nhandlerIs something wrong with staging ?00:49
jpdsnhandler: Not as far as I can tell.00:51
nhandlerI'm getting (Error ID: OOPS-1525S17)00:52
nhandlerThat is on https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/+login00:52
jpdsnhandler: Use login.staging.launchpad.net as a workaround.00:52
nhandlerjpds: Also, do you have any idea why I don't get redirected to the wiki page about using apport to file bugs when I go to the +filebug LP page for Ubuntu?01:00
jpdsnhandler: Because you're a developer.01:00
nhandlerjpds: Alright, so members of ~ubuntu-dev don't get redirected? That was my guess, but I wasn't sure01:00
* nhandler has a user asking about this01:00
micahgnhandler: anyone in bugcontrol01:02
micahgwhich devs are by default01:02
nhandlermicahg: Thanks01:02
donridoes translations integrate automatically with bazaar?01:05
wgrantdonri: No -- you have to click a few buttons to set up exports, and a few more for imports.01:13
donrido i have to leave the browser?01:13
wgrantdonri: Sort of. See https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/ImportingTemplates and https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/Exports01:15
lamalexHi, i'm trying to update the bug watch on lp:206547, as the upstream has been marked a duplicate of another bug02:12
lamalexbut i can't figure out how02:12
lamalexdo i just mark that watch invalid, then add a new one/02:12
wgrantlamalex: Click the dropdown arrow on the left of the row, and enter the new bug URL.02:13
magciusI wish packages.ubuntu.com had a link to the +source thing on LP.03:11
magciusSpeaking of which, is it possible to create your own thing like that? The +source thing03:11
pooliemagcius: you can't create new patterns of namespace, no03:23
pooliemagcius: good idea about that though03:23
magciuspoolie: why is Ubuntu any more special than any other project?03:23
poolielinking from p.u.c; perhaps you should suggest that to whoever maintains it03:23
pooliewhat question are you asking precisely?03:24
magciusIf I were to ask somebody for a namespace, provided I had a big project (which I don't), would they hand it out?03:24
magciusI'm not asking any specific questions here, I'm poking at ethics.03:24
magciusAnd I don't use Ubuntu, sorry, I don't know who maintains p.u.c, how would I tell? (and is that site dead?)03:24
pooliei thought you were asking "is the concept of a source package inside a distribution hardcoded" and yes, it is03:25
pooliehowever, it's not hardcoded that the distribution is Ubuntu03:25
magciuspoolie: is it hardcoded as in "ubuntu/+source" is somewhere in the code?03:25
wgrantUbuntu is a distribution, and +source on a distribution traverses to a source package within that distribution.03:25
pooliewhat wgrant said03:26
pooliemagcius: there's a link to the maintainer from the p.u.c homepage03:26
magciuswgrant: okay, sorry, what exactly is a "distribution"?03:26
wgrantmagcius: An operating system distribution. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora are examples.03:27
pooliewhen you say "your own thing like that" what thing do you want?03:28
magciuswgrant: okay, that's what I was poking at.03:28
MTecknologyAny of you use bazaar explorer with windows? I have my public/private key but I don't know how to use that with the branch03:43
wgrantMTecknology: #bzr might be more help.03:44
rwwG'day. I've been waiting for a response to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/102481 for about a week. Is anyone around who can help with it?05:22
persiarww: If nobody gets back to you from this query, try asking again when there is a help contact listed in the /topic05:28
wgrantLOSAs: ^^05:29
sorenI have a code import that looks kind of odd..08:57
sorenSo, it's run the import thing twice. Both were succesful, but I still don't see any revisions.08:58
wgrantsoren: They were both partially successful.08:58
wgrantLP now does incremental imports.08:58
wgrantIt imports 1000 revisions at a time until it has imported them all successfully, so as to schedule a bit more fairly and not run out of RAM.08:59
sorenwgrant: So each succesful run means it's imported a thousand revisions?08:59
wgrantsoren: Yes.08:59
wgrantSo there are three runs to go.08:59
sorenwgrant: That's good. Just one more run to go, then.08:59
wgrantsoren: That's mainline revisions.08:59
sorenLast I checked there were 2700 revisions or os.08:59
