likemindeadAnyone running Lucid? If so, likes & dislikes thus far?02:50
anom01yHi I have ubuntu 9.10, when I do apt-get update it gets to 92% then gives me a input/output error03:59
Balsaqgood morning Lords of the Code....06:14
_Techie_its actually 7:46pm here but i stil say morning06:47
psycho_oreosfor those living in the North America I gather? ;)06:47
Balsaqhello _Techie_06:52
Balsaqand psycho_oreos06:53
Balsaqwestern MA usa06:53
_Techie_may i be of any help today?06:53
Balsaqwell right now i somehow accidentally made the dadgum curser on my xchat really really fat06:55
Balsaqwhere you print the spoken word, that cursor06:56
Balsaqi hit a key and now it fat06:56
Balsaqbuggin the hech outta me06:56
_Techie_i dont think i can help you with that06:57
_Techie_im prolly gonna get told off for this, but06:58
_Techie_help make it a cult classic07:00
Balsaqah it was the insert key...fixed it07:07
Balsaqwho knew07:07
Balsaqhave you tried 10.04 _Techie_?07:07
_Techie_but im currently running win7 ultimate07:08
Balsaqi got premium07:08
_Techie_you start it07:08
psycho_oreoshello Balsaq07:14
_Techie_time to play some CoD407:57
titan_arkHey! I am in a bit of a trouble. I changed some code in 2 files and saved em by the old name! Is there a way to recover the old files? I edited them in gedit =(08:18
TheSheeptitan_ark: only if you are using a version control system08:28
TheSheeptitan_ark: which is generally a great idea if you are writing code08:28
titan_arkTheSheep, managed to recover them, there was a backup witha  trailing ~08:30
TheSheepcool, but I would still learn to use a version control system08:30
titan_arkTheSheep, okay. need to find out what that is08:31
TheSheeptitan_ark: try hgint.com, it's a good tutorial08:31
TheSheeptitan_ark: it's especially useful if you plan to ever work as a programmer professionally08:32
titan_arkTheSheep, :) cool thanks a ton!08:33
kangarooohello something wrong with my computer display settings. installed xubuntu 2 days ago. but 15min ago when started computer display settings was 800x600 and i cant change in setings->display to higher resolution couse higher resolution options are not showing12:00
psycho_oreosassuming you did install the proprietary drivers for your video card/chip?12:01
TheSheepkangarooo: what did you do just before that happened?12:01
kangarooochanged grub. sudo mousepad etc/default/grub and changed to grub only be visible only 1 second. then sudo update-grub12:02
kangarooothen restarted12:03
TheSheepkangarooo: nothing else?12:03
TheSheepkangarooo: any updates or anything?12:03
kangaroooyes nothing else. only using firefox and skype. clean install. vlc installed ntfs config installed12:03
TheSheepkangarooo: can you pastebin the output of the 'xrandr' command?12:04
kangaroooi last 2 days iwe made 4 xubuntu installations for my friends :)12:04
kangaroooScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 800 x 600, maximum 2048 x 204812:04
kangaroooVGA1 connected 800x600+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm12:04
kangarooo   800x600        60.3*12:04
kangarooo   640x480        59.912:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:05
TheSheep(for the future)12:05
TheSheepkangarooo: now 'lspci | grep VGA' ?12:05
kangaroooah yes ok. im usually using one programm witch auto puts output to pastebin. its called pastebinit. :) ok12:06
kangarooobut if its only one line then also pastebin ?12:06
TheSheepno, paste it directly12:07
kangarooo00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)12:07
TheSheepkangarooo: ok, now12:08
TheSheepkangarooo: 'lsmod | grep video'12:08
TheSheephmm... it looks good12:10
TheSheepany external monitor?12:10
TheSheepkangarooo: what version of xubuntu is that?12:13
kangarooo9.10 2 days ago installed12:13
kangarooo2 days ago dowloaded. but still asking for 180mb of update12:14
TheSheepkangarooo: I found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution#Problem:  Resolution with Intel graphics was correct in Intrepid or Jaunty (with no xorg.conf configuration) but is limited in Karmic12:15
kangaroooi reinstalled also my laptop today and it asked only 148mb of updates but yesterday and after yesterday on PCs updates was 180mb12:15
kangarooobut yesterday on this computer resolution was much bigger till 1400 something12:16
TheSheepkangarooo: I would try that modeset trick in the /etc/defaults/grub12:17
kangaroooi set from 10 to 1 GRUB_TIMEOUT="1"12:18
TheSheepchange GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash modeset=0"12:19
kangarooosudo mousepad /etc/default/grub then sudo update-grub12:20
kangarooodone so now i restart and come back12:21
TheSheepany luck?12:24
kangaroooTheSheep: nothing changed. even in grub didnt saw any changes. video resolutions still showing only those 2 small resolutions12:24
