AfCasac: ping00:05
sttng359 how do I remove a branch from a shared repository?00:12
sttng359but won't that leave copies of the data in the repo?00:14
sttng359I know I can safely rm a standalone tree, but this branch has nothing worth saving.00:14
bob2don't think there's a 'bzr gc' command yet00:14
bob2so if you really care, afaik, you'd have to make a new repo and branch everything to it00:14
sttng359hmm, bzr pack wouldn't do garbage collection would it?00:16
PengIt does not do garbage collection.00:17
PengThat is, it doesn't remove anything. It just organizes and compresses it more efficiently.00:17
sttng359Is a gc command on the roadmap?00:20
spivIt would be nice to have, there's a bug report for it somewhere, but it's not a priority.00:21
sttng359yea, I suppose I didn't have gc with svn after all.  Deleting branches in svn only add to diskspace requirements.00:24
sttng359hmm, what about bzr reconfigure --standalone and rm?00:44
sttng359will that remove extra copies from the repo or do copies always stay in the repo?00:44
bob2I'd be very surprised if that removed all the now-unneeded revision data from the repository00:44
sttng359I suppose the repo just doesn't track which branches are using it so the above would be very difficult.00:45
PengWhen you get into stacked branches, remote clients and stuff, it becomes impossible.00:46
dcolesjelmer: Here's the bug report for that bzr-svn authentication.conf bug I was having https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/53229200:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532292 in bzr-svn "Doesn't get user/password details from authentication.conf" [Undecided,In progress]00:52
dcolesurlparse.urlsplit doesn't like 'svn+https' urls :S00:52
jelmerdcoles: I've just fixed it :-)00:57
dcolesjelmer: Cheers :)00:58
jelmerdcoles: thanks for the detailed bugreport, that made it really easy to fix.00:59
maxbHas anyone encountered bzr-svn corrupting its cache.tdb if Ctrl-C'ed whilst caching new revisions?01:01
dcolesjelmer: I do a lot of python programming for work... and bazaar being python based makes it really easy to hack on ;)01:01
maxbIt seems to manifest as some paths/<revno> keys going missing from the tdb01:02
jelmermaxb: I've seen it, I'm 99% sure it's because of the "svn log" fetch reversal patch that went in for 1.0.201:02
maxbooh, that would entirely explain it - log-last is ending up pointing to a higher number than completely cached01:02
jelmermaxb: I haven't had time to look into it yet, but if you can provide a bug report/patch that would be most welcome :-)01:03
* maxb will have a think. Unfortunately I guess you reversed the fetching for a reason, and fixing it without just backing it out doesn't seem obvious01:03
jelmerthe reversing is done because svn servers are quicker if asked for the revision data from newest to oldest01:04
maxbThe "obvious" way to fix this would be to bin log-min and log-last and store a list of ranges which are cached01:07
maxbbut that's a compatibility can of worms, I suppose01:07
mwhudsonjelmer: this one failed in discovering tags, i think: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/40213543/vcs-imports-sit-trunk-log.txt01:15
jelmermwhudson: there's an open bug about that issue01:19
jelmermwhudson: would be nice if we could associate bugs with import failures (-:01:19
mwhudsonjelmer: oh cool01:19
mwhudsonjelmer: well yeah, i'll do the unsophisticated whiteboard/comment thing i guess01:20
MTecknologyWhat's your opinions about keeping documents stored in a bzr branch?01:21
mwhudsonjelmer: hm, it seems none of the 5 vaguely similar bugs is in tag discovery01:24
jelmermwhudson: it's not really the tag discovery that's relevant but rather the code that infers the revision graph from a svn repo01:24
mwhudsonjelmer: oh ok01:25
Traveler2Hi, I want to use bzr in the following scenario.  I have some html files on a server.  I want several people to edit them using bzr.  How should I set this up?  I setup the server, did init-repo, copied the html in here, did 'bzr init' in the html folder.  Then my devs can branch fine.  But if they push, the worknig tree isn't updated.  How should I set up the repository?01:25
jelmermwhudson: I think bug 38419201:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 384192 in bzr-svn "Assertion in _set_direct_lhs_parent_revmeta when pulling from remote branch" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38419201:25
mwhudsonjelmer: then probalby all these bugs are duplicates: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bugs?field.searchtext=Tried+registering01:25
jelmermwhudson: yep, thanks!01:27
mwhudsonnp :)01:27
jelmerMTecknology: it's up to you :-) Should work well, although diff probably isn't much use if they're binary documents. And if the documents are *very* large (gigabytes) it's probably also a bad idea.01:28
