asac_the_2ndjames_l: the man page ts.conf(5) says its the configuration for tslib ;)00:00
asac_the_2ndts.conf - Configuration file for tslib, controlling touch screens for embedded devices.00:00
james_lWell, it doesn't seem to be, from pre-configuration (mirred axis) and post-configuration (working). /etc/ts.conf is the exact same.00:01
asac_the_2ndis "confiugration" a command? maybe run in strace to see what it writes00:03
james_lAh, found what I was looking for /etc/pointercal00:08
* asac_the_2nd nods00:08
porter1Does anyone know if rootstock works with lucid or whether I should stick with karmic?00:19
persiaporter1: lucid as a host or a target?00:40
porter1persia, both00:40
persiarootstock has significant improvements in lucid as a host, but lucid itself is not yet at beta, so there are still rough edges.00:40
porter1It appears as though rootstock gets stuck after extracting in debootstrap, so I might try just executing by hand for now00:41
persiarootstock should support arbitrary guest (you may need a backported debootstrap).  lucid as a guess is not yet at best, so there are still rough edges.00:41
porter1Yeah, I shouldn't have switched until the first beta, but it isn't too painful :)00:42
persiaI usually switch much earlier: I just like to warn folks :)00:43
porter1So 2.6.32-13 in ogra's archive is not supposed to run right in qemu I guess?00:44
persiaI don't know offhand.00:45
persiaI think lool was advocating extracting the kernel from the linux-versatile build in lucid.00:45
porter1I might just stick with the 2.6.31 for a while then. THanks for the help.00:47
asacbug 53234201:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 532342 in rootstock (Ubuntu) "rootstock-gtk does not allow to specify the target rootfs tarball file path (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53234201:03
asacbug 53234301:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 532343 in rootstock (Ubuntu) "think about rootstock .desktop file Categories (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53234301:03
asacjust bugs i filed ;)01:09
asacfeel free to comment or ignore :-P01:09
asachmm. rootstock-gtk is looping on CPU while nothing happens in UI ... just in the VM01:13
asacbug 532358 ;)01:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 532358 in rootstock (Ubuntu) "rootstock-gtk is consuming a full core (CPU) while nothing happens in UI (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53235801:27
persiaasac: But the VM is slammed, right?01:33
persiaOr is the VM using one core and the GUI another for useless polling?01:33
=== bjf is now known as bjf-afk
asacnot yet01:41
asacits currently doing01:41
asacSelecting previously deselected package iputils-arping.01:41
asacUnpacking iputils-arping (from .../iputils-arping_3%3a20071127-2_armel.deb) ...01:41
asacSelecting previously deselected package iputils-tracepath.01:41
asacUnpacking iputils-tracepath (from .../iputils-tracepath_3%3a20071127-2_armel.deb) ...01:41
asachmm. doesnt move though ;)01:42
asacjust spins and consumes cycles01:42
asacdid ogra say it did that or was idling?01:43
persiaHe said he had some issues with installing some stuff, and was trying to get lool to look into it.01:55
tuxdavisquestion about compiler optimizing an inline function that access private member data, could be possible reason for crash in kdebindings03:23
persiaGo ahead :)03:24
tuxdavisIf the compiler were to in fact perform the recommended optimization, would the calling function then be performing an illegal operation, since it would be accessing private data03:24
persiaI wouldn't think that an inline function would have namespace to hold private data (although I'll admit to not having a deep understanding at that level)03:28
tuxdavisyeah in the "generators/parser/lexar.h" file in the kdebindings package, there is an inline function "inline int kind(std::size_t i) {return tokens[i].kind;}"03:30
tuxdavisThe problem is that the "tokens" variable is private data03:30
NCommandertuxdavis: interesting, how'd you find this?03:30
tuxdaviscompiling the kdebindings in debug mode, then ran the smokegen through gdb, since that's what was segfaulting03:31
NCommandertuxdavis: interesting. sounds like a GCC bug03:34
tuxdavisnot necessarily03:34
tuxdavisit could be that the inline keyword should not be used inside a class if the function is going to be accessing private data03:35
tuxdavisbut I'm testing this right now, by removing the inline then seeing what happens03:35
NCommandertuxdavis: wonder why that works w.r.t. to !ARM03:35
tuxdavisthe inline command is a "recomendation" to the compiler not a requirement03:36
tuxdavisso it's possible that it's making the optimization on ARM, but not on others03:36
persiaSo we'd actually have to compare the output of the preprocessor cross-platform to understand hwo the choice is made :(03:36
