jdeloachCould someone look over my xorg.0.log? It is saying some STRANGE things. Like on my dual head card, it is trying to do both outputs through one of the heads.00:59
pedro3005jdeloach, I could try a bit, I don't know much about it though01:01
pedro3005jdeloach, at around which line things get interesting?01:04
jdeloach430 & 504ish01:05
pedro3005jdeloach, nothing googable? (just made that up)01:10
jdeloachbeen googling for ever!01:11
jdeloachnot very helpful01:11
pedro3005like some specific error message01:11
jdeloachRadeon(0): Acceleration initilization failed.01:12
jdeloachThats the only thing.01:12
pleia2jdeloach: are you having actual problems, or just noisy xorg?01:35
pleia2(a quick search tells me that error means 3d acceleration probably won't work)01:35
jdeloachpleia2: I am only being able to have 2/4 monitors working. So yes there are actual problems.01:36
pleia2unfortunately I've never even used 2 monitors at once, let alone 4 :)01:36
pleia2I wonder though, if you turn down the resolution (to something ridiculous - 800x600) does the behavior change at all?01:37
jdeloachi haven't tried, i wouldn't think so. i don't think it is that sort of problem.01:38
pleia2one of the suggestions I found for the above issue you mentioned was bumping down the resolution because the driver was having trouble rendering 3d at the higher one01:39
pleia2but yeah, in general support for 4 outputs is probably unrelated01:39
pleia2just trying to narrow down causes :)01:39
jdeloachTried lowering the bit depth and resolution, no effect.01:53
pleia2that error is probably unrelated there01:59
pleia2were you following a guide or something to set this up?01:59
jdeloachno, just going off... random stuff jammed together :D02:02
pleia2fair enough :)02:03
pleia2have your xorg.conf pasted somewhere too?02:05
pleia2I don't know enough about multiple monitors to solve it, but someone else might02:05
thomas_hey, is there anyone who can help me? i am having a problem running an application.02:50
nomnexI need  LaTex package information: what do I need from the repos (9.10) to be started with LaTex. Is "texlive-latex-base" the full or meta-package for LaTex? Total beginner here. Thanks04:05
nomnexduandesign hello04:07
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Varidianhey guys is anybody there?06:08
Varidiananybody there06:15
pleia2nomnex: I was editing existing latex docs (not starting from scratch) but I went with texlive-latex-base06:50
pleia2then just installed other things I needed as it came up06:50
pleia2texlive-latex-recommended is good too06:50
pleia2and texlive-latex-extra :)06:51
nomnexpleia2, textlive-latex-recommended are plug-ins I guess06:51
pleia2I seem to have found a reason I needed them at some point06:52
nomnexpleia2, I will install all 3. do you still use LaTex over OO writer?06:53
pleia2nomnex: actually I use it for writing invoices at work06:53
pleia2mostly I just use OO still06:53
nomnexpleia2, I see06:54
pleia2latex is very cool and way flexible, but frequently I just don't have the time06:54
pleia2and OO does the job "well enough"06:54
nomnexpleia2, the editor looks like? vim? I could not find any print screen06:54
pleia2nomnex: I just use vim06:54
nomnexpleia2, vim with the LaTex plug-in?06:55
pleia2then to view it i'll use xdivi06:55
pleia2nope, plain old vim with syntax highlighting turned on06:55
nomnexpleia2, so LaTex package has no editor? or you can use any editor of your choice (gedit, vim, emacs)? I don't get it06:56
pleia2nomnex: I've always just used vim, the latex stuff you install is the infrastructure for creating latex documents06:57
pleia2you write all the latex formatting, fill in your text06:58
pleia2there are templates and things out there, you don't *have to* write it all yourself06:58
nomnexpleia2, I see, thanks, and I found the link for xdvi http://www.ucl.ac.uk/is/unix/tex.htm#preview06:59
pleia2nomnex: xdvi is included in texlive-base-bin07:01
nomnexpleia2, okay, my link was wrong anyway. I guess it's time to give the manual some reading and they try the software, see if it suits my need or not?07:02
pleia2nomnex: *nod* sounds like :)07:02
pleia2I mostly just fell into it because I needed to, my boss is a latex nut07:03