jelmerTraveler2: check out the bzr-upload plugin01:28
MTecknologyjelmer: It won't be a lot of massive files, the only thing I'm not sure about is, when they delete a file or alter it and the diff is just the replaced file; then that .bzr they always have to pull down will get massive pretty quick01:29
jelmerMTecknology: how big the deltas are going to be depends on the document format really01:31
Traveler2jelmer: thanks, but with this plug-in does it mean no repository is kept on the server?  Will revision history be shared with other developers this way?01:31
jelmerTraveler2: the plugin is used independently01:32
jelmerTraveler2: I assume you don't want to push your history to the same location as your web site, as that would mean visitors of your web site could access the source code and the history.01:32
MTecknologyjelmer: ya lost me with the word delta01:32
MTecknologyjelmer: probably mostly pdf and mso 2007 docs01:33
jelmerMTecknology: the binary diff between the old and new version of a file01:33
MTecknologyjelmer: oh01:34
MTecknologyhrm... I think I just figured out exactly what I want to do :D01:34
Traveler2jelmer: I do want to push it there, it's just html and I take care of people accessing it with apache01:34
MTecknologyjelmer: thanks, I'll try out diffs from changing some things01:35
jelmerTraveler2: in that case you might be interested in the push-and-update plugin01:35
jelmerMTecknology: I should say, "bzr diff" isn't a good indication of the size of the data that's going to be stored01:36
MTecknologyjelmer: I suppose if I just make a new branch for every year I won't need to worry about the size that much01:37
Traveler2jelmer: cool, thanks again!01:37
MTecknologyjelmer: thanks for the info, I'll do a little trial, mess around with docs, check the diff size, see how big things grow01:38
dcolesjelmer: Looks like another small issue - passwords from authentication.conf can come back as unicode strings01:43
dcolesjelmer: Ah. Never mind. That's fixed in lp:45212101:45
pooliehello all03:08
PengHi. :)03:10
MTecknologyI'm trying to use the bazaar explorer for windows. Is there any way to use this to setup a shared key? I don't want to give this user account a password if I can help it - I prefer accepting connections with keys only03:12
MTecknologyI don't even see how you can open it using a shared key if you do have one..03:13
bob2the launchpad docs explain how03:14
bob2(assuming you mean "I'd like bzr explorer to use a ssh key to connect to my remote bzr repository via bzr+ssh/sftp")03:14
MTecknologywill it let me generate the key in the bzr explorer too?03:15
Kamping_Kaiserdoes the lp plugin provide a shorthand way of saying 'push to a branch which isn't asociated with any project'? 'help lauchpad' only talks of projects03:16
spiv'bzr push lp:~username/+junk/branchname'03:17
MTecknologyKamping_Kaiser: bzr push lp:~user/+junk/branch_name03:17
Kamping_Kaiserso i need to enter the whole ~username/+junk bit? ah well. thanks both :)03:18
spivput 'export J=lp:~username/+junk' in your bashrc, then you could do 'bzr push $j/branchname' :P03:19
spivEr, $J03:19
pooliehello all03:19
pooliehi spiv03:19
MTecknologybob2: I'm not finding the docs for that03:20
Kamping_Kaiserspiv: trying to decide if i want shorthand way enough to file a bug ;)03:20
bob2https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair#Next step03:20
MTecknologybob2: thanks03:24
spivKamping_Kaiser: you can always write a plugin to provie a junk: namespace as a shortcut to lp:~you/+junk03:30
Kamping_Kaiserspiv: much as i like the idea, i won't know enough python (any) to do that for a while03:33
spivKamping_Kaiser: bzrlib/plugins/launchpad/lp_directory.py would be a starting point if you felt like trying anyway ;)03:34
MTecknologyok, so I have the key generated but the bazaar explorer is still confusing me, I thought it would let you pick a key in the branch operation03:34
Kamping_Kaiserspiv: tempt me not! or i might not be able to resist :p03:34
MTecknologyor do I need to put it in C:\Users\Username\.ssh or something like that?03:35
* MTecknology is remembering how much it sucks to deal with windows03:36
MTecknologybob2: any chance I could just get a little more help with that?03:44
spivMTecknology: I don't think bzr or explorer have a concept of a key per branch, if that's what you're asking?03:45
MTecknologyspiv: I can't use a shared key with the bazaar explorer?03:45
bob2what do you mean when you say "shared key"03:46
MTecknologyssh key03:46
bob2in what way do you think bzr explorer should be involved in this?03:46
MTecknologyuse the private key to authenticate the same way when I pull the branches in linux03:47