tuxdavismost likely03:37
tuxdavisI'm trying a very simple test, by commenting out the inline keywords then recompile and see what happens03:38
tuxdavisit's recompiling smokegen with the updated header file right now03:42
tuxdavisit seems this is very likely a compiler test, because if you compile everything in debug mode, then run smokegen through gdb with the same args that the Makefile is giving it (on the "smoke/akonadi/akonadi_includes.h" file, then when it crashes, telling gdb to print m_session->token_stream->tokens[0].kind prints ok, whereas m_session->token_stream->kind(0) crashes, even though kind is defined as "inline int kind(std:size_t i) {return tokens[i]04:13
tuxdavisso the two prints are accessing the same data just one is passed through an inline function call, and the other is accessed directly04:14
persiaCould you pastebin the backtrace?04:15
tuxdavisyes, though it would take a bit because it's currently recompiling with the updated header04:16
persiaNo rush.04:16
persiaI just like to read backtraces.  Often I can understand something from them.04:16
persiaI have a feeling that you're right, and that it's a scoping problem.04:16
persiaHave you also tried dfferent -O levels to see if the behaviour changes?04:17
tuxdavisUnfortunately I don't know yet exactly how to tell cmake to compile with different optimization levels04:18
tuxdavisAnd to do it manually would require finding out exactly what commands are being passed on ALL the source files going into the smokegen executable04:19
tuxdavisthen recompiling ALL the source files with the different optimization flags04:19
persiaManually isn't right.04:20
persiaThe folk in #kubuntu-devel may be able to suggest how to wrangle cmake.04:20
tuxdavislet me check the cmake documentation and see if there's something in there04:20
persiaThat works too :)04:20
NCommanderpersia: tuxdavis: edit the C and CXX options lines in  CMakeCache.txt in the build directory for Release builds (I think),04:33
NCommanderthen run make04:33
NCommanderalternately, install ccmake, and edit it that way04:33
DanaGoooh, 2.6.33 kernel on rcn-ee.net04:33
DanaGBummer: it still doesn't suspend.04:33
DanaG"class suspend failed for cpu 0"04:33
DanaGhmm, is command-not-found supposed to not-work on ARM?04:35
persiaDanaG: Did you install it?04:39
persiaThen it ought just work.04:40
DanaGDoesn't seem very different from
* persia checks quick-like04:40
persiaDanaG: Indeed.  Doesn't work for armel, ia64, powerpc, or sparc.  Please file a bug and subscribe me.04:42
DanaGfile it on "Linux" package?04:42
persiaOn command-not-found04:43
persiaIf you've a bug in your kernel, talk to rcn-ee for now.04:43
persiaNeed to get the kernel into the distro before it's worth filing bugs on LP about it.04:43
DanaGAre there plans to have an official Ubuntu-repo beagleboard kernel?04:43
persia`ubuntu-bug command-not-found` ought do the right thing.04:43
persiaI have plans to support every single device capable of running Ubuntu ever manufactured.04:44
persiaI have doubts my plans will come to fruition04:44
persiaFrom what I was told asking about NetWalker kernels, it basically requires the kernel team to have enough spare engineering resources.04:44
DanaGOldest device I've tried Linux on: Zaurus "Collie" -- Angstrom claimed to offer support for it, and yet failed to enable config options for Zaurus Collie drivers in the kernel!04:44
persiaCollies are cute.04:45
* persia likes the slide action, but not the resultion so much04:45
DanaGDrivers being broken or crappy, I can forgive... but not enabling CONFIG_UCB1X00_TS (or such)?  That's "fail".04:45
persiaOh, did I misremember?04:45
persia"Collie" is SLC-1x00 ?04:45
DanaGCollie is SL-5500.04:46
persiaRight, that's what I thought.04:46
persiaAlso the SL-B500 in Japan.04:46
DanaGOr anyway, whatever WAS the correct touchscreen driver... they didn't enable it.04:46
persiaThat's annoying.04:46
DanaGLast time I tried it was ages ago, though.04:46
persiaYou recompiled, I hope.04:46
DanaGer, I don't remember, now.  I tried using openembedded; I ended up having to tell it to repeatedly copy MY .config over the one it tried to use.04:48
DanaGI much prefer the Ubuntu / Debian way: dpkg-buildpackage.  or make-kpkg.04:48
persiaAnd, once we conquer the world, just apt-get install.04:54
lifelesspersia: have you heard of scratchbox?05:13
persialifeless: Yes.  I don't like the concept of SDKs.05:14
persiaPlus I don't really like cross-compilation (although I don't mind emulated compilation)05:15
persialifeless: Why?05:15
lifelessjust been talking to raster about why he had two laptops with him05:16
persiaone was a runtime environment, and th other a scratchbox environment?05:16
lifelesstwo scratchboxes, one per vendor05:16
persiaIn our world, we'd have two pbuilder tar.gzs or two schroots on the same laptop.05:17
persiaBut that runs slower.05:17
