jayveezul: ping01:00
zuljayvee: pong01:00
jayveezul: I was told to ping you with regards to a bug report of mine01:02
jayveeactually, looks like I got a response from somebody else, but this is it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/libvirt/+bug/52893401:02
zuljayvee: ok whats the bug report?01:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528934 in libvirt "IPv6 shouldn’t be disabled by default in libvirt" [Wishlist,Triaged]01:02
zulcan you attach the upstream bug report to it?01:03
jayveezul: just done01:05
jayveeI was sure that I’d done it before, but I guess I mustn’t have.01:05
jayveeI presume you’re ~zulcss on Launchpad? :)01:06
getxsickanyone around?01:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:48
getxsicki'm reading that Ubuntu Policy and it's written about different package versioning schemes (Ubuntu uses ubuntuX). well, i just downloaded the source via apt-get source and what i see in debian/changelog, there is no that ubuntuX01:49
funkyHatgetxsick: use dch -i to update the changelog, it will add an entry with the correct version number01:50
persiaWhich version do you have, for which package?01:50
getxsickpersia: i'm updating scripts for pypy* packages, because we are releasing 1.2 version01:52
getxsickthe last time we did it for long time ago and it was for Debian01:52
persiagetxsick: Seems like Ubuntu is using the Debian source of that unmodified.01:52
getxsickpersia: possible01:52
persiaThat's why you find that versioning.01:53
getxsickpersia: at least, we are not really interested in supporting Debian, we would like to use launchpad PPA...01:53
persiaIt also looks like pypy was removed from Debian and that removal was synced to Ubuntu.01:53
persiaOh, then the version doesn't matter at all.01:53
persiaIn fact, I recommend using -0ppaN where N is incremented for each rebuild as the revision.01:54
persiaBut this really isn't the best place to ask about PPA stuff: we don't support PPAs.01:54
getxsickwhat if we would like to include pypy to next ubuntu release?01:54
persiaIf you'd like it in Ubuntu, I'll recommend putting it back in Debian: that's the easiest way.01:54
getxsickpersia: why?01:56
funkyHatgetxsick: because Ubuntu syncs from debian automatically01:58
funkyHatgetxsick: also if you submit a package to Ubuntu and later a newer version gets uploaded to Debian that creates more work because someone has to check the the Ubuntu version doesn't have any changes that need to be kept.01:59
funkyHatwoo long sentence01:59
persiagetxsick: Because of what funkyHat said, and because there are no dedicated maintainers in Ubuntu, so unless something is particularly popular, it usually gets deleted after a while if it's not in Debian.02:00
getxsickwe can maintain it, that's not a problem02:00
persiawell, except you can't, unless you can continuously convince some developer to upload any changes.02:01
persiaBased on past history it usually takes 18-36 months for someone pushing changes to only one package and not otherwise acting as an Ubuntu Developer to be granted upload rights to that package.02:02
funkyHatAlso why do you want to leave Debian out?02:02
persiaIf you can maintain it, why not sign up as the Debian Maintainer.02:03
getxsickpersia: actually i don't know, have to check in maling list ;) i just knew that there were some different opinions between us and them ;)02:05
persiaHrm.  Depends on the difference of opinion.  If it was mainly personal, we may be able to help work around that.  If it was technical, we tend to share their opinions.02:07
getxsickpersia: it was 2-3 years ago02:07
getxsickanyway, our buildbots run under Ubuntu02:07
persiaThings may well have changed.02:07
getxsickpersia: sure02:07
getxsickwell, i will talk with others what they think about02:08
persiaYeah.  I understand the goal is to get it in Ubuntu, and I support that goal, I just happen to think getting it into Debian is the easiest way to get it into Ubuntu and make sure it stays in Ubuntu.02:08
getxsickpersia: ok. i understand this point02:08
persiaBut I'd be happy to help you try to get it into the Ubuntu 10.10 release if you really want, I just have a sense that without sorting the issue with Debian, it would be dropped for 12.04 if not sooner.02:09
getxsickpersia: 12.04? :)02:09
getxsickisn't 2012?02:09
persiaWe plan things out a fair bit in advance.02:09
getxsickmichael hudson (who is one of the pypy developer) said that it should be included in 10.10 AFAIR02:10
getxsickwell, when do you freeze debian unstable for 10.10 ?02:11
persiaBased on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MReleaseSchedule it looks like 24th June.02:12
persiaBut we can pull new packages until 26th August, if we need, it's just not automatic.02:14
getxsickpersia: cool02:14
persiaI'd suggest targeting mid-late June, and leaving the rest as a gap for coverage if anything goes wrong.02:14
getxsickwe are releasing final 1.2 by the end of March02:15
getxsickso it shouldn't be any problem02:15
funkyHatI'm looking at the merge report for sensors-applet https://merges.ubuntu.com/s/sensors-applet/REPORT - everything looks great, I'm just running a test build now. But I've found this bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sensors-applet/+bug/380669 which wants to upgrade to 2.2.5-302:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 380669 in sensors-applet "Please merge sensors-applet 2.2.5-3 (universe) from Debian (unstable)" [Unknown,Fix released]02:24
funkyHatShould we upgrade to 2.2.5-3, or only to 2.2.4-2. ...5-3 is only in unstable02:24
persiafunkyHat: Which one works better with lucid?02:27
funkyHatpersia: I don't know. How do I grab the debian source packages for 2.2.5-3?02:28
persiapull-debian-source works, or visit packages.qa.debian.org and use dget or visit qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools and use dget or ...02:29
* persia tends to open a sid schroot and apt-get source stuff02:30
funkyHatOk, building 2.2.5-3 now02:31
funkyHatpersia: well I've hit a limitation of using a VM which is I don't have any sensors, so I can't really test properly02:37
funkyHatOther than that I can't see any problems with 2.5.5-302:39
persiaThen you either need to find some testers, or upgrade :)02:39
persiaGiven that we're past FeatureFreeze, I'd recommend doing both.02:39
funkyHatI'm going to be buying a wacom tablet soon, and I heard that Lucid didn't support them a while ago... I'll have to investigate whether that's been resolved02:40
