micahgI can work on that later00:00
micahgasac_the_2nd: should I update the sdk build system to include testing and tools00:00
asac_the_2ndtry to add the minimal amount of files from testing00:01
asac_the_2ndwe need to show the full contents to a moz guy and ask if we can consolidate that in future00:01
asac_the_2nde.g. we also have toolkit/mozapps/installer (might make sens) but also ./toolkit/xre/make-platformini.py00:01
asac_the_2ndwhich feels rather random too00:01
asac_the_2ndmaybe those can be moved to build/ or so00:02
micahgasac_the_2nd: should I just try to add minimal files all around?00:03
asac_the_2ndwell. dont put too much time into this00:04
asac_the_2ndif upstream asks us to help figuring what is needed we can do that00:04
asac_the_2ndbut i find this tools/ testsing/ to suspicious and having the real files might help discussion upstream00:04
micahgwell, I saw that we create the build-system.tar.gz, so I thought it's our problem00:04
asac_the_2ndhalf half ;)00:05
asac_the_2ndi think upstream is interested in clean separation. at least they cleaned the build system up for 3.0 to a state that we could do what we did in 1.900:05
asac_the_2ndso they might wnat to kno that they drift away again00:05
micahgasac_the_2nd: k\00:08
micahgasac: can I add that patch to disable jit for firefox on sparc so it'll build?00:49
asacmicahg: patch? thats a configure flag, isnt it?00:50
asacif you mean patch against debian/rules, then yeah00:51
micahgyeah, sorry mistyped00:51
* asac merged00:55
crimsunasac: sorry to bug, but have you gotten a chance to look at my lp:gwibber merge proposal?01:44
micahgasac: stil there?03:07
ejathi .. how to make xulrunner 1.9.3 as default ?07:05
noaXesshi all09:58
noaXesswhat about thunderbird stable ppa? is there any timeline?09:59
nikolamwhat needs to be done to add seamonkey 2 to repositories? there is SM 2 in PPA already10:39
asacsomeone needs to do that11:02
BUGabundo_remote 6904   0.34s   1.22s     0K   188K     0K    44K  --   - S  78% beam.smp13:09
BUGabundo_remote 2488   0.32s   0.51s    32K   640K     0K     0K  --   - S  42% gwibber-servic13:09
BUGabundo_remote 2404   0.17s   0.48s     0K     0K     0K     0K  --   - S  32% gwibber13:09
BUGabundo_remotekenvandine: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^13:09
BUGabundo_remotethis is CRAZY13:09
kenvandineBUGabundo_remote, anything in particular you notice in gwibber when the load is that high?13:31
BUGabundo_remotekenvandine: nope13:59
BUGabundo_remoteseems to be much nicer now that I close an reopen14:00
BUGabundo_remotekenvandine: I suspect its twitter api limit14:00
BUGabundo_remoteit already killed my pidgin once today14:00
kenvandineBUGabundo_remote, but was the cpu usage for beam.smp staying high?14:04
kenvandineor was that a spike14:04
micahgasac: can I ask a user to test a package in the transition PPA?14:04
kenvandineBUGabundo_remote, beam.smp is nearly always 0% for me14:06
kenvandineexcept at startup and at refresh14:06
kenvandinethen it bumps up to 20% or so for a few seconds14:06
BUGabundo_remoteill keep wathing it kenvandine14:07
kenvandineplease do14:08
kenvandinei really want to know if it is a trend14:08
kenvandinewe are trying hard to keep this as light as possible14:08
BUGabundo_remoteits still very high14:08
kenvandinewhat is your RSS like for gwibber-service?14:08
BUGabundo_remoteno rss14:08
BUGabundo_remoteidentica, statusnet, twitter14:08
BUGabundo_remotethat's all14:08
kenvandineno... i mean memory14:08
BUGabundo_remotetwo coluns14:08
BUGabundo_remotetimeline and replies14:08
kenvandinememory usage14:09
BUGabundo_remotememory wise its low14:09
BUGabundo_remote 2404    0/s    0/s       2134K 663.2M 159.2M     0K     0K   4% gwibber14:09
BUGabundo_remote 2440    4/s    0/s       2134K 453.1M 136.7M     0K     0K   3% gwibber-servic14:09
BUGabundo_remote 7693    4/s    0/s       2134K 457.2M 128.7M     0K    24K   3% gwibber-servic14:09