MTecknologybzr branch bzr+ssh://user@server/path/to/branch03:49
bob2sure, follow the launchpad page and bzr will use pageant03:49
bob2pretty sure it has nothing to do with bzr explorer specifically03:50
Kilroohm...looks like my pet bug got pushed back farther.03:54
MTecknologyok... so use puttygen to create the ssh key; add public key to server; start pageant; add key to it; leave running; try to pull branch; still asks for password03:56
MTecknologyhrm.. authentication (publickey) failed is showing up in the output, must be at least trying to use it??03:58
MTecknologybob2: thanks - sorry if I was annoying04:01
MTecknologyI REALLY hate how windows works....04:02
MTecknologyLinux, ssh-keygen; put id_*.pub on server; done04:02
MTecknologyso simple :D04:02
MTecknologybob2: thanks again, time to relax :)04:05
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=== samurai is now known as samiam
pooliespiv, can you answer https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/98083 ?05:24
* spiv looks05:24
spivDone; I've essentially just repeated jam's answer.05:27
poolielifeless: can you have a look at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/528793 for me?05:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528793 in bzr "MemoryError in _ensure_content during commit in small repository" [Medium,Confirmed]05:29
pooliespiv, and also https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/10316305:33
spivI wonder why I don't receive question notifications.  I guess I need to subscribe somehow...05:34
pooliei just made ~bzr-qa be subscribed05:34
poolieare the per-file merge hooks in the user guide?05:35
spivThey'll be in the hooks documentation at least, but they probably need better docs than that.05:36
lifelesspoolie: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/itaniumr-processor-family-performance-advantages-register-stack-architecture/05:45
poolieso, spiv, could you answer that guy?06:02
poolieand i'll file a bug for documenting it06:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532435 in bzr "need user-guide documentation of per-file merge hooks" [Undecided,New]06:09
spivpoolie: yes, I just did, was composing and testing the code for the answer06:11
spivThe code for that is still a little more complex than is ideal :/06:11
pooliei think he was hoping for a single configuration item :)06:12
spivWell, I suppose that plugin could be tweaked to read patterns from a .bzrmeta/fauxbinaries file ;)06:14
pooliei'd like to put it in the rules file06:14
lifelesswe have too many places06:14
AfCI so wish you could have put the meta data in .bzr06:18
AfCI gather you had reasons, but it seems such a shame to have more .bzr* files than 106:18
pooliedid any of you see a failure in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/53243506:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532435 in bzr "need user-guide documentation of per-file merge hooks" [Medium,Confirmed]06:20
poolieERROR: bzrlib.tests.test_transport.TestSSHConnections.test_bzr_connect_to_bzr_ssh06:20
spivpoolie: what sort of failure?06:21
poolieSocketConnectionError: Unable to connect to SSH host localhost:35949; [Errno 111] Connection refused06:21
spivI haven't seen that test fail, or that type of failure in general, no.06:21
vilahi all !07:28
jamuh-oh. If I see vila wake up, I *must* need to go to bed!07:33
jamnight all07:33
PengNote to self: Impersonate vila in the middle of the afternoon to screw with jam.07:34
vilajam: eeerk07:36
vilajam: have a good night07:36
SamB_XP!localtime Peng07:49
* igc dinner08:42
vilabialix, bialix, where are you ?08:54
bialixvila: hi! thanks!09:58
* bialix waves hi all09:58
vilabialix: hehe, just so your Approve vote, thanks for that09:59
* bialix starting to understand vila even with typo like that09:59
vilaI'm wondering if 'so' and 'saw' are pronounced differently in English in which case I'll blame my awful accent (or so cute accent depending who you ask :)10:01
PengThey are pronounced differently in my accent.10:05
vilaPeng: ha good...10:06
vilaPeng: ... what is your accent ? :-)10:06
PengI don't know. Isn't it said that people don't hear their own accent?10:06
bialixsay us who you are and we say what is your accent ;-)10:07
Pengvila: I'm from Florida, US.10:07
vilaPeng: Well, my girlfriend recorded me lately (without notice) and I could clearly hear my accent :)10:08
vilaPeng: So you're a native speaker and for bialix and me I think that counts as no accent :)10:08
neajhello all ..10:08
neaji want to merge svnA into svnB using bazaar .. what's the Right Way?10:09
bialixSTing has a song in French: La belle damme sans regret, it's funny to listen his accent10:09
neaji managed to do it, but now svnB doens't have the history10:09
bialixghost around us?10:10