wgrantThere are 4878 in the repository.08:59
wgrant2100 or so must be in merges.09:00
wgrantIf you look at the log you can see the total.09:00
wgrant(yes, this could be explained much better)09:00
sorenGood, old fashioned patience solves a lot of things.09:00
sorenPatience, unfortunately, does not go hand in hand with geeky curiosity.09:01
wgrantThis work also means that Linux might finally finishing importing in a few weeks/months.09:01
wgrantIndeed not.09:01
sorenwgrant: The first run says "finding revisions to fetch 1/6057".09:02
wgrantYeah, I just realised that.09:02
* soren applies the patience thing and goes to do $WORK things.09:02
spivwgrant: I would guess that it fetches 1000 mainline revisions at a time09:03
wgrantspiv: Maybe. There was discussion a couple of weeks ago that that should probably not be the case.09:04
wgrantMaybe it was never changed.09:04
spivwgrant: on the assumption that it's cheaper than calculating a sensible 1000 revision graph subset, and fetching 1000 mainline revs + whatever merged revs are linked is still going to make a reasonably small batch of work.09:04
wgrantspiv: It could easily throw it off by an order of magnitude, though.09:05
spivIt could.09:05
spivBut then one revision that changes 1000 files isn't likely to be as cheap to convert as one revision that changes 1 file either.09:06
spivSo it's not really worth the effort to calculate "1000 revisions" to any degree of precision.09:06
spivBecause it's not going to make much of a practical difference to fairness or workload.09:07
wgrantTrue too.09:07
spivIf you wanted a cheap-but-roughly-fair metric, basing it on bytes transferred would probably work better.09:10
spiv"Ok, that's 10M, stop there."09:10
spivBut it would take a bit of work to make bzrlib support that (especially if the IO is being done by another lib like dulwich), whereas "fetch another 1000 mainline revs" is pretty easy with bzr.09:11
Lord-Readmanhopefully today will be the day the import que is nearly caute up09:31
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Lord-Readmanjtv, I am now 4761st place in the que09:34
Lord-Readmanfor my 2nd of March imports09:34
jtvLord-Readman: and you were about 15,000th, IIRC09:34
Lord-ReadmanLauchpad is only importing around 14 a minute09:35
jtvLord-Readman: it can vary a lot09:36
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jelmerwgrant, soren: it isn't 1000 mainline revisions but rather 1k revisions in total09:56
wgrantjelmer: That's what I initially thought. But how do you explain those numbers in the two logs?09:57
jelmerwgrant: the "finding revisions to fetch" step is walking over all of the objects in the received git pack09:58
cjwatsonI'm trying to work out what's going on with a code import page10:09
cjwatsonhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/openssh/main is marked as failing; but it's just timing out intermittently, so it should be safe to try it again10:10
cjwatsonI don't have my normal browser open at the moment, so I went to that page in w3m10:10
cjwatsonand noticed a "Try Again" link, which is great; however, it requires JavaScript10:10
cjwatsonto save booting up a full graphical browser, since I'm about to reboot to test something else anyway, I went to the same page on my N90010:11
cjwatsonbut there, I don't see the "Try Again" link; I looked at the page source and it just isn't there at all.  What's going on?10:11
cjwatsonI'm logged into edge (as far as I can tell) on both browsers10:11
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daniloscjwatson, is N900 using a webkit-based browser or gecko-based browser? (there are known problems with CSS for webkit, though usually only for standalone icons in empty SPANs)10:13
daniloscjwatson, oh, and if it's not in the source, then that's not it, sorry10:13
cjwatsonright, it isn't10:14
cjwatsonI think it's gecko10:14
daniloscjwatson, I see it in both firefox and epiphany (webkit), can you please file a bug if you are absolutely certain you are logged in, and if you want I can re-try it for you now10:16
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/388870/ - diff in page source10:16
cjwatsonthe whitespace differences might just be some kind of preprocessing in the browser, not too worried about that10:17
cjwatsonargh, that shows not logged in10:17
cjwatsondamnit, I swear I was10:18
cjwatsonsorry, I was obviously just bitten by edge.launchpad.net vs. code.edge.launchpad.net or something10:18
