itsumi installed mythbuntu.  but, forgot to select the capture card.  how do go back and load setup so i can select it? i've looked through all  the options i dont see anything. its the intital setup screen00:02
itsumplease help.. i just need to find out how to restart the intital setup screen where i can select the capture card to use. add new card screen.. please..00:04
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itsumanyone here?00:05
itsumhello.. will you please help me with mythbuntu?  i just need to know how to start the setup again. because i didn't select my capture card.  i don't see the option anywhere once i'm in mythtv00:08
itsumCOME ON..00:19
itsumplease someone wake up..00:19
itsumgod.. help me.. all theses people in here00:19
tgm4883itsum, relax00:38
tgm4883you need to launch mythtv-setup00:38
tgm4883you should be able to do it from the system menu00:38
tgm4883that, or you could launch it from a terminal00:38
tgm4883itsum, now for the future, just ask you question and wait patiently. Nobody here is paid support so we are all off doing other things, but will see your question when we check back00:40
pteaguei had to screw around with user ownership because updating from hardy -> intrepid -> jaunty -> koala changed my /etc/passwd & /etc/group uids & gids so mythtv was no longer the same on several boxes...  & now for some reason my keyboard & mouse don't work in X... any ideas?02:18
geek65535Google has been no help here: Alpha 3 of Ubuntu 10.04 "lucid" comes with .23-trunk versions of mythtv. I can't find any information on the eventual state of these packages will be. Will the final release of 10.04 have .23-fixes? Will it stick with .23-trunk, despite it being an LTS release? And how close is .23 to being released?02:20
geek65535@pteague: your keyboard & mouse don't work under X for the mythtv user, or in general?02:21
pteaguei can't even login02:26
geek65535sounds like a permissions issue. How are you starting X? Through kdm/gdm, or using startx?02:27
pteagueX is set up to auto start & it's using gdm...  i temporarily moved all of the affected uids & gids to 800+ so that they would definitely be unused uids & gids...  guess i could reset them back down to under 200 again as i think certain things have issues with certain uid/gid numbers over a certain amount, but i don't know what i changed that would have that as a problem02:29
geek65535which uid/gids did you change? system accounts, like bin and sys? Or just user (mythtv) accounts?02:30
pteagueonly things over 103...  mysql, mythtv, ntp, gdm, statd, sshd, messagebus, polkituser, haldaemon, ntop, mpd, icecast ... user & group ids separately02:31
geek65535yeah, that'd do it. I think your best bet is to find another box running the same release, and copy all the uid's and gid's back. personally, I've never been in a situation where I had to muck around with system accounts like that (in 16 years of running linux and solaris). but I've seen machines that were easier to reinstall than fix ownership/permission issues. start with mimicking a known good box, and if that doesn02:34
tate_Oi, I need some advice; do any of you have a sound card in mythbuntu 9.10 that doesn't crackle a lot?04:23
rhpot1991geek65535: plan is for lucid to have 0.23, it is in feature freeze now04:25
rhpot1991tate_: I've had some that made popping sounds when there was no sound coming through, like when you are on the menu etc04:25
tate_Yeah, I have an audigy 2 which in every previous version has served me well04:26
tate_But when mythfrontend starts it crackles absurdly04:26
rhpot1991the ones I saw the issue with, it went away once you started playing video04:31
tate_What sound card do you have?04:31
rhpot1991whatever is onboard my mobo04:32
tate_I'm giving up on mine, I know it's not the hardware but I'm done wrestling ubuntu04:32
epssyI upgraded from mythbuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and now mythbackend starts multiple times when the computer starts tying up the recording cards13:59
epssyhow is this managed so I can disable the multiple copies?13:59
epssyhttp://pastebin.com/J8Zvs2Ag this is what is happening14:00
trinityhi have question what satellite card usb2 can i use without problems in ubuntu karmic?20:49
trinityis there any sat usb card that is upported by 9.10 straight out of the box?20:50
rhpot1991trinity: dunno what you mean by satellite card, but in the US you would use something like the Hauppauge HD-PVR (1212) with a dish20:55
trinityhd pvr that card is usb? if so it will work with mythtv in ubuntu karmic? do i need v4l drive for it or will work straight out of he box?20:57
Davieytrinity: i use 2 x WinTV-HVR 4000, work without too many issues in karmic20:57
Davieyalthough you need to run a script to pull in the firmware20:57
Daviey(but it's not painful)20:57
trinitypeople im asking about usb!#20:57
trinityhvr is not usb#20:58
trinityi have laptop not pc#20:58
trinityi got nova-s usb2 so i got info first from that channel that my cord should work with v4l so i went to linutv.org got the driver after 3 days is installed and today i discovered tha my card is not supported so i want to buy new usb card20:59
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