czajkowskiara: I logged it bug 53206809:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532068 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "Upgrading from karmic2lucid is giving error of open office dependency issue (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53206809:05
araczajkowski, ok, thanks! I will try to raise the attention from the desktop team09:16
czajkowskiara: cheers09:17
czajkowskiara: mvo asked me to attach /var/lib/dpkg/status so I did.09:17
maheshhi friends09:36
maheshis thr any one09:36
maheshcan help me09:36
maheshSIGHUP killing the process09:37
mvoczajkowski: I can reproduce it, marked the bug as high10:01
czajkowskimvo: oh we'll keep you :) cheets10:01
aramorning davmor210:58
davmor2morning ara10:59
davmor2me thinks fader_ forgot to set himself away :)10:59
davmor2oh no just this box10:59
davmor2that's better not resetting all the time11:03
davmor2morning ara11:03
aradavmor2, did you see my email about testing ubiquity? sent to ubuntu-qa mailing list11:04
davmor2spoke too soon11:05
aradavmor2, did you see my email about testing ubiquity? sent to ubuntu-qa mailing list11:08
davmor2yes vaguely11:08
davmor2was in London again yesterday11:08
aranice :)11:09
aradavmor2, can you help with some of the amd64 testcases?11:09
aradavmor2, they are at pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com11:09
davmor2I'll have a look after if my connection stays up long enough11:10
aramvo, software centre crashes in the last ubuntu image11:27
aramvo, bug11:27
aramvo, bug 53256511:27
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532565 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with AttributeError in __init__() (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53256511:28
davmor2right ara things seems to be back to normal on irc now11:52
aradavmor2, so, if you can help with the ubiquity amd64 testing, it would be great11:56
aradavmor2, they are specially interested in Kubuntu11:57
davmor2yeap on it now it'll only be in vm for now although if I get some breathing space after I'll have a go on hw11:57
aradavmor2, thanks!12:00
davmor2the slideshow bug was one I pointed ev at but didn't have time to do anything about12:02
mvoara: thanks, let me check12:02
aramvo, might be12:51
aramvo, I have only tried i38612:51
mvoara: if you can reproduce it, can you either attach sources.list or add a "print channel" to /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/view/viewswitcher.p (before line 172) and give me the output?12:56
aramvo, I don't have that kvm image anymore, but I'll try to reproduce in a new one12:57
mvoara: no worries, its not urgent12:57
mvoara: I will also ask garry if he can reproduce it12:58
aramvo, ok12:58
davmor2ara: any reason there are so few install options in 64bit?13:12
aradavmor2, what do you mean?13:12
davmor2http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/3722 so's only auto resize-freesoftware13:13
aradavmor2, because it is a pairwise approach13:15
aradavmor2, we generate teh minimum set of combinations13:15
aradavmor2, we cannot cover all the possibilities in every ubiquity upload13:15
fader_Has anyone installed and subsequently booted from today's desktop image?15:38
mdeslaurcr3: didn't like my joke? :)16:00
cr3mdeslaur: I'm looking forward to the tar and feathers at the next uds :)16:00
davmor2fader_: I have in vm16:00
fader_davmor2: Was it daily-live or an alternate?16:00
mdeslaurcr3: ah! that explains it :)16:01
fader_davmor2: alexmoldovan says that the alternates don't manage to install X16:01
davmor2testing ubiquity on 64bit for ara16:01
fader_Which seems like a Bad Thing16:01
cr3mdeslaur: I'm missing one more review and then I'll submit to mathiaz for inclusion in lucid along with a ffe, which I hope will be accepted16:01
mdeslaurcr3: once you fill out the ffe, let me know and I'll comment in it16:02
cr3fader_: who needs X anyways16:02
fader_cr3: You know ratpoison still depends on X, right? :)16:02
mdeslaurcr3: is the dbus-root code in lucid right now? or is it the same checkbox as karmic?16:02
cr3mdeslaur: thanks for the offer, much appreciated. I have to admit I'm a bit stressed about it :/16:02
cr3mdeslaur: I believe karmic has dbus-root code too16:03
cr3mdeslaur: but karmic has no third party tests which limits damage quite considerably16:03
mdeslaurcr3: ok16:03
cr3"third party" as in tests branched from the outside into /tmp16:03
mdeslaurcr3: does lucid have the third party tests?16:03
davmor2alexmoldovan: fancy breaking daily, what did you do that for?16:05
cr3mdeslaur: nope16:05
mdeslaurcr3: hmm16:05
cr3mdeslaur: but lucid has a very old checkbox compared to what I'm trying to propose16:06
mdeslaurok, we'll see16:06
fader_alexmoldovan: Don't let him push you around; I've got your back dude :)16:06
davmor2alexmoldovan: was this on 32 or 64bit?16:06
alexmoldovandavmor2, let me see16:07
alexmoldovandavmor2: let me see16:07
alexmoldovandavmor2: it's Xubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" - Alpha i386 (20100305)16:11
davmor2hang on then16:13
fader_Everybody blame alexmoldovan when things break :D16:32
fader_davmor2, alexmoldovan: I'll try installing xubuntu alt i386 in a vm and see if I get the same X breakage16:33
fader_I know alexmoldovan is busy right now working on bugs and davmor2 is probably too lazy16:33
davmor2it's already running :P16:34
cr3fader_: so alex has become the new davmor2?16:34
cr3maybe he should change his nick to davmor316:34
