bonez2046trism: thanks a bunch!00:00
airtonixhow do i find out what dbus path ubuntu maps the laptop lid to (i assume it will be different for different makes and models of latops), currently on my machine the laptop lid button maps to the dbus path of : /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer_logicaldev_input_400:01
Loren_SempleElrox: ?00:01
sensaehow do I temporarily kill X without it autorestarting?00:01
WubuntuI have a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420 video card that gives me screen resolution problems with Ubuntu 9.10. Can anyone please off me any assistance with this problem?00:01
brjannsensae: you should be able to use     sudo gdm stop00:02
garholwubuntu: i'm on the 440mx. what problems you having?00:02
Wubuntueven with the proprietary driver,...i have to change screen resolution each time i reboot00:02
sensaebrjann: Nope00:02
ElroxLoren_Semple, yes?00:03
brjannsensae: oh, damn, my fault. i meant   sudo service gdm stop00:03
Loren_SempleElrox: I just got back, wondering if that problem got solved where Ubuntu fails to load (see the splash, but after splash computer stops loading screen goes blank and can't do ctrl alt f1) ??00:03
garholWubuntu: I had this problem before. I fixed it by running the proprietary app with gksudo and then saving the settings. it's a permissions thing if i remember00:03
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ElroxLoren_Semple, all i have found is to try    sudo update-grub00:05
Wubuntuhow do i get this proprietary app?00:05
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sciviwubuntu use synapic package manager to install nvidia-settings00:05
shannonbrimerthat was odd00:06
Wubuntui already have the nvidia-settings manager00:06
Wubuntuthis card doesn't seem to save the resolution to Xorg00:06
scivik run it in root mode00:06
garholWubuntu: once you are using the proprietoty driver then nvidia-settings should be available00:06
icerootWubuntu: that is not part of the card00:06
garholWubuntu: that's correct. that's where it was going wrong with me00:06
icerootWubuntu: also, on karmic there is not xorg.conf00:07
garholWubuntu: xorg got removed in 9.10 so there was a bit of a workaround to get nvidia-settings to create the corret file00:07
lantiziaHey how do I swap between NTSC/PAL for TV Out?  (no theres no proprietary drivers)00:08
garholWubuntu: like iceroot said :)00:08
DBeetswhat replaced xorg.conf?00:08
JrodDCxlantizia:  let me guess a ATI card ?00:08
lantiziaIt detects my TV and I see it in System | Preferences | Display00:08
lantiziaJrodDCx, no Intel00:08
lantiziaIt even sends output to my TV and the Fn+CRT/LCD button works00:09
lantiziaBut it's sending NTSC instead of PAL00:09
brjannWubuntu: I don't know if this is your problem, but another user was having similar issues the other day. someone in #gnome told him to   mv ~/.configure/monitors.xml ~/.configure/monitors.xml.bak    and restart gnome00:09
garholWubuntu: create a blank xorg.conf then the settings can be written in there by the nvidia app.00:10
garholWubuntu: there isn't one as default but when there is one it gets read (if i am reading back correctly)00:10
lantiziaIs there meant to be a built in option for configuring TV Out?00:10
Loren_SempleElrox: fixed00:11
Loren_Semplefor some reason00:11
ElroxLoren_Semple, ??? what did it?00:11
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:11
ElroxLoren_Semple, please share?00:11
Loren_SempleI did the recovery mode (option 2 boot from grub)00:11
Loren_Semplethen it came to a menu which offered to update grub, fix broken packages, free up disk space00:12
eXe__^can anyone help me install ubuntu? plz.. im a fast learner00:12
eXe__^its textmode00:12
Loren_Semplefixing broken packages and updating grub seemed to fix it00:12
eXe__^no fuXXng liveshit00:12
cyberbluntzhey you guys want to talk about conficker?00:12
jcrump40Enter text here...anyone here have issues accepting user license when installing world of warcraft?00:13
faileashmm. if karmic has upstart, why dosen't it have an init dir, and scripts there?00:13
bitfox@garhol: i had a similar problem last week... but xorg.conf file cannot be write by local user... You must be root in order to do that operation00:13
bitfox@garhol: sudo nvidia-settings00:14
bitfox@garhol: ok?00:14
cyberbluntzjcrump40, your going to have to check the technical support at www.worldofwarcraft.com00:14
WubuntuKarmic 9.10 doesn't use "xorg",...or doesn't have a xorg.config file after installation?00:14
bitfoxI have a little problem with notifications icon in karmic00:15
Typos_KingWubuntu:   no but you can give it one00:15
jcrump40thanks for the information00:15
Wubuntuhow do i create a black xorg file?00:15
Wubuntu*how do i create a BLANK xorg.conf?00:16
bitfox@Wubuntu: save an old copy of xorg.conf file00:16
garholBitfox: yup Wubuntu: sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:16
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sensaeikonia: You still around? I got my RAID rebuilt, did that pastebin of my mdadm.conf look fine? Do I just need to add 1 to the device lines?00:16
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icerootWubuntu: sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:17
bitfox@Wubuntu: I created a backup copy of my xorg.conf file00:17
Typos_KingWubuntu:   yes, a blank one, and then you can add stuff00:17
brjann!hi | zondo00:18
ubottuzondo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:18
zondobrjann: ty00:18
JrodDCxbrjann:  you love making the bot  talk huh ?  hahah its fun!00:19
bitfox@Wubuntu: After, I launched my nvidia-settings through sudo, after I selected various options I saved and the nvidia tool create all stuff in xorg.conf00:19
bitfox@Wubuntu: ok?00:19
brjannJrodDCx: no sense in repeating myself, that's what it's for :)00:20
Random832is there a list of all the things ubottu knows?00:20
ElroxLoren_Semple, i found that updating grub does fix the issue, but does not explain how it got foobar'd in the first place... that would be great info00:20
brjannRandom832: yes, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi00:20
FlynsarmyIs it possible to see what's inside a .tar.gz file from the terminal window?00:20
cyberbluntzI thought the term was fubar00:20
brjannFlynsarmy: yes, try   tar lf <filename>00:21
cyberbluntzeffed up beyond all recognition00:21
garholbitfox: sorry, missed that message. yeah, sudo nvidia-settings once the blank xorg is there and it should drop in the correct info00:22
Flynsarmybrjann, tar: Semantics of -l option will change in the future releases. Please use --one-file-system option instead. You must specify one of the `-Acdtrux' options00:22
cyberbluntzumm no00:22
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:22
cyberbluntzgksudo *00:22
eXe__^whats the first 5 steps to install ubuntu in textmode?00:22
Wubuntudoes it make a difference whether you open the nvidia settings manager through terminal(sud)  or opening the program through system, etc?00:22
bitfoxwhy does notifications pop-up appear under the right corner under the watch with any blank space?00:22
eXe__^help me out here.. im a quick learner00:22
brjannFlynsarmy: oh my. one second :)00:22
icerooteXe__^: ?00:23
icerooteXe__^: look at the display?00:23
Craig_DemeXe__^: Google will have lots of guides.00:23
brjannFlynsarmy: oops, sorry, typo. tar tf <filename>00:23
Flynsarmybrjann, perfect, thanks :)00:24
brjannFlynsarmy: you're welcome :)00:24
bitfox@Wubuntu: sudo allow you to launch nvidia panel with root privileges so the xorg.conf file can be easily modified00:25
adamfhey, everyone. been a while since i last used ubuntu. i'm thinking about putting it on my old laptop (hp pavillion with an ati video card), dual booted with windows 7. is this pretty easy to do?00:25
arf`here the problem: with xubuntu hardy on a dell laptop with fglrx driver and 2.6.32 kernel, the monitor's power saving doesn't work anymore after a while00:25
cyberbluntzI dont think there is supposed to be a difference between running the gksudo at the terminal or running the xserver?00:25
brjannbitfox, Wubuntu: if you're launching a graphical program, you should really use gksu00:26
garholWubuntu: as bitfox says. i don't rightly remember how i got mine to stay there but I think I used gksudo the first time.00:26
GeekSquidcyberbluntz: there is ... read the psychocats link I gave you00:26
bitfox@Wubuntu: I tried to launch it as normal user from system panel-> admin... but nvidia-setting was not able to save configuration in xorg.conf00:26
Satoru-sanYou can just use CFLAGS="-march=native"00:26
Satoru-sanoops wrong channel00:27
Wubuntusudo nvidia-settings-manager?00:27
JrodDCxWubuntu:  Yes00:28
bitfox@Wubuntu: I use: $sudo nvidia-settings00:29
bitfox@Wubuntu: It works for me00:29
sensaeDoing an fdisk /dev/sdb shows one partition, ext4. But /dev/sdb1 doesn't exist.00:29
bitfox@Wubuntu: I'm able to select options and save them in xorg.conf file00:29
Typos_Kingcyberbluntz:    wha?00:30
danny_does anyone know with the sort command what option would I use if I'm looking to sort processes by max to min usage?00:30
JrodDCxsensae:  I would trying useing Gparted so you can see ewveything better !00:30
parolangQuestion...does Ubuntu have easy support for nouveau driver for video?00:30
walidxpossible to ssh over an http proxy using proxychains or would i need to use a socks proxy?00:30
bitfox@Wubuntu: I'm sorry.. but i must be off now... bye bye00:31
JrodDCxparolang:  Not in 9.10 it's coming in the next edtion , i owuld use the real driver anyway :)00:31
Wubuntuthankyou,...this time the save worked00:31
Wubuntubye bitfox,...and thanks again00:31
Typos_Kingdanny_     ..... sort processes..... you mean from a text dump?00:31
parolangJrodDCx: I'm having problems with the proprietary driver on Debian stable.00:31
Wubuntuthanks to all of you for your help00:32
Typos_Kingdanny_   if you're just looking for a quickie.... try maybe 'qps' is a visual process manager, and you can sort by clicking on the provided colunmn tab00:32
sensaeLooks like the superblock for the partition is gone - how do I repair the superblock without losing the partition?00:32
JrodDCxparolang:  9.10 is a bit diffrent then debian stable i think00:32
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JrodDCxthey fixed and broke some things00:32
garholWubuntu: congrats :)00:32
parolangJrodDCx: Okay...I'm burning the CD now, so hoping for the best :)00:33
Guest14343hi, i have a question, I have a intel integrated video card and i'm trying to fix the driver, but there is no xorg.conf!! where is it? or how can i generate one?00:33
garholGuest14343: xorg.conf is no longet there in 9.10. create a blank one with sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:34
MaletorHow could I set up Ubuntu as a SIP server (for VOIP phones)?00:34
JrodDCxparolang:  Good luck , if worst comes to worst you can install newer drivers too :) (From nvidia)00:34
bitsmarthi folks I am trying to get MPD set up, and when I go to create the db I get this error: listen: Failed to listen on localhost (line 69): Address already in use. is this a conflict in /etc/hosts or something?00:34
danny_well I'm creating a shell script that needs to display the top processes by sorting them from max to min usage...00:35
bitfox@Wubuntu: You're welcome!00:35
arf`here the problem: with xubuntu hardy on a dell laptop with fglrx driver and 2.6.32 kernel, the monitor's power saving doesn't work anymore after a while, and I can't find any reason. After booting, it works for a time (if I stop using the computer for 10mn, themonitor goes to sleep), and at a moment it doesn't work anymore (even if I force the screensaver, no more sleeping). I can't find anything in any log relating to power saving, nor find what could make00:35
bitfoxbye bye00:35
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:35
Guest14343garhol: and can I add only a the lines with the stuff i want to get configured, or does it have a full configuration file?00:35
NewWorldarf`:  Is it only the monitor switching off or suspend aswell?00:36
garholGuest14343: try sudo Xorg -configure  that should make an initial config for you I think.00:36
Jeangleuri need help with my webcam and gspca00:36
Guest14343ok thanks00:36
MaletorHow could I set up Ubuntu as a SIP server (for VOIP phones)?00:36
mylisto2I'm curious to know if there is a good flash authoring tool for Ubuntu?00:37
arf`NewWorld: suspend (I didn't try to switch off as it is a laptop)00:37
GeekSquidmylisto2: nope... Adobe has the monopoly00:37
archboxmanhttp://imagebin.org/86912 conky awesome :)00:37
NewWorldarf`:  Suspend aswell? YOu didn't answer the question properly :P00:38
bitsmarthi folks I am trying to get MPD set up, and when I go to create the db I get this error: listen: Failed to listen on localhost (line 69): Address already in use. is this a conflict in /etc/hosts or something?00:38
Jeangleureverytime I use my webcam (skype, cheese), it wouldn't work properly and the message is "libv4lconvert: Error decompressing JPEG: unknown huffman code: 0000ffff"00:38
Jeangleurwhat can I do?00:38
arf`I tried to relaunch the screensaver, as well as the xfce-power-manager00:38
danny_ps -eo user,pid,ppid,%mem,fname | sort ?? | head -500:38
arf`NewWorld: suspend aswell?00:39
mylisto2jeangleur: did it ever work?00:39
NewWorldarf`:  Can you answer my question directly and in a valid format? lol00:39
arf`NewWorld: I understood "as well", don't know aswell :/00:39
NewWorldarf`:  We are syntactically inflexible xD00:39
Jeangleurmylisto2: not on this ubuntu, but yes, I remember like four month ago, it worked00:39
arthur_1anyone know how to brows the files on a HTC Hero? here is my dmesg | tail http://pastebin.com/amk01TPT and i followed this page.. http://www.htc.com/us/support/hero-sprint/help/synchronization00:40
arf`NewWorld: seems to, but I'm syntactically a french… so00:40
Jeangleurmylisto2: didn't use it for long, upgraded,... and now that I need it...00:40
mylisto2I remember I had to do some work around on 8.04 to get it to work00:40
arthur_1i cant seem to just plug in the hero and brows the files on the sd card...?00:40
Jeangleurmylisto2: maybe I should go back to 8.04?00:40
Jeangleuris this possible?00:40
NewWorldarf`:  I had that with Ubuntu aswell in GNOME... sometimes the screen switched off sometimes it wouldn't at all... it was really annoying. I switched to KDE sometime later, it uses PowerDevil... and everything worked fine00:41
arthur_1Linux hp-desktop 2.6.31-19-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 28 01:26:53 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux00:41
Jeangleurmylisto2: I just caonnot compile the gspca with its ptch needed... always error "error: asm/semaphore.h: No such file or directory"00:42
Jeangleurmylisto2: are you good in this stuff? I am not00:42
brjannarf`: if you would prefer, the #ubuntu-fr channel is the official ubuntu support channel in French :) (or #ubuntu-qc if you are Quebecois)00:42
Jeangleurmylisto2: but I am sitting since eight hours (no kidding) to try to get it done00:43
arf`NewWorld: ok, so aswell is a manager? anyway, I've nothing related to aswell on my computer00:43
dexleyhi yall00:43
Jeangleurmylisto2:  here is the kgspca.err file output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/385916/00:43
GeekSquidarthur_1: in order to do that you will need to install the Android Dev version for the hero... or install openssh on the hero and connect remotely ... android development environment for linux works as a VM but using the hero as a mass storage device is not possible00:43
mylisto2jengleur: I am not good at this stuff as well, sorry00:43
NewWorldarf`:  No lol, that was my mistake. You're right it should be 'as well' instead.00:44
arf`brjann: yeah, I'm on too, but there a far less competence than here actually, especially at this time (night for us)00:44
arf`NewWorld: uh, ok, let's have fun ;)00:44
brjannarf`: no problem, just wanted to make sure you were aware :)00:44
dexleyi am in trouble ppl. no video is workin for me! even vlc , image is only in One third of the screen and no color! help! i am lost! :)00:45
dexleythe rest of the screen is black!00:45
hipitihopif I have a machine which allows ssh access, but my router also port forwards some voip related ports, namely 5060 and 10000-20000 then I want to secure this machine a litlle more.. is it possible to restrict ssh to my internal network ? or is that not enough from a security pov00:45
NewWorlddexley:  Have you used Mplayer or xine engines?00:45
dexleyyes NewWorld00:45
mylisto2jengleur: just stay in this channel, I'm sure someone can help you00:46
brjannhipitihop: if your router doesn't forward your ssh port, ssh isn't accessible from outside your LAN00:46
NewWorlddexley:  Try to play an ogg video file, they are natively supported. See if it works; that will give us some useful info to work on.00:46
archboxmanJeangleur: that may not work in this kernel version when it says floating point fails ... it will not install because it was not meant for this kernel..00:46
arf`dexley: it smells like dri problem, but unsure00:46
shadows090is anyone familiar with java? I'm trying to run a very simple "hello world" and am getting a weird error00:46
hipitihopbrjann, indeed.... any other precautions I should take since those ports are technically open ?00:46
Jeangleurarchboxman: so what can I do?00:47
NewWorldshadows090:  ubuntu related?00:47
shadows090NewWorld yes00:47
dexleyokay NewWorld i try it in a sec!00:47
archboxmanJeangleur: sorry I just woke up... so give the basics of your problem00:47
NewWorldshadows090:  Put on pastebin, I know a little java lol00:47
rastaseanhello geniuses. i'm trying to get FTP working in ubuntu. the connection is active, the port is active, but anonymous cannot upload filezilla on windows reports its because permission denied. any assistance?00:47
danny_hey Typos_King the one line in my script looks like this....ps -eo user,pid,ppid,%mem,fname | sort ??? |  head -500:47
shadows090well, i'm in Ubuntu, i'm not sure if the particular error is ubuntu related. what do you mean put on pastebin?00:47
Jeangleurarchboxman: is there any way I can make my cam work? it should be working in karmic out of the box. it is logitec E2500 quickcam00:48
Jeangleurbut it somehow doesn't00:48
NewWorldshadows090:  Post the relevant code and error onto pastebin.com and send the link for that post.00:48
Jeangleurarchboxman: I tried ubuntu-ive-usb, all the same00:48
tweisemanwhat are the terminal commands to manually connect to internet via ethernet?00:48
hipitihopis there a linux security channel ?00:48
archboxmanJeangleur: most of the logistic cames need to have the driver compiled...00:48
NewWorldrastasean:  Is the FTP server on Ubuntu or windows? Are you uploading or downloading from the server?00:48
danny_I just don't know how to sort the processes from max to min usage using the sort command...00:48
Jeangleurarchboxman: what can I do?00:48
zenwrylyIs there a way to configure karmic to keep building packages for Python 2.5?00:48
zenwrylyIs there a way to configure karmic to keep building packages for Python 2.4?00:49
brjannhipitihop: if your voip application is running, those ports will connect to it. if the voip application isn't running, those ports will appear closed. so you should be fine00:49
NewWorlddanny_:  the command ps can sort by CPU usage00:49
archboxmanJeangleur: most of the logistic Camereas need the drive compiled they don't make a debian driver....00:49
archboxmansorry Waking up ....00:50
NewWorldtweiseman:  Google for a tutorial. I'm sure there are plenty.00:50
shadows090NewWorld. pastebin is http://pastebin.com/VGq9EzZF00:50
Jeangleurarchboxman:  no problem. I am online since ten hours trying to get it done. will go to bed soon00:50
brjann!google > NewWorld00:50
ubottuNewWorld, please see my private message00:50
Jeangleurarchboxman:  do you have any idea?00:50
Jeangleurarchboxman: how can I compile it?00:50
hipitihopbrjann, thanks.... so really the only thing I should consider is I am also running a wireless network here and booth wired machines and wirless machines are on same network (arguably should have seperate but a bit hard at the moment) , so I should probably restrict which machines are allowed to log into others00:50
archboxmanJeangleur: yes you need to try to backport the camera....00:51
Jeangleurarchboxman: how is that?00:51
shadows090NewWorld, the confusion is that i cannot run it when i'm in the directory. only when i'm in another directory.00:51
* shadows090 is confused00:51
dexleyNewWorld the sound is workin great but not videos! i can listen sounds correctly00:51
manashow to open pidgen?00:51
archboxmanJeangleur: hold up... need coffee.. give me the model??00:51
shadows090manas: pidgen should be in applications-> internet00:51
NewWorldshadows090:  That is weird... I don't know why. Sorry.00:51
Jeangleurarchboxman: Quickcam E250000:51
shadows090NewWorld, not a problem. thanks for taking a few to look into it00:52
manasshadows: i dont find it there00:52
archboxmanJeangleur: run this command first lsusb does it see the camera!!00:52
Jeangleur archboxman: id 046d:089d00:52
brjannhipitihop: you could lock ssh down further if you wanted to. you might take a look at tcpwrappers: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/09/02/network-security-with-tcpwrappers-hostsallow-and-hostsdeny/00:52
NewWorlddexley:  Is there anything you changed recently that you think could have affected this?00:53
shadows090manas: you could run reinstall via synaptics packet manager under system.  i know it sounds like an extra step but it works for me00:53
Jeangleurarchboxman:hey, I am on this since ten hours (no kidding) of course it does find it00:53
shadows090Manas: just uninstall, apply, install, and apply00:53
Jeangleurarchboxman: Bus 003 Device 004: ID 046d:089d Logitech, Inc.00:53
manasshadows: uninstall what?00:53
hipitihopbrjann, thanks very much, will read up00:53
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Jeangleurarchboxman: ;-)00:53
archboxmanJeangleur: slow down I see you..00:53
brjannhipitihop: for example, I forward ssh through my router, but I've set up /etc/hosts.allow to only allow connections from my local network and my network at work00:54
archboxmanJeangleur: here is a website follow along00:54
shadows090uninstall pidgeon if it's not showing up under the applications menu. do you have it installed already? or no?00:54
NewWorldmanas:  Accessories > Terminal > Type in 'pidgin'00:54
brjannhipitihop: you're welcome, good luck :)00:54
archboxmanJeangleur: tell me what is different about your attempt to install??00:54
shadows090pidgin* oops :-/ lol00:54
hipitihopbrjann, I see.. is it posisble to do based on MAC00:54
Typos_Kingdanny_    ->   ps -eo user,pid,ppid,%mem,fname | sort -k 4;   thereabouts00:55
brjannhipitihop: hm, I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's based solely on IP addresses/subnets.00:56
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Jeangleurarchboxman: that when I go trying sudo ./gspca_build, the kgspca.err (the error file) says http://paste.ubuntu.com/385916/00:56
hipitihopbrjann, ok, thanks I'll readup and go from there. cheers00:56
archboxmanJeangleur: did you remove the old gspca module because it will conflict with the module...00:56
Jeangleurarchboxman: good idea. how do I do it?00:56
archboxmanJeangleur: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104357900:57
* G-Bleezy slaps JustChilN around a bit with a large trout00:57
NewWorldJeangleur:  rmmod <module name> is an option00:57
archboxmanJeangleur: sudo rmmod gspca00:57
* JustChilN Pimp Slaps G-Bleezy00:57
dexleyNewWorld: i dont know :( but: Mplayer cant be opend code:127 | No video playin with Gnomeplayer and KmPlayer | Only  DragonPlayer actually helps me out and is working good!00:58
JustChilNis it normal for the ubuntu install to freeze awhile when getting to the partition part?00:58
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futurama140Where does one go to discuss hacking hardware such as usb drives, other input peripherals, random electronics00:58
ae86-drifteri am trying to unmount a remote folder, i keep getting umount: device is busy. using fusermount00:59
NewWorlddexley:  If kaffeine will work fine like DragonPlayer then you know that the xine engine works good. And it must be a problem with the other engines.00:59
progre55hi people! I've installed eucaliptus.. but with wrong configs.. how do I remove it and re-install so that it asks to configure it again? a simple remove does not remove the configs..01:00
dexleyNewWorld: the other engines?01:00
progre55I mean, remove by apt*01:00
shadows090ae86: fuser -m /dev/sda1 (or whichever the device is) and it should show ou the process keeping it busy01:00
JustChilNoops closed the room01:01
dexleyprogre55: how about going in the synaptic and remove it utterly and download the .deb again?01:01
sensaeI have files in an ext4 partition, but for some reason the partition table is messed up and it won't mount - I need to get the files off this partition, help?01:02
NewWorlddexley:  The playback engine used by the application. Kaffine, D Player use xine. VLC uses it's own. gmplayer, smplayer, kmplayer use mplayer.01:02
shadows090sensae: What error do you get?01:02
dexleyNewWorld: u rock01:03
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sensaeshadows090: Device or mount point busy, I believe01:03
RedXIIIhey I'm having a problem getting ubuntu to install. I burned a copy of the 9.10 dvd and attempted to install it. Went through all the setup screens in text-mode installation and after it automatically restarted all I have is a blinking cursor in the top left corner01:03
RedXIIIran the check disc for errors and compared the checksum on the iso file01:03
NewWorlddexley:  lol I don't think we fixed anything :/01:03
sensaeshadows090: fdisk shows one linux partition, but in dev it shows up as sdc, sdc1 doesn't exist.01:03
progre55dexley: it's on a server.. no graphics available..01:04
arthur_1sensae sudo touch /forcefsck01:04
arthur_1then reboot01:04
dexleyNewWorld: lol not yet but i learn sum'in!01:04
Typos_Kingprogre55:   sudo dpkg --purge PACKAGENAME;01:04
dexleyand i love learnin lolz01:04
emergionHey all, is there any news on when an official Firefox 3.6 package will be available ? Has anyone used the PPA version and what did people think about it01:05
NewWorldsensae:  DON'T attempt to fix any filesystem errors before recovering what you can from the volume. I did this and lost a lot of stuff.01:05
progre55Typos_King: cool, let me try, thanks man01:05
NewWorlddexley:  So try kaffeine to see if it plays properly :)01:05
sensaeNewWorld: What would you suggest? I'm just trying to get it to mount so I can move files off the volume and wipe it completely01:05
Dr_Willisemergion: Theres proberly not going to be an official 3.6 - if you want it. Use the ppa - I use the 'stable' ppa01:05
Typos_KingRedXIII:    ... did you say you finished installing it, or isn't showing up grub? or?01:05
Dr_Willisemergion:  i imagine most people are using the 'stable' ppa. or the 'daily build' ppa01:06
dexleyNewWorld: kaffeine is askin for demux plugin; im about to give it to him!01:06
AMAGHello, you might remember me from famous questions like "how do I make a USB install disk" or "my power supply caught on fire Friday and my computer is all f-ed up!"  :D01:06
RedXIIITypos_King: I walked away from my computer while it was installing, but I saw it restart itself01:06
NewWorldsensae:  Mine couldn't mount aswell... there is an application called R-Linux which allowed me to recover all that I could.01:06
shadows090sensae: what is the device name you are trying to mount?01:06
emergionDr_Willis, where can I get that from ? Why no official 3.6?01:06
Typos_KingRedXIII:    .so... .you get to a Grub screen?01:06
RedXIIII assume it finished installing, now all I have on the screen is a blinking cursor and all inputs are unresponsive01:06
NitaiPali have some questions01:07
sensaeNewWorld: can I apt-get it?01:07
Typos_KingRedXIII:    reboot then... to see if you get to a Grub screen01:07
sensaeshadows090: Well, sdc01:07
RedXIIIGrub screen would be the ubuntu loading screen? Just shows black01:07
NewWorldsensae:  It runs under Windows heh :/01:07
LavaEagleI need to run install.sh, and "sh install.sh" is not working because of a syntax error.  I am running Linux Mint Helena01:07
RedXIIIHard disk busy light blinks for a little then blinking cursor01:07
Typos_KingRedXIII:    grub meaning, a menu listing choices to boot from01:08
RedXIIInothing like that01:08
FLOYD|PartyI get a black screen whenever ubuntu starts up.  I had installed Nvidia's driver, and i had stopped x using "sudo /etc/init.d/gmd stop".  Any ideas?01:08
kassahwho do I talk to about getting my name changed in the ubuntu wiki? (marriage has changed it)01:08
Typos_KingRedXIII:    reboot then... to see if you get to a Grub screen01:08
NewWorldLavaEagle:  What is the syntax error?01:08
NitaiPali want to switch from the 64 bit architecture to 32 bit one (the latest version of ubuntu that i just downloaded) because 64 bit just isn't worth the trouble and i want my computer to work smoothly without the probs which i can perhaps solve but don't have the time to solve ... thanks for answering my question01:08
LavaEaglejahplayer-ubuntu-dapper-x86.sh: 3: Syntax error: "(" unexpected01:08
Typos_Kingkassah:    ubuntu-vicars   j/k ^_^01:08
RedXIIITypos_King: No Grub screen. Goes from BIOS screen to blinking cursor01:09
LavaEagle@NitaiPal:  Format, Install Ta da!01:09
NitaiPalLavaEagle, but i don't want to lose my files01:09
mylisto2where do you add signed gpg keys?01:09
mylisto2such as01:09
NitaiPaland i don't have ne thing to back up everything01:09
RedXIIIHarddisk light blinks then cursor comes up01:09
mylisto2wget -q http://repository.cairo-dock.org/ubuntu/cairo-dock.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:09
Typos_KingRedXIII:    .. then.. hehe... I'd assume the install didn't go through?01:09
RedXIIII wasn't prompted for any errors during installation01:10
RedXIIIdisc check ran with no errors and checksum was equal01:10
Typos_KingRedXIII:    but you never saw it end either01:10
LavaEagleNitaiPal: Look up Ubuntu One, SkyDrive (By MSN)  those places you upload your files to, however the max upload is 2 - 2.5 gigs01:10
RedXIIII would have imagined a big red box saying "FAIL" with some sort of error and wait for input01:10
NitaiPalLavaEagle, i have like over 50 gigs01:10
Dr_Willisemergion:  ubuntu dosent do 'rolling updates' updates are just for security issues. Not just new versions.  Theres numerous sites that guide on setting up the PPAs for firefox01:11
cafreeCan someone recommend a software tool for managing raw files ON the camera?  gthumb doesn't even see them and with f-spot I can only copy them, not delete them.01:11
RedXIIII set up the user account and everything, should I just reinstall?01:11
NitaiPalLavaEagle,  is there no way to change it without having to worry bout my files .. like how it happens with upgrade01:11
shadows090sensae, what is the output of fdisk -l (small L)?01:11
histoRedXIII: did it copy all the files and everything?01:11
Typos_KingRedXIII:    the installation almost at the end.. may ask for user input01:11
LavaEagle@NitaiPal:  Oh yes actually,  how big is your harddrive?01:11
wirechiefRedXIII: anything plugged into usb (shouldnt matter..but)01:11
danny_k thanks guys for the help01:11
Typos_KingRedXIII:    sooooo.... we dunno whatever happened after ubiquity finished, if it did01:11
PengyduckwinIs there a way to revert to legacy grub after trying to install grub2? (using old version)01:12
RedXIIINothing in the USBs. Just got PS2 mouse/keyboard, power, and an ethernet01:12
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RedXIIIand of course monitor01:12
histoRedXIII: you can always boot to the installtation cd and take a look at the drive atleast install grub01:12
BayAreawould anyone be willing to help a newb understand why the Intel PRO1000 card shows up on lspci, but cant connect to the internet?01:12
MaletorRadeon HD 577001:12
RedXIIII tried the "rescue this system" option on the disc but I'm not sure what to do01:12
histoRedXIII: is it a live cd?01:12
RedXIIIhaven't really worked with linux too indepth except on a dedicated debian server01:12
MaletorHow do I get my ubuntu box to run an SIP server so that I can use VOIP?01:12
donvitohello guys my video webcam is work everywere but not in skype how is it posible01:12
RedXIIIhisto: I assume so, I just downloaded the x86 DVD from the site01:13
histoRedXIII: did you install from the GUI in X01:13
FLOYD|PartyI've been trying to get ubuntu going all day.  I feel like going to the store and giving MicroShit/MicroShaft more money for Win 7 since my RC is out of time.  I get a black screen whenever ubuntu starts up.  I had installed Nvidia's driver, and i had stopped x using "sudo /etc/init.d/gmd stop".  Any ideas?01:13
NitaiPalLavaEagle, like 12001:13
histoRedXIII: okay boot it back up select Try Ubuntu from the menu01:13
RedXIIInope, installed from the text-mode installer. I thought it would be faster.01:13
histoRedXIII: yea so you downloaded the alternate iso?01:13
histo!grub | RedXIII01:13
ubottuRedXIII: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:13
NitaiPalLavaEagle, actually , 250 to be exact01:14
histoRedXIII: I would check the media first then follow those instructons for fixing grub01:14
shadows090FLOYD, i would suggest checking the md5sum01:14
sensaeshadows090: I just took a really really risky move and fixed it. I did an fdisk /dev/sdb and rewrote the partition table, I got it to mount.01:14
histoRedXIII: by media I mean do a check of the install disc01:14
shadows090sensae: very bold lol. well done01:14
donvitohello guys my video webcam is work everywere but not in skype how is it posible01:14
RedXIIII already ran a check on the ISO and ran the install disc for defects before installing01:14
Scarra3Im trying to setup eclipse so that I can program in java so I installed eclipse and openjdk but when I tryed to compile a program it didn't compile01:14
RedXIIII'll try the restore grub thing now I spose.01:15
histoRedXIII: then I would try to follow the instructions from ubottu for installing grub01:15
shadows090Scarra3: what was the error?01:15
histoRedXIII: that or a reinstall and make sure its not hanging. After the files are copied you have ot enter user information etc...01:15
sensaeshadows090: I believe mdadm recognized it as a raid device and ate it's superblock01:15
histoRedXIII: did it prompt you for that?01:15
RedXIIIit prompted for user information01:15
shadows090sensae: well i'm glad you got it figured out. i wouldn't have thought to point you in that direction01:15
Scarra3shadow090 no error it just wouln't compile it said it cant find the java compiler01:16
shadows090Scarra: are you doing it through the terminal? or are you running through the eclipse IDE?01:16
histoRedXIII: and you told it to reboot?01:16
histoRedXIII: removed the cd and hit enter?01:16
RedXIIIIt automatically rebooted01:16
RedXIIIoh.. didn't prompt me to hit enter01:16
RedXIIIshould I assume the install hit an error?01:16
LavaEagleNitaiPal: 1. Restart your computer with Ubuntu 32bit.  2. Under Administration select partition editor(manager).  3.  Create a 50gig partition(or however much you need) 4. Copy the files you want onto that partition.  5. Install Ubuntu 32bit.  6. select the large partition where Ubuntu 64bit was and install there01:16
Inconis  your are qikly...01:17
histoRedXIII: Nah it should tell you to remove the cd and press enter I thought.  Did you take the install disk out?01:17
ARC0112358Ubuntu noob needs help with SSH01:17
aKoN-MaNHi Guys01:17
Inconis yum SHH01:17
Scarra3Eclipse IDE Shadow09001:17
donvitohello guys my video webcam is work everywere but not in skype how is it posible01:17
RedXIIIActually a wierd thing happened to my computer now that I think about it.01:17
donvitohello guys my video webcam is work everywere but not in skype how is it posible01:17
NewWorldHi aKoN-MaN01:17
xanguaARC0112358: then go to the suport channel01:17
aKoN-MaNhow do i fix this? 5.0G  5.0G     0 100% /01:17
m0in1 question01:17
RedXIIII assume it shut down. I was given a blank screen with nothing on it but the computer light was flashing like it went into sleep mode01:17
NewWorld!patience > donvito01:17
LavaEagleNitaiPal: after you are done installing grab the files from that partition, then put the live cd in again and delete that partition and join it with your Primary disk, or leave it for backups.01:17
ubottudonvito, please see my private message01:17
m0inhow do you get the original login screen01:18
histo!home | NitaiPal01:18
ubottuNitaiPal: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:18
RedXIIIwouldn't respond to me holding the power button, so I unplugged it. Had to wait 30 seconds before it would turn back on01:18
shadows090scarra: do you have java runtime installed?01:18
histoNitaiPal: all you ahve to do is put your /home in a seperate partition then you can reinstall / or change distros and all your files will be saved.01:18
histoRedXIII: ? sounds like you might be having other issues.01:18
shadows090scarra: you can check by typing in "java -v" or "java -version" (one or the other) in the term01:18
NitaiPallemme read all of that one sec01:18
RedXIIIYeah. I guess so. Can't imagine what it is though.01:19
Scarra3Ok thx shadows09001:19
Dan_Ehow do i get all 3d effects in ubuntu 9.1001:19
RedXIIII'll try reinstalling the OS.01:19
histoDan_E: System > Preferences > Appearence01:19
LavaEagleNitaiPal: basically what i said01:19
Dr_WillisDan_E:  install proper 3d video card drivers and play with the compiz settings tools till your eyes explode01:19
Dr_Willis!ccsm | Dan_E01:19
ubottuDan_E: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz01:19
ARC0112358Ubuntu noob needs help with SSH01:19
histo!ask | ARC011235801:20
ubottuARC0112358: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:20
shadows090Dan: what ubotto said if you're looking for the 3d cube and stuff01:20
LavaEagleHow do I run .sh scripts? | michael@Caesar ~ $ sh jahplayer-ubuntu-dapper-x86.sh01:20
LavaEaglejahplayer-ubuntu-dapper-x86.sh: 3: Syntax error: "(" unexpected01:20
Dr_WillisARC0112358:  ask a more specific question01:20
ActionParsnipYo yo yo01:20