Elive_user28_enok, been trying to figure out why I keep seeing kernel panic trying to boot a jaunty fs on my hawkboard (OmapL138)07:03
Elive_user28_enFinally in a doh moment I split my mmc card in half and had angstrom mount the jaunty half07:03
Elive_user28_enif i try to run (even with ld_library_path.. ) anything from jaunty I get illegal instruction07:04
* persia looks up the OmapLi38607:04
persiaEr,, L13807:04
Elive_user28_endid something change? There were posts of people claiming to have made it work07:04
* persia has typed i386 too many times today07:04
Elive_user28_enoh yea..07:04
persiahttp://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/omap-l138.html ?07:05
Elive_user28_enI even tried a trick switching boot arg /sbin/init to /bin/bash.. no dice07:05
Elive_user28_enthat is the core chip on the hawkboard07:05
persiaSetting init to /bin/bash just launches a shell instead of the normal boot process.07:05
Elive_user28_enangstrom works, and supposedly some have built android..07:05
persiaIt looks to me like you *should* be able to run Jaunty, but nothing newer.07:06
Elive_user28_enright even that fails..07:06
Elive_user28_enit does report mounting rootfs07:06
persiaYou're sure the kernel you're using works?07:06
Elive_user28_enext2.. the kernel boots angstrom just fine07:06
Elive_user28_enis there a earlier than Jaunty option? or some way to specify processor familly?07:07
persiaNo and No.07:07
persiaYou might be interesed in Debian, but it may be possible to get Jaunty to work.07:07
Elive_user28_encourse.. what would be supper slick (though time consuming and probably problematic) would be to pull the sources and build07:07
Elive_user28_engiven arch / cross compiler arguments07:08
persiaTakes a few months :)07:08
Elive_user28_enbut thats just me07:08
persia20,000 packages is a bunch.07:08
Elive_user28_enwell yea if we built them all :)07:08
Elive_user28_enjust the seeds people are requesting..07:08
Elive_user28_enmake their puters build them07:09
Elive_user28_enshoot forgot to change nic07:09
=== Elive_user28_en is now known as auzieman
auziemanI'm building a minimal jaunty now will try it..07:10
auziemanyou mention debian and while I am a fan I am not a guru on debian07:10
auziemanhow the heck do we fetch the debian arm debs07:10
persiaFrom your local repo.07:11
persiaOr do you mean "Is there a tool like rootstock that runs on Debian?"07:11
auziemanyes a rootstockish tool07:11
auziemanmy core install is actually Elive (Lenny based E217)07:11
auziemanso I actually would rather not go into my vbox to wait on these..07:12
persiaI don't know of one: we could hope that rootstock upstream extends the scripts to work also in Debian.07:12
auziemanyea.. suppose its download for arch and then deb with chroot or such07:13
persiaBut you should be able to run debootstrap from your angstrom or elive install to get a base chroot.07:13
auziemanangstrom has a aptish tool I just was hoping for an ubuntu or deb source rather than angstrom..07:14
auziemanI could I suppose ponder trying to do the whole damn thing from sources (ewwwwwww) 2gb ram and duo cpu it'd take a while07:15
persiaNo really.  The program "debootstrap" will do 90% of what you want.07:17
persiaMost of rootstock is wrapping debootstrap around an emulated chroot.07:17
auziemanIll check it out..07:17
persiaNote that using debootstrap doesn't do everything, there will be a few files missing (like /etc/fstab), but you ought be able to create those.07:18
auziemanI think the trick here is getting the sources in the right order and building them with the cross compiler07:18
persiaI don't know why you're getting "illegal instruction", but I'm unsure would get updates to fix that.07:18
auziemanthat way everything is a dead match to the kernel / uboot etc07:18
persiadebootstrap won't do that.  It just gets the binaries in the right order and installs them in a chroot.07:18
persiaBootstrapping is harder.07:19
auziemanfor now I probably would just continue with Angstrom.. at least till the android git repos are back on line and I finally build that beasty07:19
auziemanThough android will be a bit silly in my case as I just want headless.. but I think it would be funny07:20
auziemanto run a robot using android07:20
auziemanputting the droid back into its name07:20
persiaheh.  Good pun.07:21
persiaPerhaps less good OS choice: from what I've heard, Android is stripped down below what many consider the minimum to maximise that GUI experience.07:21
persiaDunno if you can get the robot controls working (but extra points if you can)07:22
auziemanI'm being somewhat loopy .. planing on mostly python07:22
persiapython+android?  Good luck.07:22
auziemanpondering a few other packages like the openvision stuff07:23
auziemanpython is in android07:23
auziemanso is some form of java07:23
auziemanwait let me recheck the source tree.. I have a partial checkout07:23
