crimsunbjf: please bump alsa-driver-cod-karmic.git for -20.33 in -updates01:17
bjfcrimsun, sorry I missed that, will do01:31
crimsunbjf: rockin', thanks!01:31
bjfcrimsun, give me a sec and I'll submit a new build01:32
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mozmckI keep getting 4 off these errors: drivers/usb/core/hcd.c:144: error: expected expression before '>>' token01:36
mozmckall in hcd.c  when compiling karmic kernel from git.01:36
mozmckanyone seen this before?01:37
JFomozmck, google is your friend01:38
mozmckcouldn't find anything on it.01:39
JFolooks like a gcc issue maybe01:39
JFohmmm, or perhaps something to do with how you are compiling it01:41
mozmckI don't know.  The time it worked I applied the patch I needed on master and compiled using "skipabi=true skipmodule=true no_dumpfile=true fdr binary-rtai"01:46
mozmckThen I created a flavour for my changes and did the same and I get the errors01:46
mozmckbasically used the howto here http://blog.avirtualhome.com/2009/11/03/how-to-compile-a-kernel-for-ubuntu-karmic/01:47
mozmckok, I don't get the error it seems if I don't try to make my own flavour02:57
mozmckwhen I try to install the headers package, it says I need linux-headers-2.6.31-21, which was not created.  how do I get this?02:58
mozmckforget that, I didn't run binary-indep :(03:01
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cndapw, I know this is hitting late, but do you have any thoughts on making hid a module?14:26
apwwe need to review the generall building in policy.  i hope to upload drm today, then we'll have a window monday to review that and make changes in time for thursday14:27
cndapw, sounds good14:28
cndapw, also, looks like 2.6.33 fixes some nvidia (binary) driver issues14:28
cndhopefully .33 drm contains the fix :)14:28
apwbut yes its all getting squeeky tight round here14:28
cndapw, if there's anything I can look at to help you out, let me know14:29
cndI'm just browsing bugs14:29
apwcnd, wouldn't expect it to, drm is not used for nvidia binary driver as far as i know14:29
cndapw, I can still hope can't I?14:29
apwheh you can ... 14:29
cndeither way, I directed them to the red ppa14:29
apwjust don't bet any actual cash on it14:29
apwcnd good plan14:29
cndand we can do some git bisecting to figure it out otherwise14:30
cndalways better to have upstream work than have only a regression from a previous release14:30
apwrtg some nice shiney new nvidia drivers just hit the archive14:32
apwcnd, may be of interest to you too14:32
tgardnerapw, cool. I hope screen save starts working again14:33
cndapw, rtg, they've been using them already I believe14:33
cndthese are the bugs where they still fail to resume in lucid (even after the chvt fix), and graphics corruption after resume14:33
apwoh where didi you get them from14:34
cndI'm guessing they got them from nvidia14:34
cndyep, looks like they got them directly from nvidia14:35
cndthey were perusing the changelogs to see if there was anything of note14:35
tgardnerapw, do these KVM patches on the k-t list fix the regression that you and smb were looking at yesterday?14:47
tgardnerthe one kirkland was on about14:47
smbtgardner, Probably not. That was fixed by reverting another patch14:48
apwtgardner, the Pause-Loop ones?14:48
apwthose are enablement14:48
tgardnerapw, yeah, the pause-loop ones14:48
apwand unrelated, i've reverted all the kvm ones in the security block till that is resolved14:49
tgardnerk, I saw those and wondered14:49
cndapw, where are manjo's suspend timing patches?14:49
cndin a lucid kernel yet?14:49
apwin the next one i think14:50
cndare they in a kernel ppa I can point someone at to test with?14:50
JFoprobably his personal one14:51
apwcnd check the changelog for red, i think they are in there14:51
cndapw, ok14:52
apw[15232.884115] PM: late suspend of drv:uhci_hcd dev:0000:00:1d.3 complete after 1000.073 msecs14:52
apw[15233.884098] PM: late suspend of drv:uhci_hcd dev:0000:00:1d.0 complete after 999.593 msecs14:52
apw[15234.680342] PM: resume of drv:i915 dev:0000:00:02.0 complete after 191.423 msecs14:52
apweven seems to work!14:52
cndapw, yep, they're there14:53
apwcnd, thats a 'red' kernel so it must be there14:53
cndhas there been any thought as to pushing manjo's patch upstream?14:56
apwi've cleaned it up a lot, and likely whats there is upstreamable14:59
apwwe have a bunch in there that i'll remind people about after freeze, i have a few myself14:59
cndapw, ok15:00
cndis this the general way things are done, get patches into ubuntu before freeze, then upstream them after when we have more bandwidth?15:00
tgardnercnd, not really, but we're in a time crunch right now.15:00
cndtgardner: so we usually try to upstream in line with adding them to the kernel, but near freeze that may get delayed?15:01
tgardnercnd, exactly15:01
