skyjumperindicator applet is showing dead icons for sound00:01
skyjumperdoesn't respond to mouse wheel00:01
MindVirusskyjumper: Click.00:01
skyjumpershouldn't have to click, should be able to mouse-wheel over it00:01
zniavreskyjumper,  +100:01
skyjumperhate to be a complainer, but gnome seems to keep regressing in little ways00:01
MindVirusskyjumper: I am not a developer. Add a bug.00:01
MindVirusThe indicator-applet seems unfunctional.00:02
zniavreskyjumper,  alt+f2 then  gnome-volume-control-applet  or in startup programs   (was wrong nickname sorry)00:02
skyjumperzniavre: i found it, thanks00:02
rwwzniavre: do you have one of them for the power icon too?00:04
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zniavrerww,  unfortunatly no00:05
zniavrebut it must exist in gnome-panel applet list no?00:05
zniavreisn't switch-off ?00:06
skyjumperzniavre: maybe not, my system has gnome-volume-control-applet installed but not lised00:06
zniavreyes i know that00:07
wgrantskyjumper: The scrolliness is scheduled to be readded in the next indicator-sound release.00:08
skyjumperwgrant: excellent00:09
wgrantBut it requires infrastructure enhancements. The dbus menu spec doesn't support that at the moment.00:09
skyjumperanyone seeing incorrect font smoothing in firefox 3.6?00:10
MindVirusDoes anyone know how to make maximus stop autostarting when killed?00:11
sjuxaxwhat is maximux00:17
sjuxaxwhat is maximus*00:17
Nitsuga<h00k> Nitsuga: do you happen to know where in gconf that is? <-- gconf is like regedit. You need some luck to find what you are looking for.00:19
wgrantNitsuga: It's not anywhere near as bad as the Windows Registry...00:20
wgrantThere is actually some sense to it.00:20
Nitsugawgrant, the windows regedit also has some sense00:22
Nitsugaand gconf is also messy.00:22
Nitsugasome things that should be in desktop are in apps, and vice-versa00:22
MindVirusI can't kill maximus.00:47
MindVirusPlease help me.00:48
wirechiefdid you try killall -9 maximus ?00:49
MindViruswirechief: Yes.00:49
MindViruswirechief: It is automatically restarted.00:50
wirechiefmaybe try the pidof00:50
wirechiefuse htop and find the pid of it , also use f keys to terminate it.00:50
MindViruswirechief: It restarts.00:50
wirechiefsomething else is respawning it.00:51
high-rezwell uhm whats its parent id?00:51
wirechiefwhat about reboot is that a option ?00:51
MindViruswirechief: Not yet.00:51
wirechiefis that a program daemon or what00:52
high-rezps -ef and you'll get the ppid...00:52
MindViruswirechief: gnome-session?00:52
MindViruswirechief: It's the GNOME session daemon.00:52
wirechiefmaybe its a service , service maxiums stop00:54
MindViruswirechief: Unrecognized.00:55
wirechiefhehe maybe you need to be in a terminal ctrl alt f1 or f2 and do it00:55
MindViruswirechief: What?00:56
MindViruswirechief: That said the same thing as expected.00:56
wirechiefctrl alt f2 takes you into a terminal ctrl alt f7 should return00:56
MindViruswirechief: I know that.00:56
MindViruswirechief: What I don't know is why that would make a difference.00:57
wirechiefsome things require being there.00:57
MindViruswirechief: Like what?00:57
wirechiefwell, when i install my nvidia drivers i run a script in it.00:57
wirechiefand if i dont it yells at me.00:58
MindViruswirechief: That's weird as shit and I've never heard of anything like that.00:58
MindViruswirechief: I'm sure something is wrong, if that is the case.00:58
wirechiefits only a suggestion and at this point ive run out of em except for rebooting. well you proably have been in ubuntu too long then00:58
MindVirusYou're saying my uptime is too high?00:59
wirechieffix it yourself. have fun.00:59
MindViruswirechief: ..?00:59
MindVirusI don't understand what just happened.00:59
jcoleis the new ubuntu "look" in the latest lucid?01:02
MindVirusjcole: Brown and purple? No.01:02
MindVirusThat's the light theme.01:02
jcoleMindVirus: when can we try it01:03
m0arI can't see why I'm not able to activate the propretairy driver in Hardware Drivers?  It just says "This driver is activated but nor currently in use" Any tips?01:03
MindVirusjcole: Probably when the art drop happens.01:03
MindVirusWhich won't be for a while.01:03
jcoleMindVirus: ya, they always do that in the last beta01:04
platiusjcole,  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/new-wallpaper-for-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-download-link-included.html#more-4274  if you want to try it01:04
MindVirusjcole: It deters people from using Ubuntu+1 for just looks.01:04
rwwumm. The new wallpaper and theme are in Lucid right now...01:04
MindVirusrww: I don't see them.01:04
MindVirusWhat are they called?01:04
m0arMindVirus: They are after an update earlier today01:04
Steili like the new dark theme that came today01:04
Steili dont know what its called01:04
Steilbut i like it01:04
rwwSystem -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Radiance and I think Ambiance01:05
Steiljust gotta wait til the title bar icons are fixed again :)01:05
rwwI'm using archive.ubuntu.com, dunno if it got out to the other mirrors yer.01:05
m0arHey, I cant see the themes either :s01:05
rwwyet **01:05
MindVirusCan someone please help me kill maximus?01:05
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Steilwhy dont you like maximus?01:06
MindVirusSteil: I'm not using UNE right now.01:07
Steiltoo bad01:07
Steilmaximus is awesome01:07
Steilfor everything01:07
MindVirusThat's great.01:07
MindVirusI need to kill maximus.01:07
sebsebsebdidn't want to hit enter here, just then01:08
MindVirussebsebseb: Regardless; do you think you could help me out?01:08
sebsebsebthat enter was meant to be in my Lucid vm01:08
melik`hey guys i'm having trouble loading alpha 3 on a pc nvidia gfx card.01:09
melik`pc with*01:09
melik`although it boots fine wth intel gfx01:09
sebsebsebMindVirus: just had a quick look at your stuff up there, I don't even know what you got a problem with01:09
melik`anyone having similiar problems?01:09
m0arEW!  Awful bugs on the new themes!01:09
MindVirussebsebseb: I can't kill maximus. It restarts.01:10
sebsebsebm0ar: oh such as?01:10
m0arsebsebseb: The buttons?01:10
sebsebsebMindVirus: I don't even know what maxium is01:10
sebsebsebm0ar: I don't like the two new themes much myself01:10
m0arsebsebseb: Close, minimize, maximize etc01:10
MindVirusmaximus keeps windows maximized. Saves screen real estate.01:10
m0arsebsebseb: Are they seriously supposet to be that bugged?01:10
wgrantNote that there have been four releases of the new themes in the past two hours, so some of the bugs are already fixed.01:10
wgrantm0ar: What's wrong with them?01:10
wgrantThe order should be fixed if you log out and in.01:11
sebsebsebwgrant: four releases of the new themes?01:11
wgrantThe lack of hovering and bright colours still bug me, though.01:11
wgrantsebsebseb: Yes.01:11
m0arwgrant: Not the order.  Sec, scrot01:11
sebsebsebwgrant: oh?01:11
melik`new themes  are shit.01:11
rwwmelik`: watch your language, please.01:11
melik`i hope we get some new icons at least.01:12
wgrantsebsebseb: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+changelog01:12
melik`orange and purple are far from complimentary colors01:12
sebsebsebwgrant: by the way I  installed from an alpha 3 vm,  got the updates, and then the theme updates as well, however I don't get the new log in screen.   Any idea why?  I even tried this lubuntu  plymouth screen that was in the repo, but  I didn't seem to have that working, or it  did, but so quick.   I am thinking maybe vm a daily build in the day, at least then I will probably have the new boot up screen.01:12
m0arrww: They are shit.01:12
sebsebsebwgrant: installed into a alpha 3 vm above, installed from alpha 3 ISO01:13
melik`shit isn't even a 'bad' word.01:13
sebsebsebmelik`: it is depending on the context it's used in01:13
wgrantsebsebseb: The new gdm should have been published a couple of hours ago, but might not be on mirrors for another few.01:13
rwwm0ar: That may well be the case, but Ubuntu's IRC guidelines and melik` and your choice of descriptive words are incompatible.01:13
BUGabundoI got it from main01:13
BUGabundolet me restart a new guest01:13
sebsebsebwgrant: New GDM? that's the log in screen,  I meant the boot up screen  for Plymouth01:13
BUGabundoand see the changes to theme01:14
sebsebsebwgrant: anyway good there will be a new GDM theme as well?01:14
melik`sebsebseb: my use of te word 'shit' was appropriate.01:14
m0arrww: Irrelevant, found no other way of expressing myself in this case.01:14
m0arwgrant: http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/Selection_001.png01:14
m0arwgrant: ew.01:14
m0arOh, is that the button order? :s01:15
skydromeooo that new theme is sexy01:15
wgrantm0ar: That's button order.01:15
rwwm0ar: If you can't express yourself in a way that's appropriate for this channel, then don't express yourself.01:15
m0arrww: Point taken ;)01:15
wgrantThey've swapped maximize and minimize; try logging out and in again.01:15
m0arwgrant: Not worth it, bloated theme as usual. Too bad they never released one nice theme ><01:16
wgrantsebsebseb: The Plymouth theme has been in place for around 24 hours.01:16
melik`anyone having trouble booting 10.04 on nvidia gfx cards?01:16
skydromem0ar, bloated?01:16
MindVirusThese themes are straight up hideous.01:16
BUGabundoI do like the collors and font of ambience01:16
wgrantMindVirus: Why?01:16
MindViruswgrant: Big PlaySkool buttons.01:16
wgrantApart from the buttons (both in window decorations and the GTK theme)01:16
wgrantHeh, exactly.01:16
BUGabundobut radienceis just tooooooo bright01:16
skydromei was under the impressed computers had more than 128k of ram now a days01:16
m0arskydrome: Yeah? Big boarders, ugly buttons etc01:17
BUGabundoif I had to pick one01:17
m0arskydrome: Takes up space01:17
sebsebsebmelik`: Ubuntu has never been that good for Gnome themes,  these days I use another distro on this computer, which comes with a rather nice default theme,  as well as some themes similar to it that are also good.01:17
BUGabundoI would go with dust01:17
wgrantBUGabundo: My problem with Radiance is that the window decorations are a slightly different colour from the normal window colour.01:17
sebsebsebwgrant: right well whatever reason/s  my vm didn't get it :(01:17
skydrome:D im using dust theme with ambience title bar01:17
skydromeso sexy01:17
BUGabundobut after looking at the spaceing and fonts , I really like ambience01:17
MindViruswgrant: The scrollbars.01:17
m0arOf course windowspeople thinks "linux" is straight ugly when ubuntu doesn't have a semi-nice looking standard theme.01:17
melik`sebsebseb: i use no GUI apps except chromium01:17
melik`so i dont need a GTK theme :D01:18
m0armelik`: Lucky man!01:18
BUGabundohaing a guest sesion is making this session TERRIBLBLLYYYYY slow and lagged01:18
BUGabundovery much like the old GTK bug :(01:18
melik`i just decided to check out ubuntu 10.0401:18
sebsebsebm0ar: yep  Windows is better for default eye candy really,  XP and above,   as well as some other desktop Linux distros01:18
melik`the new software centre seems pretty awesome01:18
BUGabundoyes it is01:19
m0arsebsebseb: Xp looks more awful than gnome. Win7 is soemwhat nice, true01:19
BUGabundook, bed time01:19
BUGabundomore tesint tomow01:19
skydromeemerald is crashing alot in lucid01:19
melik`win7 is horrible.01:19
BUGabundodamn, this is lagged01:19
melik`m0ar: all that gloss is horrible.01:19
BUGabundoskydrome: emerald not supported01:19
m0armelik`: Depends.  Straight "bling bling"-wise it's the best of windows releases01:19
sebsebsebm0ar: Vista's black aero theme is ok, but the graphics the OS comes with for backgrounds and such, that's nice.   anyway a little off topic now by the way01:19
skydromeBUGabundo, seems it01:20
m0arMinimalistic is the way.01:20
melik`m0ar: my PC is so minimalistic :D01:20
sebsebsebm0ar: quite a lot of consumer/homeuser and such,  propritary software does come with good graphics01:21
m0armelik`: +1 +1 +1 +101:21
skydromeminimalistic is like sex with men01:21
m0arsebsebseb: Yeah. "Whatever" of the day!01:21
m0arsebsebseb: Oh?01:21
sebsebsebm0ar: What?01:21
m0arskydrome: Oh?01:21
m0arskydrome: Wrong-tab :D01:21
skydromeoh face!01:21
m0arI mean seriously, the worlds like fourth biggest (Yes, I guessed) OS should at least look.. tempting?01:22
BluesKaj!OT | skydrome01:22
ubottuskydrome: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.01:22
m0arCompare to win7 and OSX from the eyes of a retarded p12 that want's "a good computer"01:22
melik`i hate GUI apps01:22
melik`im a perfectionist01:22
m0armelik`: Let's go to ubuntu-offtopid01:22
melik`everytime i use a GUI app, i feel like there is like 539394394 errors in the background01:23
sebsebsebm0ar: no I think it goes like this,   when it comes to the Desktop at the moment.  1. Windows 2.  Mac OS X  3.  Ubuntu  4. Other Linux distros,  Mandriva :), Fedora,  and so on  4.  BSD's  5. other OS's01:23
melik`sebsebseb: depends on how you're looking at it01:24
melik`for end user average joe i suppose01:24
m0arsebsebseb: ubuntu-offtopic.01:24
sebsebsebmelik`: the above is looking at market share, and yes m0ar  a bit off topic01:25
DanaGhmm, my only gripe now with the new branding is that the superscript logo looks like this:01:27
DanaGoh, and the buttons (back on the right, yay) are ugly.01:27
sebsebseb(numbers were wrong that's,  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)01:28
geniiGah. Registered Trademark!01:28
sebsebsebwhich also links to Jono's and the Ubuntu websites page about it01:29
m0arsebsebseb: Your list reminds me of Bug#1 :)01:29
sebsebsebm0ar: my list?  OS list?01:30
sebsebsebOS market share list?01:30
m0arsebsebseb: Yep01:30
sebsebsebm0ar: right ok01:31
m0arsebsebseb: You do know the bug#1 in launchpad?01:31
sebsebsebDanaG: I don't like those buttons much myself, but that's good that they are on the right where they are meant to be01:32
DanaGsomething to compare, just for the heck of it: http://home.comcast.net/~odnt/12012009.jpg01:32
sebsebsebm0ar: of course it's in the !windows factoid for example even,  plus I think there might be an actsual bug 1 factoid01:32
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)01:32
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sebsebsebhrm some how ubottu knew we were on about bug1?01:33
wgrantsebsebseb: you said 'bug 1'01:33
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)01:33
ubottuwindows aliases: bug#1, bug #1, bug 1, microsoft, windowsxp - added by Seveas on 2006-06-19 08:49:27 - last edited by elky on 2009-06-07 13:30:3601:33
rwwthere isn't an actual factoid, it just redirects to !windows.01:34
sebsebsebwgrant: that explains it, but I thought always had to do ! for the factoids01:34
wgrantsebsebseb: It's not a factoid as such. It's another plugin that looks for any bug references.01:34
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:34
sebsebsebwgrant: oh right ok ty I guess01:35
DanaGtrademark symbol looks evil. =þ01:36
sebsebsebrww: something redirects to !windows ?01:36
rwwsebsebseb: see the ubottu output from !-windows, it lists its aliases.01:37
sebsebsebrww: already read that, anyway I guess whatever, and a bit off topic01:38
rwwsebsebseb: Then I'm not sure what your question was?01:38
sebsebsebthe bug 1 stuff01:38
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)01:38
sebsebsebrww: you answered that01:39
sebsebsebjust now01:39
skyjumperanyone else seeing a 1px border around their desktop in lucid?01:50
wgrantskyjumper: I noticed that on the sides, yeah.01:50
skyjumperwgrant: you do anything about it?01:51
StikApple has a patent on that01:51
Sa[i]nTHow do I upgrade to lynx with the command line?01:53
rwwSa[i]nT: sudo do-release-upgrade -d01:54
m0arMy volume-icon in the notification toolbar has this ugly gray background. Is this fixable?01:55
skyjumperm0ar: did you have that problem in jaunty?01:57
skyjumperor karmic01:57
m0arskyjumper: Nope, not that I can remember. Happens with VLC too.01:58
rwwooo, that's fun. Anyone seen any aptitude problems that look like this, recently: http://paste.ubuntu.com/388677/ ?01:58
skyjumperi get gray icon backgrounds on mail-notification, amarok, and pidgin01:59
rwwaptitude thing looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/515525 , perhaps02:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515525 in aptitude "aptitude assert failure: *** glibc detected *** aptitude: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08f9d658 ***" [Medium,Triaged]02:04
Sarvattdarn.. that new gnome-terminal profile that I got forcibly switched to looks exactly the same as my old one with only 512 lines scrollback and I needed that build log02:05
wgrantOh. I wondered why it was so short.02:06
* wgrant curses stupid overrides.02:06
wgrantI thought some of my output was just longer than I'd guessed.02:07
overmachthi FunnyLookinHat02:24
Sarvattam I missing an option to turn off the volume status in the notification area applet or are we supposed to have 2 volume controls on the panel?02:34
Sarvattah it was gnome-volume-control-applet that i had to kill02:40
funkyHatDoes anyone know if the issue with wacom drivers has been resolved yet?02:42
JFofunkyHat, what issue?02:45
funkyHatJFo: the one mentioned on the alpha 2 release page02:46
funkyHatAh I've just found this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xf86-input-wacom/+bug/51184402:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511844 in xf86-input-wacom "Wacom Tablet is only recognized on first plug" [High,Confirmed]02:46
funkyHatLooks like progress at least ⢁)02:47
JFofunkyHat, that isn't the only bug02:47
JFofunkyHat, what hardware are you using?02:49
funkyHatJFo: actually none at the moment, but I've been putting off upgrading to Lucid because I'm planning to buy an Intuos4 soon02:49
JFoI see02:50
un214Is there a good way to force my system to use VESA drivers02:52
un214It's using the noveau driver and it has lots of annoyingly bad graphics glitches02:52
=== rO_ot|AFK is now known as rO_ot
crimsunun214: sure, create/modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf and specify vesa02:54
un214but then kernel still grabs an incompatible fbcon02:54
crimsunun214: even if you uninstall plymouth?02:54
un214modprobe finds and loads the driver automatically02:55
crimsunun214: raof or Sarvatt would probably know02:55
un214Sarvatt: you here?02:57
un214apparently not :(03:01
un214this close tie between the kernel and X makes for odd things when one wants to intercept the package management03:02
un214all right, who changed the command to rebuild xorg?03:06
DanaG!find hid2hci03:09
ubottuFile hid2hci found in udev03:10
DanaG!find /usr/sbin/hid2hci03:10
ubottuPackage/file /usr/sbin/hid2hci does not exist in lucid03:10
crimsunwrong path03:11
crimsunudev: /lib/udev/hid2hci03:11
DanaGyeah, weird... it's not working for my usb bluetooth dongle.03:12
DanaGMy internal BT dongle starts out in HCI mode anyway, but the spare second dongle I have starts out in HID mode.03:13
