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MTecknologyIs the new theme going to be opened up to the public?14:45
cjohnstonthey wont tell us when14:48
MTecknologywill this still be for Drupal 5 or are they moving up to Drupal 6 or 7?14:50
MTecknologyI'm just curious because I know for me to keep the ubuntu-drupal project going whether I get teh source or not, I'll have to tear it apart so I can chunk it into little modules and everything. For Drupal 6; I think I'm pretty much done developing new stuff, I've been gearing up for the change to D714:52
cjohnstonI couldn't tell you.. I don't get any answers.. lol15:02
cjohnstonnewz2000: you around yet?15:02
newz2000cjohnston: kind of15:03
cjohnstonCan you answer MTecknology's questions?15:03
newz2000hey MTecknology: You're going to get some kind of help but I don't think the plan is to have dozen's of ubuntu.com clone sites. This is still in discussion15:04
newz2000If nothing else we'll push to have a community theme building project here in the web-team15:05
MTecknologynewz2000: My goal of it is for loco sites, I already do that for the current theme. http://ubuntu-il.com/site/15:06
newz2000Yeah, that would be an example of a "clone site" that I don't think we want to encourage. Instead,15:07
newz2000what is better is to have a theme that shows a relationship without being a duplicate15:07
newz2000So that the sites feel unified and connected w/out leading people to think they're still on the same site15:07
MTecknologyoh, i didn't realized I made it mimic that closely :P15:08
newz2000I know it's exciting to see the chagnes - think about it but hold tight15:09
MTecknologyI'm only thinking now, I've been getting a lot of questions about it already15:10
newz2000I've got about three emails drafted to the web team to help answer questions and provide guidance for upcoming projects15:13
newz2000but there's so much happening that every time I draft it gets out-dated15:13
MTecknologynewz2000: so if we make a new theme that's kind of close to what you guys come up with but very noticably different, not just enough for legal distinction, that's ok?15:13
MTecknologyor still not what you're thinking?15:14
newz2000I im talks with the project manager in antoher IRC channel to hopefully have some more details ironed out15:14
newz2000MTecknology: yeah, I think that's ideal15:14
newz2000alejandraobregon has put some great thought and effort into the current design so we should get a little more details about that public so that we can apply the best parts of her work (as they pertain to community sites) to the new themes15:16
newz2000She's really thinking deeply about navigation and I think this will be key to get right in the new theme15:17
newz2000(as you remember, it was a major shortcoming of the existing theme)15:17
MTecknologyok; When you guys roll out the new theme I'll have to rip it apart anyway I'm sure. I make sure it works for RTL languages and varying widths like 80% or 900px. I'll keep thinking about ways to offer a distinction.15:18
newz2000MTecknology: another good thing to think about is how the different kinds of information that are shown on community sites15:21
newz2000and how that differs from ubuntu.com.15:22
newz2000ubuntu.com, even though it's a free product, is really about selling Ubuntu15:22
newz2000and community sites kind of have a different purpose15:22
MTecknologygood point; I'll try to talk to some people about how they would like to see content moved around15:23
newz2000that would be a very useful place to start15:26
newz2000Also, your rtl stuff will be helpful too. We don't have a lot of in-house rtl users15:26
cjohnstonuh oh.. newz2000 is on skype.. i might have to figure out what he looks like :-P16:25
MTecknologycjohnston: I know what doctormo and pleia2 look like - that's it16:39
MTecknologyoh - I think I saw sabdfl once upon a time too..16:40
cjohnstonMTecknology: ill show you my picture16:41
cjohnstonalthought it may scare you16:41
MTecknologywow, that's a short hostmask17:01
cjohnstonMTecknology: you on facebook?17:02
MTecknology@canonical/mpt vs. @kalliki/admin/pdpc.supporter.mtecknology17:02
MTecknologywhere's the scary?17:03
mptMTecknology, I used to be canonical/launchpad/mpt, then I left the Launchpad team, so I asked to be canonical/ubuntu/mpt, but apparently canonical/ubuntu doesn't exist, so...17:03
cjohnstonMTecknology: seeing my picture17:57
MTecknologycjohnston: 11:03 < MTecknology> where's the scary? <- I was referring to the pic18:56
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cjohnstonnewz2000: you still around?20:28
cjohnstonYou don't by chance have, or can get the svgs for the new logos can you?20:29
cjohnstonNeed it for a logo we are going to make20:29
thorwilcjohnston: rather unlikely, as the whole artwork community is waiting for those21:12
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