PengHmm, what's a stereotypical southern greeting? I couldn't come up with one...10:10
neajhi y'all10:10
PengAh! Good one!10:10
vilabialix: weirdo :) Listening to foreign accents in foreign foreign languages :)10:11
bialixneaj: hi, what it means "does not have the history"?10:11
PengI can't say "y'all" with a straight face. :(10:11
neaj'bzr log' shows only 7 revisions, but svnA has 283 revisions10:11
bialixvila: yep10:11
bialixneaj: try bzr log -n010:11
* neaj gives bialix a noisy kiss10:12
bialixoh no10:12
bialixneaj: bonus: install QBzr and try qlog10:12
neajOK :-)10:12
neajwow that was a nice discovery :-)10:12
vilaneaj: There should have been a message at the end of 'bzr log' (use -n0 blah blah)10:14
vilaneaj: did you just miss it ?10:14
vilaneaj: I'm asking to know what could have helped you discover it alone (since that's why we put the message there in the first place)10:16
neajvila: yes, i completely missed it, sorry ..10:29
vilaneaj: no no, you don't have to be sorry, instead, tell us what could have helped you notice it10:30
vilarats, I will lose *power* in ~30mins for 2 hours, I'll have to shut down properly *now*10:31
vilaneaj: feel free to file a bug with your ideas10:32
* vila goes back to shutting down every work in progress and migrate some stuff to the battery-powered laptop :)10:33
neajsomething like this? http://pastie.org/85530210:33
vilahmm, embedding or at the top, yeah, makes sense, will not fly well with our current implementation but I think it's worth addressing for people using '| more or less10:35
* vila runs10:36
neajhmm, now is this history in svnB? when i 'svn co svnB', svn log shows only 7 revs also.10:40
Pengneaj: No. It's just in bzr.10:41
PengI think.10:41
neaji did: 'bzr branch svnA; bzr branch svnB; cd svnA; bzr merge -b 0..283 ../svnB; bzr commit -m "Merged"; bzr push'10:42
bialixvila: may I ask your wisdom advice? re scmproj10:52
Pengbialix: vila is gonna be AFK for the next 2 hours because of a power outage.10:54
* bialix sends vila some spare batteries10:55
joeyany bzr guru's on line?11:10
joeyneed help to work around https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/53255011:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532550 in bzr "bzr error: Bad message kind byte: '\\x1d'" [Undecided,New]11:10
bialixjoey: does this error reproducible?11:14
bialixdoes you have any proxy between you and lp?11:15
joeybialix: I'm trying. It happens 47 mins into my push11:15
joeybialix: probably, I'm in a hotel in London11:15
joeybialix: I'm pushing up about a 4 gig diff11:16
bialixtry to run bzr missing first to understand how many revisions you're about to push, and try then push in chunks11:16
bialix4 gig? could be 32bit issue, maybe?11:16
joeygood idea11:16
bialixsorry, I'm not really guru in 4 gig question11:16
joeyoh right, I'm on a 32bit netbook not more normal 64bit system11:17
* bialix summons spiv, lifeless11:17
joey2 revs down, 1 I just did after the crash on the 1st11:17
bialixmay be push in chunks would help11:17
spivjoey: ouch, big diff!11:18
spivI doubt it's a 32-bit vs. 64-bit issue.11:18
bialixand here is: our smart server guru: spiv!11:19
spivjoey: please add -Dhpss -Dhpssdetail to the command line, try again, and then attach the .bzr.log to the bug11:19
spivjoey: it's certainly a bug in bzr, although it's one I haven't seen before11:20
spivjoey: bialix's advice about pushing less revisions at a time is probably the best workaround I can think of.11:21
spivjoey: hmm, although sftp might be a workaround too?  'bzr push sftp://joey@bazaar.launchpad.net/~oem-solutions-group/oem-process/oem-presentations/'11:22
spivjoey: I need to go to bed; please put any further info you get into the bug, I'd really like to understand what's gone wrong here.11:22
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
joeyI think I might have found the issue....12:10
joeythere was a file name that included a funny space and two periods.12:10
joeyI changed that and am attempting to push again12:10
lifelesswhere was the file12:13
lifelessjml: does the lp server capture server side errors to oops yet?12:13
jmllifeless, no.12:13
lifelessor to some log we can see - i want the server side backtrace12:13
spivjoey: filenames really should not have that effect on the network protocol12:16
spiv(will be in bed soon, really!)12:16
joeyspiv: I'll give it a shot.12:16
spivjoey: so I very much doubt that is the issue, it just doesn't fit with symptoms so far at all12:17
joeyoh you know, maybe I should have done a -Dhpss12:17
jmllifeless, whatever logs we have are synced to devpad -- I doubt the server-side backtrace is synced though. a losa will be able to point you at the right directories, and might be able to sync the appropriate ~/.bzr.log on request.12:17
lifelessjml: well, its 2317; I'm beat12:18