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PengyduckwinIs plymouth already in 10.4 alpha?01:20
Dr_WillisLavaEagle:  try 'bash whatever.sh'01:20
Dr_WillisPengyduckwin:  ive herd it is.01:20
ARC0112358How do I add keys from SSH server to my client?01:20
shadows090LavaEagle: You should be able to make a file, type in the terminal commands and save as *.sh01:20
histoPengyduckwin: yes that is in #ubuntu+101:20
ARC0112358I am struggling hard to be more specific01:20
histoARC0112358: well you can type yes when you connect and they will be saved01:20
Dr_WillisARC0112358:  theres books  written on SSH and its ussage and key management. :) i rarely do much key menagement. other then use the ssh-copy-id tool01:21
LavaEagleshadows090: The terminal said that because I am not on a 32 bit OS that didn't work01:21
ActionParsnipShadows: the file extension doesn't mean much01:21
m0inhow to do you change your login screen01:21
NitaiPalLavaEagle,  i only have 20 gig of free space01:21
histossh > ARC011235801:21
dexleyNewWorld: i thank you ! :-) problem solved!01:21
histom0in: System > Admin > Login01:21
LavaEagleshadows090: this script only applies to Ubuntu 6.06 x86 32 bit platforms.01:21
Dr_WillisLavaEagle:  if its a 32bit program.. then you are stuck.01:21
LavaEaglethat means it's my script right?01:22
ARC0112358All I am trying to do is auitomate unison or something and want to avoid passwords01:22
NitaiPalLavaEagle, is that enough to install a new version of ubutnutu 32 bit with no problems01:22
Dr_WillisLavaEagle:  the installer works only on 32bit sustems it seems01:22
histoARC0112358: that page should explain from ubottu01:22
aKoN-MaNrootfs                5.0G  5.0G     0 100% /01:22
aKoN-MaNhow do i fix this?01:22
Dr_WillisMany programs have 32 and 64bit versions these days01:22
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: you can use ia32libs but you will need to manually put 32bit libs in the lib32 folder01:22
NewWorlddexley:  I don't see how :/ You still can't use the other playback engines :(01:22
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:22
ActionParsnipAkon-man: sudo apt-get clean01:23
Dr_WillisaKoN-MaN:  Delete stuff you dont need.  5gb for / is rather small.01:23
histoARC0112358: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys01:23
ActionParsnipAkon-man: uninstall unnecessary kernels too01:23
LavaEagleNitaiPal: Yeah that will be fien01:23
Dr_WillisaKoN-MaN:  'sudo apt-get autoremove ' may free up some space also01:23
LavaEagleas a temp install01:23
dexleyNewWorld:but for now i can use caffeine to watch my movie! i will try to fixe the other engines next time or re-install them again!01:23
aKoN-MaN0 removed lol01:24
tareharthey, I've got a jitter problem with my touchpad01:24
arandaKoN-MaN: also uninstalling old kernels (make sure they're not the one's in use!) might free some space.01:24
m0inhisto: look at the pm i send you01:24
tarehartcan anybody help me out?01:24
ActionParsnipAkon-man; once you get some free space install bleachbit01:24
LavaEagle!help | tarehart01:24
ubottutarehart: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:24
aKoN-MaNwhat will that do?01:24
LavaEagleActionParsnip: if you can reference a tutorial that would be nice, but I am googling that right now01:24
ActionParsnipAkon-man: bleachbit can free space from caches and temp files01:24
n4chtcan i ask you guys a question?01:25
* n4cht grins.01:25
m0inhisto: i am looking for a theme-like customization01:25
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: tutorial for what?01:25
xgurun4cht: just ask01:25
NitaiPalLavaEagle, the main reason i'm doing this is because my cpu Fan is too loud01:25
LavaEagleInstalling the 32lib01:25
m0inhisto: or revert it to orig. screen01:25
histom0in: yeah thats in there.01:25
LavaEagleNitaiPal: what about the other problems you were experiencing?  i was recently on it that very OS and didn't have any trouble01:26
NitaiPalLavaEagle,  i have a inspiron 53001:26
n4chti'm getting a new cpu fan/heatsink combo that looks like a wicked turbine, once i buy my danger den torture bench.01:26
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: you will install the app. When it moans about deps you will need to download the 32bit deb, extract it, then place the .so file in /usr/lib3201:26
histom0in: you can get new themes from gnome-look.org as well01:26
NitaiPalLavaEagle, youtube works on and off and i have to somestimes switch between browsers and stuff01:26
garholtarehart: what is the problem with jitter?01:26
m0inhisto: thanks, i will look01:26
ActionParsnipAkon-man: uname -a ,will show the running kernel01:26
Dr_Willism0in:  for the gdm in 9.10 theres a tool called Epidermis that can install alternative themes for it.  Also some tools I got listed at  http://delicious.com/dr_willis/gdm2  (i think)01:26
Red_HamsterXn4cht, Zalmans are nice, but what's that got to do with Ubuntu?01:26
newclimbthere is anyway to work with touchscreen in a laptop toshiba running ubuntu01:27
tarehartthe cursor shakes a few pixels back and forth when my finger is still01:27
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n4chtRed_HamsterX: NitaiPal was talking about having a cpu fan that's too loud.01:27
histoLavaEagle: NitaiPal they have 64bit flash now if thats what you guys are talking about.01:27
Dr_Willisnewclimb:  ive seen linux laptops with touchscreens befor. But never owned one.01:27
ActionParsnipAkon-man: dpkg -l | grep linux-image ,will list the installed kernels. Remove the ones that AREN'T the one you are running01:27
LavaEagleNitaiPal: histo is right01:27
histonewclimb: shouldn't matter what type of computer the touchscreen is on01:27
ActionParsnipAkon-man: then run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove ,to remove the modules and fluff01:28
tarehartI found a website that suggested that the driver might not be averaging the input like it should01:28
n4chtRed_HamsterX: also... i didn't realize this isn't OT... lol.  new irssi theme and i forgot to add channel name to statusbar.01:28
LavaEagleNitaiPal: but if your cpu is unable to handle the OS definately drop down and you have a far better time.01:28
histoLavaEagle: NitaiPal I've run 64bit for a long time everything works in it that I've ever used.01:28
n4chti thought there was an awful lot of unfamiliar nicks.  lol01:28
newclimbhisto: toshiba satelite u50501:28
ActionParsnipAkon-man: you can also use deborphan to remove orphaned packages to gain more space01:28
histoNitaiPal: What are you trying to do?01:28
LavaEaglehisto: He is on an Inprion 54001:28
aKoN-MaNok will give will try it out tyvm01:28
histoLavaEagle: and what was the question?01:28
ScuniziI have a xbox 360 dvd in my drive.. and can't mount it even with sudo mount /dev/dvdrw /media/cdrom0 .. How do I do this?01:29
histonewclimb: let me check something01:29
garholtarehart: weird. no movement when your not holding a finger on the pad?01:29
tarehartgarhol: that's correct01:29
LavaEaglehisto: He wants to go from 64 bit Karmic to 32bitKarmic and backup 50 gigs with out an external drive01:29
ActionParsnipShould have a backup anyway01:30
histoNitaiPal: I would create a seperate home partition. Like I explained. Why would you switch from 64bit to 32bit?01:30
ActionParsnipNo backup == data is disposable01:30
tarehartgarhol: and it was fine on 8.04 and windows 701:30
NitaiPalhisto, im kinda fed up with 64 bit, about havin to do extra and not having everything working right away... n my CPU fan is always whirring ... even tho my system is pretty new and decent ... Dell inspiron 530 ... so im trynna sorta "downgrade" to 32 bit so as to not have to worry about things not working and stuff01:30
histonewclimb: should be recognized by usbtouchscreen at the kernel level01:30
newclimbhisto: how can i do that?01:31
LavaEagleI feel dumb i thought that was an intel processor for some reason01:31
Dr_WillisIve  cant think of any issues ive had with 64bit on my 3 mahines ive been using it on for the last 2+ yers01:31
ActionParsnipNitaipal: check acpi settings etc. 100% works here for 64bit01:31
claptrapDr_Willis: Same.01:31
Dr_Willisive had MUCH more issues with 'brand new just came out' laptops .. :)01:31
claptrapOnly problem I ever had was 64-bit Flashplayer.01:31
garholtarehart: thinking, the synaptics touchpad stuff was listed in xorg.conf before but that is gone in 9.10 gimme a mo to look about01:32
ActionParsnipClaptrap: tried the 64bit native flash?01:32
histoNitaiPal: your not really downgrading01:32
Dr_Willislinux disrtos seem to take a few months to catch up to the new things in new laptops01:32
claptrapActionParsnip: Yeah, that's the one that gave me problems.01:32
tarehartgarhol: ok, thanks01:32
histonewclimb: let me do some more reading hold up01:32
garholtarehart: out of interest, what make of system is it?01:32
newclimbhisto: all right thanks01:32
ActionParsnipClaptrap: strange works great here. Different systems I guess01:33
claptrapActionParsnip: Well, it works as far as Flash games themselves are concerned. The issues were with a specific site (Kongregate.com)01:33
histonewclimb: its a built in touchscreen?01:33
claptrapActionParsnip: It uses a seperate domain server for Chat and website achivements, and for whatever reason, 64 bit flash didn't like to communicate with the java applets.01:34
ActionParsnipClaptrap: I play cyclomaniac on there. I use flashblock in chromium daily and block all flash except the game01:34
histonewclimb: I see there are fan issues with your laptop in ubuntu01:34
claptrapActionParsnip: Really now.01:34
ActionParsnipClaptrap: totally01:34
histonewclimb: but i'm not seeing anything regarding a touchscreen on that model01:34
ActionParsnipClaptrap: also 64bit java using the file at www.java.com01:35
NitaiPalhisto, what are the major differences between 64 bit and 32 bit anywyas01:35
claptrapActionParsnip: That's... interesting. :E I tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Seamonkey to no avail.01:35
ActionParsnipClaptrap: nspluginwrapper sucks for me01:35
ActionParsnipClaptrap: I use chromium from the daily build ppa01:35
histo!64bit | NitaiPal01:35
ubottuNitaiPal: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.01:35
NewWorldNitaiPal:  Compatibility. Some things don't work on 64 bit that do on 32 bit. 32bit is more compatible and better supported.01:35
claptrapActionParsnip: D'you think I need 64 bit on both sides for it to work correctly, then?01:36
Dr_WillisI can only think of One app thats not on 64bit thats on 32. that i would use. :)01:36
syn-ackclaptrap: nope01:36
NitaiPalso why 64 bit NewWorld ? no reason to right?01:36
garholtarehart: sudo apt-get install gsynaptics  then turn down the minspead in there to slow. that should fix it01:36
claptrapActionParsnip: Also, are youh having issues with flickering?01:36
ActionParsnipClaptrap: nspluginwrapper should handle it01:36
Dr_Willis64bit is faster in a great many tasks. and improveing all the time01:37
garholtarehart: sorry, should be minspeed01:37
ActionParsnipClaptrap: not here01:37
NewWorldNitaiPal:  Some argue it's faster at certain tasks, like the professional kind - video editing, number crunching,etc.01:37
claptrapActionParsnip: You on Karmic?01:37
ActionParsnipClaptrap: lucid a3 but was identical in karmic01:37
Dr_WillisGiven the CPU load just to play back some videos with some codecs.. its getting more and more noticeable01:37
tarehartgarhol: that worked, thanks!01:37
NitaiPalNewWorld, nothing to do with better graphics and such right?01:37
syn-ackNewWorld: that's because under the right circumstances is is faster01:37
devdzhello im new with linux.. which commands to use to know which computers are interacting with any wireless01:37
GoSoxi'm using KDE, how can i find out how much RAM a system has installed?01:37
claptrapActionParsnip: Well, my bit of Googling has said it's been fixed in Lucid. I'm not comfortable enough to touch an alpha, though. :<01:38
LavaEagleActionParsnip:  I'm not even able to install it so it can wine about reps.  If I found the source and compiled it?01:38
ActionParsnipDevdz: your router will tell you01:38
garholtarehart: splendid :) have fun01:38
NewWorldNitaiPal:  I'm not sure about that sorry.01:38
syn-ackNitaiPal: the main reason you'd want to use 64 bit over 32 imo is because it natively handles more than 4 gigs of ram01:38
tarehartand wow, xorg.conf is really minimal these days01:38
Dr_Willistarehart:  some of my systems have no xorg.conf01:38
syn-acktarehart: Dbus FTW01:38
garholtarehart: yup, been a few people on tonight with nvidia issues andthe lack of xorg has thrown them a bit01:39
syn-ackyeah, my systems don't have configs either01:39
ActionParsniplavaeagle: you will need to force install it. If you have ia32-libs installed it will run01:39
Dr_WillisNitaiPal:  theres benchmarks on 64 vs 32 - dpending on what you do - you may want 64. I use 64 on all my machines01:39
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: is there not a ppa with a 64bit build?01:39
NitaiPalDr_Willis, i just do simple browsing and watching movies and such ... which is better for me?01:40
syn-ackNitaiPal: in your case probably 32 bit01:40
NewWorldNitaiPal:  I'd say definetly 32bit, don't hassle yourself with 6401:40
Dr_WillisNitaiPal:  some video codecs these days can really suck down the cpu.01:40
NitaiPalDr_Willis, so 32 bit wud b better for my CPU?01:40
Dr_WillisNitaiPal:  if you got more then 4 gb ram - GO 64  - if You do video reencoding go 64..01:40
LavaEagleActionParsnip:  No this seems to be 32bit only01:41
Dr_WillisIf you got a low end cpu/system that can do 64 and watch HD movies.. well it may be a benifit also01:41
syn-ackoh yeah01:41
ActionParsnipNitaipal: you can use pae in 32bit if you have more than 4gb ram01:41
syn-ackActionParsnip: pae sucks, compared to native handling01:41
devdzokay what are the main commands to communicate with a router please i mean to know what the router is doing in a moment01:41
NitaiPalActionParsnip, whats pae?01:41
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: have you checked the ppa seach?01:41
ActionParsnipNitaipal: it breaks the ram up to allow the kernel to access more ram01:42
LavaEagleActionParsnip: how would I go about doing that?  Software/Synaptic ?01:42
syn-ackActionParsnip: Honestly dude, imo its merely an ugly hack01:42
ActionParsnip!pae | nitaipal01:42
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: it works though01:42
syn-ackActionParsnip: if you have the resources to do native 64 bit addressing it's better to just do that instead of using a hack01:43
syn-ackagain, imo01:43
claptrapThis is why I lurk in here.01:43
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: true but if 32bit is advantageous to the user otherwise then pae is fine01:43
NitaiPalis there a command to find out all the specs of my comp01:44
syn-ackNitaiPal: cat /proc/cpuinfo01:44
histoNitaiPal: lshw01:44
syn-ackNitaiPal: lshw, lspci etc01:44
ActionParsnipNitaipal: lspci; cat /proc/cpuinfo | tail -n 20 | grep model01:45
ActionParsnipnitaipal: works for single core :)01:45
LavaEagleHow do I install ia32-libs on i686?01:46
histoLavaEagle: you don't have to01:46
histoLavaEagle: and i don't think its availbilbe01:46
NitaiPalwhats a command that will tell me my harddrive size ram and such01:46
syn-ackits not01:46
rampage73ok anyone got an eee pc t91mt ? wondering if there is working mt driver and where ?01:46
histoNitaiPal: lshw01:46
rampage73sorry touch screen01:46
voxNitaiPal: sudo lshw |more01:46
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: i686 is 32bit01:46
LavaEagleMy bad01:47
LavaEaglewrong numbers01:47
LavaEagleBut I am 64bir01:47
ActionParsnipNitaipal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60643701:47
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: what does uname -a say01:47
skrapshow many people believe corporate espionage takes place?01:48
LavaEagleLinux Caesar 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:48
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: your cpu may be 64bit but the OS is 32bit01:48
LavaEagleI could have sworn...01:48
syn-ackskraps: its not a belief, it DOES happen and two this is not the forum for that discussion01:48
syn-ackLinux Neptune 2.6.32-14-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Sat Feb 20 05:18:19 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:48
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: if it was 64bit it would say x86_64 instead of i68601:49
syn-ackthats what it would look like LavaEagle01:49
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: like syn-ack says01:49
LavaEagleActionParsnip: But then why would it not let me install a 32bit app?01:49
Puffinda da da01:49
syn-ackLavaEagle: because ia32 libs is already installed on your system, LavaEagle01:49
skrapsIm living in a motel room, I record a lot of phone conversations, I left my recorder out earlier when I left the room. I went to backup the sdcard, my recordings were missing but the file system wasnt damaged. I01:50
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: what is the output when you try install the app. Use http://pastebin.com01:50
LavaEagleActionParsnip:  I installed the Main Edition of Linux Mint I just realized.01:51
adrian26Hi, somebody know how to install tv cards in ubuntu01:51
ActionParsnip!mint | lavaeagle01:51
ubottulavaeagle: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:51
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: mint isn't supported here01:51
Dr_Willisadrian26:  for mine.. I just plug it in.. and install/run whtever tool i want to use it01:51
Puffinda da da01:51
Puffinxx1234 was a short visitor!01:51
NitaiPalheres my specs, please tell me which would be better for me 64 bit or 32 bit ... i only do some minimal computer stuff ... watch movies, browsing, youtube ... i want the least hassle free and compatible computer so i can easily do things ... ALSO its important for me to have a quiet cpu fan cuz my one is extra loud on this 64bit system01:51
Puffin32 bit is winnar01:52
ActionParsnipNitaipal: how much ram is in the system?01:52
devdzwhat shud I install for virtualization under linux ?01:52
LavaEagleActionParsnip: Even though it's Ubuntu based?01:52
ActionParsnip!virtual | devdz01:52
ubottudevdz: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:52
NitaiPalthat's my lshw http://pastebin.com/01AK2nrd01:52
syn-ackLavaEagle: just because it's based on ubuntu does NOT make it anymore ubuntu than ubuntu is Debian01:53
ActionParsnipLavaeagle: its not an official canonical release so is not officially supported in the official channel01:53
Dr_WillisLavaEagle:  just beause its ubuntu 'based' dosent mean we have the manpower tu support it. expecially when the variants got their own support channels01:53
adrian26I've a problem, when I open the program I've an error01:53
LavaEagleAhh sorry about that01:53
adrian26can't open /dev/video001:54
ActionParsniplavaeagle: there are tonnes of ubuntu based systems which are equally not supported01:54
Dr_WillisEqual Opurtinity Unsupported. :)01:54
ratsLavaEagle: the folka at irc.spotchat.org  #linuxmint-help will be  more than delighted to help01:54
syn-ackwe have enough to worry about supporting what, 5 versions or so already01:55
LavaEagleTy I was just on my way there01:55
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: lubuntu soon :)01:55
Dr_WillisWe also have #kubuntu #lubuntu , and what else now? #mythbuntu01:55
syn-ackyou're crappin me right01:55
Puffinda da da01:55
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu01:55
syn-ackIm there too. :P01:55
PuffinWe have #urmumubuntu01:56
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: its gonna be sweet01:56
wirechiefDr_Willis: is there a moblin or remix channel ?01:56
Dr_Williswirechief:  yea i think there is.01:56
syn-ackwirechief: /list the server01:56
Dr_Willistheres also the #ubuntuone  specilized channel01:56
syn-ackthere seriously are a ton of #ubuntu channels other than this one01:56
PuffinWe have #urmumubuntu01:56
ActionParsnipYou can spawn any channel you like. Just join it01:56
syn-ackObvious Troll is Obvious01:57
NitaiPalheres my specs, please tell me which would be better for me 64 bit or 32 bit ... i only do some minimal computer stuff ... watch movies, browsing, youtube ... i want the least hassle free and compatible computer so i can easily do things ... ALSO its important for me to have a quiet cpu fan cuz my one is extra loud on this 64bit system  heres my specs and such http://pastebin.com/01AK2nrd01:57
PuffinNitaiPal, 32 bit01:57
Dr_Willissyn-ack:  and not even very enterainging01:57
Dr_Willisenteraining :)01:57
adrian26Have problems with my tv card01:57
syn-ackDr_Willis: sadly enough. :/01:57
Dr_WillisNitaiPal:  if you  got more then 4 gb ram - go 64 - otherwise  if you dont do much. go 32 if you want. I always go 64 and rarely have any issues01:58
syn-ackNitaiPal: that's really not a bad system01:58
Dr_WillisI dont see how 'fan speed' is going to be related to the 64/32 bits01:58
ActionParsnipNitaipal: i'd go 32bit. If all you want is web and chat. 64bit will allow you easier expansion01:58
syn-ackNitaiPal: I agree with everything Willis just told you01:58
syn-ackand ActionParsnip for that matter01:58
Dr_WillisThe only 32bit box i got is my Netbook.01:59
adrian26Who know how to install tv cards, I've problems with mine01:59
donvitowhy webcam is not working in skype01:59
donvitosky linux01:59
ubottuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out01:59
ActionParsnipNitaipal: look into guides for the dell. There may be guides to control the fan01:59
kerebrusHow do I find out the network name of my computer?01:59
ActionParsnipKerebrus: hostname02:00
Dr_Williskerebrus:  you mean for the samba shares?02:00
kerebrusyes for samba shares02:00
ActionParsnipNitaipal: I always use amd as coolnquiet is great in the kernel :)02:00
Dr_Williskerebrus:  its the hostname. unless you chnge it in the smb.conf02:00
Dr_Williskerebrus:  try out the 'findsmb' and 'smbtree' commands02:00
syn-ackGod I love Pandora02:01
Dr_Williskerebrus:  also depending on the network setup you might NOT beable to access the machine via name. it may need ip#'s02:01
NitaiPalActionParsnip, can u explain what u just said ... 64 bit is better for my cpu fan?02:01
syn-ackNitaiPal: irrelevant02:02
ActionParsnipNitaipal: the number of bits is moot. You need to find guides relating to your system model to see if anyone has found a way to control the fan speed02:02
syn-ackActionParsnip: it most certainly does.02:02
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: how so?02:03
Dr_WillisIf the fan is not spported in teh bios/kernel - then the  64/32 dont matter at all.02:03
syn-ackit's more than likely as simple as redirecting something to /proc even02:03
syn-ackActionParsnip: I was referring to fan control02:03
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: yes but 32bit/64bit doesn't matter which is what I'm getting at02:03
syn-ackAnd I agreed02:03
DocWigglesquick help with the terminal thing, im new to ubuntu02:03
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: cool :D02:04
syn-ack<syn-ack> NitaiPal: irrelevant02:04
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: sup02:04
syn-acksee? :P02:04
Dr_Willis!info samba-doc | kerebrus02:04
ubottukerebrus: samba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 (karmic), package size 7813 kB, installed size 16080 kB02:04
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: gotcha :)02:04
ActionParsnip!pm | docwiggles02:04
ubottudocwiggles: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:05
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: what's you issue?02:05
dsnydersAnybody know how to fix this problem with kpovmodeler?  http://imagebin.org/8579202:05
DocWigglesthe terminal is asking me to locate a specific file and the file is in my desktop02:05
DocWiggleswhat should i type?\02:05
DocWigglesi dont know the commands02:05
tweisemanhi, i run "rfkill list" on my ubuntu 9.10 machine and it tells me that "Wireless LAN" is "Soft block:no, Hard Block:yes"02:06
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: $HOME/Desktop is the location then02:06
tweisemanhow do i remove the hard block?02:06
DocWigglesso $HOME/Desktop filename?02:06
enavsome 1 here know how to get an invitation to java channel?02:06
DocWigglesor do i just type $HOME/Desktop02:06
ActionParsnipDocwiggles /home/$USER/filename ,then02:07
syn-ackenav: /who the channel and ask one of their ops02:07
IzinucsIf I try to dd a dual layer dvd and it responds with "no medium found" how do I fix this? (dvdrw is a dual layer and dvd is in the drive)02:07
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: depends if the process wants the folder or the actual file02:07
DocWigglesthe actual file02:07
epaduelHi all..02:07
epaduelAnyone here from south america?02:07
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: then give the filename to02:07
ActionParsnipPt | epaduel02:08
tweisemanhi, i run "rfkill list" on my ubuntu 9.10 machine and it tells me that "Wireless LAN" is "Soft block:no, Hard Block:yes"how do i remove the hard block?02:08
dsnydersepaduel, I was close to south america once.02:08
DocWigglesso $HOME/Desktop/filename?02:08
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:08
ActionParsnipDocwiggles: indeed02:08
DocWigglesaite brb02:08
rothsdadhey, how to change the encoding to utf802:08
wirechieftweiseman check man rfkill for details on how to use it.02:09
alleni'm new to anything more complicated than ubuntu, now i'm on crunchbang :D wrote my first shell script and now i'm wondering about irc commands02:09
devdzany important condition i must know before i patch something  ?02:09
rothsdadmy irc client is pocketirc02:09
allenhow's that working out for you?02:10
ActionParsnipDevdz: if you need the patch then go for it02:10
ActionParsnip!patch | devdz02:10
ubottudevdz: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.02:10
Izinucsrothsdad: that's not one I've heard of .. check out irssi .. lots of docs for that02:10
allen!hello | devdz02:10
ubottudevdz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:10
allen:D that's awesome02:10
aranddevdz: patch how?02:11
alleni'm using irssi now02:11
allenhow can i get a list of all irc commands?02:11
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:11
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:12
trismallen: if you want to play with the bot you can /msg ubottu !command02:12
allenoh cool thanks for the tip :D im an IRC newbie02:12
syn-ackWhy does it always seem that any irc n00bs first habbit is tickling bots? I mean thats the SAME thing I used to do when I started in IRC02:13
enavwhen you say find a channel operator.. you mean here or some website?02:13
arandallen: for irssi-specifics, use /help in server window02:13
=== tomatoes7 is now known as tomatoes7__
cyberbluntzso we are allowed to play with the bot?02:13
Izinucssyn-ack: instant gratification of getting a response02:13
Dr_Willis!bot | cyberbluntz02:13
ubottucyberbluntz: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:13
syn-ackIzinucs: haha, Always wondered about that. :P02:14
allenthe bot is superfun and a new concept to me since I don't use the IRC much02:14
roudadHey, some of the keys on my netbook just stopped working (down arrow, c, etc), any idea why and how i can fix it?02:14
arandcyberbluntz: play in private if you must.02:14
Dr_Willisallen:  you can /msg ubottu   and chat all you want02:14
syn-ackenav: In that channel.02:14
enavsyn-ack the problem is ##java  channel is invite only02:14
aggroroudad, likely shorted out keys. spill anything on the keyboard?02:14
Dr_Willis!register | enav02:15
ubottuenav: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode02:15
roudadaggro, no..02:15
allenhow do i message a speicifc person? is it must /msg <username here>?02:15
Dr_Willisenav:  its proberly registered nicks only02:15
Dr_Willisallen:  yes.02:15
Izinucsallen: yes.. but ask first.. some don't like it..02:15
dsnydersWhat channel do I get help on kpovmodeler display issues?02:15
cyberbluntz<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about command02:16
aggroroudad, are all apps affected?02:16
roudadaggro, yes.02:16
roudadaggro, its def not software level.. i checked in bios.02:16
cyberbluntzis there a way to get him to spit out cmd list?02:16
roudadaggro, just wondering if there may be a self-fix02:16
arandcyberbluntz: !factoid02:17
wasutton3_1does anyone know of a well supported usb agps device?02:17
aggroroudad, i gotcha, definitely not software. i would open 'er up and reseat the cable from the keyboard (top case, etc) to the motherboard02:17
brjanndsnyders: #kde02:17
allennow i'm trying to /msg myself by typing "/msg allen hi" but i don't see any message for me02:17
roudadaggro, its a netbook02:17
dsnydersbrjann, Thanks.   Still struggling with http://imagebin.org/8579202:17
ActionParsnip!hcl | wasutton3_102:17
ubottuwasutton3_1: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:17
brjanndsnyders: I figured :)02:17
aggroroudad, it still has a motherboard :)02:18
roudadaggro, okay. im off! thanks02:18
=== azrul is now known as BlInD_koRN
quidnuncHow do I invoke "switch user" from the console?02:18
allenok i'm off too, seeya later thanks for the help02:18
allenbut how do i exit... /exit?02:18
roudadquidnunc su02:18
enavi will try to register02:18
quidnuncroudad: No. "fast user switching"02:19
mohadibis there a channel for ubuntu packagers?02:19
dsnydersquidnunc, the console command is su02:19
quidnuncmohadib: ubuntu-motu02:19
ActionParsnipMohadib: #ubuntu-devel maybe02:19
quidnuncdsnyders: No.02:19
quidnuncdsnyders: I want to switch user for the gnome session02:19
wasutton3_1ActionParsnip: i already checked there, but there doesnt seem to be any agps device entries02:19
DJ_HaMsTahow do i "Next, open the Gnome Configuration Editor: gconf-edito"02:20
ActionParsnipWasutton3_1: do you mean gps?02:20
dsnydersquidnunc, Oh.  Sorry.  I thought you said console.02:20
switchgirlBus 005 Device 004: ID 0e8d:0002 MediaTek Inc << is that likley to be a phone i have plugged into my pc and if so how to find the mount point for wammu02:20
quidnuncdsnyders: I did say console. 'Cause I want to do it from the console02:20
syn-ackagps? are you looking to tether to your cell phone or something, wasutton3_1?02:21
tzeentchanybody know where I can find a /etc/gdm/Init/Default ?  I broke mine somehow.02:21
wasutton3_1ActionParsnip: no, AGPS is a different protocol. AGPS uses triangulation with cellular towers in addition to sattelites (uses less power)02:21
wasutton3_1syn-ack: no, im looking to have a seperate card for a roadtrip and such02:21
syn-ackit's also a heck of a lot less accurate02:21
ActionParsnipWasutton3_1: ask providers if they support linux. Or check their sites02:21
eXe__^what filesystem do you guys prefer on a 2ghz dual core laptop with 4GB Ram?02:22
wasutton3_1ActionParsnip: ok, i was just curious if anyone knew02:22
wasutton3_1eXe__^: ext402:22
ActionParsnipExe_^: filesystem isn't governed by cpu speed02:22
eXe__^how new is ext402:22
eXe__^im not a *nix guy02:22
ActionParsnipExe_^: the default (ext4) will be fine for you02:23
eXe__^never heard of it before02:23
syn-ackeXe__^: about a year and half old02:23
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:23
syn-ackeXe__^: if exe4 is good enough for google, it's good enough for you. Ask them, They went ahead and hired it's creator02:24
=== xangua is now known as angel_de_jesus
=== danblick1 is now known as danblick
syn-ackext4 ugh02:25
cyberbluntzthats pretty weak ubottu02:25
eXe__^syn-ack: naa.. .. google dont impress me02:25
eXe__^but pussy does02:25
adrian26hi, I've problems with my tv card, somebody know how to install one02:25
eXe__^thanks for the help guys02:25
ActionParsnipExe_^: +1 dude02:25
FloodBot2eXe__^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
histoext4 is fine02:26
histo!tv | adrian2602:26
syn-ackit's actually better, performance on an LVM than XFS is02:26
ubottuadrian26: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out02:26
syn-ackand I'm impressed Good Troll is Good02:26
ActionParsnipI just use the default. Just because google use it doesn't make it awesome02:27
=== angel_de_jesus is now known as xangua
syn-ackActionParsnip: actually the fact that google IS migrating to it does say a lot02:27
ActionParsnipThey also use gos on their desktops. Maybe we should al ditch ubuntu to use that too eh02:28
syn-ackNah, because gOS is nothing more than Ubuntu with a crap interface02:29
blakkheimsyn-ack: i think you're thinking of kubuntu02:29
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: but google use it so it says a lot doesn't it?02:29
syn-ackblakkheim: ooooh, check match02:29
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
syn-ackActionParsnip: not the channel for this debate but I'd be more than happy to school you elsewhere02:30
ActionParsnipSyn-ack: I just recognise google isn't the be all and end all. Simple as02:30
sergiohola alguien por el oriente de merida, yucatan02:31
cyberbluntzI have a questio about the bot http://pastebin.com/qM5SuSHm02:31
ricreeis there an easy way to install a package from a repository from an older release of Ubuntu?  A program I'm using seems to have a bug that was introduced in the Jaunty binary, but is supposedly working in the Intrepid one02:31
lozanobye fuckerz02:31
stoojI've been given a machine, but Ubuntu doesn't recognise the ethernet card. It doesn't show up in lspci either. Can anyone tell me what my next step is? (Short of buying a new NIC)?02:31
brjann!es | sergio02:31
ubottusergio: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:31
tzeentchmy appearances settings are not sticking from sessions to sessions.  Anybody got an idea where I should look to first?02:32
blakkheimstooj: buy- nevermind02:32
ActionParsnipRicree: you shouldn't mix debs from anything other than the release you are on02:32
Blue1nics are cheap02:32
stoojHeh, thanks blakkheim ;)02:32
brandynhi guys02:32
histotzeentch: permissions on your /home/tzeentch folder or the .gconf folder in there02:32
blakkheimstooj: but really, why not get a new nic for it? they aren't much money02:33
cyberbluntzWill someone explain this to me http://pastebin.com/qM5SuSHm02:33
ActionParsnipStooj; check its enabled in bios02:33
veebullCan someone help me set up a basic anon ftp server using vsftpd on 9.10?02:33
=== nullvariable1 is now known as nullvariable
ricreeActionParsnip: so building from source is probably going to be my best option then?\02:33
ActionParsnipCyberbluntz: its used to call ops if someone is trolling02:33
dsnyderscyberbluntz, IRC channels have people monitoring the chat to make sure people are not spamming, or cursing, or acting against the rules.  When these people are away, they can be summoned.02:33
historicree: It may be a dependancy issue that is causing the bug02:33
stoojblakkheim: Might end up doing so. It is a work machine, so this is just temporary.02:34
historicree: you can try the older packge if you want but I would build from source.02:34
historicree: what program is it?02:34
cyberbluntzSo those names are the people who would be summoned?02:34
stoojActionParsnip: Will have a look, but it worked in Windows before I blew that away02:34
veebullI keep getting 'critical file transfer error' when I try to download a simple text file that i put in the /srv/ftp directory02:34
blakkheimstooj: if it doesn't show up even in lspci don't you think it's probably bad anyway?02:34
veebullI can see it, but I can't get to it.02:34
histoveebull: permissions?02:35
ActionParsnipRiceree: i'd say so. You could download the deb from a ppa with an older version. Uninstall the current then install using the deb then pin the version so it doesn't get upgraded02:35
tzeentchhisto : folder is 755, .gconf is 700.  Should it be otherwise?02:35
ActionParsnipStooj: ok that's cool. Reboot and run: dmesg | less ,see if its detected02:35
Blue1ActionParsnip: isnt' that what backporting does?02:35
veebullhisto, just found that.  default permission (root) was 700, changed to 777 and I got it02:35
BayAreawould anyone be willing to help a newb understand why the Intel PRO1000 card shows up on lspci, but cant connect to the internet?02:35
ActionParsnipBlue1: true depends what's installed. Can you advise the guy/gal02:36
brjanntzeentch: my .gconf directory is 700, and gnome is working correctly for me02:36
syn-ackBayArea: what does lsmod tell you?02:36
BayAreasyn: let me take a look02:36
Blue1ActionParsnip: i can try...I just got here so someone fill me in a bit please?02:36
syn-ackBayArea: you should see the iw2000 driver installed into the kernel02:36
syn-ackI think it's the iw200002:36
ActionParsnipBayarea: if you set an ip and gateway and dns servers does it work?02:36
histotzeentch: .gconf should be 700 thats not it then02:36
ActionParsnipBlue1: user wants an older version than is availa ble on the repos02:37
ActionParsnipTzeentch: check you are the owner too02:37
magn3tsThis is ridiculous. I disable my touchpad in gsynaptics and Ubuntu turns it back on 30 seconds later. Ubuntu can't remember my X11 cursor for more than 30 minutes, god forbid I reboot.02:37
Blue1ActionParsnip: example of backporting:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=15202:38
BayAreasyn-ack: lsmod "e1000 119264 0"02:38
syn-ackBayArea: ah yeah, good good02:38
tzeentchActionParsnip : Yep, I am.02:38
syn-ackBayArea: refer to what ActionParsnip said02:38
Nolan2Hey, I just installed ubuntu, but now my windows isn't loading, I think it may have something to do with GRUB, but I'm not sure... Any suggestions?02:38
histotzeentch: ActionParsnip thats wierd02:38
ActionParsnip!grub2 | nolann202:38
ubottunolann2: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:38
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  synaptics drivers and X have been 'a work in progress' for a while. Im suprised that gsynaptics even works.02:39
stoojOK. Will let you know, ActionParsnip02:39
magn3tsDr_Willis, gsynaptics has been around for years though. I remember it being around in 8.0402:39
syn-ackmagn3ts: there have been a lot of subsystem changes since then its really been hit and miss02:39
BayAreasyn-ack: ok. i'm not sure what those value are. this is going directly to my cable modem (via DHCP from comcast)02:39
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  yes.. and X has been dojng a lot of Input devices changes in the last year or so. that  required the gsynaptics tools and other similer tools to do things differntly02:40