pleia2and a bit of a typesetting geek, he loathes office suites07:03
pleia2so I've learned by trial and error mostly07:03
nomnexpleia2, make sens. I wonder if it is not too over kill for writing letters and short manuals. I will see, I like Vim though even if I am just a beginner and I rather using the CLI than the GUI, so Linux really fits the bill and i loathes MS, but gooo and ooo are pretty solid office suites WYSIWYG07:06
nomnexpleia2, you boss is giving you a hard time ;-)07:06
pleia2nomnex: there are some WYSIWYG latex editors out there, I'd dig around the repos and install a few and see how it goes - even if you end up tweaking the templates in vim later :)07:07
pleia2*grin* it's fun though, I am glad I'm competent with latex now07:07
nomnexpleia2, agreed with the template, lyx or K... something, I don't want (and 300 MB for the KDE libs no way!) but thanks.07:08
pleia2good luck :)07:09
nomnexpleia2, thanks07:09
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ShadowKnight If you are running Debian, it is strongly suggested to use a package manager like aptitude or synaptic to download and install packages, instead of doing so manually via this website. You should be able to use any of the listed mirrors by adding a line to your /etc/apt/sources.list like this:  deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian sid main   Replacing ftp.de.debian.org/debian with the mirror in question.13:09
ShadowKnightI was wondering what this meant, im new to ubuntu13:09
nigelbShadowKnight: where did you see this?13:10
ShadowKnighti am trying to download logger pro so i can use it in my physics class13:11
nigelbfrom where are you downloading it?13:12
ShadowKnightthe logger pro website itself. let me show you. one sec13:12
nigelbif you can give me a link that would help13:14
ShadowKnightokay this is from the email i got. Download and Install USB Driver13:15
ShadowKnight* 64-bit: http://packages.debian.org/sid/amd64/libusb-1.0-0/download13:15
ShadowKnight* 32-bit: http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/libusb-1.0-0/download13:15
nigelbyou're downloading from the debian packages site.13:15
nigelbthats why13:15
ShadowKnightso i dont download from there? how do i download this?13:16
nigelbgo to System > Administration > Synaptics Package Manger13:16
nigelbenter 'libusb-' in the search filed and you should see the app you are trying to install13:16
nigelbclick on it and say mark for install.  then click on the green tick mark on the toolbar that says Apply13:17
ShadowKnighthmmm okay, thank you it works :)13:18
nigelbgreat :)13:18
ShadowKnightthank you sooooo much :D13:19
nigelbno problem13:19
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ng0nthis is where I belong ...19:36
pedro3005ng0n, what do you mean?19:40
ng0ni mean i'm not so great at ubuntu19:52
ng0nif it weren't for Google I'd have given it up long ago.19:52
pedro3005ng0n, google is great19:53
Phreang0n: welcome home19:54
ng0nyesterday i did an update on wubi.  big update.19:55
pedro3005ng0n, anything broke?19:55
ng0nvmlinuz 2.6.31-20-generic19:55
ng0nya. it blew up..  took a long time to figure out theupdate19:55
ng0ncorrupted the wubldr on C:19:55
ng0nhey. you learn.19:56
ng0nyou learn more than you really want to sometimes :)19:56
Phreabut it is additional knowledge which will be usefull in the future19:56
ng0ni'll come here the next time i blow up something.19:56
ng0nphrea.  so true.19:57
ng0nsatisfying but it will take a while to grow out all the hair i've pulled out of my head !19:57
Phreaover a borked update?19:58
ng0nhahah.  i know.19:58
ng0nit wouldn't boot.  not even from sh:grub: prompt19:58
* Phrea never used Wubi19:58
ng0ni started on Slackware .. ver 0.819:59
ng0nyears ago.  then i got sucked into Win at work.19:59
Phreaone and a half decade ago?19:59
ng0nya.  i forget a lot of stuff.  but it comes back.19:59
ng0ncompiled my first kernal before i'd ever even seen a working linux.20:00
Phreaso you're not a complete noobie, like I am20:00
ng0nwell. ya. not a complete noobie.  but i've forgotten SO MUCH.20:00
ng0nthere's so much detail.  so much syntax.20:00
Phreathe first time I tried Slack, a decade ago, I was able to install it...20:00
