duncanidaho1Why does DESKTOP DRAPES not startup when my computer restarts?  It is listed in my startup applications.  It is also set to do so in its preferences.05:04
oholichi, I'm having connection problems with ubuntu studio, my b43 wireless card, and my home network13:53
oholicI installed the firmware with b43cutter13:57
oholicby hand, not with the app13:58
oholicit seems to authenticate, then disconnect itself with reason 313:59
oholicI dont know where to find what reason 3 is?14:00
oholicthats from dmesg | tail14:00
oholicI have a ping open to my gateway...14:01
oholicit says destination unreachable14:02
oholicmost of the time14:02
oholici has litle stable moments where it replys pings between 42ms and 2.6ms14:03
oholicits pinging it at about 80/6ms now..14:04
oholicI really wish I could cut and paste to a pastebin right now..14:06
mezzoforteHi there!20:02
MmikeDOMAI have setup jackd as on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToJACKConfiguration, jackd starts fine (i have xrun every now and then), but when I run, for instance, Rosegarden, and play a score, I hear no sound! I see the connections qjackctl dialog (audio and alsa, but no midi?), everything seems to be working, I just hear no sound. Audacious, mplayer, hydrogen and others work fine. I have Ubuntu 9.04, but installed all the21:10
MmikeDOMAubuntu-studio packages as on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation.21:10
holsteinheyy MmikeDOMA21:12
holsteinit could be this simple...21:12
holsteinrosegarden itself does not produce sounds21:12
holsteinyou need to route it to software synths21:12
holsteinif your able to hear audio otherwise21:13
holsteinand softsynths21:13
holsteini think thats the issue21:13
holsteini dont have a lot of experience with rosegarden either21:13
holsteini usually just use ardour myself21:13
holsteinBUT i can confirm thats the way rosegarden works21:14
holsteini fired it up and routed it to some softsynths and got it working21:14
holsteinMmikeDOMA: vist #opensourcemusicians21:15
MmikeDOMAholstein, do you know how can I verify that jackd is running properly, is there any other app I can use to play some music (i'll deal with rosegarden later)21:15
MmikeDOMAok, I will, thank you21:15
holsteinyou could try anything really21:16
holsteinmaybe fire up ardour21:16
MmikeDOMAName one :)21:16
MmikeDOMAok, hang on :)21:16
holsteinand import a wav21:16
MmikeDOMAdo I need to have qsynth running? (i don't have any specialized music hardware)21:17
holsteinnot for ardour21:17
holsteinjust import some kind of audio file into ardour21:17
holsteinand then do your routing in jack21:17
holsteinand you should hear it playback21:17
holsteinif your comfortable with qsynth21:18
holsteinthat might be easier21:18
holsteinyou need a soundfont21:18
holsteinfor midi sounds21:18
holsteinyou can try running zynaddsubfx21:18
holsteinthat makes sounds out of the box21:19
MmikeDOMAArdour works!21:19
holsteinBUT it was crashing jack on me a while back21:19
holsteinMmikeDOMA: sweet!21:19
MmikeDOMAI didn't do anything in qjacktl21:19
holsteinso your god21:19
MmikeDOMAYes, thnx :)21:19
holsteinive heard good things about Qtractor21:19
holsteinbut i have not looked at it yet21:20
MmikeDOMABut. what exactley is qsynth for? I have some clue, but I don't understand where does it 'plugs'. Do I still need jackd?21:20
MmikeDOMAWhat is qtractor?21:20
MmikeDOMAok, i read21:20
holsteini have been told by serveral folks that they prefer the workflow and layout of Qtractor to rosegarden21:20
holsteinyou'll want to run qjackctl for everything i think21:21
holsteinqsynth just plays soundfonts21:21
holsteinqsynth is kinda like the hardware in a keyboard synth21:21
holsteinthat allows you to use and communicate with different sounds21:22
holsteinsame idea21:22
holsteinyou can load different 'sound banks' (prettymuch) in there21:22
MmikeDOMASo, do I need that to hear music that I imported to rosegarden or noteedit or something like that?21:23
holsteinand route into/out of them with jack21:23
holsteinyou can...21:23
holsteinhave rosegarden21:23
holsteinrouted into Qsynth21:23
holsteinrouted out to your soundcards out21:24
holsteinrosegarden reads the MIDI data21:24
holsteinsends it to Qsynth21:24
holsteinQsynth sends it to whatever sound21:24
holsteinand it comes out through jack21:24
holsteini think you can use rosegarden to21:25
holsteinchange patches21:25
holsteinand other stuff in Qsynth as well21:25
holsteinto make it easier to use21:25
holsteinBUT like i said, i havnet really done much of it21:25
holsteinMIDI that is21:25
MmikeDOMAholstein, thnxs for the info, now at least i understand what am I looking for :)21:29
holsteingood luck MmikeDOMA :)21:29
holsteinhere is kind of an overview of the different windows and settings in qjackctl21:30
MmikeDOMAI mean, it worked on older ubuntu, it should work here! :)21:30
holsteinwell, you'll get it sorted out soon then :)21:31
holsteinjust a couple UI changes and some defaults changed i bet21:31
MmikeDOMAI needed to 'patch' rosegarden out to fluidsynth trough jackd!21:46
MmikeDOMAholstein, it's even more easy. Rosegarden allready 'patched' everythig to miditrough-in, i just needed to patch miditrough-out to fluidsynth21:51

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