ArneGoetjeasac: it's fixable, and it's on my todo list.01:03
ArneGoetjepitti: let's review the list of packages for language-support later, when you come online, shall we?01:04
asacArneGoetje: talk to ccheney and pitti01:04
asacthey seem to think they can fix it in the bug i filed01:04
asacor comment there ;)01:04
asaclet me know if you need something01:04
asacinfo etc ;)01:04
ArneGoetjeasac: ok01:05
ArneGoetjeasac: which bug number?01:06
asac23:46 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 532262 in openoffice.org-dictionaries "openoffice gets installed when adding a language in language-selector" [High,Triaged]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/53226201:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532262 in openoffice.org-dictionaries "openoffice gets installed when adding a language in language-selector" [High,Triaged]01:08
asacArneGoetje: ^^01:08
ArneGoetjeasac: thanks01:14
=== bjf is now known as bjf-afk
Sarvattdoes UNE call glxinfo to determine if it should run in 2D or 3D mode? I remember someone asking about ways to determine which was in use in #ubuntu-x a month or two ago about that. mesa-utils is now in universe for some reason (making GL compositing not work on the kubuntu livecd also)03:50
Sarvatthmm yeah, netbook-launcher doesn't depend on mesa-utils but netbook-launcher/nl-config.c is calling glxinfo03:57
RAOFCool.  Both save & save as now work.04:13
RAOFAnd undo is a matter of hooking up an appropriate button.04:13
RAOFAnd checking that memory consumption doesn't fly to Mars with large images.04:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532405 in netbook-launcher "netbook-launcher should depend on mesa-utils" [Undecided,New]04:15
RAOFThat aubergine really is a soothing colour for the terminal background.04:18
Sarvattbeing forced to that new profile didn't make me happy, i lost a 2 hour long build log because i didnt notice it forced me into a new profile with a 512 line scrollback :)04:19
Sarvattlooked exactly the same as my old setup at low screen brightness04:19
RAOFThanks for the heads up!04:19
* RAOF checks the new “unlimited” button.04:20
RAOFYup, there it is.  Memory usage FTW!05:00
robert_ancellRAOF, oh, I hadn't noticed the unlimited button.  I've been wanting that for so long :)05:05
RAOFrobert_ancell: It's clearly the correct behaviour, too.05:06
RAOFf-spot is now an excellent way of evicting unused pages from RAM.05:11
crimsunbetter than tmpfs mounted /var/cache/pbuilder/build/ and g++?05:13
RAOFNot quite as good as that.05:13
RAOFf-spot would be easier to hack on if random pieces of code didn't call Dispose() on perfectly good pixmaps.05:35
kayveanybody have an idea how to help me install libdap for Matlab I have on my Ubuntu?06:01
RAOFkayve: By joining #ubuntu and asking there?  Or checking on ubuntuforums.org?06:02
kayvenobody listens on #ubuntu06:04
RAOFHm.  It'd make sense for Undo to be a button on the Edit sidebar, wouldn't it.06:05
kayveubuntuforums.org is a total desolate wasteland for my question06:06
RAOFAre there Matlab-specific forums you could investigate?06:06
kayveRAOF: u is a real WISE guy.. a WISE guy06:22
* RAOF has visions of smart undo/redo managers, with memory-limits pushing old data out to disc and pulling it back in as needed...06:55
RAOFWarning: Architecture abstronaught boarding the shuttle!06:55
didrocksgood morning07:27
RAOFdidrocks: Good morning.07:28
didrockshey RAOF, how was your day?07:29
RAOFPretty good.07:29
RAOFWell, frustrating at times.07:29
RAOFThe f-spot code has a habit of Dispose()ing Pixbufs in strange places.07:30
RAOFBut I got 3 f-spot work items this morning, and am pretty much done on the 2nd now.07:30
didrocksargh, so it doesn't make your edit/undo code like easier :)07:30
didrockswell, you have to assume to be the Mono rockstar there :)07:32
RAOFSo now the undo passes copies around, and everything is groovy.  And just needs to be hooked up to a button!07:33
* didrocks hugs RAOF for his good work07:34
didrocksand the memory consumption isn't too scary?07:34
* RAOF hugs didrocks for being awesome.07:34
didrocksok :-)07:34
RAOFCurrently memory consumption is scary.07:34
RAOFIt's obvious how to deal with that, though, and the undo API won't need any changes to make it file-backed rather than memory-backed.07:35
RAOF(Or, indeed, to make it a mixture of memory-backed & file-backed, depending on mem-usage and undo length).07:35
didrocksdo you know how gimp do for that? It just eats memory IIRC07:36
RAOFThe gimp's much smarter than I am, I think; I'm pretty sure it's tile-based and will only copy the changed tiles & such.07:36
RAOFAlso, the gimp doesn't have to store a pixmap for each operation, it can just store the operation.07:37
didrocksoh ok. That's because my gf uses more than 3000x2500 px images than  it's just scary :)07:37
didrocksbut a file backend in /tmp sounds good for f-spot :)07:38
RAOFIdeally that's what I'd be doing here, too, but it'd need a bit of a re-architecturing before that'd work - f-spot is all about passing pixmaps around.07:38
didrocksoh sweet if you can do that! But that's more intrusive :)07:38
RAOFI'm not going to attempt it.07:39
RAOFIt's not the sort of patch I'd be pushing a couple of days away from beta freeze :)07:39
didrocksno, after release candidate is fine :)07:40
didrocksI guess storing pixmaps as a first approach is good, especially for an LTS07:40
RAOFWoot!  One working undo button!07:44
pittiGood morning07:45
didrocksoh, the edit button is already translated in French07:45
didrocksgood morning pitti, how are you?07:45
RAOFAnd with that, I'm out for dinner with my beautiful wife.  Have a good day!07:45
pittibonjour didrocks07:45
pittimuch better, a good night's sleep helped a lot :)07:45
pittihow are you guys?07:45
pittiRAOF: bye!07:45
didrocksRAOF: enjoy your dinner and your week-end, too!07:45
didrockspitti: same here :-)07:46
pittihmm, it's snowing like mad08:11
pittiI thought winter was finally over..08:11
didrocksoh really? it's nice and sunny there08:12
seb128good morning there08:37
pittibonjour seb12808:38
seb128hey pitti!08:38
pittiseb128: do you still remember what the requirements for the gdm cursor are?08:38
pittiseb128: hide it from X start until gdm is ready, that much I know08:39
seb128hide it08:39
pittiseb128: but also from "press login" to "session is ready"?08:39
* pitti would like to keep that one, but isn't sure08:39
seb128I think sabdfl would like no spinning cursor at all on login08:39