auziemanyep.. as well as wx bindings and a whole mess of sections07:24
auziemanandroid is more linux than they would like us to think07:24
persiaIt'S just an uncommon application :)07:25
auziemanits part of WebKit and e2fsprogs in their world..07:25
persiaThe base kernel and libraries are 100% linux, just stripped down enough that they aren't SUS or in some cases even POSIX compliant.07:25
auziemanits a biatch of a build though07:25
auziemanwell yea07:25
persiaDoesn't mean you can't do stuff, just makes it a bit trickier (and faster)07:26
auziemanshoot you should shell into angstrom on a hawkboard07:26
auziemanaudio drivers but no /dev/dsp07:26
auziemanvideo drivers with no /dev/video07:26
persiaangstrom is (just) SUS compliant07:26
auziemanbut at the same time they offer stuff like ffmpeg but it cant find audio or video sources07:29
auziemanoh here but best of luck getting it to run07:29
persiaheh.  insufficient integration07:30
persiaNow only if you had Ubuntu work, we could look at integration;)07:30
auziemanthats why I was hoping for an ubuntu bin set for my hawkboard :/07:32
auziemanthe hawkboard has usb, audio, svga, 128mb nand + ram mmc slot 89.00 @300MHZ07:33
auziemanYou could put it in a lil case and use it as a simple workstation.. but running on a usb powersupply07:33
auziemanand its actually very zippy on the shell07:33
auziemanI would think ubuntu would be all over the hawk, beagle and a few of the other cheapish arm boards07:35
auziemanshoot they could make a little money just selling sdk kits / books for them and get a bunch of startups / hacks like me all involved..07:36
auziemanany how thanks for the help, Ill transfer the image in a few and retest it..07:37
auziemanyep jaunty is happish on hawkboards08:14
auziemanat least so far..08:15
ograI: copying [../rootstock_0.1.99.2-0ubuntu1_source.changes]09:51
ograI: copying [../utils]09:51
ogracp: cannot stat `../utils': No such file or directory09:51
* ogra wonders about his pbuilder 09:51
ograsigh, upgrading pbuilder doesnt fix it09:56
ograi wonder how that broke09:56
* ogra doesnt belive it ... even wiping my whole pbuilder sertup and rebuilding it doesnt fix it10:08
asacdyfet: status on "Package and maintain Canola and deps in lucid archive: TODO"10:41
asacthats still on beta list10:41
JamieBennettasac: I packaged most of the deps and we have a ppa for canola, just needs the final push10:42
JamieBennett(and got them packaged/sync'd e.t.c, I didn't do all the package work)10:42
JamieBennettasac: most dependencies are satisfied by the work done for netbook-launcher-efl10:43
asacpersia: mobile-lucid-arm-lib-tests ... two items i need input on there ;)10:44
asacJamieBennett: yeah. is that pp amaintained by us?10:46
asacor by oem or someone else10:46
JamieBennettasac: OEM from what I remember10:46
asaci think its fine to say that spec is done if its packaged and maintained by us10:46
JamieBennettasac: Canola needs bringing into universe ideally10:47
asacJamieBennett: 53254810:55
asacJamieBennett: do you have the url for canola?10:55
JamieBennettasac: http://openbossa.indt.org/canola/10:56
asacJamieBennett: sorry. the ppa i mean10:56
JamieBennettasac: not, handy, let me look10:56
JamieBennettasac: https://edge.launchpad.net/~canola/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=lucid10:58
JamieBennettlooks like there are more dependencies than I remember10:59
asacJamieBennett: all those need to get in?11:01
JamieBennettasac: No11:01
JamieBennettasac: we need to assess exactly what is needed11:02
asacbug 53254911:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532549 in ubuntu "[FFe] ubuntu-webmail (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53254911:02
asac(just for record)11:02
asacJamieBennett: seems the uploads were done after efl launcher landing11:02
asacso without looking it feels all the packages are on top there11:02
asacbug 53255411:12
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532554 in ubuntu "[FFe] canola for lucid/universe (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53255411:12
asacJamieBennett: ^^ filed that11:12
JamieBennettasac: OK11:12
asacdidnt subscribe release yet, we first need the packages needde11:12
JamieBennettdyfet was going to do that, not sure how far he got with it11:13
asacthats why i pinged him first ;)11:13
JamieBennettasac: yes :)11:14
dyfetI have a package for it, and it packages very nice now that we have etk for the launcher, but I was not certain if canola itself is being maintained, and it's based on a snapshot of the source repo11:17
dyfetthats why I was hesitant11:17
asacdyfet: you have a package? from the list there seems to be a bunch of packages required11:22
asaccan you come up with a minimal list?11:22
dyfetasac: they are packages also used by the new 2d launcher :)11:23