DanaGI called hid2hci on it manually, and now the input device part disappeared.03:15
symptomHello Does anyone know how minimizing a window will be handled on Lucid with the new Light theme?03:15
flodinecan someone tell me how i can stop typing nautilus -q cause i keep getting those white line on my desktop,i want a fix03:15
DanaGer, one part of it did, rather.03:15
symptomsince there is no task bar at the bottom...03:15
throughnothingHow can I get rid of the universal access indicator that is now showing up in lucid03:21
Technovikinganyone else can't see the menu in OpenOffice in the new dark theme03:21
DanaGugh, what the heck?03:21
DanaGMy right-side icons are MAX, MIN, CLOSE.03:22
h00k"Empathy" is renamed "chat" in the indicator applet. cool.03:22
DanaGSOmebody must've been on crack when designing that.03:22
h00kDanaG: I found it odd at first, but actually I quite like it03:22
throughnothingDanaG, heh i was wondering about that too, it looks good im just not sure about the close not being on the far left03:22
DanaGWell, it breaks muscle memory.03:22
throughnothinglucky for me i only use the keyboard to close windows03:22
throughnothingI'm not certain if I like the scrollbars yet, though03:23
DanaGhmm, I still have the old theme.03:23
DanaGUgh, yeah, that's way wrong.03:24
rww/apps/metacity/general/button_layout, in case anyone was wondering how to change the button layout.03:25
DanaGWell, who decided to break it like that?03:25
throughnothingI just wanna know how to get rid of the universal access preferences indicator03:25
DanaGWas that a conscious choice?03:25
throughnothingDanaG, it had to be, and they do supposedly have some good design people on the team03:25
rwwDanaG: I think so, considering that making it sane again makes the theme look stupid.03:25
DanaGweird... "unset key" fixed it.03:26
throughnothingand yeah, making it "normal" makes it look terrible03:26
DanaGwell, good luck convincing users to try ubuntu when every time they try to maximize a window, it minimizes -- and vice versa.03:26
throughnothingThe universal access preferences icon just looks terrible with the new theme and takes up a lot of space for me never using it03:26
Technovikingcan someone confirm this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/53238903:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532389 in light-themes "Invisible menu in OpenOffice in new ambiance theme" [Undecided,New]03:28
rwwTechnoviking: sure. One sec.03:30
throughnothingah, figured out the accessibility thing, uncheck "accessibility features can be toggled with the keyboard" in the keyboard preferences window in case anybody else is being annoyed by that03:30
rwwTechnoviking: confirmed, bug status changed accordingly03:32
Technovikingrww: thanks03:32
symptomHello Does anyone know how minimizing a window will be handled on Lucid with the new Light theme? since there is no task bar at the bottom.03:34
throughnothingis there no bottom taskbar by default in lucid now?03:35
Sarvattun214: you use fbdev not vesa with a KMS driver03:35
rwwsymptom: One sec, I'll go make a new user without my panel customizations and see for you :)03:35
rwwthought so...03:37
rwwsymptom, throughnothing: There is a bottom panel (with the same configuration as Karmic), it's just not shown in the screenshots that are going around.03:38
rwwsymptom: screenshot: http://imagebin.org/8760403:39
vbabiyAny know how I can fix this http://pastebin.com/BbDsM8nV03:39
DanaGhmm, I still have the Human theme.03:39
DanaGAnd I find those buttons quite ugly.03:39
vbabiyFailed during the install and it always fails on update03:40
xxploitis the light theme out now? cause i have the gdm theme changed/background on the lastest upgrade but there seems to be no gtk theme03:40
symptomok thanks.  I thought I read somewhere that it was going out sin bottom taskbar03:40
vbabiyyeah, you have to select in the appearance section.03:40
xxploitwhats the theme called?03:41
rwwsymptom: the screenshots that came out before the theme was released had the bottom bar cut off for some reason. I imagine that rumor came from there.03:41
rwwxxploit: Dark one is "Ambiance", light one is "Radiance"03:41
vbabiyrww, which do you like better03:42
DanaGLooks like they need to fix the button pixmaps.03:42
rwwand the package name is light-themes03:42
xxploitthose r it?...man i think there ugly... the window button controls r horrid looking03:42
rwwvbabiy: I'm not a fan of dark themes in general, so Radiance03:42
vbabiyrww, I like both I wish you can have it switched based on time, light during the day dark at night03:42
symptomyea... I do like how you put the window control buttons on the right rww I hate the left controls.  But I have to agree with xxploit that they dont look very good.03:44
DanaGYeah, they're horrible -- especially when you unbreak the min/max order.03:44
rwwsymptom: The layout in that screenshot is how it is by default.03:44
symptomother than that I like it03:44
xxploitsymptom, and the scrollbar looks so dated compared to the last theme03:44
DanaGoh, and greyed-out scroll-button when at top and bottom is ugly.03:45
rwwapparently the whole "buttons on the left" idea went away, thank goodness. Now they just need to switch minimize and maximize back around.03:45
symptomtrue it looks like they used the lighter colored theme scroll bar03:45
xxploitthe dark theme looks good overall but the window controls/scrollbar still look pretty horrid03:45
symptomall in all it looks pretty basic03:45
xxploitbackground/wallpaper really doesnt go well with the dark theme i do not think03:45
symptomBecause today was the UI freeze is this how 10.4 will ship?03:46
throughnothingxxploit, i think it looks pretty good, but I agree about the scrollbars03:46
vbabiyAny know how I can fix this http://pastebin.com/BbDsM8nV03:47
DanaGrandom: http://home.comcast.net/~odnt/12012009.jpg03:47
DanaGoh, theme also breaks if panels are not exactly 24 pixels.03:47
rwwHere's Radiance, for comparison: http://imagebin.org/8760603:47
DanaGooh, sorbet is yummy.03:48
DanaGBut still has panel image breakage.03:49
DanaGMy top panel is set to 32 pixels, for reference -- I have a high-dpi display.03:50
DanaGoh, and sorbet also lacks focus indicators.03:52
symptomYea they just used the same scroll bar03:54
symptomrww is this how Lucid will ship?  Because today was the UI freeze and all.03:55
ejatanyone here having prob with NM ?03:55
rwwsymptom: No idea. I don't know what the UI freeze entails.03:55
ejatsince its indicate keep on connecting ..03:55
ChogyDansymptom: the UI freeze might be more for translations and such, so changing the theme would be fine03:56
rwwah, here we go03:56
rwwsymptom: from the look of it, there are ways around UI Freeze, so it may still change.03:56
symptomnot much of a freeze... They should call it a UI slush03:57
Technovikingsymptom: They will be bug fixes and minor adjustment, but it can change drastically without approval from the tech board03:57
* DanaG goes back to Human.03:57
symptomalthough remember when canonical made a huge update to a version like a month after the release... i think it was back in 0603:57
symptomthey called it 6.04.1 or something03:57
symptomthank you Technoviking03:58
symptomI think they did the same with 8.0403:58
ZykoticK9If one wished to report a bug against the new Ambient & Radiance themes, what package would one report under? (transparency in panel notification area isn't working)03:58
symptomlight theme I suppose....03:59
humphreybchey everyone, i've got a quick question03:59
humphreybcdoes anyone know whether the depreciation of HAL in Lucid will be fixing a lot of suspend/resume bugs?03:59
symptomalthough I doubt the bug is in the theme itself...04:00
ZykoticK9symptom, actually if you switch between Human and one of the new ones it changes04:00
rwwZykoticK9: The package name is `light-themes`, so if it's actually a theme problem, it'd go there.04:01
ejatanyone here know the issue networkmanager in lucid alpha3 ? which is its keep connecting ... either wired @ wireless ?04:01
ZykoticK9rww, thanks04:01
humphreybcno one knows about suspend/resume in lucid?04:02
throughnothinghumphreybc, i know it works fine for me, not sure how hal affects it or not, i read that it will supposedly make it faster though....it is definitely fast04:04
throughnothingit worked for me before with hal as well04:04
humphreybchmm. i've had odd problems with it. worked fine in jaunty on ati proprietary drivers, then in karmic the ati drivers wouldn't install properly due to a bug that still hasn't been fixed afaik. so i went with the open source radeon drivers, which suspend/resume worked for a bit, then died and it's never worked since.04:05
humphreybcit suspends okay, but when i try to wake it up, it appears that the display, keyboard and mouse aren't waked up04:05
throughnothinghumphreybc, strange, I'm not really sure04:09
throughnothingit could be related to policykit or it could be related to lots of other things04:09
humphreybcyeah, well i originally blamed the radeon drivers04:10
humphreybcbut a combination of the fact it worked at one point, and the fact the keyboard doesn't seem to work either04:10
humphreybc(i know this because after waking it up, it turns on, but hitting caps lock doesn't turn on the caps lock light)04:11
humphreybcso i'm not sure. but i'm installing lucid tomorrow as a fresh install, so we shall see04:11
throughnothinghave u tried putting it to sleep with music playing, and then resuming04:11
throughnothingand seeing if the music comes back04:11
throughnothingif so, it may just be that your monitor is not coming back up04:11
throughnothingive had that happen before04:11
humphreybcno, i haven't! that's a good idea.04:11
humphreybci'll try that tonight04:12
throughnothingit'll just help you pinpoint where the problem is hopefully04:12
humphreybcif suspend still doesn't work in lucid then i'll be testing the hell out of it and filing bug reports04:12
throughnothingit sounds like it may just be the monitor not coming back on....or possibly even the backlight04:12
humphreybcbecause i want to try to fix this :)04:12
throughnothingwith my old laptop the whole computer would come back up fine, but the backlight wouldnt come on, so it was basically useless04:13
throughnothingand that was with ATI drivers04:13
throughnothingbut that was like years ago04:13
humphreybci'm tempted to give the proprietary drivers another shot04:13
humphreybcbut i've found the open source ones to be much more responsive04:13
humphreybcalthough they don't have openGL working with compiz, whereas ATI do04:14
humphreybcnot that I use openGL at all that often, except for Google Earth every now and then04:14
humphreybcthe problem is that once you choose to install one or the other, it can be tedious to change properly04:14
humphreybci believe ATI have done a lot of work on their drivers in the last 6 months though04:15
humphreybci found the dual screen support with the open source drivers much better04:16
lastenthi, when will the new gui be comming in the iso?04:20
mjs7231Hey guys, can someone help me fix some issues I'm having with the Dust Theme.  It seems a recent update made it all f**ked up.04:26
mjs7231Here is a screenshot of what it looks like now: http://imgur.com/Nqo7e04:27
mjs7231You can see the sides are all just wrong..04:28
DanaGThat's probably somebody's design choice.04:29
humphreybcif that's a design decision, then god help us04:34
geniiDesigners. Kill em all and let God sort it out.04:36
Mage__hey everyone!04:38
humphreybcgenii: sometimes that's tempting04:38
humphreybchi Mage__04:39
rolsworthjust launched the lucid build. looks pretty much the same. i wonder why they do that because ubuntu kind of looks like somethign from back in the 90s04:39
Mage__i'm not sure if this is the right channel, but i have a question on getting full sound working and i'm using ubuntu lucid alpha 3.  been trying for the past couple years on and off with no success04:39
Mage__i just tried installing the driver from realtek's site and although i got it to compile and install still 2.1 so i'm assuming i did something wrong since that driver is for my sound card (alc660)04:40
crimsundon't use that driver04:41
crimsunremove it and use linux-alsa-driver-modules from ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev04:41
* humphreybc is off to work, see you everyone!04:41
Mage__um...how do i remove it?04:41
Mage__bye bye humphreybc!04:41
Mage__have fun at work04:41
crimsunMage__: if you're lucky, make uninstall04:42
Mage__ok, os just go back into the folder that has the driver and do sudo make uninstall?04:42
crimsunif that's a valid Makefile target, yes04:43
crimsunotherwise you'll need to manually hunt down the installed files and rm them individually04:43
Mage__ok it seems it did something lol04:43
Mage__rm -f to 3 folders04:44
Mage__alright i added the ppa so i'll install that driver now04:45
Mage__hopefully i don't foo bar the system again like i did last time i tried to compile sound drivers lol04:46
Mage__holy cow which one do i use the generic one right?04:46
crimsunyes, just install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)04:47
Mage__alright just installed it so i'm gonna restart and see if it works04:49
Mage__still no surround sound profile:(04:52
Mage__just analog stereo {output, input, duplex}, digital stereo {duplex (IEC95E), (IEC95E) output + analog stereo input}04:54
crimsunMage__: well, does your driver even support it properly?04:54
DanaGI have a sort of reverse issue: http://pulseaudio.org/ticket/67804:54
Mage__yep cause in windows i have full 5.1, but in ubuntu i only get 2.104:55
crimsunMage__: no, the *Linux* driver04:55
Mage__from what i remember on the alsa-project website it had my card supported but i will go double check04:56
crimsune.g., pasuspender -- speaker-test -c6 -Dplughw:0 -twav -l104:56
crimsunerr, sorry04:56
crimsune.g., pasuspender -- speaker-test -c6 -Dplug:surround51 -twav -l104:56
Mage__that command returned sound otu of the front left and right only04:57
Mage__oh snap it seems my card was removed from the alsa-project04:57
crimsunMage__: so alsa doesn't properly support it, which means that PA certainly won't04:58
ranjanany body using the theme radiance??04:58
Mage__that makes me sad, cause a few years back when jaunty was released someone who had my same motherboard somehow got full 5.1 without any tweaks but i never did04:59
Mage__i guess i can finally give up trying to make it work now though:/04:59
Mage__alright well thanks for the help, just have to wait till i get some money for a new mobo then that may have better support05:02
rwwranjan: yes05:02
ranjanrww, which is the theme engine its based on??05:03
ranjanrww, i am not able to enable it in karmic05:03
ranjanthe gtk is the old and ugly05:03
crimsunMage__: it's certainly possible, but you'll need to create a custom asoundrc05:03
Mage__i wouldn't mind doing that, i'm comfortable with the terminal and manually editing files, had to do it quite a bit in hardy lol05:04
rwwranjan: No idea. Do you know how I'd find that out?05:06
ranjanhow?? actually i got the link..thanks05:07
punkrockguy318So is fglrx still broken in lucid?05:07
rwwpunkrockguy318: looks like it, according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/49469905:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494699 in fglrx-installer "Does not support current Lucid kernel (2.6.32)" [High,Triaged]05:10
punkrockguy318i think i might just make a lucid partition anyway and start using that; i rarely use openGL and i'd like to contribute to ubuntu however I can05:10
Mage__there was a new open source ati driver released though i think today or yesterday, you may want to look into that05:10
Mage__not sure if it sports 3d though i can't recall05:11
punkrockguy318i ran the daily from a couple days ago and I was really impressed with it05:11
punkrockguy318especially the pulseaudio situation.. the SDL/pulseaudio situation is completely fixed... this has been so annoying for me; i'm the head dev of fceux which uses SDL and i'm constantly getting complaints about sound but everything is gravy in ubuntu+1 =]05:12
DanaGactually, fglrx works fine for 2.6.32; the X server is the real issue.05:12
Mage__hello MindVirus05:12
MindVirusI want to kill maximus.05:13
MindVirusI cannot kill maximus.05:13
MindVirusA process respawns it.05:13
MindVirusOver and over.05:13
MindVirusI found a file: /etc/xdg/xdg-une/autostart/maximus-autostart.desktop05:13
punkrockguy318DanaG, yeah i was just reading that in the bug report that was linked.  i only really play fceuX (my project) and skulltag; both which run fine in software mode05:14
MindVirusBut I want it to start when I run an Ubuntu Netbook Edition session.05:14
MindVirusSo, I am weary of moving it.05:14
Mage__i am not too familiar with the netbook remix since i haven't used it but i believe maximus is the actually controller of the display so i believe it's tied into the system so it must start05:14
MindVirusAny suggestions?05:14
MindVirusMage__: In general?!05:14
DanaGhmm, try booting with radeon.modeset=1 (if you can afford more wattage being used).05:14
DanaGThe open-source 3D drivers nowadays are pretty dang awesome.05:14
MindVirusMage__: Even for a GNOME session?05:14
Mage__you should be able to check System => Preferences => Startup Applications to control bootup programs05:14
Mage__MindVirus: No a normal Gnome session should not start it05:15
MindVirusMage__: My normal GNOME session starts it.05:15
MindVirusPlease help.05:15
Mage__Check the System => Preferences => Startup Applications.  It list programs that start with the session05:16
MindVirusMaximus isn't there.05:16
Mage__MindVirus, Hmm not sure then, let me see if I can find anything online.05:17
ZykoticK9MindVirus, this "might" be of interest https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maximus/+bug/39648505:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396485 in maximus "No way to kill maximus" [Wishlist,Confirmed]05:18
Mage__MindVirus, In your startup applications do you have remember running applications on logout checked?05:19
MindVirusMage__: Yes.05:19
MindVirus"I disagree with this feature request. I think the ability to stop the maximus service and logout/login again is sufficient."05:19
MindVirusI totally disagree.05:19
MindVirusI want control over my system.05:20
Mage__MindVirus, If you uncheck that it won't load05:20
MindVirusMage__: Oh, I see. Do I then have to stay in GNOME session?05:20
Mage__MindVirus, just log out and log back in and it won't start up since you told it not to remember05:20
MindVirusMage__: If I turn it back on again will I have to stay in the GNOME session?05:21
Mage__MindVirus, The options for remembering is just to save tedium and open up all process and programs you had open when you logged out.  So you can check and uncheck it at your leisure.05:22
MindVirusMage__: I would prefer a checkbox in the logout box.05:23
