TeamColtrais there a way for me to get the default setttings of Pulseaudio back to default?00:00
NewWorldTeamColtra:  If there are config files in your  home directory, delete them to get the default settings regenerated.00:00
dsnydersblakkheim, When I last built a machine, the cpu choices were either Pentium 3, or AMD.  Today there is such a bewildering array of choices for CPUs and motherboards, that I don't really have a clue where to start.00:00
cyberbluntzerUSUL, do you know some prompt  commands for a fedora dist?00:00
donvito2how can i get color motd on ubuntu ?00:00
donvito2how can i get color motd on ubuntu ?00:00
NewWorlddonvito2:  What isi motd?00:00
TeamColtraNewWorld, in a folder like .pulseaudio?00:01
donvito2mesage of the day00:01
blakkheimdsnyders: oh wow, then you might want to do a bit of reading in order to make sure everything works together (or just ask me and i'll tell you)00:01
NewWorldTeamColtra:  Yeah, but  make sure to backup first just in case.00:01
Guest87077like when i open foxfire its slow as shit and i have a pretty good internet connection and like when i put a flash drive into it it willl not open00:01
dsnydersLosha, I'm opening up a browser to newegg as we speak.00:01
blakkheim"foxfire" lol00:01
aouldr78hi everyone00:01
NewWorlddonvito2:  Where does it display? Terminal? Zenity?00:01
Solar_FlareGuest87077: Hardware?00:01
Guest87077firefox my bad lol00:01
donvito2lets say this shell companys have that motd color00:01
NewWorldblakkheim:  xD00:02
dsnydersblakkheim, I have a historical leaning towards Intel, but I've heard AMD is better and cheaper.00:02
Loshadsnyders: also the same trick will work with ebay: search for ubuntu motherboard etc....00:02
blakkheimdsnyders: i'm an intel guy00:02
Guest87077usb flash drive00:02
NewWorldGuest87077:  Change the name like we told you to; it's more convenient for everyone00:02
ubuntumy system got shut down due to power failure and now i get grub error 17..can anyone help me solve this issue00:02
alex87does anyone know how i can make diff tell me just what lines have been added or changed in the new file?00:02
Solar_FlareGuest87077: If you use ubuntu from flashdrive, it WILL be slow.00:02
Guest87077how to do that i am a noob?00:02
Solar_Flareno matter what.00:02
dsnydersblakkheim, I've heard Asus makes good linux compatible motherboards, but that they've been slipping lately.00:02
NewWorldGuest87077:  type '/nick [yournewnick]' << and don't messages I send :P haha joking00:03
aouldr78i need help about normal and safe mode00:03
blakkheimdsnyders: i like asus motherboards, haven't had any trouble with linux on them. it's really just the chipset that you need to check if it's compatible with linux (sound, NIC, etc)00:03
aouldr78how can i switch fron safe mode to normal mode00:03
Guest87077'/nick kingshadow00:03
NewWorldubuntu:  It's better if you google that problem and come here with specific issues or hindrances that you encouter so we may solve them for you.00:03
rmrfslashchange your runlevel00:04
Guest87077god i fucking suck00:04
NewWorldGuest87077:  Type that without the '00:04
=== Guest87077 is now known as kingshadow
NewWorldaouldr78:  You should have the option to do that at bootup in GRUB.00:04
NewWorldSomeone tell kingshadow how to switch off graphical effects and such... I forget where the menu is.00:04
NewWorldkingshadow:  Can we have your system specs so we know how to speed up your system?00:05
LxndrI recently installed ubuntu through the wubi. I downloaded "updates" and now, instead of booting into the gui, I boot into a cli that says "GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4". I can't figure out how to get from here to the gui. Can anyone help?00:05
TheColtraOkay that still doesn't work... "Output Devices" in volume control still shows that there should be sound (the sound bar is moving with the volume) buuuut, nothing is coming out, this happened after I set my speakers to play over HDMI00:05
MindVirusCan someone please help me kill maximus?00:05
TheColtraMindVirus, "killall maximus" ?00:06
aouldr78i just installed ubuntu 9.10 from live ISO image CD  i had to choose safe mode. the installation is fine. but after reboot i only have safe mode.00:06
NewWorldLxndr:  When it says that, does pressing Enter/Escape do anything? Anything else showing apart from that msg?00:06
kingshadowwell i got a 60gb ps3 with ubuntu linux installed thats about all i know00:06
Solar_FlareMindVirus: killall maximus?00:06
subspiderwhere is the conf file for my webcam ??00:06
MindVirusSolar_Flare: It starts up again.00:06
Solar_Flarefor ever: gconf-editor00:06
NewWorldaouldr78:  How do you know it's safe mode?00:06
LxndrNewWorld: I get this message: [Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device/file completions. ]00:07
aouldr78the fonts are really big00:07
lucascarvalhoHello, I have created a debian package but I've found a strange behavior during dpkg -P. http://pastebin.ca/1823295 I don't understand it tries to remove /opt/ !! does anyone knows how to solve it?00:07
Solar_Flarein apps, there should be a folder called "maximus", there you can configure it.00:07
LxndrBelow that is:  "sh:grub>"00:07
TheColtraMindVirus, find the process ID and kill it00:07
Lxndrif I hit enter, I get "sh:grub>" again00:07
Solar_Flareor tell it, which windows to "maximize" and which not.00:07
NewWorldLxndr:  You should try pressing 'b' for 'boot'00:07
|ntegra|can someone tell me how to search for songs by their album-id3-tag?00:07
Lxndrboot gives an error: "no loaded kernel"00:07
aouldr78and when i reboot i do not have any options00:07
jesse2main menu wont load for me.... does anyone know the name of the executable so that i can run it in the console and see if its giving an error message?00:07
MindVirusTheColtra: killall maximus kills every PID with process "maximus".00:08
marioand23Where I can unload artos icons for my web00:08
Solar_Flare|ntegra|: Write a python script?00:08
NewWorldaouldr78:  Maybe it's not safe mode :S BUt just messed up?00:08
dsnydersLosha, is newegg a mail order only shop?  The locations page only lists one site in California.00:08
stdiseaseLxndr, http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Wubi_9.1000:08
TheColtraMindVirus, it has worked for me in the past... I don't know why it does it differently, but I have had the same issue (not with that program)00:08
Loshadsnyders: yes, newegg is mail order only....00:08
kingshadowso how can u install linux on the new slim ps3 120 gb00:09
Solar_FlareMindVirus: http://albertsq.blogspot.com/2008/09/maximus-configuration.html00:09
rmrfslashSo no one knows the answer.... good.00:09
MindVirusTheColtra: I promise killall is identical to kill.00:09
_ting__excume guys, anyone know how i can run using a wine a windows application that needs .Net 3 ?00:09
Solar_Flarermrfslash: no question proposed?00:09
stdisease_ting__, join #winehq and ask for help00:09
dsnydersLosha, Ah.  Okay.   That might be one reason I've never seen one of their stores.  I thought it was a US only thing.00:09
Lxndrstdisease: thanks.00:09
stdiseaseLxndr, y/w common problem00:09
_ting__thank stdisease00:09
Loshadsnyders: where are you?00:10
Imaginativeonehow do I get to the grub menu?00:10
ImaginativeoneBEFORE boot?00:10
aouldr78i have Intel Core i3 and the graphic is not compatible with linux 2.6.31-20 generic. because it freezes all the time00:10
rmrfslashI already killed the goddamn installer00:10
mclark1128I am trying to install grub legacy on my ubuntu 9.10 setup, and I get the error "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."00:10
NewWorldLxndr:  Maybe try this, as it sounds the entries in your menu.lst are messed up: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508700:10
gaetanohello to all00:10
blakkheimaouldr78: you need the 2.6.33 kernel00:10
Lxndrstdisease: would it behoove me to just give up on wubi and get myself a standard install?00:10
rmrfslashthis has been like this since I can remember00:10
rmrfslashbasically you have to have a internet connection to install Ubuntu Server (and probably Ubuntu)00:10
stdiseasermrfslash, easy on the language00:11
aouldr78i tried lucid but it is not stable yet00:11
rmrfslashthere's no way to tell it not to try and grab shit from synaptic00:11
dsnydersLosha, Toronto, Ontario Canada.  (Well technically, Scarborough).00:11
tiemonsterI have a Acer TravelMate 2200 with Windows wireless driver installed via ndiswrapper. I can connect to router if there is no wireless security, but when I put WPA on, I cannot connect. Any ideas?00:11
gaetanoi have a garmin edge 70500:11
aouldr78i always get kernel crashes00:11
MindVirusDoes anyone know how to make maximus stop autostarting when killed?00:11
stdiseaseLxndr, that would probably be best, because wubi install has disk overhead trying to access a loopback image on a NTFS partition00:11
gaetanowhich software can i use with ubuntu 9.10?00:11
rmrfslashthere's no way to tell it to not grab *stuff* from synaptic00:11
rmrfslashgaetano: ??????00:11
Imaginativeonegaetano: Wine00:11
aouldr78karmic is stable but my graphic is not compatible i do not why00:11
subspiderwhere is the conf file for my webcam ??00:12
jaybhumildoes anyone kno how to get bills00:12
rmrfslashwhat kind of question is that?00:12
jaybhumildo u kno00:12
gaetanoit's not so easy for me00:12
NewWorldMindVirus:  Run 'ps -eH' and see what it's parent process is00:12
kingshadowhow do you install linux for the ps3 slim 120gb00:12
jaybhumilhow to get bills?00:12
NewWorldjaybhumil:  what is 'bills'?00:12
gaetanoi use ubuntu since two months00:12
jaybhumilfor this website00:12
Imaginativeonehow do I get to the grub menu?00:12
Solar_FlareMindVirus: Did you take a look at the link i sent you?00:12
dsnydersMindVirus, Emperor Commodus had problems killing Maximus as well :-)00:13
NewWorldrmrfslash:  What don'tn you want it to grab? It's grabbing it because it's trying to update it?00:13
Loshadsnyders: slickdeals has a 'build your own' forum where you can fill out a form and ask for recommendations: http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=136927&t=55382600:13
jaybhumilto get into the clan i need to donate 100 bills so  want to donate 100 bills00:13
rmrfslashI don't want it to automatically try to get updates00:13
Solar_FlareOk: How to tell maxmius to not maximize things: http://blog.dipinkrishna.info/2010/01/how-to-disable-auto-maximize-feature-in.html00:13
NewWorldImaginativeone:  It should be right after the BIOS startup screen when you start up your PC.00:13
rmrfslashi.e. I'm trying to install it w/o an internet connection00:13
tiemonsterrmrfslash: then set it not to automatically download updates00:13
aouldr78i tried sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core and sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but that is not helping yet.00:13
rmrfslashit just blew through to the installation process00:13
NewWorldrmrfslash:  It does it automatically?! You mean without you doing anything?00:13
TidersWhat can I do to get Ubutnu to recognise when I plug headphones in00:14
rmrfslashI don't even remember even being presented w/ an option to install updates or not00:14
dsnydersLosha, that sounds interesting.  I'll take a look at that.00:14
Lxndrstdisease: too bad. I was hoping to be able to do a clean install without burning a CD.00:14
tiemonsterNewWorld: *look* for updates00:14
aouldr78i even did sudo apt-get remove compix*00:14
=== ubuntu is now known as resolver
kingshadowhow do you install linux on the ps3 slim 120gb?00:14
NewWorldtiemonster:  What do you mean?00:14
Solar_Flarekingshadow: wrong channel.00:14
resolver i tried many ways of solving grub error 17 but i am not able to do it...can anyone help me00:14
tiemonsterNewWorld: it's not installing them. Just showing them.00:14
rmrfslashwhy do people on here ask the weirdest non-ubuntu related questions00:14
rmrfslashlike "how do I install linux on a ps3"00:15
stdiseaseLxndr, if you have a usb drive you could make a bootable install media00:15
ImaginativeoneNewWorld: I keep getting Invalid Environment Block00:15
kingshadowwhat channel show i go on?00:15
rmrfslashubuntu is not a mips distro00:15
NewWorldtiemonster:  That's the behaviour I had aswell. rmrfslash : Are they just being shown? Or auto-installing?00:15
mclark1128I have completely wiped out my /boot partition in Ubuntu, what files does this partition need to properly function?  How can I restore this partition to it's original setup?00:15
vianocturna85can u format a partition or delete it and add it to an existing ubuntu partition at all? like with windows?00:15
blakkheimrmrfslash: the ps3 uses a ppc64 cpu00:15
stdisease!ps3 | kingshadow00:15
ubottukingshadow: Aside from i386 and amd64 platforms, Ubuntu is also available for alternate platforms. Playstation 3 ( support in #ubuntu-ps3 ) Apple PowerPC  ( support in #ubuntu-ppc )00:15
aouldr78does anyone know how to switch from safe mode to normal mode from the shell???????00:15
rmrfslashoh I was thinkgin psp00:16
rmrfslashoh well00:16
NewWorldImaginativeone:  I'm not sure, maybe you'll have to reinstall GRUB: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508700:16
blakkheimaouldr78: there is no "safe mode" in linux, that is a windows term00:16
Loshadsnyders: also, consider buying off-the-shelf locally (make sure there's a good return policy)....00:16
stdiseaseheh yeah not mips anymore00:16
kingshadowoh ok00:16