didrockshey seb12808:39
pittiseb128: ok, I'll see what I can do08:39
pittilooks rather easy to do08:39
seb128especially in the autologin case08:39
seb128no need to have a cursor on an empty screen08:40
seb128we want it to be displayed when the desktop is loaded08:40
seb128lut didrocks08:40
seb128how lucid looks for everybody?08:40
* seb128 did several rounds of updates and fixing until late and hope theming is ok08:40
didrocksseb128: look awesome. I like the new defaults (and new g-t color)08:40
pittiI still need to restart my session to get the full love08:41
seb128good ;-)08:41
seb128pitti, I screwed the gdm bzr btw08:41
pittioh, how?08:41
seb128you didn't push your 0ubuntu508:41
seb128so I did debcommit and tag my 0ubuntu508:41
seb128got the uploaded bounced back08:41
pittiargh, I'm so sorry08:41
seb128so I had to merge your changes, do mines again and push that as 0ubuntu608:42
seb128so 0ubuntu5 tag is not what it should08:42
seb128but I'm not sure how to fix that afterward08:42
seb128pitti, np08:42
seb128it was just starting be late and I'm not sure how much we care about tags being right08:42
seb128just letting you know they are wrong for this upload08:42
pittiright, thanks08:43
mvoseb128: I think you can untag/override tags08:45
seb128mvo, I tried deleted one and failed08:45
pittiyes, but the last two uploads are all in one commit now08:45
mvoseb128: bzr tag ---force does not work?08:45
pittibzr tag --remove <tag>, and then retag08:45
seb128mvo, I get warnings about duplicate tags when I tag again08:45
seb128pitti, that remove it locally but not online08:45
pittibut you'd need separate commits for ubuntu5 and ubuntu6 for that08:45
pittiseb128: for that you need to push --overwrite08:46
seb128when you push it complains about duplicate tag still08:46
seb128ah, that might be it08:46
seb128pitti, well either we let it this way08:46
pittiseb128: just leave it, it's not a biggie08:46
seb128or we uncommit my change, push yours and then I do the bzr update again08:46
seb128ok, good08:46
* pitti cdbs-edit-patch debian/patches/32-hide-mouse-cursor.patch08:47
seb128where? gdm?08:47
seb128or xorg?08:47
* seb128 curious08:47
pittixorg is fine08:47
pittiit already starts with an invisible mouse cursor08:48
pittiso the --enable-null-root-cursor option is obsolete08:48
pittiit was also removed entirely in git head08:48
pittiso we just need to stop gdm from displaying the busy one08:48
seb128there is a patch on launchpad for that IIRC08:48
pittiand remove it again after you press the login button08:48
seb128or hack rather08:48
seb128let me look08:49
seb128dx guys did one where they commented some gtk calls previous cycle08:49
pittiit looks rather easy to do anyway08:50
pittiI didn't see a bug about it08:50
pittiseb128: btw, is it intended to have a kind of frame around the close/minimize buttons?08:50
pittilooks a bit weird08:50
pittithe color shading is opposite to the main window title bar there08:50
pittiit looks like a drawing error to me08:51
pittiARGH ARGH!08:51
seb128I'm not sure08:51
seb128pitti, what?08:51
pittiwo set white text on violet background by default in the terminal?08:51
* pitti sighs08:51
seb128he's the one who sent the settings to use for that one08:52
pittiwell, I guess only in the dark theme anyway08:52
pittiseb128: in g-appearance-props, my theme is now set to "custom"; is that just local configuration?08:52
seb128pitti, what ubuntu-artwork version do you have?08:53
pittiboth Ambiance and Radiacne look different08:53
seb128ambiance is dark, radiance is light08:53
pittiright, but the "custom" one (which I got after upgrade) has slightly different colors than ambiance08:54
pittiseb128: 53.108:54
seb128do you get it in a guest session too?08:54
seb128can't find the gdm patch from previous cycle08:54
pittiseb128: don't worry about gdm, it's really not rocket science so far08:55
* seb128 away a few minutes to get coffee08:56
pittiso, need to dist-upgrade my laptop still - this morning it wanted to remove empathy, so I just upgraded08:56
pittiah, it's there now08:56
seb128pitti, wfm in a guest session08:56
pittiseb128: ok, I blame local configuration then; so it's intended that ambiance is the default?08:57
seb128pitti, yes09:03
seb128I use radiance there09:03
pittihm, terminal doesn't use the system theme by default, so it's white-on-black for the bright theme as well09:03
seb128right, design said there was no need to make 2 themes there09:04
seb128only one with the current settings09:04
pittibut that means that the terminal defaults to white-on-black in any theme..09:04
seb128don't tell me09:04
pittiwell, I'll file a bug09:04
pittithis is WRONG09:04
seb128if you ask me we should fiddle with command line themes at all09:05
seb128it's tricky anyway09:05
seb128those don't get set by GNOME themes in the appareance capplet09:05
seb128so you can't get them changed by switching GNOME themes09:05
pittiseb128: hm, I removed my entire ~/.gconf/ (on the mini), rebooted, and it still says "custom"; hmm09:06
seb128pitti, so09:06
seb128can you get me the gconf key for mouse cursor, gtk, wm themes09:06
seb128pitti, look to /usr/share/gconf/defaults/16_ubuntu-artwork09:07
seb128for the key names09:07
seb128and gconftool --get the one I listed09:07
seb128those are the first 3 in the gconf-default09:08
seb128or rather 1 to 509:08
pittigtk_theme: Dust09:09
pittiicon_theme: Humanity-Dark09:09
seb128that's not coming from the packaging for sure09:10
seb128grep Dust /usr/share/gconf/defaults/*09:10
seb128grep Dust .gconf/* -r09:10
pittiseb128: ok, local b0rkage, nevermind09:11
seb128good ;-)09:11
seb128I've confirmed it's ok on my mini09:11
seb128which has an alpha3 untouched installed09:12
didrockshum, maybe netbook-launcher should use the Ambiance theme09:23
didrocksthat doesn't break UI freeze?09:24
seb128what ui freeze?09:25
seb128ui freeze was yesterday and the theme uploaded yesterday09:25
didrocksseb128: right, but I'm talking about changing the default theme for netbook-launcher session…09:26
pittiseb128: did the new theme do anything to force new settings over existing terminal gconf keys?09:28
pittiseb128: I previously had no menu bar, no scrollbar, and a different font09:28
pitti(and different colors009:28
pittiit's all messed up now09:28
seb128pitti, ask chrisccoulson when he joins09:28
seb128he did all the g-t changes09:29
seb128he said he took care of having the new profile applied on upgrade09:29
seb128that might be a sideeffect09:29