AnAntHello, could someone grant FFe to LP 530204 ?06:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530204 in libbasicplayer-java "FFe: Sync libbasicplayer-java 3.0-5 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53020406:53
AnAntespecially it also closes LP 49178406:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491784 in openjdk-6 "Sound does not work with openjdk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49178406:53
dholbachgood morning07:54
jayveehmm, no feedback from zooko or his team about the tahoe-lafs package08:22
wrapsteri have a control file like so.. http://pastie.org/855217 .. which in turn builds a lot of other pakcages.. and i wanted to say that in a particular pkg 'spjadbx' it conflicts with ss12.. So i enter that that pkg declaration and built that pkg..But when i tried installing it.. it fails saying that there is a file present in this pkg as well as another pkg(the very reason why i added conflicts)... and when i open the control file again.. the conflicts 08:46
siretartbjsnider: exactly!08:59
siretartdebfx: i've just filed a debian bugreport to not forget it! thanks for notifying me09:00
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debfxsiretart: okay, packaging branch should be ready for upload10:08
hakaishiHi, I’d like to remove qt-shutdown-p from revu, since there is a newer package of it with a new name and is already uploaded to debian. What can I do, who can I ask (to remove it)?10:30
hakaishiDoes nobody know?10:40
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falktxhi there11:52
falktxI've sucessfully send a package to revu and it was accepted11:53
falktxnow I need to fix a bug in the package11:54
falktxI've made the needed changes and it's ready for upload11:54
falktxhow should I do it?11:54
falktxusing 'dput ubuntu *.changes' doesn't work11:54
geserlet me guess, it complains that's it's already uploaded?11:55
geserdput -f ...11:55
falktxit uploads11:55
falktxthen I receive an email saying it was been rejected11:56
falktxmessage says: "The signer of this package has no upload rights to this distribution's primary archive.  Did you mean to upload to a PPA?"11:56
falktxI am the maintainer of the package11:56
falktxI did try now just 'dput *.changes', no mail answer so far11:57
falktxthe wiki revu page says I should manage the package through launchpad12:00
falktxbut I guess it doesn't allow new uploads (?)12:00
falktx(just got the rejection mail again)12:01
falktxshould I upload to REVU again ??12:01
geserah, then you are not uploading to REVU but to the official archive12:02
geser"dput revu yourpackage_source.changes"12:02
falktxbut I though I could just upload to universe and not going for the revu stuff all over again...12:03
falktxif the package is assigned to me, isn't there a faster way to do this?12:04
geseryour package is already part of official archive?12:04
falktx(this is the first time I do this, please be patient)12:06
geserthen you don't need to go through REVU again12:06
falktx- thanks -12:07
falktxso how?12:07
gesercreate a debdiff with your changes (or alternatively prepare a bzr branch for merging (if you like))12:07
geseropen a bug and attach your debdiff (or link merge proposal) to the bug and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors for sponsoring12:08
gesersee also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess12:08
falktxi'll look into that, thanks again12:09
porthose it may need a FFe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess12:10
gesernot for a fix of a bug12:11
porthosekey word *may* :)12:11
falktxthanks guys, you rock!12:15
falktxI created a debdiff, now into sponsorship...12:15
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falktxI'm unsure about what to do next...12:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532590 in zyn "Install path is wrong" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:28
falktxshould I just wait ? or is it something missing ?12:34
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randomactionfalktx: I mean, subscribe the team to your bug12:46
randomactionthere's a "Subscribe someone else" link on the right-hand side12:47
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JamieBennettI'm trying to push a revision of a package up to REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/webservice-office-zoho but its not appearing even though I get a successful upload message. I pushed around an hour ago and still nothing. Any idea's (I signed the package with a different key this time, would that cause problems?)13:12
mok0JamieBennett: If it's a revision, better do through a bug in LP.13:16
mok0JamieBennett: because it needs to clear through as an SRU anyway13:16
JamieBennettmok0: sorry, its me not being clear, this is a new package but I made changes to it today and tried to upload13:17
mok0JamieBennett: ah13:17
JamieBennettIts currently not in the archive13:17
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mok0JamieBennett: the signing key must be the same as the one you have in LP13:18
JamieBennettmok0: Oh, maybe thats it, I'm not sure if LP has this new key13:18
* JamieBennett goes to check13:18
c_kornhello. the scilab package in lucid is currently broken because the build for amd64 timed out. I added a watchdog process which prints a message every ten minutes (because the compilation just needs some time but it is still going on). do I need a FFe for this change ?13:23
c_korn(would be a new revision to sync from Debian)13:23
mok0c_korn: yes you would13:24
gesermok0: why a FFe?13:24
mok0c_korn: because there are new features in a new version13:25
gesermok0: is only a revision bump, no upstream version bump if I understood c_korn correctly13:25
c_kornnew features ? I already got a FFe granted for scilab 5.2.1-3 the new one is 5.2.1-4 which adds the watchdog13:25
c_kornyes, geser is right13:26
mok0But you need to file a sync request then13:26
c_kornyeah, I just talked to the Debian maintainer. he is currently building it. so I have to wait for the package to be in Debian.13:27
c_kornI thank you13:27
mok0c_korn: I remember scilab 5.1 had lots of problems compiling etc. Is that better now?13:28
mok0c_korn: I helped push a bunch of dependencies through AFAIR13:28
c_kornyeah, we required a lot of packages synced from Debian last time. and because we were a bit late we also required a FFe for them. should be easier this time. it already compiled fine in a PPA. just times out on amd64 when building for the archive.13:30