ng0na.. i had help.  from a guy over the RADIO.  ham radio.20:01
Phrea...and then forgot the root pwd to login...20:01
pedro3005I first saw a linux machine like a year and a half ago :(20:01
ng0n!#$!$#@  o that is frustrating.20:01
PhreaI did a reinstall, and I made it20:01
pedro3005Phrea, it's easy to reset20:01
Phreathen it was enough slackware for me :D20:01
ng0npedro. linux was the fasting thing going back in the late 90s20:02
ng0nit was FABULOUS.20:02
Phreapedro3005: not if you have 1 machine, and you installed Slack in it20:02
Phreathen it's not so easy20:02
ng0ni'm playing with WUBI.  it's so easy.. as long as it works.20:02
pedro3005Phrea, at least on ubuntu it's stupidly simple, don't know about Slack20:02
PhreaI couldnt get online to find help20:02
Phreaso I just reinstalled the whole darn thing again20:02
ng0nSlack was NOT easy.  but it worked, was compact and FAST.20:02
Phreait then worked20:02
PhreaI felt good, then I quickly installed windows again !20:03
ng0ngood going20:03
ng0ni gotta run.  will be back later.20:03
ng0nnice meeting you guys, gals... whatever.20:03
ng0nyeah.  laterness.20:03
ng0npeace out.20:03
pedro3005fucking speakers20:04
pedro3005stop working sporadically20:04
Phrealanguage !20:04
pedro3005Phrea, ah :P20:04
Phreapedro3005: dont feel bad for your 1.5 years...20:06
Phreayou know about 15 times more than I ever did20:06
pedro3005not really20:06
Phreayou do, trust me :P20:06
pedro3005Phrea, google does, I'm just a middle man20:06
Phreathere's indeed no real linux life w/o google and the forums20:07
Phreaat least for most people who start out with lin20:07
pedro3005I gotta learn more about troubleshooting in general20:08
PhreaI havent even begun...20:08
PhreaI only use it the way I need it, that's it20:08
Phreadont install on other machines for other people, because there will be things to solve, which I cant20:08
PhreaI'm happy that I can do with my machine [and my own install] what I want20:09
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pedro3005Phrea, actually you get less issues than you'd imagine, at least for me20:09
Phreabut that's where it ends for me20:09
pedro3005I've installed ubuntu on an old laptop for my dad and haven't had to check on it for weeks20:10
pedro3005he doesn't know one command but uses it perfectly fine... linux is getting better and better20:10
Phreamy parents could never live with Linux20:10
Phreathey can hardly live with Windows as it is...20:10
Phreapedro3005: one can fairly easily live without the CLI20:11
Phreait just takes a little bit longer for some stuff to do20:12
Phreaand when you really need to, there's tonnes of help on the forums [which I still think are amazing]20:12
pedro3005Phrea, I have seen some sad occasions where people get no help on the forums20:13
Phreatrue, but that's mostly because of poorly described problems, or problems that arent solvable atm20:13
paultagPhrea, I kindly suggest that is wholly wrong20:14
PhreaI dont see that many unanswered questions20:14
paultagPhrea, you are not looking hard enough :)20:14
paultagPhrea, there is an unanswered posts team if you want to ask them20:14
Phreamaybe it's because I'm only on the absolute beginners part20:15
Phreapaultag: I know :)20:15
paultagPhrea, I've been working on the UFBT / UBT since 2007 / 8, I've seen a hella lot :)20:15
Phreathat unanswered posts team is a brilliant idea20:15
Phreawell, if the question is well described, and there is a solution, people will get the solution, eventually20:16
Phreamaybe not the first time round, but they will if they really want to20:16
paultagPhrea, unless they give up because they are new :)20:16
Phreavery true20:16
paultagPhrea, true, but not all users are so dedicated or patient20:17
paultagPhrea, I started GNU / Linux when I was about 11 / 12, I gave up pretty quick :)20:17
Phreawell, I HAD to be dedicated FAST :D20:17
paultagI hear ya20:17
Phreasome really nasty virus/whatever thingy completely rendered my pc useless within 5 minutes20:18
Phreaand I was using BitDefender at the time too20:18
Phreaupdated and all20:18
PhreaI've never seen anything like it, ever20:18
paultagPhrea, that sucks20:18
Phreait was a wakeup call20:18