kenvandinehow low?14:09
BUGabundo_remotegwibber is high14:09
BUGabundo_remotebeam I don't see in the list14:09
kenvandineis 128.7M the RSS?14:09
BUGabundo_remoteno rss here14:09
kenvandinei mean RSS in memory usage terms :)14:09
kenvandinewhat command did you use to get that output?14:10
BUGabundo_remoteright 160MB rsize14:10
kenvandineok... that is bad14:10
kenvandineway too high14:10
BUGabundo_remotewith memory view14:10
kenvandinei was just profiling it this morning14:10
BUGabundo_remoteits not memory that worries me14:10
BUGabundo_remoteI have 4GB14:10
BUGabundo_remoteits CPU14:10
BUGabundo_remoteits hogging it like hell14:10
kenvandinemine went from 24M to 63M last week14:10
kenvandinetrying to bisect what changed in the service to make it more than double14:11
kenvandineBUGabundo_remote, yeah... i hadn't seen any signs of problems there... so i will start profiling that too14:11
kenvandinemy goal is for the service to stay around 30M for anyone14:11
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chrisccoulsonis anybody familiar with using dh_xulrunner for automatically adding the correct xulrunner binary depends at build-time?16:00
micahgchrisccoulson: what's the issue?16:01
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it's adding "xulrunner-" as the binary depends16:02
micahgchrisccoulson: yes, I fixed that in .head I think16:02
chrisccoulsonmicahg - awesome16:03
micahgbug 52962816:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529628 in xulrunner-1.9.1 "dh_xulrunner adds wrong dependency on xulrunner-" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52962816:03
* micahg checks to make sure it was fixed in 192 as well16:03
micahgnot yet :(16:04
chrisccoulsonoh, i just built a package with 1.9.2 and it worked ok16:04
micahgchrisccoulson: that's because the version is 1.9.2 and not
chrisccoulsonyeah, i thought so16:06
micahgI just pushed the fix up to the branch16:06
micahgI'll be updating the xulrunner-1.9.2 build in the transition PPA over the weekend16:07
asacjdstrand: are you there?17:13
asacjdstrand: can you pocket copy a ppa to lucid?17:13
asacits all built form yesterday17:13
asacjust rebuilds ... all but four sources went well17:14
jdstrand82 packages?17:14
jdstrandasac: ^17:15
asacjdstrand: yes17:16
asacwith all binaries etc.17:16
asacits 86 out of 32617:16
asaci will do the rest in archive over weekend17:16
jdstrandasac: that is a non-virtual ppa?17:16
asacits a native17:16
asacwith all archs17:16
asaceverything has finished building17:16
asacexcept the build failures17:16
* jdstrand nods17:16
micahgasac: can I ask a user to test packages in the transition PPA17:17
asacmicahg: sure. if dist-upgrade desnt bust their system :)17:17
jdstrandasac: may I ask why you did it this way rather than upload to the main builders?17:17
asacat best you would at least run thoes apps once17:17
asacjdstrand: because i didnt want to wake up with 40 build failures, all images not working etc.17:17
asacalso wasnt sure about how long the build would take17:17
jdstrandasac: ok. so this is a one-off kinda deal and not a change in process?17:18
asacbut it went really good17:18
asacjdstrand: well. personally i like this process ... but no. its a one way thing17:18
jdstrandI'll pocket copy them17:18
asacjdstrand: i basically rebuild all packages that were not build in lucid17:19
asacso i wasnt sure how rotten the packages were17:19
* jdstrand nods17:19
asacbut it went well, so now i will continue in archive17:19
jdstrandasac: it's going to take me a little while, but I'll definitely get to it today17:19
asacright. i dont plan to work for the next two hours17:21
asacthen prepare the next batch and push that to archive once you say its copied17:21
* sebner waves at asac and jdstrand my personal mighty heros17:25
jdstrandhi sebner17:25
sebnerjdstrand: already had time to look at moin?17:25