mok0c_korn: what do you mean "times out"?13:30
gesermok0: if there is no output for 150min the build gets killed13:31
mok0What is it waiting for?13:31
c_kornyeah, and the compilation of the docs is "slow like hell" :)13:31
c_kornmok0: it is not waiting. it is compiling. it is java :)13:32
gesereither the build is bugged or a very long running process (which is it in this case)13:32
c_kornit just takes some time. 4h in a PPA: https://launchpad.net/~getdeb-package-managers/+archive/ppa/+build/152782213:33
c_kornthe build for the archive times out after 3h: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scilab/5.2.1-3/+build/152515513:33
StevenKThe PPA builds are slightly faster, I think13:38
geserbtw: does somebody know if ghc6 on armel is still building (for over a week now) or stuck?13:39
lan3yprobably stuck :(13:41
lan3ywait what is this nick13:41
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
ograits unlikely that you have packages that build a week ... even on armel13:41
Laneyit took 6 days on debian13:42
Laneybut yeah i would expect it to have done by now13:43
ograLaney, what kind of armel builders does debian use ? we have 800MHz/512MB machines13:47
ograubuntu builds should be generally a bit faster than debian ones13:47
Laneyogra: http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=ancina http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=arcadelt http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=argento13:49
Laneythere must be some other difference that makes the build hang on Ubuntu but not Debian :(13:50
ogradebian doesnt optimize for ARMv713:50
ograwe use v7 and thumb2 optimizations13:51
ograsad there is no cpuspeed info on the pages13:51
Laneyyou could check in #debian-arm13:53
bjsnidersiretart, you're the ffmpeg expert, not me, but isn't the 0.5.1 code actually older than what is in karmic?13:58
JamieBennettstill no luck with REVU. I've added my key to launchpad, is there a delay before it works with REVU?14:02
JamieBennettare there any admins around to poke REVU and see whats happening for me?14:10
mok0JamieBennett: All I can see is that you have a rejected upload at 15:0114:11
JamieBennettmok0: does it say why it was rejected?14:12
mok0JamieBennett: Nothing I know about, anyway14:13
mok0But it very likely has to do with your gpg key changes14:13
JamieBennettmok0: Shame, I'm getting a 'Successfully uploaded packages.' message. Maybe its a key propogation problem, my key is in launchpad, maybe there is some delay?14:14
mok0JamieBennett: Indeed there is14:14
JamieBennettmok0: OK, I'll leave it for a while, thanks for the help so far.14:15
mok0JamieBennett: NP14:15
JamieBennettand as that is said, the package magically appears this time :)14:15
mok0Ah, patience is a virtue14:17
JamieBennettmok0: bah14:17
mok0That said, can anyone tell me why I'm getting two different popup notification every time?14:17
mok0Because it annoys the hell out of me...14:17
* JamieBennett is having one of them days14:18
mok0No files found14:18
hakaishiHi everyone! Could someone tell me how a package from Debian gets into the Ubuntu sources?15:15
hggdhusually it is via a sync request15:17
hakaishihggdh: and where could I do that?15:23
hggdhhakaishi: please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess15:25
hakaishicool, thank you15:25
mok0hakaishi: bear in mind that we are now in FF, and syncs will only happen if they fix bugs15:26
nigelbhakaishi: if its something for lucid, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess too15:26
hakaishiSince my packages only got uploaded to debian, it'll take some time till I can do a sync request...15:28
donkyhotaycan someone help me figure out why my package isn't showing up in revu? I followed the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU including logging in, uploading GPG key and using dput. Didn't get any errors or messages but it hasn't shown up yet.15:32
hakaishidonkyhotay: did you get an e-mail for successfully uploading? - If not it would be something wrong with your dput.cf15:37
donkyhotayI didn't get a confirmation Email, I didn't change my dput.cf since it sounded like the default file on a standard karmic would work so long as I used "dput revu filename_source.changes" which I did15:39
hakaishidonkyhotay: please look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU15:41
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donkyhotayAs I mentioned before, I followed the instructions on that page. I even checked my dput.cf file and confirmed it has the revu entry the wiki says is preconfigured from 6.06 and on15:43
hakaishidonkyhotay: and dput did the upload without any warnings/errors? - That's strange... Then I don't know how to help you, sorry  -.-'15:46
donkyhotayYeah, thats the part that confuses me. I did everything exactly, dput gave me no warnings or errors. Confirmed my key was uploaded, even redid the package to confirm dpkg-buildpackage wasn't giving my warnings of this being unsigned (which I did get earlier but have since resolved)15:47
hakaishimok0: From which Debian version will the packages be included into the new Ubuntu version? (I'll have to do the sync request till the next DebianImportFreeze, right?) - Will it be sid, or squeeze?15:49
mok0hakaishi: for lucid, it is testing15:50
mok0hakaishi: normally, it's unstable15:50
mok0(Lucid is a LTS release)15:50
mok0hakaishi: So for lucid+1, the sync will be from unstable. It will get synced automatically when the cycle starts15:51
mok0hakaishi: therefore, if the sync you request is for lucid+1, there's no need to do anything15:51
hakaishimok0: okay, thank you for your help^^15:52
mok0hakaishi: my pleasure .-)15:52
donkyhotayOh wait... my old key is the one currently registered? I thought I checked that... Well I feel a little silly now. I think I found the problem.15:52
hakaishidonkyhotay: then I'll wish you goog luck ;)15:53
donkyhotayI'm updating my keys, should work this time around.15:54
hakaishimok0: There is still one more thing I'm wondering about. If my packages from sid get into lucid+1, will I have to upload them into sid+1 to get the packages into lucid+2 again?15:56
mok0hakaishi: once the package is in Debian, it will be synced for every Ubuntu release15:57
mok0hakaishi: so if you maintain your package in Debian (sid) all is dandy15:57
hakaishimok0: cool XD, thanks again^^15:57
hakaishibye bye ;)15:59
