erichammond-X preserve extended attributes00:00
erichammondI'm a huge rsync fan, but there were enough special cases, that I start to wonder if I got them all.00:01
erichammondA generic tool like this should do the right thing for all edge cases users are likely to come up with.00:02
mdlueckHas anyone ever heard of start_daemon not backgrounding processes? Suddenly one program trying to use that to start its daemon find the script hanging at the call to start_daemon and the daemon is responsive.00:09
RoAkSoAxzul, found why I couldn't run the hook and now I can, and it was something related to the apt cache, but now im doing something different to test the hooks and works including the staging00:10
zulRoAkSoAx: sweet00:11
RoAkSoAxanyways i'll work on it/test and then bother you for review :)00:11
sabgentonwhat is the command to rebuild device.map00:54
jpdssoren: update-grub ?00:54
jpdssabgenton: ^--.00:54
smosererichammond, i'm just familiar with rsync, and its one command, not 2. so i don't have to check both sides of the pipe00:55
smoserbut, regarding sparse, and acl, and hard links you're definitely right.00:55
erichammondsmoser: That's fine. Just make sure you pack in enough options to really duplicate the contents.00:55
sabgentongrub 2 is a pain it didn't make the autodected boot entrys right00:55
sabgentonnow I have grub entrys that are useless00:56
sabgentonhave to make one in /etc/grub.d/40_custom I guess00:57
sabgentonoh wait I think it looks at fstab00:59
sabgentonand it was wrong at the time00:59
sabgentonwill try again00:59
zoran119i have a ubuntu server (8.04 lts) running as a vm on hyper-v and almost every day the clock gets stuck in a 5 second loop...02:53
zoran119any idea what could be causing the problem?02:53
cefzoran119: are you running ntpdate or ntpd int hat vm? vm's usually don't need to sync their time, just the host02:56
cefzoran119: it's the only thing that comes to mind at the moment02:56
maxagazhow can I can kill such process: root     19294  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S    Feb28   0:00 [nfsv4-svc]03:40
twbmaxagaz: that's a kernel thread.03:41
maxagazknowing that kill -9 doesn't work03:41
twbThe square brackets mean "I'm the kernel"03:41
maxagaztwb, okay03:41
maxagaztwb, what can I do then ?03:41
maxagaztwb, it was set by someone else...03:42
twbrmmod nfs or something, might get rid of it.03:42
twbWhy do you need to get rid of it?03:42
maxagaztwb, I suspect it to be responsible of lags on the machine03:42
maxagazrmmod nfs03:43
maxagazERROR: Module nfs is in use03:43
twbmaxagaz: why do you suspect that?03:46
maxagazactually, it seems better since I've unmounted to directory in /tmp03:47
twbI have a network of 8.04 clients and an 8.04 server.  Users and groups (above 1000) are centralized in an OpenLDAP RFC 2307 database.04:30
twbNow, I need all users to have access to floppies, i.e. to be in the floppy (25) group.04:30
twbHow do I do that?  The floppy group isn't in LDAP, it's in flat files on each host.04:30
persiatwb: Fiddle /etc/nsswitch.conf and stick it in LDAP?04:35
twbThinking laterally, I wonder if I could just use a udev rule to "chgrp users /dev/fd0".04:37
twbAny old bodge will suffice, but for my own sanity I'd like it to be the least-worst bodge.04:38
persiaWell, of course.04:38
persiaudev rule either means manual management or a local package.  LDAP swich means manual management *and* LDAP config.  Which is less headache?04:38
twbI should add that the client machines are all netboot from a single image04:40
axisysi have two disks mirrored .. looking for procedure to upgrade to next release, for example lucid when it is available in apr, and failover back to older release..04:47
persiatwb: That's why "local package".  You deploy something that adds an entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and includes your rule (or split in two packages if you like), and then you can update all the machines by tweaking that package, rather than by changing all the netboot images.04:48
axisysi solaris i break the mirror, while system is running, upgrade the in inactive disk - the detached one from mirror, and reboot from that ..04:48
axisyss/i solaris/in solaris/04:48
axisysif the upgrade breaks any os, i switch back to the orig disk04:49
axisysso one reboot for each is the only outage04:49
axisysis there something similar available w/ ubuntu server ?04:49
Roxyhart0 hi there i am trying to install moodle, i just download the files .tgz but when i try to uncompress using the command tar -zxvf moodle-weekly-19.tgz i got error that the file is not format gzip. any idea?05:59
ivoksfile moodle-weekly-19.tgz06:04
Roxyhart0yes, i just see i can do apt-get moodle, but i am not sure if it can work fine. anyone have experience installing moodle?06:06
ivoksi don't see why it wouldn't work06:06
Roxyhart0im trying now thanks06:09
* persia has recently seen a number of .tgz files that were actually uncompressed tarballs.06:15
ivoksprobably web server is doing decompressing06:19