jmllifeless, ok. thanks for trying.12:18
lifelessthis needs to be gathered to move this further I suspect12:18
lifelessjoey: if you want to track down the log for the error, so we can look at it when .au rolls around (or so vila can look at it), that would be great.12:19
lifelessjoey: the error you see is local bzr saying 'the server spat at me. waaah.'12:19
lifelessjoey: there is a real backtrace on the server somewhere.12:19
spivjoey: yes, -Dhpss -Dhpssdetail, please12:20
joeylifeless: I was hoping that was the case :-)  Just wondering if I can translate the "waahh" into something that might help me diag the problem12:20
spivjoey: the server-side traceback is what we really need, but -Dhpss -Dhpssdetail on the client might provide some useful clues12:21
lifelessjoey: talk to a losa; they can flail about more effectively.12:24
joeythanks spiv... and lifeless ... I'll wait to this one finishes or crashes to prove my theory and if it abends I'll try the debug items12:24
joeyheh. Maybe herb or mthaddon can find something for me12:25
joeyspiv: lifeless - the filename rename did the trick12:57
* joey updates the bug12:57
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PengIt did? But...why?13:00
spivjoey: I *really* doubt that is more than a co-incidence13:00
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jammorning all14:56
jamevening igc15:05
igchi jam15:05
jamigc: other than needing to go to bed, how are things going?15:06
igcI'm fighting windows installers tonight15:07
igcdebugging me new scripts15:07
igcjam: any chance you can upload one of the installers I built to people.canonical.com say?15:17
igcjam: I'm heading to bed now but I'd like to test it on the weekend15:17
igcit's the one tagged igc15:17
igcjam: ^15:17
jamon d?15:18
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NfNitLoopwhat would cause a commit back to svn to have the property bzr:pointless?15:43
NfNitLoopIt seems to be doing those commits to store some sort of metadata in the commit properties, but I only have 2 revisions in my local repo to push.15:43
jelmerNfNitLoop: a commit that is pure administrative15:43
jelmerNfNitLoop: i.e. shouldn't appear in "bzr log" but is required because of the way svn works15:44
Takdoes bzr have any special provision to handle the situation where a branch contains large, binary files that often change?15:44
NfNitLooprequired for what reason?15:44
NfNitLoopTak:  It'll diff binary files just like text files.... no special provisions, AFAIK.15:45
NfNitLoopjelmer: I mean, I see why you might need that.  I'm just wondering what the common case for it would be.15:47
NfNitLoop(My 2 revisions seem pretty straightforward, not sure why I'm seeing this behavior for the first time today.)15:47
NfNitLoopI did do a rebase before pushing back to SVN.15:50
NfNitLoopbut I don't know why that should matter.15:50
Takhm - I ask because I went to branch from an svn repo (where that happens), and I was around a gig downloaded at ~200/~18000 revisions in, and the tip wc size is substantially less than a gig15:53
jelmerNfNitLoop: IIRC if you push a branch that adds a tag while there is no 'tags' directory and bzr-svn creates the tags directory for you it'll set that revprop15:53
NfNitLoophrmm, nope.   it doesn't appear to have changed anything other than that property.15:57
NfNitLoopTak: Well, it does keep all of your history.16:02
NfNitLoopTak: you might consider a stacked branch next time you do a checkout.16:03
NfNitLoopthat'll download just enough history to recontruct a working copy.16:03
NfNitLoopjelmer: aah.  It looks like my coworker updated a branch in the /tags directory.16:06
NfNitLoopand for some reason those commit messages got copied into the branch from which that tag was created.16:07
NfNitLoopwhich is wrong, because those changes weren't committed there.16:07
NfNitLoop(Yes.  It's a complete misuse of the "tags" directory.  But in my experience, it is not uncommon in SVN usage.)16:09
vilajam: ping16:38
bialixis it possible to mark command-line option as deprecated?16:39
bialixthere is hidden flag16:39
bialixI want to make some options hidden and deprecated16:39
bialixdoes bzr has some support for this?16:39
jamhi vila16:40
vilabialix: no idea :-/16:40
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
vilajam: I'm searching how to find back a file-id for a file that has been deleted in a working tree16:41
jelmerbialix: yeah, I think you can add hidden=True to Option()'s constructor16:41
bialixI'm not very good in optparse, what method is called when option processed?16:41
jamvila: you have to walk history until you find a revision where it existed16:41
bialixjelmer: yes, hidden=True works fine16:41
bialixI want to make some deprecation check now is some universal manner16:42