TheSheepupdate-grub2 maybe12:25
kangarooodone now restarting12:25
kangarooooh wait forgot to look at grub :) but that doesnt change anything in resolutions12:28
TheSheepok, can you pastebing your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?12:28
kangarooowhy should i change grub if problem is not ingrub. i need resolution to work12:28
TheSheepkangarooo: resolutions in Karmic are now detected by kernel on startup, and it's grub that passes parameters to kernel that may affect resolution detecting12:29
kangaroooeh sory so long i was trying to get pastebinit to work. installed pastebinit and tryd pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log but it showed only link to http://pastebin.com12:35
TheSheepkangarooo: this is a laptop or a desktop computer with a monitor screen?12:39
kangarooodesktop pc with lcd wxga philips monitor12:39
kangarooo19" 1440x90012:40
TheSheepit looks like the monitor suddenly stopped reporting correctly what resolutions it supports12:41
kangarooomaybe somehow its possible to put old grub back? the one from clean install?12:41
TheSheepit's not the grub12:41
kangaroooyeah but maybe after update-grub it started thinking theres no monitor or lost some line12:41
TheSheepcan you try this command: xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x90012:43
TheSheepit's: xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1440x90012:43
kangaroooxrandr: cannot find mode 1440x90012:44
kangaroooand tryd also xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 and it didnt showed anything12:44
TheSheepxrandr --addmode VGA1 1440x90012:44
TheSheephow about this one?12:44
kangaroooxrandr: cannot find mode "1440x900"12:45
kangarooogroan: command not found12:45
TheSheepok, lets try editing xorg.conf12:46
TheSheepdo: sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:46
TheSheepthen copy the first example from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Setting%20resolution%20changes%20in%20xorg.conf%20--%20resolution%20lower%20than%20expected12:47
kangarooowow its empty12:48
TheSheepyeah, it's autodetected by default12:48
TheSheepwe are going to disable autodetection12:48
kangaroooall whats in the middle from line Change the default xorg.conf  till line To ? or from line To ?12:49
TheSheepwait, i will make it12:49
TheSheepput this in there12:50
TheSheepsave and logout and log back in12:51
kangarooowhy ctrl alt backspace isnt working anymore?12:52
TheSheepsomebody wanted to use it for something else and complained that it restarted his X12:53
kangarooook im comming back12:53
* ablomen has hit ctrl+alt+backspace many, many times by accident12:53
ablomenand i guess im not the only one12:53
TheSheepablomen: it's your fault! I hate you!12:53
ablomenlol :P12:53
TheSheephonestly, how can you press that by mistake?12:54
TheSheep those keys are pretty far apart12:54
Sysi-i've never hitten it by accident, but missed it countless times12:54
TheSheephear hear12:54
ablomenwell, the home and end buttons are right above it on my laptop12:55
ablomenso technicly its dell's fault!12:55
kangaroooyes now all is good12:55
TheSheepkangarooo: great!12:55
kangaroooafter log out the login screen showed better resolution12:55
kangarooothx a lot :) this problems solution would be making better use if posted to launchpad. maybe then ill post this problem or that wiki page should have this solution included?12:57
kangarooour solution was different then in that page12:57
ablomenTheSheep, you see! >> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000PGG0BM/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=172282&s=electronics12:57
TheSheepablomen: I still can't imagine what you need alt+ctrl+home and alt+ctrl+end for12:59
kangaroooablomen: will that keyboard also go in my old Yakumo laptop? are all laptop keybords the same?12:59
ablomenTheSheep, move a window to the next-prev desktop12:59
ablomenis default afaik12:59
ablomenkangarooo, don't think so12:59
TheSheepthey all are different, pretty much13:00
kangaroooTheSheep: maybe ur solution should also be uploadet to that page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Setting%20resolution%20changes%20in%20xorg.conf%20--%20resolution%20lower%20than%20expected  ?13:06
TheSheepkangarooo: that's where I got it from13:08
TheSheepkangarooo: I'm not that smart myself ;)13:09
kangarooono  ur solution was different then in that page13:09
TheSheepkangarooo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution#Problem:%20%20Autodetection%20results%20in%20reduced%20resolutions%20available13:11
TheSheepkangarooo: I used this13:11
kangarooowell this one looks more like ur solution but still some names are different and som more lines ur solution has13:12