pittiseb128: so that's in gnome-terminal itself? just want to know where to file the bug against09:30
Laneyyeah mine was changed to Ambience too09:31
seb128pitti, yes09:31
pittiI flipped it back to "default", and it's back to normal09:31
pittior that09:31
pitti"Vorgabe" :)09:31
pittiwhich doesn't mean "legacy", but "default"09:31
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:40
seb128hey chrisccoulson!09:40
seb128how are you?09:40
chrisccoulsonyeah, good thanks. how are you?09:40
pittihey chrisccoulson09:41
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how are you?09:41
pittiLaney: please feel free to confirm bug 53251109:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532511 in gnome-terminal "terminal settings messed up after upgrade due to forced profile change" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53251109:41
pittichrisccoulson: you destroyed my terminals!09:41
pittichrisccoulson: I'm great, thanks! how are you?09:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - what happened?09:41
pittichrisccoulson: bug 53251109:41
chrisccoulsonlooking now09:42
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson09:43
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks09:43
pittichrisccoulson: I attached my original gconf settings now09:48
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm confused slightly. those gconf settings are post-upgrade aren't they?09:49
pittichrisccoulson: yes, they are09:49
didrockschrisccoulson: you changed the default theme gconf key and as most of user change in the default profile and don't create a new one…09:49
chrisccoulsonit hasn't migrated you to the new profile according to the settings (it's only merged in the new system profile, so that it appears in your profile list)09:49
pittichrisccoulson: I think what happened is09:50
pitti1) I have changed the default profile, since that's what "profile settings..." does09:50
pitti2) Default was changd to Legacy09:50
pitti3) the new default theme is "Ambience"09:50
chrisccoulsondidrocks - that was intentional as the request was that people would see the new settings on upgrade09:50
pittiso it would have totally ignored my settings in "Default"09:50
pittichrisccoulson: but that doesn't work at all with customizations09:50
pittiblack on black text is bad..09:51
chrisccoulsonpitti - i only changed the visible UI string from Default to Legacy - the actual (previously default) theme is actually still called "Default" really09:51
chrisccoulsoni'll try upgrading a few times this morning and see if i can trigger that too09:51
LaneyI saw it too, btw09:52
Laneyupgrade, restart g-t, got new theme09:52
pittichrisccoulson: but it apparently didn't use the settings in /apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default09:52
LaneyI had just modified some colours of the default theme09:52
pittichrisccoulson: oh, I have an idea09:52
pittichrisccoulson: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/40235420/gnome-terminal.gconf-original.xml09:52
pittichrisccoulson: my gconf tree only has changes for "Default"09:53
pittichrisccoulson: but it doesn't have a custom gconf key for /apps/gnome-terminal/global/default_profile09:53
pittiso I assume I got that from the schema09:53
pittiit wouldn't be so bad if the upgrade wouldn't have disabled "use colors from system theme"09:54
pittinow terminal is white-on-black in all themes, even the light ones09:54
kayveCURSEs.. foiled again10:08
* seb128 is away for a bit10:11
mvompt: good morning. i need a error message (in addition to "not connected to the internet") for the ratings&reviews submission when the server is not availalbe (or in read only mode). I except this will happen quite a bit when the server is launched. something like "Sorry, the server is not ready, please try again later." (well, text and place)10:11
didrocksany idea against which package this bug can be opened against (see video): https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/531997/comments/5 ?10:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531997 in netbook-launcher "netbook-launcher desktop menu and icons don't always work" [Undecided,Fix released]10:13
mptmvo, the spec has "Couldn’t connect to the review service." Is that ok?10:23
mvompt: sure, that is fine. sorry, seems like I have overlooked that. anything like "please try again later" or is that obvious anyway?10:27
mptmvo, good point. We have limited room there, though. How about "Sorry, couldn’t connect. Try again later." ?10:29
tseliotpitti: does jockey remove the nvidia packages when you disable nvidia? Or does it only disable the driver?10:30
pittitseliot: it removes the package10:30
mptmvo, if so, that case we could use the same string for sign-on errors as for review submission errors10:30
mvompt: fine as well. limitied space is a problem indeed, maybe we could move it to a different place or something? I suppose some languages will make it long.10:31
tseliotpitti: can't we just make it switch to the free driver?10:31
pittitseliot: since it overwrote libGL (before the alternatives setup), and we also want to untaint the kernel by removing the module10:31
pittitseliot: I guess with the alternatives setup we could just switch10:31
pittitseliot: but then you woulnd't have a GUI way to actually uninstall it10:31
tseliotpitti: right as nouveau would prevent nvidia from loading10:31
pittibut I don't mind either way10:31
pittiwhichever you like better10:31
mptmvo, how about we move it above the Cancel/Publish buttons? (But still left aligned.) So if there's an error the window lengthens a bit.10:32
tseliotpitti: synaptic or software center should allow you to remove the driver10:32
mvompt: I wonder if we should show something more verbose while the server is in beta mode so that users do not get put off, I'm not sure that this makes sense though10:32
mptmvo, then we could make it more verbose10:32
mvompt: good idea, I can do that can send you a screenshot?10:32
mptmvo, sure10:32
mvompt: the window should not resize, right. when its hidden there is just blank space?10:33
tseliotpitti: is there anything that needs to be overridden in the nvidia handler to do this?10:33
* pitti checks10:33
didrocksseb128: when you will be back: (cf upper): any idea against which package this bug can be opened against this comment: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/531997/comments/5 (the video show, even in gnome session, all flickering: gnome panel, nautilus…). That's stop when opening a menu. xorg, maybe?10:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531997 in netbook-launcher "netbook-launcher desktop menu and icons don't always work" [Undecided,Fix released]10:34