syn-ackBayArea: did you cycle the modem?02:40
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  i recall some docs/articals on it at the gsynaptics homepage02:40
DJ_HaMsTaAny idea on how to change the port number in 9.10 ?02:40
BayAreasyn-ack: works fine when I plug the cable into my mac (this computer)02:40
DJ_HaMsTafor remote desktop**02:40
syn-ackBayArea: it could be that the modem is still learned to the old MAC02:40
tzeentchhisto : Yes it is.  Could it be because I screwed up /etc/gdm/Init/Default ?02:40
magn3tsGah, someday when I'm not writing this J2EE crap I'm going to patch gnome-mouse-preferences so that it has the options that gsynpatics has02:40
syn-ackBayArea: thats why, plug it into the other computer and cycle the modem02:40
histotzeentch: the other directory to check is .gnome02:41
BayAreasyn-ack: ok, gunna log me off then. thanks for your help, mate! you too ActionParsnip02:41
histotzeentch: you can try using gnome-session-save to save settings02:41
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  i was thiniing at one time gsynaptics was going to be discontinued. i think some variants on it have died off.  But i dont use it any more sohavent paied attention to it02:41
histotzeentch: perhaps its a problem with that being called02:42
tzeentchhisto : I don't have a .gnome.  I got a .gnome2 and a .gnome2_private which are 700 and which I own.02:42
magn3tsDr_Willis, thats a shame. 9.10 has been very disappointing in a lot of ways. as I mentioned, X11 refuses to use my cursor theme, I can't even make it show up in gnome-appearance-preferences. I can't configure GDM, there are less screensavers that I still can not configure, etc. very frustrating.02:42
histotzeentch: try changing settings and running gnome-session-save in terminal then log out and back in see if that works02:42
syn-ackmagn3ts: all politics aside, I wasnt impressed with 9.10. 10.04 will be different story though02:43
histotzeentch: actually disregard that02:43
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  dont blame 9.10 for changes made by the X devs - and the gnome devs..  screensavers have been a point of argument for ages.  again thats GNOME devs stuff..02:43
Eveti have deleted /etc/apache2 folder, now apache2 package cannot be installed properly. how to solve this?02:43
paribanujoin #ubuntu-uy02:43
paribanuhola! alguien que hable español?02:44
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  dident notice the gnome menus icons vanish last week? :) more gnome dev ideas02:44
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:44
Nolan2:/ That link didn't really help me.02:44
Nolan2Any other suggestions?02:44
histotzeentch: I don't htink session-save does that. Is it any setting you chagne thats not being saved?02:44
UnstableHey guys, perl question here, if im not in the right place just point me the way, but when i try to install a package to perl from CPAN it said "returned status 512, wont make" any suggestions?02:44
histoUnstable: I would ask the packager02:45
ActionParsnipUnstable: or #perl02:45
magn3tssyn-ack, Dr_Willis, you're right. I say 9.10 and I know that a lot of that has to do with GNOME. Ugh. I just can't stand QT and the same problems I have with how GNOME is configured are the problems I have with KDE02:45
magn3tsOh well.02:45
histotzeentch: there is #gnome also02:45
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  wait for gnome-3 people will go berzerke02:45
UnstableThe packager?02:46
ActionParsnipDr_willis: when is it due?02:46
UnstableAnd thanks for direction to #perl02:46
histoDr_Willis: Are they going to do the panels thing?02:46
magn3tsDr_Willis, I still want to see a new DE rise up that integrates well with compiz by default, etc.02:46
histoDr_Willis: that will really freak people out02:46
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  gnome-3 is still in the whiteboard stage. :)02:46
ActionParsnipDr_willis: nice02:46
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  compiz will be dead in a few years i imagine.02:46
histoGnome doesn't change very much02:46
magn3tsDr_Willis, uh why do you say that?02:46
histoX will obsorb compiz02:47
ActionParsnipDr_willis: with some hope :)02:47
Dr_Willismagn3ts:  the fetures it does are gettting assemliated02:47
tzeentchhisto : One example is the System->preferences->apperance->Visual Effects  I got to re-enable it every time I log on.02:47
Dr_WillisEmerald is allready basicaly dead02:47
magn3tsDr_Willis, into...? the DE itself? Quite frankly, I don't want ot see the flexibilty I have with compiz gnome-ified.02:47
Dr_Willistzeentch:  i always use the fusion-icon tool - it seems to smooth out some quiks like that02:47
ActionParsnipTzeentch: add the command in startup items02:47
histomagn3ts: you will always have flexibility in linux even if its inegrated02:47
magn3tstzeentch, I will second what Dr_Willis just said.02:48
Nolan2So, can anyone help...?02:48
histomagn3ts: thats one of the problems there are 99 ways to do one given task02:48
ActionParsnipNolan2: sup02:48
magn3tshisto, yeah but I know that the simple but powerful GUI for compiz now would be obliterated if put into GNOME core02:48
* ActionParsnip prefers openbox to compiz02:49
Dr_WillisSimple GUI for compiz? what one are you refering to?02:49
syn-ackmagn3ts: I'm one of the anti-gnome-3ers out there and I'm already migrating all my systems over to XFCE02:49
Dr_WillisTheres the idiot-friendly one and the nightmarish one...02:49
Nolan2Oh, that link you gave me up there didn't really help ActionParsnip.02:49
ActionParsnipNolan2: what is your issue?02:49
magn3tsDr_Willis, well maybe simple wasn't the right word, but coherent at least. I think its pretty standard how things are done but its still very very configurable02:49
Dr_WillisI think compiz needs a tool to print out all the keybindings that are in USE for a given setup. :)02:50
Dr_Willisbut theres only like 4 features i use in compiz02:50
parolangsyn-ack: stumpwm :)02:51
claybustrHow can I reset my alsa configs to an out of the box ubuntu clean install config?02:51
syn-ackparolang: I'm partial to GTk02:51
Nolan3crap. lol02:51
Nolan3As I was saying..02:51
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soreauDr_Willis: With ccsm's advanced search feature, you can press a keybinding and see if it's assigned to any plugin02:51
=== Craighton is now known as techhelper1
Nolan3[21:50] <Nolan2> I just installed Ubuntu 9.10, and when I try to dual boot into windows, it doesn't do anything.02:51
Nolan3[21:50] <Nolan2> It just displays a blinking -02:51
parolangsyn-ack: GTK is a widget toolkit.  Stumpwm is a window manager.  You can (and do) use both :)02:51
ActionParsnipClaybustr: rename or delete the .gnome .gnome2 etc folders in $HOME. You will need to do the same to $HOME/.config02:52
syn-ackparolang: I'm aware of that. but I like the integration of which is provided in Gnome and XFCE. ;)02:52
=== pipegeek1 is now known as pipegeek
SaratogaCx Hi, I have a problem with Wireless..  My machine used to work and at some point it stopped getting a dhcp address from my router.  I can see my router other computers can connect to it (android phone, windows pc etc.) w/out issue but dhclient commands try and fail.  Any ideas where I can start looking to fix this?02:52
Nolan3did ya see that ActionParsnip?02:52
parolangsyn-ack: kay :)02:52
claybustrwill that also get rid of the stuck phantom  gnome-display-properties in the notification area?02:53
syn-ackparolang: imo it give a much more integrated look over running something like OpenBox then gtk apps on top, etc02:53
ActionParsnipNolan3: rename xorg.conf if you have one. Also run: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:53
cyberbluntztry booting to your windows recovery console and fixmbr02:53
ActionParsnipNolan3: use root recovery console02:53
parolangAnyway, what I came here to ask is...I set the option to decrypt my home partition when I log in on the install.  This won't give me any problems, will it?  What is the program it uses for encryption?02:53
Nolan3Uhh.. Where is that?02:54
ActionParsnipNolan3: hold shift at boot, you will see grub menu. Choose the recovery mode then root02:54
parolangsyn-ack: What window manager do you run with xfce?02:54
cyberbluntzactually, just say screw windows and just use linux02:54
syn-ackparolang: compiz or xfwm02:55
Nolan3>.> I've never heard that one before cyb3r3li0g02:55
parolangsyn-ack: Oh...didn't know about xfwm.02:55
parolangsyn-ack: I stay away from compiz :)02:55
stoojActionParsnip: Bah. It was disabled - someone else in the office disabled it when trying to fix windows. Thanks for the help anyway :)02:55
syn-ackxfwm is the default window manager for XFCE02:55
ActionParsnipParolang: me too02:55
Nolan3okay, I'll try that now ActionParsnip.02:55
ActionParsnipStooj: d'oh02:55
parolangcompiz is neato for about a day and a half :)02:56
ActionParsnipParolang: openbox ftw :)02:56
=== Quan-Time__ is now known as Quan-Time
magn3tsI love compiz.  Compiz makes my life so much better. Netbeans in one pane, chromium/xchat in the other, my debug terminals in the third. trailfocus is a god send02:57
GeekSquidcyberbluntz: good to see you agreeing with me02:57
histoopenbox here for me too02:57
pedrocranyone know where I can find the list of packages installed by default in karmic? Basically the output of "dpkg -l" after a fresh install02:57
syn-ackparolang: I don't really get all carried away, theres just a nice and simple emerald theme that I like to use02:57
syn-ackparolang: so yeah02:57
histomagn3ts: you don't need compiz for mutiple workspaces02:57
magn3tsplus I really love expo and scale, way better and faster than alt+tab (though alt-tabbing is even better in compiz)02:57
magn3tshisto, I kow02:57
magn3tsalso, I know.02:57
FloodBot2magn3ts: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:57
jeevanhey how to use yahooo on ubuntu02:58
Nolan3:/ holding shift didn't do anything ActionParsnip.02:58
histojeevan: yahoo messenger?02:58
parolangUbuntu tells me I need to replace my HD :(02:58
jeevanyea histo02:58
* soreau thinks that people who love compiz probably don't have crappy machines02:58
histojeevan: use Applications > INternet > Pidgin02:58
jeevanbut pidgin is not getting yahoo02:58
ActionParsnipNolan3: what is the output of: uname -c02:58
harisundhisto: that is not yahoo messenger though .. parolang: how does it tell you that?02:58
jeevanonly gtalk is available02:59
histoharisund: it can connect to it02:59
ActionParsnipJeevan: you may need the pidgin ppa02:59
jeevanyea i hav pidgin02:59
histojeevan: ymsg I believe is in the drop down?02:59
Nolan3 wait, I got it.02:59
=== droid is now known as Guest19830
jeevanbut yahoo msg is not connectng with it02:59
parolangharisund: It was in the messaging area, next to the time/date.  Ubuntu is actually pretty smart to have found it :)02:59
ActionParsnipJeevan: add the ppa for a newer build. It may help02:59
Nolan3The recovery manager is listed by default underneith my Ubuntu.02:59
histojeevan: ahh hold up02:59
ActionParsnipNolan3: then use that03:00
parolangharisund: I'm having it do a self test.  Otherwise, I'll have to buy another HD.03:00
harisundparolang: how do I ask Ubuntu to check my hard disk, do you know?03:00
jeevanis there any msg like pidgin03:00
histojeevan: http://blog.mypapit.net/2009/06/solving-pidgin-yahoo-messenger-problem.html03:00
Nolan3okay I'm at root, now what?03:00
ActionParsnip!fsck | harisund03:00
ubottuharisund: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:00
histojeevan: aparently yahoo changed their servers03:00
jeevanthank u histo03:00
ActionParsnipNolan3: mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_old03:00
histojeevan: what version of pidgin are you using?03:01
ActionParsnipNolan3: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:01
jeevanam on ubuntu 9.0403:01
jeevanand defalut pidgin03:01
ActionParsnipJeevan: the ppa version may set the right servers. Histo is right and yahoo change their servers like you change socks03:02
jeevanhe he03:02
RoeyRequested audio codec family [wma9spdmo] (afm=dmo) not available.03:02
RoeyEnable it at compilation.03:02
RoeyRequested audio codec family [wma9spdshow] (afm=dshow) not available.03:02
FloodBot2Roey: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
parolangharisund: The program is called palimpset, never heard of it before.03:02
Roeywhat package contains these extra codecs?03:03
Nolan3mv cannot stat `/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory03:03
harisundparolang: ah ok cool thanks :)03:03
harisundparolang: palimpset? Correct spelling? I am not able to find such a package03:03
parolangharisund: sorry...palimpsest03:04
ActionParsnipJeevan: sudo add-apt-repository pp:pidgin-developers/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade03:04
parolangharisund: It must come default...I just installed ubuntu.03:04
ActionParsnipNolan3: that's fine then03:04
parolangaptitude search palimpsest03:04
harisundIt says it's under gnome-disk-utility03:05
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kinja-sheep!away > KamusHadenesAway03:05
parolangI could use a bigger HD anyway...only 9.1 GB right now :)03:05
ubottuKamusHadenesAway, please see my private message03:05
Mr-Dougcan anyone tell me how to get ubuntu 9.10 amd 64 to recognize my fax modem?03:06
Nolan3Okay I did that dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg thing03:06
Nolan3Now what?03:06
ActionParsnipMr-doug: is it usb or pci?03:06
Nolan3I put it in and it didn't do anything lol.03:06
ActionParsnipNolan: shutdown -r now03:06
=== KamusHadenesAway is now known as KamusHadenes
ActionParsnipNolan3: linux doesn't give feedback if it succeeds03:06
Nolan3I noticed that xD03:07
yxmn2what is the best way of setting up a virtual machine in Linux?03:07
ActionParsnip!virtual | yxmn203:07
ubottuyxmn2: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications03:07
ActionParsnip!best | yxmn203:07
ubottuyxmn2: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:07
Nolan3It's still doing it ActionParsnip :(03:08
Mr-DougActionParsnip:  it is PCI modem03:08
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:08
=== Jon is now known as Guest78657
ActionParsnipMr-doug: run lspci and websearch for the line which identifys the device03:09
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications03:09
Mulevadhello - (I'm a newbee here) I just installed ubuntu and can't get my screen resolution beyond 800x600. I'm also new to ubuntu. I'm using an inspiron 4000 laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction?03:09
ActionParsnipNolan3: if you boot an older kernel is it ok?03:09
ActionParsnipMulevad: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga03:09
Nolan3Errr... what?03:10
ssmyMulevad: try going to System -> Administration -> HArdware Drivers and installing any that come up, then rebooting03:10
RoeyI think I'm missing some WMV codecs; I get stuff like "Requested audio codec family [wma9spdmo] (afm=dmo) not available. Enable it at compilation.", "Requested audio codec family [wma9spdshow] (afm=dshow) not available.".  Which packages contain these codecs?03:10
ActionParsnipNolan3: choose a different kernal when you boot03:10
ActionParsnip!codec | roey03:10
ubotturoey: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:10
Mr-Doug01:05.0 Communication controller: 3Com Corp, Modem Division USR 56k Internal WinModem03:11
Nolan3It boots into Ubuntu fine, just not Windows Media Center Edition.03:11
Mulevad01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)03:11
ActionParsnipMr-doug: see what websearches say with that03:11
ActionParsnip!ati | mulevad03:11
ubottumulevad: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:11
cyberbluntzMulevad:  Click system / administration / hardware drivers03:13
MulevadI was hoping this would be easier... Thanks ubottu. I've tried system administration->etc. 800x600 is the best option03:13
ActionParsnip!grub2 | Nolan303:14
ubottuNolan3: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:14
GeekSquid!hi | surjya yxmn203:14
ubottusurjya yxmn2: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:14
surjyai am running ubuntu netbook remix from usb on my netbook03:14
ssmyMulevad: the problem is that your card is so old support is going away. Should work with some experimentation though.03:14
surjyabut the touchscreen not working03:14
surjyacan anybody help03:14
kinja-sheepI'm forgetting how to outpipe the list of files into gedit or such. What was it again? :\03:14
ssmysurjya: touchscreen? what make/model is it?03:15
GeekSquidsurjya: which netbook?03:15
surjyaASUS EeePC T9103:15
surjyawith intel atom processor03:15
parolangAh...HD crash :(03:15
surjyaHD crash?03:16
parolangIt was an old HD :)03:16
surjyawhat is HD?03:16
parolanghard disk03:16
surjyai m running from USB drive03:16
kinja-sheepHigh Definition!03:16
surjyanot installed till now03:16
surjyaon my HD03:17
fivetwentysixMy lan just stopped working. It just keeps trying to connect to the internet but does nothing.03:17
parolangsurge_: It's better running native :)03:17
fivetwentysixWhat log should i look at to get more information?03:17
yxmn2surjya, Hand Dilation03:17
surjyaenough for HD03:17
MulevadSorry I think I closed some conversations. I didn't realize.03:17
ssmysurjya: would appear to be answered here http://setupguides.blogspot.com/2009/11/touchscreen.html03:17
surjyais there any IRC channel?03:18
surjyafor UNR?03:18
ssmysurjya: mostly just here, UNR is really just ubuntu with a slightly different setup03:18
surjyabut if its netbook version there should be touchscreen driver03:19
brjannkinja-sheep: gedit can't actually read from pipes anymore03:19
surjyahow somebody can imagine netbooks without touchscreen?03:20
fivetwentysixMy internet stopped working, it's connected through a wire to a router, nothing has changed since yesterday as far as I know, it just doesn't work anymore. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue?03:20
Lenin_Catsudo dpkg --configure -a isnt working03:20
kinja-sheepbrjann: Just tried it. It worked. I remember it now though. :)03:21
brjannkinja-sheep: really? what did you do? there's a long-standing bug in launchpad re: gedit's inability to read from pipes03:21
Nolan3Hey, I just installed Ubuntu, but now it's not letting be boot into windows. It shows the Windows selection, but when I try to select it it just Gives me a blinking _03:22
Nolan3And suggestions?03:22
kinja-sheepbrjann: grep or whatever (to get a list of files) | xargs gedit03:22
dsnydersHi all, is there a grep expression for excluding lines?03:22
=== Nolan3 is now known as Nolan2
brjannkinja-sheep: oh, you just wanted to open the files? i'm sorry, i thought you wanted to edit the list itself :)03:23
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Lenin_Catsudo dpkg --configure -a isnt working, something is failing to configure03:23
jburgesNolan2: odd, I've never had any problems, how did you install it? livecd or wubi?03:23
brjanndsnyders: grep -v 'pattern' will exclude all lines matching pattern03:23
Nolan2John you ass. -.-03:23
dsnydersbrjann, Thanks.03:23
tomatoes7__hallelujah i'm a bum03:24
GeekSquidsurjya: xserver-xorg-input-evtouch  is the most common touchscreen driver .. other than that I cannot help03:25
airtonixtrying to run this python script for notification daemon, ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationDevelopmentGuidelines?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=summary-body.py ) but it gives me an error that : http://pastebin.com/7TcEzThp03:25
GeekSquidsurjya: it will be available in synaptic package manager03:25
surjyalet me check03:25
Lenin_Catsudo dpkg --configure -a isnt working, something is failing to configure03:26
alex702where is xorg.conf in ubuntu 10.4?03:26
GeekSquidLenin_Cat: it is sudo dpkg-reconfigure03:26
GeekSquid!lucid | alex70203:26
kinja-sheepalex702: #ubuntu+103:26
ubottualex702: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+103:26
Nolan2So, can anyone help me out?03:26
Lenin_CatGeekSquid, /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: pgf is broken or not fully installed03:27
alex702where can i find xorg.conf ?03:27
alex702its not in etc/X11/03:27
kinja-sheepalex702: /join #ubuntu+103:27
alex702thanks guys but i couldnt find it in 9.10 either03:28
fivetwentysixMy internet stopped working, it's connected through a wire to a router, nothing has changed since yesterday as far as I know, it just doesn't work as of today. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue? Connecting through a ethernet controller. Running Karmic (9.10)03:28
Lenin_Catwhy do users use unstable verisons of ubuntu as stable ones03:28
brjannfivetwentysix: I'm assuming you've verified that it's not your ISP? :)03:28
GeekSquidalex702: it isn't there XrandR takes care of everything in most cases ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xorg.conf03:29
fivetwentysixbrjann: Yes, I'm connected to the same router on a mac book pro.03:29
kinja-sheepLenin_Cat: Because stable machines freed up 90% of their times and they wish to avoid doing something productive.03:29
fivetwentysixbrjann: However I'm through wireless. I will test now to see if it works with a wire.03:29
pheonixwhat does shift control alt f4 do?03:29
brjannfivetwentysix: good idea03:29
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware03:29
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:29
johnHi group  I got the montor working just fine I just updated to 9.10 but how does one load up drivers for a web Cam03:29
MulevadWhat does ActionParsnip mean by !ati | mulevad03:29
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing03:30
kinja-sheepMulevad: ActionParsnip provide you information about !ati (for ubottu).03:30
kinja-sheep!ati | Mulevad03:30
ubottuMulevad: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:30
richlyninstalled tor and enabled ...got error "proxy server refusing connections"03:30
fivetwentysix_brjann: sorry accidently tripped my wire03:31
GeekSquidpheonix: not mapped to anything but because Ctrl-Alt-F4 will drop you to a virtual terminal scaf4 will do the same thing .... normally you wouldn't map all 3 modifier keys03:31
fivetwentysix_brjann: everything works03:31
fivetwentysix_brjann: nothing wrong with the router03:31
brjannfivetwentysix_: great, glad to hear it :)03:31
fivetwentysix_brjann: So what's wrong with ubuntu?03:31
binMonkeyhi, guys.  google chrome unstable and beta have been stallling on me the last couple of days.  i finally looked at htop and realized that old sessions hadn't closed.  could that be the reason new sessions are stalling?  chrome is installed in /opt if it makes any difference.03:31
fivetwentysix_brjann: The network manager icon just keeps spinning but does nothing, can even go on for hours.03:32
brjannfivetwentysix_: does that machine just have one network card?03:32
Mulevadthanks ubottu - I'm off to binarydriverhowto land...03:32
fivetwentysix_brjann: yes.03:33
brjannfivetwentysix_: okay. are you familiar with the command line?03:33
fivetwentysix_brjann: Where is the log file for network activity located?03:33
fivetwentysix_brjann: Sort-of.03:33
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Hennkisi have problems with network03:34
brjannfivetwentysix: there isn't a log file for networking exactly; most of the messages would end up in syslog03:34
Hennkisit doesnt work03:34
brjannfivetwentysix: /var/log/syslog i mean03:34
Gamrokguys what is the xforcevesa command03:34
GeekSquid!work | Hennkis03:34
ubottuHennkis: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:34
Hennkisi cant connect my laptop to internet03:34
surjyai checked for this "xserver-xorg-input-evtouch" . its not there03:34
Hennkisi have static03:34
brjannfivetwentysix: open up a terminal window and    ifconfig03:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: yeah i know03:35
GeekSquid!enter | Hennkis03:35
ubottuHennkis: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay03:35
Hennkisbut i cant open any page from internet03:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: returns two controllers, eth0 + lo03:35
brjannfivetwentysix: would you mind pastebinning the output of ifconfig for me?03:35
GeekSquidHennkis: if you set a static IP you need to provide a DNS server or you won't have internet ...03:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: how I don't have network access lol03:35
brjannfivetwentysix: ha! good point o_O sorry03:36
GeekSquid!hi |rinah03:36
ubotturinah: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:36
rinahhow are you?03:36
fivetwentysixbrjann: err key points, eth0 says UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST03:36
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, does eth0 have anything listed next to inet addr: ?03:36
Hennkisdns?? i am new on this, letme see03:36
GeekSquid!chat | rinah03:36
ubotturinah: The Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete03:36
GeekSquid!support | rinah03:36
ubotturinah: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org03:36
fivetwentysixbrjann: yeah it says inet6 addr: fe80::211... Spoke:Link03:37
rinahfrom where you?03:37
Gamrokguys what is the xforcevesa command03:37
fivetwentysixerr Scope*03:37
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, so just an inet6 address? nothing with just inet?03:37
fivetwentysixbrjann: Also there a /64 at the end just before Scope, but this machine is i38603:37
GeekSquidrinah: this is not a chat channel this is a support channel, not for idle chat, please find another, more appropriate channel03:38
brjannfivetwentysix: that's fine, that /64 is just a subnet mask, not related to your CPU03:38
fivetwentysixbrjann: nothing with inet, this is probably because it's not connected to the network, it's trying to connect but does nothing.03:38
rinah where you now geeksquid?03:38
brjannfivetwentysix: right, that's what I wanted to verify.03:39
GeekSquid!troll | rinah03:39
ubotturinah: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel03:39
GeekSquidyou have been warned03:39
fivetwentysixbrjann: I'm looking at the syslog, it says something like Stage 4 of 5 (IP6 configure Get) but i noticed there's no stage 503:39
rinahwhat is your nationality?03:39
Madpilotrinah, if you just want to chat, join #ubuntu-offtopic03:39
GeekSquid!ops | rinah Troll or just plain idoit03:40
ubotturinah Troll or just plain idoit: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:40
airtonixi'm getting an error of : "org.freedesktop.Notifications was not provided by any .service files" when i try to use that dbus service to print notifications to the screen... i have notification-daemon installed...03:40
brjannfivetwentysix: and it's listing eth0 in the Stage messages, yes?03:40
rinahhow? i dont know yet, its my 1st time.03:40
GeekSquid!guidelines | rinah03:41
ubotturinah: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:41
MadpilotGeekSquid, it's OK03:41
fivetwentysixbrjann: yeah, and states it's complete. but doesn't start stage 5 of 5. I'm guessing there's no stage 5 of 5 because I searched my whole log for it to find nothing.03:41
crankharderwhat's the cmd to see the current version of ubuntu i have installed?03:41
Madpilotrinah, type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" without the " around it03:41
Madpilotcrankharder, "lsb_release -a" in terminal03:41
brjannfivetwentysix: yes, stage 5 is finalizing the network connection, which clearly isn't happening03:41
fivetwentysixbrjann: Well it should display like on yesterdays log because it was working yesterday.03:42
IdleOneGeekSquid: you may want to take a look at the guidelines also and the !coc. I am sure that it says something about not calling people idiots03:42
brjannfivetwentysix: yesterday's log has probably been rotated; those are the .1, .2.gz, ... etc files03:42
fivetwentysixbrjann: Was there any new updates that have occurred like a kernel update in the past few days, perhaps the user updated the machine and something broke.03:42
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brjannfivetwentysix: no, i don't recall anything in the last few days besides a sudo security update03:43
aggroI'm wondering if someone can shed some light on why I can't boot into my usb installer. I did it yesterday, but instead of booting to usb, I guess it couldn't find it and went to network install and errored out. I got a proper usb stick today (was using an sd card with adapter yesterday) and now it says boot loader not found03:43
brjannfivetwentysix: try this: sudo service network-manager stop03:43
brjannfivetwentysix: then sudo service networking restart03:44
ArsinHey I forgot how to install a program using the "Make" feature can anyone guide me?03:44
crankharderwhere does upstart keep its job definitions in 9.10?03:44
GeekSquidArsin: what are you trying to install?03:45
crankharderi *think* they were kept in /etc/event.d in 8.10, but that's changed... maybe?03:45
ArsinGeekSquid: Avira03:45
brjann!checkinstall | Arsin03:45
ubottuArsin: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!03:45
oso3000i installed wine, then winetricks... now all my firefox fonts are broken, they look awful... i tried uninstalling "ms core fonts", but they're still broken... what should i do ??03:46
Arsinmake: *** [avira-guard-applet] Error 1-- is what I get when I "sudo make install"03:46
DaZArsin: lack of permissions maybe?03:47
DaZaw, nevermind03:47
ArsinThere is a "make" file in there03:47
KamokowShould I use FAT32 on a 1TB external drive, or should i use NTFS. I was thinking FAT32 is more compatable, but also NTFS has better support for larger drives :-/03:47
ArsinI did,     make clean, make, make install03:47
oso3000Kamokow, ntfs works great with the new driver03:48
oso3000i installed wine, then winetricks... now all my firefox fonts are broken, they look awful... i tried uninstalling "ms core fonts", but they're still broken... what should i do  ??03:48
ArsinOh I;m getting that error when I run "make"03:48
Kamokowoso3000: Okay, thanks, I just have had problems with NTFS before, thought I would ask what anyone else thought.03:48
hvtuananhntfs is working fine now :)03:48
brjannArsin: sounds like a compilation problem, which is really beyond the scope of #ubuntu support03:49
thecarlhallI have something that is hanging my machine at shutdown.  Is there a way on restart to get the contents shown in the shutdown console?03:49
GeekSquidArsin: I am not sure what you would need that for, linux is pretty virus free, I don't know why anyone would pay for virus software for linux... nextly, what brjann just said is true03:49
hvtuananhi don't use fat/fat32 anymore (except my thumb drv)03:49
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »03:49
fivetwentysixbrjann: hey sorry got disconnected03:49
brjannfivetwentysix: no problem03:49
fivetwentysixbrjann: everything after my last message i didn't see.03:50
brjannfivetwentysix: okay. try     sudo service network-manager stop     and then    sudo service networking restart03:50
ArsinGeekSquid: Ya I never have used an anti-virus but a torrent I DL'ed according to the tracker message says "Its a virus" but the file works fine so I'd like to figure out what's going on with that.03:50
airtonixi'm getting an error of : "org.freedesktop.Notifications was not provided by any .service files" when i try to use that dbus service via python to print notifications to the screen... i have notification-daemon installed...03:51
GeekSquidArsin: use clam-av ... it is available in the repositories ... it is compiled and it is free03:51
brjann!info clamtk | Arsin03:51
ubottuArsin: clamtk (source: clamtk): graphical front-end for ClamAV. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.15-1 (karmic), package size 123 kB, installed size 684 kB03:51
ArsinYa I guess, I just trust Avira more than I do Clam03:52
dsnydersHas anybody gotten kpovmodeler working in 9.04?03:52
GeekSquidty brjann03:52
brjannGeekSquid: np :)03:53
oso3000i installed wine, then winetricks... now all my firefox fonts are broken, they look awful... i tried uninstalling "ms core fonts", but they're still broken... what should i do ??03:53
brjannfivetwentysix: the internet does not like you tonight :)03:53
surjyawhile installing xserver-xorg-input-evtouch on command line its showing error as package not found03:53
fivetwentysixbrjann: actually some kind of hardware issue with my macbookpro03:53
fivetwentysixbrjann: really annoying03:53
fivetwentysixbrjann: So did you have any further instructions?03:54
surjyado i need to add any repository for this?03:54
brjannfivetwentysix: i can imagine. yes i did: try   sudo service network-manager stop    and then   sudo service networking restart03:54
fivetwentysixbrjann: sudo service network-manager restarrt?03:54
brjannfivetwentysix: no, first   sudo service network-manager stop03:55
aggroi'm trying to boot into the ubuntu installer using a usb stick. i keep getting the error message bootmgr is missing. the only fix i see is to use a windows install dvd, but my drive is not currently working. any ideas?03:55
GeekSquidsurjya: it is in the universe repository ... go to software sources, repoistories, and check universe and reload apt cache03:55
brjannfivetwentysix: then    sudo service networking restart03:55
fivetwentysixbrjann: unknown instance03:55
brjannfivetwentysix: this is karmic, right?03:55
fivetwentysixbrjann: yes03:55
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anom01yHi I have ubuntu 9.10, when I do apt-get update it gets to 92% then gives me a input/output error03:56
brjannfivetwentysix: sudo service --status-all 2>&1 | grep -i network03:56
fivetwentysixi did --status-list, there is indeed networking below network-manager but they have a ? in front of them03:56
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, that's normal, mine shows that too. nevermind the grep command above then03:56
brjannfivetwentysix: sudo service network-manager status03:57
fivetwentysixbrjann: stop/waiting03:57
Jordan_Uaggro, How did you try to get the Ubuntu installer onto the usb stick? "bootmgr missing" is a windows error so I don't understand what that has to do with installing Ubuntu from a flash drive.03:57
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, then sudo service networking restart03:57
fivetwentysixbrjann: restart: Unknown instance:03:58
fivetwentysixbrjann: says nothing after Unknown instance:03:58
ArsinHow can I get Clam-AV to open up?03:58
aggroJordan_U, I am using UNetbootin to create the installer onto the usb drive.03:58
brjannfivetwentysix: odd. okay then, sudo service networking start03:58
fivetwentysixbrjann: networking: stop/waiting03:58
fivetwentysixbrjann: perhaps i need to start networking manager first?03:59
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, now look at the end of your syslog and see if there's anything new related to networking, eth0, etc03:59
GeekSquidArsin: instructions here http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-clam-antivirus-with-gtk-frontend-gui.html03:59
Jordan_Uaggro, Are you sure that you are booting from the USB drive when you get that error?03:59
brjannfivetwentysix: no, network-manager isn't required for networking03:59
aggroJordan_U, yes, not only have I changed BIOS setting to looks for bootable USB sticks, I am also manually selecting that particular media to boot from using the "boot manager" (mac os term)04:00
fivetwentysixbrjann: nothing related to networking, or eth0, except the last line says kernel: [ 3771.417051 ] sky2 eth0: disabling interface04:00
fivetwentysixbrjann: this is 5 minutes ago though04:00
Ox83having rootstock issue: sudo project-rootstock/rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --notarball --imagesize 3G hangs at I: Extracting zlib1g...04:01
brjannfivetwentysix: okay... was that when you unplugged the cable?04:01
spiffythekidwhere is the universal crontab found in all distributions located?04:01
fivetwentysixbrjann: when I typed network-manager stop i think04:01
Ox83anyone else playing with rootstock on karmic have same issue?04:01
aggroJordan_U, I got it, looks like it didn't like the USB key being in NTFS format. Changed it to FAT32 and now it is indeed booting. thanks for your replies :)04:02
Jordan_Uaggro, You're welcome :)04:02
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GeekSquidspiffythekid: I wouldn't say all distro's but /etc/crontab is the default for ubuntu04:02
brjannfivetwentysix: okay. lemme think for a sec04:02
dreanybody want to help with getting my wireless going?04:02
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay04:03
brjannfivetwentysix: do you have anything in the file /etc/networking/interfaces ?04:03
brjannfivetwentysix: sorry, /etc/network/interfaces04:03
otishey ultimate edition corrupted my images how do i fix this04:03
fivetwentysixbrjann: auto lo\ni face lo inet loopback04:04
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, good04:04
fivetwentysixbrjann: \n = newline, just incase04:04
drenetwork manager says device not ready.  its a pcmcia dwl65004:04
spiffythekidGeekSquid: you're saying it's just a file within /etc/ not within /ect/cron.daily/ or something like that?04:05
brjannfivetwentysix: got it :) okay, well, let's try another approach. sudo service network-manager start04:05
fivetwentysixbrjann: started.04:05
brjannfivetwentysix: now check syslog, see if it's trying to start up04:05
GeekSquidspiffythekid: on my system /etc/crontab is a file which I haven't touched , so yes but more info follows04:06
brjannfivetwentysix: it may also be writing to daemon.log if there's nothing there04:06
otisltimate edition corrupted my images how do i fix this04:06
fivetwentysixbrjann: Like before completes stage 4, no word of stage 5, doesn't even schedule it.04:06
GeekSquid!crontab | spiffythekid04:06
ubottuspiffythekid: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm04:06
bugalooguys, I'm using a laptop HP dv2000 and my sound card uses snd_hda_intel module. I'm trying to change some confs on alsa using the model parameter on modprobe (like "modprobe snd_hda_intel model=laptop-hp") trying to fix a sound problem. How can I be sure that the "model" parameter is making any difference?04:06
otisultimate edition corrupted my images how do i fix this04:06
anom01ylsemple@TRP:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a   output-->    dpkg: failed in buffer_read(fd): copy info file `/var/lib/dpkg/status': Input/output error04:06