tgardnercnd, for the simple reason that patches do not usually make it through the upstream review process intact, so its  management hassle to revert an old patch, then apply the new one.15:02
amitkapw: what are you planning on for making HID a module? (Re: MultiTouchScreen Support thread)15:27
tgardneramitk, we'll review it monday15:28
apwperhaps we should have a mini-meeting on that subject monday ... and chose the things we thing arn't needed15:31
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mozmckis there a document showing how to create a new kernel flavour for karmic?16:10
manjomozmck, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenanceStarter16:41
apwmozmck, there was a new one added to lucid fairly recently which might help you get the right files16:45
mozmckapw: a new flavour?16:58
tgardnerapw, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/531981/comments/617:08
ubot3Malone bug 531981 in ubuntu "[MIR] linux-qcm-msm" [Undecided,Fix committed] 17:08
apwyeha i see it has been approved, though still awaits someone to actually do it17:09
tgardnerapw, I'll see about annoying the archive admin du jour17:10
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manjoapw, after an upgrade on my MIni10V booting up with out splash works, but with splash it boots to a black screen with grabage chars on it 17:48
apwmanjo, which upgrade17:50
manjoapt-get distupgrade17:50
apwmay be 'luck' you may n17:50
apwneed to test it a few times17:50
apwmine is current as of a hour ago and boots ok17:50
manjoapw, are you running red on your 10v ? 17:55
apwi am yes17:55
apwthough i have just booted to -15 and that works too17:55
manjo32-16 ? 17:55
manjoworks for you ? 17:56
manjoapw, I just emailed you a screen shot of what it looks like when it boots 18:07
manjoapw, ok I found another thing ... while its booting if I press the shift key when it displays the splash screen it boots to gdm18:12
manjoapw, otherwise I get what I showed you in the mail 18:12
tgardnermanjo, have you tried removing plymouth to see if its causal?18:13
apwmanjo, i see that about one in 10, and suspect plymouth racyness18:13
apwhitting ctrl i think did it for me18:13
manjoapw, also hitting enter on that blank screen also launched gdm18:14
manjotgardner, definitely looks like plymoth18:14
manjotgardner, removing splash it boots ok 18:14
tgardnermanjo, I've found tat it really sucks to have nVidia and plymouth18:16
manjotgardner, but this is on intel unfortunately18:16
tgardnerah, that sucks even more since it _should_ work18:16
apwfaster machines hit it i think18:16
apwwe know there are plymouth issues outstanding18:17
* manjo is not digging the new color scheme either .. turned his windows purple 18:18
* manjo does hates that fact that all the buttons 0 - X are now on the left .. 18:19
cndwhat's the best way to do a git bisect on a mainline kernel?18:20
bjfmanjo, which theme are you using, I'm using "Ambiance" and the buttons are on the right18:20
manjobjf, did you upgrade today ? 18:20
cndis there some sort of debianized way of doing them?18:21
bjfmanjo, yes18:21
manjoyou probbly asked it to keep the original gnome cof 18:21
manjoI asked it to replace it 18:21
bjfmanjo, no they were on the left and now are on the right, I'll update again18:22
tgardnercnd, likely the easiest way is to just copy a prepared config, then build the normal way.18:23
* manjo out for lunch & phy therapy18:26
bjfmanjo, mine flipped back to the left again18:28
bjfI guess the design team thinks they work for apple18:28
cndtgardner: is there anything special I need to do about an initramfs though?18:35
* cnd is used to doing everything manually ala gentoo18:35
tgardnercnd, dunno, I've not done much outside of the debian way lately. you may be veering into uncharted waters.18:37
cndtgardner: hrm... well, I'll try stuff out and update wikis if needed18:38
cndtgardner: I should have looked on the wiki earlier, I think everything I need is there18:46
tgardnerapw, I'm working on an LBM firmware borkage, so don't go uploading it over the weekend before I push a patch.18:52
apwtgardner, ok ... i was literally just about to drop it in the queue18:54
apwi think we'll do another upload on tuesday for the HID etc changes so it could go in with those18:54
apwi'll hold it for now anyhow, so get it to me as soon as you can as i'll be watching the upload over the weekend as it builds18:55
tgardnerapw, somehow we lost the iwlwifi firmware bits. still investigating.18:55
apwprobabally my fault when i updated wireless to the 2.6.33 bits18:55
tgardnerapw, i dunno, the firmware stuff should be version independent18:56
apwbut if it was in the wireless directory i may have stamped on it by accident18:56
tgardnerapw, no, the bits are in the firmware directory, so no clobber there18:56
apwfair enough18:57
tgardnerapw, ah, here is the issue: /lib/firmware/2.6.32-15-generic18:57
tgardnerthey should go into  just /lib/firmware18:57
tgardnerits just packaging18:58