dyfetcanola itself is python, but it used a lot of enlightenment toolkit stuff...11:23
JamieBennettdyfet: what about the media scanner?11:24
asacdyfet: : https://edge.launchpad.net/~canola/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=lucid11:25
asacthats the list of packages in the ppa ... that we dont have in our archive11:25
asacplease come up with a list of items that nees to get done quick ;)11:25
asacthen we can decide if we put it in archive or not11:26
asaccool ... at best i would have that before todays release meeting ;)11:26
asaclike in 3h11:26
dyfetWell, I have to go to the eye doctor this morning11:27
dyfetso it will likely be a bit later this afternoon11:28
JamieBennettasac: let me finish off this weboffice packaging and I'll take a look at canonla dependencies11:29
JamieBennett*canola* :)11:30
asacheroic ;)11:30
asacSelecting previously deselected package indicator-session.11:30
asacUnpacking indicator-session (from .../indicator-session_0.2.4-0ubuntu2_armel.deb) ...11:30
asacogra: ^^ thats where it hangs for me11:30
asacit seems11:30
asacwell its consuming CPU cycles11:31
asacbut doesnt move forward11:31
asacogra: does the output i see on console directly come from the qemu command? or is that piped out somehow too?11:31
JamieBennettNCommander: the girlfriend or the cat ;)11:37
ograasac, there read directly from a fifo11:51
ograasac, but the rootstock script doesnt matter, if you build with --keepimage and use ubuntu-minimal and then run qemu-system-arm the behavior will be the same11:51
ogras/there/they are/11:52
ograits intresting though that it gets stuck on a different package for you11:52
asacogra: so i can use --keep-image and i can then switch in there and install the ubnutu-netbook thing?12:04
* asac does that12:04
ograno dash12:05
ograthat gives you a qemu image12:05
ogrause -l and -p for it12:05
ograelse you get dropped into oem-config first12:05
ogras/first/on first boot/12:05
asacsudo rootstock -l -p --keepimage -f blah -s ubuntu-minimal^ -i 3G12:06
ogra-l and -p need parameters12:06
ogra-l <login name> -p <passwd>12:06
asacok its running12:06
ograand you wouldnt need 3G here :)12:06
ograminimal fits in less than 112:06
asacbut i want to go in there and install the reest12:07
ograoh, indeed, you want to keep the image ... so 3G is fine12:07
asacso i think i need more space12:07
ogradidnt think about that12:07
ograi'm just trying the qcow2 conversion stuff here ...12:07
ogranot having to specify the size will be a huge win12:08
ogragiven that you see the hang on a different package i wonder if the amount of RAM of the host somehow influences it12:09
ograi got 4G here12:09
ogra(using the pae kernel)12:09
ograhow much has your machine ?12:09
ograhmm, the conversion doesnt take to much time for raw->qcow2 ...12:12
* ogra wonders about the way back once the fs is filled up12:12
asacogra: qemu-static-arm wants a kernel12:22
asacerr system-arm12:22
ograone sec12:22
asacif i just pass the .img12:22
ograqemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -cpu cortex-a8 -kernel ./vmlinuz -hda arm-rootfs.img -m 256 -append "root=/dev/sda mem=256M devtmpfs.mount=0 rw"12:22
ogrause that kernel12:22
ograarm-rootfs.img needs to be your .img indeed12:23
asacbut dont you add that anyway?12:23
asace.g. why is that gone after --keepimage?12:23
ograthe kernel ?12:23
asacwell. you go to second stage and boot the vm, dont you?12:24
ograbecause rootstock isnt designed as a VM imagebuilder :) its just a sideeffect that a VM is used12:24
ogra--keepimage is just skipping the tarball creation12:24
ograthe kernel above is what is used during build, its documented everywhere how to get it ... while it saves some bandwith to keep it i dont want to start storing a gazillion of files of one build12:26
ograhmm, using qcow2 seems to make the VM act faster12:27
ograat least "felt"12:27
ograyay, qcow2 works fine12:36
* ogra tries a bigger task than ubuntu-minimal 12:36
ograThe following packages have unmet dependencies:12:49
ogralibgtk2.0-bin: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.19.6-1ubuntu4) but 2.19.6-1ubuntu3 is to be installed12:49
ograGRRRRR !!!!!!12:49
ograi really start hating arch: all packages12:50
ograi think for ports we should have special casing ...12:55
ograso _all.deb dont get published until all the arch dependent packages are ready12:56
ograassuming that prots has special code in the publisher already since its a different server12:56
JamieBennettasac: canola dependencies - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/388929/12:57
loolpersia: If people want a stable URL to get a versatile kernel, the d-i one is probably best12:57
asacJamieBennett: all packages are in that ppa?12:59
asacogra: well. you want to wait for really slow sparc?12:59
asacanyway, i know that some folks in debian would want the archive to act like that13:00
