ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:03
heath|homeHello, I'm switching from gnome to KDE and can't figure out how to assign a hot spot for desktop switching00:25
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SaiNumerithere anyone out there that could possibly help me with an issue im having in kubuntu?00:27
heath|homeah, screen edges00:28
SaiNumerii deleted my taskbar, and damnit i cant find a faq on google telling me how to re-enable it00:29
SaiNumeribloody hell00:30
heath|homeSaiNumeri: how did u delete it?00:31
geniiProbably right-clicked and "remove this panel" ...00:32
joh6nni've installed the 4.4.1 packages, but the window tabbing feature doesn't seem to have installed00:32
joh6nnat the very least, i can't find it anywhere00:32
heath|homethe font is very small00:33
duncanidaho1 I have ubuntu 9.10 installed everything is up and running great.  So I thought I'd give KDE a try.  I installed it, everything seems to be great but getting a wireless connection.  I can see signals that are broadcast but I cannot get connected (in KDE, in Gnome it still works)00:39
SaiNumerianyone active out there?00:44
geniiSaiNumeri: Some of us are awake. how much, is debatable00:45
SaiNumerilol, i hear ya00:45
SaiNumeriive got a bit of an issue, wondering if someone could help me out00:45
geniiSaiNumeri: As a last resort to get your bar back you could move the .kde directory to a backup name and restart x00:45
geniiSaiNumeri: It will make another .kde directory with everything set to defaults00:46
SaiNumeri...either your a very good psychic, or you were in the other channel that i should have stuck in, lol00:46
SaiNumeriok, one problem though. i was raised on a windows machine, and im completly new to linux. so basicly, what you just said to me was more or less greek00:47
geniiSaiNumeri: You asked here earlier but left before anyone could answer00:48
SaiNumerioh.... didnt realize this was the same server, sorry, got impatient.00:48
SaiNumeriive been dealing with this for a few days, and im sure you could imagine how frustrating that could be00:48
geniiSaiNumeri: in Konsole:  mv ~/.kde ~/.oldkde              then logout of Kubuntu. At login screen choose "restart X server from the button that looks like an on-off switch. Log back into Kubuntu00:49
SaiNumerii hope you can forgive my being a complete noob, but what is the 'konsole'? im assuming that you either mean the start button of sorts, or something else?00:53
SaiNumeriagain, noob to the extreme00:53
heath|homeSaiNumeri: Konsole is a terminal emulator00:54
SaiNumeriok, i just typed konsole into the search bar. the bash popped up. that it?00:56
SaiNumerishane@JSMs-damned-laptop:~$ mv~/.kde~/.oldkde00:57
SaiNumeribash: mv~/.kde~/.oldkde: No such file or directory00:57
SaiNumerisorry for the flood00:57
FloodBotK1SaiNumeri: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
geniiSaiNumeri: You need a space between "mv" and "~/.kde" and another one between "~/.kde" and "~/.oldkde"00:59
SaiNumerisorry, didnt see that. ok, so i just typed it in and hit enter, and it started a new command line. im assuming that it took the command, but it gave no confirmation message or prompt of any kind01:00
SaiNumerisafe in assuming that?01:00
Planetary_hey guys, I am buying a new mother board, I was thinking on an geforce 8300 internal graphics. now I have read a bunch on how ATI is supporting alot now. So now I am thinking on getting a radeon 4300 instead. I can run compiz and videos and flash just as good as nvidia cards right? can anyone comment on the 4300 or simular?01:01
duncanidaho1@BluesKaj-Laptop:  Thanks wireless is working now!01:01
geniiSaiNumeri: No news is good news. So logout of Kubuntu, choose to "restart X server" from the login screen. After the login screen returns, login again to Kubuntu and see if bar is back01:01
genii!helpersnack | BluesKaj-Laptop01:02
ubottuBluesKaj-Laptop: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:02
SaiNumeriok, will do, tyty, be back in a minute to let you know whats what!01:02
geniiSaiNumeri: See you then01:02
joh6nni've installed the KDE 4.4.1 packages, but the window tabbing feature doesn't seem to have installed; any thoughts?01:03
BluesKaj-Laptophehe, genii ...munching on some totilla chips01:03
BluesKaj-Laptopok bbiab , gonna switch to the desktop01:04
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SaiNumerihaha! it worked!01:12
SaiNumerity kind sir! or not sir... Either way ty!01:13
SaiNumerii see now why you said 'last resort', reset my favorites01:13
SaiNumeriand wallpaper. theme. pretty much everything01:14
SaiNumerigenii: thanks again, im out of your hair for now. till the next time i enevitibly screw up my computer!01:17
* genii sips01:18
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Planetaryhey guys, I am buying a new mother board, I was thinking on an geforce 8300 internal graphics. now I have read a bunch on how ATI is supporting alot now. So now I am thinking on getting a radeon 4300 instead. I can run compiz and videos and flash just as good as nvidia cards right? can anyone comment on the 4300 or simular?01:22
geniiPlanetary: nvidia is still best supported under linux01:23
Planetaryyeah, i m thinking what will the future bring? is it ok not to be better later? thanks01:25
geniiPlanetary: The future is not yet ours to know. In the present, nvidia is best supported.01:27
bbigraswtf my Firefox changed to Iceweasel02:32
geniibbigras: Did you add some Debian repository? They are big on iceweasel02:33
bbigrasgenii: oh sorry for the noise, I forgot I had debfx's ppa02:34
geniiNo worries02:34
bbigrasI wonder if that recent update brings back KDE's integration02:35
bbigrasI guess not :(02:35
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sricksAnybody got time for a question?03:35
genii!anyone | sricks03:48