Mage__MindVirus, I agree but they chose to put it in the Startup Applications05:23
MindVirusMage__: Is there any way to change that?05:24
Mage__MindVirus, you would have to change the code of the logout dialog05:24
MindVirusMage__: Do you know where I can find that?05:24
natethegreat1419Hello is one there05:27
Mage__MindVirus, I am not sure.  That would definitely require an intense search.  You may want to try one of the #ubuntu-dev channel for that05:28
Mage__Hello natethegreat141905:28
natethegreat1419Hey I was wondering how is the new Ubuntu??05:28
Mage__I'm using it now and it's awesome, much faster as well.05:29
natethegreat1419Awesome? Any bugs?05:29
MindVirusI agree completely.05:29
MindVirusnatethegreat1419: Lots.05:29
MindVirusKeep in mind this is Alpha 3.05:29
natethegreat1419Yea I know but I was wondering05:29
natethegreat1419is it alot quicker than 9.10?05:29
MindVirusnatethegreat1419: Lots.05:30
Mage__natethegreat1419, few bugs but it is alpha.  it also much faster than 9.1005:30
natethegreat1419I hope that it aint as buggy during final release as 8.04 did05:30
MindVirusnatethegreat1419: It is already feeling polished.05:31
natethegreat1419I am definatelly going to have to check it out after final release unless I get my own computer first05:32
natethegreat1419Than I will get the beta or Alpha LOL05:32
flodinecan someone tell me how i can stop typing nautilus -q cause i keep getting those white line on my desktop,i want a fix05:41
rpkhey, i'm having issues pinging in a clean install of ubuntu server alpha 3, can anyone point me at a good tut for fixing connectivity issues?05:51
MindVirusWhen will the theme be fixed?05:54
MindVirusAnyone know?05:55
Mage__not sure05:56
MindVirusI am looking forward to it.06:06
MindVirusI hope they do the scroll bars as well as the metacity theme.06:06
Mage__crimsun, are you still here?06:11
MindVirusAnyone know where I can go to get help for netbook edition?06:22
dupondjeis the new theme already out somehow ? or we have to wait ? :)06:31
MindVirusdupondje: A working version, yes.06:32
MindVirusStill somewhat buggy.06:32
dupondjeMindVirus: what package ?06:33
MindVirusdupondje: For the theme?06:33
MindVirusdupondje: I'm not sure.06:33
rwwdupondje: light-themes for the GTK theme06:33
rwwit should be pulled in by ubuntu-desktop06:34
rww(via ubuntu-artwork)06:34
dupondjeit adds 2 new themes :) lets try06:35
switchgirlanyone know when the real java will be added to the repo's? so i can have a java applet06:50
ZykoticK9switchgirl, it's there now - add the partner repo :)06:51
Mage__the real java is there, you can use the openjdk-jre and the icedtea6-plugin or the sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-plugin06:51
switchgirli have (separate issues with gnome-panel)06:52
switchgirli cant add it06:55
switchgirli cant remove it06:55
switchgirli cant even change the properties06:55
coz_hey guys..when a bug is confirmed  when would it generally be updated in lucid?07:05
switchgirlThe GNOME Panel 2.29.91 <<< i have 2 versions of the same package installed yet they show the same number and exibhit different settings07:07
coz_switchgirl,  there is a ppa for sun java07:11
coz_switchgirl,  i got it to work for every applications that requres sun java but not in firefox07:12
boobooswitchgirl,    https://launchpad.net/~voronov84/+archive/andreyv07:13
coz_switchgirl,   ^^^07:13
coz_switchgirl,  it may be the system I have lucid installed on or some factor here that it doesn work in firefox07:13
_KAMI_1I have mobility radeon 3470 and I can not get to work under07:19
_KAMI_1I tried with stock kernel07:20
_KAMI_1wit and without radeon.modeset=1 kernelé paramaeter07:20
_KAMI_1I tried with 2.6.33 kernel07:20
_KAMI_1with 2.6.33 966 (drm-next) kernel but no success so far07:20
eeexceptionHi. Has anyone tested ubuntu 10.04 alpha? Is there still a problem with usb flash drivers? At this morning I was trying to connect to my laptop with ubuntu 10.04 Sony Reader prs-300, but was nothing. lsusb also was empty07:21
_KAMI_1I copied radeon/R600_rlc.bin to right place for KMS07:23
switchgirli'm going to go to hardy07:24
_KAMI_1I have no error in kernel legs07:24
_KAMI_1but I have probloems in X07:24
_KAMI_1Also I probed non open source driver07:26
_KAMI_1but fglrx wants to remove ubuntu desktop07:26
ZykoticK9_KAMI_1, i don't use ATI personally, but on http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha3 under Known Issues, "The fglrx binary driver for ATI video chipsets does not yet support the X server in Lucid"07:30
_KAMI_1okay but I wanted to use opensource radeon, radeonhd and ati drivers07:32
ZykoticK9_KAMI_1, i believe it's only Nvidia that supports the multiple drivers feature (i could be wrong)07:33
rwwZykoticK9: What?07:35
rwwradeon works fine in lucid.07:35
rww_KAMI_1: What exactly are the problems you're seeing in X?07:35
eeexceptionAnd what about usb flash devices in Lucid?07:36
_KAMI_1undefinied symbol07:36
ZykoticK9rww, but you can't have multiple driver simultaneously installed can you?  (like the new/old feature with Nvidia correct?)07:36
_KAMI_1in /usr/...../drivers/radeon_drv.so07:36
_KAMI_1Should I have to force radeon.modeset=1 as kernel parameter?07:37
rwwZykoticK9: The various free drivers can be installed simultaneously. fglrx is a pain in the backside and causes problems when installed alongside the others.07:37
ZykoticK9rww, thanks07:37
rww_KAMI_1: Where are you getting an undefined symbol error? In Xorg.0.log, in the console, etc...07:37
_KAMI_1In concole07:38
_KAMI_1I used radeon driver07:39
_KAMI_1in karamic07:39
_KAMI_1however I had git compiled version07:39
_KAMI_1because I wanted to test KMS07:39
JaraHey guys, just wanted to say congrats on lucid so far  liveusbstick booted in 8 seconds07:39
_KAMI_1but KMS not worked me07:39
_KAMI_1I had proper 3D only without KMS07:40
rww_KAMI_1: do you have the package libdrm-radeon1 installed?07:40
JaraAny luck on getting software center to not crash every second?07:40
_KAMI_1nww sure07:40
_KAMI_1I have07:40
_KAMI_1also I have mesa07:41
_KAMI_1xserver-xorg-video-radeon, ati, radeonhd too07:41
rww_KAMI_1: If you've compiled stuff from git in the past and are manually copying files and whatever, it's probably some conflict introduced by that. Try booting from a LiveCD and see if it brings up X11 properly.07:42
_KAMI_1they are git versions by date 2010030207:42
_KAMI_1I will try that07:46
Peddywho else isn't liking the 10.04 concept art?07:48
wgrantThe theme or the other propaganda?07:49
_KAMI_1the desktop looks cool07:49
solid_liquidI like the new bootsplash07:49
_KAMI_1however I did not perfer grey menubar icons07:49
solid_liquid(the one that just installed a couple hours ago)07:49
_KAMI_1but I loved the old design of logo07:49
wgrantsolid_liquid: I don't like the way the circles don't fade.07:50
wgrantIt's just click... click... click... click.07:50
solid_liquidyeah, I don't know what's with the gray...  I had it set to transparent before the update07:50
solid_liquidwgrant, hmm, I don't remember the circles07:50
wgrantsolid_liquid: The four dots along the bottom that make up the progress bar.07:51
solid_liquidbut, it's the 1st test of the new theme07:52
solid_liquidmaybe they'll fix that soon07:52
solid_liquidanyone gotten the Gwibber client to work?07:54
wgrantsolid_liquid: It had been broken for me for a few days until the desktop-couch upgrade a few hours ago.07:54
solid_liquidI saw that update, but it isn't doing anything for me07:55
ryeanybody running GNOME with multi-display installation? I.e. non-Twin-view/non-Xinerama ?08:06
ZykoticK9rye, my nvidia setting isn't handling Separate X Screen AT ALL right now - bug #52617508:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 526175 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "Nvidia-Setting of "Separate X Screen" causes Nautilus to continually respawn itself 100% CPU usage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52617508:08
eeexceptionSo anyone tried to mount flash drives? I could not connect my e-book sony reader08:08
ryeZykoticK9, my handles, but it is now... a bit strange. Nautilus crashes while trying to draw the desktop, notifications appear in the center of the screen...08:09
ryeah, notifications appear there when I am on other $DISPLAY... hm...08:09
simion314i upgraded to 10.04 from karmic, 5-10 seconds after boot ,when runing on my menus or opening apps my scrren becomes black and i have to restart, nothing works, ctrl+alt+del not working too08:24
simion314any ideea? it is xorg? something that starts in background can cause this?08:24
Kamping_Kaisercan xorg still be zapped using a key combo? i see ctrl+alt+backspace has been disabled for some time, but i couldn't remember if the alternative was allowed08:28
rwwubottu: dontzap | Kamping_Kaiser08:28
ubottuKamping_Kaiser: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap08:28
Kamping_Kaiseri'll have a look08:28
ZykoticK9Kamping_Kaiser, it's alt+sysrq+k by default08:28
Kamping_KaiserZykoticK9: ah, that looks like it. thanks.08:29
ryeZykoticK9, bug #508890 .. nice...08:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508890 in nautilus "Nautilus crashes when there are multiple XScreens" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50889008:36
ZykoticK9rye, good find :)08:37
ryeyeah, if show_desktop is disabled then it works... The bad thing is that it might leave the cursor in "waiting/spinning" state even if you disable show_desktop :)08:38
ZykoticK9rye, you also won't be able to use your desktop for icons / shortcuts / etc08:39
ryeZykoticK9, yup, but this is not that important... I have my desktop almost always filled with windows, so sometimes I don't remember what wallpaper I have :)08:40
ryebut nautilus now respawns on crashes...08:40
ZykoticK9rye, the wallpaper is easy to work around - compiz wallpaper will show up if you disable nautilus' controll of desktop - but no icons... that's would be an issue for many people08:41
ryeZykoticK9, yes, subscribed to the bug, ready to test whatever they come up with...08:41
ryebut notifications appearing in the middle of the screen (i.e. top/centered) is a strange thing as well...08:42
mortal_hello. when installing lucid alpha3 on my omnibook 510, the installer starts and everything but the screen stays blank08:49
simion314i upgraded to 10.04 from karmic, 5-10 seconds after boot ,when runing on my menus or opening apps my scrren becomes black and i have to restart, nothing works, ctrl+alt+del not working too08:49
bj0simion314, intel video card?08:50
simion314i read all the logs i know and i did not found anything08:50
simion314no ati08:50
bj0ah, i had problems with the intel driver...08:51
bj0CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT not enabled in kernel08:51
simion314bj0: thte interesting thing is that it boots,gnome starts ,and i can open apps after that it goes black08:51
bj0this is needed for iotop08:51
bj0(works in 9.10, not ini 10.04)08:51
bj0simion314, yea, mine would do that, but instead of going black it would just freeze08:52
bj0it was the intel driver doing it though (im pretty sure)08:52
bj0simion314,  you using compiz?08:52
simion314so could be a applet from gnome or something that it loads after in background? i will try fluxbox to see if it is gnome related08:52
bj0if so, you can try turning it off08:52
simion314bj0: i do not have enought time to turn it off, maybe remove it08:53
bj0simion314, if you can go to a tty while booting up with ctrl-alt-f1 / f2 etc08:54
bj0you can try DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace08:54
simion314ok, i will restar in lucid now08:55
bj0i guess ill file a bug report08:58
* BUGabundo_remote starts a new µblogging hashtag: #rosachique #pinkchick09:05
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screen-xWhats the status of boot graphics in lucid? I'm using an up to date lucid with a luks encrypted root and get this http://imgbin.org/images/1342.jpg when booting up.09:31
toresbeWhoa. Has there been some improvement in the "Reading Database" step of dpkg in lucid?09:33
void^STOP UNIT: FAILED: Success09:36
void^yay, gnome catched up to windows in error message quality09:36
zniavregood morning09:41
maheshgood mornig09:42
maheshcan u help me ?09:42
zniavrewhat s happened ?09:42
maheshhow to handle SIGHUP signal in daemon09:43
maheshis thr any one can help me/09:44
zniavrei do not know sorry09:49
eeexceptionStill has a question about usb devices support in Lucid09:52
eeexceptionI have not find any opened bug, but I could not connect Sony e-book reader to netbook( So I even do not see that device is connected in output of lsusb09:54
Ian_Corneweird, ubuntu-artwork updates just fine om my desktop09:55
Ian_Cornebut is kept back on my laptop09:55
yofelIan_Corne: different architecture?09:56
yofelodd then09:56
Ian_Corneaptitude does install it..09:57
Ian_Cornebut wants to remove the packages that autoremove would remove too09:57
Ian_Corneso autoremoving first and then seeing if i can apt-get upgrade :)09:57
Ian_Corneoh wait, forgot to use dist-upgrade instead of upgrade :)09:58
Ian_Cornetherein lies the difference!09:58
Kamping_Kaisermerge-o-matic is an interesting tool. its rather cute the way it generates diffs for any changed files.10:00
tehbautwhat will it take for ubuntu 10.4 to get hfs+ formatting capabilities in gparted by default?10:07
tehbautgparted live already supports both hfs and hfs+ ...and ubuntu supports r/w of both as well10:08
tehbautnot sure what the big obstacle is10:08
Kamping_Kaiseri'd hae thought its a bit late in the release cycle for new filesystems in the installer10:09
tehbautKamping_Kaiser: why not? it's already supported10:10
tehbautI don't know why gparted is left out ...and it's been that way for years now10:11
Kamping_Kaisertehbaut: because its a change that has data destroying potential (for 5 years)10:11
tehbauthow does that happen?10:11
Kamping_Kaiserdata destruction, or 5 yeras support?10:12
Kamping_Kaiserincase you aren't aware, i'm just speculating :)10:12
tehbautwell, no one would use it for anything that they wouldn't know how to use it for (e.g. they won't choose hfs+ in gparted unless that's what they want)10:16
tehbautanother issue I had was not being able to even format as hfs+ even after installing hfsprogs10:17
tehbautI was able to do hfs, but that has a limit of 2GB per part10:17
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Ian_Cornemy window control buttons got switched around :(10:21
=== Guest10546 is now known as Blue-Omega
Ian_Cornemaximize is on the left, minimize in the center, x still on the right10:21
tehbautdarn it, gotta boot back into stinky gparted livecd10:35
tehbautso, can I still make a case to get hfs+ support with gparted on install/livecd by default?10:36
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, why don't you just compile a kernel with hfs+ support?10:55
blerkquick question, yesterday i upgraded my 9.10 to 10.4 via update manager and got the new theme just fine, today i reinstalled using the current iso, also all fine except for the volume icon, which seems to have changed to something quite different, anyway i can change that icon to another one? i have no idea what icon it was i got in the upgrade, but the fresh install icon looks a bit awkward11:01
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: I don't want to have to keep maintaining it with each new release11:04
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, you really wouldn't have to.11:04
tehbautwhy not?11:05
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: well anyway, I'm no good at that stuff anyway (compiling, et al)11:06
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, unless you needed the newest features or fixes, you don't really have to.11:06
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, it's usually a simple ./configure && make then you make check and make install.11:07
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, but you can hold your breath for hfs+ support.11:08
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: I guess I'm just not sure why it's not already enabled since hfs+ can already be read and written to... and why there is still opposition to it (or so it seems)?11:08
redLucid Alpha 2 sports full removal of the hal package, making Ubuntu faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend.11:08
redhow does this affect my machine? :)11:09
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: all that's needed is for gparted to actually work 100% as it should11:09
red(if I were to remove it)11:09
tehbaut(and as it does, on the gparted livecd)11:09
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, actually, hfs+ writing isn't 100% working, it's still a bit buggy. That's one reason.11:09
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, reading works, but sometimes it breaks. Does ubuntu's kernel support hfs+ writing?11:10
tehbauthmmm, well writing and formatting are technically two separate things, and gparted live seems to handle the formatting part just fine11:10
SpaceGhostC2Clet me rephrase tehbaut, the hfs+ support in the kernel isn't buggy. Formatting isn't FS dependent.11:12
SpaceGhostC2Cs/isn't buggy/is buggy/11:12
tehbautif formatting isn't FS dependent, what does that imply about the desired ability to format as hfs+ ?11:13
tehbautI just don't understand why gparted live can do it, but gparted in ubuntu cannot11:14
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, To format as hfs+, you need hfs+ compiled into the kernel.11:14
tehbauthrm, ok that makes sense then11:14
xgurucan someone help me with this? http://www.pastebin.org/10164211:18
SpaceGhostC2Cxguru, what were you trying to install or use?11:19
xgurutrying to make vlc convert an .avi to .mp4.  Goal isto get a movie to play on my blackberry11:20
SpaceGhostC2Cany reason why you're using vlc?11:23
xgurucouldn't get winff to work11:23
xgurui didn't handbrake would do it?11:24
SpaceGhostC2Cxguru, do you want a GUI?11:28
xgurupreferably, but i could use command line if necessary as long as there are some docs to read11:29
SpaceGhostC2Cxguru, you could use mencoder, or for a gui try avidemux11:29
xguruSpaceGhostC2C: thanks for the info.  I'm looking into it now11:34
mortal_how do I get to the grub menu?11:37
mortal_esc does not work11:37
arand_mortal_: shift11:37
SpaceGhostC2Cxguru, no worries.11:37
xguruSpaceGhostC2C: i have it encoding a file, but i didn't see where i could set the resolution to be encoded to11:38
SpaceGhostC2Cxguru, I encoded all my movie backups to mp4, but can't remember what I used, although I'm sure it was handbrake.11:39
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: so, what would be the worst case scenario for including hfs+ in the kernel?11:40
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, breaking your hfs+ partitions beyond repair.11:40
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, potentially losing all the data on the drive, even.11:40