twbivoks: if you mean when clicking in firefox, it'll be firefox, not the server sie06:20
ivoksyou think?06:20
twbivoks: because of Accept-Encodings: gzip06:20
twbFirefox thinks the file coming back is gzipped only because it said it supported gzip06:20
ivokshm... yeah06:20
twbYou won't see that fail with e.g. wget06:21
twbivoks: oh, and also because the server returns application/x-gzip or whatever for .tar.gz06:21
ivokslucid is looking macish06:22
persiaActually, in at least one case, the decompression had happend prior to it being posted on the website (I spent some time investigating with the person posting the artifact).  Probably the same cause, but don't always blame your browser.06:22
twbI was just commenting on server vs. browser06:23
ivoksdoes w3m supports it?06:23
twbw3m sends Accept-Encodings: gzip ..., but midori doesn't06:23
ivoksprobably, /lib/libz.so.106:23
twbI know this because occasionally my proxy (polipo) will feed the gzipped file to midori and I get garbage onscreen06:24
skritecan someone reccomend an easy how to for getting postfix to allow a user to send via smtp from a computer not on our lan?06:37
skritehaving an awful time with it06:37
twbskrite: you want SMTP/SSL on the submission port (587).06:38
twbI don't know the details06:38
twbThat or become an open gateway and hope for the best until you get RBLd.06:39
skritetwb, i think i need port 2506:39
skriteah, ok06:39
skritethen yes !06:40
skritethis is insane07:36
skritei have gone through the examples on the ubuntu wiki about a half dozen times, and still not getting it to work07:37
skritejust doesn't seem like this should be this difficult07:37
|Mike|struggling with sasl ? :D07:38
skriteyeah, still struggling07:39
skritedo i need to have the full domain name as my host name?  like  machine.mydomain.com ?08:17
lucid_intervalskrite: do you mean for postfix?08:17
lucid_intervalskrite: you need to tell postfix which hostnames to "receive mail for" - i.e. consider as local machine08:18
lucid_intervalthis can be one or more hostnames - can include your FQDN (machine.example.com)08:18
skriteall the ones listed as mydestination?08:19
lucid_intervalskrite: what is mydestination?08:20
lucid_intervalskrite: yes. whatever is listed as mydestination08:20
lucid_intervalbut your hostname is ONE of those values.08:21
lucid_intervalskrite: and you MIGHT list all of the values under mydestination in /etc/hosts08:21
lucid_intervalskrite: in the simplest of cases, your hostname = machine.example.com, mydestination will be just that08:22
skriteok. i am a little confused here.  The machine name with the prefix of the domain.   like our machine is  server.mydomain.com  so when i log in, my prompt looks like server #   however, the mail domain is mail.ourdomain.com08:24
skritethe hostname of the machine is server08:24
lucid_intervalskrite: then your case is a little more involved. mydestination should include ALL the hostnames in the SMTP context that this postfix instance will consider local08:25
skriteand the same with the /etc/hosts ?08:26
lucid_intervalskrite: strictly speaking it has NOTHING to do with /etc/hosts or DNS or hostname08:26
lucid_intervalskrite: if an incoming SMTP connection has a To/CC/BCC email address that is _NOT_08:27
lucid_intervalskrite: one of the values in mydestination, that is considered non-local and the08:27
lucid_intervalskrite: request is effectively a relay request. All email addresses that end in values in mydestination08:27
lucid_intervalskrite are considered "local" and therefore _NOT_ relay requests08:28
skritewhoa, so i don't want to include them if i am trying to set up an account client that is not within the LAN?08:28
skritenot on the local network or local machine, i mean.08:29
lucid_intervalskrite: don't understand what you're asking. I was referring to what is considered a relay08:29
skritethe user has a username and password and a Maildir on the machine, but needs to connect from a mail client not on the same machine08:29
lucid_intervalskrite: request versus request for "local" delivery. There are separate constraints / checks08:30
lucid_intervalskrite: around whether relaying is ALLOWED or not - e.g. AUTH08:30
skritethink i get it08:30
lucid_intervalskrite: I get your case now. User has a _LOCAL_ account. But connects with a mail client08:31
lucid_intervalskrite: that will make SMTP requests from a remote network location08:31
lucid_intervalskrite: presumably some of those requests will be to send email to _OTHER_ users on this local08:31
skriteactually, no.08:32
lucid_intervalskrite: mail domain (to be "locally" delivered) while other SMTP requests will be to relay emails08:32
lucid_intervalskrite: to other mail domains.08:32
skritethe mail account is actually for a machine that will only need to send via relay. to other domains08:32
lucid_intervalskrite: the mydestination piece specifies what is considered "local" versus "foreign" (non-local)08:32
lucid_intervalskrite: ok. so case 1 may have ZERO requests. you still need to instruct postfix as to what is for "local"08:33