Phreaand I was already thinking of trying Linux again20:18
Phreawell, here we are, 3/4 of a year later :D20:18
paultagPhrea, the internet is like fucking hookers. No matter how much protection you get, you will eventually get a virus20:19
Phreathis was a particularly nasty one20:19
paultagPhrea, HIV of sorts20:19
paultagPhrea, that was one nasty chick20:19
Phreait was amazing to SEE the pc being broken down20:19
paultagPhrea, want to see it again?20:19
PhreaI just sat there, in awe20:19
paultagPhrea, you can remove your directory root >:)20:19
Phreamind you, this pc is still running windows20:20
Phreait was my other pc that crashed20:20
Phreabut I am thus impressed that I will ditch win on this pc too, come Lucid20:21
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Phreaall that in less than a year20:21
PhreaI call that impressive20:21
Phrea[on Ubuntu's part that is]20:21
xfact_I am in problem20:28
xfact_anyone there to hear it20:28
xfact_I have some questions20:28
ng0nask here.20:28
paultagsure, what's up20:29
ng0nsee if you do better20:29
ng0nseverduck need to delete an icon.20:29
paultagxfact_, read the topic, don't ask to ask20:29
ng0nneeds help20:29
serverduckGreetingz, can someone help me delete an icon?20:29
paultagserverduck, GNOME?20:29
serverduckI uninstalled evolution mail ...20:29
paultagserverduck, what do you mean icon, what application?20:29
pedro3005serverduck, just select it and press delete?20:29
paultagserverduck, Oh, is it still in the Menu?20:29
xfact_Well, anyone knows about Getdeb is it's server is currently down?20:29
paultagserverduck, right click, edit menus20:29
paultagxfact_, no clue. Why do you need getdeb?20:30
xfact_cause I have installed some latest soft from that and now the apt doing problem20:30
paultagxfact_, you should not have to use getdeb, what were you trying to install?20:30
xfact_paultag, Just to have latest releases20:30
paultagserverduck, are you all set?20:30
serverduckIf I right click I get add this launcher to panel or desktop.20:30
paultagserverduck, no20:30
paultagserverduck, on the menu20:30
paultagserverduck, right click on "Applications" or "Places" or "System"20:31
paultagserverduck, then uncheck the icon20:31
serverduckSilly me, excuse me.20:31
paultagserverduck, or delete20:31
xfact_Like Ubuntu provides VLC 1.0.2 (or maybe 1.0.3 I am not sure) but via getdeb I can have latest 1.0.520:31
paultagserverduck, no worries :)20:31
paultagserverduck, this is a home for newbies :)20:31
paultagxfact_, you can get it from Lucid, you should not have to use untrusted third parties20:31
paultagxfact_, Hold on.20:31
paultagxfact_, yes, it's offline20:32
AJH101hi there - my html links are no longer opening in ffox - they are blue and underlined and i get relevant options when right clicking but nothing open - any ideas?20:32
serverduckWohoo, it worked like a charm. Thank you so very much.20:32
paultagserverduck, no problem :)20:32
* xfact_ have to leave the backdated concept of having always latest versions 20:32
pedro3005AJH101, right click, properties, open with tab, select firefox as a default20:32
paultagxfact_, yeah, we test it before it goes into a release20:32
paultagxfact_, if you want the latest stuff, use Debian Unstable :)20:33
serverduckAnd another thing, I keep having flash issues...why is that?20:33
paultagserverduck, hahaha, because flash sucks ;)20:33
paultagserverduck, Well, adobie did not make flash player Free / Open Source20:33
serverduckTried both the repository flash and the adobe one.20:33
paultagserverduck, it's Free ( as in price ), but not free ( as in freedom )20:33
xfact_Well, I am happy with Ubuntu stable :)20:33
paultagserverduck, so we have to hack layers to make it work, and that adds a bit of lag and instability20:33
serverduckSo there's no way yet to fix it?20:33
paultagserverduck, Not yet, but rest assured us hackers are trying!20:34
paultagserverduck, I like youtube too :)20:34
AJH101pedro3005: sorry right click what? right clicking the link does not give me properties or options20:34
PhreaI'll never understand why first MM and then Adobe keep Flash closed20:34
pedro3005AJH101, it's a link?20:34
paultagserverduck, 64 bit is the worst20:34
pedro3005I thought it was a .html file20:34