jdstrandsebner: I was out sick yesterday, so didn't get to look at moin yet, but will17:25
sebnerjdstrand: heh, np np :) If you are b0red you can also sync taglib-sharp ;D17:26
jdstrandI'll be goign through archive admin work in a bit, and should be able to do it then17:27
* sebner hugs jdstrand :)17:27
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micahgopenjdk takes forever to build...18:02
ccheneyugh these epiphany changes are a pita20:14
ccheneythey didn't just update the api it appears they changed it a lot more than that20:15
ccheneyit looks like they are now passing around a list of icons instead of just one icon20:15
ccheneyasac: uploading it to people.canonical.com/~ccheney, it seems to be fairly hard to backport without backporting the entry stuff for gtk which don't appear to be easy (possible?) to do outside of gtk, the new version of epiphany uses it plus changes things up quite a bit from the old version20:45
* micahg hopes openjdk finishes ok20:48
jdstrandasac: so, those 82 packages-- are all the sources and resulting binaries in main?21:03
jdstrandasac: pocket copying from a ppa will not do the overrides correctly-- they all have to manually be done21:03
micahgwow, openjdk finally finished :)22:10
micahgasac: should I push openjdk to PPA22:10
BUGabundoDO IT22:13
* micahg checks if builders are busy22:13
micahgnot too busy22:14
BUGabundofta since when does chromium private browser saves passwords??22:14
ccheneyBUGabundo: heh that doesn't sound very private, lol22:24
BUGabundoI know , right22:26
BUGabundomust file a secutity bug22:26
ccheneynot sure its a normal 'security' bug but it sounds like it wasn't thought out well22:32
BUGabundogot another funny one22:34
BUGabundoif you have both regular and priv wind open22:34
BUGabundoand open a link from a 3rd party app22:34
BUGabundoit will open in the last wind, even if that's priv22:34
micahgasac: I didn't have time to tag a release for Firefox today or fix TB3 and tag release, so if you could upload on Monday, that would be great22:50
micahgasac: I'll do it over the weekend22:50
* micahg wonders where fta is...22:56
micahgdebfx: would you be able to propose a merge for the kde patch rebased against firefox-3.6.head using the latest tarball from the Ubuntu Mozilla Daily ppa: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa22:57
micahgdebfx: it's fine for the current 3.6 release which will go out early next week, but fails in the daily builds for 3.6.222:57
debfxmicahg: yes, sure23:15
micahgdebfx: thanks23:16
asacjdstrand: its all main23:19
asaconly main pakcages are done this cycle23:20
asacmicahg: monday is final upload date. did you add the stuff into xulrunner build system?23:22
asace.g. can we upload that package?23:22
micahgasac: not yet, will be ready by monday23:22
debfxmicahg: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~debfx/firefox/firefox-3.6.head/+merge/2079123:22
micahgasac: monday is final for what?23:22
micahgdebfx: thanks, I'll merge it in tomorrow night23:23
DunkirkMozilla fonts look non-hinted on my LCD, but fine on CRT. Can anyone clue me in on how I can get the fonts looking as good as the rest of the system on my LCD?23:23
micahgDunkirk: bug 51261523:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512615 in firefox "fonts are incorrectly rendered due to not using system cairo" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51261523:24
micahgasac: isn't beta 1 freeze thursday?23:24
asacno clue23:24
* micahg thinks it's thursday23:25
micahgis there another deadline?23:25
micahgin any case, xulrunner-1.9.2 initial upload should be ready monday23:25
micahgasac: ^^^23:26
asacthe longer it sits in NEW the earlier it will be processed23:26
micahgasac: k, will be ready monday :)23:27
* micahg will be back tomorrow night...23:30
asacDunkirk: yes, thats known23:48

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