skriteok, so what it considers a relay or not08:33
lucid_intervalskrite: delivery versus "relay". If NOTHING is ever lcoally delivered to users on this box, you should08:33
lucid_intervalskrite: be setting up this postfix as a "smart relay" to relay all mail to the main SMTP host.08:34
lucid_intervalskrite: in that case, this client can also (probably should also) relay via _THAT_ main SMTP host08:34
skriteok testing08:36
skritewhat log can i look in to see why smtp is not happening right? mail.log does not show anything when i try to send via smtp08:43
sherrskrite: what mail server?08:47
skritethe smtp server08:49
lucid_interval_skrite: did you finish testing?08:49
skritewell, sort of, all i am getting from a client is that unable to send check with your network administrator, yadda yadda08:51
skritecheck with the network administrator? i AM the network administrator !08:52
lucid_interval_can you try sending email _locally_ - to see postfix is accepting incoming mail for local delivery?08:52
skriteyes, that is working08:53
lucid_interval_then check from the remote client sending email that should be considered local - for local delivery on the postfix box08:53
lucid_interval_the final part is selectively enabling relaying based on AUTH (since you don't want to be an open SMTP relay)08:53
skriteyou mean test from like user1@mydomain.com to user2@mydomain.com?08:55
lucid_interval_skrite: from can be anything. to should be something like user2@mydomain.com - where mydomain.com is in the mydestination list08:56
lucid_interval_in fct you should test all teh different values in the mydestination list08:56
skriteno, i am getting a login failed08:56
lucid_interval_skrite: so here is where the AUTH part comes in. Did you finish setting up the STARTTLS?08:59
skriteyes, i think so.08:59
lucid_interval_skrite: Are you planning on using saslauth directly with postfix or authenticate through dovecot?08:59
skritei am good with either, really, dovecot is our pop client and is working09:00
lucid_interval_skrite: ok. when you do a 'telnet localhost 25' on the postfix box and then type 'ehlo localhost' at the SMTP prompt,09:01
lucid_interval_skrite: do you see STARTTLS and AUTH?09:02
skriteI see STARTTLS but  the lines with AUTH are   AUTH PLAIN LOGIN and AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN09:03
lucid_interval_skrite: cool. that works.09:04
lucid_interval_skrite: take a look atthis page to setup the sasl through dovecot:09:04
lucid_interval_skrite: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixDovecotSASL09:04
skritethanks for all this, by the way09:05
lucid_interval_skrite: cool. you're welcome. lots of ppl have helped me too - not least by writing all this awesome FOSS09:06
\shhmm....libjs-query as default install pkg on server flavour? did I miss something? ;)09:11
\shbah...python-apt recommends libjs-jquery..wth09:13
sabgentonin grub209:23
sabgentonhow does grub-mkconfig know what partion to assign to  root=bla09:23
sorenttx: I don't know if I'm all alone in this, but I really don't care about eucalyptus bug mail. At all. Yet I get tons of it, because ubuntu-virt is subscribed to it.09:24
sorenttx: How would you feel about a ubunt-uec team that is subscribed to all things UEC?09:25
sorenttx: That team, in turn, could be a member of ubuntu-virt (and not the other way around).09:26
ttxsoren: makes sense, maybe send mail to ubuntu-virt members to propose the disassociation ?09:26
sorenttx: The team consists of all Canonical folks and me and Rick.09:27
sorenttx: I think it's a matter of jfdi.09:28
ttxsoren: I just don't want people (if any) relying on it to get euca bugmail to be surprised by the move09:28
sorenttx: Ok, how about this:09:28
sorenttx: You create ubuntu-uec..09:28
sorenttx: ..subscribe that team to all the relevant packages (eucalyptus, euca2ools, axis2c, rampart, all the java stuff, etc.)..09:29
sorenttx: ...I'll e-mail all the members of ubuntu-virt telling them that if they really do care about UEC bug mail, they should join that other team.09:29
sorenttx: You may want to keep all the java stuff separate.09:30
ttxsoren: ubuntnu-server is already subscribed to those packages... so I don't really see the need for a ubuntu-uec team, tbh09:30
sorenttx: Oh.09:30
sorenttx: You are quite right.09:30
sorenEveryone in ubuntu-virt is already ubuntu-server members.09:31
sorenOh, but they get that bug mail differently.09:31
ttxsoren: yes, that allows them to filter... that's why I prefer to warn about the move before doing it09:31
sorenI'm just fed up to the point where I was about to leave ubuntu-virt, but I really don't want to do that. I feel very close to that team :)09:31
ttxsoren: it all boils down to the purpose of that team09:32
ttxsoren: as the bug supervisor for a number of virt packages, that puts it outside the regular ubuntu-server processes as far as bug review is concerned09:33
ttxso we discussed moving the virt packages into ubuntu-sever as well09:33