paultagserverduck, but x86 / ix86 / ia32 is OK20:34
pedro3005AJH101, well, is that ON firefox?20:34
serverduckWho knows ..yeah I have 64 bit version because of my t4300 intel processor.20:35
xfact_What is Linux header or Linux image, I have just updated it and now it claiming for a restart... it that important? (Karmic)20:35
AJH101pedro3005: in thunderbird emails20:35
pedro3005AJH101, oh, thunderbird20:35
pedro3005let me check20:35
Phreait is, it's your new kernel20:35
paultagserverduck, what's the output of uname -m20:36
Phrealook at me, I answered a question !20:36
xfact_ohh then definitely it is... see you after..20:36
pedro3005AJH101, tried looking around the settings on thunderbird? i'm installed it20:36
Phrea[was it the right answer? :P ]20:36
paultagPhrea, gold star! :)20:36
serverduckWhat's that?20:36
AJH101pedro3005: i have looked but have not found anything obvious sorry20:36
paultagserverduck, sorry, open a termina ( applications --> accesories --> terminal ) and type `uname -m`20:36
paultagserverduck, without the ticks :) -- what's the output of that?20:37
paultagserverduck, OK. yeah you are running 64 bit20:37
paultagserverduck, so flash will suck even worse then usual :)20:37
paultagserverduck, how much RAM do you have?20:37
serverduckI switched to gnu/linux full time.20:37
PhreaI've got similar problems20:37
pedro3005AJH101, maybe System > Preferences > Preferred Applications20:38
paultagserverduck, You can actually run 32 bit faster on your platform20:38
Phrea...but I just use Fx for flash [iso my standard Opera browser]20:38
pedro3005select Custom web browser and on the command box put:20:38
pedro3005/usr/bin/firefox %s20:38
paultagserverduck, do you know what 64 vs 32 bit is?20:38
serverduck64 accepts more instructions..20:38
serverduckRuns faster?20:38
Phreain theory, yes20:39
paultagserverduck, the CPU has something it uses for all things in RAM called a "Word". It used to be 8 bits, but then RAM got too big. So the "Word" got doubled -- 16 bits. That was too small, and we hit 32. We maxed that out and now we have a 64 bit CPU. The number is only how big the "word" is20:39
Phreain practice, not so much :D20:39
paultagserverduck, in your case, the "Word" is able to address HUGE amounts of RAM. You only need enough for 4 GB, and that can be handled in 32 bit addressing20:39
pedro3005AJH101, try what I said above, see if it works20:39
paultagserverduck, so, right now, your CPU is processing more bits for no gain20:39
serverduckSorry, I'm slow typer because I just learned how to type correclty at my keybord20:40
paultagserverduck, it's OK, tyt20:40
Phrea32bit cpu cant adress 4GB20:40
paultagserverduck, if you had 8 GB RAM or more, then you would have a gap where 64 bits would make an impact20:40
AJH101pedro3005: hmm no - something to do with ffox location? how do i check mine?20:40
Phreamore like 3.xGB20:40
paultagPhrea, wrong again :)20:40
paultagPhrea, the -PAE kernel20:40
pedro3005AJH101, hm, open a terminal please20:40
paultagPhrea, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension20:40
xfactSongbird is not listed in synaptic by default :(20:40
Phreaah, ok20:40
paultagx86 processor hardware architecture is augmented with additional address lines used to select the additional memory, so physical address size is increased from 32 bits to 36 bits. This, theoretically, increases maximum physical memory size from 4 GB to 64 GB.20:40
serverduckI see thanks so much for tyt to explain this thiings to me.20:41
* Phrea loves being wrong20:41
pedro3005type 'ls /usr/bin/firefox'20:41
PhreaI learn som much20:41
AJH101pedro3005: ok done20:41
paultagserverduck, sure thing, it's ask a computer engineer day :)20:41
pedro3005AJH101, what did it say?20:41
xfactHow to install Songbird, may I know?20:41
paultagserverduck, long story short, perhaps consider using 32 bit for a while, with a PAE kernel, but it's really up to you20:41
serverduckSo should i install the 32 bit version then?20:41
pedro3005xfact, use the software center20:41
paultagserverduck, it's up to you, in the end20:41
paultagserverduck, but it's one way to get flash working OK :)20:41
AJH101and paste that?20:41
serverduckHow can I do that?20:42
paultagserverduck, switch to 32 bit?20:42