hyperairany archive admin around?16:09
hyperairbug #529340 could use some love16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529340 in taglib-sharp "FFe: Sync taglib-sharp (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52934016:09
lightninIs there a debhelper script that installs / registers .desktop files?16:14
lightninor do I just use dh_install desktop_file /usr/share/applications?16:15
=== plopplop is now known as Tonio_
hyperairlightnin: the latter.16:20
hyperairlightnin: a dpkg trigger from one of the packages will register it.16:21
sebnerlightnin: you might want to use a .install file though16:21
lightninhyperair:Thanks! How do I go about making a "dpkg trigger" happen?16:22
hyperairlightnin: just put the file in /usr/share/applications, it'll trigger automatically.16:28
donkyhotayYep, outdated GPG key was definitely my problem as my package is now on revu. Now I just need to wait for some MOTU's to check out my game and either advocate it or tell me whats wrong with. (c:16:29
lightnincool. Do I  need to run "gtk-update-icon-cache"? It's in my postinst script, but it seems like it's not needed if I've installed the desktop file (and it breaks in KDE)16:30
hyperairi'm not sure16:30
vincsWhen debian/watch file is used, do a get-orig-source rule is needed in debian/rules file ?16:31
sebnerhyperair: will you wait for banshee 1.5.5 until updating?16:35
hyperairsebner: i'm waiting for taglib-sharp. our archive-admins are asleep, i think?16:36
hyperairsebner: at the rate we're going, it's better to wait for 1.5.5, yeah.16:36
hyperairsebner: assuming taglib-sharp gets in before 1.5.5 appears.16:36
sebnerhyperair: I guess, it's nearly weekend after all. Wondering if some update will fiXX0r my crashes/halt whatever16:37
hyperairsebner: taglib-sharp's been like that all week.16:37
hyperairhmm maybe it's because i forgot to remove the FFe tag16:37
hyperairsebner: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10147088321904816:38
hyperairer shit16:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529340 in taglib-sharp "FFe: Sync taglib-sharp (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]16:38
hyperairstale clipboards ftl.16:38
sebnerhyperair: nah, we just have to wait. Or you bug the archive admin which is on duty today16:39
hyperairsebner: who?16:39
hyperairsebner: (and the facebook video is pretty funny all the same, if you feel like viewing it)16:39
sebnerhyperair: jdstrand16:39
hyperairsebner: how do you tell?16:39
sebnerhyperair: nvm, I'm not at facebook16:39
sebnerhyperair: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Archive%20days16:40
hyperairah cool16:40
lightninShould I use dh_installmime to install xml files describing new mimetypes? Seems like it must be in /debian directory for this to work, but mimetype .xml file is in upstream tarball...16:48
vincsWhen debian/watch file is used, do a get-orig-source rule is needed in debian/rules file ?16:50
randomactionvincs: it's a good idea if there's no tarball that corresponds to the current state of the package (e.g. it's a snapshot or it was repackaged)16:56
vincsIt is a new package (not in debian or ubuntu).16:57
vincsBut the tarball is in upstream.16:58
randomactionif the tarball for the version you're packaging can be obtained from upstream, there's no need for get-orig-source rule16:58
vincsOk. Thanks for your reply.17:00
hyperairlightnin: the stuff in /usr/share/mime is debian-specific17:04
lightninhyperair: Oh, ok, so it doesn't really need to be in upstream tarball. I guess it doesn't hurt to be there though. (Btw- I am upstream and packager...)17:05
mok0hyperair: can you help me out?17:07
hyperairmok0: what's up?17:08
mok0hyperair: bug 48984517:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 489845 in karmic-backports "Please backport codelite" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48984517:08
mok0hyperair: What version is in lucid?17:09
hyperair  codelite | 1.0.2893+dfsg-0ubuntu2 | karmic/universe | source, amd64, i38617:10
hyperair  codelite | | lucid/universe | source, amd64, i38617:10
mok0yes just got that17:10
mok0hyperair: is it relevant to backport it?17:11
hyperairmok0: i suppose so. there weren't many packaging changes. i think it can be ported directly.17:11
hyperairmok0: i haven't testbuilt it though17:11
mok0hyperair: I can do that17:11
mok0hyperair: don't think it will be a problem, there aren't many toolchain changes17:12
hyperairmok0: please do, then. i have to drag my ass out the door (and walk back to my hostel) pretty soon =)17:12
mok0hyperair: right, thnx17:12
mok0See you17:12
hyperairmok0: not yet, but soon enough that i can't finish a testbuild ;-)17:13
hyperairmok0: i own a pretty modest dual core machine, see17:13
mok0hyperair: don't I know it? It takes forever...17:13
jdonglol I just found out to my dismay that this new cluster I have access to is a lie.17:14
hyperairmok0: yep. it was the first compilation that managed to overheat and shutdown my notebook =p17:14
jdongit claims to be octo 3.06 xeon with 24G of RAM17:14
jdongbut apparently is all running virtualized.17:14
mok0hyperair: great package to choose for maintenance, then ;-)17:14
jdongwas kinda surprised when python took longer to ./configure there than build locally.17:14
mok0jdong: hehe17:15
hyperairmok0: hehehe. i learnt my ^Z trick then ;-)17:15
jdonghyperair: haha I have a script called heatlimit.py here17:15
jdongthat monitors ACPI thermal zones and throttles tasks based on temp.17:15
hyperairjdong: that's made of win. =p17:15
jdongstupid laptops.17:16
hyperairjdong: i went the phc way.17:16
hyperairjdong: undervolted my CPU, and cut the temperature by 20 degrees celcius =p17:16
jdongI should just open up the stupid thing and blow it out with some compressed air17:16
jdongit's just dust clogging up the fan.17:16
jdongtoo lazy.17:16
hyperairoh that's your case eh?17:16
hyperairmy fan is clean.17:16
hyperairit overheats anyway17:17
jdongah ,ouch17:17
hyperairand the stupid thing is that it never generates enough heat when i want it to.17:17
hyperairi was feeling particularly cold in this air-conditioned room earlier, and started a kernel compilation, turned off phc, and it didn't go past 60 degrees.17:17
* hyperair sighs17:18
jdongone of my friends keeps a quad-core P4 Xeon in his room for that purpose.17:18
jdonghe's told me that he tripped a circuit breaker with folding@home once.17:18
jdongwhoops bet that didn't help with heating :)17:18