Solar_Flarekingshadow: like ps3 or linux? I dont know, but #ubuntu is definitely NOT the channel for such questions.00:16
NewWorldvianocturna85:  You can merge them as long as they are adjacent to each other.00:16
rmrfslashNewWorld: I think it just started installing00:16
MindVirusNewWorld: It's gnome-session.00:16
MindVirusdsnyders: Any advice?00:16
ImaginativeoneNewWorld: thanks!00:16
=== Goodguy is now known as Guest96990
aouldr78safe mode = safe graphic= no acpi00:16
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I saw. Doesn't change anything and is just a workaround. :(00:16
seanbrystone_Anyone have issues with blurry images in Opera 10.10?00:16
dsnydersblakkheim, So... do you recommend picking a chipset, then finding a motherboard that uses that chipset and then seeing which cpus it can take, or starting with the CPU and then motherboard?00:16
rmrfslashit detected I have a network connection I think and said "ok... we can just install updates then" but my connection is a EVDO connection00:16
subspideryes but my webcam is upside down i need to where is the conf file for my webcam plz00:16
resolvercan anyone help me solve this grub error 17 issue00:17
Solar_FlareMindVirus: Or: sudo apt-get remove maximus.00:17
vianocturna85ok, well these are, 1s ntfs though, but i wanna make that ext4 and merge it, but grub is not in the first partition, does that matter?00:17
NewWorldMindVirus:  Maybe go to Start > System > Preferences > Sessions and deselect it there.00:17
rmrfslashOr I suppose I should say CDMA00:17
subspiderand plz don't use !webcam i tryed that00:17
blakkheimdsnyders: if you want to do heavy stuff like running multiple virtual machines, i would get either a core i5 or core i7 cpu with a P55 motherboard00:17
NewWorldrevolver:  It's better if you google that problem and come here with specific issues or hindrances that you encouter so we may solve them for you.00:17
TeamColtraOkay houston, I think I have a bigger problem now00:17
blakkheimdsnyders: it depends on how much power you need and how much cash you got00:17
dsnydersMindVirus, No advice.  I have no idea what maximus is.00:17
TeamColtra:P my computer is not even seeing my internal audio since I reinstalled... it only sees my HDMI port00:18
sam555how does one find the shell in 9.10 ubuntu?00:18
Lxndrstdisease, too bad I don't have any flash drive. wait, hold on00:18
blakkheimsam555: /bin/bash00:18
Loshadsnyders: see the questionnaire on the slickdeals thread? It's there for a reason....00:18
NewWorldsam555:  Start > Accessories > Terminal00:18
rmrfslashanyways I gotta go00:18
resolverNewWorld; i tried out in google...i tried with different solutions...but not working...got an important assignment and i got stuck with this problem00:18
OttifantSir9.10, Dell Inspiron 9400 with Stereo and Subwoofer/LFE. How do I change the volume of the LFE? Up until 9.04 it was just selecting Main/PCM and LFE with Ctrl and it was solved, but how do I do this in 9.10?00:18
stdiseaseLxndr, if your wubi setup is fixed and you're not dissatisfied with it, by all means keep it00:18
sam555blakkheim: thanks!00:18
tiemonsterI have a Acer TravelMate 2200 with Windows wireless driver installed via ndiswrapper. I can connect to router if there is no wireless security, but when I put WPA on, I cannot connect. Any ideas?00:18
dsnydersblakkheim, I'm planning on setting up some virtual networks and machines for CCNA and MCSE study purposes.00:18
Guest96990how to install from the pen drive in the virtual box00:19
Guest96990 anyone please00:19
NewWorldresolver:  Do you think reinstalling GRUB will help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508700:19
Solar_FlareMindVirus: "sudo apt-get remove maximus" should do the job.00:19
NewWorldtiemonster:  Maybe you need to install 'wpa_supplicant'00:19
Solar_FlareGuest96990: Get VirtualBox PUE and mount usb stick.00:19
blakkheimdsnyders: then yeah, i5 or i7 depending on your money00:19
Lxndrstdisease, to be honest, I'm not all that happy with it. And I think I just found a crappy little usb stick00:19
mclark1128Is there anyone who can help me repair my /boot partition?00:19
Solar_Flaremclark1128: whats wrong with it?00:20
NewWorldmclark1128:  What you mean repair? fsck is used to repair filesystem errors.00:20
aouldr78this is my graphic information: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Arrandale Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 12)00:20
MindVirusCan't do that, Solar_Flare. I need ubuntu-netbook-remix.00:20
tiemonsterNewWorld: thanks. I'll look into it. I just needed a starting point at least. I've never heard of this happening.00:20
dsnydersblakkheim, okay.00:20
mclark1128NewWorld: I formatted it00:20
blakkheimaouldr78: you need a newer kernel for better support of that00:20
Lxndrstdisease, it's 128mb. why do I feel like that isn't enough?00:20
vianocturna85tiemonster: what do the log files tell you?00:20
Solar_FlareMindVirus: I told you how to disable maximus or how to uninstall it. one of these two its gonna be.00:20
tiemonstervianocturna85: which log files?00:20
NewWorldmclark1128:  So what do you want done with it? What is there to repair?00:20
seanbrystone_Anyone have issues with blurry images in Opera 10.10?00:20
Solar_FlareThere is no other option if you want to get rid of maximus00:20
aouldr78the lucid one is working fine but it is not stable yet00:20
vianocturna85tiemonster: for connecting, have u tried looking at the logs?00:20
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I don't want to get rid of it.00:21
MindVirusJust want to stop it from autostarting.00:21
stdiseaseLxndr, I think there are netinstall media, they might just fit on your 128mb00:21
Loshaseanbrystone: for what it's worth, you're the first person I've seen ever mention this issue...00:21
mclark1128NewWorld: Basically I screwed it up while trying to install grub-legacy, and now I am unable to install grub-legacy00:21
Solar_FlareMindVirus: Then, what do you want?00:21
stdisease!netinstall > Lxndr00:21
ubottuLxndr, please see my private message00:21
NewWorldMindVirus:  Was it not in the 'Sessions'?00:21
tiemonstervianocturna85: which ones?00:21
MindVirusNewWorld: It was but I don't want the process to be run.00:21
donvito2why i cant use this command in MOTD UPTIME=`uptime|awk '{print $3 " " $4 " " $5 " hours"}'`00:21
dsnydersLosha, I've only skimmed through the site at this point.00:21
mclark1128NewWorld: Actually, let me clarify.  I have installed grub, only I messed it up and when I try to boot I get the error:00:22
Solar_FlareMindVirus: You dont want the process but you want maximus but you dont want maximus?? o.O00:22
vianocturna85tiemonster: click on System> Administration> Log File Viewer00:22
mclark1128"Error: unknown filesystem" and then a grub-rescue> prompt00:22
OttifantSirUbuntu 9.10 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Stereo and Subwoofer/LFE-speakers. How do I change the volume of the LFE? Up until 9.04 it was just selecting Main/PCM and LFE with Ctrl in Sound Preferences and it was solved, but how do I control the LFE volume in 9.10?00:22
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I want maximus, but I don't want the procses.00:22
Loshamclark1128: I suppose a backup would be too much to expect....?00:22
stdiseaseewww grub-legacy00:22
mclark1128Losah: yes00:22
Solar_FlareMindVirus: Without process there is no maximus.00:22
blakkheimstdisease: better than grub2 in my opinion00:22
aouldr78can i reinstall the newest kernel and run with Ubuntu 9.10?00:22
MindVirusSolar_Flare: What the hell are you saying?00:22
blakkheimaouldr78: you'd need to compile it yourself00:22
MindVirusSolar_Flare: You're saying that if the process is not run, the package is removed?00:23
mclark1128stdisease: I only tried to switch because for some reason I started running into the problem where grub2 would constantly restart00:23
NewWorldresolver:  So sorry, this is the right thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:23
mclark1128and then need to be restored, only to be restarted again00:23
seanbrystone_Losha, I found out it was because i had "Turbo" turned on in Opera, that made blurry images (im assuming its compressing the images or something)  :)00:23
donvito2why i cant use this command in MOTD UPTIME=`uptime|awk '{print $3 " " $4 " " $5 " hours"}'`00:23
donvito2why i cant use this command in MOTD UPTIME=`uptime|awk '{print $3 " " $4 " " $5 " hours"}'`00:23
jbsdpt /j #nstbsd00:23
aouldr78i can compile it but will it be working fine with Karmic?00:23
NewWorldImaginativeone:  Sorry, I pointed to t he wrong thread earlier. Here is the right one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:23
blakkheimaouldr78: if you configure it properly00:23
Solar_FlareMindVirus: No, I say, that if the process is not executed, there is no maximus.00:24
resolverNewWorld; ok thank you i'll work on this00:24
sernylanFrom the standpoint of open source drivers, do you suppose development attention on newer generation GPUs is to the benefit or expense of the previous generation?00:24
Loshaseanbrystone: that's probably how they make it faster, by skimping on the image rendering...00:24
Imaginativeonethanks I WAS LOST00:24
aouldr78can you explain more please?00:24
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I see. I want the process not to run but I certainly want the package.00:24
dsnydersblakkheim, money won't likely be an issue.  However, the more expensive, the longer it will take before I scrape the funds together.00:24
Loshamclark1128: try the usual grub restore rigmarole...00:24
Losha!grub | mclark112800:24
Solar_FlareMindVirus: so you want  aswitch for maximus.00:24
ubottumclark1128: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:24
mclark1128Losha: I can't00:24
sam555in 9.10 if you want vlc to be choosen as an option for media players to browse to, how do you do such?  I've already installed vlc.00:24
donvito2why i cant use this command in MOTD UPTIME=`uptime|awk '{print $3 " " $4 " " $5 " hours"}'`00:24
donvito2why i cant use this command in MOTD UPTIME=`uptime|awk '{print $3 " " $4 " " $5 " hours"}'`00:24
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I want to kill maximus.00:24
mclark1128Losha: I mean, I've tried00:24
stdiseasedonvito2, err? I thought motd was a simple text file dumped directly to terminal00:25
mclark1128Losha: This is the current error I'm getting when I try to grub-install while chrooted to my ubuntu partition00:25
MindVirusSolar_Flare: What I'm saying makes sense.00:25
Chicco89ciao a tutti00:25
mclark1128Losha: "Could not find device for /boot: NOt found or not a block device"00:25
blakkheim!it | Chicco8900:25
ubottuChicco89: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:25
Solar_FlareMindVirus: gconf-editor.00:25
mclark1128Googling this issue led me to run grub00:25
resolverNewWorld; i that link you provided: find /boot/grub/stage1...i get output: file not found00:25
Solar_FlareDisable resizing of windows.00:25
MindVirusSolar_Flare: You don't know what you're talking about.00:25
Solar_Flarethen maximus will lay dorment.00:25
mclark1128and then from grub i did the root (hda0, 4) and setup (hd0)00:25
Chicco89ok, I'm sorry00:25
MindVirusSolar_Flare: That is read if maximus is run.00:26
jdeloachCould someone with expertise in multi-graphic card use help me? I have two ATI cards and struggle to get them both at the sametime.00:26
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I want maximus NOT TO BE RUN.00:26
Solar_FlareMindVirus: Uninstall it.00:26
MindVirusEvery time I kill it, it starts back up.00:26
Loshamclark1128: and which device is /boot on?00:26
MindVirusSolar_Flare: Nevermind; forget I asked.00:26
NewWorldresolver:  You can reinstall GRUB anywhere, though it's easier if you install on your Ubuntu partition.00:26
Solar_FlareMindVirus: You want to use maximus "occationally" or what?00:26
vianocturna85Solar-Flare: Mindvirus makes total sense, or if you don't want to totally delete it, remove it from Startup00:27
NewWorldhi kotaro00:27
bethlynnhello there00:27
resolverNewWorld; ok i'll google out that then00:27
kotai am having trouble with apache tomcat6 installation on ubuntu00:27
duncanidaho1Using kubuntu 9.10 I can't seem to connect wirelessly to my home wireless connection or to unpassworded hotspots.  I can (and currently am) connected via ethernet cable00:27
MindVirusvianocturna85: It's not in my startup applicatinos.00:27
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I want to kill the damn process.00:27
Loshamclark1128: I presume you've tried grub-install /dev/sda2 ?00:27
mclark1128duncanidaho: Are you able to connect wirelessly at all?00:27
kotacan anyone tell me how to log into the webapp00:27
OttifantSirUbuntu 9.10 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Stereo and Subwoofer/LFE-speakers. How do I change the volume of the LFE? Up until 9.04 it was just selecting Main/PCM and LFE with Ctrl in Sound Preferences and it was solved, but how do I control the LFE volume in 9.10?00:27
MindVirusSolar_Flare: That's it.00:27
mclark1128Yes, and I get the same error00:28
mclark1128but my MBR is actually sda00:28
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Solar_FlareMindVirus: UNINSTALL THE PACKAGE "maximus" and only that if you dont want maximus ever again. I did that on my netbook00:28
MindVirusSolar_Flare: As I said, forget anything I said.00:28