Ox83otis: if someone knows and has time/interest they will help. spamming wont help.04:07
fivetwentysixbrjann: the last 2 lines however are: avahi-daemon registering new address record for [mac address] on eth004:07
b2p1mpIm looking for something like vmware for ubuntu...can someone name a good one free one please?04:07
fivetwentysixbrjann: and kernel etho0: no IPv6 routers present.04:07
surjyai can see the xserver-xorg-input-* all modules in synaptic package manager except for evtouch.....04:07
Figaro11okay so I installed Ubuntu using wubi installer and I couldn't ever connect to the internet because of a driver issue with my PCI wireless card04:07
rwwb2p1mp: Virtualbox04:07
surjyahow can i install it?04:07
bugaloob2p1mp, I know people like to use Xen, but I never got to use it04:07
b2p1mprww ty04:07
GeekSquidb2p1mp: vmware is available as is virtualbox as is KVM ,04:07
brjannfivetwentysix: anything interesting at the end of kern.log?04:07
b2p1mpkvm, Xen, virtual box ok04:08
GeekSquidsurjya: did you add the universe repository and apt-get update?04:08
surjyacan i please know the command for adding universe repository?04:09
otiscan any 1 help me04:09
anom01yanyone know why I can't apt-get update, or apt-get remove anything (I get an input / output error) ... ?04:09
paulo0 0 * * * find /home/paulo/.thumbnails/normal /home/paulo/.thumbnails/fail/gnome-thumbnail-factory -type f -exec rm {} \; # JOB_ID_1 ... Is this crontab entry secure? I've had many problems with rm command in the past, today I'm afraid of it. =|04:09
GeekSquid!anyone | otis04:09
ubottuotis: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:09
fivetwentysixbrjann: sky2 eth0: enabling interface \n ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready \n sky2 eth0: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex, flow control both \n ADDR(NETDEV_CHANGE) eth0 : link becomes ready \n eth0: no IPv6 routers present04:09
otisltimate edition corrupted my images how do i fix this04:10
brjannfivetwentysix: hm. "link is not ready" usually means the cable's not plugged in04:10
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fivetwentysixbrjann: the lights are flashing and everything04:11
brjannfivetwentysix: didn't have a thunderstorm last night, did you?04:11
GeekSquidsurjya: not a command .. open Synaptic Package Manager ... click settings>repositories>   make sure the first 4 checkboxes are checked .. then close the repositories window and click reload in synaptic, then search again04:12
fivetwentysixbrjann: if the wire works when i plug it into my mac book pro, there are no lights on the router wire slots but they flash on the pc's ethernet device04:12
fivetwentysixbrjann: Also ubuntu recognizes when i unplug the wire04:13
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, scratch that off the list then :)04:13
fivetwentysixbrjann: i just unplugged it and it said wire disconnected04:13
fivetwentysixbrjann: Any ideas?04:13
brjannfivetwentysix: thinking and researching some more :)04:14
fivetwentysixbrjann: I think it's got to be some kind of update that broke my network04:14
Wubuntui'm using Karmic and have a Microdia TwinkleCam USB camera that i can't seem to get to operate. Can anyone assist me with this problem?04:14
pangolin_rollingps on ttyUSB0 shows data but does recognize in gpsdrive. anyone know the solution? thanks04:14
GeekSquidfivetwentysix: with the wire plugged in ... open a terminal and ping .. see if you get a response from the server04:14
fivetwentysixbrjann: Network is unreachable!04:14
fivetwentysixbrjann: lol04:14
brjannfivetwentysix: you can check that in synaptic, under File > History. it'll show you what packages have been installed and when04:14
fivetwentysixbrjann: guess not, last entry was on the 18th of feb04:15
brjannfivetwentysix: alright. let's try something else04:16
brjannfivetwentysix: what's the IP of the laptop you're on now? probably 192.168.x.x04:16
wfelipehi, how can I change the routing table in Linux? in order to decide which gateway should I use based on the source address04:16
fivetwentysixbrjann: you want me to ping it right, but theres no connection to the network from ubuntu to the router04:17
brjannbrjann: now, that wasn't me :)04:17
brjannfivetwentysix: whoops, talking to myself. no, that wasn't me :)04:17
jazusa03is this channel for internet related problems only? sry im kind of new to this04:17
brjannfivetwentysix: alright, let's try giving your problem computer a static ip04:17
fivetwentysixbrjann: ok04:18
otisultimate edition corrupted my images how do i fix this04:18
fivetwentysixbrjann: How-to? I actually always wanted to know how to do this.04:18
brjannfivetwentysix: sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up04:18
brjannfivetwentysix: this is a temporary assignment, it wouldn't last across reboots04:18
Jon-I am having an issue with an HP F4180 printer, accessing through an SAMBA share from a Windows2000 PC using karmic. Issue: The HP F4100 series driver only causes my printer to spin-up and not actually print when sending a job [probably due to the job not being sent properly and the printer rejecting it]. Any ideas? Please help. Thank you.04:19
pangolin_rollinfixing fprint reader??? fingerprint reader shows in device list but fprint demo doesn't recognize. fingerprint gui shows device but doesn't accept data?04:19
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay did that followed by service network-manager restart04:19
brjannfivetwentysix: no, we're trying without network-manager now ;)04:20
rwwotis: Ultimate Edition isn't a supported Ubuntu derivative, you'd have to ask them about it.04:20
fivetwentysixbrjann: stop networking manager?04:20
brjannfivetwentysix: network-manager will try and assume control of the device04:20
brjannfivetwentysix: mhm, sudo service network-manager stop04:20
brjannfivetwentysix: then again: sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up04:21
fivetwentysixavahi registers aedddress record for on eth0.IPv404:21
fivetwentysixbrjann: link becomes ready04:21
brjannfivetwentysix: fantastic. now ping
fivetwentysixbrjann: then stops at no IPv6 routers present04:22
ryanpriorWhat's a good way to get rid of lots of the useless fonts in Ubuntu?04:22
brjannfivetwentysix: that's fine, ipv4 is all we care about now04:22
fivetwentysixbrjann: bingo04:22
fivetwentysixbrjann: can ping04:22
Jon-See previous comment : is this purely a driver issue, or can I do something about this?04:22
chdI get this error when I try to play music in rhythmbox The playback of this movie requires a MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) decoder plugin which is not installed.04:22
otishow do i fix corrupt  images04:22
brjannfivetwentysix: alright. your problem is clearly not hardware related -- it seems like network-manager is failing to get a dynamic IP from your router04:22
jazusa03I'm having trouble getting Compiz Fusion and Emerald to work properly, Emerald will theme the outside of the window, but the inside (text/window background/scrollbars ect) is still the same as the original GTK theme, I have ran both by Terminal and they don't display any errors, any advice?04:23
fivetwentysixbrjann: yup04:23
=== Guest11795 is now known as isp
brjannfivetwentysix: do you have any sort of limitations enabled on what mac addresses are allowed to get IPs from the router or anything like that?04:23
crdlbjazusa03: that is perfectly normal04:23
=== arleslie is now known as arleslie|away
rwwubottu: emerald | jazusa0304:23
ubottujazusa03: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.04:23
fivetwentysixbrjann: it's a linksys wireless router04:24
fivetwentysixbrjann: and i don't think so, i think this is a client side issue because it works with my macbook pro04:24
otishow do i fix corrupt images04:24
jazusa03I guess i will search for an alternative to Emerald then04:25
Jon-fivetwentysix: Have you tried restarting the router/renewing the DHCP record on the router?04:25
pangolin_rollinanyone see this message?04:25
DJ_HaMsTawhy does ubuntu not shut down the monitors backlight after being idle ?04:25
DJ_HaMsTait shuts down the panel or makes everything black but the backlight is still on04:25
crdlbjazusa03: regardless of the decorator you use, the contents of your apps will look the same04:26
fivetwentysixJon- yeah04:26
kinja-sheepDJ_HaMsTa: Your mileage may vary. It works fine for me. My monitor goes to standby mode.04:26
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, since we've been mucking with services and IPs and such, would you reboot your problem computer so we can start fresh looking at network-manager specifically?04:26
fivetwentysixbrjann: btw i don't have internet access on ubuntu, however i can connect to the router admin page04:26
brjannfivetwentysix: right, that's because we didn't set up DNS, just IP04:27
fivetwentysixbrjann: alright rebooting04:27
DJ_HaMsTakinja-sheep, what is this your mileage may vary analogy ?04:27
=== student is now known as andruk
brjannfivetwentysix: let me know when you're ready to go04:27
kinja-sheepDJ_HaMsTa: Meaning not everything will works for everybody because of different machines.04:27
brjannfivetwentysix: meanwhile, afk two minutes :)04:28
fivetwentysixbrjann:  ready04:28
DJ_HaMsTagot it04:28
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay ill go for a smoke04:28
DJ_HaMsTahow can i fix it? lol04:28
slimjimflimanybody know how to watch veoh w/o wine?04:28
kinja-sheepDJ_HaMsTa: I imagine you should try configuring few things.  I used to have a launcher that will push me into standby immediately (rather than idling). I'm trying to find it.04:28
andrukrsync seems to be transferring the entirety of each file im trying to transfer, instead of transferring the deltas.  is this normal?04:29
DJ_HaMsTathank you04:29
Jon-chd: Google is your friend. Try: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-rhythmbox-not-playing-mp3-in-ubuntu-karmic.html   or   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras   in terminal should also do the trick.04:29
Jon-Still having an issue with an HP F4180 printer, accessing through an SAMBA share from a Windows2000 PC using karmic. Issue: The HP F4100 series driver only causes my printer to spin-up and not actually print when sending a job [probably due to the job not being sent properly and the printer rejecting it]. Any ideas/anything I can do, or is this just compatibility fail? Please help. Thank you.04:29
FloodBot2Jon-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
chdJon-, I've sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras to no avail04:30
chdJon-, I'll check out your link, thanky ou04:30
brjann!google > Jon-04:31
ubottuJon-, please see my private message04:31
slimjimflimhow to veoh?????04:31
kinja-sheepDJ_HaMsTa: Try "xset dpms force off" but that should get same result for you though.04:31
ryanrhee90hi all. I have a server install of ubuntu that's been so hacked that i really just want to start over. the thing is, it's a dedicated server and i don't have physical access to it. Getting an IP-KVM would cost money. I basically want to re-install the OS without killing the OS. (I.e. just removing all apps and reverting everything back to 'factory settings' without having to remove the OS.) How can I accomplish this?04:31
Kristopher1Hey so I had ubuntu karmic installed, and then went ahead with installing windows7 on another harddisk. I am in a livecd right now, how do I restore my grub2 (giving it windows options as well)04:31
kinja-sheepDJ_HaMsTa: Perhaps "xset dpms force off && sleep 3" and don't touch anything for short. You get black screen.04:31
Jon-chd: If you have further issue PM me04:32
DJ_HaMsTabe back in 4 mins lol04:32
ryanrhee90Kristopher1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:32
rwwKristopher1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD04:32
Kristopher1thanks ryanrhee90, rww04:33
gantrixxDid Ubuntu just upgrade to Thunderbird 3?04:33
brjannfivetwentysix: back when you are04:33
fivetwentysixbrjann: back04:33
kinja-sheepgantrixx: I don't think so. In Lucid, it will. Also, if it is not, use mozilla's daily ppa for that one.04:34
fivetwentysixbrjann: by the way, thank you so much for your support so far, really appreciate it04:34
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/04:34
brjannfivetwentysix: alright. right click on the (still spinning?) network manager icon and go to Edit Connections04:34
brjannfivetwentysix: not a problem :)04:34
gantrixxMy TB2 has gone away04:34
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay04:34
gantrixxand TB3 is here now04:34
fivetwentysixbrjann: add new connection right?04:34
brjannfivetwentysix: you should be on the Wired tab; is there anything there already?04:34
fivetwentysixbrjann: auto ethernet only04:35
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, that's hopefully the one that used to work. click that and click edit...04:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: no i deleted the one that used to work but it didnt have any special settings in it anyways04:35
demonsporkI have a 5.1 speaker setup with Ubuntu 9.10. VLC media player doesn't allow me to hear voices no matter what I use, it doesn't output that to any of the speaker channels04:35
ryanrhee90anyone? resetting ubuntu to original settings without killing the OS? :(04:35
fivetwentysixbrjann: okay so i clicked edit04:36
brjannfivetwentysix: ah, okay. so we're editing the only one that was left now, right?04:36
fivetwentysixbrjann: yes04:36
pangolin_rollingps shows data under # cat /dev/ttyUSB0 but does not show up in gpsdrive!!?? reasons?04:36
brjannfivetwentysix: okay. we'll go through the tabs one by one based on what mine currently says :)04:36
slimjimflimanybody ever figured out how to watch flash movies on veoh.com without resorting to wine?04:36
GeekSquidryanrhee90: that would be possible, what part is hacked ... the os or the server datum, also what was it serving04:36
mbrigdanAnyone know of a music player similar to Amarok 1.4? Amarok2 is crippled, and I can't stand using it.04:36
brjannfivetwentysix: connect automatically checked, mac is whatever, mtu automatic, available to all users checked04:37
kinja-sheepryanrhee90: A such thing really does exist? I would imagine it is not. (at least not entirely).04:37
fivetwentysixbrjann: next04:37
slimjimflimmbrigdan: vlc and kmplayer are nice04:37
fivetwentysixbrjann: 802.1x security04:37
ryanrhee90GeekSquid, the server is doing a bunch of stuff - DNS, OpenVPN, Apache, mail+imap, LAMP, etc, etc.04:37
brjannfivetwentysix: you may want to open up a terminal, run ifconfig, and make sure the mac address displayed matched the HWaddr for eth004:37
pangolin_rollintesting.. anyone see this message?04:38
Jon-mbrigdan: VLC is my favourite, but it lacks some big library + music killer support. Sort of a "just works" media player that has slowly added on features like that.04:38
fivetwentysixbrjann: done04:38
brjannfivetwentysix: okay. 802.1x security unchecked04:38
fivetwentysixbrjann: IPv4 settings04:38
brjannfivetwentysix: method: automatic04:39
mbrigdanJon-, VLC is one of my favourite media players too (all my video), but it doesn't have anything in terms of managing my music library, or transferring songs to devices04:39
RfooTfoocan someone help me locate my .htaccess file that is active? I need to change the password and I cant locate it! lol04:39
GeekSquidryanrhee90: I'd start by backing up everything ... .. Is this a LTS version?04:39
fivetwentysixbrjann: i thought we want to set an ip?04:39
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: the OS actually came with a custom kernel. i didn't realize this until i noticed that openvpn wouldn't load any kernel modules. I changed the kernel to the LTS. Basically, this was my first time using Ubuntu so everything on here isn't quite right. Now that I kind of know my way around, Yes, it is an LTS version04:39
brjannfivetwentysix: we can, after we've verified the settings and tried dhcp again04:39
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: Also, everything has already been backed up.04:39
fivetwentysixbrjann: still doent work04:39
brjannfivetwentysix: we're not there yet :)04:39
brjannfivetwentysix: go back into editing that connection, on the ipv4 tab04:40
mbrigdanslimjimflim, both of those are nice, but not quite what I'm going for. I'm looking for more an iTunes replacement, which Amarok 1.4 did quite well04:40
fivetwentysixbrjann: and?04:40
brjannfivetwentysix: click the routes button at the bottom and ensure that it's empty and the two boxes are unchecked04:40
fivetwentysixbrjann: yup04:41
brjannfivetwentysix: okay, onto the ipv6 tab. should be method: ignore04:41
GeekSquidryanrhee90: I'd wait until the middle of April ... the next LTS is coming out ... everything would be updated, .. then you'd prolly have some fixing to do, but it would be a far cry from a in place reinstallation04:41
harisundI have installed karmic-server, and I have setup my eth0 to be static. Yet, in my /var/log/syslog I keep seeing messages CONSTANTLY of eth1 trying to acquire an IP through DHCP from my router (and acquiring too) .. Why does it happen?04:41
fivetwentysixbrjann: yup04:41
brjannfivetwentysix: alright, click apply.04:42
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: Alright, that sounds fine. However, when I upgrade this coming april, wouldn't I still need to ... 'wipe everything down'? (remove everything & start over)?04:42
fivetwentysixbrjann: still not working04:42
brjannfivetwentysix: bummer. alright, static ip then04:42
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/04:42
fivetwentysixbrjann: ok04:42
brjannfivetwentysix: back to the ipv4 tab04:42
Iron_Mani need some assistance04:42
Iron_Manlinux newbie04:42
arand!ask | Iron_Man04:43
ubottuIron_Man: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:43
Iron_Manmy laptop battery is not charging for some reason04:43
brjannfivetwentysix: method: manual. click add, insert an address like, netmask, and gateway (i'm assuming that's your router's IP)04:43
Iron_Mani found a package on that will help me make it work again04:44
jmqnoob question. How would I download a zip file from some url in the console?04:44
Iron_Manbut the file is on .ISO04:44
Iron_Manhow do i use an .ISO file04:44
brjannfivetwentysix: for DNS, if your router can act as a DNS server, put its ip; otherwise, you can use google's public DNS service:
arandjmq: wget is one option04:44
GeekSquidryanrhee90: if you upgrade from LTS 8.04 to LTS 10.04, just about every file on the server is going to be replaced, except for your data, essentially cleaning it too, I;d change some passwords, clean up some SQL tables and get the latest DNS data, but other than that, I think you'd be good to go04:44
dsnydersHas anybody gotten kpovmodeler working in 9.04?04:45
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: so when i upgrade to the next LTS, what would happen to the config files?04:45
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
fivetwentysixbrjann: google has a dns service?04:45
arandIron_Man: you should be able to right-click, open with, archive mounter.04:45
brjannfivetwentysix: yep, since december04:45
fivetwentysixbrjann: wow, is it me or does it even perform faster than my isp's dns server04:46
brjannfivetwentysix: search domains you can leave blank04:46
fivetwentysixbrjann:  itworks btw04:46
brjannfivetwentysix: probably not you, ISP DNSes are notoriously bad ;)04:46
brjannfivetwentysix: great! i have no idea what's wrong with DHCP unfortunately04:46
islingtonwhere does amarok save its podcasts?04:47
GeekSquidryanrhee90: that is what you have to make sure to backup .. some would be replaced, others appended, but you would still have a working environment from which to reconfigure everything04:47
brjannfivetwentysix: but if you're happy with static, i'm happy04:47
Iron_Manarand, i will try it now, hold on a sec04:47
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: i'd actually want ALL my config files deleted, if possible. that's essentially what i'm going for here :)04:47
NotTooSmartls -lh /crypt/files; read sent over ssh returns: command not found, any ideas. I was told ; read stops the window from closing so the command shold stat the dir but it doesn't04:47
pangolin_rollingps shows device input under # cat /dev/ttyUSB0 but doesn't show up when running gpsdrive?? reasons?04:48
Iron_ManArand, i did it , but how do i use it now04:48
arandIron_Man: what are the contents of it?04:48
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/  I've been helping a lot of people on here while waiting haha04:49
brjannfivetwentysix: it's possible someone in #gnome could help you troubleshoot networkmanager specifically, since it's a gnome project now, if you're interested04:49
Iron_Manit has a bunch of folders04:49
GeekSquidryanrhee90: define config files ... /etc/resolv.conf is a config file, but you'd never want to change it - if you did you would loose networking, same for /etc/network/interfaces ... get my point ...04:49
Iron_Maneither way it seems that would not fix my issue04:49
Iron_Manmy battery keeps showing a message that is discharging04:50
Iron_Manbut i just bought that battery like a month ago04:50
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: oh yeah, haha, sorry. i meant application config files - as in httpd.conf, or php.ini, etc, etc04:50
Iron_Manand i was looking for an application that will allow me to test my battery04:51
* pangolin_rollin Waves hello04:51
DJhey yall04:51
dsnydersHas anybody gotten kpovmodeler working in 9.04?04:52
fivetwentysixbrjann: that's okay, thank you so much04:52
brjannfivetwentysix: you're welcome :)04:52
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/04:53
pangolin_rollinanyone have gps experience?04:53
fivetwentysixbrjann: Hey would you know how to overwrite the boot loader for my pc at home, I want to install linux on it since i got 3 harddrives, 2 of which are empty, however it's a dell xps 9000 and I cant seem to be able to boot from cd :-(04:54
airtonix!enter | Iron_Man04:55
ubottuIron_Man: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:55
=== mod is now known as Guest58151
brjannfivetwentysix: and you can't reorder the boot devices in the BIOS setup?04:55
arandIron_Man: If you simply run "gnome-power-statistics" from the alt+F2 prompt you should et some battery info, provided they are detected correctly04:55
fivetwentysixbrjann: There is no bios setup04:55
gilbertthebrainCould someone tell me if Ubuntu is DEB or rpm based?04:56
MrPocketsmy nutty install went and changed a buncha stuff to crazy language in a crazy font04:56
GeekSquidryanrhee90: for httpd.conf blanking it would be fine, whereas deleting it would be a bad idea, as for php.ini it will be replaced by the next version of php4 or 5 ... apache is a server .. php is a set of libraries that allow for parsing of php data, I don't consider them applications, I consider the webapps that exist within the webroot the application and the infrastructure that allows that to be served is the LAMP stack ... follow?04:56
Jon-fivetwentysix: There is... no.. BIOS setup?04:57
brjannfivetwentysix: really? i've never seen a dell that didn't have a BIOS setup you could get to by wailing on F2 while the logo was onscreen04:57
airtonixgilbertthebrain, ubuntu is based on debian...04:57
rwwgilbertthebrain: deb04:57
brjannfivetwentysix: similarly i've always been able to get to a boot options prompt by hitting F1104:58
ryanrhee90hrm. okay. well web apps are independent, i can just remove their directory. I'm talking more like ... apache itself, for example. i'd rather just delete any trace of apache2 on my machine and re-install it using apt-get, cuz i'm almost certain i've hacked it to the point of no return. same with ... mysql. or... shorewall, bind9, etc etc04:58
sloopywhere is the /etc/rc.d dir hidden in 9.10?04:58
DarkSpiritWhich are the big Linux Oses?04:58
fivetwentysixbrjann: Well either it doesn't recognize my keyboard early enough for me to go into the bios menu or it just doesn't have one; I've tried rebooting hundreds of times.04:58
* pangolin_rollin waves04:59
fivetwentysixbrjann: razer arctosa keyboard04:59
brjannDarkSpirit: http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=major04:59
dsnyderssloopy, /etc/rc*04:59
brjannfivetwentysix: not familiar with it. i'd say you'd probably be better off finding a cheap keyboard to let you into the boot menu than trying to jack with your boot record so you can install linux :) however, you could also try wubi and install from windows05:00
sloopydsnyders, yes the 0-6 dir's are there but no rc.d05:00
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: hrm... for example, i'm guessing that "apt-get remove apache2" won't delete httpd.conf. if i do apt-get install apache2 after removing, i'm guessing that the configuration files will still be there. true?05:00
brjann!wubi | fivetwentysix05:00
ubottufivetwentysix: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.05:00
pangolin_rollinanyone have an extensive knowledge of either GPS or fingerprint readers? i need help with both05:00
dsnyderssloopy, there is no rc.d05:00
sloopydsnyders, so where to put stuff that usually goes in it?05:01
fivetwentysixbrjann: I don't want to install something where it doesn't give me full hardware support05:01
fivetwentysixbrjann: i rather just install it on a VM05:01
fivetwentysixbrjann: if that's the case05:01
Jon-ubottu: You guys still recommend Wubi? I remember like 3-4 months ago I was a Ubuntu green dude, installed with Wubi, worked great, week later, GRUB update, boot loader was SCREWED. What an oversight =/05:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:01
dsnyderssloopy, It's been a while.  What normally goes in rc.d05:02
fivetwentysixlol @ ubottu05:02
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/  Please, someone at least tell me it's only a compatibility issue so I can frown and move on haha05:02
fivetwentysix!lol | fivetwentysix05:02
ubottufivetwentysix, please see my private message05:02
Jon-I like talking to bots05:02
sloopydsnyders, yeah its been years since i have had to update my router... i dont play with the low level stuff anymore :'(05:02
GeekSquidryanrhee90: I don't believe in no return .. but anyway .. if you wanted to truly get rid of the lamp stack (for instance) sudo tasksel remove --purge lamp-server would really get rid of everything, then i'd be just a matter of reinstalling the lamp stack, ... your example is ok, however it doesn't get rid of the configs unless you do sudo apt-get remove --purge apache2 ... follow?05:02
duncanidaho1Why does DESKTOP DRAPES not startup when my computer restarts?  It is listed in my startup applications.  It is also set to do so in its preferences.05:02
ryanrhee90GeekSquid: Purge! okay. i'll do that. thanks! :)05:03
arandJon-: I have never used wubi nor do I think much of it, I would say if you have a choice, go with a dualboot instead.05:03
Jon-arand: After GRUB blew up on me I dual-booted. Seriously though, if Ubuntu is supposed to work for my Grandma and a simple recommended update blows up Wubi because of some mix up with GRUB... well, that just sucks.05:04
seanbrystonegood luck finding the perfect OS05:05
GeekSquidJon-: type /msg ubottu !gender ... you might get a kick out of that ... also http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi is ubottu's database for your enjoyment05:05
arandJon-: Bugs always suck, but there is little avoiding the neither, such is life.05:05
dsnyderssloopy, I think the stuff goes in the various rc*.d folders, and possibly the /etc/event.d folder.05:05
fivetwentysixbrjann: Can I install wubi and make it use a whole harddrive to itself to increase performance?05:05
linucksHi there, I am confused over this new grub.cnf, I need to add a kernel option however there seems to be no menu.lst file and the grub.cnf is only script. Can anyone help?05:05
Jon-arand: True, but when was the last time a Microsoft patches caused BSODs? Last patch date, yes, but that was from a rootkit not letting it modify a file, haha ^_^05:06
sloopydsnyders, only symlinks go into rc*.d05:06
arandlinucks: editing is done in /etc/default/grub05:06
brjannfivetwentysix: apparently yes, via LVPM. I've never used wubi or LVPM, though :) http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html05:06
dsnyderssloopy, so where do the symlinks point?05:06
Jon-arand: My point is Ubuntu really needs more stability before it's ready for the average user IMO, I'm not bashing, just saying, it's a power-user OS05:06
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/  Please, someone at least tell me it's only a compatibility issue so I can frown and move on haha05:07
arandlinucks: use "sudo update-grub" to propagate the to the actual grub.cfg05:07
sloopydsnyders, to files in /etc/init.d05:07
linucksarand: ok, where in /etc/default/grub do I add a kernel option? I am new to grub205:07
fivetwentysixDoes wubi work on Win 7 64bit ?05:07
sloopydsnyders, which are where the actual startup control scripts reside05:07
Jon-fivetwentysix: It worked with RC1 for me, so I assume it will for you as well. I'd really recommend dual-boot though.05:08
jrtaylorivWhy would I use Ubuntu firefox addons rather than just installing them directly through firefox?05:08
dsnyderssloopy, so I guess that's where your /etc/rc.d files are too.05:08
linucksarand: would it happen to be GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""?05:08
Jon-jrtayloriv: I think they are the same thing.05:08
axisyshow do I setup a user with autologin ? put ubuntu on my gf's laptop .. she prefers not to enter passwd during login.. it is secure.. no open port except ssh w/ limit and there is no inbound route to my home05:08
arandlinucks: kernel option? like "acpi=off" or "vga=868"? In that case it is at the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line (where there is already the quiet and splash options)05:09
jrtaylorivJon- Why does Ubuntu team maintain these packages then? Surely they wouldn't create a package for no reason ....05:09
Jon-axisys: System -> Administration -> Login screen [in there]05:09
fivetwentysixJon-: I'm having trouble booting from cd05:09
linucksarand: i8042.nomux=105:09
sloopydsnyders, nope, rc.d was for scripts for simple tasks that were started/stopped/etc by the scripts in /etc/init.d05:09
Jon-fivetwentysix: You the BIOS guy? Tap F2 when computer powers on set CD to boot before hard-drive in boot order05:09
Jon-Printer issue, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/386073/  Please, someone at least tell me it's only a compatibility issue so I can frown and move on haha05:10
arandlinucks: that would go in there yes (what I mentioned)05:10
fivetwentysixJon-: That's the whole problem05:10
linucksarand: ok thanks :)05:10
Jon-jrtayloriv: I've used Ubuntu for 1 month. Don't ask me. :P05:10
Ghost1227much as i hate to admit it, i need help... i haven't configured X in ages but i now find myself needing to use an ubuntu box that is forcing 800x600 resolution on an i91505:10
axisysJon-: thanks05:11
hamza  no system devices (partitions, usb, cd/dvd drive) are showing in my nautilus, but they show in disk utility.  now im just wondering if it's hopeless and i have to reinstall...05:11
arandfivetwentysix: Depending on system everything from Del, F1-F2, F10-F12 is possible ways to get into bios05:11
Jon-fivetwentysix: BIOS setup is usually F1, F2 or DEL. I usually tap all three in rapid succession until it pops up.05:11
fivetwentysixJon-: ill try when i gethome05:11
sloopyJon-, looks like you are probly sharing it as a raw device and ubuntu is sending PS pages to it...05:12
seanbrystoneisnt F10 the bios on  the newer HP's?05:12
sloopyJon-, on the win2k machine look at the raw file in the spool and see if it has a PS header or binary data...05:12
rwwI tend to just bash function keys randomly until the setup screen appears.05:13
ja660kis there a win95 emulator like dosbox?05:13
ardchoillerww: hehe05:13
Wubuntui'm using Karmic Koala 9.10, and have a Microdia TwinkleCam USB camera that i can't seem to get to operate. Can anyone assist me with this problem?05:13
Jon-sloopy: I can access the drive remotely from here, what path is the spool in generally?05:13
arandjrtayloriv: Using the ubuntu firefox addons makes them use the package management system, and hence will be easier to manage (depending on your preference)05:13
arand!wine | ja660k05:13
ubottuja660k: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:13
dsnyderssloopy, on my fedora box, rc.d contains init.d and the various rc*.d folders.  On my ubuntu those are all in /etc directly.05:13
sloopyJon-, i dont know for win2k, on win xp it is... uh give me a sec05:13
dsnyderssloopy, what exactly are you after?05:14
axisyshow do I disable `laptop mode' .. it is keep going to suspend mode if the lid is down05:14
axisysgot it! power management05:14
Jon-axisys: You can access power options from System -> Preferences -> Power Management. Change the settings and click the make default [or whatever it is] button05:14
axisysJon-: thanks05:14
sloopydsnyders, i upgraded my router machine from 8.04 to 9.10, i tried firestarter for the FW but it is sucking up 100% cpu on one of the cores...05:15
jrtaylorivarand, Thanks05:15
sloopydsnyders, so i am going back to just using a iptables script i made...05:15
sensaeI'm having problems with mdadm and RAID - it seems like it won't write a superblock to my raid devices05:15
GeekSquidsloopy: you are so much better off using iptables or ufw, firestarter is a memory/cpu hog05:16
sloopydsnyders, and i am used to sysv init, as it was in the past (i used to use FC back in the day...)05:16
dsnyderssloopy, so you want to know where to put the iptables script?05:16
sloopyGeekSquid, yeah i said that ;')05:16
alcalaHello!! =)05:16
sloopydsnyders, yeah i just made a rc.d dir in /etc05:16
brjann!hi | alcala05:16
ubottualcala: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:16
=== BengtRibba is now known as dennis__
Jon-sloopy I found C:\WINNT\system32\spool\PRINTERS  it contains .SHD and .SPL files. What would you like me to check?05:17
MrPocketswhat the HECK would make the menu font in certain applications different?05:17
GeekSquidMrPockets: like what application?05:17
alcaladoes anybody has any experience on configuring WEBCAM on any msn client??05:18
MrPocketsthe file menus in OpenOffice Writer, and all the font in VirtualBox05:18
MrPocketsbut like, Evolituon, FF, xChat, all gine05:18
b2p1mpim such a noob, my win7 desktop had the printer attached windows shared(LPT1), on my laptop i goto printers, add under Network choose Windows Samba then input the info to locate the printer.... i cant seem to locate it though.05:18
sloopyJon-, i dont rem which, use a good text editor and open one and see if there is a PS header in it...05:18
MrPocketsall system fonts are fine..05:18
=== fred_ is now known as Guest58560
b2p1mpim on 910 ubuntu05:18
Jon-sloopy vim to the rescue  one sec05:19
sloopyJon-, best thing since sliced bread ;')05:19
b2p1mpcant seem to reach the printer attached to lpt1 on my windows machine05:19
Guest58560hello all can i ask a question05:19
sloopyGuest58560, you just did...05:19
dsnyderssloopy, judging from the readme in /etc/init.d, you should put it in /etc/init.d and then run update-rc.d05:19
Guest58560fair enough...05:19
brjann!ask | Guest5856005:19
ubottuGuest58560: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:19
Jon-spool Hmm, just seems like binaries to me, gedit can't find proper encoding and VIM displays garbage or nothing05:20
alcalacan anybody help me to decide on what webcam I can buy that is compatible with a messenger in ubuntu?05:20
dsnydersHas anybody gotten kpovmodeler working in 9.04?05:20
Guest58560ok..so just installed ubuntu had free space of 10gb on drive formated it as Fat to store music..rebooted drive not seen data ?gone?05:20
dsnydersGuest58560, Is the drive mounted?05:21
brjannalcala: here's a list of webcams that the Free Software Foundation likes: http://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/cameras05:21
Jon-sloopy Hmm, just seems like binaries to me, gedit can't find proper encoding and VIM displays garbage or nothing  [I called you "spool". Ironic fail.]05:21
Guest58560and partitions are not mounted automatically which is odd to me05:21
GeekSquidalcala: look here http://www.murrayc.com/blog/permalink/2008/03/28/webcams-that-just-work-with-ubuntu/05:21
sloopydsnyders, no, that isnt the right place for the script... init.d is where the script with the info for update-rc needs is stored...05:21
alcalabrjann thanks05:21
DanaGhmm, is it a known issue that the PowerPC LiveCD is 705 megabytes, and thus too big to fit on a CD?05:22
brjannalcala: take a look at the link GeekSquid said too :)05:22
alcalageeksquid thanks05:22
AgentGreenhi everyone05:22
sloopyJon-, yeah then win2k is probly sharing it as a raw specific printer as opposed to a generic PS printer...05:22
cyberbluntzOK, so I'm trying to play this dvd I picked up from the redbox, when I put it it it comes up with an autolauncher, and asks me what to do . I select the movie player, and when It attempts to launch it gives and error "no URI handler implemented for "dvd"."05:22
AgentGreenanyone not to busy or frustrated to help A Ubuntu desktop installation problem ?05:23
GeekSquidDanaG: please ask that question in #ubuntu-powerpc05:23
Jon-sloopy: AKA, Windows-share only? [as the driver is transmitted to the box when it tries to access it]?05:23
Jon-sloopy: It works with zero-config for XP and 705:24
sloopyJon-, yeah that sounds about right... i am not really sure, as i have been linux (and unix) prodominate for ~15 years...05:24
sloopyJon-, and i have seen this issue with samba... i know how to fix it in samba but not windows05:24
Jon-sloopy: I'm 20... you make me feel young ^_^. Out of curiosity what's the samba fix?05:25
AgentGreenI get a blank screen after ubuntu bootloader? lets me select05:25
sensaeI'm trying to start my raid array with mdadm and I get device or resource busy05:25
sloopyJon-, samba is the app that runs on linux (and other os's) for sharing things in the MS way...05:25
sensaelsof shows nothing using either drives / partitions05:25
Jon-sloopy: Oh. I thought it was the name for the actual protocol used by Windows, nevermind. I see the difference now05:26