ubottusricks: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:48
geniiBah. Left awhile ago. Thats what I get for starting to type something then getting sidetracked....03:48
ph1gSo i'm running xdmcp on my ubunut box. When I hit it from a terminal, it loads up but it's running really sllllloooowwww. It doesn't seem like a resource issue - plenty of cpu and mem not used and the CLI runs fine.04:00
ph1gAny pointers?04:01
v1ttuhow do i fix this?04:40
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urgeyv1ttu, what were you doing?04:47
v1ttutrying to install vlc04:48
urgeythe first time I tried to run the package thing it died04:48
v1ttuanything that requires password auth in kpackage just gives me that error04:48
v1ttuit happened after i upgraded to 4.4.104:48
urgeythe next time it started to ask for sudo password04:48
urgeyI put kde desktop over the top of ubuntu server04:48
v1ttuit sometimes will ask for a password when it needs to install certain stuff like drpendencies04:49
urgeyso it took a couple extra hoops to get things launced correctly on boot04:49
v1ttuinstead of getting prompted for my pass04:49
v1ttui get that >__<04:49
v1ttuubuntu server?04:49
urgeyya, so maybe try to sudo the package manager first04:49
urgeythen it's all covered04:49
v1ttuya but not exactly practical04:50
v1ttuits a pita bug04:50
urgeythe error is a permissions thing. problem is sometimes root will own something it shouldn't04:50
urgeyor.. it's just a config directory04:50
urgeyin your home directory04:50
v1ttufirst time i ever hit this kinda bug before04:50
urgeyand packager doesn't have write access there04:50
v1ttugood thing i know how to use terminal -/04:50
urgeymight be a clue in the logs04:51
v1ttuwhat log would that be in?04:52
v1ttui get...04:53
v1ttuThe following users qualify as administrative users: v1ttu04:53
v1ttuSelect user: Failed to obtain authorization for org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-install.04:53
v1ttuAuthentification error : org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown : The name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.AuthenticationAgent was not provided by any .service files04:53
FloodBotK1v1ttu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:53
v1ttudoes that make sense? O_o04:53
geniiIt makes perfect sense. the bot is warning you not to use Enter key for punctuation and to use the pastebin website to show us long passages of text04:55
v1ttunot funny -__-04:56
urgeyI see: dpkg.log04:56
v1ttuin var/log i guess?04:57
urgeybut that error looks like it fail before it even got off the runway04:57
v1ttuthe dpkg log doesnt mention any errors04:58
v1ttuadding repos works fine04:58
SerraphynIs there an easy way to repartition a hard drive without loosing the data so that I can make a partition to install the pre-release versions of ubuntu?05:03
v1ttudo you have windows vista/7 on the hdd?05:04
urgeysame from same OS?05:04
SerraphynI have just Kubuntu 9.10 on the drive05:05
urgeyso make a boot usb05:05
Serraphynits a 500G drive and only using like 20Gs right now and ant to make more partitions to setup other OSes05:05
genii!gparted | Serraphyn05:06
ubottuSerraphyn: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php05:06
SerraphynDoes that reqruire gnome?05:06
geniiSerraphyn: No. It's an iso you burn to cd, then boot the cd to partition stuff05:06
SerraphynI see05:07
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hiddenalgien de chile ?:)05:17
v1ttuno hidden05:19
Zoot365I'm in the right directory.  I type ./configure.  I press enter.  I receive bash: ./configure: No such file or directory.05:35
Zoot365Whats up?05:35
Zoot365The dirrectory is gspcav1-2007122405:36
Zoot365you laugh?05:36
Serraphyncan you guys suggest a goode CD burner software for KDE?05:39
geniiZoot365: when you do: ls        you see a file called configure?05:41
geniiSerraphyn: K3B05:41
Zoot365lol.  nope.05:42
geniiZoot365: Hangon I'll run upstairs05:43
Zoot365Thats stupid.  lol!05:43
Zoot365but thanks.05:44
* Zoot365 sips05:45
Serraphynk3b just keeps saying Please insert an empty medium05:51
SerraphynI've put in 2 DVDRs05:51
* genii sips05:58
zoggyhey guys, i was wondering whether there's a way to swap the ctrl and the alt keys within kde. i've been into regional settings / keyboard, but didn't seem to find it there. does anyone know off-hand? thanks06:11
yaroslavhow can i update my sound card drivers06:26
phoenix_hello friends06:40
phoenix_i get this error06:40
phoenix_Nepomuk Semantic Desktop needs the Virtuoso RDF server to store its data. Installing the Virtuoso Soprano plugin is mandatory for using Nepomuk06:41
phoenix_i enabled the nepomuk server and after i restarted kubuntu i get this error06:41
phoenix_i am using kde 4.4.106:42
darnaplease help me? how to make my printer work? how to setup it's driver?06:43
phoenix_darna do you have the driver06:43
darnayes i have it, but i guess it just work on windows06:44
phoenix_i think you have downloaded for the wrong platform. you have to download the driver for ubuntu06:45
darnamy prinetr is "EPSON STYLUS C91"06:45
phoenix_darna: wait ,i will verify06:45
phanihi. I have hardy 8.04 version newly installed . When I do apt-get update or upgrade gets segmentation fault error06:47
phaniSo, I have deleted the bin files from /var/cache/apt06:48
phanibut still it doesn't work06:48
phaniany ideas ?06:48
phoenix_darna: is your printer inkjet or laser?06:49
phoenix_darna: which country are you from06:53
darnai am from Algeria, i did bye this printer with a CD driver that works just on windows06:54
phoenix_darna: go to this webpage--> http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/ink/DL2.do  and download the driver. download the one that is under this title "Download for Epson Stylus C90/C91/C92/D92 for SUSE Linux 9.2"06:57
darnaThank you phoenix, i will do  it06:58