jelmerbialix: I don't think we have a deprecated=True flag, but I guess you could warn the user if you see they use that flag16:42
vilajam: what is the purpose of has_or_had_id (slightly related) ?16:42
bialixhmm, Option constructor has custom_callback16:42
jamvila: I think that only checks the WT before commt16:43
bialixI think I need to provide my callback with deprecation warning16:43
* bialix trying16:43
jamso if you delete a file, you 'had' the file, referenced by the existing file_id16:43
jamonce you commit, that will return nothing16:43
jamI think16:43
vila:-/ Yeah, my wt is just in that state, the file *is* deleted by the merge but was present in a least one of the parents16:44
jamvila: well, it is easy enough to just probe all parents with path2id16:44
jamif it was deleted in the merge16:44
jamthen doesn't it have to be present in the basis (left-hand parent)?16:45
jamotherwise it would have been deleted already16:45
vilayes, but I don't have that info anymore when starting from the conflict object16:46
vilabut " probe all parents with path2id" should be enough16:46
jamit isn't great, but I think it will work for what you need16:46
jamcould you have a conflict if the file was deleted in all parents but had been locally versioned (not yet committed)?16:47
vilajam: no worries, I plan to need that only for conflicts created *before* I fix bug #53196716:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531967 in bzr "bzr resolve --take-this or --take-other fails for PathConflict if a dir is deleted" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53196716:47
jambzr add new-file; bzr merge ../other # conflict with 2 files wanting to be 'new-file'16:47
vilabzr add-new file should create a new file-id so I think it's a different case, let me think16:48
bialixcustom callback working fine16:49
jamvila: sure, it just is a potential to cause a conflict16:49
jamanother way is just16:49
jamtouch new-file16:49
jambzr merge ../adds-new-file16:49
vilajam: I think that will be a DuplicateEntry conflict which can have two file-id involved16:49
jamwell, --force16:49
jamvila: I trust that you know better than me, I'm just trying to bring up edge cases16:50
vilajam: thanks for that16:50
* vila notes to add tests for just to be safe ;)16:50
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vilajam: (Pdb) pp tree.revision_tree('other').path2id('new-dir')16:52
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vilajam: (teddy bear) Can you think of a *simple* way to restore an inventory entry as it was in an available revtree ? This has to cope with the entry being of any kind of course17:24
jamvila: you mean like 'bzr revert' sort of thing?17:26
jamI'm not really sure what you mean by 'restore'17:27
jamare you trying to do something on disk? only in the inventory, etc?17:27
jamand I assume this is in a WT?17:27
vilathen entry doesn't exist in my current wt, I want to add one from a revtree17:27
jamvila: the only stable way I can think of is to use 'revert(specific_files)'17:27
jamI don't think it is particularly simple17:28
vilajam: yeah, I thought so :-/17:28
jam        _mod_merge.transform_tree(tree, tree.basis_tree(), interesting_ids)17:28
jamis what "bzr remerge" uses17:28
jambefore it re-applies the merge17:28
vilaI'll punt then and abort in that case, it should be rare enough to not be really that important17:29
jamso transform 'tree' into 'other_tree' for objects mentioned in 'interesting_ids'17:29
jamvila: it is a single line of code :)17:29
vilahaaa, *that* sounds what I'm after17:29
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bigjoolshi - I just had bzr traceback when I was merging a bundle: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/389096/17:40
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vilajam: bah, that doesn't work, long story short, I need my fix first which sucks because it means my tests won't be failing anymore which in turn means I won't be able to test my backup plan 8-{17:55
vilajam: using tree.revert([revtree,id2path(file_id)], etc) seem to work better ! \o_18:05
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jamvila: the only concern there is that I *think* 'tree.revert(dir-id)' will revert all files underneath it?18:07
vilajam: At that point, the directory *should* be empty (at least I hope so :)18:08
vilaIt doesn't exist anymore so I just need to recreate it, I'm pretty it's empty,18:08
vilafor dirs that is, for files and symlinks... well, that doesn't apply ;-)18:09
jamvila: but wouldn't it end up restoring the files that used to be in the directory in that parent?18:14
jam(not sure, but def something to test)18:14
vilajam: I sure will, but AIUI, the conflict can't be created if the dir is not empty (that's what I need to check)18:14