sorenIt was meant to consist of people who cared about virtualisation in Ubuntu. It was never really decided whether this membership was supposed to come with special privileges (write access to bzr branches or whatnot), or if it was just a handy way to get more bug mail.09:33
=== sabgenton_ is now known as sabgenton
ttxsoren: if everyone agrees the purpose of the team is about key virt packages and not their downstream application (UEC), then yes, your move makes sense09:36
ttxuec packages are already taken care of in ubuntu-server, so they wouldn't get lost09:36
skritelucid_interval_, YOU ROCK !   successful test after setting up with dovecot auth, thanks !09:38
lucid_interval_skrite: awesome :-)09:39
lucid_interval_skrite: now if you want to know a LOT more about postfix - check out this presentation: http://www.arschkrebs.de/slides/Postfix_Configuration_and_Administration-handout.pdf09:40
skritecool, thanks. certainly will do.09:41
lucid_interval_skrite: and if you ever want to setup a CLIENT postfix server that is allowed to relay based on a TLS certificate: check out this presentation: http://www.state-of-mind.de/assets/postfix_tls.pdf09:41
skritegot it09:42
jayveeso I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 here10:44
jayveewhat's the best way to get Xen working?10:45
jayveethere isn't any xen-enabled kernel in the repo10:45
jayveeis xen considered edwardian or something?10:45
sorenjayvee: Xen is not really supported in Ubuntu. Try KVM instead.10:48
jayveeThat's what I've been using, but I'm quite unimpressed with its performance.10:48
jayveeThis copy of Ubuntu has been installing for the past 30 minutes.10:48
sorenThen you're probably not using kvm.10:49
jayveemodule kvm_amd is loaded, and /usr/bin/kvm is running10:49
sorenjayvee: How are you running kvm? From a command line?10:49
jayveewithin libvirt10:50
sorenjayvee: Through libvirt?10:50
sorenjayvee: Ok.10:50
sorenjayvee: Put the output of "ps -ef | grep kvm" on pastebin10:50
jayveesoren: http://pastebin.ca/182364710:52
sorenjayvee: now "sudo ls -l /proc/26559/fd10:53
soren(without the spurious newline, sorry)10:53
jayveeThis is a desktop install, btw. It's going to be a group of NoMachine servers.10:53
sorenA desktop install? With 512 MB of RAM?10:54
sorenThat's going to be slow even on real hardware.10:54
|Mike|soren: are you from sweden btw?10:54
soren|Mike|: No.10:54
soren|Mike|: Denmark10:54
jayveesoren: http://pastebin.ca/182364910:54
|Mike|Close tho, your nick sounds pretty familair, as if i seen it before *somewhere*10:54
jayveeI shut it down and started it, so the PID changed. :)10:54
sorenjayvee: Well, any further diagnostics is unnecessary: 512 MB of RAM desktop installs will always be slow.10:55
jayveehmm, runs perfectly fast in VirtualBox10:55
jayveeI'd use ubuntu-vm-builder to deploy this stuff, except it keeps crashing.10:55
sorenjayvee: With 512 MB it runs fast in VirtualBox? Seriously?10:56
ttx|Mike|: soren is a famous golfer.10:56
iLLiZTNothing runs fast on 512 MB10:56
jayveeheck, I even bump it down to 256 MB once it's finished installing10:56
iLLiZTWhat's wrong with you?10:57
* soren smacks ttx around10:57
|Mike|ttx: lol10:57
ttx|Mike|: it's true !10:57
sorenjayvee: Once it's done installing is a completely different story.10:57
jayveeSo you reckon it's a memory thing more than anything?10:58
sorenjayvee: At that point, you don't have a multi-GB disk image as a ramdisk.10:58
iLLiZTKVM is quite awesome anyway10:58
ttxGoogle says he is, it /must/ be true.10:58
iLLiZTI'd rather go with KVM than Xen.10:58
sorenjayvee: Oh, yeah. Totally.10:58
iLLiZTBut Virtualbox is pretty nifty if you want hosted virtualization10:58
henkjanjayvee: i'm running a Xen dom0 on debian lenny10:58
soreniLLiZT: What is "hosted virtualisation"?10:58
henkjanjayvee: with ubuntu domu's10:58
iLLiZTsoren: Virtualbox, VMware Workstation, etc.10:58
soreniLLiZT: How is that different from Xen or KVM?10:59
soreniLLiZT: What about KVM is not "hosted virtualisation"?10:59
sorenI've never heard that term.10:59
iLLiZTKVM is hosted virtualization as well.10:59
sorenWhat is /not/ hosted virtualisation, then?10:59
iLLiZTIt's mainly what VMware uses to describe what's not a bare-metal hypervisor.10:59
iLLiZTVMware, Citrix, Microsoft etc.10:59
sorenWhat does that even mean?10:59
FireCrotchsoren: it's a VMWare buzz-word11:00
iLLiZTA bare-metal hypervisor is virtualization without an underlying OS.11:00
soreniLLiZT: ...which in and of itself is nonsense.11:00
iLLiZTWell, naturally they have some sort of OS11:00
sorenThere's always an OS.11:00
FireCrotchsince the hypervisor itself is the OS basically11:00
iLLiZTBut their OS is used only for virtualization.11:01
iLLiZTAnd nothing else.11:01
sorenWhat difference does that make?11:01
FireCrotchLike I said... buzzword :)11:01
iLLiZTLess overhead, and like FireCrotch says; buzzword11:01
|Mike|soren: go get em, rawwwwwwww!11:01
jayveeAre there any virtualisation solutions that don't use disk images?11:02
jayveechroots don't count ;)11:02
iLLiZTjayvee: You could boot vms from iSCSI.11:02