phoenix_darna: after downloading extract the files to a folder and then run the file that is with the extension .install with root previlages.07:00
phoenix_darna: the installation procedure is given in the manual. you can also download the manual that is available in the same download location07:01
darnaok, but the link that i get now is http://www.avasys.jp , a couldn't have the link that you gave me, and i dont understand japanese, i will try07:02
phoenix_did you click the link that i provided07:04
darnayes i did07:05
darnai am at http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/ink/DL2.do07:06
phoenix_i will send you the file07:06
darnaok thank you very much07:06
darnaarigato phoenix07:06
phoenix_can you give me your mail id07:06
phoenix_darna: i have sent you the mail check it out07:09
darnaok ;)07:10
darnaplease phoenix can you send me the instalation procedure07:14
phoenix_darna: just click and install07:16
darnaok, thank you very much, arigato gozaimasu07:16
phoenix_darna: you are welcome. i am not a japanese07:20
darna^^ ok,07:21
Kagephoenix_: I understood him07:21
phoenix_Kage: are you an expert07:22
Kagephoenix_: naw... I just watch a lot of anime07:24
phoenix_kage: so you are a japanese07:25
Kagephoenix_: no... I just watch a lot of anime07:25
phoenix_kage: why do you say that07:26
Kagephoenix_: because... I watch a lot of anime07:26
phoenix_Kage: finished installing?07:34
phoenix_kage:sorry i mistyped your name instead of darna07:37
phoenix_darna:  finished installing?07:37
darnaphoenix_: it is me, i could not install it, when i click i get a message: "Mot de pass" wiche meanse password, and i can right nothin07:38
darnaphoenix_: sorry for my english07:39
phoenix_darna: press shift + f4 .it will open the terminal. there type "sudo" space followed by the filename. remember linux is case sensitive07:40
phoenix_darna: it will ask for the password. enter it07:40
darnaphoenix_: this is the message i get after clickin' : Verifying archive integrity... All good.07:41
darnaUncompressing pips.............07:41
darnaPlease install/uninstall as root user.07:41
darnaMot de passe :07:41
FloodBotK1darna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:41
phoenix_can we use remote desktop07:41
phoenix_darna: can we use remote desktop07:42
darnaphoenix_: ok07:42
darnaphoenix_: what should i do for the remote desktop (is it desk sharing"?07:44
phoenix_darna: start the desktop sharing07:44
phoenix_kmenu->applications->internet->desktop sharing07:45
phoenix_darna: kmenu->applications->internet->desktop sharin07:47
darnaphoenix_: yes i did it, should i give you the informations here?07:48
phoenix_can you mail me the info07:49
phoenix_darna: can you mail me the info07:49
darnaphoenix_: ok07:50
phoenix__darna: did you mail me07:52
darnaphoenix_: it is done07:54
phoenix__darna: installation or the mail07:54
darnaphoenix_: the mail07:55
phoenix__darna: go to the website and give me your ip07:55
phoenix__darna: darna07:55
phoenix__darna: http://www.whatismyip.com/07:55
darnaphoenix_: ok07:55
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darnaphoenix_: i send it07:56
phoenix__darna: accept the request07:58
darnaphoenix_: how to accept07:59
darnaphoenix_: i did not recieve a request08:00
phoenix__darna: wait08:00
darnaphoenix_: ok08:01
phoenix__darna: did you close the application08:03
darnaphoenix_: what application?08:03
phoenix__darna: the desktop sharing08:03
darnaphoenix_: no it is oppen08:04
phoenix__is the ip correct08:04
darnaphoenix_: i just did copy past08:04
darnatry with this
phoenix__darna: ok08:06
phoenix_darna: are you getting any request08:09
darnaphoenix_: no08:09
darnaphoenix_: i am verry sorry, i'm just new whith kubuntu and linux, it's realy hard to understand08:10
HandyGandyWhat packages do I have install/upgrade to get 4.4 in koala?08:11
phoenix_darna: its ok.can you do the steps that i tell you for installing the driver08:12
darnaphoenix_: i will do08:12
darnapheonix_: i will restart my PC, my be it will work08:15
phoenix_darna: wait08:15
darnaphoenix_: ok08:15
phoenix_darna: go to the folder where you have extracted the file pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install08:15
darnaphoenix_: ok08:16
phoenix_darna: is the file pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install present in the folder08:17
darnaphoenix_: the file pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install is there08:17
phoenix_darna: press shift+f4. it will open the terminal08:18
phoenix_darna: are you there08:20
darnaphoenix_: do i have to press shift + f4 befor clickin' on the file08:20
phoenix_darna: ya. dont click the file08:20
darnaphoenix_: becose it does not work08:20
darnaphoenix_: i did that but it dont work08:21
sricksHandyGandy try http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/01/19/how-to-install-kde-4-4-rc-in-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/08:21
phoenix_darna: or goto tools menu-> terminal08:21
phoenix_darna: did you open the terminal08:23
darnaphoenix_: i am realy sorru, but where is this "tools", in the tools that i have there is just "find file" and "show filter bar"08:24
brukerjoine verne.freenode.net istedefor08:24
darnaphoenix_: sorry08:24
brukerhallo marco?08:25
bruker_one peace e så stykkt at æ får fnatt08:25
brukerteletubbie stygt08:25
brukeremo tegn08:26
phoenix_darna: go to kmenu->applications->system->terminal08:26
bruker_woje er hær08:26
darnaphoenix_: ok08:27
bruker_woje kommer påååå <308:27
phoenix_did you open the terminal08:27
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darnaphoenix_: ok it is done, i did open the terminal08:27
phoenix_darna: are you familier with command in windows. do you know how to change directory08:29
darnaphoenix_: nop; it seams that i will give you hard time ; T_T08:30