Loshamclark1128: which live cd are you using?00:28
vianocturna85Mindvirus: open a terminal, type 'top' without the quotes, look at Maximus, and there is a number before it at the beginning of the line...note that, then type 'kill <number>'00:28
NewWorldmclark1128:  setup (hd0) << installs GRUB to the MBR00:28
jdeloachCould someone with expertise in multi-graphic card use help me? I have two ATI cards and struggle to get them both at the sametime.00:28
MindVirusvianocturna85: I know what I'm doing. I killed the process many times.00:28
_ting__could anyone help me with this: The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:28
_ting__  nvidia-glx-195-dev: Depends: nvidia-glx-195 (>= 195.36.03) but it is not going to be installed wine: Depends: wine1.2 but it is not going to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).00:28
mclark1128Ubuntu 9.1000:28
_ting__I tried to run the apt-get -f install but nothing00:29
mclark1128I also should point out that my /boot partition is essentially blank, except for any files grub added to the /boot/grub directory00:29
mclark1128Which I think is another major factor in the problem I'm having00:29
NewWorld_ting__:  Try install wine first?00:29
MindVirusSolar_Flare: I want to do something. You're telling me to do something else that will accomplish what I want but also will cause a huge list of unneeded side-effects.00:29
vianocturna85Mindvirus: this is a stab in the dark here, but have you tried...just to test, restarting the pc...i know this isnt windows, but it wouldnt hurt00:29
MindVirusSolar_Flare: So, stop saying it please.00:29
mclark1128I tried to basically copy the files from the /boot directory on the livecd to the one on my hdd, but I don't think it's the same.00:29
_ting__no, i just want to install wine, but the nvidia is giving me a problem00:30
Loshamclark1128: 9.10 uses grub2. I don't think you can use it to install a legacy grub. Didn't you say you were trying to install grub1 ?00:30
MindVirusvianocturna85: I will try other methods for now.00:30
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duncanidaho1@mclark1128 no00:31
vianocturna85Mindvirus: It just makes no sense, its not in your startup, killing doesnt work...00:31
Solar_FlareMindVirus: write a bash script, that kills maximus at startup. last solution.00:31
dsnydersMindVirus, If you go to a terminal and do service maximus status, what happens?00:31
MindVirusSolar_Flare: Look. Killing maximus makes it open again, so something is monitoring the process.00:31
NewWorldmclark1128:  root (hd?,?) <<< where first '?' is the number of the hard drive (start counting at 0) and the second '?' is the number of partition (start counting at 0)00:31
MindVirusSolar_Flare: That means that I can change something in the process monitor.00:31
NewWorldmclark1128:  But that has to be done in GRUB00:31
MindVirusdsnyders: One second.00:32
stdiseaseMindVirus, what's this maximum anyway.. if it's a system service try to disable with update-rc.d00:32
MindVirusdsnyders: Unrecognized service.00:32
fcnweather applet acts weird. it shows correct values for all cities except the one I live in!00:32
dsnydersstdisease, maximus is a utility that opens all windows maximized.00:32
Solar_Flarestdisease: it maximizes the windows in the netbook remix.00:32
Solar_Flareso you have more windowspace ^^00:32
NewWorld_ting__:  Install that nvidia package then :)00:32
MindVirusdsnyders, stdisease: It is not a service, I don't think.00:32
MindVirusIt has to do with gnome-session.00:32
jdeloachCould someone with expertise in multi-graphic card use help me? I have two ATI cards and struggle to get them both at the sametime.00:33
MindVirusIt's definitely not a service, actually.00:33
holmserI am trying to set up a home mail server, and I'm almost there, but courier won't let me log in00:33
dsnydersMindVirus, might it hook into compiz?00:33
mclark1128NewWorld: Good news, I just tried the restart after running the grub cmds root (hd0, 0) setup (hd0) and I'm back up and running again!00:33
MindVirusdsnyders: It is unrelated.00:33
NewWorldMindVirus:  Did you disable it in 'Sessions'?00:33
MindVirusNewWorld: It's not there.00:33
holmserit keeps telling me that I have an incorrect password, even though I have verified it in the mysql database00:33
resolverNewWorld; when i run: setup (hd0)  i get output: Cannot mount selected partition00:33
mclark1128Losah: Thanks to you as well, now the only problem is getting my windows 7 install to appear on the menu, and to some00:33
holmseranyone feel like helping me troubleshoot?00:33
mclark1128!ask | holmser00:34
ubottuholmser: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:34
NewWorldmclark1128:  I'm glad... but the commands I told you should be issued when you go into terminal and run 'grub' as a command. :S00:34
mclark1128NewWorld: They were, while chrooted to my drive inside the livecd00:34
NewWorldresolver:  Are you running from LiveCD or the actual Ubuntu installation?00:34
resolverNewWorld; live cd00:34
NewWorldmclark1128:  That's good so it works? :)00:34
NewWorldMindVirus:  You said it _was_ in sessions.00:34
MindVirusdsnyders, stdisease, NewWorld, Solar_Flare: I found this file /etc/xdg/xdg-une/autostart/maximus-autostart.desktop.00:34
_ting__NewWorld,  Errors were encountered while processing:00:34
_ting__ /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-195_195.36.03-0ubuntu1~karmic~nvidiavdpauppa2_i386.deb00:34
_ting__E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:34
MindVirusNewWorld: I said it was owned by gnome-session.00:35
mclark1128NewWorld: Yes, now I just need to get my Win7 partition on the menu00:35
NewWorldmclark1128:  edit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:35
mclark1128With grub2 I had it nice and hooked up to only show the latest kernel on the menu as well00:35
stdiseaseMindVirus, huh xdg - shouda known00:35
duncanidaho1I have ubuntu 9.10 installed everything is up and running great.  So I thought I'd give KDE a try.  I installed it, everything seems to be great but getting a wireless connection.  I can see signals that are broadcast but I cannot get connected (in KDE, in Gnome it still works)00:36
MindVirusstdisease: I have no idea what that is.00:36
mclark1128Is it possible to make grub graphical, or is that an entirely separate installation?00:36
NewWorldresolver:  wow that is really weird that it can't install to the MBR! :O I'm not really sure what to do now :/00:36
NewWorldmclark1128:  What you mean graphical? GRUB is menu loader... X server isn't running then.00:36
NewWorld*well it's not exactly a 'menu loader'00:37
mclark1128NewWord: I thought there was some way to have a graphical bootloader, but perhaps not00:37
jabba-woklike an idiot, i accidentally rm -rf /usr/local/lib/libcurl* any suggestions? :( i'm on ubuntu-hardy00:37
NewWorld_ting__:  Try t oinstall that deb package with dpkg directly. Read the man page on the parmater that you need to issue to install the .deb00:38
mclark1128It certainly serves it's purpose, I just wanted check if I could somehow get a nice prettier looking version.00:38
NewWorldjabba-wok:  reinstall libcurl?00:38
PingFloydjabba-wok: reinstall the package00:38
fcndoes anyone know the name of the weather applet that nearby clock00:38
MindVirusfcn: "clock".00:38
Sylphid|netbookjabba-wok, sudo apt-get install --reinstall libcurl00:38
duncanidaho1 I have ubuntu 9.10 installed everything is up and running great.  So I thought I'd give KDE a try.  I installed it, everything seems to be great but getting a wireless connection.  I can see signals that are broadcast but I cannot get connected (in KDE, in Gnome it still works)00:38
MindVirusfcn: It's all one applet.00:38
NewWorldMindVirus:  So did you move the maximus.desktop file?00:39
fcnthanks MindVirus00:39
PingFloydsounds like it was curl installed from upstream source pkg00:39
MindVirusNewWorld: More inspection is needed before I can do that.00:39
Loshamclark1128: there are splash screens for grub, but I don't use them myself....00:39
jabba-woki did an aptitude reinstall libcurl00:39
jabba-wokbut that didn't seem to help00:39
NewWorldMindVirus:  Move it and reboot. You don't lose anything since it's backed up wherever you moved it.00:39
NewWorldjabba-wok:  What's the problem though?00:39
mclark1128Losha: I just came across the 'pretty colors' option in menu.lst and uncommented it00:40
holmserholy dear sweet baby jesus.  I just sent my first email from my mail server00:40
mclark1128I'll see if that helps at all ;)00:40
jabba-woki'm trying to do a pip install pycurl00:40
MindVirusNewWorld: But, I don't want to stop it from autostarting when a netbook session is started.00:40
NewWorldholmser:  :D00:40
jabba-wokand that errors out00:40
MindVirusNewWorld: So, wait.00:40
holmsernow if only I could connect through imap00:40
Soul_Sampleholmser: and what did jesus reply?00:40
jabba-wokapt-get install --reinstall libcurl --> E: Couldn't find package libcurl00:40
dsnydersMindVirus, There is a site i'm looking at that says to go to System>Preferences>Sessions.   It also mentions something called ume-launcher.  The site is http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009_01_01_archive.html and the section is about 2/3 of the way down.  It says you have to restart gdm afterwards.00:40
NewWorldMindVirus:  You are very picky in what you want done lol :P00:40
holmserhe told me "good job, go kill someone"00:40
stdiseaseholmser, lucky you, I have smtp blocked in & out00:40
duncanidaho1 I have ubuntu 9.10 installed everything is up and running great.  So I thought I'd give KDE a try.  I installed it, everything seems to be great but getting a wireless connection.  I can see signals that are broadcast but I cannot get connected (in KDE, in Gnome it still works)00:40
Soul_Sampleholmser: ah so, the usual00:40
PingFloydjabba-wok: apt-cache search libcurl00:41
Loshamclark1128: might wanna cp -r boot boot.save just to be safe...00:41
PingFloydjabba-wok: the repo pkg may have a slightly different name00:41
holmserexactly.  or maybe it was "start a holy war"00:41
NewWorldjabba-wok:  Go into synaptic and search for 'libcurl' it propably  has some suffix or smth00:41
MindVirusNewWorld: Yep.00:41
IdleOne!ot | holmser Soul_Sample00:41
ubottuholmser Soul_Sample: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:41
holmsergod needs to use parity checks to make sure his messages get through ok00:41
holmsersorry... I'm done00:41
ronnieI installed xmms2 and then promoe now promoe wont play mp3's. can anyone help? fyi im not very bright00:42
BluesKaj-Laptopduncanidaho1, network manager is flaky , if you run wicd on most laptops with kde on karmic your wifi should work. Installing wicd disables network manager00:42
Purpley1Hey guys im trying to recover a bunch of my music from a corrupt partition, how can I recover them? Scalpel isnt for music, the directory will contain .wav .flac .mp3 .wma and common music formats like that what should I use?00:43
NewWorldronnie:  Does it not make a sound... or does it not react when you press play (like the seeker doesn't move)00:43
jabba-wokwhenever i use apt-get or aptitude, i always get this error .. can i ignore it? or should i fix it ? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/w5qiuzuq00:43
ronnieNewWorld It doesnt do anything when i push play00:43
IdleOne!recover > Purpley100:43
ubottuPurpley1, please see my private message00:43
OttifantSirUbuntu 9.10 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Stereo and Subwoofer/LFE-speakers. How do I change the volume of the LFE? Up until 9.04 it was just selecting Main/PCM and LFE with Ctrl in Sound Preferences and it was solved, but how do I control the LFE volume in 9.10?00:43
NewWorldPurpley1:  Don't try and fix the filesystem errors before recovering... you could lose things. R-Linux is a very good program though it runs only on Windows.00:44
LoshaPurpley: what kind of filesystem is it?00:44
NewWorldronnie:  Since when has it been doing that? Did it work before?00:44
duncanidaho1@BluesKaj-Laptop: will installing it affect my connection when in Gnome?00:44
ronnieNewWorld I just installed linux and promoe for the first time today00:44
Purpley1NewWorld, I thought scalpel theres nothing worth saving.....its all corrupt minus a few ebooks and magazines qhich ive already backed up00:44
NewWorldronnie:  promoe?00:45
neezerIf I get a PCI NIC will it be able to max out gigabit LAN? or will the PCI buffer slow things down?00:45
dsnydersjabba-wok, I think this is something you should fix.  I don't know if apt-get is finishing it's work when you install something.00:45
lucas_excuse me, can somebody point me to a help channel where i can get some advice on restoring my grub (after several failed attempts)?00:45
NewWorldPurpley1:  So you don't wnat to recover?00:45
PurpleyLosha, FAT32 and Im on the ubuntu link durrr Im asking for some recommendations for those file types00:45
ronnieNewWorld yes promoe as an xmms2 client00:45
NewWorldlucas_:  Here if you're trying to get Ubuntu to work00:45
BluesKaj-Laptopduncanidaho1, not in my experience , wicd works fine with most ubuntu desktops00:45
lucas_yes i am00:45
tiemonstervianocturna85: keeps saying link timed out00:45
jabba-woki did a pip install setuptools, and that succeeded. so i dont know why apt-get and aptitude is still complaining about that python package00:46