ograasac, rather than having broken images all the time or not being able to test rootstock13:00
asacyou have a local mirrorß13:00
asacwhen its ok, stop upgrading ;)13:00
ograi will novw have to wait half the day until i can do my next testrun13:00
ograi dont have a local mirror13:01
* ogra considers local mirrors a massive waste of space ... i use package proxies13:01
asacpackage proxy is kind of a mirror13:01
ograright, "kind of"13:02
ograit verifies its content with the archive first13:02
ograand hands the breakage through13:02
ograi could use the file:// protocol directly on the cache ... but rootstock cant support that since qemu wont see it13:03
ograprobably something to implement in rootstock 5.0 or so :)13:03
JamieBennettasac: Yes, all packages are there. Tested it in a Lucid VM and all is good.13:07
ograThe following packages have unmet dependencies:14:26
ograinitramfs-tools: Depends: initramfs-tools-bin (= 0.92bubuntu67) but 0.92bubuntu66 is to be installed14:26
* ogra cries14:26
ograthere goes ubuntu-minimal14:26
asaci am off the phone calls for torday :(14:56
ograto prepare for the IRC meeting eh14:57
ograyou must loive your fridays14:57
asacthree calls in a row ;)14:57
asacnow crazy stuff like release team wants to know something14:58
* ogra commits and pushes the autosize function for rootstock15:21
ograyay ... no more need for defining the imagesize15:21
ynezznice :)15:26
=== kblin_ is now known as kblin
mturquettetrying to build lucid with roostock.  kicked off the build before leaving the office last night and this morning I am stuck at,15:42
mturquetteI: Getting Virtual Machine kernel from the server15:42
mturquetteI: Switching to Virtual Machine for second stage processing15:42
mturquetteI assume the Virtual Machine (QEMU ARM, right?) shoudn't take 10+ hours...15:42
ograwhats your host system running ?15:42
mturquettecore i7, 8 processors if you count hyperthreading, lots of RAM and Ubuntu 9.1015:43
ograah, karmic15:43
mturquetteknown issues?15:43
ograand you use the packaged rootstock i guess ?15:43
mturquetteI did this time.15:43
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mturquettepreviously I used the tarball from launchpad15:43
ograkarimc is missing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~project-rootstock-developers/project-rootstock/trunk/revision/3115:44
mturquettelatest tarball on launchpad has that?15:44
ograyes, i uploaded it this morning15:45
mturquettethanks, will try.15:45
ograthough its not tested on karmic yet, i test on lucid only atm15:45
ograif everything works fine please report it here :)15:46
mturquetteogra: will do.15:46
ograthanks :)15:46
mturquettelooking at revision 31, I can't help but notice you ony pass 256M RAM to QEMU15:46
mturquetteany reason why you run it that low?15:46
ograyes, qemu-system-arm cant handle more15:47
mturquettewell that would explain it ;-)15:47
ografor rollong a rootfs you dont really need more though15:47
ograits all just apt/dpkg15:47
mturquetteyeah, i'm not familiar with the overhead of package managers really.15:48
asacogra: what bugnumber shoujld i name for the qemu problems?15:48
ograasac, there is none yet15:48
ograasac, bug 530000 might also be intresting but given i doubt that can be fixes before release probably nbot appropriate15:49
ubot4`Launchpad bug 530000 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "mono assembly installation under qemu-arm-static hangs (affects: 1)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53000015:49
asacogra: we need a bug for that if it consumes a full week ;)15:50
asacof your precious time15:50
asacRC bug even15:50
asacmaybe open one even if not enough info15:50
mturquettehow functional is the rootstock gui at this point?15:51
ograasac, bug 53273315:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532733 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "apt/dpkg in qemu-system-arm hangs if a big task is installed (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53273315:52
asac* imx51 and dove in good shape15:52
ogramturquette, its functional in lucid ... totally untested in karmic15:52
asacplars: GrueMaster: ^^ is that right statement?15:53
ogramturquette, but still has issues i need to fix before release ... else i need to buy asac a triple core laptop to demote one core to the UI :)15:53
ograasac, iirc todays build was broken15:53
* ogra checks logs15:54
asacout of sync15:54
asacor anything serious15:54
ograah, no, todays was good15:54
ograyesterdays was "artwork out of sync"15:54
asac!info newlib15:55
ubot4`asac: Package newlib does not exist in karmic15:55
asacbug 51423215:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 514232 in newlib (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "[arm] needs porting to thumb2 (affects: 1)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51423215:55
ogra!info libnewlib015:55