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guzztii am known as guzzti08:32
phoenix_darna:right click on the file pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install and copy the location08:32
guzztiwhile you are bruker :)08:32
darnaphoenix_: i just did somthin' right now but id did not work, " i put the file into the terminal"08:32
darnaphoenix_: ok08:32
bruker_plz gt plz08:33
KIAazeI am (again) unable to shut down, restart or log out in KDE408:33
phoenix_darna: right click ->properties . then copy the file location08:33
guzztigå innpå innstillinger> konfigurere quassel08:33
hamish_has anyone installed mySQL workbench on U 9.10 ?? I seem to be getting a dependancy error??08:33
KIAazedoes anybody have an idea what could cause this: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21354108:33
darnaphoenix_: ok08:33
phoenix_paste it here08:34
phoenix_darna: paste it here08:34
bruker_smd gt08:34
darnaphoenix_: darna@ubuntu:~$ /home/darna/Documents/programes/pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install08:34
darnaVerifying archive integrity... All good.08:34
darnaUncompressing pips.............08:34
darnaPlease install/uninstall as root user.08:34
darnaMot de passe :08:34
FloodBotK1darna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
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=== bruker is now known as marco
phoenix_darna: are you there08:36
darnaphoenix_: yes08:37
darnaphoenix_: one moment please08:37
darnaphoenix_: this is the file location: /home/darna/Documents/programes08:38
marcogt e du der?08:39
phoenix_darna: the keyboard shortcut to paste text in terminal is shift+ctrl+v08:39
phoenix_darna:type "cd /home/darna/Documents/programes"08:40
guzztino e æ hær08:40
phoenix_darna: or you can copy and paste the text inside the quote in the terminal08:40
darnaphoenix_: i get this : "darna@ubuntu:~/Documents/programes$"08:42
phoenix_darna: one sec08:42
darnaphoenix_: ok08:43
marcowere are you gt my friend08:44
guzztiyou idiat08:44
phoenix_darna: sorry for the delay.type this "sudo sh pips-sc90-SuSE9.2-3.0-CLGE.install"08:45
phoenix_darna: or copy paste08:45
darnaphoenix_: yes08:45
FeasibilityStudyAnyone else having K9copy crash repeatedly and force a hard reboot?  This is K9copy 2.3.5 and KDE
phoenix_FeasibilityStudy: k9copy crashes frequently for me08:46
FeasibilityStudyIt happens when trying to read a DVD in Wizard mode.  It begins writing to swap space for some reason and causes me to have to reboot08:46
FeasibilityStudyThis did not happen on 4.4.0, only on 4.4.108:46
phoenix_FeasibilityStudy: for me it happens when i i use dvd rw08:46
phoenix_darna: whats hapening08:47
darnaphoenix_: i get this message "password for darna" but i can right nothin, i try to put the password, but i cant08:47
FeasibilityStudyphoenix_: Yeah, it happens here in the first step in "Wizard" mode.  When trying to read the dvd.  Slows me to a crawl and becomes non-responsive.  I guess I need to file a bug with k9copy peeps.08:47
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darnaphoenix_: should i remove the passowrd of my pc08:49
phoenix_darna: in kubuntu when it asks for password, you should type without looking into the monitor, because terminal wont print the text that you are typing for security reasons. you type the password and press enter blindly when it asks for the password08:49
darnaphoenix_: yes it works08:50
phoenix_darna: good08:50
phoenix_FeasibilityStudy: try in the kde channel, but i rarely get response there.everyone is afk08:51
darnaphoenix_: i guess it's done, should i clouse the terminal now?08:51
phoenix_FeasibilityStudy: did you run the k9copy from terminal08:52
FeasibilityStudyphoenix_: no.  I will try that tommorrow.  I dont feel like having to reboot again since I am about to go to bed08:52
phoenix_darna: did it ask for the yes or no question. did you enter "y"?08:53
phoenix_FeasibilityStudy: good night08:53
darnaphoenix_: yes and i did enter "yes"08:53
phoenix_then i think you haveinstalled the driver. restart kubuntu and see if it works. can you come back here and tell me if it works. i will wait here08:54
phoenix_darna: then i think you haveinstalled the driver. restart kubuntu and see if it works. can you come back here and tell me if it works. i will wait here08:54
FirefisheI'm using Kubuntu, kernel 2.6.31-20-generic. I just upgraded and dist-ugpraded, and now kde's desktop appears as a black screen, with no image or anything.  Certain systems seem to load, like phonon, and there are various windows, but no complete desktop.08:54
darnaphoenix_: ok, thank you very much, i will restart kubuntu08:55
phoenix_Firefishe: are you using nvidia graphics card08:55
Firefishephoenix:  Yes, and I have not had any trouble up to now.08:55
phoenix_darna: you are welcome08:55
phoenix_Firefishe: what model08:56
Firefishe9800m GS on an Asus G50V-x1 laptop08:56
phoenix_Firefishe: try reinstalling the driver. iam having 9400gt. i have to reinstall the driver everytime i upgrade the kernal08:57
Firefishephoenix: Specifically, by what method of installation?08:57
Firefishegnome seems to work fine08:57
Firefishesudo apt-get install nvidia-xxx ?08:58
phoenix_Firefishe: download the driver form the nvidia website and install from the trminal08:58
Firefishephoenix_:  Isn't there a script that installs the driver?08:59
phoenix_Firefishe: i dont know, i downloaded the driver from the nvidia website and installed from the terminal09:02
Firefishephoenix_:  I found it:  System>Admin>Hardware Drivers09:02
phoenix_Firefishe: try that, it didn't work for me09:02
darnaphoenix_: i'm bak, how can i confirm that the printer is installed?09:05
Firefishephoenix_:  I uninstalled, and am now redownloading and reinstalling the driver via the menu.  If that does not work, I'll try the from-the-site method and use the terminal as you suggest.09:05
