* Obsidian1723 laterz all.00:03
kermiti think that /mg was an automated mass message, i saw it in another channel with the same timestamp.00:06
tonyyarussoTakyoji: now I am00:12
Takyojiconsidering the new logo and themeing of Ubuntu, somewhat implies a theme change of our LoCo may be soon as well00:13
Takyojiof our LoCo website00:13
tonyyarussoTakyoji: I liked the old logo better, but I don't care that much.00:13
Takyojiat the same time; there isn't a public SVG that I can find yet of the new logo00:14
tonyyarussoTakyoji: I don't see a need to duplicate effort on that front - we can pull down a new theme from upstream when they revise it.00:15
TakyojiAre there any other federated communication/social networking protocols other than Jabber/XMPP?03:05
kermitTakyoji: IRC03:14
tonyyarussoIRC's not federated.03:16
kermitalso bonjour03:17
tonyyarussoThat would mean that I could do something like "/msg billybog ON oftc" and have it work while I'm only connected to Freenode.03:17
kermiti don't know what is meant by 'federated' in this context03:17
tonyyarussoUnconnected servers/users being able to communicate by the design of the protocol.03:18
tonyyarussolike e-mail - AOL users can send mail to GMail users.03:18
kermitfederated means non propriatary?03:19
tonyyarussoAnd unlike AIM, where AIM users can not send messages to Yahoo users.03:19
tonyyarussofederation is about design, not code availability/licensing.03:19
tonyyarussoIt is frequently the case that proprietary things are non-federated and many open ones are, but that is a related result, not a necessary consequence.03:20
kermitis bonjour 'federated' ?03:21
tonyyarussoI have no idea - I've never used it.03:22
tonyyarussonor read about it, or anything.03:22
kermitwhat's another example of 'federated' besides jabber?03:22
tonyyarussoe-mail, I just said :)03:22
TakyojiIn terms of being decentralized, and being able to communicate between different servers.03:22
kermitnot that i really know how jabber works03:22
TakyojiWell, email, yes.03:22
tonyyarussoalso, StatusNet03:22
tonyyarussoman, it's been so long since I actually used usenet...03:23
kermitit almost sounds like you're describing p2p03:23
kermitbut, then you'd say p2p03:23
TakyojiI thought there was some specification that Google or some group specified in terms of a protocol that social networking services could communicate with each other.03:24
tonyyarussoEssentially, it uses the DNS system as the only interconnecting link between nodes rather than a top server of the service.03:25
kermitTakyoji: http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/ ?03:25
tonyyarussoTakyoji: OpenMicroblogging, what StatusNet uses.03:25
TakyojiAhh yes03:25
TakyojiOpenSocial was what I was recalling, but slightly misunderstanding03:26
TakyojiWhat would be most sane? Squid or SSH tunnelling?03:43
Takyojifor bypassing filters; I've been using SSH tunnelling in the past, but have been continuing to wonder about using Squid instead.03:44
tonyyarussohow amused should I be that the most active TCLUG mailing list thread in memory is about the TCLUG mailing list?03:56
TakyojiYES http://games.slashdot.org/story/10/03/05/027258/Ubisofts-New-DRM-Cracked-In-One-Day03:59
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Takyojihttp://www.flickr.com/photos/atendesigngroup/4408396318/sizes/l/in/set-72157623558035182/ :D21:46
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