hyperairyeah, i can imagine17:18
lightninHmm... I don't seem to be able to make my binary package register it's new mime filetype on the target system. dh_installmime doesn't seem to do it...17:20
sebnerhyperair: syncs are processed in some hours so we might be lucky ones just before weekend ;D17:28
hyperairsebner: cool17:29
vincsI have reupload my fisrt package in REVU. REVU shows now no warning or common error. Do new packages are processed in a certain order or do I need to ask for an first person to advocate ?17:39
ScottKvincs: We are past feature freeze for Lucid, so reviewing new packages is a low priority at the moment.17:41
vincsScottK: I know but as I am new at packaging and I would like to upload 4 packages for lucid+1. I start early.17:44
ScottKOK, as long as your expectations aren't high ....17:48
vincsNo. If someone comments my package early I will make the necessary  changes. If not, I will wait.17:51
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
=== andreas__ is now known as ahasenack
lightninIf I need to run update-mime-database after registering a new filetype for my application, should I declare it as a dependency? It doesn't seem to come with kubuntu...18:39
randomactionyou can use dh_installmime, which adds necessary fragments to maintainer scripts and adds necessary packages to ${misc:Depends}18:49
=== jono_ is now known as jono
funkyHatI've attached a compiled .deb for sensors-applet 2.2.5-3 to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sensors-applet/+bug/38066919:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 380669 in sensors-applet "Please merge sensors-applet 2.2.5-3 (universe) from Debian (unstable)" [Unknown,Fix released]19:29
funkyHatDon't know if that is a normal thing to do but it was suggest I find testers for the new version.19:29
funkyHatI suppose a 32bit version would probably be helpful too19:30
siretartbjsnider: no, but how do you come to this opinion?19:54
bjsnidersiretart, i tried building the 0.5.1 release in pbuilder using the build scripts for the karmic ffmpeg. the result failed because the vhook stuff was still there. but the build scripts do not contain the --disable-vhook flag, and the reason is that the vhook code isn't in the karmic version. i then explicitly asked the ffmpeg devs in that channel when vhook was removed from the code and they gave me an exact date: march 3 2009. i then asked if the20:06
bjsnider rest of the 5.1 release is at least that old and the answer was: yes.20:06
superm1siretart, are you aware that mplayer FTBFS right now?20:08
siretartsuperm1: no, but I'm aware that I really should revisit and finally upload the local changes to the package I have on my laptop20:08
superm1siretart, indeed :)  I was considering looking into the FTBFS but figured its better to check with you first and not trump what you might have going on20:09
siretartsuperm1: anyways, why does it ftbfs?20:10
bjsniderit pulls in nvidia-current because of the build-depends on nvidia-xxx-libvdpau20:10
siretartbjsnider: the version between the version in karmic and 0.5.1 should be pretty close. the difference is mainly that many patches that were in karmic got committed upstream for 0.5.120:10
superm1siretart, libmp4codec/ve_264.c or something like that (i dont have the log handy)20:10
bjsnidereasy to fix20:10
mok0jdong: ping20:11
bjsnidersiretart, i just downloaded the tarball. maybe i got older code20:11
siretartbjsnider: check the diffstat: http://wiki.tauware.de/~siretart/ffmpeg/diffstat.txt20:13
bjsnidersiretart, but your version doesn't have the two soname changes int he recent code20:16
bjsniderand also, they told me there's a .6 release coming this month20:16
bjsnideri guess that isn't enough time to get it into lucid20:16
siretartbjsnider: or you can check the diff here: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/ffmpeg.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/upstream-0.520:17
* sebner waves as sistpoty :D20:18
siretartbjsnider: no, 0.5.1 does not introduce any soname change. We need versioned symbols deployed before we can do that20:18
sistpotyhuhu sebner20:18
siretarthey sistpoty!20:18
sistpotyhi siretart20:18
sebnersistpoty: In 4 Tagen hab ich Grunzüge der Informatik Wiederholungsprüfung. Wäre recht mal anfang zu lernen xD20:18
sistpotysebner: better do that than ;)20:19
sistpotythen even20:19
sebnersistpoty: b000000000000ring :P20:19
siretartsebner: 2nd or 3rd try?20:22
bjsnidersiretart, did you have to explicitly disable vhook in the 5.1 build?20:22
sebnersiretart: 2nd or course :P well, if I'm that lazy again it might turn out in a 3rd one xD20:23
siretartbjsnider: vhook is disabled since ffmpeg-debian_0.svn20080925-120:25
siretartbjsnider: so that's no change since karmic AFAIUI20:25
bjsnideri couldn't find that build flag in the confflags file or the rues file20:25
sebnersiretart: unless you wanna give me a hand :P20:27
siretartbjsnider: debian/confflags, line 7520:27
siretartdon't horrify me like that20:29
bjsniderit's not in these build scripts i'm using20:30
bjsniderwhere did i get them20:30
* siretart points bjsnider to http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/ffmpeg.git;a=summary20:34
blueyed"bzr branch lp:ubuntu/apport" does not result in the current sources. By design?21:02
geserprobably an error during package import into bzr21:07
geseryep, see http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/apport.html#2010-02-22%2011:47:45.30403221:09
jpdslolsiretart .21:10
jpdssiretart: See log above. ;)21:25
siretartoh, seems I'm holding some lock :-)21:26
* siretart passes a lock to jpds 21:26
* jpds hugs siretart.21:26
blueyedoh.. is there no more reasonable automatic timeout?21:36
james_wblueyed: you want lp:apport for the moment21:39
blueyedjames_w: thanks, I've used the line from "apt-get source apport" already.21:39
sebnerchristoph_debian: persia: I'm going too FFe sync supertux, are you ok with that? (Uhm, I already filed the bug though ^^)21:41
persiasebner: Always.  Except where freezes get in the way, the Games Team likes to be in sync.21:42
sebnerpersia: Great :)21:42
=== sistpoty changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Feature Freeze in effect | Lucid Alpha 3 Released! | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://is.gd/2y76G | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/debcheck | latest rebuild failures: http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi | Outstanding merges: merges.
