lamalexkenvandine, does anything else need to be done for lp:460286? Do we need to update current installs, or just fix for new?01:20
lamalexkenvandine, would it be faster to get in if I made a debdiff?01:21
lamalexwow, the new indicator applet is entirely unnoticable..01:44
lamalexwhat happened to the green envelope?01:46
vishlamalex: its still supposed to be there, it would be in humanity theme03:08
lamalexvish, my icons were changed to "ubuntu-mono-light"03:09
vishlamalex: yeah , thats the default03:09
lamalexok, so that's what im saying03:10
kenvandinehey lamalex03:19
kenvandinelamalex, i was going to look at that patch tonight03:19
kenvandinelamalex, in fact... i am updating empathy to now03:21
kenvandinelamalex, please file your patch in bugzilla too, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61058903:27
ubot4Gnome bug 610589 in Notifications "enable notifications when chat is not focused" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]03:27
lamalexkenvandine, will do04:11
lamalexkenvandine, there's also a branch for lp:206547 that should be looked at. i tried doing git format-patch and applying the patches to lp:empathy, but they don't apply cleanly, unfortunately04:12
lamalexkenvandine, patch sent upstream04:14
lamalexthat's the problem with lp and upstream bugs, patches get out of sync easily, and it's more important (for me personally) to see them get into Ubuntu, since that has a more direct effect on me as a user, but of course we want them to get upstream as well..04:15
lamalexkenvandine, can you go on gtalk and send me an im/04:26
lamalexim testing that branch to open a new window instead of go to the panel04:26
lamalexkenvandine, is there a wiki page about the session indicator? what "busy"/"away" mean semantically and how applications should behave for each?04:55
RAOFAnyone here?  I'd like some idea of where to put the “Undo” button for editing in f-spot's view mode.06:07
RAOFI think I'll plump for “In the toolbar, next to the rotate buttons and before the fullscreen button”.06:10
lamalexRAOF, step to get to where you are?06:36
RAOFlamalex: As in, how does the user get to the editing mode?06:36
lamalexjust double click a photo, right?06:37
RAOFSelect a photo in the sidebar, change the sidebar to “edit”.06:37
lamalexyeah, that looks like a good place for an undo button06:42
lamalexwhile you're at it, you should make that sidebar size properly when it loads..06:43
lamalexit's smaller than the width of the buttons for me06:43
RAOFI'll see what I can do :)06:45
lamalexyou da man06:50
lamalexso the thing I don't like about this is that this patch isn't up-streamable since it's line numbers are based on other ubuntu specific patches06:51
RAOFThe f-spot patch, or another one?06:53
RAOFpatch is generally pretty good at matching the context if the line numbers change.06:53
RAOFThat is, after all, one reason why it *includes* context in the first place.06:54
lamalexfor popping open a window instead of just sitting in the tray07:02
RAOFUnless the surrounding code has changed upstream the patch should apply, just with some fuzz.07:03
lamalexlets hope07:03
lamalexwoo! deb built!07:06
lamalexawesome, it works07:19
lamalexRAOF, you still around?07:19
lamalexcan you help me test out this empathy patch a little bit?07:20
lamalexas in talk to me on empathy for 10 mins or so?07:20
lamalexsend me requests for IM/Chat/Video/etc07:20
RAOFYeah, totally.07:20
lamalexhm, so now it's popping up on top but not stealing focus, I wonder if i should open it minimized?07:21
lamalexor is on top-not focused ideal07:21
lamalexanyone from the design team here?07:21
lamalexRAOF, can you send me a MUC request?07:22
RAOFlamalex: Only if you can tell me how to do that; I've never managed to work out how in Empathy.07:23
lamalexhm, i actually have no idea07:24
RAOFHave you ever recieved a MUC request in empathy?07:24
lamalexi think so07:24
lamalexdoes anyone know?07:25
RAOFI like that aubergine.  Can we have notify-osd's background be aubergine, too? :)07:25
RAOFTo make it match the tooltips.07:26
lamalexme too07:26
lamalexI think the problem there is matching all themes07:26
lamalexthere are a lot of colors that would look horrid07:26
lamalexRAOF, can you send me another im?07:27
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qensegood afternoon13:32
qensesweet! The new theme has landed!13:37
qensejcastro: Is there already a session planned in the UOW for explaining Application Indicators? I could help with answering questions during such a session.14:03
NafaiGood morning14:03
NafaiHow are you doing jpetersen?14:07
jpetersenNafai, I am good. How are you?14:08
NafaiDoing well14:08
NafaiAbout to dive back into figuring out a app indicator bug14:09