TheSheepit doesn't matter13:13
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
kangaroooso witch line is the most important?13:17
kangaroooi just found someone also has this problem and im writing ur solution13:17
kangarooowth in this new installation in firefox ctrl + shift + t opends bookmarks not reopens last closed tab13:44
subspideri can't change my wallpapaer can you guys help me14:35
Sysi-where is problem?14:37
Sysi-can you get to desktop settings?14:37
subspideryes i can14:39
subspiderbut where do i apply14:39
subspiderif i clck right click on the desktop is there a option telling to chage wallpapaer but nothing happends14:40
Sysi-what if you go to menu -> desktop settings14:40
subspideryes i tryed that and the manu to choose my image apear but nothing happens14:43
subspiderSysi, it's done14:48
Sysi-you managed to do it?14:48
subspiderSysi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=838184 if you try xfdesktop --reload and signout and sig in it's done14:49
subspidernow i have a beutifull women in in my wallpaper14:49
kangarooo1hello. something wrong. i installed for 4 friends xubuntu in last 2 days but 1 has now login problem. today he was in xubuntu but now cant log in. he enters password and then it logs in shows destop picture and logs out16:21
kangarooo1ah no. we restarted computer and autologin is now working and log out and log in also works now. but something was wrong with that loging in16:26
robinking623hello everyone19:01
robinking623i have an old laptop, and i try to install xubuntu910 on it. with the "acpi=off noapic" i have already installed the system, but after reboot i can not start it. the whole screen is black, but i can start my deskop with "acpi=off noapic single" in recoverymode. what should i do nowß19:04
robinking623btw, the laptop has celeron 2GHz with 512mb and intel 815 chipset19:06
robinking623any ideas?19:22
Sysi-you could ask on #ubuntu also19:24
charlie-tcaDoes it work to add those to the menu line for normal startup?19:26
robinking623Sysi-: i have already done. no ideas19:28
robinking623charlie-tca: no. just by recovery mode startx works19:29
charlie-tcaNo errors noted when you remove quiet splash from grub line?19:29
charlie-tcaCan you switch to a tty using Ctrl+Alt+F2?19:30
robinking623charlie-tca: oh, i dont know. because i never tried that19:30
charlie-tcaor are the tty's blank too19:30
robinking623charlie-tca: ttys are all blank19:30
charlie-tcaTry removing quiet splash and adding acpi=off noapic in place of them19:31
robinking623charlie-tca: ok19:31
charlie-tcaIf that fails, try just removing quiet splash and see if there are any messages19:31
robinking623charlie-tca: it works!19:32
charlie-tcaWhat version is this?19:32
robinking623charlie-tca: but another problem is: my pcmcia-to-usb2.0 card does not work19:33
robinking623charlie-tca: xubuntu91019:33
charlie-tcaOne at a time.19:33
charlie-tcaTo make the change permanent, edit /etc/default/grub .19:34
[BG]ZloboMiRHello, is it possible to install xubuntu via network?19:35
charlie-tcaYou can use netboot from :19:35
[BG]ZloboMiRI checked the site, however didn't see info19:35
charlie-tcagive me a minute to find it19:35
charlie-tcahere it is: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-i386/current/images/19:37
[BG]ZloboMiR10x again19:37
charlie-tcaand here for 64bit: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/19:38
[BG]ZloboMiRNo, 32 is my stuff... so I need to burn mini.iso?19:38
robinking623charlie-tca: what about the pcmcia-to-usb card?19:39
charlie-tca[BG]ZloboMiR: like this - http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/NetBoot19:39
charlie-tcarobinking623: Need someone else to help with that one. I don't know much about pcmcia19:40
robinking623charlie-tca: ok. but thx a lot19:40
charlie-tcanp, glad I could help a little19:40
[BG]ZloboMiRrobinking623, is it a short story? Try me, altho I don't know much too19:42
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: i have some problems with my pcmcia card19:45
[BG]ZloboMiRrobinking623, ok, listening19:49
[BG]ZloboMiRCard for what, network?19:49
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: and i can find it with lspci, but it doesnot work19:49
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: for usb2.019:49
[BG]ZloboMiRDo you know the brand and model?19:50
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: yes. O2 Micro. Inc. OZ601/6912/711E0 Cardbus/SmartCardBus controller19:51
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: i am googling too19:52
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: maybe it is just the pcmcia controller, not the card19:55