pittitseliot: hm, uninstalling the package is pretty deeply woven into the basic Handler10:35
pittitseliot: so far we assumed that you want to completely get rid of it to avoid side effects from leftover files10:35
pittitseliot: you could hack around it by temporarily unsetting self.package in nvidia.py's disable()10:35
tseliotpitti: right, that used to be the case10:35
pittitseliot: this was originally written with this "freedom" idea in mind, thus removing a driver should purge the evil^Wnonfree bits from the computer10:36
tseliotpitti: ah, I think I'll have to do that we I reenable fglrx too10:36
mptmvo, I was suggesting that it should resize10:37
mptmvo, it would be a jump in 2.0, but in Lucid+1 it would slide smoothly10:38
mvompt: ok, fine with me. so just error there or connection label as well?10:39
mptmvo, just errors -- "Submitting review…" shouldn't make it resize.10:45
mvompt: yep10:48
mptmvo, and remember the mini error icon at the leading end10:49
mvompt: ok, thanks.10:49
mptmvo, also the border around the review field. ;-)10:51
mpt(ok, I'll stop now)10:51
mvompt: border?10:52
mvompt: oh, I think thats a iside effect of it being "sensitive(False)"10:52
mptmvo, for some reason in Glade, text fields are missing their border by default, so you need to add it. It should obviously be there even when insensitive.10:53
mvompt: *cough* how are your glade skills doing ;) *cough*10:53
mptmvo, I have card sorting sessions for the next 4.5 hours, but if it can wait until after that, sure. :-)10:53
mvompt: no worries, I can fix it now10:54
mvompt: but for stuff that looks incorrect, just jump in and fix it in the glade file, I will merge then10:54
mvompt: +4.5h? woah!10:55
mptok, will do10:55
mvompt: what kind of border do you need exactly? shadow_type?10:55
mvoor a explicit gtk.Frame?10:56
mptmvo, 1/2 hour preparation, 1 hour session, 1/2 hour data collection, lunch, 1 hour session, 1/2 hour data collection10:57
* mvo nods10:58
mptmvo, sorry, I asked bratsche and he didn't know. I know it's been fixed before in other applications.11:02
mptmvo, e.g. the Gnome Dictionary does it.11:03
mptI can't find it in Glade.11:04
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=== al-maisan-lunch is now known as al-maisan
mptmvo, separate topic, I don't know why the categories branch is showing up as conflicting, I just merged trunk and there were no conflicts11:07
mptI committed the merge11:07
chrisccoulsoni'm completely confused by this terminal issue now11:14
pittiasac, chrisccoulson: do you have an opinion about network-manager-pptp?11:18
asacpitti: yes, MIR11:22
asacon CD11:23
asacits essential for 80% of russian DSL users11:23
pittiasac: I mean, do you know if it's good, or crap, or didn't you use it so far?11:23
asacwe shouldnt forget to do it11:23
asacpitti: its one of the things i actually use from time to time ;)11:23
pittiit looks pretty okay to me, but I haven't ever used it11:23
asacshould be fine11:23
pittiok, thanks11:23
asacpitti: do you need it for private?11:24
pittiasac: no, just looking at the MIR11:24
asacyes. the main problem was that in the past the vpn plugins werent really maintained as first class citizen upstream11:24
asacbut that has changed now in 0.811:24
asace.g. they were released together with nm/nma11:25
robert_ancellpitti, ok to upload simple-scan 0.9.6?11:37
mptrobert_ancell, do you have "Scanning" Category in its .desktop file?11:37
mptrobert_ancell, ah, nm, I see it does11:38
robert_ancellmpt, no, way to spoil my release candidate :)11:38
robert_ancellmpt, oh good. it does :)11:38
chrisccoulsonpitti - so, i'm not too sure how to get around this terminal issue. gnome-terminal seems to write user-specific gconf keys for the colour settings even if you don't change them11:44
chrisccoulsonso, if i just change the default colour settings in the "Default" profile, then only new users get the new colours, and no upgrader will see them11:45
didrockschrisccoulson: same issue than with gnome-panel, welcome :)11:45
chrisccoulsonwhich is why I created a whole new profile11:45
chrisccoulsonand then the patch I wrote ensures the new profile is merged in to the users list of available profiles11:46
pittichrisccoulson: hm, I was going to suggest to just change the default gconf keys11:55
pittiso that customizations don't get lost11:55
pitticreating a new profile and forcing upgraders to it will always cause trouble like that11:55
pittichrisccoulson: and if a user customized his settings, we should respect that IMHO11:55
pittichrisccoulson: and for the default case the new schema values should take over, shouldn't they?11:56
pittichrisccoulson: "write user-specific gconf keys for the colour settings even if you don't change them" -> shouldn't we fix that instead?11:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - well, that's the issue. gnome-terminal seems to write user-specific keys even if you don't change any settings11:56
chrisccoulsoni'll have a look and see if i can make it work anyway11:56
pittichrisccoulson: with fixing that, and changing your patch to unset keys which are equal to the default value (for fixing upgrades) we might get much closer to where we want to be?11:56
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think so11:57
robert_ancellpitti, ok to upload ^^^ ?11:59
pittirobert_ancell: oh, hello; unusual time for you :)11:59
pittirobert_ancell: what does it change?11:59
robert_ancellpitti, just bug fixes.  It's the 1.0 release candidate12:00
pittirobert_ancell: bug fixes are alright, UI changes and new features need exceptions now12:00
seb128didrocks, what was the question?12:00
seb128I don't fancy reading all the backlog12:00
pittirobert_ancell: bug fix only is fine, we don't have a "bug fix freeze"12:00
seb128robert_ancell, hey12:00
* pitti -> lunch12:00
robert_ancellpitti, I think I have to ask because it's a new upstream version right?  If it was Ubuntu patches it wouldn't need permission12:01
robert_ancellseb128, hey12:01
didrocksseb128: no pb. It was just "do you have any idea against which package the bug should be reported": the user (on the video) have a flickering screen (gnome-panel and nautilus for instance). It stops when clicking on a menu12:01