fader_cr3: Nah, alexmoldovan is actually doing things ;)16:34
davmor2fader_: I might have to get to uds just so I can slap you around a bit :D16:35
fader_davmor2: Nah, you even blow off UDS... I'm not worried.16:35
davmor2fader_: it's only a long drive away I might just turn up slap you and drive home again ;)16:36
sbeattieara: will the next ubiquity upload test have the same set of pairs, or will we generate a new set of random pairs the next go-around?16:37
alexmoldovanfunny :)16:37
davmor2sbeattie: no ara!16:40
sbeattiedavmor2: oh, bah!16:41
davmor2sbeattie: might just take a while to answer you ;)16:41
sbeattiethat's what I get for not reading scrollback all the way forward.16:42
fader_alexmoldovan, davmor2: xubuntu alt i386 gives me X in a VM16:55
fader_alexmoldovan: Were you seeing that behavior on *all* systems or only some of them?16:55
alexmoldovanfader_, davmor2 : on all16:56
fader_alexmoldovan: Weird.  I had thought maybe it was a specific graphics card issue or something16:56
davmor2I haz x too16:57
fader_davmor2: In a VM or on real hardware?16:57
alexmoldovanfader_: no, I tryed this even on a Toshiba with core i5 that has the graphics integrated in the CPU16:57
davmor2vm I can try on hw but not for a bit16:57
fader_alexmoldovan: Bizarre.  Since it seems to be happening in the lab but not anywhere else, I wonder if it's environmental16:58
fader_My vote would be that we wait and see if it happens on Monday's image as well before getting too excited16:58
alexmoldovanfader_, davmor2 : right now we have a xubuntu-desktop install going on, I'll see what happens16:58
fader_alexmoldovan: We have so many other bugs to file :D16:58
alexmoldovanfader_: I'll go in the lab to try out the solutions from ubuntugeek, then we could work on those bugs16:59
fader_alexmoldovan: Perfect... that's why you're a rockstar :D17:00
alexmoldovanfader_, davmor2 : xubuntu-DESKTOP booted correctly, but still no network applet17:03
fader_alexmoldovan: Yeah, sounds like bug 52058917:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 520589 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network manager icon does not appear in notification panel at startup (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52058917:04
davmor2alexmoldovan: are you sure in vm I get to terminals17:05
davmor2they are admittedly black on dark so not great17:05
davmor2alexmoldovan: http://www.davmor2.co.uk/xub-desk.png17:07
davmor2next to the update icon17:07
sbeattiedid anyone see garbled text like so on the first screen of the installer? http://www.nxnw.org/~steve/tmp/Screenshot-xubuntu-test-amd64-ubuiquity-text-oddity.png17:51
davmor2sbeattie: what happens if you up the resolution?17:52
sbeattiedavmor2: that's as high as it goes in vbox without install the guest tools17:54
sbeattieif I resize the window the text doesn't correct itself17:54
davmor2I'd bug it then cause all the netbook are around the 600 high mark17:55
davmor2sbeattie: I don't see it on 1024x768 in kvm17:56
* sbeattie is installing the guest tools now and will resize the guest.17:56
sbeattiedavmor2: but yeah, I'll file a bug on it.17:57
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
davmor2sbeattie: as I say it should display correctly at that res, because of netbooks if nothing else17:57
fader_sbeattie: Updating my image now, I'll see if I can reproduce it17:58
fader_sbeattie: Confirmed, the same thing happens in 'install xubuntu' mode (as opposed to 'try xubuntu' as your screenshot appears to be)18:01
davmor2fader_: can you have a look at bug 532836 and just let me know if it makes sense?18:38
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532836 in gdm (Ubuntu) "If ambiance theme is used there should be a gdm theme to match (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53283618:38
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fader_davmor2: I'll be honest, I'm not entirely clear on it19:20
fader_Are you wanting the gdm theme to be automatically changed when the gtk theme is?19:20
davmor2fader_: look at the gdm screen.  It's got the light grey of the radiance theme.  However the default theme seems to be the darker ambiance theme.  Wouldn't it look more polished if the gdm theme matched the actual theme?19:22
fader_davmor2: I'm going to have to google for those themes, as neither of them seems to be installed on my lucid machine by default19:24
fader_Okay, seems like those are the 'real' names for light and dark :)19:24
davmor2so radiance is light19:25
davmor2ambiance is dark19:25
fader_davmor2: I see what you mean now.  It's certainly worth hearing from the artsy types about it, but I don't know enough about design and color and whatnot to say19:26
cr3mdeslaur: if you have a moment, I would appreciate if you could have a look at my ffe detailed in bug #532882. if you notice anything missing from my ffe bug report, please let me know.20:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 532882 in checkbox (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Candidate revision checkbox_0.9 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53288220:09
cr3it's been a while since I last submitted a ffe bug report20:09
mdeslaurcr3: done21:03
cr3mdeslaur: thanks for not mentionning anything about tar and feathers in your comment21:11
mdeslaurcr3: hehe21:13
waltercoolHey... i have a ehci_hcd bug!23:01
waltercoolsome tips for trace it?23:01
waltercoolthats the bug: http://pastebin.com/JL2hRhdb23:02

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