sebnerpersia: haha, new record for me. 16 minutes until FFe granted and archive admins subscribed :D21:58
persiasebner: Clearly you have some work to do.21:59
sebnerpersia: hmm? rationale, changelog, buildlog, installing + screenshot all done21:59
persiasebner: You might want to start digging into RCbugs.  At this point none of them need FFes, but once the freeze gets firmer, we end up needing release approval for every upload.  Building a background in RCBug work should get your turnaround time down to a minute or two once we get there.22:00
persiasebner: The work is on reducing the 16 minutes, not on that bug :)22:00
sebnerpersia: ah sure, but I might wait until next week (some important exam on tuesday and still a lot to learn)22:01
persiaOf course.  $study (like $life and $work) must necessarily take priority over Ubuntu, else you'll burn out and be unable to help.22:01
sebnerpersia: heh, I have to defend myself. Building supertux took surely ~5-10 minutes :P22:03
sebnerpersia: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ is still the place to start right?22:05
persiasebner: If that's not the place to start, complain loudly.22:06
persiasebner: If something is wrong, the most likely thing would be that it's still targeting karmic, but that usually changes around DIF time22:07
christoph_debiansebner: was going to ask for it myself22:07
sebnerchristoph_debian: heh, done already :)22:08
sebnerpersia: aye :)22:08
sistpotythanks christoph_debian for packaging it in the first place :)22:08
* sebner ^5 christoph_debian 22:08
sistpotysuperm1: I'm inclined to accept the FFe for bug #532933, any objections from your side?22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532933 in imdbpy "Sync imdbpy 4.5.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53293322:18
micahghow do I force a build with a non-ubuntu maintainer address to build?22:22
persiaEasiest way is to use an unmangled dpkg-buildpackage22:23
micahgpersia: for upload...22:23
persiaYou can also fiddle with dpkg-source22:23
micahgsorry, I meant source build for upload22:23
jdongmicahg: unset DEBMAIL?22:23
persiamicahg: So, what's the top line of the changelog, and what's the maintainer?22:24
micahgpersia: it's for a no source change rebuild of openJDK22:24
micahgto PPA22:24
persiamicahg: So, what's the top line of the changelog, and what's the maintainer?22:24
micahgpersia: not what they should be...22:25
persiaThere is no "should"22:25
superm1sistpoty, not that i can think of22:25
persiaSo, I'll help you with the tools.22:25
persiaI won't help you get it into a PPA.22:25
micahgubuntux and not an ubuntu.com address22:25
sistpotysuperm1: thanks!22:25
persiaWith luck, the former will result in the latter.22:25
micahgI normally do debuild -S -sd, but that obviously doesn't work22:26
micahglet me ask him if there's a reason that he doesn't update the maintainter for Ubuntu22:26
micahgnot around...22:27
persiamicahg: The easiest way is to use an unmangled dpkg-buildpackge.  You can also  fiddle with dpkg-source if you won't want to backport.  If you give me the top line of the changelog and the Maintainer entry, I may be able to suggest something else.22:27
sistpotysuperm1: another question: would you volunteer as delegate for mythbuntu packages in universe for ubuntu-release again? or would you suggest someone else=22:27
jdongmicahg: as mentioned, if the DEBMAIL environment variable is blank, the maintainer check isn't done.22:27
micahgjdong: k, I'll just do taht22:27
persiajdong: That's not actually the case, depending on the changelog entries.22:27
jdongmicahg: DEBEMAIL rather22:27
jdongwith the E.22:27
jdongpersia: oh?22:27
micahgthis is still unofficial and I don't want to fiddle too much22:27
superm1siretart`, i'm still the one that sponsors for all of ~mythbuntu (none of them have gotten motu or ~mythbuntu-dev yet, so yes, i'm fine)22:28
persiajdong: At least I almost never set DEBEMAIL, and I get the check.22:28
micahgpersia: openjdk-6 (6b18~pre1-1ubuntu1.0ffox36.1) lucid; urgency=low22:28
sistpotysuperm1: thanks!22:28
micahgjdong: no go22:28
persiamicahg: OK.  The issue you're encountering is that you have "ubuntu" in the version.  Don't do that.22:28
micahgpersia: that's what the current revision has.22:29
jdong"  - scripts/dpkg-source.pl: Check that debian/control complies with22:29
jdong    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField: If $DEBEMAIL contains22:29
jdong    '@ubuntu.com', refuse to build a source package if we have an Ubuntu22:29
jdong    version number, but Maintainer: is not an Ubuntu address. Output a22:29
jdong    warning if $DEBEMAIL contains 'ubuntu' but not '@ubuntu.com', or if22:29
jdong    there is no XSBC-Original-Maintainer: field for packages with an22:29
micahgit is currently ubuntu1 and it built for him22:29
jdongthat was a nastty paste22:29
micahgso I'm just wondering what switch I need to override22:29
jdongit doesn't appear to have a switch to bypass the check.22:30
geserunset $DEBEMAIL temporarily22:31
persiaThis whole "let's support third-party repositories" thing probably needs some tools work.22:32
jdonggeser: that's what I said initially, and it seems like it didn't work22:33
sistpotyasac: would you be willing to act as ubuntu-release delegate again for universe packages related to mozilla packages?22:36
* micahg gives up and updates maintainer22:36
vincsI have upload my first package to REVU. I am looking for someone to comment it. I have already amend all common errors. I understand that it is not the right time for packaging so I won't be upset if no one answers the call.22:37
sistpotycody-somerville: would you volunteer as ubuntu-release delegate for universe packages of xubuntu again?22:39
persiamicahg: Aren't you the primary mozillateam maintainer these days?22:39
micahgpersia: I wouldn't exactly say that...but I am one of the maintainers22:40
cody-somervillesistpoty, Provided mr_pouit is permitted to also volunteer, yes :)22:40