FirefisheTo me, though, it seems to be more of a kde-rendering type of issue, rather than a video driver issue.  The compositor may be responsible.09:06
phoenix_darna: print09:08
phoenix_darna: is it working09:09
darnaphoenix_: there is just "print to file"09:10
darnaphoenix_: "print to file (pdf), and print to file (postscript)"09:10
phoenix_darna: where09:11
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darnaphoenix_: whene i clik on print...09:11
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phoenix_darna: i guess you have to add printer. goto kmenu->settings->system settings09:12
anirudh24sevenhey ppl, i'm using KDE version 4.3.2 with kubuntu09:13
darnaphoenix_: ok09:13
anirudh24seveni dunno wthr this feature is implemented in any later version09:14
anirudh24sevenin the application launcher menu09:14
jessica_hey everyone09:14
Newbee_I am using kubuntu karmic and I cannot do any sound recording and I have no idea, what to do.please help!09:15
anirudh24seveni need to click the titles to look at the submenus09:15
anirudh24seveni dont want to click09:15
anirudh24seveni want them to appear when i hover09:15
jessica_so im new to kubuntu :P09:16
darnaphoenix_: what should i do now?, i am in system settings09:16
anirudh24sevenn i believe that this feature is already implemented in openSUSE09:16
anirudh24seveny not in kubuntu ?09:16
phoenix_darna: in system settings-> printer configuration09:17
anirudh24seven<Newbee_> y dont u download audacity ?09:17
anirudh24seveni think that its gr809:17
darnaphoenix_: ok,09:18
anirudh24sevenNewbee_: try downloading audacity09:19
Newbee_anirudh24seven: year, I tried it out, but it did not work. Now I unchecked quiet at "IEC958" in the kmixer settings and it seams to work. I have no idea why I had to to this. Hope, that skype will work now, too09:19
Firefishephoenix_:  Hi again.  Getting the same problem.  It seems that some windows are active, but the taskbar (kwin?) isn't active for some reason.  What's the shortcut sequence for killing the compsitor?09:20
darnaphoenix_: i am on printer configuration09:20
phoenix_Firefishe: try the task manager ctrl+esc09:21
Firefishephoenix_:  I'm in gnome right now.  The taskbar/kmenu part of kde 4.3.x:  Is that kwin?09:22
Firefishephoenix_:  I get an error window pop up that says HPLIP (HP printer manager) not active, taskbar not evident...or something like that.09:23
Firefishethat's for my hp printer, but the error alludes to the real culprit...no system tray evident...that's it.09:23
phoenix_Firefishe: sorry Firefishe i dont have any idea of your problem09:23
darnaphoenix_: the my printer dopes not appear in "printer configuration"09:25
phoenix_darna: ok try server settings09:25
darnaphoenix_: ok09:26
darnaphoenix_: i cant change nothin on server settings09:27
phoenix_darna: its out of my knowledge darna, iam also using kubuntu for the past the paste 3 months09:29
darnaphoenix_: thank you very very much fore your time, you where helpful, i will try to finde a solution09:29
TorchFirefishe: that's plasma-desktop09:30
FirefisheTorch:  Thanks.  I think that plasma-desktop is not loading.  I'm trying the newer nvidia driver from nvidia's site first, to see if that solves the problem09:30
phoenix_darna: one day when you become an expert try to help beginers like me. thank you very much. bye09:31
darnaphoenix_: thank you gain, i will try to help, धन्यवाद09:32
darnapheonix_: byebye09:32
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jessica_hello I need help09:39
jessica_so I cant see my tray bar anymore cause i got rid of it lol by accident09:39
jessica_can someone please help me out :(09:39
jessica_new to kubuntu so am like fiddling but i would like to be able to see the tray bar again09:40
jessica_taskbar i mean09:40
anirudh24sevenjessica_: i think there'll be a small icon at the one of the corners of the screen for u to click on09:48
jessica_I accidently got rid of my task bar09:48
Torchjessica_: no need to repeat yourself.09:49
Torchjessica_: be patient on irc.09:49
jessica_be patient ? I said ti once and disconnected for liek 5 mins09:49
jessica_and what icon u tlakign about lol ?09:49
Daugha|nLooks like aTao symbol.09:50
Daugha|nOr a cashew, depending on your view.09:50
anirudh24sevenmore like half a tao09:50
jessica_ahh kay09:50
jessica_yeah and wht about it?09:50
Daugha|nMIne rather looks like the whole thing, but...09:50
anirudh24sevenw8, i'll try simulating wt u face... have purposefully, deleted mine now09:51
jessica_lol ok09:51
anirudh24sevennow do this09:52
anirudh24sevenclick on that symbol09:52
jessica_clicked on it09:52
marcondvhdjs vsd 810:09
Daugha|nmarco: No.10:18
Torchcan anyone here confirm that setting the date/time via systemsettings is NOT possible in 9.04 and kde 4.4.1? or the opposite?10:27
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sledgedoes anyone in here use BitchX frequently10:43
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shawn83is there a way uninstall kde netbook version and get the desktop version back?11:11
shawn83ello? anyone alive?11:14
Koliashawn83: why uninstall?11:15
Koliago to system settings and switch back to desktop mode11:15
Koliashawn83: system settings > desktop > workspace (in kde 4.4)11:17
shawn83i tried that... it comes up at first and then goes back to the netbook version11:18
Koliawhen did it go back? after a few seconds or after restart?11:21
Torchah, wrong version in my question, sorry about that.11:26
Torchcan anyone here confirm that setting the date/time via systemsettings is NOT possible in 9.10 and kde 4.4.1? or the opposite?11:26
VroomfondleTorch: Unable to authenticate/execute the action: 4,11:28
TorchVroomfondle: right.11:28
* Torch suspect policykit is just broken on karmic.11:28
HandyGandyAre file associations ( settings ) a part of dolphin or the desktop?12:07