seb128didrocks, xorg? ;-)12:02
seb128didrocks, no real clue otherwise no12:02
didrockswell, I would have said that too, let's choose it :)12:02
tjaaltonwhich bug?12:02
tjaaltoner, feature12:03
didrockstjaalton: the feature is that one: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/531997/comments/5 there is even a nice video :)12:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531997 in netbook-launcher "netbook-launcher desktop menu and icons don't always work" [Undecided,Fix released]12:04
didrocksI just find the story not really funny ^^12:04
tjaaltonhuh, weird12:07
tjaaltonprobably file it against xserver-xorg-video-intel then12:07
didrockstjaalton: ok, I'll advise him that. thanks :)12:11
didrockschrisccoulson: FYI, I've pushed a slight change in g-t, you probably want to grab the package again12:11
rickspencer3good morning12:20
rickspencer3has the new theme melted the world yet?12:20
seb128hey rickspencer312:21
rickspencer3hi seb12812:21
* ogra heard a good bunch of complaints about the button ordering12:21
ograapart from that only positive stuff :)12:21
seb128rickspencer3, not yet, a few bugs but mostly good12:21
pittihey rickspencer312:22
rickspencer3hi pitti12:22
pittirickspencer3: terminals are messed up, and button order is weird, otherwise it seems to have landed well12:23
rickspencer3terminals are "messed up"?12:23
seb128rickspencer3, he doesn't like the sabdfl theme :p12:23
seb128(+some minor upgrade bugs resetting your settings for it)12:23
pittirickspencer3: well, on upgrade it resets all your configurations and I got black text on black background :)12:24
seb128pitti, you did?12:24
pitti(yes, I don't like black themes, but I don't mind switching to it on upgrade if there are no user settings)12:24
pittiseb128: yes12:24
seb128I got that on none of my box and that's not what the new theme should have12:24
pittiseb128: that's what $PS1 says :)12:24
seb128I get white text and some transparency12:25
* ogra got white text on violet transparent Bg ... a scrollbar and a manubar 12:28
ograi had selected white on black, no scrollbar no menubar before12:29
seb128right, the color as the right ones12:29
seb128it should probably not touch your other settings though12:30
ograit shouldnt touch my color setting either :)12:30
ograit was set to user-defined .... because i turned the white text a bit grey12:31
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
rickspencer3_seb128, I presume this terminal problem is a bug?12:31
* rickspencer3_ still has 2 minutes of downloading12:31
* seb128 is away some minutes12:32
pittirickspencer3_: bug 53251112:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532511 in gnome-terminal "terminal settings messed up after upgrade due to forced profile change" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53251112:32
* pitti -> lunch for real now12:32
rickspencer3_bye pitti12:32
pittihm, where did network-manager go?12:32
pittihm, it's running12:32
pittioh noes -- they made the icon really incomprehensible12:33
pittitwo arrows?!?12:33
* ogra does have a funnel, not two arrows12:33
pittihow is that supposed to connote a network?12:33
ograare you connected wired ?12:33
pittithat's ethernet, yes12:33
pittiand for you?12:33
ograits like a funnel with arcs showing the link quality12:34
pittiah, wifi12:35
pittiok, lunch attempt the 3rd, for really real now :)12:35
huatshello eveyrone !12:37
james_wdobey: are these new u1 packages bugfix only?12:48
=== popey_ is now known as popey
seb128rickspencer3_, having internet issues?13:00
rickspencer3_seb128, sort of13:02
rickspencer3_switching between different connections13:02
rickspencer3_it works, but not for xchat13:02
rickspencer3_I find I have to reconnect when I change interfaces :(13:02
seb128it usually works for me if I'm quick enough13:03
rickspencer3_seb128, heh13:04
chrisccoulsonpitti - i've got an updated package for bug 352118 (just cherry-picking a patch from upstream git), if you feel like doing any sponsoring ;)13:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352118 in wpasupplicant "WPA writes possibly unnecessary messages to the system log" [Unknown,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35211813:10
pittichrisccoulson: oh, sure; thanks!13:35
pittichrisccoulson: hm, I seem to remember that we could sync the package13:36
pittichrisccoulson: anyway, where is it? should I apply/upload http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28178677/wpa-supplicant.patch ?13:36
chrisccoulsonpitti - i had a look at the changes, and thought it might be best to sync next cycle13:36
chrisccoulsonone second, i'll attach the patch to the bug report13:37
dpmccheney, the Latvian translator building OO.o we've been talking about is asking: <pecisk> dpm: what is debinan/l10n/ooo-guide-* files? We can't find how to map them with actual OO.o source, do you think you could tell him a bit more about this?13:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - attached13:40
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
pittichrisccoulson: uploaded; thanks!13:41
seb128bah, can't try pitti's gdm cursor change13:57
* seb128 grrr at plymouth sending him on a text vt at boot13:57
seb128pitti, I'm sure it works don't worry ;-)13:58
pittiseb128: it's not perfect yet, at some (early) point gnome-session etc. takes over and shows the normal arrow again13:58
pittibut it at least gets rid of the initial part from plymouhth to gdm13:58
NafaiGood morning14:06
pittihey Nafai, how are you?14:07
NafaiDoing well.14:07
seb128hey Nafa14:07
seb128hey Nafai14:07
NafaiI haven't had that weird X clients error since I removed the LastPass Chrome extension14:08
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
dobeyjames_w: not exactly. it's the release for ui freeze, but I had to upload it yesterday morning, because the ui freeze deadline was in the middle of when LP was down for 2.5 hours wed. night14:10
james_wdobey: do you have an exception?14:10
james_ware there new features, or just bug fixes that require interface changes?14:11
dobeyan exception for UI freeze? no, there are other things we'll be asking exceptions for that we want to get in next week though. it's mostly bug fixes, and UI changes for features that were already in14:12
james_wnot storage-protocol I assume?14:13
dobeyprotocol is just bug fixes14:13
james_wok, I'll upload that, and can you speak to the release team about the UI changes?14:14