sorenI'd exchange a bit of overhead for not having a /completely separate codebase/ to do virtually the exact same thing as a proper OS /any/ day.11:02
iLLiZTI don't mind using a server for just virtualization.11:02
jayveeiLLiZT: never touched iSCSI before11:03
sorenjayvee: What's the problem with disk images?11:03
jayveeoh, nothing11:03
jayveejust curious11:03
sorenWhat counts as a "disk image" in your book?11:03
jayveejust cloning a disk image at the moment, and it crossed my mind11:03
blinkizHello. Installed "redhat-cluster-suite" and now I can not boot my machine anymore. Last message at boot is "dlm: Using TCP for communications". Anyone know how to resolve this?11:03
sorenMaybe that's the right question to ask.11:03
jayveedisk image = vmdk, vdi, img, etc.11:04
sorenjayvee: Sure. KVM can use other stuff.11:04
sorenjayvee: It can use a disk, partition, lv, whatever.11:04
FireCrotchso can Virtualbox, I think11:04
jayveeI'm thinking more folder on the hard drive without a filesystem11:04
blinkizI know how to make it go away. Just boot the server with USB stick and remove all deps of redhat-cluster-suite. But heay, I want cman, clvm, nfs and stuff11:05
iLLiZTSo, anyone install 3.1.4 yet?11:05
jayveebut that would require NFS11:05
sorenjayvee: LXC.11:05
jayveebit like what some LTSP setups use, I spose11:05
iLLiZTDefault behaviours have changed a bit11:05
iLLiZTSeems promising.11:05
jayveesoren: interesting — not heard of that11:05
jayveeand there's a libvirt driver11:05
jayveespeaking of which, I was trying to get libvirt to talk to virtualbox the other day11:06
jayveehad some error11:06
jayveehang on11:06
jayveehmm, wow, it works11:06
jayveeheh, never mind :)11:06
jayveehmm, not as good as I hoped though. doesn't support the libvirt chrome, and doesn't run headless.11:07
blinkizCurrently setting up a new virtualization environment here. One storage server and two virtualization servers. Using iSCSI with cluster LVM. have it working! Pretty cool.11:07
jayveecool, lxc looks awesome11:08
jayveeeven less vm'ish than openvz11:09
jayveedoes it use UML?11:09
jayveeactually, doesn't look like it uses separate kernels at all11:11
jayveesimilar to openvz, from what I recall11:11
blinkizjayvee, yeah, LXC is the future of openvz.11:12
jayveeI presume my kernel already supports it.11:14
blinkizjayvee, yes. You have to ask someone else how mature LXC is. Ask soren11:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #532558 in eucalyptus (main) "When CC is separated from CLC, nodes keep on being registered" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53255811:17
sorenWell, people are using it in production. It's been around for a while. I believe I heard its security model leaves a bit to be desired, though, but that may not matter for your use case.11:21
jayveehmm, that was a bad idea11:28
jayveeran lxc-create --name=larry, then lxc-start --name=larry11:29
jayveeand my whole system came to a grinding halt11:29
jayveemy display went all pretty colours, and then got dumped back to a tty11:29
jayveeI think I should have read the man page first. ;)11:29
twbManpages are for wimps11:48
garymcHi guys, anyone know where I look to see if bots are hitting my web server?12:03
garymcand what i look for?12:03
olyhi, can anyone tell me if there would be any issues with running openvz and kvm along side each other12:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #532587 in puppet (main) "removal of package does not stop daemon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53258712:16
peciskHi people, I can't boot upgraded server system, it is known bug/issue? It was pure Karmic server install and then do-release-upgrade -d12:51
peciskHangs on kernel 'Checking 'hlt' instruction... OK.'12:52
pmatulispecisk: what kind of system is it?12:57
peciskwell, I solved problem, sorry to bother :)12:58
twbpecisk: rather, it probably hangs immediately AFTER that.12:58
peciskit was VirtualBox, needed acpi=off for some strange reason12:58
pmatulispecisk: right, it's a VB issue12:59
smoserttx, ping12:59
ttxsmoser: pong13:00
smoserttx, pm13:01
kirklandttx: ping13:25
kirklandttx: i'm going to a cherry pick of the 4 commits at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~eucalyptus-maintainers/eucalyptus/1.6.213:25
kirklandttx: any objections?13:25
kirklandttx: i'll build/upgrade my local packages and sniff test before uploading13:26
ttxkirkland: no objection13:26
ttxNote that I uploaded a new release13:26
bogeyd6mandriva instanton is a very neat concept13:26
ttxa couple hours ago13:26
twbI'd rather get Debian booting faster than adopt Mandrivia.13:31
twbhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant_on indicates almost all the vendors run Splashtop, a proprietary Linux distro.13:32
kirklandttx: okay13:32
kirklandttx: i'll get on it13:32
bogeyd6twb, agreed13:34
twbSeems to me that with live-helper you get pretty good boot times.13:34
twbI'm using it to boot a 200MB-ish Lucid system that just runs surf and mplayer, and that comes up in... let's time it...13:35
twbNot too good -- 32 seconds for a 1.5GHz Via C713:38