PurpleyNewWorld,  I would like to recover my music yes, its about 50 or so gigabytes if that might be a problem00:46
NewWorldronnie:  Does it play MP3 files without the frontend? Like does it play in CLI?00:46
lucas_actually its mint, based on ubuntu, that ok too?:)00:46
ronnieNewWorld I am running kubuntu if that makes a difference00:46
jpds!mint | lucas_00:46
ubottulucas_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:46
NewWorldPurpley:  Yeah use R-Linux... there's another one.. but I forget it's name.00:46
duncanidaho1@BluesKaj-Laptop:  ok so i just installed wicd, then I typed in sudo wicd00:46
ronnieNewWorld it will play mp3's in amarok00:46
PurpleyNewWorld, I don't have windows on my computer I just wiped it off :/00:46
KeLeMosomebody know how i do to auto-connect my ADSL with start my Linux (sorry for sux english)00:47
lucas_okok il'll try mint channel, but its just a GRUB question actually00:47
OttifantSirlucas_: Or #grub00:47
NewWorldPurpley:  Search for 'Hiren's BootCD' it has a 'Live Windows XP' boot off that.00:47
tiemonstervianocturna85: also, "association request to the driver failed"00:47
NewWorldlucas_:  Okay I don't mind helping.00:48
NewWorldlucas_:  *trying to help00:48
BluesKaj-Laptopduncanidaho1, alt f2 wicd-client00:48
Purpley1NewWorld, I would rather a program for linux00:48
NewWorldronnie:  Does XMMS2 play MP3 _from CLI_... without using the Promoe frontend?00:48
jdeloachDoes anybody know a quick fix or tempoary fix to the "radeon(0): acceleration initilization failed" error? How to turn it off or anything ( using the ati driver in xorg )00:48
PingFloydjabba-wok: sounds like your pip install clobbered your system00:48
mclark1128Is there anyone who could explain to me what chainloading is in grub?  Also, how can I determine the number I need to chainload +X to get my windows 7 partition?00:48
ronnieNewWorld hold on i will try00:48
NewWorldPurpley1:  I don't know of any :/ does it not mount?00:48
fcnif i run "killall gnome-panel" does it resurrect by himself?00:49
MindVirusfcn: Yes.00:49
jabba-wokPingFloyd: what do you mean? shall i get pip to uninstall that package?00:49
Sensivamclark1128 chainloading in grub is loading another bootloader via grub00:49
Purpley1It mounts fine NewWorld its just all my music folders have bizzare symbols like hold on ill show you00:49
lucas_well its after installing lousy windows 700:49
mclark1128Sensiva: Then what does the +1 mean?00:49
lucas_first i tried restoring grub through the program autosupergrubdisk00:49
lucas_which didnt work00:50
NewWorldPurpley1:  Can you copy over an mp3 to a healthy partition and try playing it?00:50
jdeloachDoes anybody know a quick fix or tempoary fix to the "radeon(0): acceleration initilization failed" error? How to turn it off or anything ( using the ati driver in xorg )00:50
ronnieNewWorld no it doesnt play from the cli00:50
Purpley1α⌐1c┴áαú.? ┌00:50
lucas_then i made a supergrubdisk with uunetbootin (because i dont have a working cd drive)00:50
Purpley1NewWorld, There are none00:50
BluesKaj-Laptopmclark1128, chainloading lists windows or OSs on different partitions on your HDD00:50
dsnydersmclark1128, I'm not sure, but I think chainloading is what you do when you are loading  something that does it's own boot process.00:50
Sensivamclark1128 I don't know, usually when chainloading Windows OSs bootloader we do it that way00:50
NewWorldlucas_:  Excellent tut that worked for me everytime GRUB broke: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:50
lucas_and it booted fine00:50
PurpleyNewWorld, I also can't delete anything or rename anything so I must not have write access either00:50
Purpleyeven though it is mounted00:51
NewWorldPurpley1:  I don't know of any recovery tools on Linux :S sorry00:51
lucas_but when i selected my linux partition to restore it gave an error00:51
mclark1128Sensiva: Ok, the reason I'm asking is because the chainload +1 is putting me into the dell diagnostic partition00:51
NewWorldPurpley:  Mount with '-o rw' option to get read/write00:51
mclark1128So I'm just trying to figure out how to determine what + will get me to my Win7 partition00:51
stdiseaseIt's been a while but I think parted-magic has some recovery stuff inside00:51
mclark1128is there a way I can figure that out from fdisk -l?00:51
Sensivamclark1128 then you are booting the wrong partition00:51
lucas_so i rebooted to try another method in the supergrubdisk menu00:51
lucas_so i booted from usb00:51
mclark1128sensiva: Yes :)00:51
Sensivamclark1128 which version of grub?00:52
NewWorldronnie:  Did it play MP3 files before pomore was installed? Does it play any other formats apart from MP3?00:52
lucas_but this time instead of booitng from that usb, it just threw me to my regular grub00:52
airtonix!enter | lucas_00:52
mclark11280.97 that is00:52
ubottulucas_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:52
fcndoes clock applet get weather data from weather.com? if not where does?00:52
lucas_and when i selected my linux there it just gave me 'not found'00:52
Sensivamclark1128 backup your current /boot/grub/menu.lst file then generate a new one using sudo update-grub00:52
lucas_oops sorry, i didnt want to make it too long00:52
NewWorldlucas_:  Excellent tut that worked for me everytime GRUB broke: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:52
ronnieNewWorld I didnt try it before. I installed them at the same time. I will try another type of file00:52
OttifantSir!offtopic > OttifantSir00:53
ubottuOttifantSir, please see my private message00:53
sam555I don't want media player to be my only default.  How do I get vlc to be my default player in Ubuntu 9.10?00:53
airtonixlucas_, no worries you succeded in distributing your 'long' message amongst the million other messages in this channel making it even harder to read for anyone that might be able to help you00:53
NewWorldOttifantSir:  Disciplined enough to punish yourself?! :O00:53
PingFloydmclark1128: chainload just means passing on the booting process from one bootloader to another00:53
neezerIf I use sudo useradd -d /home/user -m user, what group will 'user' be in, and can I create him so that sudo with that user will not work?00:53
Purpley1Guys, are there anyone programs out there that can recover music from a corrupted partition like flac and mp3?00:53
sam555i figured it out00:53
lucas_ok long story short: if i try to boot from my usb now (cd drive doesnt work), instead of booting up grubdisk, it throws me to my usual GRUB, ben if i select my linux there, it says 'not found'00:54
sam555i just downloaded the file and right clicked to add it00:54
sabgentonwhat is the command to rebuild device.map00:54
NewWorldPurpley1:  Type of file shouldn't really matter.00:54
OttifantSirNewWorld: I have been here earlier, and I know this is for support, not chat.00:54
Sensivasam555 in menu Systems --> Preferences --> Preferred Applications then assign your favourite player in Multimedia tab00:54
ronnieNewWorld it doesnt play avi files00:54
dsnydersPurpley, there is a program called testdisk that does a good job of recovery.00:55
airtonixlucas_, so how come you didn't use the usb boot disk creator in the ubuntu live cd ?00:55
Purpley1NewWorld, Yes it does00:55
NewWorldronnie:  I thought xmms2 was for audio playback only? how about ogg files? Those are supported by default, without extra codec packages.00:55
Sensivalucas_ rename the current grub list of your installation then boot from USB00:55
PingFloydmclark1128: only one bootloader can use the mbr, so if you have a situation where you need to use a different bootloader than the one installed in the mbr, that is where chainloading comes in.  The bootloader using the mbr passes the boot onto a bootloader installed elsewhere like to on installed in a partition for instance.00:55
ronnieNewWorld All I have is mp3 and a couple avi files00:55
lucas_first of all i cant boot cd's cause my cd drive is broken00:55
m0arI can't see why I'm not able to activate the propretairy driver in Hardware Drivers?  It just says "This driver is activated but nor currently in use" Any tips?00:56
airtonixlucas_, use another computer00:56
Purpley1I dont need to recover a partition neccesarily I just want some files off it00:56
jdeloachCould someone look over my xorg.0.log for me? I think there is a problem with it trying to do two monitors on one output.00:56
lucas_so you suggest i make a new bootable usb drive with a live cd?00:56
stdiseasexmms2 -> audio only, client-sever architecture, fine GUIs: esperanza, lxmusic...00:56
airtonixlucas_, mainly because you'll end up using software thats supported here in this channel00:56
mclark1128so now I just need to figure out where "x" is on my (hd0, x) menu entry00:56
NewWorldronnie:  I'm not sure :/ maybe you'll have to examine it's configuration file.00:56
NewWorldmclark1128:  Count the partitions, they start at 0. For example in Gparted.00:57
NewWorldmclark1128:  In Gpartedd, from left to right.00:57
PingFloydmclark1128: sda1 would be (hd0,0) for instance00:57
lucas_thats a point, but if it doesnt let me load my usb drive now (it just throws me to my grub where nothing works anymore), it probably wont let me load the usb drive with something else on it either00:57
m0arI can't see why I'm not able to activate the propretairy driver in Hardware Drivers?  It just says "This driver is activated but nor currently in use" Any tips?00:58
stdiseaseI thought partitions started with 100:58
mclark1128gotcha, and I think that sda3 is my win7 partition00:58
mclark1128so.. hd0, 200:58
PingFloydmclark1128: sdc3 would be (hd2,2) and so on00:58
jdeloachCould someone look over my xorg.0.log for me? I think there is a problem with it trying to do two monitors on one output.00:58
Sensivamclark1128 don't think, be sure00:58
ronnieNewWorld thats probably over my head one day into linux. I will try to utfse about the config file real quick. u seem to be a busy man00:58
mclark1128Sensiva: I'm sure that sda3 is my win7 partition :)00:58
NewWorldlucas_:  You have to change your boot order... when you start the computer. Look for an 'Fxx' shortcut, where x is a digit. And press it to let you boot from USB first00:58
NewWorldronnie:  utsfe? I'm not too busy  haha00:59
Sensivamclark1128 then you are good to go, Good luck! :D00:59
stdiseasemclark1128, I'm sure it becomes (hd0,3) in grub2, grub-legacy may be different00:59
lucas_thats what i do, i explicitly select boot from usb, but it just goes around that somehow and gives me the GRUB on my hard drive :s00:59
NewWorldjdeloach:  Post pastebin link.00:59
ronnieNewWorld use the fucking search engine.00:59
shane_hey all, anyone know how to check and see what video driver your using on buntu?00:59
NewWorldronnie:  I could tell you the same thing.00:59
lucas_thats what freaks me out and why i came her ein the first place00:59
NewWorldronnie:  I thought it was a typo.01:00
Sensivashane_ /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:00
NewWorldlucas_:  Did you make the LiveCD with Unetbootin?01:00
shane_Sensiva it says command not found01:00
lucas_yes i made the liveUSB with unetbootin01:01
m0arI can't see why I'm not able to activate the propretairy driver in Hardware Drivers?  It just says "This driver is activated but nor currently in use" Any tips?01:01
Sensivashane_ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | more01:01
mclark1128Well thanks for everyone's help, I'm off to try and finish things up!01:01
jdeloachNewWorld: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/388638/ look specificially at how radeon(0) and radeon(1) are using the same outputs on the card.01:01
NewWorldlucas_:  Hmmm you could try a different version of Ubuntu to  make the Live CD01:01
Trinity33no woman no cry no woman no cry say say i remember when we used to say to sit01:01
Trinity33In the government yard in Trenchtown Oba, ob-serving the hypocrites .... no woamn no cry anyone know whos song its ?01:01
lucas_thats what ill try tomorrow01:01
NewWorldTrinity33:  Bob marley01:02
Trinity33i still love him:)01:02
rwwubottu: ot | Trinity3301:02
ubottuTrinity33: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:02
lucas_or maybe ill just buy an external usb dvd-reader so i dont have this trouble with making liveUSBs all the time01:02
Sensivalucas_ make sure your computer support booting from USB01:02
lucas_it does01:03
lucas_i did it millions of times01:03
NewWorldjdeloach:  That's a huge xorg file that I am scared to debug lol. Nah I don't think I'm experienced enough for dual card xorg config sorry :P01:03
lucas_just after the failed supergrubdisk attempt it circumvents the usb boot01:03
shane_says I have a radeon 9200 card, but when I try to install FGLRX with hardware drivers it doesnt give me the option to install it, and it says Im using xorg driver?? anyone know how I can install fglrx or radeon01:04
Purpley1Guys wish me lukc im going to try to recover my stuff on a corrupt partition with foremost ;)01:04
NewWorldGL :)))01:04
major_redhatgoodlouck Purpley101:04
jdeloachNewWorld: I am like two weeks into Ubuntu and I am cool with it. it is just my log file. if you acctually break it down, it's simple and repetitive.01:04
lucas_*why is it always me experiencing crazy exceptional cases on everything pc-related, arggg*01:05
Purpley1Well the good side I guess, is I was able to screenshot every thing I had in my media folder so Ill just be torrenting like crazy if it doesnt work :)01:05