piderhave problem with sound, no sound when I play youtubefiles in firefox and no sound in Vlc12:15
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gcalaHi, I have jut updated lucid and seen new ubuntu plymouth theme. Any news about kubuntu version?12:29
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
n8wim usin xine for playin net streams, but its bein played in a browser windows, i wanna make xine to play it in its window.how do i do that?13:12
HandyGandyHow can I tell which version of kde I am using?13:13
puesto7in the fucking console13:13
jussi01!language | puesto713:13
ubottupuesto7: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:13
jussi01HandyGandy: open a kde app, like konqueror, then about -> about kde13:14
puesto7fucking asshole13:14
HandyGandyjussi01: Thanks. It seems that something went wrong in my upgrade from kde 4.3 to 4.4 but I have ot go for now.13:16
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HandyGandyHelp I just installed kde 4.4 and plasma-desktop keeps crashing on me. The backtrace is missing symbols. How do I install the symbols for libQtcore and libQtgui?14:17
HandyGandySorry libQtcore.so  and libQtgui.so14:18
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KyrilHas anyone else noticed problems with kpackagekit after update to KDE SC 4.4.1? Install or remove packages are always ending with: ´You dont have the necessary privileges to perform this action.´15:02
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humanI need help!15:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:17
humanI have the "System Tray" widget and it resizes each time if an event happens. If this time I was to click the "change desktop" button, I am pressing wrong button, because System Tray when resizing moves the Desktops switching widget into left!15:17
humanHow can I make the Tray not to change the size?15:18
humanIt happens in KDE 4.4 it was not in KDE 4.3))15:18
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humanI have KDE 4.4. I have the "System Tray" widget and it resizes each time if an event happens. Especially Kopete.15:29
humanIf this time I was to click the "change desktop" button, I am pressing wrong button, because System Tray when resizing moves the Desktops switching widget into left!15:29
humanHow can I make the Tray not to change the size?15:29
FloodBotK1human: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:29
humanNobody have had the same problem?15:40
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InvaderZimI wanna know information about a case study on kubuntu website15:54
Anubiscan i run adept or synaptic in konsole ?15:59
VgeAnubis: apt-get15:59
blockcoldhow to upgrade kubuntu 8.10 to 9,416:01
InvaderZimblockcold:  sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade16:02
Anubisvge:yes i know16:02
blockcoldInvaderZim thanks :D16:02
Vroomfondleerm, no16:03
Vroomfondlesudo upgrade-manager16:03
urgeymy Chrome always exists16:04
urgeyanyone have a version that persists?16:04
urgeyI tried current then moved to unstable but no luck yet16:04
Anubisi know there is some interface in console but right now i cant remember if it was for synaptic or for adept (ncurse, i guess )16:04
Vroomfondleactually I fail too.16:05
Vroomfondleblockcold: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu16:05
blockcold<Vroomfondle>  :)16:06
VgeAnubis: aptitude ?16:06
Anubisvge: thanks16:07
Anubisvge: this it is16:07
Anubis* this is it16:07
annmagunksta: did you ask yet?16:11
gunkstaCantor question -- does anyone know if Cantor (10.04) is compiled with support for R?16:12
annmaor does anyone have Cantor working with R backend in 10.4?16:12
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timmalnhi. anyone know a reason why spotify would stop working the second i connected mirc?16:18
timmalnhmm- nvm, it worked itself out16:19
OxymoronHow do I change font size in new message window in KMail?16:20
arvutido a barrel roll16:20
Oxymoronarvuti: Barrel roll?16:21
arvutiYes a barrel roll16:24
geniiarvuti: You're not being helpful or constructive.16:26
arvutiblame boxxy16:27
OxymoronAnyone? :S genii?16:38
james_lOxymoron: Go to Configure Kmail->Appearance->Fonts, check Use Custom Fonts, and where it says Apply to: choose Composer16:41
amogorkonhello, i'd like to install an external driver for my razer mouse, which requires libconfig as dependency, however that's not available in apt16:42
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amogorkondo i have to add a new source to apt, and how can i find out?16:43
fyksenDoes somebody know how to get a transparent conky in KDE Kubuntu?16:43
anirudh24sevenwhat is a conky ?16:44
james_lamogorkon: You'll have to find the dependancy. See if razer has a repository. (They probably don't, and I'd suggest checking google.) I have heard things about trying to get those to work messing up a system, so be warned about razer mice.16:45
Oxymoronjames_l: Thanks, I though it were there but I didnt know that I should select COmposer :P16:45
Oxymoronjames_l: Yes, worked like a charm, thank you :)16:45
amogorkonhm.. thanks james_l16:45
amogorkoni just got my system back up running, the prospect of my mouse killing it again, doesn't make me too happy :|16:47
humanGentlemen, who knows how to make the System Tray widget not to change the horisontal size during notification about an event. If it happens where I am trying to change the desktop the "Change Desktop" Widget moves left and I press wrong place, so I do not change the desktop korrentlly16:49
ali_hi everyone16:51
ali_I think kubuntu is still have a long way to be seriouse kde-based linux16:53
ali_I think mandriva is doning better with kde16:54
annmais that constructive16:54