sloopyJon-, the protocol is called 'smb'05:26
pangolin_rollinhello? testing connection please respond back?05:26
GeekSquidpangolin_rollin: working05:27
pangolin_rollinGeeksquid: thank you05:27
Jon-sloopy: Yep. I should have known that. I'm very solid on Windows boxes, only have about a month of ubuntu under my belt now. Thanks for the help, I guess I am screwed =/05:27
sloopyJon-, problem is fixable, i just dont know how...05:28
sloopyJon-, besides isnt win2k EOL?05:28
AgentGreenawww bummer all the documentation and searching with no luck05:29
GeekSquidAgentGreen: Laptop?05:29
hamzanoone knows why i cant mount any of my drives?05:29
AgentGreenno netbook installled awsome it loaded so well on my eeepc I decided to install on my desktop also not the remix ofcourse but the new 9.1005:30
Jon-sloopy: Win2k is in "extended" support, no new features are planned but security patches and vulnerabilities are still addressed.. those are dropped in like 2012?05:30
AgentGreenand i just get a blank screeen and my refresh rate or resolution in my card05:30
AgentGreengoes nuts05:31
sloopyJon-, ahhh, i just know someone who was telling me 2003 server is going to be EOL this year, so i figured 2k was well past EOL05:31
Jon-sloopy It's quite an old PC, it really wouldn't run XP without an upgrade. It has the printer attached just out of convinence, no room by the XP box [my main box, this is a laptop]05:31
alcalaWEBCAM configuring is hard? I mean u should pick a compatible one, configure it, and see if u have luck making it work!05:31
theadminWhat does TTY stand for, actually?05:31
sloopytheadmin, TeleTYpe05:32
jazusa03compiz has broken, when i load it, all the windows go blank i tried to run it in the console but couldnt read an error message05:32
theadminsloopy: :/05:32
menguhi. when i try to play some mp3s i get this error: "GstMPEGAudioParse: No valid frames found before end of stream" why is that? they were working great on win?05:32
chdhow do I mount iso's with ubuntu05:32
axisyschd: sudo mount -o loop file.iso /mnt05:33
sloopyubottu, iso | chd05:33
ubottuchd: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:33
AgentGreenno idea's anyone ?05:33
issaecwhich is the room of Ubuntu in spanish¿?05:34
Jon-sloopy Oh crappp Windows 2000 extended support ends 13/07/2010. I guess I am hounding my parents to upgrade then, that's sort of critical and I refuse to have an easily compromised box on the network05:34
brjann!es | issaec05:34
ubottuissaec: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:34
GeekSquidAgentGreen: there are a number of considerations... it is probably your video card ... at boot loader screen . press ESC after post ... go to recovery mode and run the xfix then reboot and see if that helped05:34
sloopyJon-, replace 2k with ubuntu05:34
AgentGreenthank you very much geek squid05:34
AgentGreenthis is from cd boot ?05:35
Jon-sloopy: It's my moms computer05:35
sloopyJon-, mom can learn ubuntu...05:35
Johnyi uninstalled ubuntu but i cant seem to uninstall GRUB Loader05:35
GeekSquidAgentGreen: fresh start ... when you get to Loading Grub .. Press esc ... go to the recovery cosole and run the xfix05:35
Johnyi cant boot to my XP machine :(05:35
Jon-sloopy: I've had ubuntu for a month and the only reason I didn't say screw it and go back to windows is because I had the perseverance and was good with PCs. I've had issues... I'll consider it.05:35
AgentGreenall i have is cd05:36
AgentGreenk it switch into text mod05:36
AgentGreenim at boot :05:36
sensaeCan anyone explain this to me? My mdadm raid automatically builds on boot, on /dev/md_d0, and I have it in fstab. When my system boots it hangs complaining /home won't mount (the raid), but all I have to do is drop to recovery console, type 'mount -a' and hit ctrl D to continue booting, and it works05:36
sloopyJon-, just remember you didnt learn windows in a month, so dont expect to learn ubuntu in a month ;')05:36
GeekSquidAgentGreen: press esc to get to the grub screen ... go to recovery .. are we getting there05:36
dsnyderssloopy, scripts go into /etc/init.d according to this: http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/ and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36871705:36
AgentGreentrying i think I did it too early05:36
Johnyany of you guys here know how to remove grub loader?05:37
AgentGreenjust went to a boot: promp05:37
ChogyDansensae: it might be an ordering thing.  It is trying to boot before the raid comes online05:37
ChogyDansensae: don't know anything about fixing that though...05:37
rwwJohny: what are you trying to replace it with? Windows' boot loader?05:37
sloopydsnyders, yes, startup scripts belong in init.d but this isnt the startup script...05:37
Johnyyeah i want to restore it to the original05:37
AgentGreenif I press esc from boot loader of cd05:37
sensaeChogyDan: Well that's lame :/05:37
AgentGreenI go to a BOOT: prompt05:37
NimbleRabitI'm trying to do a cp command, and I know for 100% sure the file exists, but it's telling me cannot stat FILE: No such file or directory.  Here's the command sudo cp "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/CoreAVC Pro/CoreAVCDecoder.ax" /usr/share/dshowserver/  what am I doing wrong here?05:37
AgentGreenI did it post clicking live05:37
rwwJohny: Which version of Windows?05:37
Jon-sloopy: I just meant shit like having GRUB die on a boot... "Learning Windows" is very false, it's more like "learning how to not install junky programs and avoid malware" Windows is quite stable, hard to screwup, low crash rate, no compatibility issues, updates don't break things. Ubuntu, so far for me, not quite there yet. I don't know if I want to subject my mom to that05:37
Johnyi have windows XP05:38
AgentGreengot it posting all info05:38
AgentGreenfrom loading05:38
rwwJohny: http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/292614-how-to-get-back-your-windows-xp-bootloader/05:38
AgentGreenso i guess it's gona load me into a prompt ?05:38
GeekSquidAgentGreen: not the CD ... try without CD ... boot normally .. when you get past the bios screen press ESC05:38
Johnyahhhh i already did that05:38
AgentGreennot installed there's only ubuntu 8.10 fastrack 4 and windows xp05:39
Johnystill doing GRUB Loading but it actually wont even go to the menu05:39
AgentGreenbacktrack4 I mean05:39
sloopyJon-, yeah my wife was a windows person, made her use linux, until she got her new laptop, tried vista, didnt care much for it, went to 7, and is serioulsy considering going back to linux...05:39
geniiJohny: For grub2 hold the shift key down and not the esc key05:39
Johnyit would just stay GRUB loading05:40
GeekSquidAgentGreen: what do you mean not installed ... what did it do?05:40
Jon-sloopy: Hmm, really? Personally I love 7, but I take computer science so some experiance in UNIX/Linux would be nice. That's why I forced myself to switch for a bit.05:40
GeekSquidgenii: that's new .. good to know05:40
Jon-sloopy: I didn't care for Vista at all, it was rushed and just wasn't very good05:40
AgentGreenI place cd in drive05:40
AgentGreenI get too the boot loader menu05:41
AgentGreenI got to install ubuntu05:41
AgentGreenshows me circle logo05:41
Johnynope holding down shift doesnt help05:41
AgentGreenshows me text05:41
AgentGreenthen My screen goes out of rang05:41
sloopyJon-, yeah i have opinions on both but they would be OT here and discussing here is against the TOS for the channel...05:41
AgentGreenit's an intel celery 2.0ghz with a nvidia gfx 7600 gt05:42
Jon-sloopy: Whoops. I won't then, thanks =)05:42
sloopyJon-, np, suprised something hasnt been ssaid already...05:42
mawstDoes anyone know which "fmt" on youtube = 1080p?05:43
dsnyderssloopy,  This link uses /opt/scripts for an iptables script: http://townx.org/simple_firewall_for_ubuntu_using_iptables05:43
rwwubottu: ot | mawst05:43
ubottumawst: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:43
JohnyGRUB Loader wont go away plz help05:44
dsnyderssloopy, [shrug] but if you've got it working, you've got it working.05:44
hipitihopwhat is the correct way to check what timzone I have set from the command line ?05:44
lazarus_lupineanyone know how to completely remove plymouth? Still getting a mountall error message on startup. Using an ssd so i don't need a splash screen.05:44
alcalais there any software like MAIL CHIMP for ubuntu??05:44
arandJohny: You have an xp CD?05:44
Johnyyeah but i did all that fixboot and fixmdr thing05:45
brjannhipitihop: date05:45
Johnyand GRUB is still there05:45
brjannhipitihop: that will show the current time in what the system thinks is your local timezone05:45
sloopydsnyders, yeah that would be an LSB approved method to doing it...05:45
hipitihopbrjann, says EST whereas I am GMT+10:0005:45
arandJohny: That shouldn't be the case... You only have one harddisk?05:46
Johnywell when i instlaled ubuntu i had 205:46
Johny1 for xp and 1 for ubuntu05:46
hipitihopbrjann, although date and time correct, hence I suspect I never set my timzone properly and just set date/time05:46
Johnyand i just removed the ubuntu hardrive cuz i thought it might help remove the GRUB loading thing05:47
Johnybut it didnt05:47
brjannhipitihop: this should help :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime05:47
Johnyi already uninstalled ubuntu but now i cant boot to xp cuz GRUB would get stuck loading05:47
Johnycant even get to the GRUB menu05:47
sloopydsnyders, but either way thanks for the help...05:49
dsnyderssloopy, glad to almost help :-)05:49
JohnyWOAH!!!! its fixed05:50
sloopydsnyders, been using linux for a long time?05:50
rshakinhey ppl;05:50
bullgardpavucontrol) shows  in tabs »Output Devices« and »Input Devices« in in the first line »Internal_Audio_Analog_Stereo«. What does that mean?05:50
dsnyderssloopy, at least five years, probably more.05:50
hipitihopbrjann, strnage I followed dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and it showed the correct settings and shows current local timezone correctly but in local time it shows EST05:50
Wubuntuare there specific XChat rooms for webcam issues?05:51
sloopydsnyders, ahh ok...05:51
rzx237Johny: how?05:51
brjannhipitihop: that's weird. if you click on the clock in your panel, does it show your location correctly?05:51
GeekSquidAgentGreen: I would reccommend downloading either ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10 and install that over the install you have .. I believe you will have better luck05:51
dsnyderssloopy, ubuntu sets a lot of stuff on its ear, though.05:51
AgentGreeni have 9.10 on a cd05:51
AgentGreenbut wont install05:52
Johnyi dont know it just booted agian. i think it was the hardrive that i removed05:52
AgentGreenfails before install screen boot loader works fine05:52
GeekSquidAgentGreen: have you checkd the disk for integrity?05:52
AgentGreenwill do but i suspect it'll be fine05:52
Blue1rzx237: yes but you have to set that05:53
AgentGreenbacktrack 4 installed and ran live from cd wich is on ubuntu 8.10 i believe05:53
Jon-Printer issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/386105/  [now with updated info if you took a look before]05:53
AgentGreenso i don't see why this installation of ubuntu 9.10 would be problematic05:53
dsnydersSo I gather nobody has gotten kpovmodeler to work?05:53
sloopydsnyders, just different methods of doing the same thing, try running a *BSD and compare, and you will see how ubuntu and fedora have similarities in different spots with them...05:53
hipitihopbrjann, I'm checking the machine remotely via ssh so not simple to bring that up05:54
soudesukaI installed ubuntu using wubi and then tried to move the install using LVPM, but for some reason, ubuntu does not show up in the grub menu.  I get an UnknownOS which points to my Windows Bootloader and then the actual Windows Bootloader.  The ubuntu install is still associated with the windows bootloader.  any suggestions?05:54
Skeethello guys05:54
brjannhipitihop: ah, i see. sorry, i actually have to do something else for a little bit :( good luck, though!05:54
dsnyderssloopy, true.  It's getting to know the variations and what goes where, especially between distro upgrades, that keeps you on your toes05:55
Jon-souldesuka You could always boot into a Win recovery CD and have it remake the bootloader, then see if you can get GRUB to load Ubuntu?05:55
Blue1soudesuka: becuase wubi runs as a task under windows05:55
soudesukaBlue1: LVPM is supposed to move Ubuntu to its own seperate partition05:55
clawsthis is my 6'th day on linux and.. boy... I LOVE THIS !05:55
AgentGreenclaws well done05:56
Blue1soudesuka: i've not had good luck with that - - but YMMV (your mileage may vary)05:56
AgentGreenIm loving the ubuntu remix05:56
sloopyclaws, congrats05:56
dsnyderssloopy, for example, they've changed the xwindows reset from CTRL-ALT-Backspace to ALT-Printscreen-K05:56
soudesukaJon: the reason I did this was because my laptops disc drive is not working... i cant install any thing from a disc05:56
AgentGreenjust not so happy with installer on ubuntu 9.10 desktop05:56
Skeetclaws, gj!05:57
Jon-soudesuka: The only way I know how to boot from USB .iso is with GRUB and it's a bit tricky.05:57
Jon-soudesuka: But probably easier than trying to port a Wubi install05:57
AgentGreenworks great for usb.iso boot05:57
soudesukaJon-: not sure I can boot from USB.  I'm probably just gonna stick with this the way it is unfortunately...05:57
AgentGreenit comes in a great linux and windows version05:57
mkquisthey all, i dont remember, how to get fsck to run on the filesystem on reboot... any help?05:57
AgentGreenjust google unet boot05:57
ardchoille!info unetbootin05:58
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 356-1 (karmic), package size 213 kB, installed size 636 kB05:58
dsnydersJon-, there are a bunch of examples of usb iso booting on pendrivelinux.org, even a multi-boot setup.05:58
BankHeadIs it easier to install ubuntu on a secondary drive?05:58
AgentGreenGeekSquid as quessed checking intregrity Check Finished: no errors found05:58
AgentGreenpress any key to reboot05:58
sloopydsnyders, interesting combo, but i havnt played with anything that deep since i was using YDL...05:58
julian__alguien que speak spanish05:58
AgentGreennot quessed05:58
ardchoille!es | julian__05:58
ubottujulian__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:58
Blue1!es | julian__05:58
clawsi feel i have wasted all those years on ...05:58
julian__tank you05:59
GeekSquidAgentGreen: backtrack is a dirivitave version that doesn't use the nvidia drivers, I had had problems with 8.10 with nvidia .. I know 8.04 works with nvidia, as does 9.04 .. 8.10 is almost to end of life, where as 8.04 still has a year of support, I digress, but really I'd keep trying ... I have one other option ... in your out of sync press CTRL-ALT-F1 to see if you get into a terminal ... if so login and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:59
Blue1de nada05:59
hipitihopbrjann, np, thanks for assist05:59
Jon-soudesuka: At least take a look at http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=23052  and see if you are successful. If your laptop can boot from USB, this is your best option05:59
sloopyclaws, cant know what good is unless you know what bad is... think of those years as a learning exp...05:59
* Blue1 wishes he knew more spanish05:59
dsnyderssloopy, when you have handicap assist on and hold alt  it toggles on.  If you then press ctrl-backspace to delete a word, you restart X with no opportunity to save your work.05:59
knoppiesclaws: Linux is free, but only to those who consider their time worthless.06:00
AgentGreenwhn it's out of sink I can't ctrl alt f1 to get a terminal06:00
AgentGreenbut il try again to make sure06:00
ssmywhat is the easiest way to make one of my keys do what another would? at some point ubuntu decided that my right alt key isn't an alt key, and I want it to be.06:00
dsnyderssloopy, apparently it was happening quite a bit.06:00
Jon-Printer issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/386105/  [now with updated info if you took a look before]06:00
knoppiesclaws, welcome though, you will learn that computers as you knew it, are much more powerful than you were aware.06:00
clawssloppy: i see that now  :)06:00
sloopydsnyders, that that soounds like a party in a keystroke :')06:00
Blue1Jon-: I ran into a similar problem with my hp printer - turned out the printer psc 1310 is NOT a network printer06:01
dsnyderssloopy, I think there are other ALT-Printscreen keystrokes beyond Alt-Printscreen-K to kill x.06:01
clawsknoppies: i am already beginning to notice  :)06:02
mkquisthey all, i dont remember, how to get fsck to run on the filesystem on reboot... any help?06:02
AgentGreenno luck Geek Squid06:02
=== tek is now known as Guest3714
Jon-Blue1: I don't imagine it is... I have it hooked up to a Windows PC via USB, the printer shared using Windows 2000 smb. Windows XP and Windows 7 connect and use it fine once pointed in the right direction and given authentication, Ubuntu fails. Any ideas?06:02
Skeetclaws, what took you so long? :)06:02
* AgentGreen cries06:02
sloopydsnyders, yeah back in the mid 90's i used to have a shell running off the serial port on my 68k mac incase the console got too screwed, i could use a terminal to fix it... those were the days /nostalgia06:03
Jon-Blue1: I can use samba to access the drive shares and to see the printer, only when I go to print the printer "rejects" it [spins up like it is preparing to print, and then just stops]06:03
clawsskeet: i hate my self for that  :P06:04
Blue1Jon-: private message ok?06:04
Skeetclaws, i feel ya pain!06:04
clawsskeet: i got a lot of reading left though  :)06:05
dsnyderssloopy, I just found a list.  The keystroke is called a Magic Sysrq.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key06:05
Skeetsame here claws!!06:06
theadminHelp, i added "alias apache='sudo /home/r00t/httpd/bin/apachectl'", to .bashrc, yet whenever i try "apachestart" it seems to skip the sudo part06:07
theadmin"apache start", i mean06:07
hamza  no system devices (partitions, usb, cd/dvd drive) are showing in my nautilus, but they show in disk utility.  now im just wondering if it's hopeless and i have to reinstall...06:07
GeekSquidssmy: your right alt is technically AltGr in ubuntu ... you will need to learn to use xmodmap to remap those keys ... see here http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man1/xmodmap.1.html06:07
dsnydersWell, goodnight all!06:08
TrizicusIn chrome and firefox on every SSL/HTTPS site I go to I always get an untrusted connection warning and I need to manually add the certificate. Does anyone have info about this?06:08
sloopydsnyders, but that hasnt been enabled on standard kernels for years IIRC06:08
AgentGreenlol my screen saver was kicking in on remix06:08
AgentGreenand I thought I was blacking out or going blind lol06:08
GeekSquidTrizicus: is your time/date/year set correctly? just a thought06:08
TrizicusGeekSquid: yes06:09
alcalaI am having a hard time CONFIGURING evolution with GMAIL!! can anybody help me06:09
dj_segfault1I'm going crazy getting awstats to work.  It gathers stats into /var/lib/awstats but the web page won't list them.  I would like to give up on it and use something else.  What do you use for web stats?06:09
TrizicusGeekSquid: How do I find out if I have a proxy setup with networkmanager?06:10
Jedimestariacala download thunderbird, ti is better06:10
ssmyGeekSquid: well, it's showing as ISO_Level3_Shift in xev. I was wondering if there was anything newer than xmodmap. guess not.06:10
GeekSquidTrizicus: ask globally , not my bag06:11
bullgardpavucontrol) shows  in tabs »Output Devices« and »Input Devices« in in the first line »Internal_Audio_Analog_Stereo«. What does that mean?06:11
AgentGreengeek squid is there anyone i can call tommorow ?06:11
dsnyderssloopy, odd.  Perhaps it's only alt-sysrq-k being implemented.06:11
bikcmpHello, I'm trying to run psybnc, but it says it can't create a listening port.06:12
bikcmpi'm not running as root.06:12
bikcmpwhat could be the problem?06:12
GeekSquidssmy: you could use system>preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts and remap the keys you need to make whatever function you need06:12
theadminOkay, help me out here. I have a script to start the Apache daemon in /etc/init.d, yet it ain't started now (just booted)06:13
GeekSquidAgentGreen: see my pm06:13
ssmyGeekSquid: that doesn't remap a key though, just assign it to a command.06:13
AgentGreenthanks man i see your really busy and I really apreciate it06:14
AgentGreenI was really happy today with Ubuntu 9.10 remix on my netbook06:14
AgentGreennow im sad with ubuntu 9.10 desktop06:14
theadminSome output which might be valuable: http://pastebin.com/s9ckmvRT06:15
ubuntuhello everyone06:15
ubuntucan anyone here help me with grub06:15
ubuntui have it installed on one of my partitions06:15
ubuntubut it doesnt show all partitions06:16
ubuntuhow can i add a some partitions to grub?06:16
gestaltish@ubuntu Have yu checked the forums?06:17
ubuntui found some useful info, but how to solve this problem in particular\06:17
sloopytheadmin, why didnt apache package install its own script in /etc/init.d  ?06:17
Jon-Can a non-network printer that does work over smb work on ubuntu over samba, or am I wasting my time?06:18
rastaseanlooking for assistance to start vsftp but i get this error start-stop-daemon: Unable to open pidfile `/var/run/vsftpd/vsftpd.pid' for writing: Permission denied (Permission denied)06:18
BankHeadVisit #GeneralDiscussion for offtopic chat06:18
theadminsloopy: It wasn't installed system-wide when i installed it06:18
ubuntuin fact i re-installed grub, on that old paartition, but unfortunately its missing my most important paritions06:18
sloopytheadmin, you need more in the script in init.d, look in the other scripts for examples...06:19
ubuntuthat is the options at start up are incomplete06:19
mattgyveranybody know how to prevent wine apps from starting up in the "wine system tray" and just appear in panel?06:19
theadminsloopy: Well, uh, why wouldn't this work?06:19
rastasean<----looking for assistance to start vsftp06:19
mattgyverrastasean, it almost sounds as if its running as root and your trying to restart it as a normal user06:20
rastasean<mattgyver> I do sudo, tho06:20
nomad77!fr |djo06:20
ubottudjo: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois06:20
Jon-Can a non-network printer that does work over smb work on ubuntu over samba, or am I wasting my time?06:20
sloopytheadmin, i dont have time to explain... i need to go to bed... go into /etc/rc2.d and do a ls -l06:21
rastasean<mattgyver> i type sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd start06:21
rastaseanit mentions some running process that seems to be locked up06:21
mattgyveryeah, you could try a sudo killall vsftpd and then try running it again06:21
RPG-MasterOK, need help sorting through a FRIGGIN' huge lost+found folder. Nautilus can't handle all the stupid empty folders and blank inode files06:22
rastaseanmatt, still denies me :(06:22
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rastaseanmatt, pgrep doesn't show anything running06:23
rastaseanas far as vsftpd06:23
rastaseani have even rebooted the machine06:24
RPG-MasterSo, any help with my predicament?06:25
sloopyRPG-Master, delete everything in there?06:25
RPG-Mastersloopy, No, I have gigs of videos, images, and other random stuff strewn across those folders :(06:26
Jon-Printer issue : http://paste.ubuntu.com/386105/  I've been working at this for a long time guys, please someone give me some assistance =/06:26
sloopyRPG-Master, they shouldnt be in lost+found... but use the shell to sort/move it...06:27
RPG-Mastersloopy, Well, they got moved there after I screwed up and did a fsck06:28
becker_11this might be a silly question but is a ssh signing key different to a gnupg signing key06:28
rwwbecker_11: yes06:28
becker_11rww: that explains my frustration with uploading my key to github06:28
sloopyRPG-Master, honestly if fsck put them there then they are likely to be corrupted...06:28
rwwbecker_11: which one do you want to make? I can link you to guides for either...06:29
mattgyverrastasean, im not too sure, did you install it from apt?06:29
RPG-Mastersloopy, I thought so too, until I found a few folder completely in tact.06:29
becker_11rww: I need a ssh signing key for github the other key/s I've already got06:29
BankHeadVisit -->> #GeneralDiscussion <<-- for fun talk, off topic and more :D06:29
RPG-MasterBut there are MANY randomly named folders in there :/06:29
sloopyRPG-Master, use the shell to start divide and conquer...06:29
rastaseanmatt, yes. i've never had a problem turning it on. so this is odd06:29
rwwBankHead: Don't advertise channels in here, please.06:29
becker_11haha I thought he was a bot and someone got introuble for off topic lol06:30
rwwbecker_11: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys#Generating%20RSA%20Keys06:30
becker_11rww thanks06:30
RPG-Mastersloopy, What commands should I use? I'd like to find files by type (flac, mkv, jpg, etc.)06:30
mattgyverrastasean, yea i never had that problem before with it.  I did some searching but im not finding anything like your problem, just config problems06:30
rwwbecker_11: no problem. Let me know if that link isn't clear :)06:31
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:31
becker_11rww: will do - brb06:31
rastaseanmatt, yeah i was thinking the same06:31
rastaseanmatt, do i have the start command correct06:31
sloopyRPG-Master, not easy to do... the command 'file' should tell you what type a specific file is...06:32
RebelstarHello, i have ubutnu 9.10.. I just tried to install compizconfig and after checking desktop effects option,, system hangs..even after restart in recovery mode system hangs with startup screen..what can i do..pls help06:32
NoraZoei want to change the theme and log in screen but i cant seem to figure out how06:32
NoraZoecan anyone help06:32
Jon-Does printing of a Windows printer over samba work or not? I need to know if I am just wasting my time.. See: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386105/06:33
sloopyOP bankhead is sending random invites to another channel...06:33
rastaseanI think I have have solved it06:33
mattgyverrastasean, what was wrong?06:33
rastaseani deleted the vsftpd.pid file06:34
Madpilotsloopy, BankHead - ?06:34
NoraZoecan anyone help me please i cant figure out why i cant add any new themes06:34
mattgyverrastasean, ahh, so its working now06:34
BankHeadI stopped 5min ago06:34
rastaseanmatt, sudo rm - /var/run/vsftpd/vsftpd.pid06:34
rastaseanyes, looks like it started06:34
sloopyi got an invite at 1:31 and 1:33 (local time)06:35
BankHeadSorry dude06:35
MadpilotBankHead, why did you start in the first place? Unsolicited PMs - not cool. Unsolicited invites - also not cool. Do not use #ubuntu for that sort of thing, please.06:35
BankHeadAlright. Sorry.06:35
becker_11rww: created the key thanks the guide was simple06:35
rwwbecker_11: awesome :)06:36
patrickwhat's the preferred method for scheduling a shutdown: "shutdown," "poweroff" or something else?06:36
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=== Guest78063 is now known as patrick_____
RPG-MasterAnymore advice?06:36
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
sloopyRPG-Master, yeah, get a large cup of coffee ;')06:37
becker_11patrick_____: I thought the syntax was sudo shutdown -(n) insert whatever time you need there06:37
rastaseandoes anyone know a program that can monitor all network traffic...not just on the machine program is installed on06:37
patrick_____becker_11, it is :) I'm just wondering if there's a "nicer" way of doing it (as in, I don't know if the shutdown command does everything that clicking "shutdown" on the gui does)06:38
sloopyrastasean, wireshark06:38
brimminrastasean: ettercap if MITM is needed06:38
dj_segfault1rastasean: Wireshark can put the network card in promiscuous mode and do that.06:38
rastaseanthanks guys!06:39
rastaseanwhat is MITM?06:39
becker_11patrick_____: I was just thinking there might be a cron job way to do it say if you needed shutdown at the same time everyday but someelse would have to help with that so far I haven't used cron06:39
RPG-Masterslowz,... :(06:39
brimminman in the middle06:39
becker_11patrick_____: it probablly does more cause we all know the comamndline rules! :-)06:39
dandamanso i have windows 7 release candidate on my computer(with ubuntu installed from wubi). the release candidate is expiring toinght so if i install a new version of windows 7 will it mess up my linux install?06:39
blakkheimdandaman: yes06:40
blakkheimdandaman: next time don't use wubi06:40
Rebelstari have ubutnu 9.10.. I just tried to install compizconfig and after checking desktop effects option,, system hangs..even after restart in recovery mode system hangs with startup screen..what can i do..pls help06:40
dandamanblakkheim: so im going to lose everything?06:40
patrick_____becker_11, hehe, thanks -- although there's another commandline program I know *not* to use called "halt" :P06:40
arandRPG-Master: DO you have any idea as to the cause? I had the whole root fs dumped into lost+found once and I suspect a couple of powerlosses on ext4 might be the cause...06:40
blakkheimdandaman: yeah06:40
dandamanblakkheim: DAMNIT06:40
dandamanblakkheim: maybe just install the new windows on another partition?06:40
blakkheimdandaman: if you would have done a real installation on a partition you wouldn't06:40
becker_11patrick_____: shame though - less typing06:41
RPG-Masterarand, yep power loss :(06:41
RPG-Masterarand, Though this is an external HDD06:41
Jordan_Udandaman, You can save / transfer your Ubuntu install / data06:41
dandamanJordan_U: can you talk me through how to do that?06:41
bullgardpavucontrol shows in tabs »Output Devices« and »Input Devices« in in the first line »Internal_Audio_Analog_Stereo«. What does that mean?06:41
dj_segfault1dandaman: Can you start up Ubuntu and copy the important stuff ov er to external USB drive06:41
Blue1can a printer using hplip be networked (using samba) between linux and windows?06:41
becker_11so people is there a way to use cron to schedule shutdown of a linux box at the same time everynight ??06:42
dandamandj_segfault1: yeah06:42
arandRPG-Master: Is this on karmic? (Mine happened on jaunty..)06:42
Jordan_Udandaman, I've never used wubi myself but I think so. Do you just want the data or the whole install?06:42
dandamandj_segfault1: but i dont want to lose all of my installs and settings06:42
RPG-Masterarand, Karmic06:42
dandamanlike i have some programs installed that i dont want to lose :\06:42
Jon-Last call before I go to bed: hplip + samba w/ HP F4180 driver + printer connected USB to windows 2000 + HP F4180 printer = only spins up and does not print. What is the issue?06:42
dj_segfault1becker_11: I haven't tried shutting down from cron, but I can't think why it wouldn't work.06:42
RPG-Masterarand: WAIT! I did this screw up through a Parted Magic CD06:43
RPG-MasterBut I fixing it through my Karmic laptop06:43
patrick_____I'm just going to do sudo shutdown -- that's probably good enough :)06:43
muaddibI was wondering if I could ask a mod_rewrite question06:43
becker_11dj_segfault1: yeah I've never used cron myself but thought it might provide the answer for patrick_____06:43
muaddibRewriteRule ^/something$ http://hostname:8080/something/$1 [P]06:43
dj_segfault1dandaman: There's a web page that describes how to generate a list of all installed programs and then another command to reinstall them on another machine from that list.  I don't remember where it is but maybe someone else does06:43
muaddibI am trying to set the above and it doesn't seem to be taking, but I am not sure what I am missing06:43
Jordan_U!clone | dandaman06:43
ubottudandaman: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate06:43
patrick_____muaddib, your name sounds familiar -- is that from Dune?06:44
dj_segfault1Jordan_U: Thanks06:44
dandamanawesome, thanks06:44
muaddibpatrick______ yes06:44
Jordan_Udj_segfault1, You're welcome.06:44
RPG-Masterarand, So how did you handle it?06:44
* becker_11 on windows I hated doing updates from the MS update site, on linux I get sad when I run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and there's nothing to install lol06:44
dj_segfault1patrick_____: If you put it in root's crontab then you don't need the sudo part.06:44
patrick_____dj_segfault1, cool, thanks for the tip!06:45
mattgyverdandaman, the other thing you can do is copy your /home directory to usb, most of your application settings are within that folder.06:45
Rebelstarcan anybody pls help  me out?06:45
dj_segfault1patrick_____: What time do you want to shut down the box06:45
lindzeynQuick question.  When I boot up, my desktop environment won't load, that is, the desktop icons do not appear and I cannot right click on the Desktop to get the usual gnome display options06:45
becker_11Rebelstar: don't ask to ask just ask your question06:45
mattgyverlike for pidgin all your config settings etc is in /home/.purple06:45
Rebelstarbecker_11:sorry i have been asking ? :)..anyway here is it  ----------- i have ubutnu 9.10.. I just tried to install compizconfig and after checking desktop effects option,, system hangs..even after restart in recovery mode system hangs with startup screen..what can i do..pls help06:46
patrick_____dj_segfault1, I don't want it to shutdown at a fixed time every day, just in about 45 minutes from now. So I'm going to do sudo shutdown +45. I thought there might be a "nicer" way to do it though, that's why I asked here :)06:46
lindzeynEverything else is fine06:46
arandRPG-Master: Hmm, was so heavily corrupted and disorganised so not much to do really, I was able to run photorec, which extraced some files, but it was still a huge mess which I wasn't able to extract much from, luckily I had no really important data stored on there..06:46
Jordan_Udandaman, You can convert your Wubi install to a "real" install on its own partition ( I know that it's also possible to transfer a wubi install from one windows install to another but I can't give you a guide for that at the moment )06:46
Itadakimasuim confused... Ubuntu has System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager and then, Applicatioins -> Ubuntu Software Center whats the difference, just personal preference?06:47
becker_11Rebelstar: that ones above me I'm sorry I haven't used compiz ... can you get to a shell at all?06:47
RPG-Masterarand, I guess I'm just going to trudge through the mess then :/06:47
Jon-Last call before I go to bed [for real this time haha]: hplip + samba w/ HP F4180 driver + printer connected USB to windows 2000 + HP F4180 printer = only spins up and does not print. What is the issue?06:47
Jon-The driver is the f4100 series driver***06:47
dj_segfault1patrick_____: Ah sorry I misunderstood.  There's also the "at" command to run things in the future, but that probably would have the same effect.06:47
Rebelstarbacker_11: in recovery mode i can but i do not know the right commands to solve06:47
rwwItadakimasu: Pretty much. Software Center is newer and more focused towards new users.06:47
becker_11Itadakimasu: ma and pa will find software center easier snyaptic is more fiddly06:47
patrick_____dj_segfault1, probably, unless there were a way to call the "shutdown" gui button. Thanks by the way, I'd never heard of "at"06:48
Itadakimasualright thank you =o)06:48
cyberbluntzI'm trying to get my totem dvd player to work. It says it does not have the appropriate plugins. so i fallow instructions here http://projects.gnome.org/totem/#codecs. and when i get to the gst-plugins-base in the terminal it says package not found06:48
fudgey_muffinsanyone recognize this? http://dwarfurl.com/15bac06:48
fudgey_muffinsit started popping up all of a sudden06:48
dj_segfault1Itadakimasu: Software Center is dumbed down and only includes the common stuff.  So both do the same thing but Software Center gives you fewer choices.06:48
rwwcyberbluntz: assuming that you're trying to play DVDs on it (it's a general movie player...), https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs06:49
becker_11Rebelstar: well your on a computer now talking to me so search for the compiz config file in google and when you find it hopefully it will give you the path to the file then just cd to that folder and do nano <nameoffilehere>06:49
becker_11Rebelstar: and edit the file in nano06:49
arandRPG-Master: photorec may or may not recover/reorganise better, and you can also choose to recover by filetype, which might be useful for organization, it's part of the "testdisk" package if you're interested06:49
Rebelstarbacker_11:ok thanks i l try it out06:50
rwwfudgey_muffins: That link is inappropriate for Ubuntu channels. Please don't paste it here.06:50
cyberbluntzive installed the libdvdcss2 already06:50
Jordan_Udandaman, For moving to an Ubuntu install on its own partition: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html06:50
julius632hi i was installed anon-proxy in ubuntu 9.10 ,but i can't connect with other server alone one.HELP06:50
RPG-Masterarand, I know about photorec... but it don't recognize some files I had :(06:50
dj_segfault1patrick_____: "at" is designed to do things in the future, like "echo 'shutdown -h now' | at now + 45 minutes06:50
muaddib anyone familiar with mod_rewrite proxy06:50
becker_11Rebelstar: it's most likely in a folder like ~/.compiz in your home folder but that's just an assumtion you will need to check with a ls-a first06:51
=== becker_11 is now known as becker_11_away
burkeyrunning ubuntu 9.10 laptop froze and when i rebooted my tomboy notes are missing.  But I can create new tomboy notes06:52
azi_each time i try to open a media file, totem stops doing what it is currently doing and plays the new media. is there any way I could configure ubutnu to simply start another totem process?06:54
dj_segfault1azi_: Why not call mplayer directly?  Or gmplayer06:54
lindzeynQuick question.  When I boot up, my desktop environment won't load, that is, the desktop icons do not appear and I cannot right click on the Desktop to get the usual gnome display options06:54
azi_from terminal?06:54
rastaseani am looking for software to control a windows machine on home xp from ubuntu 9.10. any ideas?06:54
azi_dj_segfault1: i use totem as my default media player for whatever that may be06:54
