fabbioneNCommander: i still use it on a few sparcs, why? what's up?05:00
NCommanderfabbione: lucid still doesn't boot even though the upstart bug was fixed05:00
NCommander(although that should probably be SRU'ed)05:00
fabbionedoesn't boot how?05:00
fabbionewhat's broken?05:00
NCommanderfabbione: not sure :-)05:03
NCommanderfabbione: it makes it into the initramfs, and then goes bust05:04
NCommanderfabbione: also, SILO has issues starting d-i it seems (Memory Cache Failure, or something like that)05:04
NCommanderfabbione: I'd love to fix it, but I'm a little short on time these days sadly :-/05:04
fabbionei have less than 6 hours, then I am on vacation and work travel til mid April05:04
fabbionei don't think i can do anything about it05:04
fabbionejust don't have time for it05:07
fabbioneNCommander: my suggestion would be to boot with that initramfs option that stops as soon as you hit initramfs05:07
NCommanderfabbione: hrm, any recommended volunteers? :-)05:07
fabbioneand then go step by step to see where it goes boom05:07
fabbioneno idea.. people are kind of losing interest in Ubuntu05:08
fabbioneand my machines will be converted fairly soon to something else05:08
fabbioneunless Lucid is spectacularly stable on x86, it's going away05:08
NCommanderfabbione: what makes you say that?05:11
fabbionemostly the amount of complains i hear from people that still think I am working for Canonical05:12
fabbione"this doesn't work.. bug is here, nobody fixed it. i had to move on to $random_other_distro"05:12
fabbioneand most of those bugs are fairly generic stuff that hit lots of users (that I can say from experience)05:13
NCommanderfabbione: I know what you mean unfortunately :-/. <- *ubuntu on ARM guy, with some powerpc, ia64, and sparc)05:13
fabbionechecking bug xy, opened for months, nobody cared to even look at it05:13
fabbioneas long as there is this kind of response, ubuntu is losing traction towards the community05:14
fabbioneand don't get me started on my personal experience with anything >= hardy05:14
fabbionebecause you would go and commit suicide05:14
NCommanderfabbione: is this why ~ubuntu-clusterfuck exists? :-)05:16
fabbioneoh no.. that's a lot older than that :)05:17
fabbioneit was made at one of the very first UDS'es ;)05:17
fabbionefor pure fun..05:17
=== fabbione is now known as fabbione_vac

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