lucas_anyway, thanks for the advice guys01:05
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DcMeeseMilitantPotato: Watsupp? I got my wireless card to work...and I can surf the web, but now the ubuntu software center says each package is not available in the current data... And ideas?01:06
claws_how do i exit a man ?01:07
Purpley1DcMeese, Have you ran the update manager yet?01:07
NewWorldjdeloach:  Maybe it could help if we saw your xorg.conf01:07
claws_gr8...thx  :)01:07
Purpley1claws_ control+c or control+x01:07
OttifantSirUbuntu 9.10 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Stereo and Subwoofer/LFE-speakers. How do I change the volume of the LFE? Up until 9.04 it was just selecting Main/PCM and LFE with Ctrl in Sound Preferences and it was solved, but how do I control the LFE volume in 9.10?01:07
jdeloachNewWorld: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/388640/01:08
holmserdoes anyone have any experience with courier-imap?  I can't seem to log into mine.  It keeps giving me an invalid username/password error01:08
DcMeesePurpley1: Found it... And how do I give myself root permissions? I know the password for root but cant do01:08
claws_Purpley1, didnt work01:08
DcMeeseCertain things01:08
Purpley1dcmesse go to terminal type in sudo -passwd01:09
coz_holmser,   I dont  sorry ...however if no one here has the experience  try the ##Linux channel01:09
Purpley1claws_, lemme see hold on01:09
fcnhey this applet really starts pissing me off: I don't understand why it acts like that. Is there a file or a gconf entry to keep weather data?01:09
Purpley1claws_, try hitting "q"01:09
NewWorldsorry jdeloach I can't figure it out :/ have little xp in this anyway :/01:10
jdeloachNewWorld: do you know anybody who has expierience in this?01:10
Purpley1Argh foremost isnt working gotta be on a live cd :/ so I guess im going to have to boot up on backtrack01:11
NewWorldjdeloach:  UbuntuForums for sure :)01:11
jdeloachNewWorld: posted several times with several bumps. nobody ever responds.01:11
NewWorldjdeloach:  But what are the actual sideffects?01:11
jdeloachNewWorld: Only 2 out of my 4 monitors can work at a time.01:12
NewWorldOoooh you have 401:12
=== ryaxnbpdx_ is now known as ryaxnbuntu
NewWorldjdeloach:  Which ones work and which ones don't?01:12
Purpley1Does ubuntu have a program for lego mindstorms? I have to program in a quick thing for a tempetuare controller?01:13
jdeloachNewWorld: I can change my config so one card works or the other. Not at the same time. Except I can get it to kinda work, 2 monitors work and the other have random text like a shell on them.01:13
major_redhatPurpley1: you could always try using WINE01:13
jdeloachNewWorld: Should I try running to X sessions?01:13
shane_anyone know why hardware drivers doesnt show fglrx for a radeon 9200 when its supported??? does that mean i cant use the driver?? i have no 3d support as of now and want it01:13
mtx_inithow can I change the auto drive mounting options in nautilus.01:14
jdeloachshane_: I have a radeon 9200! Can't get it working though :( Trying to use standard ATI drivers though.01:14
Purpley1major_redhat, See, the problem is i lost my installion cd :P and lego charges you for a new one and there arent any torrents online for it01:14
NewWorldjdeloach:  No, I don't think that's a good idea hmmm. jdeloach Is it random gibberish on the broken screens? Or something meaningful?01:14
NewWorldmtx_init:  What options are you trying to control?01:15
major_redhatPurpley1: ouch that sucks. good luck finding a lego for linux, i dont konw if there is one available but you can always google it...01:15
shane_jdeloach_: so do you have any compositing or 3d effects and can you use compiz??01:15
jdeloachNewWorld: It's the stats of the OTHER graphics card. It's weird.01:15
jdeloachshane_: I am messing with getting it as a second graphics card. Not really there yet to that sort of stuff. Still trying to get it working at the same time.01:15
mtx_initNewWorld: I want to mount ext3 drives in journaled mode via nautilus.01:15
NewWorldjdeloach:  Well can you see in your xorg.conf... it only goes up to two screens, 'Scren 0' and 'Screen 1' maybe you should add more.01:16
NewWorldmtx_init:  ext3 is journaled already isn't it?01:16
RPSHello Guys, I'm having problems getting my sound to work after a reboot. I've uninstalled & reinstalled the sound drivers twice with no change. This laptop has ran Ubuntu 9.04 flawlessly with ZERO sound issues until this reboot HUNG UP and I had to disconnect the battery to finally get it to turn off. I'm frustrated & have no idea what to do next. I'm almost considering upgrading to 9.10 just to see if that will fix it.        Is it01:16
RPS possible to do a refresh of 9.04? Is that something that could fix this issue? I am only getting a faint crackly type of sound when I turn the volume up pretty loud & nothing else.01:16
mtx_initNewWorld: no its not01:16
mtx_initonly metadata01:16
shane_jdeloach Im not even sure what driver I am using, but supposedly all the 3d drivers work with it, have you tried envy??01:16
Purpley1major_redhat, True, if i could figure out a way to just code in C++ for it id be set01:16
major_redhatPurpley1: go for it01:17
jdeloachNewWorld: It freaks out when I try. Says screens 2 and 3 have no matching configs.01:17
NewWorldjdeloach:  Okay lemme edit it up for you01:17
jdeloachNewWorld: k, thanks.01:17
BluesKajRPS, check alsamixer in the terminal ., make sure all your crtls are turned up to atleast 70% , sometimes an update also mutes the master crtl , use the M key to unmute any ctrls with a M .01:18
Purpley1Hey guys my disk is stuck in my cd-rom, those little holes on them are for opening them if they get stuck right?01:18
shane_how do i chek to see what driver I am using right now?>>?01:19
Satoru-sanPurpley1: unmount it01:19
Pirate-Kinganybody got a good how 2 on installing ubuntu with 2 hard drives but not raid01:19
NewWorldjdeloach:  Can you paste it to normal pastebin... I can't copy without linenumbers without loggin in01:19
Purpley1Satoru-san, Durr lol I forgot never mind :)01:19
Satoru-sanPurpley1: sudo umount /dev/sr001:19
zsocub9.10, usb crashes occasionally, I have no uhci_hcd or ehci_hcd, and not sure what other modules/upstart services I should trying to be restarting.. I can't fix it without a restart. A full restart ALWAYS fixes it. Here is a dmesg | tail of when it happens: http://webos.pastebin.com/Me4ZF3bs01:19
mtx_initPirate-King: just use the manual partitioner.01:19
mtx_initor advanced01:19
BluesKaj!envy | shane_, jdeloach01:19
ubottushane_, jdeloach: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver01:19
jdeloachNewWorld: yeah, sure 1 sec.01:19
RPSBluesKaj, what command gets me there?01:20
Pirate-KingI did try that...I guess my problem is getting that drive to mount01:20
Pirate-KingI did try that...I guess my problem is getting that 2 nd drive to mount01:20
BluesKajRPS, in the terminal, alsamixer01:20
=== BlueBoyz is now known as jasman_
shane_I just want to know what driver I am using now and how ot install a 3d driver?????01:20
NewWorldPurpley1:  What's this about some lego you are trying to download? If you give me the product name I'll try searching for a download.01:21
coz_shane_,  for your video?01:21
shane_what is the manual way of installing fglrx or radeon???01:21
shane_coz_ yes01:21
coz_shane_,  you need to speak with soreau    I consider him near expert with the installation of ati graphics drivers :)01:21
Purpley1Its a robotic type lego, I should buy the ardiuno though :/ its just ive always had this01:21
jdeloachNewWorld: http://pastebin.com/K7hbFBJK01:21
RPSBluesKaj, It was turned all the way up ...are any of the other settings important in  alsamixer01:22
shane_soreau hey you got a minute to help with video driver install???01:22
BluesKajRPS, unmute any ctrls with a M , use the M key01:23
coz_shane_,  out of curosity     in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga01:23
BichoGRILOhi there01:23
BichoGRILOanyone can log on hotmail?01:24
coz_BichoGRILO,  mm let me try hold on01:24
TecnoBratawesome, according to my ISP's abuse email, my ubuntu linux machine is infected by a windows trojan!01:24
TecnoBratyay false positives ...01:24
NewWorldjdeloach:  What did you do to add more screens?01:24
shane_coz_ 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO] (rev 01)01:24
geniiBichoGRILO: So you have a Firefox or Evolution technical support question?01:24
airtonix!ot | TecnoBrat01:24
ubottuTecnoBrat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:24
coz_BichoGRILO,   yep hot onto hotmail01:24
coz_shane_,  ok soreau  will need to know that card01:25
BichoGRILOi do not log on hotmail01:25
BichoGRILOtype my username, my password01:25
jdeloachNewWorld: I copied that xorg.conf from online and editted it to match mine.01:25
coz_shane_,   For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.01:25
psvastiin soviet russia, hotmail logs on to YOU!01:25
BichoGRILOdo not log01:25
coz_BichoGRILO,  not sure then ... I can definilty log on here01:25
RPSBluesKaj, I flipped them all on, buy I'm still just getting that faint crackling sound when I have the volume turned up. the sound is only made while I am playing something that makes noise, so its not an interference type of sound01:26
=== Purpley1 is now known as Purpley
NewWorldjdeloach:  The one you sent me is one you got online and not the original?01:26
BichoGRILOlook this link... two screenshots of error01:26
jdeloachNewWorld: it is the one i have editted.01:27
shane_coz_ here is what is on a site for compatibility RADEON 9200 (RV280 5961)01:27
shane_ it syas I can use fglrx>>> funny hting is it normally offers to instal it in hardware drivers but it doesnt on this system... how would i go about isntalling it manually??01:27
NewWorldjdeloach:  Before you edited... the original xorg.. how did that work out?01:27
coz_shane_,  that is where you need to talk with soreau  or go to #radeon  I thnk it is01:27
jdeloachNewWorld: it did not notice the second video card. It just thinks there is one.01:27
BluesKajRPS,in the terminal :  speaker-test -c2 -Ddefault -t wav01:28
NewWorldPurpley:  Did you want Lego Minstorms to run natively on Linux or Windows is fine?01:28
NewWorldjdeloach:  But how many screens worked?01:28
coz_BichoGRILO,  I am not sure ...maybe your isp is blocking it?01:28
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geniiBichoGRILO: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?01:28
BichoGRILObecause i do on windows01:28
jdeloachNewWorld: 201:28
PurpleyId prefer linux01:29
NewWorldPurpley:  Does it exist?01:29
coz_BichoGRILO,   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:29
genii!info ubuntu-restricted-extras01:29
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 36 (karmic), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB01:29
NewWorldPurpley:  I found the Windows I think... if that's waht you couldn't find either.01:29
RPSBluesKaj, It's trying to make noise & is going from what I think is test to test, but all I'm getting is the faint crackling noise01:29
geniiBichoGRILO: For java, flash, codecs, other assorted stuff01:29
genii( hotmail uses some java for instance)01:30
coz_I dont think the restricted extras are going to prevent linking to a site though01:30
RPSBluesKaj, It just keeps scrolling to the next (test?)01:30
NewWorldjdeloach:  This might take a lil while, like be patient while I edit :)01:30
BichoGRILOjava, flash, codecs, all is fine01:30
BluesKajRPS, if that didn't give any sound , we need to know if your soundcard is even seen by alsa ,in the terminal again :  lspci | grep audio01:30
neezerI just created a user on my server named ryan. I want to ssh into that user, but I have sshd_conf only allows rsa key login. I need to copy some files over to the ryan user account right? I'm not exactly sure how to proceed.01:30
jasman_anyone can help, how to make a vhost for irc?01:30
BichoGRILObut, i can't connect in noone browser in my hotmail acoount, and no one msn clients :(01:31
soreaushane_: What problem are you having with your drivers?01:31
RPSBluesKaj, nothing happened except it just jumped back to the entry line immediately01:32
jdeloachNewWorld: k, I'm trying anything over here to make it work. :d01:32
unopneezer, you copy your public key to ryan's ~/.ssh/ directory .. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys01:33
=== rO_ot is now known as rO_ot|AFK
RPSBluesKaj, <lspci | grep audio> is the exact line I should use, correct?01:33
neezerI tried doing sudo cp -r .ssh /home/ryan, and it won't let me check to see if it copied properly. unop01:33
BluesKajRPS, then your kernel source driver isn't working , do you know what soundcard you have ..we need to get alsa to recognize it01:34
unopneezer, are you trying to ssh to the same machine you're on now?01:34
neezerunop, i can see the .ssh folder in his directory, but when i try from my client, ssh ryan@ it tells me permission denied.01:34
brjannneezer: that's because /home/ryan/.ssh is now owned by root, since you copied it using sudo. try   sudo chown ryan:ryan /home/ryan/.ssh01:34
keyboardtalkWhat is the best implementation of the board game "Go" for ubuntu?01:35
BichoGRILOhow i disable the autentication window aways i will do a task like install change network setup, mount a driver?01:35
BluesKajRPS, try this, cat /proc/asound/cards01:35