humanGentlemen, who knows how to make the System Tray widget not to change the horisontal size during notification about an event. If it happens where I am trying to change the desktop the "Change Desktop" Widget moves left and I press wrong place, so I do not change the desktop korrentlly16:58
humanHow to make System Tray not to change the size during event notification id KDE 4.417:01
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SatManUKmy router keeps rebooting lol17:02
raindogKonsole is cutting off directory names, but file names are fine.  How can I fix this?17:05
SatManUKhave you tried to move the column width17:06
SatManUKsometimes that's the reason17:06
SatManUKkontact does the same thing with mail folders17:07
raindogHm, haven't found that in the settings/config.  I'll take a look.17:07
SatManUKno just move your mouse pointer over it and when it changes to a + try to drag it over17:08
fyksenDoes somebody know how to get a transparent conky in KDE Kubuntu?17:08
raindogSatManUK: There aren't columns in Konsole.17:09
raindogWhen I 'ls' the terminal output chops the directory names, but not the file names.17:09
raindogOnly in Konsole, not in xterm.17:09
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amogorkoni somehow fail to find xorg.conf .. it doesn't seem to be in etc/X11 as it should17:25
inclementamogorkon: There is no xorg.conf any more17:26
amogorkonwhere can i learn more about that change?17:27
amogorkonok, i googled it, now i only have to figure out how to make my own xorg.conf file :P17:29
geniiraindog: Does it show always for instance the first 8 characters? Or maybe up until the first non-standard character in the name? Or no apparent pattern of name chopping?17:35
raindoggenii: The chopping appears arbitrary as far as name length, character type.17:36
geniiamogorkon: Get out of X entirely (including kdm/gdm) then issue: sudo startx -configure              which makes a file in current working dir of name xorg.conf.new  Then sudo mv it to /etc/X11 renaming to just xorg.conf    Then restart kdm/gdm etc etc17:39
amogorkonthanks :)17:41
raindoggenii: It was an issue with my font choice.  I was using Droid Mono, after switching to Monospace it isn't chopping anymore.  -strange17:45
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SatManUKNickserv get off my nick!!17:45
geniiraindog: Good to know the cause however. Perhaps file a Launchpad bug against Konsole17:46
raindoggenii: I'm looking into it currently.  Thanks for the input.17:46
SatManUKhow do you add a user onto the sudo list17:55
djusticeSatManUK: 'sudo nano /etc/sudoers' and read it/change it. then 'sudo gpasswd -a $USERNAME sudo', then logout.17:57
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geniiSatManUK: One of 2 ways. Either make them a member of the admin/adm group, or edit the /etc/sudoers file as djustice suggests17:57
djusticegenii: no sudo group? weird... my 'groups' shows me under sudo... maybe i did that... :P17:58
SatManUKhow to edit the user membership groups17:58
djusticeSatManUK: 'sudo gpasswd -a username groupname' or 'sudo kuser'17:59
geniiSatManUK: By commandline to add into another group:  sudo usermod -a G newgroupname username-to-add-to-that-group17:59
djusticemeh. im obviously an archlinux user...18:00
* djustice shuffles away..18:00
geniikdesudo for kuser ...18:00
* genii slides djustice a Kubuntu mug of coffee18:00
SatManUKok so user extreme would be sudo gpasswd -a extreme admin18:01
geniiSatManUK: Thats correct syntax, yes18:02
SatManUKi am trying now to modifiy printers and i am getting the library kpythonpluginfactory uses an incompatible kde library18:04
SatManUKdo i need to reboot after updates perhaps18:05
SatManUKhow can i tell which packages are using outdated files18:05
SatManUKforexmaple what may have been deleted and replaced with a newer version since the last update18:05
johnshoot5wireless problem: My card is recognised and knetwork manager sees the available networks, but when I try to connect it seems to get an ip and then fail to get authorisation even if the password and seurity type is correct18:09
SatManUKjohnshoot5: try to reboot i had this problem but restarting my computer and it works18:14
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inclementKWallet has KNEtworkManager set to 'Always Allow', but I'm prompted for my wifi password on login. Am I missing something obvious here?18:19
netdaemonis lucid switching from usplash to plymouth?18:20
geniiinclement: In knetworkmanager itself, you have set to "connect automatically" and "save password" ?18:21
humanI have KDE 4.4. I have the "System Tray" widget and it resizes each time if an event happens. Especially Kopete. If this time I was to click the "change desktop" button, I am pressing wrong button, because System Tray when resizing moves the Desktops switching widget into left! How can I make the Tray not to change the size?18:22
inclementgenii: I do18:22
geniinetdaemon: They might know in #ubuntu+118:23
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plan_richis there any other package utility for kubuntu than KPackageKit? I mean something more like the current ubuntu software center (with nice icons and more)?19:42
djusticeplan_rich: adept? dunno. aptitude. ;p19:46
plan_richhm maybe something you can use without any linux skills... software center of ubuntu is a good example to compare19:48
ToxinPoweapt-get install program works fine for me19:54
floownkopete make a segmentation fault with the Facebook module (I have remove all configuration files before)20:09
floownI want to do a bug report but I don't have the debobing symbols. The botton is grey (desactivated), so I can't install them.20:10
orion_SuNnow upgrade to last verison driver nvidia os kubuntu  9.120:12
garouhi...i want to know how i can open two graphic interfaces (kde and gnome for example...in crt+shif+f7 and crt+shif+f8)20:15
garousomeone can help me?^^20:16