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seb128Nafai, there?14:53
Nafaiseb128: Yeah14:58
seb128Nafai, did we agree that the gnome-bluetooth icon issue was a indicator-application one and that the hacks to unset the icons were not required?14:59
NafaiYes, I believe so15:00
seb128Nafai, you cleaning patch still has those changes15:00
Nafaidang it, let me quickly regenerate15:00
seb128on bug #53210415:00
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532104 in gnome-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Fix app indicator classification and other minor issues (affects: 1)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53210415:00
seb128Nafai, that's ok, I can fix that there15:00
Nafaiok, thanks15:00
seb128Nafai, it's only a chunk to delete15:00
seb128Nafai, thanks15:00
jpetersenwill be back in a bit15:31
jcastronow that it's not thursday can I get some love on: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application/+bug/53013816:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 530138 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "Using .append() on a gtkmenu doesn't update the indicator's menu (affects: 1)" [High,Triaged]16:52
NafaiI'm kind of stumped so far :)16:53
Nafaibeen interesting reading gtk and app indicator code16:53
tedgbratsche: Have you looked at the bug above any?  Nafai was trying to figure it out, but is having some issues.17:00
NafaiJust learning the stack right now17:00
Nafai(the signals and such)17:00
tedgNafai: You think it is a shell vs. container thing, right?17:00
Nafaioriginally I thought so, but then I noticed there is a gtk_menu_shell_add, so I think that was incorrect17:00
NafaiBut given that, I'm not sure where the "add" signal is being emitted17:01
Nafai(again, learning how the different parts of gtk work)17:01
bratschetedg: I don't think so.17:02
Nafaiall in all, I think the app indicator code is nice though :)17:02
tedgNafai: Hmm, okay.  Sometimes just grepping through GTK code helps too :)17:03
NafaiYeah, that's the point I'm at now17:03
jcastroNafai: if I turn off bluetooth and then I go to turn it on the label still says "Turn Off Bluetooth"17:28
NafaiLet me take a look17:28
Nafaiok, I think I've reproduced, I'll see if I can figure out why17:34
jpetersenNafai, is it using GtkActions?18:31
jpetersenNafai, than when the label in the action is updated there is no notify::label from the menu item that the label updated (a gtk+ bug in my opinion) I had the same problem in rhythmbox18:33
jpetersennotify::label signal so application-indicator does not know about the updated label18:33
jpetersenNafai, I think we should a workaround to application-indicator18:42
jpetersenadd a workaround I mean18:42
jpetersenNafai, I will look at it on Monday18:50
jpetersenHave a nice weekend all18:50
NafaiSorry I missed jpetersen18:56
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qensetedg: Why was app-indicator-enum-types.h left out of the libappindicator_SOURCES?19:11
tedgqense: I forgot? :)19:12
tedgqense: I don't know of a reason other than it'd create a recursive generation of that file.19:12
tedgqense: No wait, that should be fine as it's built from headers.19:12
tedgqense: Is it causing an issue?19:13
qensetedg: I think it's making the *get_type() functions  inaccessible from inside the library19:13
qensetedg: the types.h file is in {libappindicatorinclude_HEADERS} but not in {libappindicator_headers}19:14
qenseand it is the latter that gets added to SOURCES19:14
tedgqense: I don't think it should do that.  It doesn't limit the ability for linking.19:14
tedgqense: What's the error you're getting?19:15
qensetedg: So it shouldn't matter?19:15
tedgqense: I don't think so.19:15
qenseOK, then I'll remove it and see what happens.19:15
qenseThe error is already lost in the scrollback as I'm now chasing other issues.19:15
qensetedg: Do you happen to know when 'category-nick' is returned as the value's nick, rather than 'CategoryNick'?19:16
qensetedg: Somehow "category_enum_value->value_nick" returns a 'category-nick' kind of nick.19:17
qense(category_enum_value was obtained using g_enum_get_value())19:17
tedgqense: I'm not remembering all the details, but we had an issue with this.  That's why we did the "big sed" in the Mono bindings to clean it up.19:17
qenseI made it less big.19:18
qensebut still19:18
tedgqense: I think the Camel Case one might have broken something else.19:18
qenseI need to get the CamelCase somehow, otherwise the lru thing is broken.19:18
qensetedg: "@valuenick@19:43
qenseA nick name for the enum value currently being processed, this is usually generated by stripping common prefix words of all the enum values of the current enum, the words are lowercase and underscores are substituted by a minus (e.g. the-xvalue)."19:43