brjannneezer: you might also need to explicitly set permissions on that directory, too, after you've chowned it:   chmod 700 /home/ryan/.ssh01:36
geniiBichoGRILO: There is no good method that does not involve compromising your syystem in some way01:36
neezerunop, I'm on my laptop trying to login to my server. I'm trying to set up a user account for my buddy.01:36
BichoGRILOquestion of security?01:36
BluesKajRPS yes lspci | grep audio was correct01:36
RPSI've got it01:36
unopneezer,  looks like you copied too much there .. all you need copy is the public key .. the howto explains this.01:36
BichoGRILOlike when someone tries? and have'nt pass?01:37
geniiBichoGRILO: Yes, it's to make sure that proper auth is made before potentially destructive things happen01:37
RPSBluesKaj,  HDA Intel  <---I believe that is it01:37
BichoGRILOi am loving ubuntu01:37
BichoGRILOfor this01:37
BichoGRILOi am brazillian01:37
=== tulkastaldo is now known as tulk[a]st[a]ldo
neezerI have an authorized keys file in the original .ssh file. so that is the only thing that I copied over to /home/ryan/.ssh01:37
BichoGRILOsorry my english is not so good :S01:38
BluesKajRPS, did you do , cat /proc/asound/cards ?01:38
neezerbrjann, I still can get into the .ssh folder.01:38
RPSBluesKaj,  HDA Intel  is what came back01:38
BichoGRILOsomeone knows the setup for a keyboard of notebook acer aspire 5516?01:38
BichoGRILOthe correct setup01:39
BluesKaj!intelhda | RPS01:39
ubottuRPS: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto01:39
BichoGRILOsome keys are missing01:39
RPSBluesKaj,  0 [Intel          ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel01:39
RPS                      HDA Intel at 0xefebc000 irq 2101:39
brjannneezer: openssh does not like it when anyone but the owner has read access to the .ssh directory.01:39
BluesKajRPS, check the url above , that will help get it working01:39
RPSBluesKaj,  Thank You ...time to go down the rabbit hole. LOL01:41
NewWorldBichoGRILO:  Where did you lose the keys?01:41
neezerbrjann, When I created the user, I used sudo adduser ryan, and went through the steps. then I looked in /home/ryan, and the only thing in it was desktop_examples. I think the rest of the folders are created on the first login.01:41
BluesKajwell, RPS I'm not familiar with intelhda cards :(01:41
NewWorldjdeloach:  In the Xorg... one thing I can't figure out is what the BusID is. Could you find out?01:41
brjannneezer: but you said you copied in the .ssh directory using     sudo cp -r .ssh /home/ryan01:42
jdeloachNewWorld: here is my lspci http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/388033/01:42
neezeryes. it wouldn't let me create a directory without sudo.01:42
brjannneezer: right, that's what i'm saying. the .ssh directory you created (using sudo) is now owned by root. ryan can't write anything to it.01:43
neezerI just deleted the user and added again. so he doesn't have anything in is home folder except for examples.desktop01:43
neezerbrjann, I haven't even logged in as ryan. I want to get ssh access, but he needs a .ssh folder first right?01:44
brjannneezer: if your sshd_config is set to only allow public key authentication, yes.01:44
brjannneezer: where is his public key coming from?01:45
neezerso should I turn it to password just for a one time login with ryan to set up the key?01:45
Elroxneezer, all you gotta do is cp the dir you your dir,,, then do sudo chown -R username:username /home/username01:45
brjannneezer: that's typically what I do, yes.01:45
neezerso I can just cp /home/neezer/.ssh /home/ryan?01:46
=== k[a]tie is now known as katie13
brjannneezer: only if you're giving him your private key. which I would not recommend.01:46
neezerSo I'd need to make a new key?01:46
brjannneezer: yes. ryan needs his own key, and needs some way to get the public key portion of his key added to .ssh/authorized_users01:47
neezerwhy is it bad to give him my private key? then he could login as me and have sudo access?01:47
brjannneezer: yes, giving out your private key means he can log in as you.01:47
neezerand my private key is on the server in /home/neezer/.ssh?01:47
Elroxneezer,  cp /home/neezer/.ssh /home/ryan/. && sudo chown -R ryan:ryan /home/ryan01:47
BichoGRILOsomeone knows the setup for a keyboard of notebook acer aspire 5516?01:48
BichoGRILOsome keys are missing01:48
neezerElrox, it won't let me do that because I don't have permission to create a folder there.01:48
brjannneezer: no, your private key lives on your laptop. on the server, there is a public key in .ssh/authorized_keys01:48
Pirate-Kinganybody know how to mount a drive?01:48
BichoGRILOPirate-King, two clics01:49
BichoGRILOand give password01:49
BichoGRILOthat mout01:49
mattgyverI have a software RAID 1 and i would like to create an image one of the disks on the raid, is this possible?01:49
Elroxneezer, sudo it01:49
Pirate-Kingok how come I can't write to the drive then?01:50
IzinucsCan the region a dvd player is set to use be changed?01:50
sekyourboxHello, I have 2 interfaces that i need to connect to. (ath0, and eth1). I'm currently going through on ath0, and when i add eth0 to the routing table, it says unknown host.. Any help please. Thanks01:50
coz_Izinucs,  it can yes01:50
coz_Izinucs,  hold on01:50
brjannElrox: you're telling him to copy his authorized_keys file to another user's directory. that's really not a good idea.01:50
Izinucscoz_: thanks.. holding :)01:50
neezerElrox, brjann, Thanks for all the help. I need to take a while to read some more and figure this out...I always get screwed up on who has the private key, and who has the public key. Thank you for the help. I really do appreciate it.01:50
coz_Izinucs,  in terminal type     regionset01:51
Izinucscoz_: is that also a way of checking what it's set for?01:51
Pirate-Kinghow do you give permissions to a drive?01:51
Elroxbrjann, isnt that what he's asking how to do? or is this from his box to a server?01:51
coz_Izinucs,  ah not sure I havent used that for some time now01:51
coz_Izinucs,  but let me check hold on01:51
brjannElrox: he's making a new account for a friend of his01:51
brjannneezer: no problem. here's some reading material for you :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys01:52
Elroxbrjann, on his own box?, if so then whats the prob? if not then he wont have perms to do it?01:52
coz_Izinucs,  not sure about that ...cant seem to find anyting regarding check region set01:52
convergehow can i list the hds in the machine?01:53
coz_Izinucs,  which region do you need?01:53
neezerbrjann, thanks for the link. it is used to be one of my bookmarks until I got my ssh up and running smoothly. now I just need to get his going.01:53
brjannElrox: neezer copying his own authorized_keys file into ryan's ssh directory means a) neezer would be allowed to log in as ryan using neezer's private key and b) ryan would still not be able to log in.01:54
NewWorldjdeloach:  Can you run 'Xorg -scanpci' without X server running?01:54
Izinucscoz_: well for various reasons I think that my dvd drive region has been "reset" to something other than the U.S... with libdvdcss2 installed I still can't play dvd's and it won't mount blank dvd's but will cd's..01:54
coz_Izinucs,  which media player?01:54
Izinucscoz_: doesn't matter.. mostly with k3b trying to burn and almost any player you can think of I've thrown at it.01:55
Izinucscoz_: so does regionset simply prompt you for the region you want to set? or does it tell you what it's set for now before making a change?01:56
Elroxbrjann, you are absolutely right, my apologies, i was only looking at the file cp/perms part of it, ty01:56
jdeloachNewWorld: My computer is not recognizing the "-scanpci" flag.01:57
coz_Izinucs,  as I recal it prompts for you to set  dvd region01:57
brjannElrox: no worries :)01:57
coz_Izinucs,   I believe you have three attempts  but I am not sure it actually resets  the dvd chip01:57
dr3mrohello ,i am concerned about viruses i installed rkhunter and chkrootkit and my system is clean , do i need to install clamav ????01:57
coz_dr3mro,  it is unlikely you will ge01:58
coz_dr3mro,  get one01:58
coz_dr3mro,  however I do use rkhunter on occasion just to be sure01:58
NewWorldjdeloach:  Phhewwwww there you go: http://pastebin.com/prBdsxt501:58
Izinucscoz_: I tried it and without a cd/dvd in the drive it error's out.. I guess it looks at the dvd and determins what the dvd is set for.01:58
dr3mrocoz_, i install alot of deb files out side rpositories01:58
coz_dr3mro,  most of the viruses and things are geared towards server installations01:58
mattgyverHey guys, is there anyway that i can image one of my disks within a software raid?01:58
dr3mrocoz_, so clamav not neccessary01:59
coz_dr3mro, ` so your desktop should be fairly safe01:59
dr3mrocoz_, i think ubuntu is gaining ground and soon we will see alot of viruses for linux01:59
coz_dr3mro,  not real necessary however if you feel more confortatble with an anti virus  applicationi then install clamav  along with one of its front end gui's01:59
dr3mrocoz_, we should be prepared01:59
jdeloachNewWorld: Thanks, copying it now!02:00
dr3mrocoz_, i am new to linux world but prefer CLI02:00
coz_dr3mro,  eventually it will be necessary but most likely not for 5 years or so02:00
dr3mrocoz_, much customizable and faster02:00
coz_dr3mro,  the advantage of course is that clamav is free02:00
dr3mrocoz_, i think after 2 to 3 moths only after lucid release :) i hope02:00
NewWorldlol OT guys02:01
PoisonSerpentHi all.02:01
coz_dr3mro,  well its more difficutl to create and impliment a virus on linux  so I give it longer than that02:01
dr3mrocoz_, thank you02:01
coz_dr3mro,  no problem02:01
dr3mroi have another Q?02:02
dr3mrodoes any one try to replace metacity with openbox ?02:02
coz_dr3mro,  you can install openbox easily on ubuntu however you will NOT be able to run compiz with openbox  if you like compiz02:03
coz_dr3mro,  I prefer fluxbox  but openbox is cool too02:03
jimi_I plugged a western digital 1tb harddrive into my usb port. it scans, dmesg sees it , but it doesnt mount it anywhere. its a ntfs partition, ut idont see itin lsusb iether02:03
coz_dr3mro,  compiz only runs on  kde  gnome  lxde and xfce  or as a stanalone02:04
MilitantPotatojimi_: have NTFS-Config installed?02:04
kthomas_vhwhen I do server restart,  bind runs but requires a restart before it answers requests;  any solutions besides writing a restart script?02:04
jimi_MilitantPotato, checking02:04
dr3mrocoz_, i tired crunchbang and realy become a openbox fan so easy and so light on resources but i love gnome so i thinking now to try to create a USB thumb with ubuntu minimal and openbox and gtk and some apps so it will work any where i go02:04
jimi_MilitantPotato, i do now :)02:05
MilitantPotatojimi_: running that and enabling the ability to write to external drives helped02:05
NewWorld!ot > dr3mro02:05
ubottudr3mro, please see my private message02:05
jimi_MilitantPotato, you had the same issue?02:05
MilitantPotatojimi_: not sure if it will for you, but it did for me.02:05
coz_dr3mro,  sounds like a good plan... yeah openbox is nice02:05
coz_dr3mro,  however no compiz with that :)02:05
MilitantPotatojimi_: Somewhat, I never checked lsusb though02:05
MilitantPotatojimi_: so I can't say it's the exact same issue02:05
dr3mrofor a usb , no problem02:05
jimi_MilitantPotato, ok, its installed, just shows the hardware connects/disconnects in dmesg02:06
NewWorldjimi_:  Do you have the 'ntfs-3g' package installed?02:06
rascal999anyone here familiar with persistent mode? Saving settings for livecd?02:06
MilitantPotatojimi_: did ya run ntfs-config ?02:06
jimi_MilitantPotato, yes02:06
jimi_NewWorld, yes02:06
MilitantPotatojimi_: try it with the drive plugged in?02:06
NewWorldjimi_:  Can you see it in 'sudo fdisk -l'?02:06
MilitantPotatojimi_: does it show in fdisk -l ?02:07
gekitsuuHow do I change my default runlevel to 3 in 9.10? I don't see inittab anywhere02:07
jimi_MilitantPotato, no, only the 3 partitions for linux02:07
Kingsy101can someone give me some advice about a problem I am having with ubuntu.. it keeps closing applications itself02:07
gescapehow can I mount new ext4 to enable access all users without rebooting the machine?02:08
Kingsy101for example I might have a terminal open.. or FF and suddenly the window will just dissappear02:08
gescapeI have to mount it as root, but then no one can write to the new ext4 :(02:08
Kingsy101anyone seen anything like that before? I don't wanna have to re-install the operating system cos of something stupid like this02:08
gescapeKingsy101, have you checked what's in /var/log/messages ?02:09
Kingsy101nope I will do that now :)02:09
jimi_[  857.048070] usb 2-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 6 [  857.180536] usb 2-3: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice02:10
jimi_That's the message dmesg shows02:10
geniiKingsy101: If you do alt-tab a few times do the apps which seem closed cycle?02:10
NewWorldjdeloach:  Is it working?02:11
gescapeKingsy101, you can try to open terminal and then $sudo tail -f /var/log/messages > errorfile.txt :)02:11
Kingsy101ok hang on02:11
ZykoticK9gescape, to allow all other users to use your new ext4 partition you have to change the permissions on the mount point "sudo chmod ugo+rwx /where/it/gets/mounted" and then everyone will be able to use it.02:12
gescapeKingsy101, if terminal will close off itself you should have file ready with error :)02:12