xfactSongbird is not listed there too!...20:42
serverduckI add the plugin to firefox folder?20:42
paultagserverduck, you would have to get a new install CD from online, unless you want to install via command line ( but I don't like doing that )20:42
* Phrea will keep on fighting with 64bits Ubu20:42
paultagPhrea, :)20:42
serverduckOhh...I see20:42
Phreathey'll get it right some day ;)20:42
paultagserverduck, It's really up to you, it's not a big deal20:43
AJH101pedro3005: hmm we are getting somewhere - another ffox broswer opens - but just my homepage20:43
paultagserverduck, but just remember, if you want that last little bit of RAM to install the -PAE kernel :)20:43
serverduckYeah, damn closed source software.20:43
pedro3005AJH101, are you sure you typed the LS?20:43
xfactNow how will I sync ipod...?20:43
pedro3005'ls /usr/bin/firefox'20:44
Phreapaultag: what if you are updating via the Ubu update service?20:44
paultagPhrea, whwat do you mean?20:44
pedro3005everything between the single quotes20:44
paultagserverduck, anything else I can help you with?20:44
Phreahow do you get that -PAE kernel then?20:44
paultagPhrea, apt ;)20:44
AJH101pedro3005: yes! :-)20:44
paultagPhrea, or the server kernel20:44
Phreaand then, with future updates, Ubu will always use the PAE kernel?20:44
pedro3005AJH101, and that opens a firefox window?20:44
paultagPhrea, no20:45
paultagPhrea, it won't use it unless it's server20:45
AJH101pedro3005: ff opens but just with homepage - not the link20:45
serverduckI'd like to know how to disable my touchpad but for always not like..20:45
pedro3005AJH101, that when you click the link, not after you run the command?20:45
serverducksudo rmmod psmouse20:45
Phreaseems like a lot of efford for a couple of hundred mb's of ram then...20:45
paultagPhrea, I'd agree, but 32 GB of RAM will work under PAE20:45
paultagPhrea, it can address up to 64 GB20:45
serverduckSome fellow ubuntu member gaved me this on #ubuntu  channel20:45
pedro3005serverduck, hm, I think you gotta blacklist the module somewhere20:45
paultagPhrea, and in theory work faster20:45
paultagserverduck, :)20:46
AJH101pedro3005: i click the link and another homepage opens20:46
Phreaok, but it is a work-around20:46
paultagPhrea, the whole intel CPU is a work-around20:46
Phreathat's why I'm on AMD :P20:46
serverduckAnd were can I get all this commands?20:46
paultagPhrea, it's still ia-3220:46
paultagPhrea, try writing ASM for an intel CPU, to put it into usermode you have to "CLI" and then set up the stack / heap as if a user exception went down20:46
pedro3005serverduck, ok, press ALT F220:46
serverduckI feel silly asking...hey how do you do that...20:46
paultagserverduck, to install the PAE kernel or what?20:47
paultagserverduck, Oh, sorry20:47
paultagpedro3005, take it away, baby20:47
pedro3005write "gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"20:47
serverduckNo, in generally to learn all this commands like20:47
serverducksudo rmmod psmouse20:47
Phreapaultag: you do realize that I'm on this channel for a reason, right? :D20:47
pedro3005serverduck, you mean know all the possible modules?20:47
paultagPhrea, it's a 8 bit CPU with a 16 bit hack, 32 bit addons with a 64 bit tweek20:47
paultagPhrea, haha, sure. me too! to help new users :)20:47
PhreaI'm here to be helped :)20:48
pedro3005AJH101, on Preferred applications, make sure there is a %s after /usr/bin/firefox, like /usr/bin/firefox %s20:48
paultagPhrea, I'm here to help, in that case :)20:48
PhreaI know20:48
pedro3005serverduck, hm, try lsmod20:48
Phreabut I think we're passed the '64bit cpu is nothing more than 8bit with hacks, addons and tweaks' ;)20:49
serverduckI need to make some beer donations to you guys:)20:49
AJH101pedro3005: brilliant - thanks very much! :-)20:49
paultagserverduck, haha, good man :P20:49
serverduckThanks for helping everyone around here.20:49
pedro3005AJH101, no problem :D come back any time20:49
paultagserverduck, sure thing, c'mon back anytime20:49
AJH101pedro3005: bye :-)20:49
pedro3005paultag, gah, I said that first20:49
paultagpedro3005, :P20:49
Phreaand, dont do anything I tell you to do, remember that ;)20:50
serverduckand sorry if i ask dumb questions, is just that i want to learn.20:50