xguruSpaceGhostC2C: yea i thought at first that it could do it.  Then i set the sources, and the output and the start button never came out of the dim state, so i could never start the process11:40
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: and what's the likeliness of that happening? and what would cause it?11:40
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, it's not stable, I'm not a developer for the kernel. I'd assume it's a good enough possibility for ubuntu's devs to not include it, or a lot of other teams.11:41
mortal_I hit a weird bug, I had a manual /directory mounted in fstab11:42
mortal_and during the boot it just jammed there11:42
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, any reason why you can't just resize it in say, mac os? Maybe even umm, GNUdarwin?11:42
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, any error?11:42
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: I screwed up my bootup ;)11:42
mortal_SpaceGhostC2C: [SM] or something11:43
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, how so?11:43
mortal_and it just stalled, the "lights" kept on rolling11:43
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, lights being your computer's lights?11:43
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: I didn't know what I was doing while using fdisk on the mac ;)11:43
mortal_SpaceGhostC2C: the boot screen "lights"11:43
mortal_which roll11:43
tehbautsomeone walked me through what I was trying to do, but I guess they didn't know what was going to happen from it either11:44
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, huh. Interesting deal bro. I prefer cfdisk.11:44
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, it's a fresh install?11:44
tehbautheh, yeah... well I have two partitions with osx, and I was having this odd case where booting either one of them always booted the same partition11:44
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, boot from livecd and then mount your / partition and put the /etc/fstab file up on pastebin and give us a link, would you?11:45
mortal_SpaceGhostC2C: I upgraded from karmic11:45
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, so, why the fdisk'ing?11:45
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: this fdisk mishap was an attempt to fix it by giving the second partition the boot flag11:45
mortal_and some recent update broke it11:45
mortal_SpaceGhostC2C: maybe later today11:45
mortal_I fixed it myself, commented out and works now11:46
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, either way, try what I said before, livecd paste /etc/fstab into http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link here.11:46
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: after that, I could no longer get into any of my partitions... fun times11:46
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, then see if you can boot into a livecd and use sudo cfdisk /dev/<diskname> and reverse it. If that won't work, can you get another mac?11:47
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, if you can use another mac temporarily, you can boot your mac into firewire mode, and then use the borrowed mac to switch the boot flags back.11:47
tehbautSpaceGhostC2C: Fatal Error: Bad primary partition 3: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder11:56
tehbautbtw, I did switch the boot flags in gparted between then and now11:57
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, tried using another mac?11:57
tehbautthought that would be an easy fix... it apparently wasn't11:57
tehbautnope, I don't have any other macs around11:58
SpaceGhostC2Ctehbaut, make friends. Or possibly use ubuntu to get a VM of mac up, since it is mac hardware and then you can try to mount the drive in the vm, I'm not sure.12:00
tehbautI'm probably just going to copy the files to a new drive, blow this one away, and reinstall12:01
marienzhmm, theme change. This'll take some getting used to.12:12
marienzam I completely nuts or did they flip the order of the minimize and unmaximize button? I keep clicking the wrong one12:12
Sensivayeah true, its not in its place :D12:13
SpaceGhostC2Cmarienz, you can put them back on the right side.12:19
marienzoh, probably12:19
marienzI've only just switched, I'll leave it be for a while before messing with it12:20
zniavrethere is an official how-to to make plymouth running please ? i can't find good infos on it12:34
mortal_how stable is the current boot code, will there be breakage before the release?12:34
MenZaAlways expect breakage :)12:34
mortal_I can live with an unstable dev system but I want to be able to fix it myself12:34
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, learn to debug and google. That's the best way, IMO. Unless you want to actually fix it with patches.12:35
mortal_once I hit this awful bug where the mkinitrd program started making initrds that did not function12:35
mortal_but lucid is not that unstable anymore, right? the release is right around the corner12:36
simion314i tried to install kernel 2.6.33 from kernel PPa but is nothing there12:36
mortal_but imo lucid is the greatest ubuntu release ever, or will be12:37
simion314i have a black screen after booting, gnome starts you can use it then it goes black and bye-bye, tried turning off kms and same problem, nothing intresting in logs12:37
mortal_the speed is very good12:37
marienzI have a bunch of black after the kernel boots I can't really explain12:37
marienzI wonder if my initrd is missing something12:37
simion314mortal_: depends of the hardware, some graphics card have big problems12:38
mortal_and after karmic even my noob friends have started using ubuntu12:38
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, in terms of overall, or best release since the previous?12:38
mortal_overall, I think12:38
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, well, that's kind of a silly statement. Obviously it'll be the best :p12:38
mortal_but the installer does not work on my omnibook 51012:39
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, but it'd make sense if this weren't linux, since some other OS's do a lot of backsliding.12:39
mortal_so I have to use karmic on it12:39
SpaceGhostC2Cmortal_, karmic isn't too bad.12:39
simion314in lucid gdm i was unable to find quick enaught the settings to change to fluxbox  to test that posibility, the fonts are so small and i hit suspend and my laptop never resumes...12:39
marienzoh hey, I have a mode switch about 8 seconds into dmesg12:39
marienzah, I bet that's because I don't have the drm, ttm and drm_kms_helper modules in my initramfs12:40
SpaceGhostC2Cyofel, thanks.12:46
marienzthat's better. I have a radeon, and apparently kms works much more like I think it should if I add a dozen or so modules it uses to the initramfs.12:46
Dr_WillisSpaceGhostC2C:  thats not how i read it.12:46
marienzI wonder if that's supposed to happen automatically or not.12:46
SpaceGhostC2CDr_Willis, sorry for not being clear.12:46
Dr_WillisYou could make gnome load up 10000 other things and slow it down if you wanted to. :)12:47
simion314Dr_Willis: it crashes, i can;t go tty or ctrl+alt_del but this is a system upgraded from 9.10, but it was a clean system, i have no Cd to burn lucid and use the old cd12:47
Dr_Willisbut once ya get a 30 second boot time.. does it really  matter if its 32 or 28 seconds... :)12:47
simion314my usb stick is no longer bootable so i can't use it12:47
marienzit's now switching to the panel's native mode 2 seconds into the boot process instead of 812:47
Dr_Willissimion314:  do a ram test perhaps. and make a new usb boot  perhaps. is all i can suggest12:48
simion314i tried many cd images and programs, is like the boot sector is bad or something12:48
Dr_Willissimion314:  live cd, backup imporntant stuff.. and reinstall perhaps then.12:48
Dr_WillisHmm Im still getting package mnager issues on libc6-i68612:48
phretorthe installer makes my laptop to become unresponsive since 9.10 and now even with 10.04 - it's an old ASUS M3000N but 9.04 runs fine on it. Hints?12:49
simion314Dr_Willis: i will wait a little ,eventualy i hope i can find out the problem, at least the component that is causing it, the logs are clean so it is a mystery, i will try fluxbox next time when i boot into it if i manage to get the settings in gdm to appear12:50
simion314i read on the web that  some bugs in kernel drm have been fixed in kernel...33 and the devs will have to decide whqat to do, i did not find if they decided what to do? backport the fixes ,maybe they already did it12:51
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=== popey_ is now known as popey
ppineAnyone got a tip on how to fix this? http://pastebin.com/nAcJWJcD13:05
phretorwhere can I find the alt-installer cd?13:06
ppinedaily or alpha?13:07
phretorppine: I thought there were beta around. However, whichever runs better.13:07
ppinei started out with a daily build a month ago13:07
ppineruns fine most of the time, only had a sound issue once but it got resolved13:08
phretorppine: will I find the alt-installer there? I've been having troubles with the default installer: basically, my laptop freezes.13:08
ppineyeah its there13:08
ppineboth x64 as x8613:09
BUGabundo_remote 6904   0.34s   1.22s     0K   188K     0K    44K  --   - S  78% beam.smp13:09
BUGabundo_remote 2488   0.32s   0.51s    32K   640K     0K     0K  --   - S  42% gwibber-servic13:09
BUGabundo_remote 2404   0.17s   0.48s     0K     0K     0K     0K  --   - S  32% gwibber13:09
phretorppine: is it mirrored somewhere?13:09
BUGabundo_remotenot nice! bad gwibber13:09
phretorppine: looks rather slow from here (Italy, EU)13:09
dehaanihi folks, does anyone know if there's a problem with the alpha 3 installers partioner?13:12
ppinedehaani: use the alternate image13:12
ppinetext mode, but works13:12
phretordehaani: I've been having the same issue.13:12
Ian_Corneanyone else's window control buttons mixed up?13:13
dehaanidamned thing wiped my drive without me even asking it to commit any changes13:13
SpaceGhostC2CIan_Corne, I don't think it's a but, it's intentional. AFAIK.13:14
dehaanii heard the controls had switched postitions Ian_Corne13:14
Ian_Corneit's pretty confusing13:14
Ian_CorneX is still on the right13:14
dehaanisome folks have been asking how to change them back13:14
Ian_Cornemaximize is on the left13:14
Ian_Corneminimiz in the center13:15
SpaceGhostC2Cdehaani, it's in gconf. In metacity, I'll look for the specific key in a second.13:15
redAfter updating to Lucid Lynx, after boot I have a flashing "Starting File Manager" in my panel13:16
redany ideas?13:16
dehaanithanks, I'm not even there yet. I've had to reinstall my windows and now I'm downloading Lucid alternative13:16
SpaceGhostC2Cred, yes. Realize it's a alpha still. Things break. Not sure how to fix that one though.13:16
redyes I realize13:17
redjust seems quite groundbreaking so wondered if somene had heard of such13:17
SpaceGhostC2Cred, did you look in launchpad for a bug about it?13:17
rednot yet, uploading problem information atm13:18
redand gotta run, will be back later to check ->13:18
blerkred: i also had soem odd problems upgrading from 9.10 which in turn was upgraded from 8.x, i just did a fresh reinstall with todays livecd build and everything is fine13:18
redcan't do a fresh install until next week I think13:19
redkinda busy, but will have to see13:19
redalso my terminal has a weird purple overlay :)13:19
blerkmine is a tad bit transparent by default, which i like13:19
blerkapart from the ugly volume icon im quite pleased with the new look13:20
zniavreblerk,  the panel one ?13:20
blerkyeah, it was nice in my upgrade, but in the fresh install its ugly, and the bar when clicked is horizontal instead of the normal vertical one13:20
zniavre:o) new position is wanted (at least by devs)13:21
zniavreit's a part of indicator stuff ...13:22
blerki wonder why i had a nicer/cleaner icon in the upgraded version and the ugly one in the clean install13:22
blerkso it will stay this way then ?13:22
blerkno more vertical volume bar?13:22
zniavrei do not know for the icon13:23
blerkhehe, its just an icon anyways, im just nitpicking13:24
zniavreyou can try > alt+f2  > gnome-volume-control-applet13:24
zniavrethe icon looks better than indicator-sound and it uses vertical slider13:25
blerkah yeah, thats the one! it matches the other icons much better13:25
zniavreand the icon is scrollable ... (if this word exists)13:26
blerkthanks for that13:26
blerkcan i just add the applet to the bar and remove the old one without causing something bad?13:26
zniavrei just remove indicator-sound via synaptic and add old control to startup programs13:28
blerkthanks, done that, seems the networking thingy can not be unlocked on the bar, so i cant move any new applets in front of it :/13:31
blerkgonna try restarting x13:34
tritonxhi all, is it possible that latests update broke the php/apache server, I have a page that was doing fine 2 days ago and since the update it is just a blank page.... any idea ?13:36
* marienz waits for blerk to return13:37
blerklovely :D13:38
marienzblerk: there's a trick to moving the networking thingy13:38
marienzblerk: that's actually on the notification area applet, which has an invisible grippy to the left of the networking icon13:38
marienzblerk: if you right-click in the correct position to the left of that icon you can unlock and move it13:38
blerkmarienz: yeah, i accidently clicked in the right place to move it about :p13:39
blerkseems the gnome-volume-control-applet still uses the orange colours13:39
marienzI'm not sure if they're supposed to be invisible13:39
marienzblerk: progress bars use the same color, I think13:39
blerkmarienz: it doesnt matter, i normally use the laptop hotkeys to change the volume, it was the icon that i wanted13:40
blerkit looks so much nicer with the wireless and other icons than the volume-control applet13:41
tritonxso nobody is having problem with apache since a few update.. sigh I'll keep looking13:42
marienzI think the new tooltip background is a little strange13:43
blerktritonx: whats the problem with apache? breakage? or...13:44
tritonxmy root index.php is not displaying13:46
tritonxlots of other pages display without problems13:46
tritonxI haven touched anything13:47
tritonxI have restored backup without success13:47
blerktritonx: maybe the configuration has changed somewhere, you can set index pages to te be .php somewhere, though it should work by default, indd odd problem13:47
tritonxthe other index.php work fine, so it must be something inside that one...13:48
blerkmarienz: i noticed some balloon tips are transparent with rounD edges and some are square with black background13:48
blerktritonx: does the apache error log show anything when you try to open it? you can also insert a line in the php file so it parses php errors on the page itself13:48
marienzblerk: have you noticed the square ones in things other than firefox?13:48
zniavremetacity buttons too13:49
blerkmarienz: terminal also has them13:49
Dr_WillisI noticed on some of the themes i got - the volume speaker, and battery monitor icons were not working the other day13:49
marienzblerk: where? :)13:49
Dr_Willisneed to test that again.. :)13:49
blerkmarienz: when hoovering over the little buttons in the right hand corner13:50
* marienz normally uses urxvt, can't trigger that tooltip13:50
marienzahh, on the window decorations13:50
marienznot sure if those are ordinary tooltips13:50
blerkcould be from the terminal app itself13:50
marienzno, I bet all max/min/close buttons (on title bars) do it13:50
tritonxI ve added an echo test in that file and all it display is test... hmmm13:51
blerkone positive thing i noticed is that i got about 15-20 mins more battery life vs. 9.1013:51
blerkmarienz: confirmed that, tested some apps and all tooltips are square/black13:52
nizuridoes unattended-upgrade work with lucid? or only with stable/final versions of ubuntu?14:04
Chipacadoes the lucid installer do anything special with ssd's (re alignment of partitions, blocks)?14:10
Dr_WillisChipaca:  not that ive heard of.14:10
Dr_WillisIve heard that the BTRFS (a work in progress) has some SDD mode. but i dont think that feature is working yet.14:11
Dr_Willisbtfs btrfs? i forget the exact name14:11
marienzneat, there went my xserver14:19
marienzI don't think opening huge pixmaps is supposed to kill it14:19
zniavreim wondering why nvidia 195.xx is updated often but nvidia 173.14.22 is not14:21
zniavreim using the binary from nvidia.com cause 173.14.22 is bugged here and i feel i can't use plymouth14:21
=== jamalta-afk is now known as jamalta
blerkwhy isnt the compiz-gnome-settings-manager package included by default yet? i recall at some point it was and added a "custom" option onthe visual effects tab14:24
zniavreblerk,  causes it is not included into gnome yet?14:25
redwhy is that?14:25
blerkzniavre: but it can be added to ubuntu by default so we get more control over the settings, i like the extra option but dont want wobbly windows, without the manager there is no way to fine tune those settings14:26
redcould someone give me a direct lucid .iso download address? so i could set my pc to dl it via ssh :)14:26
redcant browse www at the moment14:27
zniavre32 or 64 bits?14:27
redty blerk14:27
blerktodays build includes the new themes and bootsplash stuff14:28
reddoh, seems my router has droppe connection yet again *curses telehell*14:28
blerktelenet? teleglobe?14:30
mirsal_hello :)14:32
mirsal_What's the preferred way to use compiz with nouveau in lucid ?14:32
popeyi didnt think you could14:33
popeygiven we're not shipping wit the gallium3d driver14:33
bjsniderzniavre, you downloaded a driver from nvidia and installed it in lucid?14:33
pmatulisgosh, is *anybody* working on fixing aptitude?14:33
zniavrebjsnider, yes the 173.14.2514:33
mirsal_popey, according to glxinfo, direct rendering works and GLX_texture_from_pixmap is present14:33
mirsal_\o zniavre14:34
popeymirsal_: and have you tried compiz?14:34
mirsal_popey, well, no, that's why I ask ;)14:35
mirsal_popey, thanks14:35
zniavrebjsnider, why this question ?14:35
zniavremirsal_,  bonjour14:35
bjsniderzniavre, no reason14:36
bjsnidernever mind14:36
ryepmatulis, aptitude segfaults?14:36
pmatulisrye: yes14:36
zniavrebjsnider, i did it cause 173.14.22 from ubuntu displayed wrong resolution and nvidia-settings was bugged (can't detect busid and can't change the resolution)14:37
ryepmatulis, I was able to reproduce it once but, as always, it does not want to break under gdb14:37
bjsniderzniavre, ok, i'm not interested14:38
zniavretoo many people seems not interested by legacy driver ...14:39
bjsniderzniavre, why don't you go to #ubuntu-x and complain to the devs about it? they can actually do something to change the situation14:41
zniavrei ask two times there without answers and filed bug report on launchpad without usefull helps14:41