ubot4`ogra: libnewlib0 (source: newlib): newlib C library (runtime). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.17.0-0ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 1509 kB, installed size 4384 kB15:55
asacbug 50750315:55
asac!info source newlib15:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 507503 in linux-mvl-dove (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "VFP/NEON state is not preserved around signal handlers, causing state corruption between user processes (affects: 1)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50750315:55
ubot4`asac: 'newlib' is not a valid distribution: hardy, intrepid, jaunty, karmic, lucid15:55
asacubot4`: basterd15:55
ubot4`Factoid 'basterd' not found15:55
ogra!info newlib-source15:56
ubot4`ogra: newlib-source (source: newlib): newlib C library (source). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.17.0-0ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 4162 kB, installed size 4252 kB15:56
ograhe likes me more :P15:56
asachwat a bad syntax15:56
asacbug 50741615:56
ubot4`Launchpad bug 507416 in uboot-imx (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 5 other projects) "CONFIG_NEON=y causes platform lockups with certain application/platform combinations (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50741615:56
ogra#GEEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1115:57
ograSelecting previously deselected package iso-codes.15:57
ograUnpacking iso-codes (from .../iso-codes_3.12.1-1_all.deb) ...15:57
ograSelecting previously deselected package libgnomekbd4.15:57
ograUnpacking libgnomekbd4 (from .../libgnomekbd4_2.29.5-0ubuntu1_armel.deb) ..15:57
* ogra dances15:57
ograasac, so qcow2 solves all our probs it seems15:57
* ogra is so happy15:57
ogra... and hopes it will survive now and not just hang later15:58
ogradoobeydoobeydoo ...15:58
asacbug 52852416:00
ubot4`Launchpad bug 528524 in totem (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "Sound not working in all apps on dove (affects: 2)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52852416:00
asacogra: wait till it finishes16:01
asacthe current rootstock hangs randomly for me16:01
ograbut it looks so good16:01
asacbug 51295916:01
ubot4`Launchpad bug 512959 in nautilus (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 5 other projects) "causes crashes on armel with -Wl,-O1 (affects: 1)" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51295916:01
ograi'm convinced its an I/O prob with raw images16:01
ograi suspected that since a while16:01
ograasac, its also a lot faster with qcow216:03
plarsogra: I wanted to start taking a look at the rootstock testplan, is that still accurate that I should pull that 200952 version? or should I just be using what's in trunk?16:06
plarsoh wait, that's redboot16:07
* plars goes to get more caffeine16:07
ograwait for my next upload, if the build i'm testing now finishes then i seem to have a fix for the hang and it should be fully usable16:07
plarsogra: but still... should I be using what's in lucid? or just pull the branch and test from that16:07
ogracurrently the branch only has one more commit beyond the package in lucid16:08
ograoh no !16:08
ografailed in buffer_write(fd) (11, ret=-1): backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/share/doc/cdparanoia/README.gz': No space left on device16:09
ogratar: ./postinst: Cannot write: No space left on device16:09
ograGRRRR !16:09
plarsguess the autosize needs some work? :)16:09
ograit shouldnt16:09
ograqemu handles it on its own16:09
* ogra tries with giving a virtual imagesize16:11
ograit would be odd if that was needed though16:11
ograis bug 528887 arm specific ?16:16
ubot4`Launchpad bug 528887 in maximus (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "maximus does not give default focus to newly started apps in combination with efl launcher (affects: 1)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52888716:16
ogra(i know i added the tag but it might also happen on x86)16:16
ograasac, should we ping server for bug 517300 ? there was no reaction to me assigning it to them16:17
ubot4`Launchpad bug 517300 in likewise-open (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "[armel] likewise-open needs porting to ARM (affects: 1)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51730016:17
asacok at least qa team suffers from same desease ;) http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-platform-qa-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html16:17
ograwoah, slackers !16:18
asacwell http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html ;)16:18
asacisnt really that heroic either :-P16:18
asaci forced the green line down a bit at least ;) ...16:18
asacs/down/further down/16:18
ograwoah, we slackers !16:19
asacwell. its the final items16:19
asacthose are usually the most painful ;)16:19