dobeywe have to get an exception just because LP was down and thus made it impossible to actually do a release when I was ready to?14:15
james_wI asked you to speak to them?14:15
james_wI can't grant you a freeze exception, and so I can't tell you whether you need one or not.14:16
james_wW: ubuntuone-storage-protocol source: obsolete-relation-form-in-source in source build-depends-indep: protobuf-compiler (> 2.0.3-0ubuntu1)14:16
james_wW: ubuntuone-storage-protocol source: build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any14:16
james_wcould you fix the first one of those warnings in your storage-protocol branch?14:17
james_wand is there a reason to override the second warning, or is it pointing out and oversight?14:17
dobeyi don't know what it means? is that something that changed in lucid?14:18
dobeyi don't recall seeing it before14:18
james_wyou can use lintian-info -t obsolete-relation-form-in-source to get more information14:19
james_wI'm going to grab some dinner, I'm happy to help you further when I return if you need it14:20
pittiasac: do you think there'll be a solution for bug 512615, or do we just have to live with it? (it's not the end of the world, after all)14:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512615 in firefox "fonts are incorrectly rendered due to not using system cairo" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51261514:22
pittichrisccoulson: ^ FYI14:22
dobeyjames_w: fixed/pushed in that branch14:24
asacpitti: there are two regressions:14:25
asaca) upstream cairo lacks a patch they refuse to take for 2 years at least ... but which we ship14:25
james_wthanks dobey14:25
asaclcd patch14:25
james_wdobey: let me know what the release team say and I'll upload as soon as they are happy with it14:26
asacb) the gtk font settings are parsed by the system cairo, but then NULLED out in the in-source cairo, so firefox uses whatever fontconfig says14:26
asacfor a) we could use a patch14:26
asacbut i would prefer not to, because upstrema explicitly rejected it multiple times14:26
asacfr b) serious debugging is required14:27
pittiasac: right, I think I understand the problem; so it doesn't look like this would be fixed anytime soon, right?14:27
asacwe should try to escalate it upstream ... let me ask reed if he thinks it would help for this one to nominate it as a release blockewr14:27
asacstay tuned14:28
* asac has another call now14:28
pittiasac: thanks for the reads-up!14:29
dobeywhy is there no ReleaseTeam wiki page14:29
pittidobey: what do you need to know? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess is probably most interesting in these days14:30
dobeyi need to know where to send an e-mail to ask if i even need a freeze exception14:31
pittijust subscribe ubuntu-release to the bug and ask14:31
dobeythere's no bug14:32
pittikenvandine, Riddell: can you please update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus for DX/Kubuntu? Thanks!14:35
dobeywell i requested merge review from ubuntu-release then, and added a comment explaining why14:35
dobeyfor https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntu/lucid/ubuntuone-client/trunk/+merge/2066914:35
pittidobey: how much UI does it change?14:36
kenvandinepitti, sure14:38
dobeypitti: not much... location of the "Connect" button, and a couple of menu items in the nautilus extension to manage user defined folders14:41
pittidobey: ok, sounds fine14:41
pittidobey: replied14:42
dobeypitti: cool, thanks14:43
seb128rickspencer3, wb14:47
seb128rickspencer3, did it work?14:47
rickspencer3thanks seb12814:47
rickspencer3yup, all working14:47
seb128good ;-)14:47
rickspencer3seb128, great job with landing this stuff!14:47
* pitti hugs seb12814:48
* seb128 hugs pitti14:48
seb128pitti, what is stripping the .desktop translations?15:39
pittiseb128: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/langpack.mk15:40
seb128oh the sed call15:40
seb128stupid me15:40
seb128pitti, thanks15:40
=== bjf-afk is now known as bjf
pittiseb128: you need it in a non-cdbs package?15:44
seb128pitti, yes15:44
* pitti guesses we need to port this to dh at some point15:44
seb128we do15:44
seb128it's on my list of infrastructure changes needed for next cycle15:44
pittior better yet, get that damn thing upstream15:44
seb128that would be nice indeed!15:45
nigelbpitti: when you get the time (after the release), if could help me learn how to port to dh, I could try to help :)15:49
pittinigelb, seb128: I think we should create a new dh_gnome and dh_langpack which do what langpack.mk and gnome.mk currently do, change those two .mk to just call dh_{gnome,langpack}, and change dh to call those two15:50
seb128pitti, seems a good plan to me15:51
pittithe two new dh scripts could be in gnome-pkg-tools15:51
pittiI don't think we can/should add them to DH itself15:51
pittibut then I don't knwo whether you can extend dh with external plugins15:51
didrockspitti: seems a good idea, right15:51
pitticdbs is much nicer and more flexible in that regard, dh is very static15:51
pittiquilt does something similar15:52
pittiit ships two new dh_quilt and adds them to the sequencer in quilt.pm15:52
didrockspitti: yes, that's what is trigger with dh --with-quilt15:52
pittiso, that seems to be a workable plan15:53
pittinigelb: if you want to work on that, that'd be great15:53
didrocksso, not sure if debhelper still need --with-<pluging>15:53
nigelbpitti: I'd to learn more about dh in that case, my knowledge is almost minimal15:54
pittididrocks: presumably yes15:54
pittiseb128: ^ hm, it occurs to me that in this case we'd need to modify packages again15:54
didrockspitti: let's see if we can patch debhelper to have that in an evironment variable15:54
pittifor adding gnome-pkg-tools and the --with-gnome/--with-langpack?15:54
didrocksso that we don't have to patch every package debian/rules :/15:55
pittididrocks: how would that help us?15:55
seb128well ideally there would be a dh_gnome in debian too15:55
didrockspitti: adding the environment variable to our build system, like when binarymangler is specially adding15:55
pittiseb128: do you know if Debian has gnome dh7 packages? do they b-dep on something in particular like gnome-pkg-tools? i. e. the equivalent of including gnome.mk?15:55
seb128which does schemas registration etc15:56
seb128and we would just tweak it in ubuntu15:56
seb128to do some extra things15:56
pittiseb128: that'd be best, then we could just change it15:56
didrockssomething like DEBHELPER_PLUGIN="gnome:langpack"15:56