bjsniderzniavre, what do you think the problem is?14:43
zniavrei do not know14:44
zniavreim not dev ...14:44
zniavrecan i ask again in ubuntu-x channel ?14:44
bjsniderof course14:44
marienzand the default gnome keyring not getting unlocked when I log in is apparently just me? It asks me for my login password if I start evolution, which is a bit annoying.14:58
marienzoh wait, perhaps that doesn't work if I use autologin in gdm?14:59
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
mirsalpopey, it works pretty well :)15:07
Dr_WillisYou can set the gnomekeyring password tobe empty so it never asks. But thats not as secure15:12
redhmmph :(15:16
redupdating to the alpha removed all my ownmade shellscripts from the home folder15:17
ryehm, my gdm is now cute... it looks like it needs hello kitty logo somewhere.15:17
ryered, ? How?15:17
redno idea15:17
redthey ain't there15:17
sebsebsebrye: heh heh in a way I guess15:17
ryewhy would it touch /home...15:18
sebsebsebrye: It reminds me a bit of that Hannah Montana OS based on Kubuntu15:18
BUGabundo_remotered: are you sure you have mounted the proper home?15:18
Dr_Willisonly shell scripts got removed? that would be weird15:19
sebsebsebrye: Not the colours I would of gone for, but I guess I prefer it really to the dark one in 9.10.15:21
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=== C2CGhostSpace is now known as SpaceGhostC2C
ryesebsebseb, http://ubuntu-pics.de/bild/45399/hello_kitty_3Jckg6.png15:30
Dr_WillisHmm.. battery monitor is not showing up for me now. How.. odd.15:30
Dr_WillisBeen looking for a hello kitty sticker for my Pink Netbook. :)15:31
* Dr_Willis thinks of it as 'Theft Protection' :)15:31
solid_liquidDr_Willis, I've had that intermittent problem too15:32
solid_liquidin fact, it's not showing right now15:32
solid_liquidDr_Willis, actually, I just unplugged it and the battery icon showed up15:33
solid_liquidDr_Willis, maybe it just doesn't show when the battery is fully charged15:33
Dr_Williswell im letting mine drain down.. just to see what happens.. and is not there :)15:33
Dr_Williseven checked the 'always show'15:34
solid_liquidhmm, dunno15:34
Dr_Willislets see if it shows up in KDE15:35
solid_liquidoh yeah, I've been meaning to try KDE on this15:35
Dr_Willisit did show up on KDE15:36
solid_liquidI'm going to install kde15:36
sebsebsebrye: heh :D15:36
sebsebsebrye: did you actsaully change it for yours?  I am not sure how to change the GDM background, well their are two programs that can do it I belive.15:36
Dr_Willisgdm background was (used to be) in the 'xsplash' directory15:37
ryesebsebseb, this is a vm fully upgraded to the latest... erm, nearly latest release. No idea how to change gdm on my host machine which is still in dark mood w/o hello-kitty style15:37
alex_mayorgais archive.ubuntu.com slooow or is it my "last mile"?15:37
Dr_Willisbut everytime they updated gdm/xsplash it always changed back, there is a gdm2setup tool you can try also15:38
sebsebsebrye: ok so someone else made that image15:38
Dr_WillisThe last batch of updates set up the new artwork. its to be the default ibelive15:38
ryesebsebseb, this is a default GDM background now, i believe15:39
sebsebsebDr_Willis: looks like I will just continue to use KDM instead of GDM 2 on Ubuntu15:39
sebsebsebrye: What with the kitty?15:39
Dr_WillisI have no issues with gdm2.  i rarely see it other then when i login so its not a big deal15:39
Dr_WillisHmm the KDE battery monitor has  powersaveing modes.. its on 'Xtreme Powersave' - how nice and Leet Speaking of them15:41
sebsebsebrye: Right no kitty after that GDM update for my vm, didn't think I would get one on the GDM, I guess in a way would of been kind of funny if I did get it though.15:43
Dr_WillisThey need to sell Ubuntu-preinstalled flash drives shaped like the mascots/animals for each release. :)15:44
Dr_WillisThen we can collect them all! :)15:44
solidLiqgah, I just had a random lockup15:45
ryesebsebseb, no, that was just gimped in, without much 'trimming' :)15:46
sebsebsebrye: Thanks for that kitty image by the way, something else I can show my little brother,  he's still in the age range, where most boys won't like pink, and probably not purple much either.15:46
Dr_Willislaptop just auto-suspended/hibernated when battery got low. :) that works15:46
geniiDr_Willis: I like the animal-shaped flash drive idea. Did you post it on brainstorm yet?15:46
Dr_Willis power led is flashing.. thats.. suspend? or is that hibernate?15:46
Dr_Willisgenii:  Nope. :) i just noticed i got a Pandabear and a Frog Flash drives here. :)  thougn it would be cute to have ones for each ubuntu release that way15:47
=== solidLiq is now known as solid_liquid
tgpraveen12i just updated and restarted and got the new panel icon for NM15:48
tgpraveen12not good.15:48
Dr_Willisfound them on clearance for $5 each.   only 1gb and 2gb.. :) i use them for the wifes photos15:48
tgpraveen12its a up arrow and beside it a down arror15:48
Dr_Willistgpraveen12:  i noticed that also15:48
tgpraveen12it doesnt really symbolize connected. more like some download/upload taking place.15:49
solid_liquidDr_Willis, the ones you don't want other people to see? ;)15:49
tgpraveen12maybe that icon is good for something like transmission but not for NM15:49
Dr_WillisNope. kjust ones from her camera she takes to the local phto  place to get some prints..15:49
Dr_WillisCheaper to get them to print things then use our own printer15:50
solid_liquidI just upload them to walgreens.com then pick them up when they're ready15:50
Dr_WillisThats a neat trick. We tend to go to CVS i think15:51
solid_liquidWalgreens does much better prints15:51
solid_liquidthey're the highest rated for print quality outside of mailorder (and they're almost dead even with the best two of those)15:51
Dr_Willisbetter 3x5 prints of badly made photos of the  grandkids doing silly things. :)15:52
solid_liquidI use a professional camera, so...15:52
Dr_Willisto go with the other 10+ shoebox's of pictures. Heh15:52
Dr_Willisthat SOMEONE will then want to 'scan' to keep.. heh15:52
solid_liquidno kidding15:52
Dr_Williseven the 4 yr old grandson has a digital camera now.15:53
solid_liquidI usually only print 8x10's15:53
solid_liquidotherwise I'd rather just look at them on the computer15:53
Dr_WillisXmas card prints is what the last batch was for.15:53
Dr_WillisOr on a coffee cup.. or a tee shirt..15:53
solid_liquidthat's not a bad idea15:54
solid_liquidI saw they'll print mouse pads15:54
Dr_WillisThey can do Blankets also :)15:54
solid_liquidthat could be cool too15:54
Dr_WillisNo idea how they do  the blankets15:54
Dr_Williswas going to get one for the wife for xmas. but its like $5015:54
solid_liquidif I ever get a good enough picture, I'd like to get one of those large canvas prints15:55
Dr_Williscould just hang it on the wall. :)    but if i get one done of these 2 grandkids.. what if we have more.. :) that can start a costly trend15:55
sebsebsebrye: That was a bit of fun I suppouse, showing him the screen in vm, and the kitty image afterwoulds.  Maybe the new GDM and default background will attract more female users to Ubuntu, they are quite girly after all.  Also that's a bit stupid having a default background similar to what Mac OS X has,  I read something before, or whatever, where Apple said or basically said that most users will change the default background.15:56
Dr_Willisyea seen those also.  Meijers had the stuff i think.15:56
sebsebsebsolid_liquid: @ me?15:56
solid_liquidsebsebseb, yep15:56
Dr_WillisApple will proberly try to sell 'new background images' throguh their iBackgrounds store...15:56
sebsebsebsolid_liquid: :)15:56
solid_liquidnot a bad scam...  99 cents a pop15:57
Dr_Willissolid_liquid:  they do it for cellPhones allredy :)15:57
solid_liquidI know15:57
Dr_WillisSuch ripoffs15:57
solid_liquidsprint is worse15:57
solid_liquidon my new phone, I had to be very careful not to get data fees15:58
Dr_Willissucks when you get a New cellphone that cant use the same fileformats for ringtones as your old one15:58
solid_liquideverything is designed by default to use data when you don't have an unlimited data plan15:58
Dr_WillisI always turn off the internet access feature. :)15:58
ryesebsebseb, i am using the dark theme (Ambiance) - the Radiance theme is too bright for my eyes :)15:58
Dr_Willisthat kills off like 1/2 the features.15:58
solid_liquidor when you can only pay for and download new ringtones from your provider15:58
solid_liquidheh, this one doesn't have an option to turn off the internet access features15:58
solid_liquidyou just have to be careful to not use it15:59
solid_liquidand it's more like 3/4 of the features on this new phone15:59
Dr_WillisWifes phone can record your conversation. and use that for a ring tone . so her tone is the grandsone saying 'Grandma im calling you... hello?....'15:59
sebsebsebrye: Maybe it would of been a bit more fun showing him already if I hadn't told him about it already, oh well.15:59
Dr_WillisUbuntu 10.10 Hello Kitty15:59
Dr_WillisImagine how big it would go over in Japan! ;016:00
Dr_WillisI did see a hello Kitty pc case and laptop once.16:00
Dr_Willissaw a penguin case once also. ages ago16:00
sebsebsebrye: The black theme is well  black theme, so I am not that keen, and the light theme looks odd, when for example the top of Firefox is showing or something else like that is open.16:00
solid_liquidthey need to tweak this new theme16:01
sebsebsebrye: Human or Clearlooks,  but I think I read that they might be getting rid of Human, also to be clear that's the old Human,  with the Gnome icons.16:01
Dr_WillisI always seem to isntall/use the same themes i always use for the last few years.. on every new release.16:01
solid_liquidbut, I think it looks nice despite the lack of polish16:01
Dr_WillisI get sick of 'new improved theme.. tha will be totally tossed out in 6mo  for the next release'   blog/ubuntu news posts. :)16:01
sebsebsebrye: i'll get it showing the Gnome icons, instead of using the newer Ubuntu icons16:01
solid_liquidthey should setup an easy installer for that set of packages that makes your desktop look almost exactly like OS X16:01
Dr_Willissolid_liquid:  ick. :) ive had to help several people UNDO that 'os-x wannabe stuff' befor16:02
sebsebsebDr_Willis: default backgrounds have been a joke starting with 9.0416:02
solid_liquidI don't spend enough time tweaking the appearance anymore16:02
Dr_Willissolid_liquid:  i recall a script that does it also16:02
Dr_WillisDefault background = nice solid color.. of a nice neutral color...16:02
solid_liquidI haven't used that stuff since like 7.1016:02
solid_liquidI like the space wallpapers that rotate periodically16:03
sebsebsebDr_Willis: 8.10 had a great background, 8.04 not that bad, then there was that tree background  in earlier release and so on.16:03
Dr_WillisI want window 'handles' wher i can see them.. and the close button a diffent color so i can find it easier.. and  nice CLEAR buttons. :)16:03
solid_liquidmy wallpaper right now is that beautiful picture of Earth that's dramatically sharp and clear16:03
marienzhey, I didn't notice that ambiance theme yet, I'll try that for a bit.16:03
solid_liquidyeah, I like color coded buttons a lot16:03
Dr_WillisI alwyas full screen everything.. so i rarely see my papers16:03
solid_liquidand grab handles16:04
solid_liquidI use transparency in my irc client and in my terminal16:04
Dr_Willisi also want the sroll bar . nice and obvious..  dont need a grey on grey on lighter grey16:04
solid_liquidyeah, I like the blue slider on gray from the mac theme16:04
sebsebsebDr_Willis: they could of done a nice Luicd Lynx default background similar to the one in 8.10, but no.  Instead we get this purply pink thing.   Also if I remember correctly jono  told me there as an art compettiion for the default background,  so what happended to that, in that case?  Purply pink background is the winner out of loads of backgrounds?  That does not make sense.16:04
Dr_WillisI think im using  the Mythbuntu theme right now16:05
marienzyou're right, not a lot of contrast between the scrollbar "thumb" and background in ambiance16:05
solid_liquidI just turned on "Radiance"16:05
solid_liquiddoesn't look too bad16:05
sebsebsebsolid_liquid: well I guess it's better than the other default theme really, even though I prefer lighter themes16:06
Dr_WillisAlmost Official: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Will Have The Window Buttons On The LEFT!16:06
solid_liquidI usually like darker themes16:06
Dr_WillisI have to ask my self.. why do they bother?16:06
sebsebsebDr_Willis: No I think it's been changed to the right, where it's meant to be :)16:06
Dr_WillisYears and Years of 'gui research' and stuff (or so i hear claimed) and  so much focus on trying to keep things 'fresh' ? fresh? You just did research to see what worked best...16:07
solid_liquidyeah, that doesn't make sense16:07
solid_liquidthat's like trying to target people to switch from mac16:07
solid_liquidbut the windows crowd is the one to get people from16:07
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Also they have an actsaul  GUI design team now or something, but yet  we just end up with a purpley pink,  background as default and for GDM,  what the?16:07
DanaGhmm, interesting thing:16:07
DanaGso they officially ARE on the left, but the order is STILL WRONG!16:07
solid_liquidthey're the ones running the horribly buggy and unstable OS16:08
DanaGsolid_liquid: ironically, my mom's imac has been far less stable than my win7 has ever been.  =þ16:08
solid_liquidactually, I don't mind the new look so much16:08
sebsebsebDr_Willis: As well as two new themes, that suck big time really.16:08
solid_liquidDanaG, hmm16:08
DanaGHere's how OS X does it:16:08
kulightmy buttons are on the right16:08
DanaGClose, min, "make bigger" (I think).16:08
Dr_Willistrying to isntall the light-themes package on 9.04 and get  Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: ubuntu-mono16:08
DanaGyeah, it's not really a "maximize".16:08
solid_liquidDanaG, well, win7 is new, give it a chance ;)16:08
DanaGHere, we have max, min, close.16:08
* mbeierl was always confused by "make bigger"16:09
DanaGSo  it's wrong even for the left side!16:09
kulightthe light theme is a bit to bright for me but its ok in general16:10
Dr_WillisWe need a Hello Kitty theme16:10
redhow long should it take to begin the install from the dvd?16:10
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Did you miss the link or?16:10
solid_liquidI'm gonna try switching into kde in this16:10
Dr_WillisI imagine the button orders wont change. because most of us allredy have  the gconf settings to set the buttons on the other side.16:11
redhad the splash screen for some minutes now, and the red dots are not moving16:11
Dr_Willis sebsebseb  i mean a real one :)16:11
TechnovikingAnyone know what package has the rhythmbox panel indictor?16:11
Dr_Williswith icons! and stuff16:11
Dr_WillisJust think if they default to buttons on the left.. that will goof up so many other themes.. that put them on the right...16:11
sebsebsebred: I don't have the new boot up in my vm.  I  installed alpha 3 got the updates, and then the theme updates and that as well, still no new boot up screen.  I am thinking install a daily build and then I probably will have it.16:12
Dr_Willisthen in the next release.. they will proberly goback to the right side16:12
Dr_WillisI noticed a new bootup screen  today16:12
Dr_Willisbarely noticed.. it flashs up/down so fast...16:12
sebsebsebDr_Willis: I guess eventaully a lot of these Cannoical/Ubuntu changes won't be that relivant anymore, beause Gnome 3 will be the default and change things quite a bit as a result?16:13
tgpraveen12hey the window actions menu button is now no more. i mean the nipple type thing which gave list of actions like min,max etx right?16:13
redwell the update fucked up my install16:13
redso i downloaded and thought id install from dvd16:13
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  yep. I get sick of the 'hot news flash.. ubuntu's theme is now...  Hanny Manny!'  or. 'Pink with lilac..'  who cares.. :)16:13
redbut its just stuck before any menus after selecting install16:13
sebsebseb!language | red16:14
ubottured: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:14
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Hanny Manny?16:14
redjust the purple bg with splash screen16:14
* DanaG doesn't even get a Plymouth splash.16:14
sebsebsebred: yes when in development getting the updates, won't always give us what we are meant to have.16:14
sebsebsebDanaG: I don't have the new Plymouth splash either in my vm.16:14
redi understand, hence fresh install16:14
Dr_Willistesting the radience theme here on 9.04 :) buttons look like.. poo. :)16:14
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 460565 in plymouth "plymouth gets confused by an additional serial console" [Medium,Closed: rawhide]16:14
sebsebsebDr_Willis: on the subject of poo, that's how I would describe the default backgrounds in 9.04 :D16:15
DanaGer, not the same bug.16:15
sebsebsebDanaG: 9.04 poo backgrounds16:15
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  use a ranom changer and point it to your Porn dir. :)16:15
sebsebsebDanaG: whoops that was meant to be to Dr_Willis16:16
redguess ill boot my win7 and download karmic .iso16:16
Dr_Willispoo is the default color! :)16:16
solid_liquidwhat a shame16:16
solid_liquidI'm on KDE now16:16
sebsebsebsolid_liquid: Not happy with the 10.04 Gnome changes, so on KDE?16:17
solid_liquidfirst time running KDE4 (I used KDE3 for a long time) and I see now that they screwed everything up16:17
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22239 in plymouth general "improve console= handling" [Normal,New]16:17
solid_liquidno, I'll go back to KDE16:17
solid_liquidKDE4 looks/works too much like winxp16:17
DanaGso as it is right now, I don't even get a splash screen.16:17
solid_liquidtoo much bs, too many hoops to jump through just to connect wirelessly, stupid layout16:17
sebsebsebsolid_liquid: indeed KDE looks more like Windows by default, but then it's still geek to customize16:17
solid_liquidmaybe I'll try customizing it16:18
DanaGI tried kde4, and yeah, the networkmanager thingy sucks.16:18
DanaGDoesn't show any networks.16:18
solid_liquidDanaG, it does actually16:18
solid_liquidDanaG, you have to dig in16:18
* alex_mayorga is very happy Ubuntu is now "purpleish"16:18
reddarn, wonder how they managed to break the installer16:18
solid_liquidDanaG, you have to bring up a dialog window, then hit edit to bring a second dialog window up, then hit scan to finally see a window that shows the available AP's16:19
DanaGI didn't even get that.16:19
DanaGAll I saw was NO ui, and just an "add a network: thingy.16:19
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: I know someone online,  and she will probably be quite happy with that,  since purple is her favourite colour16:19