paultagserverduck, don't say you are sorry20:50
pedro3005serverduck, ok, ready to blacklist the module?20:50
paultagserverduck, or I will freaking kick you out of here so fast20:50
pedro3005we haven't finished yet20:50
Phreathat's why this channel excists20:50
paultagserverduck, there is no such thing as a n00b question here :)20:50
pedro3005Done the bit where you press ALT F2 and write "gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist" ?20:50
PhreaI'm here 24/7 just to learn stuff20:50
serverduckI feel so fine here.20:51
paultagserverduck, Well good, then :)20:51
pedro3005paultag, ahhhhh, move that comma20:51
Phreathat's the ubu community for ya20:51
paultagpedro3005, what, do, you, mean?20:51
serverduckpedro3005, yes20:51
Akoshi team (:20:51
paultagheyya Akos20:51
* Akos is finally rockin' on Lucid20:52
paultagAkos, I'm working on my Syn 1 ( Che ) build20:52
PhreaI tested it out the other day, live session20:52
pedro3005serverduck, ok, then on the file you open, write on a new line "blacklist driver-name", so on this case, "blacklist psmouse"20:52
paultagAkos, it's taken me a few months, but I think my package manager is almost ready20:52
PhreaI must say, it works very very smooth20:52
paultagheyya elfy20:53
elfywotcha paultag20:53
pedro3005serverduck, save it, close it, and you're done. it won't start by the next reboot20:53
serverduckpedro3005, Thanks, and is there a way so that my computer could disable this automatically when a usb mouse is plugged in or not?20:54
pedro3005serverduck, that'd probably require some sort of script20:54
serverduckpedro3005, I'm just curious, back when I had windows my touchpad had this function.20:54
pedro3005I'm not advanced enough in programming to do it, but you can ask paultag or ibuclaw20:54
AJH101sorry i forgot one more questions - my link to Ubuntu One in the top panel of my screen is crossed as unavailable - i have chosen so it should  connect automatically but no joy - any ideas?20:54
serverduckpedro3005, Ok thanks.20:55
paultagAh it's not hard20:55
paultagset up a dev rule20:55
Akospaultag: wow, sounds like rock'n roll20:55
pedro3005teach us more20:56
paultagpedro3005, hehe, hold on20:56
ibuclawudev rule++20:56
paultagpedro3005, http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html20:56
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pedro3005paultag, tldr? :(20:57
paultagpedro3005, tl;dr there is a lot to do, but it's not too hard. I have to write them with that guide open20:57
serverduckOuhh and how do you install skype on Ubuntu?do you need some special plugins or so?20:58
pedro3005serverduck, nope20:58
pedro3005just download it20:58
serverduckI see, ok. :)20:58
elfyxfact: did you get songbird sorted ? - if not https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird21:00
serverduckWorks, woohoo!21:02
xfactelfy: I dunno, after using getdeb it's not listed any more.... thanks for the link :)21:02
elfyI get it form songbird - and then run it from the folder - each time I have another look at it ;)21:02
serverduckAnd I understand that you need a firewall on ubuntu...and I got a guy for it (firewall configuration for ufw) thicked deny on it ... do I need to do anything else to be protected?21:03
ibuclawserverduck, a surge protector helps. :)21:07
serverduckWhat is that?21:07
phillwserverduck: ubuntu comes fully "firewalled" ... you may to relax the rules, but the ufw is closed down21:07
serverduckI enabled it and thicked deny..is it ok?21:08
ibuclawserverduck, default deny is all OK for general usage.21:08
ibuclawif you are behind a router, you will only block people from inside your own network from potentially connecting21:09
TheHerbertwhat do i need to do do reduce my comand line history? so that if i typed the same command for ten times, it is saved only when it differs from the last one21:09
serverduckI'm behind one...21:09
ibuclawand it doesn't stop you from *inviting* people into your computer.21:09
serverduckIs there something else I should do?21:10
ibuclawserverduck, not really21:10
ibuclawserverduck, the technical way to put it, no one can connect to your computer without an ACK.21:11
serverduckOk I would leave like this for now until I get some advanced skills...21:12
