crankharderhey folks03:50
crankhardertrying to track down a change that happened sometime between ubuntu 8.10 and 9.1003:51
crankharderon this 8.10 box I think all the upstart scripts are stored in /etc/event.d03:51
crankharderbut the upstart docs say they should be in /etc/init -- but i dont see that on a 9.10 box03:51
fsckrootcould anybody direct me to some concise documentation about the boot process of upstart?13:42
fsckrootit seems to be sorely lacking everywhere I've looked13:43
Keybukwhat would you like to know?13:43
fsckrootsomething like "this file is run first" --> which runs this one13:44
fsckrootetc. etc.13:44
fsckroota tree or anything13:44
Keybukthe whole point of Upstart is that there is no documentation like that13:44
fsckrootjust so I can get my head around the whole process13:44
Keybukan Upstart boot process is designed so that the set of jobs run during boot can be completely flexible13:44
fsckrootI know13:44
Keybukand can be run in different orders without problem13:44
fsckrootI gather that13:45
fsckrootkinda weird coming from an Arch / Slackware background13:45
fsckrootBSD init and such13:45
Keybukright, it's quite difference13:45
Keybukfsckroot: I guess the issue is that there's no real documentation on that13:57
KeybukI have an idea that Upstart could log a boot sequence and give you output at the end saying what happened this time13:57
Keybuk"the startup event happened, so I started mountall"13:57
Keybuk"that service gave me a filesystem event, so I started udev"13:57
JanCKeybuk: such a log would certainly be useful for debugging boot/startup problems15:43
KeybukI think I'd also like a kind of interactive boot15:44
Keybuke.g. on a console15:44
KeybukReceived startup event, shall I start mountall [y/n] ?15:44
sadmac2Keybuk: if we do the enable/disable thing I talked about, we could tie it to that15:59
sadmac2Keybuk: "enabling service foo. is this ok?"15:59
Keybukcertainly related anyway15:59
Keybukplundra: that's exactly what I was going to say17:30
plundraIn my defense; I was on my cellphone and intended to use Backspace. But Enter is next to it :P17:38
plundraSo, anyone got any tips on redirecting stdout in a way that the respawn-functionality still works? 17:41
plundraThis is on 0.3.9(? Or whatever, old anyway)17:42
plundraI added some hack last year, which logs start/stops and the output. 17:43
Keybukno idea, respawn in 0.3.x was a bit hacky17:44
plundraI'll give you an idea of what I have, hold on. (Don't mock me!)17:44
plundraI hope I'll be able to upgrade to the next Ubuntu LTS some time this year, then I'll probably get some fancy new upstart :)17:47
KeybukI don't know what you mean by "redirecting stdout in a way that the respawn-functionality still works"17:47
plundraKeybuk: It supervises the wrong pid.17:48
plundraSo with the hack I pasted above, the loop-protection of respawn doesn't work.17:48
Keybukdoes it matter which it does?17:48
Keybukboth will be in the same process group17:48
Keybukand when one dies, the other should get SIGPIPE and exit no?17:49
plundraWhat matters is, if shit goes bad now, it'll loop and give send hundereds of mail.17:49
Keybuknot sure there's a proper way to do that with 0.5 either17:49
sadmac2*0.6 ?17:50
plundraIsn't there built in stuff for logging the output? I might be wrong though, havn't looked at the project at all for a while.17:50
Keybukstill relies on supervising a pid17:50
plundra"console" was the option I had in mind, but ok, no changes there?17:51
Keybuknone yet17:53
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mbieblhi Keybuk22:20
mbieblcould you apply this tiny patch for upstart, please: http://paste.debian.net/62034/22:20
Keybukmbiebl: could you file that as a bug please?23:23
Keybuk(with the issue the patch fixes)23:23
mbieblhm, well ok23:24
mbieblI thought it was a no-brainer23:24
KeybukI can't remember why that breaks23:28
Keybukbecause it WFM23:28
mbieblKeybuk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/upstart/+bug/53038523:34
Keybuks/upstart/libnih/ *face palm*23:35
Keybukoh, no, that is upstart23:35
Keybukthe weird thing is that I *don't* get that error23:36
mbieblKeybuk: I have a lucid chroot23:37
mbiebllemme try it there23:37
Keybukworks on karmic too23:37
mbieblnope, fails exactly the same way for me23:40
mbieblKeybuk: I used the 0.6.5 upstart and 1.0.1 libnih tarballs23:43
Keybukworks every time for me23:44
mbieblKeybuk: could you try a clean chroot?23:44
Keybuknot sure how a chroot would change anything23:44
Keybukthe patch is clearly right23:45
Keybukbut just odd that it doesn't affect me23:45
Keybukit looks like libtool is doing the dequoting23:45
mbieblKeybuk: I guess it's a local modification on your system23:45
Keybukdon't see why23:45
KeybukI don't *have* local modifications on my system23:45
Keybukif I want to change something, I change the package and upload it <g>23:45
mbieblThis is weird indeed23:46
mbieblas said, I can also perfectly reproduce it on the lucid chroot23:46
Keybukyour paste doesn't run through libtool23:47
Keybukwhat configure args are you using?23:47
mbiebl./configure --with-local-libnih=libnih-1.0.123:50
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Keybukmbiebl: that's it?23:55
Keybukhow weird23:55
Keybukwonder why it's not linking with libtool23:55

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