solid_liquidthat final window looks nice (it shows them in a graph by distance), but the process required to get there is totally stupid16:19
DanaG... as if all SSIDs were hidden.16:19
DanaGsolid_liquid: is there a bug report on that?16:19
solid_liquidyeah, "Add a network" is what you have to click16:19
alex_mayorgasebsebseb: it's mine too :)16:19
bjsniderthe latest nvidia blob in windows was frying some graphics chips hhahaaaa16:19
solid_liquidDanaG, is the KDE design, not a bug16:20
Dr_WillisThey should do a 'rainbow' theme.. that just lets you pick your fave color from a rainbow 'dialog'  :)16:20
redis there anyway to hide the splash to see where the boot hangs up?16:20
DanaGbjsnider: link?16:20
Dr_Willisor have it ask you like 10 questions about your personality and set up a persnlized theme based on the answers16:20
alex_mayorgabut I think I have a minor bug, the color for the "hide all windows" button should now be purple too, right?16:20
Dr_Williswell its late here. Good night all.16:21
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: (if I remember correctly it's purple)  she's still on 8.10, since I suggested staying with that for now.  However that will run out of support soon, so yeah 10.04,  plus that's got social features, and she liikes Facebook.16:22
alex_mayorgasebsebseb: yeah gwibber doesn't crash anymor e:)16:23
DanaGwow, that is nvidia fail.16:23
DanaGI mean, shouldn't that be done in FIRMWARE?16:23
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: ok :)16:25
ryeI feed disabled - Minimize is now the second button, not maximize :)16:25
DanaGAnyway, buttons on the left... fine... but buttons in the wrong order? fail.16:25
blerkhow comne my buttons are on the right? :/16:25
alex_mayorgasebsebseb: do you think the brown background on show desktop is a bug? should it be filed against the theme?16:25
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: something is missing maybe from that new GDM though,  and rye would agree, they  gave me the link originalley here not that long ago before you joined.  http://ubuntu-pics.de/bild/45399/hello_kitty_3Jckg6.png16:26
ryeblerk, you have buttons on the right???16:26
ryeblerk, I have them in wrong order on ... ah, on the right..16:26
blerkrye: yeah, installed todays livecd iso, they're on the right for sure16:27
Technovikingcrap, mini/max windows controls switched to the left side16:27
alex_mayorgasebsebseb: and Firefox theming would need some polish too IMHO16:27
sebsebsebrye: shame with new GDM  2 it's not like the old one, easilly to theme, but if it was having a kitty background optionalley would be something in a way, don't you agree?16:27
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: yeah Firefox and other apps like that, looked not that nice with the two new themes16:28
alex_mayorgasebsebseb: I don't think the "orangeish" progress bars match all that well16:28
ryesebsebseb, I will hope that it will stay dark on my host system...16:28
DanaGI also don't like the way the "progress bar" on the login thingy misleads.16:28
sebsebsebrye: it won't16:28
sebsebsebrye: this is the new theme, like it or not16:28
DanaGIt goes from 0% to 100% over and over again... instead of "bouncing".16:28
DanaGLooks like a total lie.16:28
DanaGSo, apparently my desktop is now 1000% loaded.16:29
sebsebsebrye: well it might stay dark if loads of people complain about the new one, but otherwise,  probably not16:29
DanaG(since it's gone from 0 to 100 ten times).16:29
blerkrye: the light themes have both a dark and whitish theme16:29
blerki dont see the problem :P16:29
sebsebsebblerk: he meant GDM the log in screen16:30
ryeblerk, yes, I know that, the point is how I can switch the theme on gdm to "dark light" :) w/o reverting to g-conf...16:30
blerkoh sorry, set it to auto login? ;)16:30
sebsebsebrye: their are two programs out there that can do that, I think16:30
blerkhrm another update to light-themes and wallpapers... i wonder what's new16:31
ryeDanaG, are you talking about the login thingy with the new Plymouth theme with ubuntu?... Or there is a progress bar somewhere else?16:31
blerki think he means the windows xp style bouncing bar, and he wants the windows 2000 style progress bar16:32
Technoviking if you setup a picture for yourself, is it supposed to show up in the MeMenu?16:32
tgpraveen12Technoviking: known bug16:32
ryeblerk, argh... I believe I need to freeze my install today and start getting fresh feelings only tomorrow, because we are now trying to hit the moving target :)16:32
tgpraveen12it is supposed to. but currently not working16:32
Technovikingtgpraveen12: thanks16:33
blerkrye: that is the fun of bleeding edge isn't it :p16:33
DanaGrye: Just talking about Plymouth.16:33
ryeDanaG, ah, the o o o o thing ?16:33
DanaGyeah, it goes16:33
DanaGover and over.16:33
DanaGso you think it's done -- oh wait, no, it went back to zero.16:34
DanaGThe old way was to have an actually BOUNCING thingy.16:34
ryeDanaG, I believe it is tweaked for 10s boot... :-D16:34
blerkit's like a kit light now, and you want it to be a proper progress indicator16:34
* blerk hums the knight rider tune16:34
DanaGNo, I don't need that16:34
DanaGIt's not like a kitt light at all.16:34
DanaGIt's like a lying progress bar that says "I'm done" over and over.16:35
DanaGA bouncing thing would be like the XP one or the old one (back in the ubuntulooks days) on the LiveCD.16:35
blerkthe result is the same; you have no idea if its done or not as it keeps starting over16:35
DanaGIt's still different, though.16:36
DanaGA lying progress bar gives you the expectation that 100% should mean it's done.16:36
DanaGA bouncing one doesn't give that expectation.16:36
blerkmaybe its not meant as a progress bar, but as an activity indicator16:36
DanaGAnyway, compare it to the way the XP or Vista loading thingy works.16:36
DanaGIt doesn't look like it's supposed to indicate progress.16:37
blerki dont see it as dot 1 = 10%, dot 2 is 30%, dot 4 is 60%, etc16:37
blerki think crunchbang has a proper progress bar during bootup16:38
blerkbut i have no idea what they use :/16:38
blerkit is based on ubuntu though16:38
ryeblerk, I believe we might want to wait until artwork settles16:38
ryewe all might remember the crazy jumping gdm login animation that was later replaced.... with something actually nice.16:39
alex_mayorgaI concur with the Hanna Montana Linux sentiment, though I guess some form of "hey! look this is the new theme, do you want it?" should be really cool and polite to users16:39
ryein karmic16:40
blerkthis new looks will certainly make some of my mates try ubuntu again, they cant be fussed with customising every titbit, and the brown was really putting most of them off16:40
DanaGsolid_liquid: oh yeah, speaking of ringtones (yeah, way backlog), check out bitpim.16:41
DanaGoh yeah, on the ubuntu-artwork mailing list, what's considered correct etiquette? top-post, or bottom-post?16:43
blerki noticed the bcm443 fwcutter was no longer listed in the hardware manager thing, i had to install it by hand to get my wireless to work16:43
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: What's that about Hannah Montana?  The new GDM theme and  default background does remind me a bit of that Hannah Montana OS based on Kubuntu.16:44
* DanaG doesn't know who Hannah Montana is... and is perhaps glad of that.16:44
blerkwho is hannah montana? linus's sister?16:44
DanaGSome teen pop star?16:44
blerkDanaG: same :p16:44
sebsebsebblerk: your joking or?16:44
sebsebsebHannah Montana is some Disney thing or whatever16:45
sebsebsebyeah Disney16:45
blerkand she has her own distro?16:45
sebsebsebblerk: yeah16:45
sebsebsebblerk: altough maybe it's not offical16:45
h00kand the buttons are on the left side.16:45
sebsebsebwell yeah probably not offical16:45
sebsebsebthat's last years news,  Hannah Montana OS based on Kubuntu16:46
blerki cant wait for metallica's own distro with content and p&p filters16:46
h00kLucid's controls are on the left side now16:46
sebsebsebh00k: trying to make things look like OS X isn't really a good thing16:46
blerkh00k: why arent mine on the left then, i run pretty much as default as can be16:47
h00kblerk: I just got the update and logged out/back in16:47
blerkohh, i also got that update16:47
blerkdidnt logout/in though16:47
blerkwill do now16:47
blerkoh balls... it is on the left now :p16:48
redI found out a way to stop getting the never-ending loop of "Starting File Manager" -> crash "Starting File Manager"16:48
redgconf-editor -> and untick manage desktop for nautilus in it's preferences16:48
rednautilus itself works fine, but no icons on the desktop now naturally16:49
redany ideas what could be wrong?16:49
blerkguess no matter where the buttons are placed, the left = osx, the right is windows... in the middle = crap.. i think i prefer them on the right, or if on the left atleast in the right order; close/min/max16:50
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: yep16:50
DanaGWhat OS X has:    close, minimize, maximize : menu16:50
DanaGWhat we have:     maximize, minimize, close : menu16:50
DanaGWhat Windows has: menu : minimize, maximize, close16:50
blerki expect the close button to be in the corner16:50
blerkeither left or right16:50
alex_mayorgaprobably asked a thousand times already, how do you go back to human?16:51
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: oh it's been removed?16:51
sebsebsebI am getting a daily build16:51
sebsebsebI am sick of not having what I am meant to have16:51
sebsebsebI installed alpha 3 into vm yesterday, and got all the updates, but yep not got  everything I am meant to have16:51
sebsebsebalex_mayorga: I think I read that human might get removed, I hope not16:52
blerkDanaG: anyway we can re-arrange those buttons? i'd like to have them the osx way, with close first16:52
DanaGgconf-editor.  apps/metacity/general/16:52
DanaGsomething like "button_order"16:52
blerkah yeah, button layout16:53
blerkdone, instant change, perfect16:54
alex_mayorgaDanaG: why hasn't been turned into a system >preference somewhere is beyond me, where does one campaign for it?16:54
DanaGheh, here's my gdm on my netbook.16:57
DanaGSpacing fail.16:57
blerksurely wont miss that brown thing16:58
DanaGWhen done well, brown can be nice.  The problem is, it hasn't been done well.17:00
DanaGThe same can be true of every other color, though.17:00
blerkthats true, tbh i always replaced the brown themes with blubuntu themes17:01
redany of you guys have gnome-terminals background purple? :17:01
Crashbitred: yes17:01
ryered, after a while?17:02
Crashbitred: I use nouveau driver17:02
blerkred: yes and a bit transparent too17:02
redcan't seem to change it17:02
blerkit takes it from the background image?17:02
blerkah no17:02
redi have a black/blue background image17:02
redso shouldnt be that17:03
tgpraveen12dont know when this changed but nautilius now has tabs at the top again17:03
blerkred: yeah, also doesnt seem to be in the terminal profiles17:03
markl_i like the new purple17:03
redonly thing  I can do is set to full transparent17:03
ryetgpraveen12, wooow17:03
redor download another terminal app I guess17:03
redstupid since it's an overlay on the terminal and not a background17:03
redso all the colors get a purple tint aswell17:03
blerkred: the colour must be defined somewhere for the terminal window17:03
Sa[i]nTIs lynx on an iso anywhere yet?17:04
redcouldn't find in terminal profile / appearance17:04
DanaGYeah, mine's purple even on Human theme.17:04
mrmcq2uHow do I get rid of the annoying disk warning from gnome panel?17:04
ryered, I had it on vm, though - the white background turned pink after some time of terminal usage, does not happen on the host system though17:04
redmy install is a bit fubared upgrade form karmic17:05
redcouldnt get a fresh install cd to work either (got stuck after first menu to pick install/boot/etc)17:05
rednow its working otherwise but purple is driving me nuts and nautilus managing desktop isn't working17:06
redfound it17:07
Crashbitred: ?17:09
redit was a new forced profile for terminal17:09
rednamed ambience17:09
redand the purple was so dark in the preference that I overlooked it as black17:09
redswitched back to my old default configuration17:10
Andy80hi guys. I've just installed Ubuntu 10.4 alpha on my notebook and the notebook looks like totally fucked up O_o I'm trying to reboot it but after the BIOS logos I only get a black screen, then he reboots again.... any idea?17:14
sebsebseb!language | Andy8017:14
ubottuAndy80: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:14
redusing a bot to say about language seems kinda elitistic17:15
sebsebsebAndy80: maybe get the daily build17:15
redkinda like saying "talk to the hand" ;)17:15
Andy80red: I agree with you...17:15
blerkare there any tools to calibrate my laptop battery within ubuntu?17:15
sebsebsebAndy80: if you upgrade from alpha 3,  might not get the new stuff.   Anyway if you got a boot up issue on the netbook, this doesn't even matter.17:16
Andy80sebsebseb: there's not way to boot the notebook again. It lock during BIOS loading17:16
sebsebsebAndy80: oh hardware issue?17:16
Andy80sebsebseb: I didn't upgrade, I installed it from scratch in a different partition17:16
sebsebsebAndy80: yes I meant if you install from scratch using the alpha 3 ISO17:17
Andy80sebsebseb: hardware issue, ok... right after ubuntu installation? the 9.04 was working fine until 30 minutes ago17:17
sebsebsebAndy80: ok17:17
Andy80sebsebseb: it doesn't let me enter in the bios too :\17:18
redAndy80: which netbook17:18
redif it's asus eeepc, the power button doesn't quite work as a powerbutton with a single push17:19
redhad a similar problem17:19
redhad to hit ctrl-alt-del and before the screen is fully initialized (like 0-5sec-1sec after ctrl-alt-del) hold the powerbutton down17:19
redthen after 2 seconds it should shut down fully17:19
Andy80red: it's an Acer aspire 5930G17:19
redthen when you power it up you get a fresh boot again17:20
sebsebsebAndy80: red or someone can help you I guess,  I am not really the correct person.  I don't even have a net book :D17:20
redmkay, well give that a go, might be the same17:20
Andy80red: I try to remove battery and start it only with power17:20
redthat's another cruder way :)17:20
Andy80it's a NOTEbook, not a NETbook :)17:20
redSSDD :)17:21
Andy80now I'm trying without battery17:21
Andy80let's see...17:21
Andy80red: it's booting up normally -.-17:22
leftyfbHow do I put my close/max/min buttons back to the right where they belong?17:22
redas in not working17:22
Andy80red: I think something happened after the Ubuntu installation... something remained in memory and only removing battery it was able to unload all the memory...17:22
redGet:14 http://ftp.estpak.ee lucid/restricted nvidia-current 195.36.08-0ubuntu1 [23.3MB] --> can't see the newest drivers in hardware17:23
redAndy80: could be, good that it's working then :=17:23
DanaGrandom: http://hpfansite.com/images/2010/03/hp-mini-210-vt.jpg17:23
Andy80red: now I finish booting up, I shutdown again and I try putting the battery on it17:24
Andy80fixed this not expected problem...I'll have a couple of questions for you all, since I'm going to test Lucid :)17:25
Andy80ok.. first question is: installing Ubuntu 10.4 on a secondary partition I did choose not to install grub, because I'd like to use the grub installation I've on MBR (/dev/sda). What do I have to add to menu.lst to make it able to boot Lucid?17:33
Andy80I did want to install GRUB on /dev/sda5 (the Lucid root partition) but when I selected it in the installation menu, /dev/sda was selected instead.. don't know if this is a bug of the installer or if it's impossible to install GRUB on places other than a MBR.17:36
YaManicKillanyone having problems with gnome-do?17:37
virtualdwhere is syndaemon started? i searched through /etc/, /lib/ and ~ but found nothing17:38
Andy80maybe are all sleeping17:46
Volkodavwhy did they change the close minimize buttons to the left like in MAc ?17:48
Volkodavthat's weird17:48
Volkodavor os it just me /\17:48
sebsebsebVolkodav: quite a lot of people aren't happy about that17:49
Andy80Volkodav: very good question :)17:51
Andy80me neither is happy and also other friends/colleagues of mine think the same17:51
Volkodavstrange move17:52
Andy80I still have to find someone I know who likes it :P17:52
Andy80Volkodav: it's not the only strange move they did17:52
hifignome screensaver unlock doesn't work17:52
Andy80Volkodav: please note that also window icon disappeared17:52
Andy80Volkodav: and they removed icons from Preferences/Administrator menu too and this time you have no way to enable them again17:53
VolkodavI still have icons n Preferences/Administrator17:53
Andy80I can understand that it's almost impossible to make all users tastes happy17:54
Andy80Volkodav: no.. I mean.. if you click on "System" menu... you have no icon in that main menu17:54
Volkodavyeah but move to the left is weird step to say the least17:54
Volkodavog right - no icibs true17:54
Volkodavicons *17:55
Andy80we can discuss about putting buttons on left or on right... this is a matter of tastes... but it's objectve the fact that icons really help human eye to find a function17:55
Andy80if you remove icons, symbols ecc.. you make the human eye work slower17:56
Andy80because it must reads all the text instead of just looking a symbol17:56
sebsebsebAndy80: Most of the icons removed from system menu, starting with Ubuntu 9.10 when it comes to Ubuntu, because of a silly upstream GNOME decision.17:56
Andy80sebsebseb: yes, I know it was a Gnome decision17:57
sebsebsebAndy80: those icons can be enabled again in gconf editor,  used to be able to it in system > preferences > apperance interface, but that's not in Lucid17:57
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Andy80sebsebseb: but a distribution is not just "package-->make iso-->relase"17:57
redVolkodav: for me they are luckily still on the right17:57
redusing the new wave theme :)17:57
sebsebsebAndy80: what do you mean?17:57
redmight have something do do due i didnt fresh install17:57
Andy80sebsebseb: I mean that if Ubuntu developer team think that removing icons it's a stupid move, they should make their own branch and enable them again17:58
Andy80you can modify source code after all :)17:58
sebsebsebAndy80: also a lot of the recent Ubuntu changes, starting with 9.04 with the edited fast user account switcher on the top right, are junk really, but this is the distro that most newbies to Desktop Linux will go to first,  so even if I don't fully like it anymore,  I am going to help people with it here and there online.17:59
sebsebsebAndy80: that purplypink background is OS X like as well,  and reminds me a bit of that Hannah Montana OS  based on Kubuntu (already put this here earlier)18:00
Volkodavred - reboot and see if they move to the left18:00