twbMy laptop's around 15s for a 630MHz Celeron, but I don't start X.13:38
ttxkirkland: saw my pm ?13:41
kirklandttx: no13:41
ttxkirkland: and now ?13:41
kirklandttx: yup13:41
Jeeves_Bah. Live migration still doens't work :(14:11
Davieyzul: Have you seen that php 5.3.2 bug and "Security Enhancements" release has been made?14:15
zulDaviey: yep I have14:15
Davieyzul: what do you think about bumping to it?14:16
zulDaviey: umm....maybe :)14:16
zulDaviey: ill take a look at it this afternon14:17
Davieyzul: neat14:19
Jeeves_IRC-REVOKE. Live migration does work14:25
=== Omahn_ is now known as Omahn
_rubenJeeves_: in what kind of environment? plain kvm? "free" live migration sure make me wanna play around with kvm (and possibly xen). as our current choice of virtualization product, vmware esxi, surely has a hefty pricetag on its live migration feature14:43
Jeeves__ruben: Libvirt, KVM, Ubuntu Lucid14:44
smoserkirkland, ttx, bug 53268214:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 532682 in eucalyptus "instance stays in pending for > 1 hour, then to terminated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53268214:45
_rubenJeeves_: nice, nfs storage i guess?14:45
Jeeves__ruben: No, iscsi14:46
_rubenJeeves_: ah, interesting14:46
_rubenJeeves_: where do you handle the iscsi? in the vm or the host?14:46
Jeeves_Sun Unified Storage14:47
_rubenyou and your suns ;)14:48
ograarent they oracles nowadays ?14:52
Jeeves_So we switched to Fujitsu servers14:53
ograso what do they predict ? :)14:53
Jeeves_But the Sun storage kicks ass14:53
_rubenJeeves_: what fs do you for your shared storage?14:57
henkjan_ruben: shared storage to host the vms?14:58
henkjan_ruben: eacht vm has its own iscsi lun14:58
Jeeves__ruben: What henkjan says15:02
_rubenah ok15:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #447251 in python-boto (main) "euca-register returns "'ResultSet' object has no attribute 'imageId'" with invalid manifest" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44725115:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #532698 in clamav (main) "clamav on Hardy needs to be updated to 0.95, for pending EOL" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53269815:12
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uvirtbotNew bug: #532735 in dbconfig-common (main) "package dbconfig-common 1.8.41 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 349469)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53273516:02
zulivoks: ping16:03
ttxzul: he's not around16:07
dvrcoderhi. question: is there any kind of problem with .ssh/authorized_keys when /home/USERNAME is a symlink to /bla/home/USERNAME?16:51
jbroomeThe tinyurl in the /topic is broken.16:56
Andy-at-homeguys, see to access my webmin on my vps, is that not just http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10000 to log into it?17:09
jbroomeIIRC, that's the default port for webmin17:19
jbroomemay be https, i don't remember17:19
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.17:20
Andy-at-homestill supported in 9.0.4 by any chance?17:22
fullstopHas anyone seen a segfault generating grub.cfg when updating the linux-server-image?17:24
_rubenAndy-at-home: no, iirc webmin was dropped years ago17:27
_ruben<nitpick>and its 9.04, not 9.0.4</nitpick>17:28
fullstopactually update-grub segfaults on 9.10 server.. odd.17:28
qman__Andy-at-home, webmin was dropped before 8.04 LTS, and is not in any supported versions17:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #529466 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52946617:39
zulkirkland: ping what happens when qemu-kvm userland and kernel is mismatched?17:53
kirklandzul: how mismatched?17:54
kirklandzul: there are "recommended combinations", I'd say17:54
kirklandzul: but modern qemu-kvm should work with most kvm's from the last, say year+ ?17:54
zulso should the qemu-kvm use dkms?17:54
zulkirkland: okies then17:55
kirklandzul: oh, the dailies?17:55
kirklandzul: that would be phenomenal for the dailies ...  is the kvm kernel source in the qemu-kvm tarball?  /me checks17:56
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hinkHow do i reprocess all messages in the mailq18:31
ivokspostqueue -f18:32
zulsmoser: dude that was quick...the ebs stuff congrats18:33
zulivoks: or you could it the traditional way and telnet localhost 25 and do a ETRN ;018:33
smoserthanks zul.18:34
smoserhave a nice weekend all18:34
smoseri'nm out now18:34
skettlesciao a tutti18:47
skettleschi mi aiuta?18:47
skettleshi all anyone help me?18:47
skettlesc'è qualcuno?18:48
guntbert!it | skettles18:49
ubottuskettles: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:49
skettlessorry me18:49
ivoks!hr | ivoks18:52
ubottuivoks, please see my private message18:52
ivokslol, nice18:52
acalvo_is there any way to monitor the memory usage and output it to a file or so?18:53
acalvo_a server started crashing once a day for the last week18:54
acalvo_and I want to know which process takes it down18:54
acalvo_since it gets hung18:54