jimi_MilitantPotato, It's in lsusb but it doesnt show t as a disk, how can i mount it?02:12
MilitantPotatojimi_: is this the 1tb western digital with DRM?02:12
Kingsy101gescape - that command is giving me a permission denied02:12
Kingsy101even with the sudo02:12
NewWorldZykoticK9:  gescape I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it. Shouldn't the 'users' mount option be envoked instead?02:13
gescapeZykoticK9, thx.. I'm so stupid :( I was looking for some options in mount man haha02:13
waddai want to reinstall flash -- can anyone tell me if synaptic completely purges flash or if i need to do something else?02:13
jimi_MilitantPotato, it's a 1TB wd yes02:13
gescapeKingsy101, don't forget about sudo at the beginning02:13
MilitantPotatojimi_: WD started using drives with DRM that block certain media files (great stuff) the firmware likely won't work on linux, I'm guessing.02:13
gescapeKingsy101, and you will need to type your password first time ;)02:13
lookhai all, um i am trying to delete a partition from my hard drive but gparted wont let me because its /dev/sdb5 and it says i need to unmount is so i used Terminal and typed "umount /dev/sdb5" and it said that is was already unmounted02:13
NewWorldwadda:  did you chekc 'Completely Remove'?02:13
MilitantPotatojimi_: it started with a 1TB WD drive a few months back, that MAY be the issue02:13
jimi_MilitantPotato,  is there a fix?02:14
waddaNewWorld, yep02:14
jdeloachNewWorld: Didn't work, sorry.02:14
Kingsy101gescape - yea I know I am typing sudo then the command and its giving me a permission denied02:14
gescapeNewWorld, I tried users option for mount, but I think it works only if in fstab02:14
Kingsy101its not even asking for the password02:14
MilitantPotatojimi_: no clue, I never bought one because of it, I'm just guessing that may be the issue, would be worth googling.02:14
NewWorldjdeloach:  What did it show?02:14
Kingsy101my ubuntu isnt updating either..02:14
gescapeKingsy101, :O02:14
lookhai all, um i am trying to delete a partition from my hard drive but gparted wont let me because its /dev/sdb5 and it says i need to unmount is so i used Terminal and typed "umount /dev/sdb5" and it said that is was already unmounted02:14
Kingsy101man I think my operating system is messing up badly here02:14
jimi_MilitantPotato, can i pass it through to a vm?02:14
Out_Coldanyway to sync a file over the network? i thought about scp but it may overwrite with an older file..02:14
jdeloachNewWorld: It started freaking out, said there weren't all these screens. I only have four but the config has like 16.02:14
gescapeKingsy101, I'm on Ubuntu 9.10 and it works for me with no prob02:15
Kingsy101yea :S02:15
NewWorldjdeloach:  Lol the config has 4 screens....02:15
MilitantPotatojimi_: I really have no idea, It just came to mind that newer WD drives have DRM, I'm not sure if that's even the problem02:15
jimi_oh ok02:15
Kingsy101I might just re-install my operating system 2morrow02:15
Kingsy101it just seems like a cop out I hate having to do that02:15
NewWorldjdeloach:  Brother I've stayed up 3 hrs past my  usual bedtime helping in this chan lol, at least I gave you a start. If you catch me another day I will try to help you once more :)02:15
Kingsy101it would be nice to fix ubuntu for a change02:16
MilitantPotatojimi_: I'd say google into it a bit, see if that could be the case02:16
gescapeKingsy101, try just $/usr/bin/tail -f /var/log/messages02:16
jdeloachNewWorld: thanks though, it has given me a lot of info.02:16
=== hexdump is now known as Hellhound666
jdeloachAnybody know how to get a card not showing up in "aticonfig --lsa" to show up?02:16
Hellhound666Hi all I'm having a problem with sound here.02:16
BichoGRILOsomeone knows the setup for a keyboard of notebook acer aspire 5516?02:16
BichoGRILOsome keys are missing02:17
lookhai all, um i am trying to delete a partition from my hard drive but gparted wont let me because its /dev/sdb5 and it says i need to unmount is so i used Terminal and typed "umount /dev/sdb5" and it said that is was already unmounted02:17
gescapeZykoticK9, and what if I would like to allow only specific groups to write to my new ext4?02:17
Kingsy101gescape - now we are getting somewhere02:17
Out_Coldlook, try just 'mount'02:17
Kingsy101check it out ---> http://pastie.org/85495202:17
gescapeKingsy101, :)02:17
lookOut_Cold: no it wants it unmounted02:18
Kingsy101that paste is what the command returned (my most recent entries in that log file)02:18
Out_Coldlook, just try the command02:18
ZykoticK9gescape, then you'd have to create a group and assign that group ownership with write permission and set "other" to NOT have read/write/execute02:18
lookOut_Cold: so i did "umount /dev/sdb5" and it was already unmounted02:18
lookOut_Cold: so i mounted it again and unmounted it just to make sure and tryed again02:18
lookOut_Cold: And Gparted still wont do it02:19
SurradorI used to be very racially tolerant!02:19
Out_Coldlook, just run 'mount' all by it's self.02:19
ZykoticK9look, you can't unmount a device (/dev/sdb5) you need to umount where it's mounted to -- use "mount" by itself to see where it is mounted02:19
Hellhound666constant problems it seems02:19
SurradorI even went as far as considering past slavery and oppression in my opinion of the Negro Problem!02:19
SurradorHowever as I matured I realized02:19
lookthere are no mounted drives on /dev/sdb502:19
Surradorthat the fecal-colored beast is like that because of its nature.02:20
Out_ColdZykoticK9, you can too unmount it by the dev name IIRC02:20
SurradorThat is why I joined Chimpout Forum02:20
gescapeZykoticK9, do you have maybe any link to some nice ref guide with good examples by any chance so I can practice and see real scenarios?02:20
lookZykoticK9: thre are no mounted drives on /dev/sdb502:20
rww!ops | Surrador02:20
ubottuSurrador: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:20
SurradorGoogle Chimpout Forum!02:20
Out_Coldlook, then refresh gparted and try again02:20
SurradorGoogle Chimpout Forum02:20
DILone got to your wife huh?02:20
Hellhound666When somebody gets a chance could they help me out with my sound issue please02:20
lookOut_Cold: ive done that 3 times02:20
ZykoticK9gescape, sorry no links for ya - good luck man (i know permissions can be a pain)02:20
Kingsy101gescape - so you got any idea what that stuff means?02:20
Out_Coldlook, then perhaps use fdisk or cfdisk02:20
todayhi everyone02:20
lookOut_Cold: ok02:21
gescapeKingsy101, not yet sorry02:21
todayhelp me about share file between Ubuntu 9.10 and windowx xp02:21
gescapeZykoticK9, np - thx anyway02:21
Kingsy101gescape - should I ask around? or are you still working on it?02:21
Out_Cold!sound > Hellhound66602:21
ubottuHellhound666, please see my private message02:21
ZykoticK9look, what is the output of "mount | grep sdb"02:21
gescapeKingsy101, try around and if I'll find anything will let you know02:22
Kingsy101ok np thanks02:22
mattgyverhow can i backup a disk on a software raid 1?02:22
todaysome one help me02:22
Out_Cold!samba > today02:22
ubottutoday, please see my private message02:22
gescapeKingsy101, have you got that output when a window disappeared?02:22
todayOut_Cold: thanks02:23
AzelphurMy right mouse button sends both press and release events when I press, or release it (EG: Pressing the mouse button but not letting it up results in both a press and release event) any ideas how to fix this? It's very annoying in games.02:23
GekitsuuDoes anyone know how to change the default runlevel in 9.10?02:23
Kingsy101gescape - I am not sure I have just turned it  back on to give it another go.. it hasnt done it yet so those logs are from the last time I had it turned on02:23
Kingsy101so I guess so..02:23
todayi know, we can use Samba, but i dont know how to confic samba Out_Cold02:23
Kingsy101there seems to be LOADS of problems with this computer atm02:23
ZykoticK9!runlevel > Gekitsuu02:24
ubottuGekitsuu, please see my private message02:24
gescapeKingsy101, see this https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=49269902:24
Out_Coldtoday, there should be links there to follow. step by step guides for ubuntu02:24
todayOut_Cold: help me to config samba02:24
Gekitsuuthanks ubottu02:25
Out_Coldi guess.... give me a minute please02:25
todayOut_Cold:  thanks02:25
Kingsy101gescape - would that be causing windows to close themselves tho?02:25
gescapeKingsy101, it looks people get those errors on eeepc02:25
Kingsy101oh from the logs you mean?02:25
gescapeKingsy101, I'm not sure - I'm not a developer02:25
Out_Coldtoday, what steps have you done so far?02:26
Kingsy101:S its annoyingly confusing. heh02:26
Out_Coldgescape, what errors? i don't get many on my eeepc02:26
=== DcMeese_ is now known as DcMeese
gescapeOut_Cold, ACPI02:26
Out_Coldnever had an issue.. is this 10.04?02:27
gescapeOut_Cold, check if you have anything in messages02:27
Kingsy101gescape - I guess I will just wait until it happens again then i KNOW the last log entry is specific to the error02:27
gescapeOut_Cold, I do not have them - I've no eeepc :) Kingsy101 has http://pastie.org/85495202:28
mtx_initif you have an ext4 drive which has been using the ordered journal mode, is it ok to just change it to journaled mode, does one need to do anything special.02:28
gescapeKingsy101, those may not be related, could be a different issue...02:29
Out_Coldgescape, Kingsy101, my eeepc: http://pastebin.com/Zk84RNGN02:29
gescapeKingsy101, try to keep terminal with tail -f open so you can monitor what is happening02:29
lyraeHi. when i mount a drive, how do i give 'www-data' ownership?02:30
WetWiredI have a problem. I created a transparent image for my gnome panel, but when I set it, the notification area and window list aren't transparent. Anyknow know of a way to make them  transparent?02:30
Out_Coldlyrae, sudo chown www-data:www-data /path/to/drive02:30
lyraeOut_Cold, even if it's already mounted?02:31
Pirate-Kinghow do you make a drive have permissions to write and read02:31
=== shai_ is now known as Guest95620
Out_Coldlyrae, yes02:31
lyraeOut_Cold, didn't work02:31
Pirate-KingIm logged in as the root02:31
Out_Coldlyrae, like chown www-data:www-data /var/www02:31
jimi_How can i mount a drm drive?02:31
Out_Coldlyrae, how do you know?02:31
Pirate-Kinghow do you make a drive have permissions to write and read?02:31
lyraeOut_Cold, because my http://localhost gives me Forbidden error. Apache access files as www-data02:32
lyraeso if apache is still giving me Forbidden error, means it's not mounted as www-data= /02:32
DIL!permissions | Pirate-King02:32
ubottuPirate-King: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:32
=== vinicius is now known as Guest50431
lyraehaving the exact same problem as this guy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68461702:33
WetWiredI have a problem. I created a transparent image for my gnome panel, but when I set it, the notification area and window list aren't transparent. Anyknow know of a way to make them  transparent?02:33
Out_Coldlyrae, ok well maybe that's still not functioning but lets look at the owner.... do a ls -la of the directory that contains the drive02:33
ZykoticK9WetWired, just as an FYI, the transparent panel apples to everything in Lucid -- so 56 days from now it will be fixed :)02:33
Out_Coldlyrae, where is the location?02:33
lyraeOut_Cold, /media/Shared/sites/www/02:33
lyraeShared is the name of the mounted HD02:34
gescapecya ppl... time to bed.. :)02:34
Out_Coldlyrae, what do you want to own? Shared or www?02:34
WetWiredZykoticK9, Yeah, but that doesn't help me now. lol. Do you know of a way? I've done it on my desktop, but now I'm setting up my girlfriends the same way, and can't remember how I did it.02:34
lyraeOut_Cold, only www and its subdirs if possible02:34
ZykoticK9WetWired, i remember having that "issue", i don't think i ever figured it out... sorry02:35
lyraeOut_Cold, but www is a directory of Shared, which is the actual HD. so im guessing we have to set Shared to be mounted as www-data02:35
Out_Coldlyrae, ok so sudo chown -r www-data:www-data /media/Shared/sites/www02:35
Out_Coldlyrae, i don't think you need to own parent directories to have ownership in the subs02:36
lyraeOut_Cold, also, Shared is NTFS02:36
Out_Coldooohhh...... might be an issue with the mounting permissions..02:36
lyraeyes i think so too =(02:36
Out_Coldgive me a sec..02:37
lyraeOut_Cold, did you see the link i sent?02:37
lyraeOut_Cold, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=684617   <-- someone says theres' 2 way to fix this02:37
Out_Coldreading now..02:37
lyraei was going to the first one, giving www-data permission when mounting. the other one is changing umask02:37
=== shazzy|school is now known as ShazbotMcNasty
GaduI purchased a 5 button mouse and the 2 extra keys are currently set to back and forward in the web-browser. How can I disable this without disabling the buttons entirely?02:38
Out_Coldlyrae, what is the umask??02:38
GaduI'd like to use them as keys for games and nothing more02:38
Out_Coldlyrae, you can set the umask in fstab to be 000 and therefor shared by all...02:39
lyraeOut_Cold, i don't know. that's why i was going with method 1 first02:39
=== jay is now known as Rtk
neezerOut_Cold: I just watched the movie Out Cold!! I just thought I'd share.02:39