sebsebsebAndy80: my daily build is nearly installed into vm now, but you make it sound like the icions for preferenes and administration,  have been removed from the system menu as well now?18:00
Andy80sebsebseb: that's the point. In particular because Ubuntu is 99% the first distro for new users, we could work to make it simple without having to tell them: "oh please open a shell, write gconf --modiy gfjdgfjas....", do you understand my point?18:01
G_A_CHannah Montana OS? Is there anything Linux can't do...?18:01
Andy80sebsebseb: no no... they are present18:01
Andy80sebsebseb: I mean when you click on "System"18:01
Andy80sebsebseb: you have no icons before "Preferences" and "Administrator"18:02
sebsebsebAndy80: yeah all the icons are gone except those two, is that what you were complaining about?18:02
Andy80mayve I should test Lucid inside a virtual machine...18:02
Andy80it would be easier to test some things....18:03
Volkodavthe only comfortable people will be MAC users with this left move18:04
sebsebsebAndy80: Yeah I guess so, considering that development version upgrades won't always give people the features they are meant to have.18:04
Volkodavbut they are definetely in minority18:04
Andy80I have an idea....18:04
sebsebsebVolkodav: maybe it's to prepare people a bit for Gnome 3,  there's something on the left there as well, when  I saw screen shots, hrm18:05
sebsebsebVolkodav: altough that's the panel, not the window title bars18:05
Andy80the graphical installer could simply ask: what did you use before this? Linux, OSX or Windows? and select the correct theme depending on the user's choice :)18:05
yofelAndy80: that would make it sound like we're imitating them...18:06
Volkodavmakes sense though18:06
ZykoticK9Andy80, i don't remember what distro did that, but somewhere in the past i remember installing a distro that asked that very question18:06
Andy80yofel: I don't see it in that meaning... it would be just a way to make the user more comfortable18:07
G_A_Cugh, left hand window controls on the new default "dark" theme. Not a fan of that18:07
Andy80for example I've always used Windows or Linux with window buttons on the right... putting them on the left is something horrible for me...18:08
sebsebsebG_A_C: quite a lot of people have been complaining about the buttons on the left18:08
G_A_Cyeah, it just threw me; I installed the new theme and switched to it earlier today, and they were on the right18:08
G_A_Chowever, they've switched after a reboot18:08
sebsebsebAndy80: yeah same here, I am used to having them on the right,  because that's how I done it Gnome, but that's also how I will do it in Windows if using that18:08
yofelAndy80: well, might be, but until they do the same I'm against it, Ubuntu is an OS, and not a copy/mix of others that are already out  there18:08
yofelbut yes, it takes a bit getting used to18:09
Andy80the new theme colors are pretty nice, the only bad thing is removing icon from window title bar and moving buttons on the left... but it would'n be so hard to let the user customize this and provide a couple of themes for all tastes18:09
G_A_Cthe decision of order is bad IMO too; Windows is min/max/close on the right, Max is close/min/max on the left, Ubuntu is now max/min/close on the left making it particularly hard for people moving from either OS :(18:09
G_A_Cs/Max is/Mac is/18:10
sebsebsebAndy80: (done it in Gnome, correcting a typeo here that doesn't really matter)   Even when I did an OS X  theme about  four years ago or something for Ubuntu,  I had the buttons on the right.  I think maybe I changed it from left to right then, I don't remember.18:10
Andy80imho the #1 rule is: give the user the possibility to change, don't just oblige him18:11
G_A_Cyou need Kubuntu then; from what I've seen the only choice you don't have in KDE is "run Gnome instead"...18:11
yofelAndy80: actually the ayatana team has the policy of giving a sane default for everybody but without too much customization possiblitie18:12
Andy80for example.... icons in System menu: I'm able to restore them simply going to System-->Preferences-->Appearence.... in Lucid you have to modify gconf... that's crazy :)18:12
sebsebsebAndy80: indeed it's annoying really that have to do it in gconf now, however that's also upstream Gnome's fault18:12
yofelAndy80: huh? when was the appearence menu removed? (I'm using KDE right now) and did the desktop->right click->settings vanish too?18:13
Andy80I'm pretty sure that is Ubuntu won't ship something to let the user change it, the second day Lucid is out will be also available a new theme with buttons on the right and it will be the most downloaded :D18:13
Andy80wanna bet ;) ?18:13
Andy80yofel: nooo no menu removed, just that options is not there anymore18:14
yofelAndy80: ah, ok :)18:14
Andy80yofel: the "Interface" tab is removed in Lucid18:14
hype__hi , just wondering : are there any specific n*know issuez concerning boot on Luci today ? :p18:14
hype__sorry for typos18:15
hype__seems like plymouth breaks and i'am unable to reach grub :(18:15
yofelhype__: you were  the one with the black screen right?18:15
hype__just conecting18:15
hype__just booted coming from work: no grub :(18:16
yofelunable to reach grub? plymouth only comes after grub...18:16
ellarhello, can i use the session-applet together with empathy? there is one edit field but if I set text and press enter the text just disappears?!18:16
hype__plymouth ouytputs an error concerning mounting one of my partitions, then nothing (n o grub loading, no tty...)18:16
hype__i tried to press "shift" key to get grub during boot , but i didnt see grub :/18:17
yofelhype__: grub is responsible for loading your kernel and getting your system to boot, after that plymouth and init take over, if you don't see grub at all that's rather bad18:17
hype__the thing is i cant event get to a tty18:17
hype__yeah, true18:18
yofelhype__: well, do you see *anything*18:18
hype__i actually already burned a daily Lucid image, just wondering if there were some specific know issues aobut broken boot18:18
hype__i get the blue and grey horrrible thing (plymout?)18:18
Andy80yofel, sebsebseb: every 6 months Ubuntu community organizes a meeting to gather ideas for the next release of Ubuntu... why people don't talk about these kind of "problems" too?18:18
yofelAndy80: dunno if we had that on UDS-L, I already switched to kde back then, would be a good idea to bring up on UDS-M though18:19
Andy80yofel: uhm... what is the difference between UDS-L and UDS-M ?18:20
yofelAndy80: uds-lucid and uds-m... (wel lucid+1)18:20
redVolkodav: done numerous boots already18:21
redI think it might be theme dependant thing?18:21
Andy80yofel: well... I usually try to apply for sponsorship but never had luck :D I would be happy to offer my help to the UI team18:21
hifibooting lucid still hangs on my thinkpad18:21
redhype__: i couldnt boot with this days build either18:21
redburned an iso18:22
redupgraded install from 9.10 works but few bugs due upgrading which I think I managed to kill18:22
hifievery second boot works18:22
yofelhype__: should be plymouth I think, either try to get grub up and select the rescue option, or chroot from a live disk and remove plymouth18:22
yofelhifi: every second? o.O18:22
hifiwhen it runs fsck it works fine18:22
hifiif I touch /forcefsck every reboot it boots18:23
yofelhifi: could be a race condition in the upstart scripts (maybe something tries to start too early)18:23
hifibut if the disk is clean when I boot it and fsck is not ran it will hang at the plymouth(?) screen18:23
hifithe white/blue progress bar advances to full white and then stays there18:23
hifibooting nospash doesn't really give more info18:24
hifiit just hangs with a blinking cursor after fsck and friends18:24
hype__yofel, can i ask a favor about chroot? just a question actually (the document i have is in french, but can you just take a llok at the commands?)18:24
hifialso still the login screen does not appear and instead I see my desktop but hitting enter will open the login screen18:24
yofelhifi: oh, that sounds familiar (I think I had the same a while ago, It works now after I purged plymouth)18:25
yofel(the not booting I mean)18:25
hifilogin screen bug?18:25
hype__( http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/chroot )18:25
hype__that's me :)18:25
boondoklifehifi: I had that issue too but it was an upgrade from 9.10, did a fresh install and after all the updates it boots fine now.18:25
yofelhifi: the 'enter gets you to login screen' is a known issue18:26
hype__yofel, after step 4 , i'm actully in a root shell into my "real" install, right?18:26
yofelhype__: mom18:26
hifiboondoklife: I did an upgrade too18:26
yofelhype__: "give me a moment" ;)18:26
hifiso all my problems would go away if I just reinstall? :p18:26
yofelhype__: yes, should be fine18:27
boondoklifehifi: Well it did for me but your results may very18:27
hifithough it'd be nice to know a solution without reinstall18:27
hifialso my battery icon in the task area keeps disappearing18:27
hype__yofel, ;) didnt know that one :)18:28
yofelhype__: sry, I'm used to using aliases when it's busy in here :P18:29
hype__yofel, , seems like i'm in achroot :)18:29
h00kI might start liking the controls on the left. I don't know if this is good or bad.18:29
yofelhype__: there you could try 'sudo aptitude purge plymouth' it should be fine unless you use cryptsetup or nouveau18:30
hype__no plymouth updates in the list :'(18:30
hype__yep, i'm making updates, then i'll remove plymouth ;)18:30
hype__40Mo , 40 seconds :)18:30
hype__i see a gdm update...maybe had i a broken gdm? :D18:31
hype__yofel, plytmouth purged, rebooting, hopefully back to give hug :)18:33
hype__thanks for help yofel :>18:34
=== FFForever-Away is now known as FFForever
sinurgeanyone ele thinking sw center is very slow18:36
stone1343hi, is there a known problem with USB Creator? I can't create any of today's daily builds, Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu anyway.18:36
hypeyofel :)18:37
hypei'm getting some seird error messages at boot tho :/18:37
hypei think i'll make a manual fsck to be sure18:37
hypethanks anyway :)18:37
yofelhype: sry, was away for a moment, but yes, without plymouth you'll get the usual boot messages as the splash is gone now18:41
sinurgevery wierd when i first boot and i goes past the boot selection f the ubuntu kernal it gives me  slight color change post the fsck like a green tinge . anyone else got that18:41
hypeokok :)18:42
ZykoticK9sinurge, same here18:43
zonylHi Alll. Trying to play anything from mplayer console causes it to get overrun with junk key input: No bind found for key 'E'. .  Im obviously not pressing the keyboard and the keys coming in are seemingly random and at a rate of about 4 / sec.  Anyone know whats causing this?18:44
guntbertaptitude update core dumped on me today - any similar experiences?18:45
JFoguntbert, I use apt-get so no issue like that today18:46
yofelguntbert: no18:46
guntbertJFo: yes, apt-get went through without issues18:46
yofelguntbert: does it segfault every time?18:47
JFoguntbert, the word I have been hearing is not to use aptitude18:47
JFoas it has odd differences from apt18:47
guntbertyofel: I tried twice and every time it did18:47
sinurgehmm wierd i must say but am not able to figure what actually occurs18:47
yofelJFo: why that? It sure is different from apt-get but if anything it works better here (and I like the interactive interface)18:48
guntbertyofel: apport did pick up the crash but wasn't able to report the bug18:48
JFoyofel, it is just what I have heard from the devs18:48
JFoI've never used aptitude myself18:48
guntbertJFo: no, I use aptitude on all my machines18:49
JFoguntbert, not today :P18:49
sinurge@guntbert will try to re-create what were you trying to do there18:50
JFoI just remember a general outcry at the platform sprint about using aptitude. I'm not sure what prompted the conversation.18:50
guntbertsinurge: my setup: lucid daily, kept up to date till yesterday in a vbox VM18:51
sinurgejfo: even i havnt heard anything like that of aptitude and apt18:52
mortal_does the partitioning tool work ok on alpha3 installer?18:52
mortal_if I do manual partitioning18:53
guntbertJFo: neither have I18:53
ZykoticK9guntbert, what aptitude command are you running?  I'm gonna try in my VBox Lucid install.18:53
cousin_mariowhat is the new default theme called?18:53
guntbertZykoticK9: sudo aptitude update :-)18:53
sinurgejust tried going to aptitude just moving in some menus and then quitting no issue, gunbert: as i said were you trying something18:54
ZykoticK9guntbert, well that's straight forward :)  update worked fine.18:55
guntbertsinurge: no - as I just said - but of course it may be a weird coincidence - if it keeps doing it I'll report a bug18:55
guntbertZykoticK9: thx for testing - aptitude safe-upgrade seems to run fine after apt-get update18:56
sinurgeused a clean install but with a upgrade/update everyday so i might say its upto date18:56
sinurgeyeah  i think you should do that18:56
ZykoticK9guntbert, it's currently doing the upgrade, so far so good18:56
guntbertZykoticK9: here too :-) I guess I'll give it a try afterwards --- ooops - dinner time - bbl18:57
sinurgehey just noticed, if you have upgraded today you would have got the ambience and radiance themes....shift to ambience and then to radiance...the bottom panel windows still use the purple tool tips of ambience.18:59
cousin_marioit's called ambience then?18:59
exigraffregarding the max/min/close buttons in Ambiance/Radiance, what's the plan for when the maximize button is absent? the rounded bevel effect sort of breaks when the cap is missing.19:05
sinurgesleep calling, goodnight19:08
Andy80yofel: http://blog.daviey.com/?p=276 :D19:10
yofelAndy80: heh ^^19:11
holzmodemhi, cant see installed plugins in eclipse. any idea?19:18
redany idea how I could make xbmc repositories work under lucid lynx? get errors after adding them and whole apt-get seizes to work until I remove them19:25
redsudo apt-get build-dep xbmc19:25
mortal_the installer could have some intelligence and load some continuous image to ram and work on that19:28
mortal_instead of doing random reads on the installation cd19:28
=== _dev_urandom is now known as devurandom
hifiglx on s3 savage cause a "cmdbuf ioctl returned -12", kernel prints a backtrace19:34
mortal_eh, the installer does not work with manual partitioning, wtf19:34
Technovikingdoes anyone else get a loud noise for a second or two when rebooting/shutting down?19:40
mortal_this is it19:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524135 in hal "system hangs on reboots after upgrading lucid alpha 2 hal packages" [Undecided,Invalid]19:41
mortal_now tell me, how to fix the boot weirdness on console19:45
mortal_the [SM] waiting thing19:45
duffydackAnyone using lucid yet as their main system ? just curious19:49
yofelduffydack: me, but with daily system backups19:50
Technovikingduffydack: yes19:50
duffydackAlso, I walked past a pc world today and saw a poster for an advert for a macbook, and the pic of the desktop was VERY similar to the new ubuntu theme.. mainly the purpley wallpaper and panel icons.19:50
ZykoticK9duffydack, that was my impression as well19:52
duffydackZykoticK9, anyone cared to ask anyone 'in' ubuntu why ?19:52
duffydackto make people think its a free mac os?19:52
ZykoticK9duffydack, at the background + switching buttons to left corner - very mac-esque19:53
yofelduffydack: iirc you should ask the ayatana folks that, but maybe the desktop folks in #ubuntu-desktop can help you too19:53
guntbertZykoticK9: just to report back -  after  using apt-get to update/upgrade aptitude work fine again - so it seems to have been a single weirdness :)19:54
duffydacknot complaining, tho its not my thing, I prefer the Hanso theme over what WAS Dust...19:54
duffydackthey changed dust a little, and it doesnt look right for me now.19:54
ZykoticK9guntbert, my update/upgrade worked fine with aptitude...  which i never use actually19:54
guntbertZykoticK9: so we can forget that - I suppose - thx for your thoughts and time19:55
mortal_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/528171 is this fixed?19:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528171 in ubiquity "Lucid Alpha 3 installer crashes on manual partitioning" [Undecided,New]19:56
ZykoticK9guntbert, my pleasure man19:56
yofelmortal_: if the bug says it's not, the I doubt it, you could ask in #ubuntu-installer19:56
duffydackare the default lucid theme and the community themes (Hanso included) available for 9.10?19:57
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=== jamalta-afk is now known as jamalta
tasslehoff_is updating from karmic to lucid using apt an operation likely to succeed atm? not doomed to fail if I try?20:22
mortal_tasslehoff_: doomed20:24
mortal_tasslehoff_: you get a boot problem20:24
mortal_by doing that20:24
mortal_almost a certainty20:24
tasslehoff_mortal_: ah, thanks for the warning.20:25
tasslehoff_I need to go from 32 bit karmic to 64 bit lucid anyway, so I'll wait until I get a cd to burn it on :)20:26
bcurtiswx_devicekit-power.. i couldn't see anything in the changelogs.. is that not supposed to be getting removed?20:26
duffydacktasslehoff, I tried it in a vm lastnight, it worked20:26
duffydacktasslehoff, well, with do-release-upgrade -d anyway20:27
redfor me updating from karmic worked20:28
redfew issues which i could work around in the end20:28
redi used -d aswell20:29
bcurtiswx_is devicekit-power supposed to be removed in lucid.. idk where to find the devicekit lucid changelogs20:30
redsup with the volume icon btw?20:31
redis it a placeholder?20:31
yofelbcurtiswx_: upower and libdevkit-power-gobjectl1 conflict with devicekit-power now20:32
yofelbcurtiswx_: and the upower changelog says devicekit-power should be removed20:33
bcurtiswx_yofel, but packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/devicekit-power doesnt exist, making me think it's supposed to be removed20:33
bcurtiswx_yofel: ah ha, ok thx20:33
bcurtiswx_yofel: where can I get the changelog not on the internet20:33
bcurtiswx_yofel: is there a apt-cache option?20:33
yofelbcurtiswx_: not really, aptitude changelog doesn't work yet, but if you have the new upower installed then read '/usr/share/doc/upower/changelog.Debian.gz'20:34
TimH1Having trouble with Gwibber on Lucid. Messages popping up in the message notification area but cant open the column app. Any ideas?20:36
ubuntujenkinshello again TimH1 how have you tried opening it?20:37
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
eeexceptionHi, I have a question about device kit. Using hal we had to write some rules files to do some operations as automount or start some services. How to write these rules for device kit?20:44
TimH1Having trouble with Gwibber. Here's a link showing what happens when I open from terminal. Can anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/389185/20:45
TimH1Having trouble with Gwibber. Here's a link showing what happens when I open from terminal. Can anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/389185/21:05