acalvo_I'm trying to figure out how to detect the process that is eating all the memory18:54
ivokswell, there's that thing called oom-killer18:55
acalvo_yes, I've seen it18:55
ivoksit randomly kills process when there's no memory18:55
acalvo_but the server dies always18:55
ivoksit dies in the sense you can't connect to it or it freezes?18:56
acalvo_I can't connect to it18:57
acalvo_but it respond to pings18:57
ivoksso it kills ssh :)18:57
acalvo_it's a VM18:57
acalvo_and I can't log in neither18:57
acalvo_I've posted a question18:57
acalvo_and I'd like to know which process is killing it18:58
ivokstop -b > logfile18:58
acalvo_ok, fine!18:58
ivoksfunny name fot RealtimeKit user18:59
ivoksrunning rtkit-daemon18:59
ivoksmakes your heart skip a beat19:00
acalvo_ivoks: I guess you're developers of ubuntu, aren't you?19:01
acalvo_I've spend the last months around here asking (basic) questions19:01
acalvo_and some of you are always here19:01
Andy-at-homeso webmin isnt going to work on version 9.04?19:02
Andy-at-homeim logged in and can view the navigation sidebar but no links seem to load19:02
ivoksacalvo_: yes19:02
ivoksAndy-at-home: webmin ins't something we care about19:02
ivoksAndy-at-home: isn't19:02
acalvo_working in cloud computing for ubuntu (eukalyptus) i guess19:03
ivoksAndy-at-home: but i don't see how non-working web page is caused by OS19:03
jbroomewow, the webmin thing is still going on19:03
Andy-at-homewhat would you recommend?19:03
jbroomessh and the CLI like linus intended19:04
qman__ /agree19:04
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox19:05
ivoksebox is cool19:05
RoAkSoAxivoks, applying for UDS sponsorship i guess?19:06
ivoksRoAkSoAx: maybe19:06
RoAkSoAxivoks, why not? not going?19:07
ivoksi'm planing on moving to redhat19:07
james_whi. I'd like to try the cloud-init/puppet integration, but I can't see how to bootstrap it to tell it to do the puppet stuff. Is it done via user-data?19:07
RoAkSoAxivoks, lol19:07
ivoksRoAkSoAx: :D19:08
ivoksof course not :D19:08
RoAkSoAxI will apply but prolly wont get it since I didn't contribute as I expected and as much as I did previous release cycle :(19:08
RoAkSoAxcause of my surgeries :(19:08
ivokswell, i don't know how they decide19:09
ivoksbut since it's close, i might even go on a road trip :)19:09
RoAkSoAxyeah that's cool19:10
RoAkSoAxif i don't get sponsorship i'll probably go back to peru for a few months19:10
ivokssounds like ultimatum :D19:10
RoAkSoAxivoks, yeah from my dad hahaha19:11
ivoks'sponsor me, or i'll go home'19:11
RoAkSoAxhe doesn't want me to stay in the US through the summer19:11
ivokstake care19:12
ruben23hi i have lvextend a logical volume, but still i cant see its size what is the next step i should do..?19:12
ivoksextend partition19:12
ivoksis it ext3?19:12
ivoksbah, filesystem, not partition19:12
ruben23belogn to vg19:13
ivoksit can expand mounted filesystem19:14
ivoksso, just fire it ;)19:14
ivoksresize2fs /dev/vg/lv19:14
ruben23online resizing now19:15
ivoksruben23: and remember, df shows size of filesystem, not a partition19:15
ivoksyour partition can be 1TB, but filesystem can be 1GB19:15
ruben23 ivoks: yes thank you, you save me form doom..19:16
ivoksgood night everybody19:16
ruben23my var LVM is 98 percent on usage-in minute it will be full19:17
james_waha, doc/examples/cloud-config-puppet.txt, score19:23
Jeeves_Mossare there any good open source managed services platforms that run on Ubuntu? I'm looking to manage Windows/Ubuntu/Mac systems, and I would love to keep it open source19:31
Pirate_Hunterdoes 8.04 come with lmv2 by default?19:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #532862 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "init.d script points to a program named force-reload, which does not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53286219:36
Jeeves_Moss|Mike| managed services.  google man19:41
|Mike|Jeeves_Moss: then i still don't get your question. You're looking for *something* what offers Ubuntu virtual machines to run "services" on?19:44
Jeeves_Moss|Mike| nope.  I'm looking for a managed services platform that the main server runs on a Ubuntu box.  Something like N-Able, keyesa, etc19:46
|Mike|so basicly you're looking for a managed solution to deploy your (opensource, or licensed) application on?19:48
|Mike|(which runs Ubuntu)19:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #532875 in samba (main) "package winbind 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53287519:58
ruben23hi deleting a directory with a very large size--> what is the best syntaxs should i have..?20:00
|Mike|rm -rf bla20:00
|Mike|how big is big? :)20:01
ruben23|Mike|: hmmm strange i have run like that but the directory was not delete after i have check the next morning.. it 90 GB20:01
|Mike|it does contain a lot of files ruben23 ?20:02
ruben23yes large number of files, audio recordings20:03
ruben23|Mike|: i would like to create a simple script for it to be move to a cifs windows shared directory..but unsuccesful.20:04
|Mike|for i in `ls -l a*`; do rm -rf $1; done ?20:04