ograreport looks fine to me16:19
asacexce the webservice ones16:19
asaci updated it again with bugs16:19
* ogra reloads16:20
* ogra gets coffee16:22
asacthey suffer from a different desease even ;)16:30
ograsomeone secretly loads off work items on them :)16:31
asaclets give them likewise ;)16:33
asacone more doesnt matter i guess16:33
ograshould we make that a workitem ?16:33
* ogra thought making it a critical bug would be enough :)16:34
asacogra: its on our list now16:34
ograyes, saw it16:34
asacbecause of that ;)16:34
ograoh, you added it to our workitems as a foreign task for them ?16:35
ograi.e. it shows up in the tracker ?16:35
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dmart_Saw the new netbook image... nice (and it seems to mostly work too)16:47
ograwe'll fix the remaining pieces soon :)16:48
ograpurple is the new brown !16:48
dmart_Colour scheme is a bit interesting in places, but I expect they'll iron that out soon enough16:49
ografile bugs :)16:51
* dmart_ is too lazy16:52
dmart_The artwork and themes usually goes through a bit of churn at this point anyways16:52
ograbut if you find something really bugging you dont hesitate :)16:54
DanaGdmart_: are you on the artwork team?16:54
DanaGI just posted a comment on the mailing-list.16:54
dmart_No, just admiring the results16:54
* ogra hands dmart_ a paintbrush16:54
ogranow you are !16:55
dmart_(you didn't want to do that...)16:55
* ogra is with Joseph Beuys here ... everything is art ...16:56
ograeven code :)16:56
dmart_I need to work out how to change vim's syntax colour scheme to match then...16:57
mturquetteQEMU ran out of disk space during roostock build.  log at,17:02
ogramturquette, thats gui or cmdline tool ?17:02
ograand what did you pick for the -i stting ?17:03
ograa desktop install should have about 5G17:03
mturquettedon't have -i.  is that image size?17:03
ograi'm just experimenting with auto-growing qemu images but i'm not there yet, you need to specify the size17:04
ogramturquette, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch might be helpful17:04
mturquette-i is under "additional options" not "required", so i left it out.17:04
ogra(a lot will change for lucid though, i want to get to a point where you dont need any options at all)17:05
mturquettesure sure.  I was actually going off of a beagle wiki since that is the platform I'm building for.  I'll specify an image size and try again.17:05
ograhmm, i thought even the beagle wiki was setting size ...17:06
mturquetteogra: you're right it does.  I must have made an executive decision.17:06
ograthat i didnt put it in required options is simply due to the fact that it depends on what you actually install ... rootstock defaults to 1G and thats enough for basic installs ...17:06
ograif you add desktop stuff to it it indeed grows17:07
mturquettei'm going with 5GB now.  guess I'll boot over NFS...17:07
ogra--seed lxde,gdm might work without -i :)17:07
GrueMasterasac: seems accurate17:23
GrueMasterimx51 and dove images are fairly stable for me at least.17:23
ograplars, did you find out what was the issue with your dove installs ?17:24
plarsogra: I spent quite a bit of time messing with it last night, with a3 image17:24
ograand ?17:24
ograHW ok ?17:24
plarsogra: 1st few times, I couldn't even get it to boot successfully, then once I got it up, installed memtester, hit some errors, ran memtester again, no errors17:24
plarsogra: this morning, having trouble booting again.  Instead of locking up again, it's complaining about the squashfs now17:25
plarsogra: rebooting now, I reseated the memory, but I don't have high hopes17:25
ograwell, as last resort get the ram replaced17:25
DanaGOr if you have multiple sticks of RAM, try with just one, or the other.17:27
plarsDanaG: I only have the one stick, and I think it's ecc sodimm17:29
plarsogra: did we ever determine what kinds of memory would work on these boards?17:29
plarsogra: I thought someone was going to try a generic sodimm, NCommander maybe?17:30
ograi never had the balls to do that17:30
ograbut afaik it needs to be specific marvell ram17:30
ograi would be to scared to damage the board, i have a 1G DDR2 stick lying here that would fit in the socket though17:31
ograbut i also only have a Y0 here17:31
plarsogra: at least it's not soldering we need to do on this one :)17:32
* ogra discovers qemu-nbd ... 17:32
ograheh, yeah17:32
ograthough i dont mind soldering17:32
ograhmm, with qemu-nbd i wouldnt need to convert the image back and forth all the time17:33
* ogra calls it a day ... 18:00
ograi hope i have rootstock fixed by monday ... i'll be around on the weeken18:00
MartynDoes anyone have a system image for the lange 5.1 board?19:22
NCommanderplars: I never tried changing the RAM, plus you need a customized u-boot to match the board RAM configuration23:30

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