jstDoes anyone know what changes are in Xubuntu 10.04?21:06
eeexceptionI have a question about device kit. Using hal we had to write some rules files to do some operations as automount or start some services. How to write these rules for device kit?21:10
milos_can't upgrade, without removal of 'devicekit-power'. Is this a bad idea? Should I wait? I am so tempted to install new themes?21:21
yofelmilos_: that's fine, it's supposed to be removed21:38
* BUGabundo rant mode on21:38
BUGabundoWT H**** put my wind icons in the left?????? F****21:39
* BUGabundo rant mode off21:39
yofelBUGabundo: lol, you're the first to be *that* angry :D21:39
BUGabundodamn now I need a new theme :(21:39
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, or just run // gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":maximize,minimize,close" //21:39
vanishingelegant brit dim21:40
DanaGno, that's still wrong.21:40
vanishinggood theme21:40
BUGabundoand since when is pink the new black?21:40
DanaGit should be minimize,maximize,close.21:40
BUGabundomy gnome-terminal is PINK :(21:40
charlie-tcaIsn't that already the new theme?21:40
BUGabundobut *I already* had a theme21:40
BUGabundoI don't want it to change!21:40
vanishinganyone having gnome-power packages held back?21:40
BUGabundovanishing: maybe21:41
vanishingBUGabundo: oh.21:41
BUGabundoone of them was removed earlier for me21:41
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, that command i sent just moves the buttons to the right side21:41
BUGabundoZykoticK9: so that works?21:41
vanishingBUGabundo: ima wait..21:41
vanishingZykoticK9: to move the buttons arround, i use ubuntu tweak..lol21:41
CrashbitBUGabundo: change your profile preferences21:41
BUGabundopiece of mind returns!21:41
BUGabundowhere where?21:42
komputesanyone having the issue "can't install bootloader" in usb-creator in Lucid, please mark this bug as affecting you: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/52936621:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529366 in usb-creator "Regression: usb-creator-gtk doesn't work as of 0.2.16" [High,Triaged]21:42
vanishingits already high, triaged...21:42
yofelvanishing: people affected adds to that21:43
BUGabundomy system is lagging21:44
CrashbitBUGabundo: change this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/360155/test/Captura-Edici%C3%B3%20del%20perfil%20%C2%ABAmbiance%C2%BB.png21:44
BUGabundogtk bug again?21:44
BUGabundoaaahhh much better21:45
BUGabundosince when do we change existing settings on upgrades????21:45
yofelBUGabundo: I think we already had cases like this... and it's not like we alpha testers get to complain21:46
BUGabundochange icons is ok21:47
BUGabundochange COLORS or THEMES, is a big no no21:47
BUGabundomy THEME is my HOUSE21:47
yofelwell, I agree there21:47
TLFhow can I change the position of close, maximize and minimize buttons?21:50
yofelTLF: 'gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":minimize,maximize,close' should work21:51
BUGabundolet make the bot say it automaticly21:52
ZykoticK9yofel, you've just out the closing " in your post21:52
TLFyeah, i noted that, ZykoticK921:53
yofelZykoticK9: uuups...21:53
TLFthat is to make them to their regular position21:53
TLFbut what about putting them back?21:53
ZykoticK9TLF just move the : to the end and it will be back on the left21:53
BUGabundocrimsun: add to /topic $ gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":maximize,minimize,close"  eheh21:53
TLFand anyways21:54
BUGabundoWM are "broken" eheh21:54
TLFthis new position is a bug or is a featureç?21:54
BUGabundoI bet feature21:54
ZykoticK9TLF, feature21:54
BUGabundocopying mac ^^ new design team,21:54
TLFI don't like that21:54
BUGabundome neither21:54
yofelsomeone posted this earlier: http://blog.daviey.com/blogroll/anything-but-the-buttons.html21:54
TLFbut anyways it wouldn't be a problem if some other apps (like chromium) got that changed, too21:55
ZykoticK9yofel, that's where i got the info for the gconftool-2 line i gave21:55
yofelZykoticK9: ah, you're right21:55
Davieyyofel: i'm not a someone :)21:56
BUGabundo"he" is here21:56
yofelDaviey: sry, I forgot who it was >.>21:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as danyR
Davieyyofel: the clue is in the url :)21:58
yofelDaviey: noticed that too just now -.-21:58
BUGabundo $ gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"22:01
BUGabundoif not, maximize is left to minimize22:01
TLFyep, you're free to insult me :)22:02
duffydackTLF, no need.. you will live the knowledge you made that for the rest of your life.22:04
TLFi think it's worth for 4chan or sth22:05
redim happy that after the upgrade my buttons are still on the right22:10
redi cant stand the mac style22:10
sebsebsebred: well your updates didn't go properly then, by default they are on the left now22:11
sebsebsebred: Will it be changed to the right before the final, with the minimize, maxime, close, button order?  Hopefuly22:13
redi hope so22:14
BUGabundoWTF #222:14
redim guessing they are still on the right due me customizing my theme heavily22:14
BUGabundosince when does chromium private browser saves passwords??22:14
sebsebsebred: Enough people complain about that, on  Launchpad,  and I guess it may happen.  Plus we need actsual community members doing it on Launchpad such as BUGabundo22:14
TLFwhere I can complain?22:14
redsebsebseb: i think it's silly that a few graph designers just decided to go macstyle without making it optional22:15
BUGabundoFILE A BUG22:15
BUGabundoill +1 it22:15
redGUI is a touchy thing :)22:15
sebsebsebTLF: not sure, but I guess some where on LP22:15
sebsebsebTLF: I meant not sure where on LP]22:15
redBUGabundo: incognito mode in chromium saves passwords?22:15
BUGabundojust did for me22:15
redyou sure it ain't just for the session?22:16
redotherwise a gf might find your pron logins!22:16
sebsebsebBUGabundo: really enough people complaining in here,  with the devs reading it when it happens or the logs, should be enough, but I guess it doesn't work that way.22:17
redit's just silly22:17
redyou can tweak how wobbly your windows are, but not where the minimze and maximize buttons are located :)22:18
BUGabundojust file a darn bug22:18
BUGabundoso I can setup a filter and move all comments to trash22:18
BUGabundolike I did with all the previous design team bugs we filed22:18
BUGabundoand never changed *anything*22:18
BUGabundoremember update-manager?22:19
charlie-tcaI can even second them, just to see it turned invalid22:19
BUGabundoor losing a way to shudown/reboot with mouse?22:19
BUGabundowhat was the other one?22:19
BUGabundoI forget22:19
charlie-tcaWe are just the users, we don't know what anyone wants, as I understand it22:19
charlie-tcaThe indicators?22:20
redlosing a way to shutdown/reboot with mouse?22:20
BUGabundowe *should* file bugs22:20
redit's still there22:20
BUGabundoeven if they are marked invalid22:20
BUGabundoat least shows we are *here* working for them22:20
BUGabundored: how?22:20
BUGabundoCAD ?22:20
BUGabundonot in mine22:20
BUGabundono menu either22:20
redapplet named22:21
BUGabundocan you reach that with keyb??22:21
redIndicator Applet Session22:21
BUGabundocan you reach that with keyb??22:21
redyou said with mouse22:21
redcan't you still sudo reboot etc?22:21
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: we may just be the users, but we know, what we don't want, when they start to provide that22:22
red< BUGabundo> or losing a way to shudown/reboot with mouse?22:22
redwith mouse you said :)22:22
charlie-tcaNot according to the design people, we don't22:22
BUGabundocharlie-tca: +122:23
yofelcharlie-tca: indeed :/22:23
histoNow that we don't ahve /etc/init.d/alsa-utils how do we restart sound?22:24
mc44It's nice how your opinion is obviously the same as "the users"22:24
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: yeah I guess, but there are also other distros that do Gnome better by default, for a lot of us :D22:24
charlie-tcaThat would be okay, but I use Xubuntu! and still have to put up with the design changes from ubuntu, too.22:25
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: oh?22:25
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: such as?22:25
joaopintoas I see it, design is no longer a community asset on Ubuntu22:26
BUGabundohisto: it autospawns22:26
histoI tried sudo /etc/init.d/pusleaudio restart but that didn't restart sound.22:26
histoBUGabundo: what autospawns?22:26
BUGabundohey joaopinto22:26
joaopintohi BUGabundo22:26
charlie-tcaAll the changes Ubuntu makes are impossible for Xubuntu to remove. When Hal was removed, we had to jury-rigg gdm to use it22:26
mc44complaining about design is a community asset!22:26
sebsebsebjoaopinto: Human has been removed from Lucid :(  at least Clearlooks is still there :)22:26
histoBUGabundo: my sound is buggered up right now i'd like to reload it, without restarting22:26
charlie-tcaIndicator applet is stuck in place, we work around/through it22:26
yofelhisto: pulseaudio, it's not a system service by default any more, just kill it and it should respawn22:26
danyRhi there guys. a doubt: is there any way to reach Me Menu trough keyboard?22:27
charlie-tcaExcept we don't actually have gconf editor to use in XUbuntu, it doesn't work22:27
charlie-tcaI now get to see the ubuntu splash screen in Xubuntu22:27
DanaGdeprecating GDM also breaks backlight control.22:28
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: the boot up screen you mean?  I am still not seeing a new screen,  I am just seeing the default plymouth screen or whatever that is the blue one.22:28
sebsebsebDanaG: deprecating GDM?  you mean  the old one?  what's backlight control?22:28
charlie-tcawhat blue one? oh, yeah, plymouth is incompatible with my NVIdia card22:28
DanaGdeprecating HAL.22:28
DanaGI mean.22:28
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: blue bar type thing22:29
histoyofel: I killed it but it killed my volume control looks like the volume is all the way down but its not22:29
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: however I thought it was meant to be something else22:29
histoI'll just restart22:29
charlie-tcaYeah, the boot up screen I don't get to see because my monitor shuts off22:31
charlie-tcaIt is meant to be something besides the blue bar, but it is not compatible with making things work in Xubuntu22:31
charlie-tcaBut I do test the new image everyday, and some days I get the ubuntu(logo) in the middle of the screen22:32
histoanyone elses terminal not saving settings.22:32
histognome-terminal keeps defaulting witht he ambient option on now.22:33
histono matter how many times I change it.22:33
histoahh nvm. new profile to open was set to ambient after updates22:33
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: in my vm I am not getting the  ubuntu logo one22:34
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: I did a vm of alpha 3 yesterday got all the updates, and nope not there, I did today's daily build and nope not there22:34
charlie-tcaWhat do you get? You don't get ubuntu in the middle of the screen?22:34
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: in vm22:35
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: yep I just get the blue bar thingey22:35
charlie-tcamaybe is is a hardware thing.22:35
DanaGFor me, Plymouth actively refuses to display a splash screen.22:35
charlie-tcaI used to get the blue bar22:35
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22239 in plymouth general "improve console= handling" [Normal,New]22:35
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 460565 in plymouth "plymouth gets confused by an additional serial console" [Medium,Closed: rawhide]22:35
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: it's quite ashame for me, since that's the thing I want to test the most, when it comes to this new theme stuff,  as for the two new themes I don't like them, and am not that keen on the prupley pink GDM and default background either22:36
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: when it comes to the new theme stuff above, uh no, when it comes to Lucid22:36
DanaGhmm, I still have the OLD gdm background.22:37
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: right now I am using another distro, with great default themes :)22:38
charlie-tcaI guess I keep hoping here. Maybe if we file enough bugs...22:38
BUGabundoso 1h long and NO ONE file the left icon bug?22:38
BUGabundowill I have to do it and collect extra karma?22:39
defsdoorany known issues with apt segfaulting atm in lucid ?22:40
jaebirdthe latest update of lucid has the new theme and background. now i have two vertical white borders on the left and right of the desktop background22:40
* charlie-tca thinks BUGabundo don't need karma.22:41
BUGabundocharlie-tca: I miss having 27k points of karma :((22:42
BUGabundo6k is just not enouth22:42
jaebirdthey look like focus lines22:42
BUGabundodefsdoor: ME ME ME for two weeks22:42
BUGabundoI've filed it last week22:42
charlie-tcaYeay, I know. I have to work to keep mine above 2k now22:42
BUGabundoyou only have 2k??22:43
BUGabundowith all the packages you handled?22:43
charlie-tcaI got about 5k now22:43
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
charlie-tcaI lost it during karmic22:43
defsdoorI'm getting SIGSEGV in 0x00007ffff7b7ec3c in pkgPolicy::GetCandidateVer(pkgCache::PkgIterator) () from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.so.4.822:44
defsdoorBUGabundo, any workaround ?22:45
BUGabundonot that I know of22:46
bjsniderso you're all using the light theme now?22:49
defsdoorBUGabundo, apt_0.7.23.1ubuntu2_amd64.deb  seems to work o k22:51
DanaGnope, I'm using Homosapien. =þ22:51
bjsniderbut the light theme22:51
bjsniderit's all about the light theme22:51
bjsnideris the ubuntu font in there yet?22:52
charlie-tcaThe letters ain't done yet22:53
MindVirusI can't kill maximus.22:53
MindVirusPlease help.22:53
MindVirusI set my session not to remember any running applications.22:53
MindVirusI don't have any startup applications for maximus.22:53
MindVirusEvery time I kill it though it starts up again.22:54
bjsniderit's probably necessary then22:54
MindVirusIt is certainly not necessary.22:54
dios_miolucid out?22:56
MindVirusdios_mio: An alpha version.22:56
MindVirusPlease help me kill maximus.22:56
MindVirusIt is constantly restared.22:57
BUGabundoHAZ GOTE 360º W00T22:57
BUGabundowrong #22:57
yofelMindVirus: remove it? (i mean remove the package)23:02
MindVirusyofel: No.23:02
MindVirusI have UNE.23:02
MindVirusFor which I need to keep it.23:02
MindVirusyofel: Any advice?23:04
yofelnope, when I tried une once the only way I found to  disable it was to remove the package23:04
MindVirusCan anyone help, please?23:08
Sai--MindVirus, what s your problem?23:09
MindVirusSai--: I am trying to kill maximus.23:09
MindVirusBut some daemon respawns it over and over.23:09
waltercoolI have a bug: http://pastebin.com/JL2hRhdb23:10
Sai--OMG ? kill maximus23:10
waltercoolis ehci_hcd related =/23:10
MindVirusSai--: Pardon?23:10
MindVirusCould anyone help me kill maximus, please?23:13
cousteauwhy does UNE Lucid have brasero on it if netbooks usually don't have any CD unit?23:24
BUGabundohttp://p.bugabundo.net/geek-me-nooooo ahah23:30
MindVirusWhenever I kill maximus, some daemon restarts it. Can someone help me find the root of this?23:30
musteloI'm having pretty consistent crashes when using ibus to input chinese, are these known issues?23:38
ullei just installed lucid alpha 3 on my samsung laptop and from the kernel log it said it was overheating i tried powertop and also found out that the on demand governor needed 3 more watts than when setting the cpu-freg-scaler to performance23:39
ullegood things are it finally resumes now it is overheating again23:39
ulleit s overheating again i have to go back to karmic before something melts in here23:41
CyberkillaSpeaking of overheating... I pulled my vacuum cleaner out of the socket today and the plug & socket was too hot to touch! The house is fused and the plug is fused! How is it hot!? Later, I found scorch marks on the live prong of the plug. It must be arcing inside the socket:-O23:41
CyberkillaSorry, I'm bored ;-)23:43
histoYeah sound is borked right now23:46
MindVirusCould anyone please help?23:46
MindVirusIt would be great.23:46
histoMindVirus: what is maximus?23:47
histoMindVirus: you'd have to find out what daemon is starting it and stop it.23:47
MindVirushisto: You'd think, huh?23:47
histoMindVirus: youc an watch whats going on with top or htop and see what loads it after you kill it.23:48
MindVirushisto: Oh, yeah?23:48
MindVirusWhere would that information be?23:48
MindVirushisto: maximus is a program that maximizes all maximizable windows. It's for netbooks.23:48
MindVirusSaves screen real estate.23:48
histoMindVirus: I can't believe it has a daemon though. Are you sure you're killing it? Like its getting new pids?23:49
MindVirushisto: Yes.23:50
cousteaumaximus is the thing on UNR that maximizes all windows, maybe it's somewhere else on the desktop environment23:50
MindVirusAny advice?23:53
MindVirusYou know, this is really fucked up.23:53
MindVirusI don't feel like this should be difficult.23:53
MindVirusThis really should not be hard.23:53
MindVirusI should not have to ask for 3 days in a row how to close a damn process.23:54
histo!patience | MindVirus23:54
ubottuMindVirus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.23:54
MindVirushisto: I was patient for the first two days.23:54
histoMindVirus: open up a terminal23:54
MindVirushisto: Done.23:54
histoMindVirus: and run top23:54
histoMindVirus: then ctrl+sht+T to get a new tab and sudo killall maximus23:54
histoMindVirus: switch back to top with alt+1 and see what is going on23:55
MindVirushisto: Do you want me to use -s9?23:55
histoMindVirus: or you can use htop and kill the process from right inside.23:55
MindVirusYou can kill the process from within top as well -- just press k and type in the PID.23:55
histoMindVirus: you can use k and type the pid yeahj23:56
histoMindVirus: use 9 make sure it dies23:56
histoIf its respawning it should get a different pid23:56
MindVirushisto: I told you it gets a different PID.23:56
histoSee if anything else pops up that spawns it.23:57
histotop updates constantly23:57
MindVirushisto: I don't know what that means.23:57
histoso somethign else should jump up with cpu activity to respawn maximus23:57
histoAhh nevermind its set to respawn as long as you're in the current session23:58
histocan you get to the session panel?23:58
MindVirushisto: What session panel?23:59
histoMindVirus: are you in kde or gnome?23:59
MindVirushisto: GNOME.23:59
MindVirushisto: There's no more session panel.23:59
MindVirushisto: There's a Startup Applications panel.23:59
histoyeah they moved it. Hold up let me find a way to do this23:59

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