jussi01is this no longer being developed? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1279907 or is it one and the same as UNR? /me is confuzzled07:31
fschulteping ogra14:42
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persiajussi01: Ubuntu Moblin Remix was developed once, but I've not seen any effort put into maintaining it (somewhat like Ubuntu UMPC in that regard).21:41
* persia needs to update the history page21:41
Clayso i'm guessing no ubuntu meego remix? :)21:43
persiaClay: Feel like doing one?  For a remix, the easiest way is to just prep everything in a PPA, and build an image from there.21:47
Claypersia: is there a PPA that the current remix was based off?22:07
persiaThe Moblin remix?  I think so22:08
persiaBut I don't know which one.  At UDS I asked a bunch of people, and got different answers.22:08
persiaIf you grab the moblin remix tarball, it ought have the right one listed in sources.list or somewhere in sources.list.d (but somehow this didn't occur to me when I last wanted to know)22:09
persiaMy suspicion is that there exist more than one Moblin Remix (as there exists more than one Netbook Remix: hence the change to "Netbook Edition" for the official one)22:09
Claythere were a few on launchpad last time i looked.. but they all appeared to be dead22:10
Claybut i will look at the tarball22:10
Claythanks for the info!22:10
persiaI think they are all dead, but at least one of them was up-to-date when that remix was released.22:15
persiaGood luck.  I hear MeeGo has working PSB drivers, and I'd be especially excited to see those available for lucid.22:16
Clayin #moblin people were always steered towards ubuntu moblin remix if they had PSB23:03
persiaDunno really.  I just heard that at a talk at OSC2010Spring in Tokyo about a week ago.23:14
persiaIt may be very new.23:14
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