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caffeinegarou, you need to run multiple x servers like "startx -- :1" "startx -- :2"20:22
geniimore like: startx --:1 && gnome-session &                otherwise it will load default20:24
caffeineand when running programs run it like "konsole --display :1"20:24
geniigarou: Keep in mind this is not the most prudent thing to do. Both desktop environments will want to have control over your hardware, file-locking, etc20:26
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orion_SuN!now upgrade to last verison driver nvidia os kubuntu  9.1!20:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto20:28
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garouoht thanks caffeine and genil^^20:37
garoustartx works...but i have another problem^^20:37
garouopen a new gnome session...how can i open a new kde session? startx kde4?20:37
garoustartx open a new gnome session...but i want open a new kde session^^ (and another question XD. do you know if in kde4 have a software to open a new kde/gnome session in a window? in kde3 had =[)20:40
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geniigarou: startx --:1 && startkde &                    should do it20:46
daskreechgarou: it doesn't but should be remedied soon (I hope)20:51
genii!info xserver-xephyr20:52
ubottuxserver-xephyr (source: xorg-server): nested X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.6.4-2ubuntu4.1 (karmic), package size 1588 kB, installed size 2648 kB20:52
genii(after enquiries in #k-devel )20:53
jinzougenI'm trying to set up SCIM for Korean. It's pretty much working, I can input hangul, but it's not quite right. I don't know the difference between 2bul, 3bul-shifted, and all those options, but I have to manually commit each syllable with the 1 key currently and I know there is a smarter way.20:54
jinzougenWhen I type korean on a windows machine, it is smarter and lets me just type... does anyone use Korean input and know what I'm talking about?20:55
jinzougenfor example, if I wan't to type "안영하세요" I have to hit the 1-key after the 하 because the ㅅ will otherwise go underneath.20:56
jinzougenThis is not a problem when I type elsewhere, because the ㅔvowel immediately following the ㅅ tells the input engine that it needs the last consonant I typed at the beginning of the syllable, not at the end of the last one20:57
garougenil^^ unfortunally startx -- :1 && startkde & didnt work =[21:05
garoui had fall so...thanks darkreech or something like that about the information too^^21:06
geniigarou: It used to be startkde or start-kde   ...let me check what it may now be21:07
garouoh thanks.... startx -- :1 && startkde open gnome again^^21:07
garouforgot to say21:07
geniigarou: I just double-checked, and it's still startkde (even in kde4). Did you put the "&" after "startkde"  ? It's important21:14
garoulol...gdm restart without my intention again =[21:16
garougenil...if you answered me something at this time please resend your message again^^... i think i need to know how to kill another interface too...a tty8 for example..there are some things stranges in tty9 too...maybe because this dont work =[21:18
garougenil...hum yes...i put...well i will tyr "starx --: 4 && startkde &" is this correct? please see if the spaces are correct...21:23
garoubetter...wrote wrong ...^^"starx -- :4 && startkde &"21:24
geniigarou: Apologies on lag, work is requiring me a lot right now. Maybe you'll want to check out the xserver-xephyr package mantioned earlier, you may be able to start up another X session inside of Konsole with it21:26
garougenil ^^ i dont understand what you saying ^^ huhuhu xserver-sephyr....greeck?^^... on tty2 with a root session the comand "startx -- :5 && startkde &" opened a new gnome session^^....21:31
garougenil...thanks very very very much about your time^^ i need to go...if you find something interesting to me please send a e-mail to dan.garou@gmail.com^^ thanks again...have a nice weekend^^ bye21:40
johnshoot5Problem with banshee 1.6 rc1: it wont play any music, i just get a red cross next to the tracks, m4a and mp321:42
Mamarokjohnshoot5: Banshee is not exactly Kubuntu related, you should ask in #ubuntu about that21:47
johnshoot5right you are, thx21:47
Mamarokyou are welcome :)21:47
gunkstaI was talking to some folks over on kde-edu and based on what I learned there, it looks like Cantor was not compiled properly. Right now it is not being compiled against R, one othe primary backends for the tool.21:55
gunkstaOther than filing a bug report and trying to compile it myself, what can be done to make sure this get fixed?21:55
gunkstaYEs - I did contribute to the bug report.21:56
AbcdqfrHey, for some reason now this code isn't working anymore to create files; dd if=/dev/fd0 of=bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1. Is it because the input files don't contain anything?22:25
Mopotiterppai muted voices and now cant find anywhre to unmute22:27
nicolashi guy how i install farsight 2 ^22:32
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ForgeAusis it just me or is cooliris, going BaaD ? (Browser as a Desktop???)22:58
olskolircanyone else here on Lucid?23:24
joshuawhere is the support chanel for kubuntu 10.04?23:26
=== joshua is now known as Guest15208
ForgeAusuh either here or #Ubuntu+123:27
rerushgthought it was here :)23:28
Guest15208well here is the thing23:29
Guest15208I am logged into kopette with yahoo23:29
Guest15208i can see people and recieve messages23:29
Guest15208but i can23:29
Guest15208can't respond to anyone23:29
MalkavianI am trying to install lucid alpha 3 the netbook edition and the installer crashes23:30
Malkaviandid anyone installed lucid?23:32
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Malkaviananyone? :(23:37

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