apwhow can they they would conflict release to release18:58
apwor do they 'replace' each otehr?18:58
tgardnerapw, lbm-iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode v.s. iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode18:58
tgardnernote the prefix18:58
apwno i mean if we have -15 and -16 of LBM installed at the same time18:58
apwtgardner, i have pushed up my updated LBM tree which you probabally should base of18:59
tgardnergood point. 18:59
apwbase off, as i changed the packaging to get rid of nouveau18:59
tgardnerk, I'll just change the driver swizzling to add the right path18:59
apwperhaps i lost some swizzling in my changes19:00
tgardnerapw, no biggie, I'll have it figured out in a bit. I even have HW to test it on.19:00
apwtgardner, if you get it done tonight send it out and i'll pull it in in the morning ... i want this stack done by monday if i can19:01
tgardnerapw, will do.19:01
apwcool ... /me wanders off to find food19:01
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cndtgardner: I think they should still be in /lib/firmware/`uname -r`19:07
cndapw ^19:08
cndif you look in /lib/udev/firmware.sh, it's smart enough to go looking there too19:08
tgardnercnd, nah, you can have multiple LBMs installed and you are not allowed to trash files from another package19:08
cndand I think firmware under that directory comes from linux-image19:08
cndhmmm... let me read the backscroll more carefully19:09
tgardnercnd, actually, I misread your comment. 19:09
tgardnermaybe I should review my udev rules.19:09
tgardnercnd, where did you find that firmware udev rule in the bug report yesterday?19:10
cndthe rule itself is /lib/udev/rules.d/50-firmware.rules I think19:10
cndbut what you are probably interested in more is /lib/udev/firmware.sh:19:11
cndFIRMWARE_DIRS="/lib/firmware/updates/$(uname -r) /lib/firmware/updates \19:11
cnd               /lib/firmware/$(uname -r) /lib/firmware"19:11
cndso lbm packages (I think this is what you're looking at?) should be putting them into /lib/firmware/updates/$(uname -r)19:11
tgardnercnd, hmm, I only have a binary /lib/udev/firmware19:11
cndtgardner: what's your rule in 50-firmware.rules?19:12
cndare you running karmic?19:12
tgardnercnd, lucid19:12
cndtgardner: I've been working in karmic, as was the e100 issue19:13
cndmaybe it's changed?19:13
tgardnercnd, looks like19:13
cndyep, I'm taking a look at my lucid partition19:14
cndtgardner: how much you want to bet firmware.sh was made native for boot speed :)19:15
tgardnercnd, ./udev-151/extras/firmware/firmware.c19:16
cndtgardner: still looks like the same paths are used19:17
tgardnercnd, looks like the search paths are /lib/firmware/updates/ and /lib/firmware/19:17
cndtgardner: with the possibility of the kernel release added on19:17
cndtgardner: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/hotplug/udev.git;a=blob;f=extras/firmware/firmware.c;h=16455dec8f3299ef2283ce1382ad1cb1d99a0cb4;hb=HEAD#l13719:17
cndor just look at line 13719:17
tgardnercnd, so, you think it'll decend into  /lib/firmware/updates/ ?19:18
tgardnerah, yuo're right19:18
tgardnerI can test that soon enough19:18
cndtgardner: so that's everything you needed to fix your issue?19:18
tgardnercnd, I think so. I'll know soon enough19:19
tgardnercnd, since you're fresh on udev, remind me how to enable debug. 19:35
cndtgardner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Firmware :)19:36
tgardnertahts right, I remember seeing your page go by19:36
cndlet me know if there's any other info you need or if something's not clear19:36
cndI suppose it will need to be updated for lucid...19:37
Keybuktgardner: udev should look in /lib/firmware/updates/$(uname -r)/FW19:40
tgardnerKeybuk, oh, you mean /lib/firmware/updates/2.6.32-15-generic/lbm-iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode19:43
tgardnerKeybuk, the log shows FIRMWARE=lbm-iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode, so the names appear to be correct19:44
tgardnerlemme make sure it can find it if I copy to /lib/firmware19:45
cndtgardner: Keybuk: what's going wrong?19:46
cndthe firmware is in the right place, but still isn't getting loaded?19:46
tgardnercnd, shit, I may have trashed my drive.19:49
cndtgardner: heh, how'd that happen?19:49
tgardnermodprobe -r iwlagn, then hard power cycle after it wedges19:50
tgardnereven recover locks up19:50
tgardnerit must suddenly be lunch time19:51
cndtgardner: boot from an iso and fsck?19:51
cndtgardner: if you want me to look into an issue for you while you fix your drive let me know19:51
tgardnercnd, I'll get it figured out eventually. don't worry about it19:52
cndapw: how is your mainline ppa generated?20:24
cndI'm wondering if we should have a compat-wireless mainline ppa as well for people to test with20:25
manjobjf, looking for me ? 22:22

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