qenseThat variable is being used to generate enum-types.c19:44
qenseafterwards you replace it with sed in the Makefile19:44
qensetedg: Apparently "lower-case" seems to be the desired format for nicks.19:44
qenseor at least GNOME feels that way19:44
tedgqense: Yes, and I think that changing it broke something in GNOME.19:45
tedgWell, more correctly, GTK.19:45
tedgSo that's why we tried to change it just for the Mono bindings.19:45
qensetedg: it is still written like CamelCase in the generated enum-types.c19:46
qensebecause there is also a sed in src/Makefile19:46
qense grep "application-status" src/*19:46
qensesrc/Makefile:    -e "s|\"application-status\"|\"ApplicationStatus\"|" \19:46
qensesrc/Makefile.am:    -e "s|\"application-status\"|\"ApplicationStatus\"|" \19:46
qensesrc/Makefile.in:    -e "s|\"application-status\"|\"ApplicationStatus\"|" \19:46
qensetedg: Shall I remove the sed?19:47
tedgqense: Hmm...19:48
qensetedg: If yes, should I remove the 'DISTCLEANFILES' as well, or is that for something differently.?19:49
tedgIf there's no need for the temp file, sure.19:49
tedgIt should go completely away.19:49
qensetedg: it will make appind crash19:49
tedgBut, I'm curious why it was done twice.19:49
qenseon all systems19:49
qenseplease take that into account19:49
qensewe'll have to purge the lru file19:49
tedgI'm confused.19:50
qenseCurrently the categories are saved in .config/indicators19:50
qenseusing their nick19:50
qenseWhen we'd remove the sed the nicks would change19:50
tedgAh, yes.  We don't want to do that.19:50
tedgThe nicks are also importnat as they're what's in the KDE spec.19:50
qensetedg: CamelCase is required?19:51
tedgqense: Yes.19:51
qenseok, then we will have to replace them19:51
qenseunfortunately there is no glib-mkenums thing for that19:51
qenseso we will have to use sed19:51
qenseglib-mkenums just offers @VALUENAME@ and @valuenick@19:52
qensethe first is LIKE_THIS, the second like-this19:52
qensetedg: however, you can specify the nick by adding /*< nick=the-last-value >*/ after the APP_INDICATOR_CATEGORY_THE_LAST_VALUE line in the enum definition.19:55
qenseI think we want that.19:55
qensethat should magically solve all the problems we have19:56
tedgHmm, okay.  I didn't know that about mkenums.19:57
tedgI'd be nice to get rid of the sed.19:57
qenseit should set some things straight elsewhere as well19:57
qensetedg: However, all I'm doing in the Makefile for the Mono bindings in my branch is replacing the variables with their meanings, using sed.19:58
qenseThat is because somehow the defines aren't replaced when the binding xml source is generated so the cnames are still variables for some properties19:59
tedgqense: Yeah, that's kinda annoying.20:01
tedgqense: It's because the mono scanner doesn't compile anything.20:02
qensetedg: the Python bindings aren't using CamelCase for the nicks, was that done on purpose?20:06
qenseplus: were you aware of all these dpkg-shlibdeps warnings: <http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/389171/>?20:07
tedgqense: Yes, I'm unsure why that happens, as we do use GTK which links to all those.  I don't understand why it would think that is an error.20:09
qensetedg: it is defined in .defs like that20:09
qenseI couldn't find anything updating it, so I assume it was done manually20:09
qenseor generated a while ago20:09
tedgqense: Generated a while ago may be more the case.20:10
qensetedg: load_from_file() in application-service-lru.c always returns FALSE, even the last return statement returns FALSE. Is that desired behaviour?20:29
tedgqense: Yes, it's an idle function, so that makes sure it doesn't run again.20:31
qensetedg: Could you help me with the following two error messages? I get "/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.23.4/gobject/gsignal.c:2268: signal `destroyed' is invalid for instance `0x11910a0'" and "Indicator Item property 'visible' unknown" in ~/.cache/indicator.log. Do you know what raises them? I couldn't find the error message in any library or indicator.21:58
tedgqense: Glib is raising them.21:59
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tedgqense: I'd say that someone is looking for a destroyed signal on something that isn't an object.22:00
tedgqense: Perhaps it was free'd first?22:00
tedgqense: Can you run under gdb?22:00
qensetedg: I'll try to, I hope Indicator Applet won't interfer.22:00
qensetedg: the service exits without the applet on the panel and with the applet on the panel you can't separately launch the service.22:01
qensetedg: I'll look for a untimely g_free()22:02

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