sistpotycody-somerville: sure, if you can convince him ;)22:40
micahgpersia: but I don't have upload rights22:40
* persia thinks we should have a single release delegate for each delegation to preserve a small well-knit release team22:40
persiamicahg: Ah.  Nevermind then :)22:40
sistpotymicahg, persia: yes, I'm trying to be a little bit conservative, but I guess a fallback might come in handy though22:41
* micahg will probably be pushing through most of the changes to mozilla universe packages in any case22:41
sistpotypersia: redundancy eliminates a single point of ... blocking ;)22:42
sistpotymicahg: would you want to volunteer for the position?22:42
micahgsistpoty: do I need upload rights?22:43
sistpotymicahg: you'll mainly need to know if a proposed FFe is good, so not necessarily22:43
persiasistpoty: Well, yes, but I'd hope the redundancy could be found elsewhere within the release team.  Maybe I'm optimistic.22:44
sistpotypersia: we've used more than one delegate for a package set in the past, the results were usually good22:45
micahgsistpoty: I just don't know if I have the time...in fact this cycle it's probably not a good idea, but maybe next cycle22:46
sistpotymicahg: ok, fair call. I'll treat you as fallback, if that's ok, and just ask you (either on irc, or via bug-report subscription) for input in case of mozilla-related package updates, ok?22:48
micahgsistpoty: sure, that's fine22:49
sistpotypersia: I've no clue about netbook and edubuntu atm, do you have some suggestions? should we drop one of these for delegation?22:50
sistpoty(or anyone else of course)22:50
persiaFor edubuntu I'd probably target highvoltage or stgraber22:51
persiaNetbook and Desktop seem to be merging: I'd suggest seb128 or didrocks for netbook.22:51
sistpotyhighvoltage, stgraber: would you volunteer for edubuntu as ubuntu-release delegate for universe packages?=22:51
sistpotypersia: thanks!22:52
persiasistpoty: Out of curiosity, why just for universe packages?22:52
persiasistpoty: More pointedly, I don't think Netbook has anything left in universe, and edubuntu has precious little (plus the edubuntu team is before the TB requesting a packageset currently)22:53
sistpotypersia: basically based on slangasek's mail.22:53
sistpotypersia: I guess main packages have a high overlap so ubuntu-release should take care22:54
* persia hopes that ArchiveReorg/components can follow closely now that ArchiveReorg/permissions is essentially complete22:54
persiasistpoty: My issue is that the set of people caring for a package doesn't typically differ just because a package happens to be in one component or another, given the new permissions structure.22:55
persiaFor example, the CLI/Mono team handles stuff in both main and universe.22:55
persiaas does MozillaTeam22:55
persiaFor some stuff, it matters.  For example, some Xubuntu stuff is part of the core set, so shouldn't be delegated.  But I don't understand the point for stuff in main that isn't in core.22:56
sistpotypersia: CLI/Mono does have lots of rdepends in other seeds, at least I believe so. Hence there needs to be a central point of syncrhonisation22:57
persiasistpoty: Sure, but that's completely separate from main/universe22:57
persiahttp://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets is a handy resource22:58
sistpotypersia: I guess delegations might be better thought of as packages seeded only by one team22:58
persiaYes :)22:58
persiaOr rather, within one packageset22:58
sistpotywhatever it's called :=22:59
persia(some packagesets, like CLI/Mono are not generated from a seed currently)22:59
persiaThis probably matters most to the edubuntu folk, as they have lots of stuff that is only in their packageset yet happens to be in main.22:59
sistpotypersia: I guess the main rationale is that a package (atm) is currently easily visibe to fall under main or universe23:00
persiaThat's why I pointed you at the packagesets output list.23:00
persiaThat makes it more easy to figure out which packageset(s) apply.23:00
sistpotypersia: yes, but everyone involved must know this by hart, so I'd rather suggest to go step by step23:00
persiaWell, OK.23:01
stgrabersistpoty: it'd make sense for both of us to do that yes23:01
persiaBut for next release, can we please use packagesets, even if components still exist?23:01
sistpotystgraber: thanks!23:01
sistpotypersia: I don't object to this.23:02
sistpotypersia: at least in the hope that the main<->universe merge of release-teams will have settled during lucid (still biting a little bit at it)23:03
persiasistpoty: If you happen to move from there to "I support this" in the next 5 months, I'll be happy, but I'll also take it to others.23:03
persiasistpoty: Oh!  Yeah, if that's still not smooth, then I agree it doesn't make sense to add more complexity now.23:03
sistpotypersia: well, give it some time, everyone is still adjusting to it ;)23:04
sistpoty(it's neither rough, nor smooth, it just takes some time so that everyone is aware of it)23:04
asacsistpoty: yeah.23:21
sistpotythanks asac!23:21
LLStarkshi. what are the chances of a tiny bugfixing debdiff being accepted for gstreamer -bad a day or two after tonight's release?23:22
sistpotyLLStarks: bugfix only debdiffs aren't subject to feature freez23:27
LLStarkswhat would be subject to freeze rules?23:28
sistpotyLLStarks: anything that introduces new features23:28
LLStarksdefine "features"23:28
slangasekpersia: the set of people caring about the packages doesn't differ, but my willingness to wholesale delegate the freeze decisions does23:29
sistpotyLLStarks: that's difficult. anything that fixes a bug isn't a feature ;)23:29
persiaslangasek: OK.  What would it take to change that willingness?  That feels like something leftover for resolution to make components go away.23:29
sistpotyLLStarks: if in doubt, just file a FFe, it'll get sorted23:29
slangasekpersia: it's really about components as a proxy for seeds, for me23:30