seb128pitti, I don't think they do no15:56
seb128they use cdbs15:56
pittiok, as long as they do, that should be fine15:56
seb128the packages I've issue with are those from the mono team15:56
seb128ie tomboy and f-spot15:56
seb128so far it's limited to 2 so that's ok to workaround15:57
* LaserJock thinks somebody needs to create an irssi-ubuntu-theme script that automatically sets a good theme depending on if you use Radiance or Ambiance16:20
didrocksthe default weechat theme fits with new gnome-terminal background :)16:25
rickspencer3_kenvandine, I see a few "Done" work items for SFTS16:29
kenvandinemore coming :)16:29
pittijust saw them as well, great work!16:29
kenvandineabout to release gwibber 2.29.91 :)16:29
pittikenvandine: so it autostarts now iff you have configured accounts?16:30
kenvandinebeen waiting for desktopcouch to not blow up :)16:30
hyperairgnome-terminal has a background now?16:30
kenvandinewith a 30s delay16:30
kenvandinehyperair, i noticed that too... nice touch imho16:30
pittihyperair: I think just a mild transparency16:30
pittifortunately easy enough to disable again16:30
hyperairkenvandine: i'm still using my customized green-on-black gnome-terminal in karmic16:31
hyperairkenvandine: sscreenshot?16:31
kenvandineit's just transparent16:31
kenvandinenothing to really see :)16:31
hyperairi see.16:31
kenvandineit is a new profile16:31
hyperairi see.16:31
kenvandineso you can just change back if you like16:32
kenvandinenice way of doing it :)16:32
LaserJockit's rather solid purple here16:32
pittikenvandine: well, it causes a lot of grief that way, though (bug is filed), so it might not be a new theme in the final version16:32
hyperairLaserJock: i can't imagine working with a solid purple terminal, actually.16:33
hyperairmine's translucent black16:33
kenvandinepitti, i like it that way, so simple to revert if you want16:33
LaserJockhyperair: it's actually not bad, I like it a lot better than green-on-black16:34
pittikenvandine: but it tramps over all your settings16:34
hyperairLaserJock: /me shudders16:34
pittikenvandine: this morning I had the menu bar, scroll bar, and huge font, and black text on black bg16:34
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, so you like the gnome-terminal theme change?16:40
kenvandinekindof :)16:40
kenvandinei doubt i will keep it16:40
kenvandinebut my initial thought was "wow, they even themed the terminal"16:41
jcastroneeds to be darker16:41
jcastroharder to read, I filed a bug16:41
didrocksjcastro: it'll, I changed the value, but didn't update it16:41
jcastrodidrocks: thanks!16:41
didrocksjcastro: I checked with kwwii to have the official value :)16:41
didrocksjcastro: I can update with your bug number, do you have it handy?16:42
chrisccoulsoni'm still not sure how we're going to implement the theme in a way which doesn't make lots of people unhappy16:46
chrisccoulsonbut, i'll have a think about that over the weekend16:46
didrockschrisccoulson: I just upload the color change then16:48
chrisccoulsondidrocks - please do. i need a bit longer to think of implentation detail16:49
seb128chrisccoulson, just change the color of the default theme?16:49
didrockschrisccoulson: no pb :)16:49
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the only issue with that is gnome-terminal writes user-specific keys when you run it, even if you don't change anything16:49
seb128that's a recurrent issue16:49
chrisccoulsonso, only new profiles will see it, and no upgraders will ever get it even if they didn't change any settings16:50
seb128how did you workaround that in your upload?16:50
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i created a new profile, set the new profile as the default, and wrote a patch to merge any new system profiles in to the users list of available ones16:50
chrisccoulsonso, the way it works at the moment is:16:51
chrisccoulson1) New installs get it16:51
chrisccoulson2) People who have changed settings within the default profile also get it, but they're existing settings will still be available in the old profile to revert back to16:51
chrisccoulson3) People who have created new profiles will get the new profile in the list of available ones, but it won't be default16:52
seb128that seems good16:52
seb128only 2) seems to confuse people?16:52
chrisccoulsonyeah, it seems so16:52
chrisccoulsonand it seems that pitti ended up with black text on black background with the new profile too, which I still don't really understand16:53
seb128I'm wondering if we should just don't touch user datas out of adding it as an available profile16:53
seb128and just make it default on new installs16:53
seb128me neither16:53
pittichrisccoulson: my $PS1 sets black text (after some other colors in the prompt)16:53
seb128seems pitti is the only one who got that so far though16:53
seb128so it's not really a bug16:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, that makes more sense then16:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - but your existing profile was still intact?16:54
seb128it's just a config conflict16:54
pittichrisccoulson: yes, when I switched back to "Vorgabe" (default? legacy?) it worked again16:54
seb128well that seems quite ok to me16:54
seb128the other alternative would be to let alone people who changed their config16:54
seb128ie not upgrade upgraders16:55
* pitti is lagged, release meeting going on, sorry16:55
chrisccoulsonconfig migration really sucks at the moment16:55
pittichrisccoulson: oh, why?16:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - i was just making a comment in general there ;)16:56
pittithe usual "change schema and don't touch user config" seems to work quite well?16:56
pittiit's not unlike we have with conffiles in packages16:57
chrisccoulsonwe seem to have the same issues with changing the panel config etc...16:57
pittiyes, every time we try to override user customizations :)16:57
chrisccoulsonit would be nicer if we could theme the VteTerminal from the actual gtk theme instead16:57
seb128pitti, well those are case where we can't tell if user customized16:58
seb128which is the issue16:58
didrocksI guess chrisccoulson said "what is bad is that even when you don't change anything, some apps writes in .gconf/ at first launched"16:58
pittiright, those ^ are real bugs16:58
didrockssame with gnome-panel and that's what makes the session switching hackish16:58
seb128or with any setting16:58