awilkinsIs an "inconsistent delta" error as critical as it sounds in #25640918:15
* vila EODing18:17
vilabye all !18:17
vilajam: thanks for help and the teddy bearing ;-)18:18
jamawilkins: there is a known form where 'bzr commit' and a deleted nested directory (deleting a/ and a/b/ and a/b/c), which commits fine, but fails at one point, and you need to run 'bzr update' afterwards18:29
jamthere it isn't serious18:30
jamjust a bug in handling recursive removal18:30
jamotherwise, prob serious18:30
awilkinsjam: The scenario is as follows... this branch was pulled from an SVN repo. The lead developer has had a moment of confusion (doesn't seem to understand version control) and copied a folder from an old revision forwards in time as an attempt at renaming it.18:32
jamawilkins: well, that sounds like a bzr-svn issue, as it could be supplying an invalid delta to the rest of the code18:33
jelmerawilkins: bzr-svn should be able to handle that18:33
awilkinsjam: It's happening during a bzr mv --auto18:33
jelmerawilkins: this is a change that's already been committed?18:33
awilkinsjelmer, They must be because I'm working in a fresh checkout of a past revision18:34
jelmerawilkins: how do you know it happened during a bzr mv --auto ?18:34
awilkinsjelmer, The error was raised during bzr mv --auto ; I don't know when the root cause of the error arose18:35
awilkinsI'm trying to create a revision that's this persons changes done right... then I can merge the changes from everyone else which he's ignored because he's not committed for a few weeks18:35
jamawilkins: hmm.. I've seen that with stuff trying to be renamed into a dir that wasn't versioned18:36
jamagain, a bug, but shouldn't long-term break anything18:36
jamthe error is to prevent getting corruption18:36
jamso getting it during 'bzr mv' is probably ~ok, getting it during 'bzr commit' is more worrisom18:36
awilkinsjam: Yes, eventually it stops throwing the error if you manually add a bunch of parent folders18:36
awilkinsAlas, mv --auto is guessing too promiscuously18:36
awilkinsI guess it's not so hot at Java code with enormously similar and long import lists18:37
jamawilkins: IIRC if a line is very common, it gets less weight for matching18:57
jamhowever, if you are saying they shouldn't match at all, there is probably a 50% threshold or so18:57
cr3how can I use bzr to patch a branch from revision x..y in a different branch, which happens to not have the same root19:41
cr3hm, seems to be as simple as bzr merge -rx..y /path/to/other/branch19:42
cr3awesome! 167 conflicts encountered.19:42
jamcr3: bzr diff -r x..y /path/to/other/branch | bzr patch ?20:08
* cody-somerville is very happy bzr now handles merging local commits on a binded branch correctly. :)20:47
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mrjazzcathey.  newbie bzr dev question.  I'd like to setup a simple bzr server that I build to test remote calls.  Is ssh the best model to pick?  If so, how to I tell the client which bzr program to invoke.22:24
lifelesswhat do you mean?22:25
lifelessI don't know what 'build to test calls'22:25
mrjazzcatwell, I've built bzr 2.2 and I want to run it as the server when I run the client.  But, what gets run via sftp (for instance) isn't up to me.22:25
lifelesswhen pushing over sftp, the server is just sftp - no bzr code runs at all22:26
lifelessbzr only runs in client-server mode when you push to a bzr://, bzr+ssh://, or http:// [when the WSGI interface is enabled on the server]22:27
mrjazzcatah, I see (sort of).  I thought that sftp could be used as the simplest server.  You're saying that all the commands to run come from the client, in that case.22:28
lifelesswith SFTP, bzr works just like it does on local disk - sftp only offers a virtual file system22:29
lifelessno RPCs22:29
mrjazzcatok, thanks.  That makes sense.22:29
lifelesswith bzr+ssh you can export BZR_REMOTE_PATH to control the program invoked on the remote host22:30
lifelessbzr help env-variables22:30
mrjazzcatthanks.  That's better.  That's what I'll do.  I'm trying to pick off an easy bug to get started, and I thought figuring out the client-server model was also a good place to start22:32
lifelessmany easy bugs are tagged 'easy' in the bugtracker22:34
lifelessthat may help you find a good bug22:34
mrjazzcatthanks, it will22:36
neajhi all .. what is submit_branch in .bzr/branch/branch.conf ?22:54
lifelessits the branch that 'bzr submit' will submit to by default22:55
NfNitLoopis that an addon?   'bzr help submit' is an error for me.22:56
NfNitLoopand yet I've got a submit branch.22:57
NfNitLoop(error: unknown command "submit")22:57
lifelesssorry, 'send'22:57
lifelessbzr send22:57
NfNitLoopI think it's the default branch for merge too?22:57