daniloscjwatson, interesting things happen when you log in to just launchpad.net and it throws you onto edge.launchpad.net unlogged, perhaps that's it?10:18
cjwatsonthere we go, I got the try again link this time.  sorry to disturb10:19
cjwatsonyes, that's possible10:19
daniloscjwatson, no worries, glad it's resolved10:19
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kirklandhow do i show all the packages a given team i'm on is subscribed to?12:14
jmlkirkland, I don't think there is a way to do that at the moment.12:18
kirklandjml: really?12:18
wgrantkirkland: https://launchpad.net/~someteam/+packagereport12:19
wgrantOne of the most unloved pages in the world.12:19
wgrantEr, +packages12:20
wgrantErm, no, not that one.12:20
wgrantIt's there /somewhere/.12:20
kirklandwgrant: hrm, that's not it12:20
wgrantThat's it.12:20
wgrantIt's a listing of all subscribed packages with bug counts.12:20
kirklandwgrant: perfect!12:21
kirklandwgrant: now let's get that linked to the team's main page :-)12:21
kirklandwgrant: cause i swear i've seen this before, but never can find it when i need it :-)12:21
jmlkirkland, "Bugs" -> "Show package report"12:21
wgrantkirkland: It's linked from the bottom of the actions portlet on the Bugs page.12:21
wgrantYeah, that.12:21
jmlkirkland, it's the worst titled link I've seen on Launchpad for a while12:22
kirklandjml: eww, yeah, sure enough12:28
kirklandjml: there it is12:28
kirklandjml: actually clicked every link on that page, except for that one :-)12:29
kirklandjml: "List Subscribed Packages" was what i was looking for12:29
kirklandjml: you mind if i file a patch/bug with that change?12:30
jmlkirkland, not at all.12:30
jmlkirkland, in fact, I'd be honored.12:30
kirklandjml: :-)  i'm on it12:30
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Kangarooohow can i make changes in some project?12:48
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kirklandjml: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/53262413:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532624 in launchpad ""Show package report" is highly non-intuitive" [Undecided,In progress]13:15
kirklandjml: branch linked13:15
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james_wleonardr: hi, does CHR do code import approvals?13:22
leonardrjames_w, yes13:23
james_wleonardr: great, I'm working with someone who put some in the queue last night13:24
james_wno rush, I just wanted to ensure that they were part of a daily task and I didn't need to ask one of the code team13:24
leonardrjames_w: what were the projects? i see 7 in the queue13:25
james_wprobably those 7 then13:25
james_whis are all mono-relatd13:25
leonardrjames_w: these are all separate projects? i see a top-level Changelog13:32
james_wleonardr: there is one in each directory as well13:33
james_wI found it odd too13:33
rzri am looking for the page that search for a package in existing ppa's , can you help  ?13:33
leonardrjames_w: ok, i just want to make sure i'm not missing something13:34
leonardrrzr: i can help, but i don't know the answer right away, so it will take a while to find out13:34
wgrantrzr: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas13:34
leonardrwgrant: thanks13:34
rzrwgrant: thx13:35
rzrthat's what i wanted :)13:35
rzrmaybe a 00index file would help on ppa.l.n13:36
leonardrjames_w: it really looks like all those modules are part of a single larger project--there are single top-level directories for 'tests' and 'build'13:40
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leonardrcan you ask the person who put them in the queue if they really want all these things imported as separate projects and not to import the top-level directory?13:41
james_wyeah, but there's a e.g. a configure.ac in http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/viewvc/trunk/uia2atk/UIAutomation/13:42
james_wI did13:42
james_wthat's the way he said it should be done13:42
leonardrjames_w: i approved one that was clearly a separate project. for the others, i'm going to wait for mwhudson or rockstar to show up and issue a ruling13:44
james_wthanks leonardr13:46
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jcastroderyck: heh ok, so hiding fixed bugs it is!14:56
deryckjcastro, is that ok with you?  I didn't mean to overstep. :)  I assumed you weren't passionate about it since you didn't weigh in yet. :-)14:58