seb128if you ever change your background and go back to the default one it's an user setting16:59
seb128apply to any setting you ever tried to change16:59
seb128we have to way to say if (user_value == system_value) then reset it16:59
seb128we is often what we would like to do on upgrade16:59
* didrocks upgrades his last netbook and say bye bye to brown :)17:03
seb128ok, enough for today17:16
* seb128 calls it a week17:16
seb128have fun everybody, see you next week!17:16
Nafailater seb128!17:17
=== LaserRock is now known as LaserJock
didrockswell, week-end time for me as well17:49
didrockssee you next week everyone, enjoy a little rest o/17:49
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks, have a good weekend17:50
pittibye didrocks17:57
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
* pitti waves good night as well18:23
chrisccoulsongood night pitti, have a good weekend18:35
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro_
debfxpitti: do you know why hal sets laptop_panel.brightness_in_hardware to true if /sys/module/video/parameters/brightness_switch_enabled == Y ?19:39
baptiste_Did lucid broke my gconf parameters?19:56
baptiste_a new profile was created and used in gnome-terminal19:57
ccheneybaptiste_: yea easy to switch back to normal one, but i found that a little annoying as well19:58
baptiste_and few others parameters were changed here and there in various applications19:58
baptiste_and I can't delete it ...19:59
ccheneythe other profile? its system wide19:59
ccheneyor at least i would expect it is19:59
ccheneybaptiste_: yea its listed in /usr/share/gconf/defaults/10_gnome-terminal-data20:00
chrisccoulsonhey, i see you're talking about gnome-terminal20:01
baptiste_chrisccoulson, :) yeah20:01
baptiste_are you the guilty guy ?20:01
chrisccoulsonbaptiste_, yes20:01
ccheneylol :)20:01
chrisccoulsonare you having issues?20:01
chrisccoulsonbbiab, baby to feed20:02
baptiste_no problemo20:02
baptiste_as I saw the background was purple, I  suspected a related a relation with ubuntu changes :)20:02
baptiste_another weird thing I saw is the metacity button layout has changed after using the new ubuntu theme and witching back to my usual theme20:04
ccheneybaptiste_: yea that annoyed me a lot, apparently there isn't any easy way to fix that other than just overriding the gconf setting, apparently not settable per theme :-\20:05
ccheneybaptiste_: you can switch it back in gconf-editor20:05
baptiste_so now I have [maximize] [minimize] [close] on left, instead of [minimize]  [maximize] [close]20:05
baptiste_oh true, this is not theme - wise parameter20:05
ccheneybaptiste_: well in old themes its on the right but max min close instead of min max close20:05
ccheneythe switch to the left was done with the light-themes which also changed button order, but for all themes not just its own probably due to lack of ability to do that20:06
ccheneybaptiste_: edit /apps/metacity/general/button_layout to fix the layout20:06
baptiste_yea yeah :) thanks20:06
baptiste_I'm an old timer in gnome world :)20:06
ccheneyactually to get the old style you need to set it to "menu:minimize,maximize,close"20:07
baptiste_I'm just reporting that some changes had an impact on other people parameters :)20:07
ccheneybaptiste_: well its been that way since win 2.0 also aiui20:07
ccheneyafaik only mac does it the new ubuntu way20:07
baptiste_"that way"?20:07
ccheneythe old gnome way20:08
ccheneywell really the gnome way period, i think this change is ubuntu specific20:08
ccheneybut its relatively easy to fix it back to sane (what 95% of computer users expect) defaults20:08
ccheneynew users probably won't care either way20:08
* baptiste_ did gconftool-2 -u /apps/metacity/general/button_layout20:09
baptiste_I prefer the reset way20:09
ccheneyah ok20:09
ccheneyi didn't know about that option20:09
baptiste_yeah, gconftool permits you to manipulate gconf in command-line20:10
TechnovikingI'm getting a loud noise at shutdown for a second or two in Lucid, even with sound muted. Got a suggestion what package I should file a bug againist20:16
jcastrokenvandine: are these "ghost" people in my messaging-indicator still supposed to be there? It's from when they sign into IM.20:41
jcastrokenvandine: I think there was a bug about it20:41
jcastroalso I don't think dbarth's fix to indicator-me's photo thing works (or wasn't applied or whatever)20:42
LaserJockhmm, does it make sense that the messaging-indicator now has things that aren't indicators?20:43
chrisccoulsonbaptiste_, were you having specific issues with the terminal then, or just noticed the new colour?20:48
baptiste_chrisccoulson, the small problem I had, is that your change make yubntu theme my default20:49
baptiste_... the Ambiance profil became the default (rahter than theme)20:49
chrisccoulsonyeah, a few people have been somewhat unhappy with that, but it's a difficult one to solve20:50
kenvandinejcastro, i haven't seen the ghost people20:50
kenvandineand i didn't know he fixed the people thing in indicator-me20:50
chrisccoulsonbaptiste_, how we implement the theme change might alter slightly. i need to think about that over the weekend really20:51
kenvandinedidrocks, ping20:52
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, he left for the weekend already20:53
kenvandinebummer... chrisccoulson can you sponsor something?20:53
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, as long as it is in the desktop package set or universe20:53
kenvandineok... same boat as me then20:54
kenvandinesome of the desktop packages have bad acls20:54
kenvandinecjwatson is working on it...20:54
chrisccoulsonwhich ones?20:54
kenvandinein this case gwibber20:54
kenvandinebut about half of the DX team indicator-* packages too20:54
chrisccoulsonyeah, that should be in the desktop package set20:54
kenvandinethe script that runs over the archive setting acls gets confused on some packages20:55
kenvandinehe doesn't know why yet20:55
chrisccoulsonunfortunately, a lot of the things i work on are in desktop-core, because they are seeded by other ubuntu flavors20:55
chrisccoulsonand i can't upload anything there20:55
=== rickspencer3_ is now known as rickspencer3
kenvandineanyone around that can sponsor lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gwibber/ubuntu, lp:ubuntu/libubuntuone, and lp:ubuntu/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store ?22:18
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew_

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