mattgyverrastasean, you could just use VNC06:55
dj_segfault1azi_: Yes.  Well if totem isn't working the way you want it to, use something that will ;)06:55
rastaseanmatt, unless i am configuring something wrong, vnc has not worked06:55
mattgyverrastasean, whats happening?  (it can be a pain in the butt the first few times to setup)06:55
dj_segfault1lindzeyn: I would rename (NOT delete) the .gnome, .gnome2, etc directories in your home directory and restart.  A config must be broken.06:56
cyberbluntzI guess Ill have to try a diff player06:56
rastaseanmatt, well which app should i try out? i have tried terminal server client, remote desktop, remote desktop view, krfb, gnome-rpd06:56
lindzeyndj_segfault1: just rename them to something arbitrary06:56
dj_segfault1azi_: That's why we have 20 programs that can do the same thing under Linux.  Everyone wants something different.06:57
mattgyverrastasean, the best client in my opinion is remmia but you need to make sure the machine you want to connect to is running a configured VNC server06:57
dj_segfault1lindzeyn: Yes, or move them to another directory temporarily.  Either way06:57
mattgyverrastasean, UltraVNC is a great one for windows, pretty easy to setup06:57
rastaseanmatt, i install ultravnc on windows to be able to control from linux?06:58
mattgyverrastasean, you install UltraVNC as a system service (best way), setup port forwards in your router, and then connect from tsclient or whatever VNC client you wish06:58
dj_segfault1lindzeyn: For instance, I wrote my own script that looks for all the files in the current directory, randomizes the order, then passes them to mplayer in full screen and OSD start/end times.  Because that's what I wanted and I could do it.06:58
=== becker_11_away is now known as becker_11
mattgyverrastasean, generally the port forwarding is the hardest part :X06:59
rastaseanmatt, lovely. :)06:59
becker_11rww: I've entered the pub key into the form on github but it's still processing after about 3 minutes surely it should have gone through or rejected by now?07:00
dj_segfault1rastasean: Sorry I missed the beginning of your thread, but based on what mattgyver just said, would ssh -X work for you (ssh with automatic port forwarding)07:00
rastaseandj_ could you tell me about ssh-x07:01
rwwbecker_11: no idea. I've never used github :(07:01
becker_11rww: okay guess I'll just leave it running then07:01
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mawstmount-ntfs-3g or whatever eats up to 12% cpu07:05
mawstTHat can't be right can it?07:05
dj_segfault1rastasean: ssh to the machine you want to run a program on with the -X parameter, and it automatically forwards the X ports for you.  Your X client has to have authentication turned of with "xhost +" so the apps can connect, but then it just plain works.  From that ssh shell, you can run Firefox or whatever on the machine you sshed to and it shows up on your computer.07:05
=== _jastor_ is now known as jastor
rastaseandj_excellent! but ssh isn't even enabled on the windows07:06
dj_segfault1rastasean: Make sure sshd is set up for it: If the ForwardX11 variable is set to “yes” (or see the description of the -X, -x, and -Y options above) and the user is using X11 (the DISPLAY environment variable07:06
dj_segfault1     is set), the connection to the X11 display is automatically forwarded to the remote side in such a way that any X11 programs started from the shell (or command) will07:06
dj_segfault1     go through the encrypted channel, and the connection to the real X server will be made from the local machine.  The user should not manually set DISPLAY.  Forwarding07:06
dj_segfault1     of X11 connections can be configured on the command line or in configuration files07:06
FloodBot2dj_segfault1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:06
dj_segfault1Oops sorry about the flood.  Didn't see the linefeeds07:07
dj_segfault1Ouch.  Am I back on?  rastasean can you see this?07:07
bullgardHow to determine the current grub2 version?07:07
rwwdj_segfault1: yes, you are07:07
rastaseandj, yep07:07
rastaseannice and red07:07
dj_segfault1rastasean: (I've been a bad boy!) Oh so you want to access a Windows machine.  I guess you could still do it if you ran something like cygwin, but it's probably not your best option.07:09
rastaseandj, yeah, i found this cygwin but enableing ssh/telnet on windows seems like a pain07:10
sensaeAll my music has cover art embedded in the id3 tag. Is there a way for me to set up exaile or rhythmbox to automatically load this art?07:10
dj_segfault1rastasean: Given that, I probably missed enough of your thread that I may not be of much help.  But what are you trying to run under Windows from your Linux box>07:10
dj_segfault1sensae: I know banshee does that really well.  Not sure about rhythmbox.07:11
rastaseani just want to be able to control it from linux. thats all07:11
sensaedj_segfault1: Does banshee have support for old iPods? With real syncing?07:12
dj_segfault1rastasean: what do you mean control it?  What do you want to be able to do?07:12
rastaseanopen applications from windows from linux07:12
mawstThis is a little out there, but has anyone used ntfs-resize to shrink an ntfs partition, make an ext4 partition in the remaining space, and slowly move the files from the ntfs to the ext4 and repeating the process to in effect convert to ext4? :D07:12
dj_segfault1sensae: Yes, that's what I use for my classic 120GB.  real syncing, cover art, podcasts, and if you update track information it actually updates the ID3v2 tags in the mp3 files.07:13
mawstCan ext4 be resized without data loss?07:13
dj_segfault1rastasean: and what isn't working about rdesktop, which is designed to do that?07:13
mattgyverrastasean, i just thought about something.  yeah just use RDP to connect to windows it will be wayyyy faster than VNC07:13
rastaseanmaybe the service is not open on windows but it never connects07:14
mattgyverrastasean, what version of windows is it?07:14
rastaseanxp home07:14
dj_segfault1mawst: What release of Ubuntu? Even 9.04 had dodgy ext4 support07:14
mattgyverrastasean, its not enabled by design.. ahem.. it can be done though.07:14
=== garuda is now known as nikhil_
rastaseanright-click my computer > remote desktop. check mark is checked07:15
mattgyverrastasean, fireup tsclient and then use the RDP protocol to connect, might require a forward in your router to point to that machine, i think its 338907:16
cyberbluntzOK so I still cant get a dvd player to work, I tried all the steps here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Troubleshooting including the chmod 660, which gave me an error: tek@tek:~$ sudo chmod 660 /dev/sr0; chgrp cdrom /dev/sr007:16
cyberbluntzchgrp: changing group of `/dev/sr0': Operation not permitted07:16
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: Did you run chgrp as you, or using sudo, or as root?  You probably can't do it with just your login.07:16
cyberbluntzI typed sudo as u can see above07:17
rastaseantsclient is terminal server client, right?07:17
mattgyverrastasean, yea07:18
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: Nope.  That command will use sudo for the chmod, but not the chgrp.  Put sudo before chgrp too07:18
dj_segfault1rastasean: Yes.07:18
paddymelonhey, is it possible to convert my Java program (.jar) to a binary (.bin)?07:19
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: If you put quotes around the two commands I think sudo would have handled them both07:19
dj_segfault1paddymelon: I think there are commercial programs to do that, but what exactly are you hoping to accomplish?07:19
=== Matteo is now known as Guest67293
hungnvis there available driver for Xerox document center 286 on ubuntu 9.04? please give me solution07:20
paddymelondj_segfault1, I have a shell that doesn't support Java but, does support .bin, since I'm a Java programmer, thought converting to a bin would be good?07:20
dj_segfault1paddymelon: what most people do is make a one-line shell script that calls it.  Or use Java Web Start.07:21
cyberbluntzsudo "chmod 660 /dev/sr0"; "chgrp cdrom /dev/sr0"07:22
cyberbluntz ?07:22
dj_segfault1paddymelon: What you you mean by a .bin07:22
paddymelondj_segfault1, but Java is not installed, this is a server07:22
cyberbluntzkind of like xhtml07:22
paddymelondj_segfault1 a binary file, eg. that in /usr/bin07:22
dj_segfault1paddymelon: That will never work.  You have to install java.07:22
paddymelondj_segfault1, OK07:22
cyberbluntznah, doesnt work07:22
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: sudo "chmod 660 /dev/sr0 ; chgrp cdrom /dev/sr0"07:23
dj_segfault1paddymelon: You can install it anywhere, including your home directory if you don't have root, but at least the runtime (JRE) has to be on there.07:23
cyberbluntzsudo: chmod 660 /dev/sr0 ; chgrp cdrom /dev/sr0: command not found07:24
dj_segfault1What program do you you to produce web-based apache stats (visitors, popular pages, etc)?  I've tried for about two hours to get awstats working07:24
s7hello, can someone help with this: fetchmail: no mailservers have been specified.07:25
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: Ah, right.  You'll have to sudo: chmod 660 /dev/sr0 ; sudo chgrp cdrom /dev/sr007:25
cyberbluntzchmod: changing permissions of `/dev/sr0': Operation not permitted07:26
cyberbluntzis the some variable i need to change in the command?07:26
darolucyberbluntz: the dev list is filled everytime you boot, it is futile to change permissions that way; you should edit your fstab file07:27
vizruHello, I'm having some difficulties with my partition table. It says "Can't create more than 4 primary partitions" in gparted.  I googled this and I'm afraid to do anything because I don't want to break anything.07:27
Boots32Mhalp usb not mounting!! read forums they suggested a kde file manager called dolphin... will this run on 9.10 karmic netbook remix??? do I have to get Kde to install dolphin?07:27
hackelAnyone know of a way to automatically give PPA packages a lower priority?  I've tried "Pin: release o=LP-PPA-*" but this doesn't work...07:27
PizikHola, does anyone know what package Ubuntu used for Pidgin integration on the User menu in 8.10? Does 9.10 still do it?07:27
paddymelondj_sefault1, Just got told by admins that, uses too many resources...07:27
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: Ferreal?  You put in the sudo twice like that and it didn't work?  Maybe because it's a device special  file instead of a real file you can't do that.07:27
cyberbluntzplz refer to this page. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Troubleshooting07:27
paddymelonso, a .bin would be nice07:27
paddymelondj_segfault, what are those commercial tools?07:27
sensaedj_segfault1: Wow, banshee is pretty nice. Does it automatically watch the folders you add?07:28
federmanim having problems installing07:28
tom23902304hey guys. i've got a windows maching w/out a monitor that i want to put ubunty onto, is there any way to get it on there without attaching a monitor?07:28
dj_segfault1sensae: I think so but I usually tell it to rescan manually since I keep mine on external USB drive07:28
=== lance_ is now known as Guest83947
Boots32Mwished my usb drive would mount:(07:29
dj_segfault1paddymelon: Don't know offhand.  But just the JRE isn't very big (that's the runtime engine without the compiler, etc.)07:29
federmananyone know why the install disk for 9.10 would cause a gpu crash or how to get around it?07:29
PizikBoots32M: I don't know why you would need Dolphin to mount a USB disk07:29
indusfederman, which gpu are you using07:30
Boots32MI don't know either:)07:30
dj_segfault1vizru: did someone help you yet?07:30
indussensae, rhythmbox also does, and so does banshee yes07:30
Boots32Mthats what it said in forums, I just want my usb to mount07:30
PizikBoots32M: I am also pretty much a noob, but stick your USB drive in, open a terminal and type lsusb and see if you see it listed07:30
federmanwell i assume that's what it is. i get a horizontal bar that looks liek noise after selecting any option from the install cd07:30
vizrudj_segfault1: no, I'm wondering if I can put my windows partition in an extended partition without breaking it07:30
federmanand ive tried several cds, so it isnt the particular disk07:30
indusBoots32M, a usb hard disk? unplug it, then plug it in again and in a terminal type dmesg | tail07:31
dj_segfault1Boots32M: Unplug it, and in a terminal type "tail -f /var/log/messages".  Then plug it in and pastebin what's in that terminal.07:31
vizrudj_segfault1: will it still boot, normally?07:31
Boots32MPizik, Did that and it didn't register as there. then I turned udev on and off and that didnt' work07:31
PizikBoots32M: then do as indus said ;o)07:31
bullgardI am using Grub version 1.97~beta4-1ubuntu4.1. My kernel command line includes the boot parameters ro, quiet and splash. How to configure my Ubuntu 9.10 computer so that it will start without boot parameters quiet and splash?07:31
dj_segfault1vizru: I'm pretty sure anything but boot can be in an extended partition these days.  That not used to ne the case, so if this is an older machine or distro, be careful.07:32
indusbullgard, well, remove it from the /etc/default/grub file07:32
Boots32Mindus, dj_Seg will do.... brb07:32
Pizikdoes anyone know what package Ubuntu used for Pidgin integration on the User menu in 8.10? Does 9.10 still do it?07:32
Boots32Mall will be in pastebin will return soon07:32
vizrudj_segfault1: so swap and a mass storage partition can be in extended, but my "/" must be in it's own primary partition?07:32
pangolin_rollinany experts on gps or fingerprint readers in ubuntu here?07:33
Boots32Mindus, usb thumb drive07:33
indusBoots32M, pen drive ?07:33
Pizikyes indus07:33
dj_segfault1Pizik: pidgin-libnotify?07:33
indusBoots32M, what brand is it? try a different usb port. at the back, not the front07:33
ripperdaI have a shell script that keeps stopping if I background it. is there any way to identify why a script is stopped? (it did not exit, it's just in the "stopped" state in ps)07:33
Pizikdj_segfault1:  asking me or telling me? ;o)07:33
dj_segfault1vizru: Boot, not root.  Not necessarily the same thing.  but probably the same thing in your case.07:34
vizrudj_segfault1: if it doesn't have the boot flag, can it still be boot?  Sorry for so many questions07:34
pangolin_rollinquit nooo help07:34
dj_segfault1Pizik: The description in Synaptic says "pidgin-libnotify is a Pidgin plugin which displays notification bubbles in Pidgin using libnotify and notification-daemon." which sounds like what you want07:35
cyberbluntzok I got the command to work and I'm still seeing this same error No URI handler implemented for "dvd".07:35
dj_segfault1vizru: I don't remember if that's still used or not.07:35
induscyberbluntz, use vlc to play it or mplayer07:35
vizrudj_segfault1: Thank you for the help07:35
Pizikdj_segfault1: Maybe I did not explain myself well. In 8.10 I had a menu on the lower bar that had options for setting my status for Pidgin, that is what I want.07:35
cyberbluntzIve tried real player already07:36
bullgardindus: Do you mean to remove the two boot parameters only or do you mean to remove the whole line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"?07:37
mattgyverPizik, i thought that was at the top now, where your user name is shown in 9.1007:37
dj_segfault1Pizik: Ah.  You want the "indicator-applet-session" applet on the control panel.  Right click on panel, chose add to panel, and chose that one (not indicator-applet)07:37
dj_segfault1vizru: NP.  Gotta check off soon though.  2:40am here.07:38
PizikThank you, I shall look for it07:38
indusbullgard, remove teh parameters only07:38
bullgardindus: Thank you for advising.07:38
cyberbluntzMplayer is giving me a fatal error: Error opening/initializing the selected video_out(-vo) device.07:39
Pizikdj_segfault1: awesome, exactly what I wanted. Installing now. ty and good bye07:39
induscyberbluntz, what file is this ?07:39
dj_segfault1Pizik:  Use it for good, not evil!07:40
cyberbluntza dvd from redbox07:40
cyberbluntzany explanation?07:41
Boots32Mdj_segfault1, indus, pluged that drive in every port then did the comparative pasting for paste bin: http://pastebin.com/zE88na9V07:41
=== devunt_ is now known as devunt
indusBoots32M, what does lsusb say07:41
Boots32MOh umm says the drive doesn't exist07:42
cyberbluntzis my only solution atm to go use windows to watch it? :(07:42
Boots32Mbut I see it and its right there... I swear!!:)07:42
dj_segfault1Boots32M: Those lines are about your keyboard.  Nothing in there about devices?  Maybe you need to wait longer.  I did see a udev line at the end07:42
=== NCommander_ is now known as NCommander
Boots32Mkk will do again and wait longer07:42
indusBoots32M, can you paste lsusb also07:42
ergergergis there a fix for ubuntu being crappy while playing in hulu at full screen ?07:43
indusergergerg, thats flash being crappy07:43
=== NCommander is now known as Guest88162
ergergergindus, im not going into a blaming fight i just want to fix it07:43
=== Guest88162 is now known as NCommmander
bullgardindus: I did as you advised and rebooted. I cannot discern any difference. Still, there are no boot-up messages appearing.07:43
ilievловите суки07:44
indusbullgard, i didnt advice to reboot07:44
indusergergerg, you cant fix it, try using google chrome07:44
dj_segfault1cyberbluntz: How about a windows VM instance on your linux box?07:44
indusbullgard, what brand of pen dri ve is it? does it work on windows07:45
cyberbluntzI already have the vice versa07:45
cyberbluntztriple boot07:45
cyberbluntzno point really07:45
ilievкак  дела?07:45
robert___nick SirRK07:45
=== robert__ is now known as SirRK
ilievя тоже зашел07:46
nomad77bullgard: use "verbose slash=silent" maybe? w/o the quotes. worked in old grub.07:46
bullgardindus: I do not use any pen drive.07:46
indusbullgard, oops sorry wrong nick :D07:46
cyberbluntzwould I beable to run the iso's from a ntfs file system?07:46
indusbullgard, try removing the lines from grub then07:46
nomad77/s/splash/slash sorry07:47
indusbullgard, ok sorry you need to run update-grub07:47
indusbullgard, after any grub edits run update-grub07:47
cyberbluntzOr should I make a fat32 and put em there?07:47
claws_is it possible for me to set terminal as desktop background and be able to use it ?07:49
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:49
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois07:50
bullgardindus: This worked. --  Thank you very much for your help.07:50
texomobilethanks, havent been on irc in over 15 yrs...anyhow i am looking for where the grub configuration file is located in 9.1007:50
indusbullgard, ok07:50
indusBoots32M, lsusb pasted?07:51
unoptexomobile, /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:51
DelphiWorldhi all07:51
DelphiWorldplease i am sory for this question:07:51
texomobilealso is there a equivalent to inittab?07:51
DelphiWorldwhat is the library for jpeg2dev?07:51
Boots32Mdj_segfault1, indus here's the pastebin:  http://pastebin.com/enF8MBUB07:51
DelphiWorldrequired package to install07:51
zebastianhelp, my internet connection seems to work fine when i plug the cable directly to my laptop but if i try to use the linksys cisco router both the wired and wireless connection dont seem to work, even when i login succesfully i cant seem to get any good connection and wicd displays it as 100% connected07:51
Whit2springhey..guys Does anybody help me ? i am using chrome browser and just have downloaded one's file from google , but The file extesion was .download . what is extension .download ? how can i execute .download file ?07:52
zebastianits a wireless-G broadband router07:52
indusBoots32M, thats not llsusb07:52
Boots32Mmy bad I was seeing what I wanted to:)07:52
flaargWhit2spring: rename it to the correct extension07:52
DelphiWorldzebastian: how your ISP connect you to the internet? static IP? PPPOE?07:52
zebastianDelphiWorld: how do i find this out?07:53
zebastiani am on a cable connection07:53
unoptexomobile, upstart replaces sysvinit on ubuntu.07:53
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:53
texomobilesuper thanks unop found it was looking for a .lst file07:53
Whit2springflaarg, thx for fast answer07:53
DelphiWorldzebastian: you use ubuntu?07:53
zebastianyes, i use ubuntu hardy07:54
unopclaws_, maybe not a real background but you could set any window on the 'desktop' layer tho.07:54
Boots32Mindus, I got a response that says it can't find it, but did point me back to lsusb07:54
zebastianby the way more specifically i have a WRT54G2 V1 router07:54
indusBoots32M, lsusb is a command in the terminal , just type it07:54
indusBoots32M, iam not sure what you mean it cant find it07:54
texomobileunop , I read that about upstart is there a config file for that somewhere? I want to boot into text mode and just run startx when I need it07:54
DelphiWorldzebastian: reset the router to default config07:54
Boots32MI typed two l's07:54
Boots32Minstead of one07:55
zebastianDelphiWorld: how do i do that from ubuntu? you see i set up the router when it had windows07:55
Boots32MI'll paste it again:)07:55
zebastianwith the cd07:55
zebastiani threw that away when i switched to ubuntu07:55
DelphiWorldzebastian: and go to your ubuntu shell and type: ifconfig and check your ethernet nic ip07:55
unoptexomobile, just disable your display manager from starting up .. simple :)07:55
unop!boot | texomobile07:55
ubottutexomobile: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto07:55
cyberbluntzIf were were going to create a VM with linux from an ISO image exsisting on an NTFS partition, would this be a problem?07:55
Boots32Mindus, there you go:) http://pastebin.com/ubGBQtgB07:56
zebastianDelphiWorld: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386150/07:56
unoptexomobile, i.e. on debian/ubuntu - all runlevels are the same. there isn't a dedicated graphical runlevel.07:56
flaargwell run level 1 and 0 are kinda different07:57
Boots32Mindus, the before and after look the same07:57
unopwell yea, runlevels 0, 1 and 6 are different - but 2-5 are the same07:57
zebastianDelphiWorld: by the way i did see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1230662 and of course thats impossible as i dont have a windows computer anymore, i am a happy ubuntu user07:57
Boots32MI need something that can give my usb system a jolt:)07:58
indusBoots32M, tell me what company drive is this?07:58
texomobileGreat thanks again,  for you quick help! now if I could only get nvidia to suport my dual monitor setup (one portrait one landscape) I would be cooking!!07:58
DelphiWorldzebastian: i think your ip is public, wait07:58
indusBoots32M, works in windows?seems like a pen driver problem?07:58
induspen drive problem i mean07:58
Boots32Mworks in ubuntu intermittantly07:58
indusBoots32M, in windows?07:58
tomatoes7__anyone know a chat channel for electronic frontier foundation? (off hand)07:59
claws_unop: not sure what you mean07:59
Boots32MIn windows works all the time07:59
DelphiWorldzebastian: have you configured your ip in the router or no?07:59
DelphiWorldzebastian: and your ip is static or dynamic?08:00
Boots32MIts just that after I startup windows I don't want to go back to ubuntu because after I shut windows down hadies freezes over....08:00
indusBoots32M, thats a webcam thread isnt it08:01
zebastianDelphiWorld: i dont know if my ip is static or dynamic, i pay the cable company as far that goes,,,never had to deal with htis before, pardon my ignorance, and i had configured the router on the same computer, but with windows and a gui install cd08:01
Boots32MFor my computer the internal webcam is on the usb system08:01
Boots32MI figured that out when I did the lsusb thing08:01
Boots32Mso its a usb problem still08:01
indusBoots32M, seems like a faulty usb connector on the motherboard?08:02
indusBoots32M, the usb headers which connect to the ports i mean08:02
indusBoots32M, cant really tell without looking at teh motherboard08:02
unopclaws_, an X window can be set on a particular layer i.e. normal, top, below, desktop, dock, etc.  read up on wmctrl (1) and window layers.08:02
Boots32Mindus, is the usb system a token ring type deal?08:02
indusBoots32M, token ring? wjhats taht08:03
DeltaLima28token ring has to deal with networking08:03
Boots32MWell the word serial part implies it, but I wonder if thats it08:03
zebastianhelp anyone?08:04
Boots32Mtoken ring networks are done in a serial fashion so if you break the line at any point on the network everything stops08:04
claws_unop: thank you.. im on it  :)08:04
Boots32Mold old unix system I worked with a while back08:04
Boots32Mthe only thing I remember from those times is that there's a difference between ls and dir08:05
chonkascan ne one help me?08:06
Boots32MI was just wondering if usb connectors were all serial not unto the motherboard but with respect to each other..08:06
zebastianhelp, my internet connection seems to work fine when i plug the cable directly to my laptop but if i try to use the linksys cisco router both the wired and wireless connection dont seem to work, even when i login succesfully i cant seem to get any good connection and wicd displays it as 100% connected08:06
zebastiani have a wireless-G WRT54G2 V1 router08:06
zebastianby cisco08:06
natethegreat1419Hello you all08:07
injastill here08:07
X-Frogwhere can find whats new in the next release 10.0408:08
Pirateanyone feeling chatty?08:08
Boots32MZebastian, your problem can probably be fixed by turning off your cable modem , and router, wating ten seconds then turning on cable modem, wait 30sec, then turn on your router.08:08
natethegreat1419Who is interested in how 10.4 will turn out?08:08
MadpilotX-Frog, join #ubuntu+1 for 10.04 news & chat08:08
FlannelX-Frog: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha308:08
Pirate10.4 what's so special about that one?08:08
zebastianBoots32M: for how long will you be on?08:09
zebastiani already tried that a couple times08:09
natethegreat1419It is long term08:09
Boots32Mwow its already 309 here... I'll be on for 45 minutes08:09
X-FrogMadpilot, ty08:09
X-FrogFlannel, ty08:09
solid_liquidI have to say, the daily build of ubuntu 10.04 is surprisingly stable08:09
zebastianBoots32M: ill try and do waht you tell me and come back08:10
Anvoiduptime gives me 5 users. how do i log off the other tty1,2,...?08:10
syvahey guys, i have a problem using the livecd. After a random amount of time my monitor goes blank, the button flashes, as if it as lost signal to the video card. Although I can tell the live cd hasnt crashed or anything. Any ideas?08:10
natethegreat1419I hope that they dont change how 10.4 looks compared to the others08:10
Boots32Mgood luck... if that doesn't work download the manual and look at the troubleshooting section:)08:10
syvasometimes it will happen after 20 seconds of using the live cd,sometimes after 4 minutes08:10
natethegreat1419Like with 8.04 it had a bunch of issues especially with pulse08:10
evilGUII'm having a problem when I drag a file to the desktop or another folder it disappears, I have to use f5 to do a refresh to be able to see it. Any idea on what's going on here? I've already trashed my gnome config files and the Nautilus ones.08:11
Boots32Mzeb you gotta restart your computer too in the whole process08:11
solid_liquidnatethegreat1419, it looks very similar08:11
natethegreat1419Does it?08:11
solid_liquidnatethegreat1419, I've been running it since Friday because it's the only distro that works with the gpu integrated into the core i5 processor on my new laptop08:12
natethegreat1419Nice.... I would like to have a better processor in the computers I use08:12
solid_liquidyeah, it's SWEET08:12
solid_liquideverything responds almost instantly08:12
solid_liquidthere's really no lag in the desktop experience08:13
natethegreat1419I bet it does. That would be perfect for me usin AVIdemux and such08:13
solid_liquidyeah, transcoding video is definitely faster08:13
solid_liquidI've already tried some08:14
natethegreat1419I bet it is08:14
chu_Hey guys, anyone know how to change the default login status with Pidgin? I'd like to login by default to invisible (MSN) if possible...08:14
klxklxwill ubuntu 10.04 upgrade when gnome 3.0 realease?08:14
solid_liquidchu_, you're still using pidgin?08:14
solid_liquid10.04 won't have gnome 3.008:14
chu_Yes, yes I am solid_liquid08:14
zebastian_Boots32M: seemed to work, now how would i go about opening the connection08:15
solid_liquidchu_, have you tried Epiphany yet?08:15
zebastian_so that i dont have to type a password anymore08:15
solid_liquidchu_, it's the new default IM client for 10.0408:15
chu_solid_liquid: briefly, but I wasn't a fan.08:15
chu_Yeah, it was default for karmic too08:15
sash_solid_liquid: for 9.10 you mean08:15
Boots32MWell you can use mac address security...08:15
Boots32Mdo you know how to do that?08:15
solid_liquidsash_, I never used 9.10.  I like LTS releases, so I'm still running 8.04 on my desktop08:15
natethegreat1419You probably mean empathy LOL08:16
solid_liquidlol okay yeah08:16
klxklxwill ubuntu 10.04 upgrade when gnome 3.0 realease?08:16
sash_and this ;)08:16
chu_Oh well, I understood what he meant.08:16
solid_liquidlike I said, I just installed this version on Friday08:16
solid_liquidklxklx, no08:16
Flannelklxklx: No, 10.04 won't have gnome 308:16
Paddy_NIklxklx: Highly unlikely08:16
natethegreat1419I am talking to someone that has a 5.04 machine still running08:17
chu_Actually, empathy is still installed, I'll have a look at it.08:17
Boots32Mzebastian_, are you using your hard line or wireless from your cisco router?08:17
titan_arkHey! I am in a bit of a trouble. I changed some code in 2 files and saved em by the old name! Is there a way to recover the old files? I edited them in gedit =(08:17
chu_How do I change anything with Empathy?08:18
zebastian_Boots32M: what you recommended worked, i am on the wireless from the cisco router08:18
Boots32Mok well you need to log into your router and either make yours an open connection, or use mac address security in order to not use a password anymore...08:19
natethegreat1419titan-ark look for a back-up file looking for a ~ in the name08:19
zebastian_Boots32M: how do i log into my router from ubuntu? i am sorry for my ignorance but when i installed the thing i was on windows and it was pretty much click on a gui cd-rom08:20
chu_Wow, invisible buttons ftw!08:20
titan_arknatethegreat1419, i do see 2 files with the same name with a trailing ~, how do i recover them?08:20
Boots32MI don't think you can log on from ubuntu.. wait lemme check real quick08:20
solid_liquidzebastian_, use your web browser to surf to
natethegreat1419Open them back up like that08:21
solid_liquidzebastian_, or perhaps
titan_arkzebastian_, what exactly are you trying to do? just get into its default IP depending on the brand08:21
solid_liquidzebastian_, look at your computer's IP address to determine what the second to last digit is08:21
hexdumpHi all I have a continual problem with installing java.08:22
titan_arknatethegreat1419, i am a noob in linux, could you tell me how exactly? I do not want to damage it trying to open without doing it right,08:22
jastorsomeone that knows if theres a taskbar/desktop widget or something that enables/disables X systems default system quickkeys? dont like the whole "take precedence over quickkeys you intend to send to the terminal window, so theyre sent to Gnome/KDE instead"08:22
Boots32MWell I can't log on to mine from ubuntu... but maybe thats because I'm wireless.. I would probably have to hardwire my computer into the cicso router to log into it...08:22
hexdumpgetting the exec 48 java not found08:22
hexdumpand java problems with azureus08:22
nomad77zebastian_: try firefox,url  skip userfield, password field default admin iirc08:22
natethegreat1419copy and paste to another location and then opening it there so you dont mess with another file08:23
titan_arknatethegreat1419, cool will try iy08:23
natethegreat1419let me know if it works08:23
solid_liquidnomad77, that's actually very much dependent on the brand of router, and in some cases, the specific model from that brand08:23
hexdumpis there a way to totally remove java from my machine?08:23
thianpaDont know if this is the right place. Anyone knows where i can fin rar archiver GUI ?08:24
nomad77solid_liquid: i have linksys also. but figured it might be same08:24
jastorseems an old bug is back btw :P ... did some updating earlier and: mplayer: undefined symbol: codec_wav_tabs08:24
solid_liquidnomad77, it varies a lot, even from one linksys to another08:24
Boots32MI got a motorola guess what the default password is:)08:24
nomad77solid_liquid: noted but he didn't check linksys site/manual,etc.08:25
hexdumptry this http://www.routerpasswords.com/08:25
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Boots32Mthere we go:)08:25
allen@Boots hmm you mean cellphone or router?08:25
alleni didn't know motorolla made routers08:25
solid_liquidI've seen  admin/admin admin/pass administrator/pass administrator/password pass/pass admin/[blank] etc08:25
Boots32Mthey actually do08:25
allenare they any good?08:26
solid_liquidyeah, and they make cablemodems too08:26
hexdumpdon't they make cable modems too08:26
solid_liquidmy motorola cablemodem is rocks solid :D08:26
Boots32Mis there an echo in here08:26
Boots32Min her08:26
Boots32Min here08:26
FloodBot2Boots32M: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
allenI've always thought that motorolla was a cellphone-only company because I've only heard of motorolla cellphones and nothing else08:26
hexdumpecho off08:26
solid_liquidBoots32M, in her... ?  I don't think I'll go there ;)08:26
solid_liquidallen, did you not know that they're more of a chipmaker than anything else?08:27
hexdumpbut hey does anyone know how to fix my little java prob?08:27
opossum_oisifhi, what is the equivalent of tracker (file indexing) for karmic?08:27
solid_liquidalthough they created the "Freescale Semiconductor" name now for their chip making child company08:27
allenhexdump can't you just add/remove java? I'm an ubunut noob so I'm just guessing08:28
titan_arknatethegreat1419, it worked! thanks a bunch!08:28
hexdumpallen:  nope tried it08:28
natethegreat1419Awesome I will tell the person that gave me the answer that is worked glad to hear08:28
hexdumpuninstalled it, removed directories installed java5 then updated to 6 to try to get it work and nothing08:28
hexdumpIt must be a problem with the path08:28
Boots32Myou know there's a calculator out there that I got recently that installs java so it can run on that.. even gave the java its own icon...08:29
hexdumpwhat about environmental variables?08:29
solid_liquidallen, too many things depend on java I think08:29
titan_arknatethegreat1419, :) thank you and your friend! saved my old code and all info! I wouldve been in deep sh**08:29
tomatoes7__anyone know a chat channel for electronic frontier foundation? (off hand)08:29
natethegreat1419no prob man glad to help08:29
allenlol for the deep shit comment08:30
titan_arkallen, :D08:30
rwwubottu: language08:30
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:30
hexdumpyeah this is started to annoy me08:30
titan_arki almost lost my code i was working on for quite some time08:30
solid_liquidBoots32M, the TI NSpire?08:30
hexdumpthis freakin java.08:30
titan_arkrww, :P oops sorry,08:30
allenwhat kinda code was it?08:30
tomatoes7__are children allowed in here?08:30
hexdumpI'm trying to launch ps3 media server on startup so all I have to do is turn on my old crap computer then turn on my ps3 and bingo08:31
titan_arkallen, verilog code08:31
Boots32Msolid_liquid, egors graphing calculator... got it and installed it from a link in ubuntu forums08:31
rwwtomatoes7__: yes08:31
solid_liquidtomatoes7__, of course08:31
Boots32MI do have the TI emulator though08:31
Boots32Mrun it through wine08:31
tomatoes7__i don't like kids08:31
solid_liquidBoots32M, oh, a software one, not a hardware one lol08:31
tomatoes7__if i was moderating this channel, i would ....08:32
tomatoes7__sorry, i'll stop being trollish08:32
titan_arkis there a way I can append the system date in a txt file via terminal? i would then like to add it in a cronjob08:32
opossum_oisifwhy does tracker not supported anymore?08:32
solid_liquidtitan_ark, yeah, use the 'date' command08:33
hexdumpI'm installing the damn thing again.  trial and error I guess.08:33
solid_liquidtitan_ark, look at the manpage for it to see how to format the output from it the way you want08:33
titan_arksolid_liquid, just "date >> <path>"08:33
titan_arksolid_liquid, ah okay08:33
solid_liquidtitan_ark, yeah, but you might want to format it08:33
titan_arksolid_liquid, hmm yeah thanks :) i want to append the date to the log file everytime i do a backup via a cronjob08:34
allenhey I think I'm doing this wrong but I can't get the msg command to work. is it like so? /msg username message ?08:35
natethegreat1419I just click on their name LOL08:35
allenwhat client do you use?08:36
solid_liquidtitan_ark, there's a command to do just about everything in Linux ;)08:36
allenI can't click on the name since I'm using irssi and am in the shell08:36
titan_arksolid_liquid, yes that is why i try everyday to learn more and quit windows!08:36
Boots32Mplease mr ubuntu man can I have my usb stick mounting capability back????08:36
titan_arkpardon my noob question, how do i also add a new line in the txt file :P08:36
rwwallen: yes, it's /msg username message08:37
=== nand_ is now known as nand
solid_liquidtitan_ark, :D  have you learned grep, sed, awk, rsync, ssh, scp, lsof and what's hidden in /proc and /sys yet?08:37
titan_arksolid_liquid, :D nope a total noob, no unix programming background at all!08:38
rwwallen: if you're not getting my replies to your PM, they're probably in another window (there should be a highlighted "Act:" number in your bottom statusbar)08:38
ddavidspls, can anyone help, i get this message when tryin to update - W: GPG error: http://ng.archive.ubuntu.com karmic Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>08:38
thianpawhere can i find a good tutorial for setting up wine?08:38
ddavidsW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://ng.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>08:38
ddavidsW: Failed to fetch http://ng.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic-updates/Release08:38