deryckand based on our convesation yesterday, too.14:58
micahgjcastro: deryck: BTW, wouldn't it be better for upstreams to show the patches in the packages themselves and not the bug patches?15:01
deryckmicahg, yeah, that's the end goal certainly.  this was a first pass at making patch reporting and handling better on lp, working with what is there already.15:05
micahgderyck: ah, ok15:08
jcastromicahg: yeah it would be nice to do every distro series15:13
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leonardrrockstar, i have a question about some pending code import requests16:10
rockstarleonardr, fire away.16:10
leonardrrockstar: check out the queue16:10
rockstarleonardr, can you give me a link?16:10
rockstar(I'm still kinda booting for the day)16:11
leonardrall 5 of those projects are subdirectories of http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/uia2atk/16:11
rockstarleonardr, okay.16:11
leonardrthe person who submitted the imports says they are all separate projects16:11
leonardri'm not sure if we would consider them separate projects given that there does seem to be some unifying code in the parent directory16:12
rockstarleonardr, approve 'em.16:12
rockstarleonardr, the reason we had the "only trunk" rule was because of cscvs.  Now that we're using bzr-svn by default, it's not really a problem, so we can be more lax about it.16:13
leonardrrockstar: ok, i'm going to change https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewingCodeImports16:13
leonardrit thinks we don't have bzr-svn yet16:13
leonardractually would you look that page over and tell me if i can change the 'mainline development branch' rule to say it only applies to cvs now?16:14
rockstarleonardr, I don't think we have made anything official yet, but when we do, we should update it.16:21
leonardrrockstar: ok16:21
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sitsofeCould someone unsubscribe a user from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/490946 ?17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 490946 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945gme] Xorg hardware-specific on Delll Mini 9 Inspiron 910 : playback choppy with H264" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:06
BlackZsitsofe: why?17:10
sitsofeBlackZ: sounds like they don't know how to unsubscribe17:10
BlackZsitsofe: which one?17:10
sitsofeBlackZ: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/490946/comments/517:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 490946 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945gme] Xorg hardware-specific on Delll Mini 9 Inspiron 910 : playback choppy with H264" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:11
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BlackZsitsofe: he should unsubscribe him from xserver-xorg-video-intel, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel17:19
BlackZhe's subscribed to xserver-xorg-video-intel bug mail17:20
intellectronicasitsofe: maybe try to contact the user on irc or email and explain to him how to unsubscribe? that way he's less likely to end up subscribing to something by mistake again.17:21
sitsofeintellectronica: I'll just avoid writing a comment in that bug report :) I'm just trying to be helpful17:22
BlackZsitsofe: yes, better so17:22
sitsofeBlackZ: fair enough. I don't have the time to chase it up further17:23
intellectronicasitsofe: yes, i'm not suggesting you reply by adding a comment to the bug. you can try and find him on irc on send him an email directly17:23
BlackZyes, I quote intellectronica: those are the best ways to contact him and explain how to unsubscribe17:24
M7SHi, I have a problem. I don't get any e-mail answer when I try to upload files to my ppa. dput tells me I've signed the files correctly, my sign key is added to my account and I've signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct.17:30
bigjoolscheck that you're signing with the same key17:31
bigjoolswhat's your LP account name?17:31
M7SMatias Särs17:31
bigjoolsok let me check the logs17:31
bigjoolswhat time did you upload?17:31
M7Slast one, just a couple of minutes ago, first one about ten hours ago.17:32
bigjoolsan never mind I found it17:32
bigjoolsM7S: something went bang in the upload processor unfortunately, I need to dig deeper17:33