neaji'm not really clear on the differences between parent_location submit_branch push_location23:01
neaji don't know why my submit branch is different from my push location23:02
lifelesszr help configuration23:02
neajand why isn't it a push branch?23:02
jpdsneaj: I think submit branch is the tweak branch which your branch will be merged into.23:04
neaji've never used 'send'. i merged from another repo. that repo ended up as submit branch. don't understand the reasoning behind that yet23:05
neajjpds: in this particular case, the submit branch is pointing at a throwaway branch that i just used to migrate an svn repo into my bzr repo23:06
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neajnow i've moved the throwaway branch out of the way, but it bothers me that i now have an invalid submit_branch in .bzr/branch/branch.conf23:07
lifelessso delete it23:07
neajlifeless: my point is that i don't want to end up with funny invalid things that i have to fiddle by hand just by working normally23:08
NfNitLoopall it's doing is remembering the last place you did an operation from so that it becomes an optional parameter.23:09
NfNitLoopjust specify your destination every time and it won't affect you.23:09
NfNitLoopI never quite grokked submit_branch either.23:09
NfNitLoopbut I always specify where to merge from so it doesn't mater much.23:09
NfNitLoopI sortof want to write a plugin to just create a named pool of all branches that a branch has seen and prompt on every operation.23:10
NfNitLoopbut... yeah, that hasn't happened yet. :p23:10
lifelessNfNitLoop: bookmarks can do something in that direction23:11
lifelessNfNitLoop: could extend it23:11
lifelessneaj: so, bzr remembers things you work with, the first time; you deleted the branch it had remembered - I don't see that there is an easy way to avoid that.23:12
lifelessneaj: you don't need to manually fiddle by hand - the next time you do a send, just do '--remember', and bzr will update the setting.23:12
neajthat name (submit branch) feels super confusing to me. it sounds very familiar, but turns out it doesn't have to do with commit or push, but with send. send turns out to be an async version of push, but it follows different rules as to where the changes will go.23:13
lifelessneaj: send is not an async version of push23:14
lifelessneaj: send is for sending your changes to someone else to integrate. They might merge. They might pull.23:14
neaji appreciate everyone's teachings, by the way :-]23:14
lifelesspush updates a remote branch to be a mirror of your local branch.23:14
lifelessvery different23:14
neajOK, so push puts your changes into a branch, and send sends your changes to someone who may or may not put them into a branch23:15
neajand send assumes you'd want to send to wherever you last merged from.23:16
neajif i understand correctly ..23:16
lifelessby default, yes23:17
lifelessbecause, common case, you are merging from the maintainer23:17
lifelessand sending back to the maintainer23:17
lifelessand pushing to your own repository23:17
neajOK, i see.23:21
neajhmm, i notice that 'bzr info' talks about push/parent/submit *branch*, but 'bzr help configuration' talks about submit_branch, push_location and parent_location23:21
neaji wonder if 'send branch' would be a better name for 'submit branch'. send bransh for sending, push branch for pushing.23:22
mkanatneaj: It's also the bundle branch.23:23
neajyou send bundles also, right?23:24
mkanatI never do, personally. :-)23:24
neaji mean that's how they reach that branch23:25
mkanatThey can be merged in.23:25
neajin that case i wonder if 'send' should be called 'submit'23:28
lifelessit was originally23:29
lifelessit got renamed for few reasons; the setting stayed the same for compatability23:30
jelmerlifeless: btw, I started on adding support for adding 'bugs' revprops in the commitfromnews plugins23:39
neajhehe .. names are tricky ..23:39
jelmerunfortunately the commit message template hook doesn't seem to allow modification of the commit message23:39
jelmerso I'll have to use a different hook I guess23:39
lifelessjelmer: do you mean 'of the commit object' ?23:43
jelmerlifeless: yes, sorry23:43
lifelessjelmer: I think we'll want a new hook anyway, because we want to process the /saved/ commit message, not the generated template for bug numbers.23:43
jelmerlifeless: do we? I don't want the bug numbers to show up in the commmit message itself, but stripping them out afterwards is hard.23:50
lifelessjelmer: oh, I want them to stay in the message.23:54
lifelessI hadn't really thought about hiding them.23:54
jelmerGenerally I would have something like "(Jelmer Vernooij, #34243242)" after each line in the NEWS file. That seems like redundant information to have in the commit message.23:58

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