ibuclawthe lament way, if you click on a questionable link, accept the consequences. :)21:12
ibuclawthough (as of writing) there are no malware, trojans or other nasties in the wild.21:13
ibuclawthere are proof of concept trojans though.21:13
ibuclawserverduck, and a surge protector is for your electrical connection from computer -> socket in the wall.21:14
* Phrea stomps on the devils tail and shouts 'IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN !!'21:15
serverduckI see...21:15
xfactRhythmbox supports ipod?21:15
ibuclawalways good to protect yourself from brown and blackouts. :)21:15
ibuclawxfact, that is what I read in the news. (for Ubuntu Lucid)21:15
xfactor any portable device?21:16
ibuclawserverduck, also, there has been a discovered flaw in OpenSSL regarding dodgy electrical connections and people obtaining private RSA keys21:17
xfactibuclaw, In Karmic in the 'plugin' section of rhythmbox it has a 'ipod support' enabled, may be that's it the thing (I have not tested)21:17
ibuclawserverduck, not that this affects people with desktops... more mobile devices and consumer products (ie: DVD player) that you can get *physical* access to.21:18
ibuclawserverduck, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/03/04/severe_openssl_vulnerability/ :D21:19
phillwxfact: the last i heard on iPods was over here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141650721:19
serverduckThanks for the link.21:19
serverduckVery interesting...21:19
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serverduckIs there a program that can give me coords on an image for an image map?23:00
phillwserverduck: depends how the image map was made.23:10
serverduckI want to make it in html....i have a gif and just need a program that can give me coords of the shapes in that gif file23:11
PhreaI'm useless, I only know of PS and FW that can do that easily23:14
Phreaisnt there an option/plugin in/for Gimp that does that?23:14
phillwokies serverduck are you using 'mouse-over' and 'mouse-click' ?23:14
Phreaimage maps dont need JS23:15
Phrea...or do they? I forget23:15
phillwphrea they do not23:16
serverduckMaybe webdeveloper toolbox can help me...23:16
Phreait's been a LONG time since I've used that...23:16
serverduckLet's see...23:16
Phreaserverduck: almost certainly it can23:16
phillwit is covered in the w3c shools23:16
Phreabut Gimp must have such a function, doenst it?23:16
Phreamaybe a plugin?23:17
serverduckWhy  is the last version of firefox not in the ubuntu software center?23:17
Phreabecause the SC isnt up to date every second23:18
Phreathey first have to descide: is this really stable23:18
serverduckOhh so evrything is tested before...23:18
phillwserverduck: which vdrsion of FFox ?23:19
Phreaa lot of people seem to think that 3.6 is the lastest version23:20
Phrea[it isnt, that's a beta version]23:20
phillwserverduck: 2nd question, how complicated is the map you want ?23:20
phillw3.6 is the stable version of FFox23:20
Phreaserverduck: be a bit patient23:20
Phreaphillw: is it now?23:20
phillwit is now on unbuntu+4 ... oh it's the stable version23:21
phillwthey're upto 3.7 on the alphas23:21
phillw3.6 is available both on 9.10 and 10.o423:22
serverduckSomething like this one, I just want to learn and move on...:)23:22
phillwserverduck: that was where I was heading, what more information for mapping a map out do you need ?23:23
serverduckwell I don't know how to generate coords...and didn't found anything in webdeveloper extenction23:24
serverduckMaybe gimp can help me23:25
phillwgimp will give you co-ordidates23:28
serverduckIt works with gimp23:28
serverduckYeah, thanks.23:28
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phillwserverduck: As long as you have a good knowledge of installing / updating things, then --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1193567&page=41  will give you how to update. If you are at all unsure ( as you will see I was), leave a post on there, lovinglinux is a really nice guy and will talk you through what you need with FFox :-)23:41
serverduckphillw, thanks for the link. I will ask him..thanks.23:54

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