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M7SIf it makes any difference, I'm far from certain that the build should be succesful. I'm very new to packaging, I just tried to put something together, since the guy who usually maintains the ppa for me has disappeared.17:37
bigjoolswell the upload process should still not crash :)17:38
M7Snot even if you leave the debian/rules file empty, i hope? ;)17:39
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bigjoolsM7S: "Unable to find mandatory field 'binary' in the changes file."17:59
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M7Sbigjools: Ok, what does that mean?18:08
Tarciso /j #ubuntu-marketing18:37
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davmor2hey guys any idea why I can't add or assign a bug to light-themes?19:43
rippsDoes anybody know if the new light-themes have development branch in Launchpad?19:46
davmor2ripps: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes they got this19:48
rippsdavmor2: isn't that just a package branch, not a development, or is ubuntu doing them as one and the same?19:49
davmor2ripps: no idea19:49
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stanihow can i unsubscribe a team from bug reports?21:16
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staninever mind i found it already21:20
Andre_Gondim(Error ID: OOPS-1525L3243) when I try https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+templates21:32
stanihow can i give other people permissions to change priority of bugs without creating a team?21:35
Lord-Readmanwhat server is launchpad on? one? more than one?21:35
Lord-Readmanwho can give details?21:35
BlackZstani: the proprity of the bugs are managed by the ubuntu-bugcontrol team, for know how to get involved, read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl21:57
BlackZstani: if you're already member of ubuntu-bugcontrol team you can't give permission to other people for change the bugs priority, btw read the page I have linked21:59
BlackZyou can't give permission to other people for change the bugs priority <- if you aren't admin21:59
BlackZLord-Readman: why do you want to know this?22:00
Lord-ReadmanBecause of a large import my import has been in a que for 4 whole days22:01
Lord-Readmanand its still not done, so i just wanted to know how launchpad ran, what it ran on, if its just one box, and where its hosted, depending on this information, I could then go further, make a donation, make a donation of hardware etc etc22:01
BlackZLord-Readman: launchpad is offered by canonical, and it's runned under various servers22:02
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wgrantLord-Readman: Launchpad runs on quite a number of servers.22:32
wgrantBut the translations queue was huge.22:33
Kangarooohello what time its now in ur place? i have many questions so if its not morning or day then ill ask after 10h22:35
wgrantKangarooo: Launchpad developers are all over the world.22:37
Kangarooook well. then how can i make changes in some project? theres https://launchpad.net/pastebinit and i want to change its help files witch comes from pastebinit -h . how can i connect to launchpad to start changing that? im totally newb but what ill learn ill make video and teach others in my loco team witch later ill make very active22:38
Kangarooook so i come after 10h back ?22:42
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sigmonsayswebsite tells me to come here cause the pages won't load and error out23:32
sigmonsaysanyone able to load http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mgiuca/fuse-python-docs/trunk/annotate/head%3A/templatefs.py23:32
wgrantmbarnett: ^^23:33
wgrantHm, it's working now, at least sometimes.23:33
wgrantBut it was 502ing on various branches.23:33
sigmonsaysas in 404's ? =P23:34
sigmonsaysI see 404's and the irc message23:34
sigmonsaysi'll just try later23:35
wgrantsigmonsays: It's working for me after a few refreshes most of the time.23:35
sigmonsayslucky you.23:35
wgrantAny other LOSAs around?23:36
mbarnetti can hit that, wgrant23:36
wgrantmbarnett: Thanks.23:37
wgrantmbarnett: Looks happier now. Thanks.23:40
wgrantsigmonsays: Is it working for you now?23:40
sigmonsayseveryonce in a while -- I think it's just the website. I can clone fine if I go to the main project23:41
wgrantYes, it's only the browser that is occasionally unreliable.23:42

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