugged into the displayport on the macbook!10:10
apwbryceh, do i expect my keymaps to get flushed when i VT switch?11:00
apw(or indeed anyone)11:00
apwalso is restoration of CAPS etc LED state on return to X a userspace thing or ?11:01
radoeHello. May someone please have a look at bug 402260? I have a debdiff ready and attached and also an ack from ubuntu-sru for a SRU regarding this bug. How to proceed further with this? Thx.12:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402260 in xorg-server "[Needs SRU] segfault when running Xdmx" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40226012:37
superm1apw, when a system is triggering the high temperature switch, does the kernel actually call into /sbin/shutdown, or does it arrange for a shutdown a different way?15:57
apwsuperm1, normally the bios takes the machine out without any indication or time to stop it15:59
apwthere is a bug somewhere in lucid which is breaking the temp sensors on one of my dells, which stops the sensors and fans responding correctly after a suspend/resume ...16:00
superm1well the problem i'm looking at is actually in karmic16:00
superm1and i'm trying to figure out what is sending a SIGTERM and someother signal to all running apps during a factory install16:00
superm1given the machines are in burn racks, i'm starting to wonder if temperature was playing into the problem16:01
superm1so if the kernel was actually calling /sbin/shutdown or some other means to send signals like that to everything it sounds like its at least a possible venue for the problem16:02
hyperairi don't think the kernel calls /sbin/shutdown when overheating..16:02
hyperairit just hangs.16:02
apwsuperm1, right, i'd expect it to just stop dead and turn off, thats what mine does here16:30
superm1apw, dang.  back to the drawing board then :(16:30
apwwell its worth asking cjwatson if there is anything else16:31
apwi'd expect that kind of thing if they ran out of battery for example16:31
Ngapw: superm1: fwiw, my laptop BIOS sends an ACPI event to linux and the machine shuts down gracefully. I had my laptop wake up for some reason once in my bag, hit 127 degrees C and then log that and shut down :/17:32
hyperairmine stopped dead while compiling kernels.17:34
hyperairand also compiling codelite17:35
hyperairkinda painful when doing testbuilds17:35
hyperairhave to ^Z every 15 minutes17:35
hyperairwait for 15 minutes, then fg17:35
hyperairthat was until i discovered PHC =D17:35
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superm1Ng, yeah that's what i was hoping is possible; it definitely coo-berates with the symptoms of this problem18:32
brycehapw, keymap flushing should not happen when VT switching.  However losing keymaps is a common problem when unplugging/replugging the keyboard so perhaps its related to that?19:06
apwbryceh, i definaly get reset to UK layout on switch in and out of X19:19
brycehapw, is that a new behavior?19:19
apwbryceh, i do it so rarely that i doubt i'd have noticed, i only did it today to test what appears to be a bug in LED handling for capslock and numlock over the same VT switch19:20
apwand said i couldn't test caps as i delete the key, and found it had come back!19:20
brycehcan you see any evidence of any devices enabling/disabling through that?19:22
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tjaaltonbryceh: hey, we should probably upload mesa and xserver from git?19:39
apwbryceh, the only dmesg i get in that switch and back is this:19:40
apw[39732.660911] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id19:40
apw[39732.821452] Skipping EDID probe due to cached edid19:40
brycehtjaalton, sounds good19:42
brycehtjaalton, now that a3 is out it's a good time to upload19:42
brycehapw, that first one I think might be plymouth19:43
brycehapw, the second is just a kernel info message (in fact that should probably be commented out in the kernel as I've seen some people's logs where it gets pretty spammy)19:43
apwyeah that secnd one comes out scarily often19:44
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah19:45
apwbryceh, i get a bunch of this on switch and back in Xorg.log19:46
apw(II) "Power Button": Device reopened after 1 attempts.19:46
apwand so on for everything that is an input device19:47
tjaaltonbryceh: I'll upload them later unless you want to do the honors :)19:47
apwbryceh, we 19:47
apwbryceh, we get any feedback on the backport kernel?19:47
apwwe have some positive noises from owners of some h/w19:48
brycehtjaalton, go for it19:50
brycehapw, jamie said it didn't fix the issue on his old radeon chip19:50
apwbryceh, hell, so no modeset for him then19:51
brycehwhich is ironic since that's the issue that started us down this whole path, and that airlied said would be fixed if we went to .3319:51
apw.33 is much a pile of doings as anything else19:51
brycehaside from that I've seen no negatives19:51
apwme either ... so i am angling to make any decision official19:52
apwi have an upload todo today, for everything before drm19:52
apwand then will push that in a couple of days, if you concur its a better place to be than .3219:52
brycehbtw, 'no modeset for him' -> have we a kms per-card blacklist set up?  I'd like to document the steps if so19:53
apwbryceh, nope, we don't19:53
brycehyes I concur19:53
apwbut we hoped to avod it by fixing him, but if it doesn't then a per id list will be needed19:53
apwwhich i will have to go add i suspect19:53
brycehapw, ok well it's orthogonal to the .33 decision, but still would be worth having19:53
apwyep.  a generic list in drm is appropriate, as nomodeset is there it should be ok19:54
apwbryceh, will we have UMS still for i915 in lucid?19:55
brycehapw, yes19:56
apwthats something at least, at least nomodeset will mean something across the board19:56
brycehapw, I think we've more or less convinced ourselves to stick with 2.9.1 and retain UMS as an option on intel19:56
apwbryceh, can i also confirm that to your knowledge there is no way to override the mode selected in KMS as it stands?19:56
brycehsomeone mentioned some idea of lucid being "the last Ubuntu with UMS" so KMS by default with UMS as an option across the board feels quite right19:57
brycehapw, that's correct to my knowledge - I dug around in the kernel code but didn't find anything19:57
brycehnor have I run into online docs about this19:58
brycehI definitely think it's something we're going to need19:58
apwit seems a major oversight that i cannot quite fathom how we have not noticed before19:58
brycehhaving UMS as a fallback slightly reduces the severity of this issue, but it's not a good long term solution obviously, and is probably more hackery than most people would expect to need to do19:58
brycehapw, other larger issues distracting us maybe?  ;-)19:59
apwbryceh, yeah i guess ... arrgllle20:01
jcristausetting the mode from the kernel command line doesn't work?20:15
jcristaufwiw it looks like debian will be going with the drm .33 backport20:16
brycehjcristau, good to know20:17

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