ddavidsW: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.08:38
FloodBot2ddavids: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:38
thianpawhere can i find a good tutorial for setting up wine?08:39
allenahh act numbers08:39
industhianpa, at winehq.org08:39
allenhow do i show my other windows ? what does Act mean anyway?08:39
hexdumpwell I cchanged the install path from /usr/local to /usr/java hopefully that does it08:40
sercikthe installer don't see my partitions on disk08:40
sercikgparted detects correctly08:40
serciksomeone can help?08:40
sercikmaybe is there another way to install?08:41
hexdumpif somebody knows the answer they will blurt it out08:41
ddavidsi just pasted something using the pastebin but im not sure if anybody sees it here?08:41
Pierrebyou have to paste the url here08:41
rwwallen: hold down Alt and press the number corresponding to the window, or press Escape then press the button. E.g., Alt-4 switches to window 4.08:42
rwwallen: and act stands for active :)08:42
ddavidsPierreb: thanks it's http://paste.ubuntu.com/386172/08:42
Pierrebanyone in here that have integrated a ftp server with AD? #samba is dead so figured i could try here08:42
sercikis there a way to read the output of ubiquity?08:42
Sh3r1ffrww: on an azerty keybord it is Alt-Shift-4 ;)08:43
solid_liquidtitan_ark, save that list and work your way through it08:44
titan_arksolid_liquid, :) sure thanks08:44
solid_liquidtitan_ark, I've written an article on scp and one on ls here:  http://solid.linux-coders.org/08:44
solid_liquidtitan_ark, you really should read the one on 'ls' at least; it shows how much more sophisticated ls is than dir08:44
solid_liquidtitan_ark, and provides some very useful insight I think into using the shell period08:45
titan_arksolid_liquid, damn the # of languages i need to know! c c++ java assembly vhdl verilog perl and now unix too :D08:45
titan_arksolid_liquid, hmmm i sure will08:45
injawhat program do i need to add to have a sidebar?08:45
titan_arksolid_liquid, btw i am part of a LUG at my school, do check lug-sjsu.org and give your comments. we would like to learn more and educate many more about Linux and FOSS08:47
ddavidspls i need help http://paste.ubuntu.com/386172/08:47
solid_liquidtitan_ark, you'll find it's fairly easy to pick up.  Linux is based on Unix, and Unix was written by the same guys who wrote C, so it's actually very similar08:48
Gheddy_Zarchey is it possible if Im loading a package by hand like 40 or 50 files in bits, that I may have to reload one file more than once ? Im trying to load a heap of .debs according to dependencies and synaptic wont find the CD drive as a repo eh08:48
solid_liquidtitan_ark, k, going there08:48
titan_arksolid_liquid, cool, okay08:48
hexdumpwhoo hoo!! just figured out an easy fix for the java not found problem08:50
hexdumpheh heh it was just calling the wrong directory by default08:51
sercikthank you for help :(08:51
sercik i solved myself giving dmraid -ay before starts ubiauity08:51
solid_liquidtitan_ark, oh, you may also want to look through the scripts section.  Several scripts I wrote plus a couple dozen contributed by others are up there.  The bash scripts can teach you some nice tricks for using the shell08:52
titan_arksolid_liquid, surely will have bookmarked and will go through it in time. too much to digest for a n00b at a time08:53
solid_liquidheh :)08:53
solid_liquidtitan_ark, unfortunately I haven't taken the time to write all the articles I wanted to write, just a couple, but hopefully there's enough useful info there to help you out08:54
titan_arksolid_liquid, :)08:54
solid_liquidtitan_ark, in the "What's this Linux thing" part you might also want to mention all the cellphones out there running Linux (apparently it's most of them now)08:55
antonihi. anybody can tell me how to run echo mia audio card under ubuntustudio 9.10? it's not working "out of the box"08:56
hexdumpdoes anyone know how to add a program to launch on startup?08:56
hexdumpis it in /etc/init.d/skeleton or something?08:57
titan_arksolid_liquid, sure, thanks will tell my buddy to add it08:57
solid_liquidtitan_ark, np08:58
kaytortugaHelp. I have a desktop that use to boot just fine. And now after a reboot it says it waits for root file system, then can't find the disk.08:58
kaytortugaI'm dropped into a busybox shell08:58
kaytortugabut I have no editor...08:58
kaytortugaI think the uuid of the disk changed.08:58
kaytortugaso that now in /boot/grub/menu.lst the uuid is wrong08:59
kaytortugahow do I change the root file system mapping to point to the /dev/sda208:59
kaytortugarather than the uuid?08:59
frankS2is there any way to display what files a deb package installed?09:00
titan_arksolid_liquid, ttyl assignments to do before i crash and an early monday! thx once a gain09:00
yeiksI came across bitrock installbuilder i'v neva used it b4 bt wld like to kno au good it is09:01
crawlerfrankS2: when you open the .deb in gdebi it tells you what files are included09:01
arandkaytortuga: use a liveCD to chroot and "update-grub"09:02
arandkaytortuga: or actually probably grub-install is what you want..09:03
yofelfrankS2: 'dpkg -L <packagename>'09:03
yofelfrankS2: in a terminal09:03
TecR0chow do you check what is your default shell?09:03
TecR0cin the terminal09:03
solid_liquidTecR0c, cat /etc/passwd | grep yourusername09:03
ardchoilleTechnoviking:  echo $SHELL09:04
TecR0cthanks ard09:04
solid_liquidardchoille, not necessarily09:04
solid_liquidTecR0c, /etc/passwd is where the default shell is set, so it's where you should check09:04
solid_liquidTecR0c, and if you want to change it, you change that file09:04
TecR0cok thanks09:05
ardchoilleTechnoviking:  the SHELL variable holds your current shell, so echo $SHELL will suffice09:05
solid_liquidTecR0c, np09:05
solid_liquidardchoille, unless you've run a different shell09:05
yeiksI came across bitrock installbuilder i'v neva used it before bt wld like to kno au good it is09:05
TecR0cso its /bin/csh thanks09:05
ardchoillesolid_liq:  cat /etc/passwd | grep yourusername returns nothing here09:05
TecR0card you have to be root09:06
sash_useless use of cat09:06
ardchoilleTecR0c: shouldn't ne4ed root for that09:06
sash_grep yourname /etc/passwd09:06
solid_liquidTecR0c, oh yeah, because it takes root privs to work with that file.  I forgot about that heh09:06
solid_liquidsash_, yeah, I said that ;)09:06
rww/etc/passwd doesn't require root privileges to read.09:07
ardchoillerww: correct09:07
sash_nope, its readable for everyone09:07
solid_liquidardchoille, it's perms aren't necessarily the default perms of Ubuntu...  it sounds like he's not working with ubuntu09:07
ardchoilleTecR0c: which versionof ubuntu are you using?09:07
solid_liquidif csh is the default shell, it sounds more like he's on Unix09:07
TecR0card actually im using freebsd09:08
TecR0cbut i knew the concept would be the same09:08
solid_liquidyep, Unix ;)09:08
ardchoilleTecR0c: then you shouldn't be inhere asking bsd support09:08
ardchoillesolid_liq: good call09:08
hexdumpwhere do I place my program to launch on startup?09:08
solid_liquidI've only ever seen csh as a default shell on unix boxes09:08
hexdumpnot boot but login09:08
TecR0ci can leave if u wish09:08
solid_liquidhexdump, to your desktop?09:09
ardchoillehexdump: System > Preferences > Startup applications09:09
demonsporkhexdump, System>Preferences>Startup Applications09:09
solid_liquidgood, I didn't have to type all that :)09:09
FloodBot2demonspork: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
ardchoilleTecR0c: just know that this channel is for ubuntu support only09:09
solid_liquidthat's why I stalled ;)09:09
hnsrguys, something weird just happened09:09
ardchoillesolid_liquid: hehe09:09
demonsporkhnsr, I know, I tried to watch that big fight up in canada, but for some reason a hockey game happened instead09:10
hnsri have ubuntu on my laptop, and I use ssh key auth for everything, but suddenly my private keyfile on my laptop had all permission bits set (777,rwxrwxrwx)09:10
hnsrdemonspork, :p09:10
hexdumpI'm using Xubuntu is there a way to access it through the shell?09:10
hnsrssh complained loudly, thankfully09:10
hnsrbut I wonder how the heck it even got that way09:10
ardchoillehexdump: you need to ask in #xubuntu09:10
yeiksI came across bitrock installbuilder i'v neva used it b4 bt wld like to kno au good it is09:11
solid_liquidhnsr, that's very hard to diagnose unless you can go through everything you did between when you know it wasn't that way and when it was09:11
Myrttihexdump: it's different in xubuntu09:11
solid_liquidhnsr, which...  is still a lot of work09:11
hexdumpah okie thanks though now I know for ubuntu.  thanks for the help09:11
Myrttihexdump: applications - settings - sessions and startup09:11
sash_hnsr: grep chmod ~/.bash_history09:11
hnsrsolid_liquid, hmm, yeah I suppose you're right, it mustve happened in the last hour though since I sshed to my server not too long ago without problems09:12
hnsrI do remember one thing, I did 'sudo apt-get install traceroute', and then I got some kind of popup about an authentication issue with updating the apt package lists, or something along those lines09:12
yeiksnobody seems to want to answer my question09:12
solid_liquidhnsr, hmm09:13
hnsrI then clicked uhm.. something, i think it had a button saying 'check' and it asked my user password (i.e. like when you need to reaise priveleges for updating software), and then I just let it do its thing09:13
hnsrthough I'm not sure what it was actually doing, as I was in a hurry to get on with debugging my network :/09:14
solid_liquidyeiks, this isn't a "texting channel"...  you might try typing like a normal human being ;)09:14
ardchoillesash_: actually I think "history | grep foo" would be better in case something has yet to be written to ~/.bash_history09:15
hexdumpthanks now I have to fix the ps3 media server java not found again pfff figures.  figure one thing out another thing fails.09:15
sash_ardchoille: yep09:15
solid_liquidhexdump, heh09:15
hnsranyay, paranoid mode is now set to 'off' and I'll just assume this was something innocent, just wanted to bring it up here incase someone else got something like this :p09:16
solid_liquidhnsr, I think it was unique to you.  I use ssh all the time, and haven't seen that problem09:18
hnsrsolid_liquid, yeah, it's just weird since it mustve been some other tool/app/thing that changed the permissions on my key, and I guess it would be interesting to find out what and why, sadly my bash_history file doesn't reveal anything :/09:19
solid_liquidhnsr, yep.  That's about the only thing I'd really like to see changed about how shells in Linux work, but it's so difficult to come up with an elegant way to have separate history files for different terminals without having a massive blowup in the number of files saved for that purpose09:21
injacan i run xfire on ubuntu?09:21
solid_liquidno idea09:22
xiongTry wine.09:22
injahow do i use wine09:22
solid_liquidyeah, or crossover (commercial version of wine)09:22
ardchoille!wine | inja09:22
ubottuinja: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:22
injai have wine09:22
=== david is now known as Guest94909
Quan-Timeinja: wine is installed ? it basically enables you to double click ".exe" files and the execute much the same way windows would hdandle it09:23
Quan-Timeinja: i use wine for utorrent and a ftp program.. plus "steam" and a few other tid bits09:23
ddavidspls what does this do09:24
Guest94909Where can i ask help questions?09:24
ardchoilleright here09:24
solid_liquidQuan-Time, you don't like the native torrent software?09:25
ddavidspls what does this command do - 'update manager -d'?09:25
solid_liquidQuan-Time, and all the native ftp programs?  or just haven't found ones you like yet?09:25
Quan-Timesolid_liquid: nope. i like the simplicity of utorrent,, AND since i already have wine for other stuff, and utorrent is like 250k...09:25
Guest94909WEll my sound was very very choppy after instal then I installed flah and sound is gone.  for all programs09:25
yeikssolid_liquid be polite09:26
ardchoilleddavids: that particular command does nothing09:26
Quan-Timesolid_liquid: the FTP program i use, im just used to... i used to LOVE filezilla, but since it turns out the devs are douchebags, ive abandoned it and put my money else where09:26
ardchoilleddavids: but update-manager -d = Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible09:26
yeiksI came across bitrock installbuilder i'v never used it before but would like to know how good it is09:26
solid_liquidyeiks, what do you mean?09:27
solid_liquidQuan-Time, I was just commenting about someone using Filezilla in ##linux a little while ago  lol09:28
Guest94909I have followed the quides online and nothing work completly updated everything, tryed open zuse a 32 bit version live cd's and nothing works no sound.09:28
ddavidsardchoille: thanks, cld u pls help with this error when im updating - http://paste.ubuntu.com/386172/09:29
solid_liquidGuest94909, what sound hardware?09:29
Guest94909bose companion 509:29
luckyI'm trying to install Anki I get an error with apt-get: python-qt4: Depends: python-sip4 (< 4.10) but 4.10.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa1 is to be installed09:29
ardchoilleddavids: are you trying toupdate to Lucid?09:29
solid_liquidGuest94909, that's a sound card?  and could you change your nick to something easier to type please?09:29
solid_liquid /nick newnick      to change your nick09:30
=== dan__ is now known as danx
ddavidsno, im on karmic and i know lucid is still due for april... i guess someone was on my system and type some code that caused the error...09:30
ddavidsid like to revert back...09:31
solid_liquidI think Lucid is a very good name for 10.04 I have to say09:31
ardchoilleddavids: what command did you run to get that error?09:31
Guest94909Ok, just useing motherboard, GB MA790X-UD4P for sound issue, its usb09:31
solid_liquidthey're really doing a good job with it09:31
ddavids'sudo apt-get update'09:31
Guest94909SOrry it keeps changing my name automaticly09:32
ardchoilleyeah. LTS releases have always been awesome09:32
solid_liquidGuest94909, what does   lspci   show?09:32
ardchoilleddavids: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file so I can make sure it's ok?09:32
ardchoille!paste | ddavids09:32
ubottuddavids: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:32
solid_liquidardchoille, more than that though.  They've just really streamlined everything nicely.  I'm running it on my laptop, but I run 8.04LTS on my desktop because I love LTS releases period.  But it's just really showing a lot of nice polish (Lucid)09:33
ardchoillesolid_liq: yeah, I can't wait to try it out09:33
Guest94909sorry new to ubuntu.  and linix all my background is in pc from termianal?09:33
solid_liquidardchoille, it's actually very stable for me already09:34
injaso i stil dont get how wine works09:34
ardchoilleGuest94909: welcome to a better world09:34
solid_liquidGuest94909, yeah, in terminal type:    lspci09:34
Guest94909lol well its been rough trying to set up this pc, its my gf and prob spent about 15 hours trying to get things to work09:34
Guest94909work doing php mysql .net java stuff but all on pc for 15 years now so this is all new09:35
othershey can anybody help me with this...i recently installed kubuntu but i couldn't login to my account .09:36
solid_liquidGuest94909, that's just because Linux is unfamiliar to you right now.  You still need to learn the names of the programs we use in Linux, and learn your way around.  It's kinda like moving into a new house.  You'll bump into a few walls in the dark at night, but you'll adjust soon enough09:36
ardchoilleothers: you need to ask in #kubuntu09:36
Guest94909well its getting easyer, i like alot of things just ease of use is fun09:36
solid_liquidGuest94909, being a programmer, you'll really love the shell...  it's awesome :)09:37
ddavidsardchoille: http://paste.ubuntu.com/38619509:37
Guest94909and monitor is 42in and it keeps thinking thats its a 7 in09:37
solid_liquidGuest94909, you'll want to learn how to get a color prompt string first thing09:37
solid_liquidthat's a sweet monitor09:37
quentusrexHelp, I think my main workstation is about to have a hard drive failure. How do I backup all of my keys. ssh, gpg, etc09:38
quentusrexI'm coping over the entire home directory09:39
ardchoilleddavids: Wowsers, that's quite a list09:39
quentusrexis there anything outside of that directory that I need to save?09:39
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almoxarifeI read that by changing the sources in source.list from karmic to lucid will get you an upgrade, I am in the middle of the upgrade, chances of failure?09:39
Guest9490901:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc HD48x0 audio09:39
Guest94909 is this the line you wanted09:39
ardchoilleddavids: here's mine (been using ubuntu since 2005) http://ardchoille42.pastebin.com/gmWS19Cb09:39
ardchoilleddavids: I don't see any problems there, try updating again09:40
ddavidsardchoille: lol, thanks for having a look. im updating again...09:42
ddavidsardchoille: same error during signature verification...09:42
ddavidsardchoille: can i overlook it? or is it bound to affect something along the way?09:43
ardchoilleddavids: hold on09:43
solid_liquidquentusrex, everything should be in /home unless you put anything elsewhere09:43
solid_liquidquentusrex, your ssh keys will be in ~/.ssh/09:43
Laliitooola hay alguien??09:44
arandalmoxarife: that is not at all a supported way of doing the upgrade, you should let the automatic procedures take care of that for you.. also for lucid support see #ubuntu+109:44
DJones!es | Laliitoo09:44
ubottuLaliitoo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:44
ardchoilleddavids: you seem to have a lot of redundant entries. Would you like for me to re-write it for you?09:44
minus007I need to install  glib 2.21.3 on Ubuntu 9.0409:44
minus007Can anyone help me?09:44
ddavidsardchoille: yes pls...09:45
minus007I get this error while compiling webkit gtk09:45
minus007hecking for GLIB... configure: error: Package requirements (glib-2.0 >= 2.21.309:45
minus007                  gobject-2.0 >= 2.009:45
minus007                  gthread-2.0 >= 2.0) were not met:09:45
minus007Requested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.21.3' but version of GLib is 2.20.109:45
FloodBot2minus007: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:45
Zusis anyone here a registered member of LP with opgp keys?09:45
ardchoilleddavids: open a terminal and follow my instructions09:46
ddavidsardchoille: ok09:47
ardchoilleddavids: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup09:47
arandZus: I guess many are, what is your question?09:48
ardchoilleddavids: let me know when that is done09:48
Zusarand, are they specifically personal pgp keys or would  a "specific" team have one how do they work?09:48
ddavidsardchoille: done09:50
ardchoilleddavids: copy and paste this line exactly as it is into your terminal and run it: sudo sed -i 's|deb http://ng.archive.ubuntu.com|# deb http://ng.archive.ubuntu.com|g' /etc/apt/sources.list09:50
brt_In anyone here an expert at usine dar for making backups?09:51
ddavidsardchoille: done09:51
ardchoilleddavids: save the file and then do: sudo apt-get update09:52
solid_liquidardchoille, it should already be saved ;)09:52
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ardchoillesolid_liquid: yeah, force of habit09:52
solid_liquidardchoille, heh, I figured as much09:52
ddavidsardchoille: there's no file to save...09:52
ardchoilleddavids: sudo apt-get update09:53
solid_liquidddavids, ignore that saving part ;)09:53
ddavidsit was a silent action09:53
ardchoilleyeah, that's an old habit of mine09:53
ddavidsardchoille: ok09:53
ardchoilleddavids: any errors?09:53
ddavidsstill working09:53
Arma_I just started a project at my university, the project is to install a Linux client and make it login on a windows server domain controller, can anyone put me on the right track ?09:53
ddavidsardchoille: there are errors...09:54
Arma_and of course I chose Ubuntu for the Linux OS09:54
ardchoilleddavids: Can you pastebin them pls?09:54
andrew__Ok so using the OSS driver for spotify, it needs to be the first application to lock/use audio..09:54
andrew__Is there any way to release whatever else is using audio?09:54
Nuf881I have this strange problem where my wireless won't connect to any open networks, only encrypted ones. Any hints?09:55
solid_liquidArma_, that's actually easiest to do on Fedora...  you might want to try that first to see how it works in Fedora (or CentOS) to get your starting point09:55
ddavidsardchoille: ok - http://paste.ubuntu.com/386203/09:55
arandZus: Not completely sure, but I think everyone has a personal key, and if say, a team creates a ppa which has another associated key, the LP system will automatically accept all team-members' keys and re-sign with the ppa-key when any one of the mebers upload to the PPA (not sure, but I think that's how it works..)09:56
adri_Hi, I just installed Ubuntu 9.19 on a laptop (Asus M70sa) and the screen is extremely dim. Power management options have no effect. I tried to manually edit /sys/class/acpi_video0/brightness but it did not work.09:57
ardchoilleddavids: Is this from a new install or an upgrade from a previous release?09:57
Arma_solid_liquid: would Fedora work on a P2 with 128MB Ram ? I was thinking about Xubuntu09:57
solid_liquidArma_, uh...  an older version would for sure.  I'm not sure about the current ones09:58
ddavidsardchoille: it's a new install but i gave it out to a friend and i guess he must have tampered wt it...09:58
Arma_solid_liquid: that's the challenge, if this works they might install Linux on alot of workstations instead of their Windows or OpenSolaris (which doesn't work on the domain for now)09:58
Zusarand,  thanks...09:58
ardchoilleddavids: Can  you run this command for me please: lsb_release -r09:58
hatten_test, anybody sees this?09:59
crawleradri_: try this command: echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/asus-laptop/ls_switch09:59
Callum__hatten_: coming through fine =)09:59
solid_liquidArma_, it'll work.  I was just talking to a friend of mine who works for Wolfram (makers of Mathematica) yesterday, and he told me they're all Linux there and use Fedora because it's the easiest to get working on the domain09:59
brjannwould someone say my nick please? testing notifications10:00
rwwbrjann: hi!10:00
solid_liquidbrjann, no10:00
hatten_okay, I've borked X on my netbook, and I dunno how to choose and connect to network through the cli at ubuntu10:00
crawleradri_: as root10:00
ardchoillesolid_liquid: lol10:00
brjannrww: thanks! solid_liquid: :(10:00
solid_liquidbrjann, it gave a notification, didn't it?  ;)10:00
PingFloydArma_: you may want to consider trying lubuntu10:00
brjannbrjann: yes, but it sounded sad.10:00
hatten_as soon as i get internet i'll be fine10:00
tomatoes7__use puppy linux10:00
brjannoops, now i'm talking to myself. clearly i should go to sleep10:00
solid_liquidPingFloyd, lubuntu?10:01
ddavidsardchoille: tobi@tobi-laptop:~$ lsb_release -r10:01
psycho_oreosubuntu with lxde frontend10:01
adri_crawler, thank you very much. so there's no front-end for switching on/off the light sensor?10:01
Arma_PingFloyd: I was considering it too, solid_liquid yes it is lxde GUI10:01
hatten_Nobody knows how to connect to the internet through the cli here?10:01
faileashatten_: wires or wireless?10:01
hexdumpah ha!  I finally fixed everything!10:01
PingFloydsolid_liquid: it uses lxde for the desktop environment10:01
psycho_oreosI don't think lubuntu is out yet, although its available as a virtual package in the repo but it won't be out till lucid is officially out I think10:01
hatten_faileas: wires10:01
hexdumpjust had to get that out sorry10:01
ardchoilleddavids: ok, what is happening is that you are getting a GPG error on a repo that was installed when you installed the system. Someone somehow mucked something up. I'd get hold of that friend and ask him what he did.10:01
djoefHi, a few days ago, I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10. Suddenly I get this warning at startup, saying my hard disk has a big amount of bad sectors. By reading some forums the best thing to do seemed to download the diagnostics software from the hardware supplier (samsung in my case) which just completed a full test with no errors.10:01
crawleradri_: not that i know of.  you'll have to run that every boot, i believe.  should be easy enough though10:02
solid_liquidhatten_, just connect to the network with internet access10:02
djoefWhat should I believe, and If its samsungs tool, how to remove the error in ubuntu ?10:02
solid_liquidPingFloyd, hmm, I didn't know that flavor existed10:02
faileashatten : ifconfig  and pastebin what's there. If you need a browser... w3m is the 'easy' one. lynx is more popular tho10:02
adri_crawler, ok I'll just put something in init.d.10:02
PingFloydsolid_liquid: I think it is still just a virtual package right now10:02
ardchoilleddavids: would you like me to walk you through returning your sources.list to the original?10:02
Arma_djoef: it might be either logical or physical you should know which first10:02
faileasdjoef: tried running fsck?10:02
crawleradri_: ok, good luck xD10:02
ddavidsardchoille: yes pls...10:02
PingFloydsolid_liquid: the plan is to make it a distro though10:02
rwwa preliminary version of lubuntu is in Ubuntu 9.10's metaverse repository10:02
solid_liquidfaileas, I think links is much better than lynx.  lynx is ancient and crusty10:02
solid_liquidPingFloyd, I've never even tried lxde10:03
djoeffaileas, I didn't because I did the samsungs diagnostic test. I don't want to remap things and mess my drive up, if its not necessary ;)10:03
faileassolid_liquid: i prefer w3m10:03
solid_liquidfaileas, I like w3m too10:03
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PingFloydI used to run lxde on debian on my old PII, it ran pretty nicely10:03
djoefArma_, how should I check for this ?10:03
Arma_PingFloyd: or I can just install Xubuntu and then install LXDE nothing will change, that's not the problem I have, the main problem is making a Linux OS work on a P2 and hook it up to a windows domain controller10:03
hatten_solid_liquid: faileas w8 a second, booting10:03
faileasdjoef: if its a FS issue... you'd prolly not have it caufht by said tool10:03
PingFloydArma_: yeah, that is probably your best route10:04
Arma_djoef: <faileas> djoef: tried running fsck?10:04
djoeffaileas, FS ?10:04
Arma_PingFloyd: but hooking it up to a windows domain should be a challenge10:04
minus007How to install Firefox 3.6 on Ubuntu 9.04?10:04
faileashatten: i'm an idiot for telling you to pastebin fsck. but ifconfig should show a ip addie that's valid, hopefully. else we'd have to go to strp 210:04
psycho_oreosdjoef, filesystem10:04
Arma_and I would prefer Ubuntu over Fedora10:04
djoefpsycho_oreos, thank you :)10:04
faileaswhat psycho_oreos said10:04
ardchoilleddavids: open a terminal and do: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.backup /etc/apt/sources.list10:04
andrew__ZOMG FEDORA HATS10:04
Arma_but if there is no way to do but on Fedora then Fedora it is I guess10:04
psycho_oreosdjoef, np10:04
solid_liquidArma_, it can be done on Ubuntu too, it's just more work10:05
p1oooop1hey guys10:05
adri_Is there a way to track changes to the Ubuntu system and store them somewhere? I'm about to add a script to init.d. If I ever re-install Ubuntu I will have to search for the fix again and install the script again. Is there a tool that automates this?10:05
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:05
faileasArma_: http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/HOWTO:_Configure_Ubuntu_for_Active_Directory_Authentication ?10:05
minus007hey p1oooop110:05
Arma_solid_liquid: work is no problem I have 4 months to finish this project10:05
ddavidsardchoille: done10:05
solid_liquidArma_, Fedora was made to do that easily.  You'll probably just need to write a script or something for Ubuntu, but Ubuntu is obviously a much nicer choice for a desktop distro10:05
faileasadri_: not as far as i know. that's one reason i document my changes in a wiki ;p10:06
djoeffaileas, Arma_ , So even with the samsung diagnostic tool saying there is no error, you would recommend me to check with fsck right ?10:06
hatten_faileas: yeah, ifconfig says no ip, only inet addr and mask, and some other stuff10:06
ardchoilleddavids: I'm sorry I wasn't able to fix this problem for you, but keep asking in here and someone should be able to help10:06
faileasdjoef: totally10:06
PingFloydArma_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba10:06
faileashatten_: sudo ifup <interfacename>10:06
danx!ask | minus00710:06
ubottuminus007: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:06
Arma_djoef: of course10:06
minus007How to install FF 3.6 on Ubunto 9.04??????????????????????????????/10:06
ddavidsardchoille: no prbs, thanks so much for ur time... i think i have a friend to skin...10:06
danxminus007: go to firefox.com and download the binary10:06
solid_liquidminus007, stop yelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)10:07
hatten_faileas: how do i find the interfacename?10:07
ardchoilleddavids: hehe, you're welcome10:07
mjrosenbhas linux-ubuntu-modules been deprecated?10:07
p1oooop1anyone know how to record using pulse? for whatever reason, it isn't working :P10:07
Arma_solid_liquid: I am a part of Ubuntu-lb so I'm working alone on this project, true, but this is one for the team ;)10:07
p1oooop1perhaps my ALSA drivers aren;t working right?10:07
faileashatten_: it should be eth0 or eth1 - ifconfig should have output it10:07
mjrosenbbecause apt/synaptic does not seem to have anything for 3.6.31.*10:07
rwwminus007: Firefox 3.6 is not officially supported on Ubuntu 9.04. For an unsupported PPA version, see https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable10:07
p1oooop1intel ICH-7?10:07
scruffymogwaiIs FF 3.6 available thru a PPA?10:07
ardchoilleddavids: fwiw, you shouldn't be getting that error unless he messed with your keyrings10:07
faileashatten_: if neither are up, we will need to find it from lshw10:07
minus007Thanks rww10:07
djoeffaileas, Arma_, should I do this starting from a live CD and run the full test ? (secondary question, will this be able to "repair" my disk (or at least avoid further errors by ignoring those blocks))10:08
brt_Hi everyone! My drive sda is divided into 3 partitions: boot, swap, and data. I corrupted files on the boot partition. Can I fix it without affecting the data partition?10:08
hatten_faileas: neither are up10:08
solid_liquidArma_, it would be great to see Ubuntu have a large installbase at a University10:08
faileasdjoef: yes10:08
faileashatten_: what do you have?10:08
hatten_faileas: in ifconfig? linnk encap, inet addr, mask, rx/tx packets, mtu, metric, rx/tx bytes10:09
p1oooop1solid_liquid: I agree, wouldn't it really make a difference?10:09
ddavidsardchoille: i guessed as much10:09
faileashatten_: all the way left10:09
Arma_solid_liquid: yup, and LDAP does not help cause I wont have a linux server, they have a windows server10:09
hatten_faileas: aha, lo10:09
hatten_faileas: only10:09
p1oooop1solid_liquid: hundreds more people in here asking for help :D10:09
djoeffaileas, Arma_ , thanks !10:09
rwwmjrosenb: yes. That package was only published for hardy; I'm looking to see where that functionality is now located.10:09
ddavidsbut isnt it possible to revert such, to an earlier time? just thinking...10:09
faileashatten_: ahh. ok. TIME FOR STAGE TWO! STRIKE!10:09
solid_liquidp1oooop, heh10:09
faileashatten_: sudo lshw | less10:10
hatten_faileas: fight!10:10
ardchoilleddavids: I'm sure it is, I just don't know how10:10
mjrosenbrww: sweet.10:10
faileashatten_: look for lines starting with *-network10:10
Arma_and it would also be more professional if I make a workstation that can download updates and stuff and give them to the clients instead of each one downloading it alone and installing apart which will save bandwidth10:10
ddavidsnay body help, someone has messed up wt my keyrings (it seems) and now i cant update wtout errors.10:10
p1oooop1p1oooop get off... :P10:10
p1oooop1hold on, imma go get p1oooop10:11
hatten_faileas: faileas found it, *-network DISABLED10:11
ikoniap1oooop1: please stop10:11
faileashatten_: is there a eth something there?10:11
ikoniap1oooop1: this is a support channel, try to keep to that topic, it's support for ubuntu only10:11
hatten_faileas: eth5 O_o10:11
faileashatten_: ah hah! STAGE 3!10:11
rwwmjrosenb: from the look of it, free modules are in the regular linux-image packages, non-free ones are in linux-restricted-modules-versionnumber-architecture10:11
hatten_faileas: that's its logical nome10:11
hatten_faileas: name10:11
rwwmjrosenb: so if you're using the generic kernel, you'd want the linux-image-generic and linux-restricted-modules-generic metapackages installed, which will pull in the right version packages.10:12
faileashatten_: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces10:12
ardchoilleI would like one of those "Ubuntu will be release in x days" graphic for my website. Where would I get one?10:12
hatten_faileas: nano? bah, vim all the way10:12
faileashatten_: whatever you feel comfy with. nano is newbie friendly10:12
p1oooop1there we go10:12
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
p1oooop1p1oooop ?10:12
Arma_solid_liquid, PingFloyd I have a question, would it be better to make a local Ubuntu server which Ubuntu clients will connect to and itself will connect to the Windows server or would it be better to make all clients directly connected to the windows server ?10:13
hatten_faileas: i know, im only noob to ubuntu, one year user of arch10:13
faileaschange any instance of "eth0" under primary network interface to eth510:13
mjrosenbrww: should the tp_smapi (or whatever smapi is called these days) be in there?10:13
hatten_faileas: okay, i got it, there are two rows10:13
hatten_faileas: 'auto lo' and 'iface lo inet loopback'10:13
faileas... wait... what?10:13
hatten_faileas: that's what inside the interfaces file10:13
viliny_Anyone know whats up with playdeb being down?10:14
Kamokowardchoille: As far as I know, most people who have those have made their own PHP scripts that generate the images. (I might be wrong though)10:14
solid_liquidArma_, what you're talking about sounds like a suse server10:14
faileasadd two lines "auto eth5" and "iface eth5 inet dhcp"10:14
joaopintoviliny, the main server failed, we are working on it10:14
Arma_solid_liquid: suse ?10:14
faileashatten_: that should fix it. all you need to do is restart your networky stuff, and you'll be goof10:15
p1oooop1Kamokow: you are right, using GD10:15
ardchoilleKamokow: That's what I was thinking too but thought I'd ask10:15
p1oooop1Kamokow: google it ;)10:15
solid_liquidArma_, Novell made sure suse servers integrate seamlessly with windows networks, which is why m$ sells support contracts for suse linux10:15
p1oooop1ardchoille: google GD, it can use PHP but PHP is not necessarry for it to work10:15
hatten_faileas: yay, one ifup later and I'm connected. Thanks a lot!10:16
Arma_solid_liquid: so I have to install suse ? :(10:16
solid_liquidArma_, heh not necessarily10:16
faileashatten_: np. i had a similar issue with a VM a few days back ;p10:16
solid_liquidArma_, it's just the easiest solution10:16
Arma_solid_liquid: or maybe opensuse :/ I would like it to be open source10:16
ardchoilleKamokow: fouhnd it! http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown10:16
solid_liquidArma_, suse is opensource, just charged for10:16
p1oooop1ardchoille: the problem is that you don't just tell it "make image real nice" you need to tell it to do every step of making such image10:16
rwwmjrosenb: I'm looking, but my computer's being slow10:16
Kamokowardchoille: I also just found it and was going to send. I guess thats not a problem now. Gratz.10:16
zuppershit :10:17
mjrosenbrww: also, the latest linux-restricted-modules-generic seems to be for 2.6.28-17.2210:17
p1oooop1what was that?10:17
ikoniazagabar: please control your language10:17
Arma_I don't care for the easiet solution, I want it to work in 3 months, I think that's more then enough to pull it through wouldn't it ? and I know that suse and opensuse are the same that's why I said opensuse10:17
faileasikonia: i think you mean zupper? who just did a driveby ;p10:17
ikoniaughhh, tab lag10:18
ikoniazagabar: sorry , misstab/lag10:18
solid_liquidArma_, my point was this: start with the easiest to see how they made it work so well, and then figure out how to make whatever distro you want do it equally well10:18
rwwmjrosenb: hmm, that's odd. They must have changed it in Karmic and I never noticed :\10:18
Arma_solid_liquid: has it been done before ?10:18
solid_liquidArma_, has what?10:19
Arma_if it has then I will find it online and make it through10:19
mjrosenbrww: isn't progress great?10:19
Arma_I hate to see windows everywhere, it is slooooooow and unstable and I HATE IT10:19
solid_liquidArma_, dunno if you'll find that or not10:19
Arma_I want My unversity to have a taste of linux10:19
solid_liquidArma_, you're preaching to the choir10:19
Arma_cause once you go linux you never go back10:19
ikoniaArma_: ok - what do you actually need support with ?10:19
Arma_solid_liquid: actually I'm working on it not just preaching10:20
solid_liquidArma_, lol  like all of us10:20
ikoniaArma_: Microsfot windows is acceptable for some people so please stop ranting about it, this is a support channel, do you need support with Ubuntu ?10:20
p1oooop1Arma_: LMAO, you think... the only reason, IMHO that windows is so popular is because it's "easy" to use10:20
Arma_I've been working for 3 semesters now on this project and finally I got computers with P2 to work on10:20
Arma_p1oooop1: IT IS NOT EASY TO USE10:20
p1oooop1Arma_: you ever think of making a kerrighed cluster?10:20
ikoniaArma_: stop now10:20
Arma_I find linux easier to manipulate :/10:20
Arma_but that's just me10:21
Arma_ikonia, I got these P2 to install linux on them and hook em up to a windows domain controller10:21
p1oooop1oops, wrong channel... sorry ikonia10:21
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solid_liquidp1oooop1, no, it's what comes with computers, so it's what people already know, it was the cheapest solution 30 years ago so lots of custom apps have been written for it, and it has vendor lock in10:21