slangasekpersia: I would still not want to delegate decisions about packages seeded on the Ubuntu CDs23:30
LLStarksso, if blah 0.0.1 comes out tonight but bugfix just  misses the upstream deadline but is accepted to the git, 0.0.1-ubuntu1 or 0.0.1-1 would be allowed to fix it ahead of an upstream release?23:30
sistpotyslangasek: actually I would, if the team is responsible for the image in question (and the package doesn't influence any other CD)23:31
persiaslangasek: OK, so your issue is mostly that we only have the one report about packagesets, and you need better tools?23:31
sistpotyis *solely* probably23:31
LLStarksalso, is an ffe more likely to be attended to faster than a simple a bug report that contains a patch/debdiff?23:33
slangasekpersia: which report are you referring to?  I'm not concerned about reporting for my own sake, I just don't know that there's a very clear way to communicate to delegates what's being delegated to them at present if we describe it in terms of seeds23:33
sistpotypersia: btw.: ok with my interpretation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/389257/23:33
sistpoty*nod* slangasek23:34
slangasekLLStarks: if a bug requires a feature freeze exception, it needs to be touched by *both* the release team and a sponsor, which are normally separate roles, so... no23:35
persiaslangasek: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets23:36
persiasistpoty: Yes.  I'm seeking someone for studio, but probably not until the next release cycle.  I strongly recommend didrocks also for Netbook.  The final paragraph seems sane to me.23:37
sistpotypersia: you could volunteer for -studio though ;)23:38
sistpotypersia: thanks for proofreading though :)23:39
persiasistpoty: I'm not convinced I'd be a good delegate.  There are reasons I haven't volunteered for the release team previously.23:39
slangasekpersia: so by packageset, the ones I would not want to delegate are: core, desktop-core, langpack (well - delegate it to pitti, same thing), mobile, ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server, unr23:39
persiaslangasek: Why only those?  Why not to arbitrary packagesets?23:40
persiaslangasek: nvm  misread.23:40
persiaslangasek: So I think you shouldn't delegate core or desktop-core, or langpack: those are clearly central.  I don't know why you shouldn't delegate to ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server, and unr for non-central packages.  If mobile is still there, that's a bug, and I'll try to fix it.23:41
persiaslangasek: That said, I'd hope you'd pick your delegates carefully.23:41
slangasekpersia: and the fact that packages that are in the intersection of sets are listed as being in both package sets makes this report suboptimal, yah23:42
persiaslangasek: So would you be amenable to delegation of anything not in core or desktop-core that wasn't part of an intersection between packagesets?  (note that this is requirements gathering for lucid+1 policy, not for immediate implementation)23:43
slangasekpersia: I think the field of people those decisions could be delegated to for server, unr, desktop is so small that there would inevitably be conflicts of interest and they would properly be referred back to the release team; so I think it's simpler to not delegate in the first place23:47
slangasekanyone I would see delegating those to is someone who should be on the release team anyway :)23:47
persiaslangasek: given that, would it make sense to expect each packageset maintaining group to contribute a member to the release team if they sought to be involved in release discussions?23:48
persia(pitti and Riddell being current good examples of such)23:48
slangasekI'm not sure the requirement holds for arbitrary packagesets23:49
persiaWhy not?23:49
slangasekhmm, trying to think through it23:50
persiaslangasek: Mind you, my only objection is the implication "some packagesets are better than others" for stuff not core or core-desktop.23:50
persiaslangasek: So it makes sense to me to either delegate for everything (else) or not delegate at all, and tell people to get involved in the release team.23:51
slangasekif a team such as mythbuntu wants to be autonomous in making decisions about their particular packages, but doesn't have anyone who can commit to helping with the release team generally, what do you think is the correct course of action?23:51
slangasekwell, I don't see it as "better than"23:52
persiaI don't either, but believe it to be potentially misconstrued.23:52
persiaWell, how much extra burden is it to participate in the release team generally?23:53
persiaIs it not just reading one more mailing list and one more IRC channel, and attending one more meeting?23:53
Riddellthere's a mailing list?23:54
slangasekpersia: hum; abstractly, if we're going to expect each member of the release team to be able to represent the whole release team, then there needs to be some shared model for how this works; that model doesn't come from the mailing list and the meetings, and we haven't really made an attempt yet to scale it23:56
slangasekRiddell: yes, there is :-)23:56
slangasek(not heavily used)23:56
slangasekpersia: so I think in practice there has to be some committment to actively engage23:56
persiaslangasek: That makes lots of sense.  Would you be willing to think about this for the next few months, and see if you can come up with a model that doesn't depend on components?23:57
persiaBecause I agree with most of your criticisms, although I also suspect most of the identified delegates will have the same conflict-of-interest issues that you cite for the ones that concern you more.23:58
persiaThanks for digging into this.  Please let me know if I can be of any help.23:59
sistpotyslangasek: btw, can you whitelist stefan.potyra@informatik.uni-erlangen.de for ubuntu-release? (work address), thanks!23:59

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