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: that means the Kernel does not recognize it19:55
[BG]ZloboMiRrobinking623, http://joro.geodar.com/diary/2005/12/17/248/ << it is on Bulgarian, but a laptop owner states that this card is supported under Linux19:57
[BG]ZloboMiRЕто и информацията под Линукс:19:57
[BG]ZloboMiRThe fourth row below this19:57
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: but the card works under ubuntu80419:58
[BG]ZloboMiRWell, install it, then install over the xfce19:59
[BG]ZloboMiRA bit ugly workaround, I agree19:59
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: you mean kernel?20:01
robinking623[BG]ZloboMiR: no~~~~~~~20:01
[BG]ZloboMiRI mean to install the working distro, then change the graphical manager20:07
russell__Afternoon folks.  Anyone around to help answer a question?20:46
Sysi-yes, what's up20:49
russell__sorry, I'll be abck in a second... just ran out of space on my / partition (oops)20:49
russell__10gb in syslog and messages... go figure?20:51
russell__I'm having problems getting linksys network card working.  What sort of info do you need to help.20:52
russell__lsusb shows the card but no wlan0 in iwconfig.  I haven't had this problem since 8.04 (ubuntu).  Does nm-applet work in xubuntu?20:57
charlie-tcayes, it should20:57
russell__ok, I might gve that a try... solved so many problems in Ubuntu.  Is there other options?  Baked in wireless support in xubuntu?20:59
charlie-tcaYou can use wicd, instead of Network-Manager20:59
charlie-tcapersonal choice, mostly21:01
russell__I'll check them both out.  I'm not the primary user of the computer, so ease of use is optimal (Id just write to the conf files if I knew I wouldn't have to fix it next time somthing went wrong)21:02
ChaiwallaQUESTION - how do I stop Xubuntu from loading XChat & Orage up whenever the computer boots up?21:07
[BG]ZloboMiRWell, there should be something like Startup Applications21:08
[BG]ZloboMiRJust wait a bit, installing now21:08
charlie-tcauncheck them in Applications -> Settings -> Session and Startup21:08
[BG]ZloboMiRYep, this one21:08
charlie-tcaThen uncheck "save session" when shutting down if they are running21:08
charlie-tcaOh, That is the Application21:09
charlie-tcaautostart tab, too21:09
likemindeadXubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 Live CD won't boot on my laptop. :-\21:44
robinking623likemindead: F6, acpi=off and noapic21:45
likemindeadI'll give that a try. Thanks!21:45
robinking623charlie-tca: pcmcia may need acpi or apic?21:46
charlie-tcaI don't think so, I think they are for power saving21:47
charlie-tcasuspend may not work21:47
charlie-tcashutdown may give a line about shut down, and then hang. I don't think they affect pcmcia, though21:48
robinking623charlie-tca: but apic = Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller21:48
charlie-tcaSo what is it doing?21:48
likemindeadI've been using Xubuntu 9.10 since Alpha 6 with no serious issues on this laptop. :D21:48
likemindeadReally looking forward, as always, to upgrading.21:49
charlie-tcalikemindead: what video?21:49
charlie-tcaOh! live cd. Give it about 20 minutes to bring up the desktop21:49
charlie-tcaseriously, 20 minutes21:50
likemindeadYikes... maybe I'll wait 'til Beta...21:51
charlie-tcaThe live cd is a little slower than normal. but after installation, it is faster than 9.1021:53
charlie-tcaIt takes me 13-15 minutes to get the live desktop, but the boot time after installation is about 20 seconds21:53
dimulshi2all, i just installed xubuntu 9.10. xfwm4 doesn't run. i need to press alt+f2 and enter xfwm4 manually. how 2 make it load automatically?21:55
Chaiwallaquestion - How can I access shared files on my Windows XP PC, from my Xubuntu laptop?  they both use the same router21:58
charlie-tcaChaiwalla: use gigolo in Applications -> System21:59
downstairsgreetings, I was here asking about wifi prblems earlier... anyone able to help now?21:59
Chaiwallaok I'll check it21:59
charlie-tcaor maybe it is called shared folders22:00
Chaiwallayeah, i see shared folders22:00
mr_pouit(or maybe "remote filesystems"22:03
ChaiwallaI don't see the folder in shared folders22:06
Chaiwallaoh, I'll try remote filysystems22:06
Chaiwallamr_pouit - remote filesystems found the windows PC, but says "no shares found"22:07
charlie-tcaI think you have to set up the windows folders as shared, don't you?22:12
Chaiwallathey are22:12
ChaiwallaI just did it again too :-(22:12
subspiderhey Sysi do you know what is tha network manager that comes with xubuntu23:30
subspidermine it's not on the system tray23:30
subspiderit dasapiear23:30
subspiderhey TheSheep  can you help me23:32
nwadawgjust installed 10.4 a3 on old work horse laptop, man it boots fast23:36

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