ikoniaArma_: ok - so you need support with that ?10:21
Arma_and I chose the very first Linux OS I ever used and learned on to impliment the project10:21
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:21
Arma_I would like some help with that why not10:22
rwwmjrosenb: indeed. alright, I don't have anything smapi related under /lib/modules in Karmic with linux-image-generic, so it ain't in that package...10:22
ikoniaArma_: ok - what part are you stuck with10:22
p1oooop1actually, I was looking for some help with my sound recording10:22
Arma_I didn;t start the project yet, I got the computers today, soo I'm doing research10:22
rwwooo, that looks useful10:22
p1oooop1i cannot record sound for whatever reason... ALSA not working right?10:22
rww!info tp-smapi-source | mjrosenb10:22
ubottumjrosenb: tp-smapi-source (source: tp-smapi): ThinkPad hardware/firmware access modules source. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.40-5 (karmic), package size 56 kB, installed size 108 kB10:22
Arma_ikonia: I didn't start the project yet, I got the computers today, soo I'm doing research10:23
hatten_hey, when I execute 'crontab -e' it says '/var/spool/cron' is not a directory, bailing out.10:23
rwwmjrosenb: and these instructions look reasonable for setting it up: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_9.10_(Karmic_Koala)_on_a_ThinkPad_T61#Install_HDAPS_-_IBM_Active_Protection_System_Linux_Driver10:23
p1oooop1!hi | xjdeng_10:24
ubottuxjdeng_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:24
mjrosenbrww: strange.  why did it go from being available as a binary to source only?10:25
zetherootalk about a nightmare ... Network Proxy in Ubuntu  :P10:25
Fra88server irc.tin.it10:25
hatten_hey, when I execute 'crontab -e' it says '/var/spool/cron' is not a directory, bailing out. But as root I can see that the directory is there.10:25
rwwmjrosenb: I've noticed that trend with a couple of other packages too. There's probably a good reason for it, but I have no idea what it is.10:26
zetherooanyone have success getting network proxying to work in Ubuntu?10:26
Arma_thanks a lot guys10:26
mjrosenbhatten_: do you have read access to the directory and its parent?10:26
rwwmjrosenb: the folks in #ubuntu-kernel may know, if you're interested in finding out why10:26
hatten_mjrosenb: nopes, not as user10:27
hatten_mjrosenb: how should i chmod it10:27
zetherooI tried to get it working and then reverted to the default settings and now Synaptic is no longer working .. cannot update the system ... not even through the terminal ...10:27
hatten_mjrosenb: right now it's drwxr-xr-x and owned by root10:27
matteo1990Hi all, i am trying to make an usb drive (manually)from Ubuntu Live Cd. Are there any problems? Because i get no Kernel in /mount_point/boot ...boot10:28
=== booboo is now known as coz_
zetherooany ideas?10:28
zetheroois it just me or is this channel very quiet!?10:30
AndyGraybeali'm in ubuntu 8.10. i've edited ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs ; the Documents section i've pointed to another folder, set the correct permissions, but when i go to Documents.. it still wants to go to /home/username/Documents .. any ideas?10:30
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: ever think of doing a symlink instead?10:31
zetheroocan anyone see my text?10:32
p1oooopzetheroo: naw, it's just all the many people signing on and off10:32
zetheroooh good - ha10:32
zetherooit's pretty dead in here10:33
p1oooopi think everyone's just on break10:33
zetheroousually it's hard to keep up with all that is going on10:33
p1oooopwait a few seconds10:33
zetheroolike a synced Ubuntu break? :P10:33
sunsonwhat's the fastest way to create a snapshot of my running system onto a usb flash drive?10:34
zetheroosunson: fastest or simplest?10:34
llutzsunson: sudo rsync -aux / /media/stick10:34
sunsonzetheroo: simplest10:34
llutzsunson: needs unix-fs on stick10:34
sunsonllutz: but that ain't workie boss10:34
llutzsunson: works10:35
sunsonllutz: I want it to be similar. not identical. it should be an instance of its own. i want it to use its own disk.10:35
zetheroowhat works for one may not work for another ... :)10:35
llutzsunson: thats something different10:35
zetheroosunson: like remaster?10:35
p1oooopthere we go, I just had to enable a few plugins10:36
sunsonllutz: probably :)10:36
llutzsunson: be more specific next time10:36
sunsonllutz: it must boot and work as it works right now10:36
zetheroosunson: so you want Ubuntu to run off of a USB Hard drive?10:37
sunsonzetheroo: kinda like a snapshot "backup"10:37
AndyGraybealplooop yes ... i have been recently10:37
sunsonzetheroo: if shit happens, i can boot off the drive10:37
sunsonzetheroo: periodically, repeat the process10:37
rwwubottu: language | sunson10:37
ubottusunson: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:37
zetheroosunson: yeah .. I get what you mean ... like Ghosting10:37
AndyGraybealp1oooop: sounds like a kludge though since this config file isn't working :(10:37
sunsonzetheroo: right10:37
zetheroosunson: nice thought ...10:38
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync10:38
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: did you try restarting?10:38
matteo1990WJere is the Kernel in the Ubuntu ISO???10:38
AndyGraybealp1oooop: i restartd x, but not the whole machine10:38
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility10:38
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: will it hurt to do a full restart?10:39
zetheroosunson: you looking? ...10:39
AndyGraybealp1oooop: i'll try try it10:39
ecolitanwhen i run mount I see: /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro), i have rebooted with fsck on bootup which completed ok, but it still shows like that10:39
zetherooerUSUL: thanks :)10:39
llutzecolitan: whats wrong with it?10:39
ecolitanis there a problem with this parition?10:39
ecolitanno problem i can detect10:39
llutzecolitan: did you get any errors/warnings?10:40
sunsonzetheroo: yeah...10:40
sunsonzetheroo: apt-cache searching... :)10:40
ecolitanllutz; not that I can see10:40
llutzecolitan: that line from "mount" just shows given mount-options10:40
ecolitanand not in dmesg10:40
zetheroosunson: no, I mean are you looking at what was being mentioned here ... rsync and !remaster10:40
ecolitanjust want to be safe10:41
llutzecolitan:  (rw,errors=remount-ro)  = "/ is mounted rw, but would be remounted ro in case of errors"10:41
zetheroosunson !remaster10:41
ecolitanllutz: thats good news10:41
zetheroowhy is that not working ...10:41
ecolitanllutz: thanks for the advice10:41
llutz!remaster | sunson10:41
ubottusunson: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility10:41
zetheroollutz: ah ok ... I see10:42
zetheroohow do you fully remove the network proxy settings ...?10:43
andrei112hi all10:43
AndyGraybealp1oooop: okay, still didn't work; any other ideas? i'm gonna rm -rf /home/username/Documents and then ln -s.10:43
zetherooI tried to get the system to connect to the Internet through Network Proxy and it was not working so I reverted back to the default settings and now I cannot install or upgrade anything10:43
zetheroofor some reason the proxy settings are stuck in the system somewhere10:44
llutzzetheroo: grep -i proxy /etc/apt10:44
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: I'd backup before I do that though10:44
zetherooSynaptic says :  Could not resolve 'proxy'10:44
llutzzetheroo: rgrep -i proxy /etc/apt/*10:44
AndyGraybealp1oooop: ther's nothing there10:44
p1oooopand remember to set the owner of the directory10:44
AndyGraybealaah so the owner, tell me10:44
zetheroollutz: the second one?10:44
llutzzetheroo: yes, sry10:45
AndyGraybealp1oooop: i have the group set properly10:45
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: works.10:45
doledoes anypne know if i can burn an iso image with the cdburn utility from the ubuntu live?10:45
AndyGraybealp1oooop: you mean just having the group works ? (i'm sorry)10:45
rwwdole: Brasero? Yes, it can burn iso files.10:45
AndyGraybealbecause that's all i thought i needed was the group to be correct -- it's actually a shared Documents folder between two users.10:46
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: I would assume... I don't mess with permissions much...10:46
AndyGraybealk thank you10:46
zetheroollutz: ok I did that and then sudo apt-get update and it's still not working ... Could not resolve proxy10:46
llutzzetheroo: was there any output? that cmd won't fix anything10:46
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: if it doesn't go ahead and set owner10:46
AndyGraybealya, i'll try owner now10:46
zetheroollutz: no output10:46
llutzzetheroo: "unset http_proxy  sudo apt-get update"10:47
Avenegrahello, i've been playing with an alternate bootloader (burg), and was also trying a newer kernel...i've now uninstalled both kernel and burg, got back to grub2 and it's all good, but the removed kernel still shows in the menu! :( i had it remove with --purge and checked /etc/grub/grub.cfg and /etc/grub.d/* ... there aren't references there to that kernel10:47
gerv!seen jono10:48
ubottuI have no seen command10:48
zetheroollutz: sudo: unset: command not found10:48
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
Avenegracould be that it's still in the boot sector?10:48
rwwgerv: /msg nickserv info jono10:48
llutzzetheroo: then try "http_proxy=''  sudo apt-get update"10:48
gervrww: Thanks.10:49
dolerww, i don't think is named brasero..it just says cd/dvd creator and it is opened into nautilus10:49
gervHis mail is bouncing.10:49
abhi_navjenkinbr: hey! thnx for you mail10:49
gervDoes Aq hang out here?10:49
zetheroollutz: with the quotes?10:49
llutzzetheroo: without outer-quotes =''   < two single '10:50
zetheroollutz: ok10:50
rwwdole: I guess there are two of them. Brasero (Applications -> Sound and Video) definitely can; I've never used the other one.10:50
doleahh. right10:50
dolety ty rww10:50
zetheroollutz: that worked! Thanks a heap10:50
rwwabhi_nav: Any particular reason you chose to memoserv me?10:51
llutzzetheroo: so somewhere http_proxy is set...  "rgrep http_proxy ~/*"10:51
abhi_navrww: No! :) last nick was yours on my screen no other reason10:51
rwwabhi_nav: ah, okay. Probably a good idea to ask first next time :)10:52
rwwabhi_nav: but yes, I did get it10:52
abhi_navrww: yah sure!10:52
llutzzetheroo: and  "rgrep http_proxy ~/.*"10:52
abhi_navrww: yah thnx10:52
abhi_navrww ( and sorry for disturbance!) :)10:52
zetheroollutz: searching ....10:52
lorenzosuHow can I install multiple fonts in one go?10:52
shaullxi can't login to ubuntu, i got coffee spilled on my laptop keyboard so now 'shift' is always pressed so when i try to input my password instead of 1 it types !, is there anyway to disable the shift key? idk what to do :/10:53
p1oooopshaullx: try another keyboard.10:54
shaullxits a netbook10:54
abhi_navremove that shift key with screwdriver!10:54
p1oooop^^ ;)10:54
grandemahatmahello. I'm looking for an application that allows you to show pdfs on a beamer while showing notes on your laptop.. anyonw could suggest me one?10:54
shaullxi tried to remove the key btw10:54
shaullxnot helping10:54
p1oooopgrandemahatma: uhh... compiz?10:55
p1oooopgrandemahatma: I believe there's a feature that can allign it into a grid10:55
grandemahatmap1oooop: ok, the idea would be that when I change page in the pdf, the corresponding notes are shown on the laptop10:56
brijithmaccan any one help me to configure Evolution to access me gmail account10:56
grandemahatmayou know something like MSoffice does with ppt..10:56
rwwshaullx: click the person-in-a-circle icon in the bottom right, click Use on-screen keyboard, use that.10:56
p1oooopgrandemahatma: ahh, I believe openoffice can convert PDF into .odf files and from there, I believe you can add notes onto each page10:57
grandemahatmaI'll have a look. thanks p1oooop10:58
abhi_navhow many o on that plooooooop?10:59
p1oooopabhi_nav: 410:59
AndyGraybealif i'm on 8.10 and i do: apt-get dist-upgrade      .... will i go to 9.something?10:59
p1oooopsorry, watching TV at the same time10:59
* abhi_nav is weak in maths!10:59
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: I think 9.411:00
AndyGraybealp1oooop: okay thankyou11:00
p1oooopAndyGraybeal: and from there, to 9.10 if you dist upgrade again11:00
p1oooop(I think )11:00
AndyGraybealaah okay interesting11:00
rwwAndyGraybeal: If you don't change your sources.list file, no.11:00
AndyGraybealyea, i don't want to move yet.. i'm afraid i'd hbreak everything11:00
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AndyGraybealrww: aah please explain11:00
rwwAndyGraybeal: one second, there's a link that explains this nicely11:01
AndyGraybealthank you!11:01
p1oooopoh yeah... :P forgot about the extra line..11:01
abhi_navhow to pm a user using command from this text box?11:01
AndyGraybeali don't want to upgrade, i just want updated packages.. but when i do apt-get upgrade .. it says i have the latest ...11:02
KamokowHow can I get auto-indents to work in gedit? I turned them on, restarted, chose C++ as the syntax to highlight, yet it still doesnt auto-indent :-/11:02
p1oooopabhi_nav: what program you using?11:02
rwwAndyGraybeal: ttp://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2010/02/dist-upgrade-misnomer-confusion.html11:02
AndyGraybealthank you rww11:02
rwwAndyGraybeal: (sorry, throw a h at the start of that :)11:02
p1oooopabhi_nav: I believe its /pm (person)11:02
p1oooopI might be wrong11:02
rwwAndyGraybeal: the concepts are really confusing, let me know if you have questions11:02
abhi_navploooop: ok11:03
rwwabhi_nav: /msg theirnicknamehere message goes here11:03
p1oooopabhi_nav: /msg (person)11:03
abhi_navrww: plooop: ok11:03
abhi_navrww: plooop: it was the /msg nick. its working. thanx11:05
AndyGraybealrww:  thank you ... i think i'm just gonna stay away from it -  wish the repos for 8.10 had more up-to-date software :)11:05
doleif i'm running the live ubuntu version from a cd, how csan i eject the cd in order to burn something on a blank cd?11:06
abhi_navsudo eject11:06
rwwAndyGraybeal: Probably a good idea :). Just so you know, though, 8.10 is only supported until this April, so I'd recommend upgrading before then.11:06
adri_I cannot enable basic desktop effects in Ubuntu. It searches for available drivers for a while and then fails. I did install the proprietary FGLRX drivers, but Ubuntu says they are "enabled but not in use" -- I have an ATI mobility radeon 3650.11:07
abhi_navdole: creat bootable usb  from that live cd. boot from that usb and then write cd11:07
rwwdole: You don't. You need to either 1) have two CD drives or 2) make a LiveUSB stick and boot from it.11:07
doleabhi_nav: it says that cdrom is busy and can't be unmounted11:07
abhi_navdole: creat bootable usb  from that live cd. boot from that usb and then write cd11:08
pjmtlgadri : you tried aticonfig __initial -f  ?11:08
doleaha, ty guys :)11:08
zetheroollutz: still has not found anything11:08
rwwThe LiveCD contains a program for making LiveUSBs, and you can make a LiveUSB from the currently-running CD I believe, so that's nice and easy.11:08
s7hello, can someone help me sort out this: fetchmail: no mailservers have been specified11:11
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFr_parti
erUSULs7: did you actually specified a mailserver (via configuration file or comman line)?11:16
s7no i never and am wondering how to do that11:17
erUSULs7: why you need to use fetchmail? why not use a integrated mal client like evolution or thunderbird ?11:19
erUSULsafatb: hi; wellcome to ubuntu. drop the caps please11:19
s7cool, i can try evolution11:19
JonathanEllisAnyone know how to stop gmail indenting quoted text in a reply?11:22
safatbok man11:23
icerootJonathanEllis: dont think that has something todo with ubuntu11:24
dolewhy i can't see the content of Documents and Settings of a windows 7 from Ubuntu?11:24
raddyHello Everybody11:25
safatbIs there anyone from TurkeY?11:25
safatbTürk var mı?11:25
dolehow can i see how is named each partition...sda...??11:26
raddyOur guys installed CentOS 5.4 after installing ubuntu 9.1x11:26
raddyBecause it uses ext4, grub and centos didn't detect that.11:26
raddyI am finding very difficult to resolve the issue.11:26
safatbok byee11:27
raddyGrub was able to mount the drive.11:27
psycho_oreosraddy, you should have installed centos first before ubuntu11:27
faileasraddy: centos tends to have slightly older stuff. i thought ext4 was backwards compatable, though. maybe reinstall grub2 the way you would should grub be overwritten by windows?11:27
* faileas wonders why someone would dualboot server OSes11:27
raddyBut it says invalid folder when pointing the kernel image.11:28
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Leoneofhi, have very simple script to run "sudo pon dsl-provider", but it is ask for root Password, how to run without password?11:28
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:29
faileaserUSUL: he left11:29
erUSULfaileas: ok; ty11:29
wolfhi to all11:29
wolfi need help11:29
wolfi can't install11:29
wolffor xubuntu11:29
erUSUL!ask | wolf11:29
FloodBot2wolf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:29
ubottuwolf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:29
=== wolf is now known as Guest27404
p1oooopwolf: try pidgin?11:30
Guest27404i'm trying to install11:30
Guest27404amsn for xubuntu11:30
faileaswolf: what error?11:30
Guest27404but when i insert the code in the shell11:30
Guest27404xubuntu says that amsn package is not available11:31
Guest27404how can i solve it'11:31
kolbyLeoneof, It sounds like something that inherently requires escalated user rights.11:31
psycho_oreos!info amsn11:31
ubottuamsn (source: amsn): An MSN messenger written in Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.98.1~debian-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 269 kB, installed size 880 kB11:31
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories11:31
raddyI'll come back here after noting down the exact error.11:32
kolbyLeoneof, you can use 'gksudo' to prompt the user for a password11:32
Guest27404so what i have to do'11:32
Leoneofkolby: yes?11:32
psycho_oreosGuest27404, enable universe repository and install amsn from there11:32
Guest27404how can i enable universe repository?11:33
Guest27404sorry i'm a novice11:33
psycho_oreos!universe | Guest2740411:33
ubottuGuest27404: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories11:33
psycho_oreosread those11:33
kolbyLeoneof, unless there's some way to pipe the password to 'sudo'11:33
Leoneofkolby: how about changing attributes in pon file?11:34
psycho_oreosyou could add that application into sudoers file specifying nopasswd, so when you run sudo with that application it won't ask you for password11:34
Kunalagonhello, I booted latest ubutnu, and try to do something in live mode, but almost every program crashes, nautilus just disapper, openoffice, starts and before it loads document, say CRASH, gnome panel..disapiar...11:35
psycho_oreosKunalagon, how much RAM do you have in that computer?11:36
Kunalagonpsycho_oreos: 4 GB11:36
psycho_oreosKunalagon, weird, might be a bad burn11:36
Kunalagonpsycho_oreos: some Intel i5 750...11:36
KunalagonI booted from USB, I made usb live disk using unetbootin tool11:36
Kunalagonpsycho_oreos: do you think, that should not happend? not even PC is too new ?11:37
Kunalagon9.10, yes11:37
psycho_oreoswell heck the iso could fail md5sum too prior to using unetbootin I suppose lol11:37
psycho_oreosKunalagon, it shouldn't happen I think, you got i386 right?11:37
psycho_oreosor i68611:37
SenoynaUserwho knows installing manually pdt on aptana studio ?11:37
Kunalagonhm, hm, hm psycho_oreos11:37
SenoynaUserwho knows installing manually pdt on aptana studio ?11:37
psycho_oreos!repeat | SenoynaUser11:38
ubottuSenoynaUser: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.11:38
Kunalagonpsycho_oreos: I am not sure, it is intel, should be, i68611:38
Malekohow do you specify multiple -iname patterns in Find? AND symbol or something11:38
psycho_oreosKunalagon, you're not sure of which iso image you downloaded and used unetbootin on?11:38
Kunalagonoh, no, no, I am sure11:38
Kunalagonit is 68611:39
qebabHi. My wireless network seems to arbitrarily stop working after anything between 15 minutes and 30 minutes of connectivity after upgrading from 9.4 to 9.10. lshw -C network lists the card as PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection, it doesn't show any line with configuration: ... in it. I stay connected to the wireless, but I seem to have an immense packetloss or loss of signal. The card works fine in my dualbooted windows. Any idea of what I sho11:39
Kunalagon(I think :)11:39
psycho_oreosKunalagon, hmm hard to say, I was thinking of the rarest possibility, missing CPU flags or bad USB lol11:40
sisifHello guys. Quick question: how can I force Twinview to use a specific resolution for both display? (there are identical) ?11:41
qebabThis is absurd. I haven't observed the problem at all while I've been researching how to fix it the last hour. Maybe it got scared. :-)11:44
Guest27404sorry there's another problem11:47
Guest27404with xubuntu i try to11:48
Guest27404open a shell11:48
Guest27404but i can't install anything11:48
Guest27404using the code in the window sudo...11:48
myrttiGuest27404: so how are you actually doing it?11:49
qebabNot to be annoying or anything, but I work in tech support and that kind of feedback is difficult for us to handle - it's not very clear what you're trying to do, why you're trying to do it, and how you're observing the error. :-)11:49
Guest27404sorry i tell you more11:49
ubuntuhello :)11:49
=== jz is now known as Guest49333
Guest27404i'm tryng to open a shell11:50
Guest27404pressing ctrl + f111:50
Guest27404and i login in my screen11:50
Guest27404and then i press the code fpr amsn11:50
myrttictrl-alt-f1 or ctrl-f1?11:50
Guest27404ctrl alt f111:50
Guest27404i'm a noob11:50
ubuntuwho knows how many  rams need to use xubuntu ?11:51
myrttiGuest27404: you are aware xubuntu has terminal apps that you can launch within the graphical interface?11:51
Guest27404yes i'm sure11:51
Guest27404previously i installed xubuntu11:51
Guest27404and amsn11:51
myrttiGuest27404: and you type in "sudo aptitude install amsn"?11:51
Guest27404i've installed in this way11:52
myrttiGuest27404: so which part fails?11:52
ubuntu192 mb is enough ?11:52
Guest27404so the shell says yhat can't find amsn package11:52
Guest27404but i think the code that i put was correct11:52
strangeis there a commandline command to see what packages i have installed since my box was fully installed?11:54
myrttiGuest27404: if you go to applications - system - software sources, is the community maintained Open Source software (universe) box ticked?11:54
pityonlineHi there! I got a problem with my linksys router, can anybody do me some favor?11:54
mecoCan someone help me with the clock? Even though I have set it to automatically synchronize with Internet time servers, it's one hour off.11:54
Guest27404so i do the command11:55
Guest27404sudo aptitude install amsn11:55
ubuntuI can't open firefox, what I should do?11:55
Guest27404and says that can't find package amsn11:55
Guest27404i can install amsn in another way11:55
Guest27404without shell??11:55
myrttiGuest27404: yes11:55
pityonlineHi there! I got a problem with my linksys router, can anybody do me some favor?11:55
myrttiGuest27404: applications - add/remove11:55
flodinecan someone tell me why ubuntu 9.10 keeps locking up on me?11:56
minus007I want to learn about the Ubuntu System structure.. For example, in Windows we have a setup file which installs software. However, in Ubuntu, this is different. A program can have several dependencies. And when I compile from souce, configure.sh halts at each dependency. Why doesn't the dependent library get installed automatically?11:56
mecoubuntu: Can you click the Firefox icon?11:56
Guest27404and then?11:56
myrttiminus007: how would it know what dependencies it's lacking, if you're compiling from source?11:56
myrttiGuest27404: search for it, install11:56
minus007It shows the dependent library11:56
minus007And I have to download the source and install that library11:57
Guest27404the system are refreshing the screen with an update11:57
pityonlineHi there! I got a problem with my linksys router, can anybody do me some favor?11:57
myrtti!repeat | pityonline11:58
ubottupityonline: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.11:58
flodinecan someone tell me why ubuntu 9.10 keeps locking up on me?but if i run lucid i have no problems11:58
Guest27404but can't modify the udpdate11:58
pityonlinei set the web port of the router 80 to 22, now i cannot manage it on website.11:58
minus007myritti: Where can I learn the structure of Ubuntu?11:59
Guest27404myrrti i'm trying pingdin12:00
Guest27404is it similar to msn?12:00
iflemaminus007 https://help.ubuntu.com/12:01
WubuntuHi, i'm using Karmic 9.10 and have a Microdia TwinkleCam USB camera that i can't seem to get to function properly. Can anyone assist me with this problem?12:05
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principalecant load videos12:06
zvacet!hi | sean12:07
ubottusean: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:07
erUSUL!webcam | Wubuntu12:08
ubottuWubuntu: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:08
pookeyhi all - I have a multi-monitor setup, but maximising windows spans multiple screens. I  have a 4 head card, and it seems they are operating in pairs... I'm not sure what to google for - is there a way of defining where monitors start/end ?12:09
ja660kwhat is the difference between BOURNE script and a BASH script?12:11
induschrome always crashes12:12
l3nshi everyone.12:14
vasani have an error while booting grub error 512:16
vasanhow to solve?12:16
dheerajindus:what error it shows?12:17
aTsgRhey any1 using apache on ubuntu server?12:17
iflemavasan how big is the hardrive? how old is the computer?12:18
usuario_k tal?¿12:18
usuario_ahh hello haow are you?¿12:19
indusdheeraj, its just beta so many pages crash or freeze12:21
indusdheeraj, never mind12:21
dheerajindus:if u r ok with it...12:22
hystrenii cant find my AMSN history, iits empty in the folder, and it dont save my Wbcam history either...12:22
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:22
indusdheeraj, ya how do you find chrome?12:22
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indusdheeraj, it says AW SNAP! quite often doesnt it12:22
dheerajindus,i find it really good except for some plugins not avilable12:23
dheerajindus,i have seen that but it crashes rarely12:23
hystrenican some1 help me?12:23
* frankS2 helps some112:24
dheerajindus,do u use any firewall?12:24
indusdheeraj, in ubuntu? no i have a router with hardwrae firewall isnt that enough12:25
indusdheeraj, i mean the isp one12:25
dheerajindus,in ubuntu..any software firewall installed?12:25
dheerajindus,i guess u use windows....am i right?12:26
DragginGood afternoon... Can anyone point me in the right direction... How do I install certain applications only for certain users on a multi-user Ubuntu system?12:27
becker_11I have a ubuntu karmic with everything gnome uninstalled and xfce desktop added is there a way to install gnome without getting every app thats included??12:28
indusdheeraj, no i use ubuntu12:28
industhats why iam here12:28
icerootbecker_11: sudo apt-get install gnome12:29
icerootbecker_11: instead of ubuntu-desktop12:29
becker_11iceroot: thankyou12:29
archboxmanwhat its all linux there might be few different sets that all... Linux is linux.. Have to say ubuntu is leading the way, bit different... :)12:29
archboxmanIf you understand how to use cli then your 95% good to go in linux ...12:31
indusso do any one of you here use a firewall?12:31
icerootarchboxman: linux is a kernel and not bash12:31
iceroot!anyone | indus12:31
ubottuindus: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:31
indusiceroot, ?12:31
archboxmaniceroot: well thats odd I thought it was an OS???12:32
indusso question is, how is my system protected from the crazyh internet world12:32
becker_11iceroot: gave it a shot but too many things were dependent and not going to be installed it said so I had to go for the ubuntu-desktop12:32
icerootindus: with up to date packages12:33
icerootindus: ports are only opened if a program is started12:33
indusiceroot, that doesnt hide your ip12:33
becker_11archboxman: linux is the kernel developed by linux torvalds Gnu/Linux is the operating system12:33
indusare you telling me, a person cant enter my system if a program is not running? sorry i find it hard to believe12:33
ndlovuif I'm in /home/user, and I want to tar folder myfiles, how would I tell it to only preserve the myfiles directory in the tar archive?12:34
becker_11archboxman: gnu.org12:34
faileasindus: unless you're running servers, it isn't entirely necessary. ubuntu does come with ufw, though, should you need an easy way to set up a firewall12:34
archboxmanbecker_11: funny I thought the idea was freedom to use programs.....12:34
Kenjirogood morning12:34
icerootindus: if you think a firewall is for hiding an ip you are very very wrong12:34
DaemonFCindus, I always have a firewall in place simply because a port scanner would get a reply from the system otherwise, even if there are no open ports12:34
becker_11archboxman: in regards to what sorry12:34
icerootindus: maybe read something about networking12:34
archboxmanSeeing how that was the main compliant ... why isn't it free12:34
ndlovutar -c --strip-components 2 /home/user/myfiles ?12:34
DaemonFCI don't want them knowing my system is there, a firewall stops my machine from replying12:35
Kenjiroguys, I am fairly new to Ubuntu. I would like to know where I can check the './configure' options I need to compile openldap (an old version) so it will be in conformity with ubuntu standards12:35
becker_11indus: that would be a proxy more so than a firewall12:35
indusso a firewall doesnt hide an ip? what exactly does it do then12:35
motaka2where can i find repositories concerning php5.3 for ubuntu 8.312:35
icerootindus: controlling the traffic12:35
indusiceroot, iam pretty much wrong yes thats why i ask here12:35
icerootindus: man iptable12:35
DaemonFCthe fact that the system replies "port is closed" is already far too much, because now they know there is a system there12:35
becker_11indus: stops packets from entering your system while letting allowed packets in and out12:35
icerootindus: there you will find what a firewall is/can do12:36
DaemonFCfirewall is not going to hurt anything, I just turn it on and set it to deny unsolicited traffic12:36
induswell, most tutorials say no need of it in ubuntu but ..12:36
archboxmaniceroot: security is the idea of combining standards to make your computer safe from the router down to the computer...12:36
icerootindus: you dont need a firewall12:36
indussomeone here can send a port scan request12:36
becker_11DaemonFC: that's it start firewall create first rule block all inbound :-)12:37
icerootindus: ip?12:37
WubuntuIs there a suitable driver for my webcam (Microdia webcam:Vender ID 0c45:600d Microdia TwinkleCam USB camera)?12:37
DaemonFCindus, I respectfully disagree with those tutorials then12:37
indusand what if firefox is running, wouldnt the scanner know that port 80 is open12:37
icerootindus: firefox is not a webserver so why should port 80 be opened?12:37
l3nsi just downloaded tcptrack. but it only tracks traffic in this machine only. not on every machine that is connected to this network.. is there other tools available in ubuntu that does this?12:37
icerootindus: please read some network-basics12:37
becker_11indus: www.grc.com go check out sheilds up it's a port tester and very very good at explaining what you are looking for12:38
indusiceroot, i thojught a web browser listen s on port 8012:38
icerootindus: and why should firefox open port 80 on your client?12:38
becker_11indus: grc.com also has forums I learnt an incredible amount from that site and forum12:39
archboxmanindus: remember the more security you put up... the different the effect will be...12:39
rwwindus: Web *servers* listen on port 80. Web *browsers* don't.12:39
indusrww, hello , thanks12:39
DaemonFCindus, sudo ufw enable && sudo ufw default deny and never worry about it again, good for most desktop users12:39
icerootindus: again, you dont need a firewall on your system12:39
indusrww, so i ask again, when firefox is running, it doesnt open port 80?i saw that in preferences too12:39
icerootindus: nmap -p 80 localhost    while firefox is running12:40
DaemonFCiceroot, If it won't hurt anything but it will stop port scanners from knowing there is a machine at that address, where is the harm?12:40
becker_11indus: it uses port 80 to get http traffic but it doesn't open it or listen on it12:40
icerootDaemonFC: a virusscanner on linux can make your system also safer....12:40
rwwDaemonFC: deny is the ufw default now, so it's even easier than that :)12:40
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indusbecker_11, could you tell me a little what means to get http traffic12:41
becker_11indus: a browser also uses port 443 and possibly 2112:41
DaemonFCiceroot, I wouldn't go as far as a virus scanner until there actually are viruses out there, but iptables settings don't slow a PC down12:41
DaemonFCor get confused and delete pieces of the OS :)12:41
archboxmanindus: this is a subject that takes you to learn your system... There is no way for anyone in here to say a piece of hardware is not opening a port you need to look at your system...12:41
rww"sudo ufw enable" and you're done :)12:41
DaemonFCvirus scanners do that to Windows users in a comedy of errors :)12:41
vasaniflema: 160 GB harddrive one year old12:41
icerootDaemonFC: but there is no reason for a firewall12:42
icerootDaemonFC: unless you want some routing12:42
induswell,in my router my firewall is enabled. what is that for?12:42
adri_I cannot use alt to type additional characters on Ubuntu 9.10. I checked xev and I don't get a KeyPress/KeyRelease event when I press any of the alt keys, only a KeyMapNotify.12:42
icerootindus: its getting offtopic12:42
ndlovuis there not some way to tell tar to ignore all directories above the current directory?12:42
indusit is?12:42
DaemonFCiceroot, There's some reason to turn it on, it provides some protection at no overhead and very low risk of interfering with anything legit12:43
icerootindus: of course12:43
DaemonFCThat's kind of how I view it12:43
Zusis anyone having issue with volume  in firefox on youtube?  dont hear anything...(my rythmbox and system does fine)12:43
DaemonFCI also have all apparmor policies installed and enforced12:43
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels12:43
vasanI got grub 5 error... how to solve this???12:43
motaka2can anyone help me figuring out for having native ttf configured on my php what should package should i download ?12:43
abhi_nav_whats the exact purpose and target audience of xfce?12:44
DaemonFCabhi_nav_, Stripped down desktop for old PCs mainly I believe is the target audience12:44
archboxmanindus: I told you already hardware is different and everyones setup is different .... You need to look up basic setups... I could buy a Cisco router that has firewall, Webserver and a server built in one does this make it good perhaps ,but it is all how you use security...12:44
becker_11abhi_nav_: xfce is for systems that are slightly older than the latest and greatest and for users that don't want alot of overhead on their systems12:44
indusbecause, i remember using zonealarm in windows, so was wondering about ubuntu12:45
becker_11abhi_nav_: I like xfce because it is lighter than gnome and runs faster on my system12:45
abhi_nav_DaemonFC: & becker_11: ok should i install it on my ubuntu to get more speed and performance? I now have gnome12:45
indusand zonealarm keeps saying this attempt blvocked etc even though i dont run anhy web servers12:45
icerootindus: for what you need a firewall?12:45
DaemonFCindus, Totally different thing. ufw is just a way to set iptables, which is built into the kernel.12:45
KenjiroI would like to know where I can check the './configure' options I need to compile openldap-2.3.30 (an old version) so it will be in conformity with ubuntu standards12:46
icerootindus: sorry but you even dont know what firefox is doing when surfing12:46
becker_11abhi_nav_: sure12:46
DaemonFCZonealarm is an entire filtering engine full of bloat sitting in userspece and tapped into your TCP/IP stack12:46
abhi_nav_DaemonFC: & becker_11: ok thnx12:46
indusiceroot, thats what iam asking whether i need it or not, iam not running anything12:46
indusiceroot, i dont like your tone btw12:46
DaemonFCindus, Zonealarm is a resource sapper like most Windows security software, ufw jsut writes iptables settings and has almost no overhead12:47
Stargazefolx my gpg --clearsign won't work12:47
Stargazehints & tips pls? :)12:47
archboxmaniceroot: that was not nice give him a break :)12:47
icerootindus: you dont need a firewall on a linux-desktop-pc    maybe you need a firewall if you are using vpn at home to your company and want protect others from the lan to go through the vpn tunnel12:47
indusanyways, i dont have any more questions, ill google it12:47
morenaalguieen k able español?12:47
rwwubottu: es | morena12:47
ubottumorena: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:47
abhi_nav_assume a condition where, anyhow my host ubuntu is unable to connect to internet by any menas. then will my clean installation of guest ubuntu on vm wll connect to internet? (assume that no hardware prob. every hardware is in ok condition)12:47
icerootindus: maybe you want something like a router/nat12:47
indusiceroot, i have a router given by my isp, which has firewall enabled in it anyways12:48
viliny_indus, not beating around the bush - firestarter seems like the program you want12:48
archboxmanindus: just keep in mind this can be complex... you need to take inventory of all the hardware and its abilities, but you need to start at basics of security...12:48
indusiceroot, anyway thanks , ill read more about this somewhere else12:48
DaemonFCon Windows machines, I just leave the built in "firewall" going because third party software makes the s