|Mike|(what is a cifs windows share?)20:05
ruben23how do i create the script for it..? someone suggested before about Xargs20:07
|Mike|they all have the same extension?20:07
ruben23no, they have different..coz it an audio files20:12
ruben23for every different person recorded20:12
ruben23mike sorry for a late reply..20:13
ruben23|Mike|:you there..?20:14
ruben23 |Mike|:can i ask help on it, for a simple script20:16
|Mike|pastebin it :)20:18
ruben23|Mike|: what should i pastebin.?20:20
|Mike|the script where you where working on?20:21
|Mike|but what are you trying to achieve with the script? Just remove a directory which contains a shitload of data?20:22
Pirate_Hunterwonders if he should be adventurers and use alpha3 for a live server, butterflies in my gut but my mind says yes20:23
ruben23im planing to move it to a CIFS shared drive...so my directory would be empty20:24
ruben23need script to make it automatic..that i would missed that might my server drive will get full20:24
|Mike|(what is a CIFS share ?)20:29
ruben23windows shared drive/directory to my ubuntu-server..20:31
RoAkSoAxkirkland, is it possible to convert a vmware image into a kvm image?20:34
|Mike|ruben23: is it like drag and drop or.. ?20:36
jbernardkirkland: byobu_multi.svg seems to have not made it into the deb20:40
ruben23yes...mapped to a windows drive directory20:43
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histoAlright I want to be able to use php's mail function just to send emails on a contact page.20:58
histoSo I guess I have to install postfix?20:58
histoOr someone is suggesting to use the mail function to send thej mail with googles smtp21:00
=== rberger_ is now known as rberger
histoAnyone around?21:11
resnoquestion about running a mail server. whats involved in config, etc?21:40
histoyes like I just need postfix to work withe mail fuction of php. I don't need it for anythign elese21:41
kirklandjbernard: well, it's kinda big right now21:41
histoLike users aren't going to be connecting etc... And I want it secure so that someone can't start sending spam with it.21:41
kirklandjbernard: need to scale it way down21:41
kirklandjbernard: takes up too much space21:41
zroyschwhat steps should be taken to verify that a partitions data is completely unrecoverable21:56
zroyschbefore starting over21:56
histoI'm going to use ssmtp22:08
histoCan you do a server install from the mini.iso?22:08
histoman this channel is a hoping place.22:10
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uvirtbotNew bug: #522396 in euca2ools "the version specified in euca2ools setup.py needs to be updated" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52239622:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #523332 in euca2ools "euca-bundle-vol does not check rsync return code" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52333222:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #525137 in euca2ools "Euca2ools lib should not sys.exit" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52513722:57
james_wanyone tried to boot the EBS-based AMIs that Scott posted? I'm apparently not authorized, so I wonder if they need to be made public or something?23:07
veebullcan someone explain how 'internal locked-down USB ports' work?23:15
veebulli.e. how are they different from a regular USB port, and why would you use one?23:15
histoveebull: internal locked-down usb port?23:29
AnRkeyI cant find any package for linux-headers-2.6.24-23-server in the 8.04 repos, am I missing something?23:49
AnRkeyi do sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` and I get E: Package linux-headers-2.6.24-23-server has no installation candidate23:51
qman__AnRkey, I only see linux-headers-lbm-2.6.24-23-server and linux-headers-lum-2.6.24-23-server23:54
qman__though that's an old kernel, you probably want to update to the latest first23:54
AnRkeyi have been using apt-get upgrade so far23:55
qman__upgrade doesn't update your kernel23:55
AnRkeynever had to install kernel myself23:55
qman__you need to use dist-upgrade to do that23:55
AnRkeyoh ok23:55
AnRkeythanks, will give it a try quick23:55
AnRkeyyeah, there it goes23:56
AnRkeythanks so much23:56
qman__no problem23:56
AnRkeyi knew i was being stupid :)23:56
AnRkeythe mirrors are ultra fast at 2am :)23:57
qman__I actually cache the packages in squid because I've got so many ubuntu machines here23:57
qman__cut overall update time in half23:58
AnRkeymine is going through my apt-proxy23:58
AnRkeybut have not done a 8.04 box in a year so it's got some stuff to get23:58
qman__I'm about half and half, 8.04 and 9.1023:59
AnRkey8.04.4 is soooo stable now, i'm a happy camper :)23:59
AnRkey9.10 has been a bit crappy for me23:59
qman__looking forward to lucid so I can get all back on one version again23:59
AnRkeyhad to rebuild my mail server after the upgrade23:59
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew_
AnRkeyyeah, lucid is gonna be shweet23:59
AnRkeygonna wait till 10.04.1 though23:59

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