dholbachgood morning07:54
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elkyGood grief, I thought we were smarter than the average voters. Of the 55 people who've voted, a whopping 15 haven't validated the votes by the tokens.13:48
elkyAt 30 voters, we had 30 validated vote sets.13:49
* elky headdesks13:49
nigelbjust 30 votes?13:50
elkyno, 40 validated sets now. 15 unvalidated sets13:50
nigelbtoo lazy?13:50
nigelbor just spam?13:51
elkyI set up a little reporting page so I could monitor progress a little. "There were 55 voters registered and 40 vote sets were validated by email tokens."13:51
elkyno, they seem like valid addresses.13:51
elkyThe reporting page will be shown once it's all over. But still... 15/55 is a lot of people who haven't followed the instructions.13:52
AlanBellthe first 30 followed the instructions and the following 15 all didn't?13:52
nigelbwhich were kind of clear13:52
elkyAlanBell, first 30 did, 15 of the next 25 did not.13:53
* AlanBell fails at adding up13:53
* AlanBell blames lunch at the pub13:53
nigelbAlanBell: lost senses by 2 pm?13:53
elkyfood coma!13:53
nigelbspeaking of food, I'm hungry.  need to order dinner13:54
elkyI'm kind of wondering if a large influx of non-english speaking folk might be to blame13:54
nigelbthere are limitations to translations we can give13:55
nigelbbut stories were in english anyway13:55
akgranerhey all just posted email on the goal/blueprints we didn't get a chance to go over in the meeting - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-March/002545.html14:41
akgranerCan someone grab it and add it to the forums please :-)14:41
czajkowskiakgraner: aloha14:41
akgranerczajkowski, hey!14:42
nigelbPendulum: dropped joining a few channels?16:04
Pendulumnigelb: I can't autojoin at work (which is probably a good thing) and, well, I'm at work, so I try to keep to a few channels so I don't get too distracted16:04
nigelbPendulum: haha16:04
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akgranerPendulum, issyl0 you have mail :-)18:11
issyl0akgraner: aah, thanks!18:12
akgranerissyl0, it's about 300 words too long  :-(18:14
Pendulumakgraner: thanks!18:14
issyl0We'll trim it down, I've already noticed some double words18:14
issyl0akgraner: interesting though!18:14
akgraneryeah :-)18:15
akgranerI am terrible at editing my own stuff :-/18:15
issyl0Pendulum: does gDocs editing sound alright, easier?18:16
Pendulumissyl0: sure18:16
Pendulume-mail me :)18:16
Pendulum(sorry, in the middle of sorting my lunch while at work)18:16
issyl0No worries.18:17
issyl0akgraner: the America Dairy Goat Association?  :O18:19
issyl0akgraner: is it OK if the one :-) gets removed?18:23
* issyl0 doesn't know if that'll trim it, but hey :)18:23
akgranerissyl0, yeah that's fine :-)  it was just one of those quirky things18:32
PendulumI am going to fight to figure out how to tighten without trimming that last question just because it made me laugh :)18:34
pleia2speaking of which, Pendulum on track for FCM interview?18:34
Pendulumpleia2: yes :)18:35
Pendulumyou'll have it either tomorrow or Sunday18:35
pleia2I tend to do a bit of editing, so sunday cuts it close18:35
pleia2but it should be fine this time around18:35
Pendulumit's mostly just a matter of figuring out the best editing in what we currently have18:36
PendulumI'll have a chance to look at it tonight18:36
* pleia2 nods18:36
akgranerPendulum, :-)18:37
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