lyraeOut_Cold, ok. but, first i have to set it to mount automatically when ubuntu starts, because fstab is not listing the mounted drive right now02:39
Out_Coldneezer, thanks.. I made it you know02:39
neezerOut_Cold: did you invent snowboarding?02:40
darkstar1evening ppl. Quick question. I need to mount a partition in / and make sure it's automatically mounted from now on02:40
Out_Coldlyrae, fair deal, you can set it all in fstab.... let me find you a link..02:40
Out_Coldneezer, no but i invented snow02:40
darkstar1how do I achieve this?02:40
lyraeOut_Cold, how do i find out which sd* (ie, SDC, SDB, SDA, etc) Shared is?02:40
Out_Coldlyrae, use 'mount'02:40
cheetos_How to install ralink chipset driver?02:40
lyraeOut_Cold, i'd like to add it to fstab so it gets mounted automatically02:40
Gadudarkstar1: you'll need to pick something other than / as the mount point. You need to pick an empty folder02:40
thomas_hey, is there anyone who can help me? i am having a problem with ggzBoard.02:40
hellyeahgimp breaks compiz on ubuntu 9.10 what the..02:40
Out_Colddarkstar1, pay attention to lyrae's problem02:41
lyraeOut_Cold, when i start Ubuntu, i see 'Shared' under 'Places' in the main menu. I click it, enter password and it gets mounted02:41
darkstar1Out_Cold: I just entered02:41
lyrae welcome02:41
neezerI want to start backing up my laptop install once I do a fresh install of 10.04 when it comes out. I have a server at home that I can ssh into, What might be a good way to accomplish this?02:41
sekyourboxis there a repository for Vmware Infrastructure Client???02:41
geniineezer: rsync02:42
Out_Colddarkstar1, which is why i'm pushing you onto lyrae's issue, we are going to mount a new drive in fstab which is what you want to do..02:42
lyraeOut_Cold, when i do umount /media/Shared, i get: /media/Shared is not in the fstab (and you are not root)02:42
Out_Coldlyrae, did you run the mount command?02:42
lyraeOut_Cold, give me 1 sec02:42
* seanbrystone_ gives lyrae 2 secs02:42
darkstar1Out_Cold:  Thanks. I'm listening02:42
sekyourboxyou cannot give somet seconds02:43
sekyourboxsleep 20000000002:43
cheetos_How to install ralink chipset driver?02:43
lyraeOut_Cold, i unmounted Shared. but i can't mount because i don't know if Shared is sdb1, or sdc, or sda, etc02:43
lyraehow do i find that out?02:43
Out_Coldlyrae, this line was found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab    /dev/hda1       /mnt/WinXP      ntfs-3g      quiet,defaults,locale=en_US.utf8,umask=00 002:43
Out_Coldlyrae, ok.. do  sudo fdisk -l02:44
Out_Coldlyrae, and look for the ntfs disk02:44
geniiubuntu uses scsi layer so no hda#02:44
Out_Colddarkstar1, you should check out that link also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab02:44
lyraeOut_Cold, thanks. it's sda02:44
Out_Colddarkstar1, let me know if you need more assistance02:44
Out_Coldlyrae, it will be sda###02:45
Myke_113Hi, I had my Ubuntu (Wubi based install) die today after doing updates, and now it only boots as far as Grub2...  can anyone tell me how to fix this?  I found some info in the forums to try to boot into old kernels, but I couldn't get the computer to boot.02:45
lyraeOut_Cold, do you want me now to mount it via terminal or add line to fstab?02:45
Out_Coldso i'll assume that this was the original windows partition and you added linux?02:45
Out_Coldlyrae, sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Shared02:46
lyraeOut_Cold, no, this is a 3rd hard drive, where i keep music/videos/photos. no OS in it02:46
Out_Coldlyrae, can i see your sudo fdisk -l? can you pastebin?02:46
olimis it possible to bring an ncurses process to the foreground that i didnt bg or screen? (rtorrent)02:46
lyraeOut_Cold, http://pastebin.ca/182345302:47
darkstar1lyrae:  use gparted to view your hard drive information02:47
darkstar1lyrae: such as the /sd*02:47
Myke_113Yes I added Linux using Wubi02:47
Out_Colddarkstar1, fdisk actually provides an easier view of them all..02:47
lyraedarkstar1, thank you02:47
darkstar1Out_Cold: never used fdisk02:48
Out_Coldlyrae, yea it looks like sda102:48
Traveler3hello, I am wondering if anyone knows how to use diff and patch to backup the changes to a directory?02:48
Four2zerohey all im having trouble with allowing samba to give me access into the computer to view all the shared folders from my windows pc's, how do i get to allow this.? when i click on the icon server(windows xp) it says its opening "server" but then it tells me "unable to mount location" Failed to retrieve share list from server.02:48
lyraeOut_Cold, it does. but i get this erro when mounting: fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/Shared: No such file or directory02:48
coz_Traveler3,  I have done it so few times  I couldnt help with confidence...but there are many sites you can find and also go to ##linux ..I am sure someone there is skilled at it02:49
Out_Coldlyrae, ok sorry.. do mkdir /media/Shared THEN sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Shared02:49
brjannTraveler3: is this something you only want to do once? or something you want done regularly?02:49
cheetos_How to install ralink chipset driver?02:49
Out_Coldlyrae, may need to sudo mkdir02:49
Traveler3I have tryed diff -Nrw orig new > package.diff and then patch -p0 < package.diff and patch -p1 < package.diff, Neather work :(02:49
lyraeOut_Cold, yay :) worked. it's mounted02:50
lyraeOut_Cold, fstab is still the same though02:50
=== Traveler3 is now known as timholum
Out_Coldlyrae, ok so sudo nano or gedit /etc/fstab02:50
SwollenEyesdamn it, I hate to ask such a newb question, but how do you close a channel?02:50
Out_Coldlyrae, it won't change till we tell it to02:51
brjannSwollenEyes: /part02:51
lyraeOut_Cold, ok. fstab is open02:51
Out_Coldas sudo?02:51
=== icedogg` is now known as icedogg
darkstar1Out_Cold:  I'm not seeing my Linux drive listed in FStab (the sdb*) just the windows one (sda*) is this normal?02:52
geniiOut_Cold: gedit should use gksudo and not sudo02:52
=== rO_ot|AFK is now known as rO_ot
lyraegenii, he told me to use nano02:53
Out_Coldso on a new line at the bottom, we'll write /dev/sda1       /media/Shared    ntfs-3g    quiet,defaults,locale=en_US.utf8,umask=000     0      002:53
lyraebut i did use gedit with gksudo02:53
Out_Coldlyrae, i did mention both but i use nano so i forget about gksu sometimes02:53
cheetos_How do I install a Ralink Chipset driver?02:53
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:53
geniilyrae: sudo is for commandline, gksudo is for graphical apps (kdesudo if KDE desktop)02:54
lyraeOut_Cold, ok. line added. do i reboot to test?02:54
Out_Coldlyrae, yes try it out... if it fails to load or you get into a recovery shell for some reason, go back into /etc/fstab and # the line out02:54
lyraeOut_Cold, ok. but what in this line tells to mount it as www-data? or is it the umask that's gonna allow apache to access it?02:55
Out_Coldlyrae, haven't gotten that far yet :p02:55
thomas_How do I fix a program that won't open when double clicked in the "Applications" menu?02:55
Out_Colddarkstar1, what was wrong?02:56
DocPlatypusquick question... will any USB to VGA/HDMI adapter work under Ubuntu at all? is there a standard for these things or are the drivers different for each one?02:56
DocPlatypusalready tried Google, nothing useful in the results.02:57
Out_ColdDocPlatypus, check ubuntu hardware support?02:57
archlichis there a way to have network manager reconnect my vpn when it disconnects02:57
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:57
darkstar1Out_Cold:  a sec pls.. I'm getting confusing info with what gpartrd is showing me and what's in fstab02:57
Out_Colddarkstar1, fstab is only used at boot-up and during mounting... it's not what is actually on your system02:58
lyrae_Out_Cold, it works. mounted automatically and apache is accessing it! maaaany thanks!02:58
Out_Coldlyrae, you can send your check in the mail..02:58
ertzwhat is the best way to access windows files on diff partition from linux?02:59
darkstar1Out_Cold:  Ok. But in order to make sure a partition is mounted at boot time I need to add the partition info there right?02:59
Out_Colddarkstar1, gparted reads all disks connected to your machine, regardless if it's in fstab02:59
Out_Colddarkstar1, yes to automagically mount, there needs to be an entry in fstab03:00
Out_Coldertz, mount the partition and go explore03:00
lyrae_Out_Cold, just wrote a check for $500. where do i send it to?03:00
Out_ColdSeymore Buttz CO 123 anytown USA03:01
RPSHello Guys, I'm still working toward resolution on my sound card issue. I ran a lot of commands from the Trouble Shooting site; removing & reinstalling the sound card drivers & others, but nothing would work, so I was advised to visit the HDAintel Sound How to website & I ran the first command that has me completely baffled. It gave me a command to find out exactly what sound card I have. Uhhh I ran the command & got different info03:01
RPSthan I got from the command I used earlier. First time it said I had an HDAintel card, but after running the command it said nothing about the brand & listed this info: Codec: SigmaTel STAC920003:01
RPSCodec: Conexant ID 2bfa03:01
FloodBot1RPS: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:01
freeaks_hi there, i need help with a matrox g550 graphic card, basicaly it works, but i have two monitors connected on 1 dvi port, using a splitter cable .. so both screens display the same thing like if it was mirrored ... how can i get both monitor to work independently ?03:01
RPSI'm hoping someone can take me on for a few minutes... I try to stay focused & keep up!03:03
Out_Coldfreeaks_, not sure if you can use xrandr for that but it would be the command you want to look at to do side by side03:03
DocPlatypusokay, doesn't mention USB display adapters at all03:03
Out_ColdRPS, i would bud but sound and graphics are not my forte..03:03
DocPlatypusmay need to borrow one of these and just see what it says when plugged into an Ubuntu box03:04
thomas_A program doesn't open when I click on it in the "Applications" menu, what should I do?03:04
darkstar1Out_Cold: the # lines are for comments right?03:04
Out_Colddarkstar1, yes... with the exception of #! all lines that begin with # are ignored03:04
Out_Coldthomas_, try Alt+F2 then type the name in there03:05
Out_Coldi need a gf... you guys are taking away from my *** life03:05
geniiDocPlatypus: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Adding_USB_SVGA03:05
freeaks_Out_Cold, xrandr seems to report only 1 screen03:05
seanbrystone_!es | lucio03:05
ubottulucio: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:05
thomas_Out_cold, it hangs, and nothing comes up, no errors or anything.03:05
darolulucio: hola, si quieres hablar español escribe /join #ubuntu-es03:06
Out_Coldfreeaks_, i would think so... using the splitter i'm not sure you can do that03:06
Out_Coldthomas_, what program?03:06
Out_Coldthomas_, might be an issue with the program it's self... check into support from the developers03:06
DocPlatypusand again... it's a case of figure out what $%&# chip is inside the thing03:07
geniiDocPlatypus: So basically the sisusbvga driver, with one of the adapters listed03:07
thomas_out_cold, well it was working before, but i ran something like delete unused packages or something, and the person who told me to do that said it might cause unwanted side-effects03:07
geniiDocPlatypus: lsusb   should give something to start working with03:08
DocPlatypusgenii: this is pre-purchase research03:08
Out_Coldthomas_, well then i recommend you sudo apt-get remove gzzBoard then reinstall03:08
DocPlatypusdon't have the thing to plug in yet03:08
flaccidin ubuntu karmic, for the root user, how do i set a profile for ssh login to set env vars? ~/.ssh/environment does not seem to effect03:08
wolfjbI'm trying to apt-get update and I'm getting a lot of 404 errors, I've tried 4 different software sources, this sounds like a network problem, except that I can surf the web, etc is there anything I can check?03:08
geniiDocPlatypus: Aah, OK.03:09
Out_Coldwolfjb, ping the servers then ping something from web..03:09
thomas_Out_cold, i've tried that, but oddly enough, it stays in the menu, but the thumbnail is gone, i've even tried synaptic to fix broken packages but that doesn;t work either03:09
Out_Coldthomas_, try apt-get remove --purge03:10
Out_Coldthomas_, try apt-get remove --purge gzzBoard03:10
thomas_Out_cold, returns "Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them"03:10
Out_Coldthen use autoremove :p03:11
freeaks_Out_Cold, sorry i was afk for a while03:12
symptomhas anyone seen the new theme for Lucid?03:12
wolfjbI can ping it, but I'm getting failures on stuff like http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic-security/universe Translation-en_US03:12
thomas_Out_cold, now reinstall?03:12
wolfjbbut I can surf it with a web browser03:12
freeaks_this won't help much but, at least this work like that on windows03:12
Out_Coldfreeaks_, i don't think you can do off of one connection... i may be wrong but it's my opinion03:12
freeaks_i see ..03:12
Out_Coldwell then i'm wrong03:12
Out_Coldmight work03:12
Out_Coldi've never done with one connection03:12
Out_Coldthomas_, yes try again03:12
freeaks_i wonder if i need to use a special driver or some other tool ? i've just installed ubuntu on this machine03:13
symptomDoes anyone know how minimizing a window will be handled on Lucid with the new Light theme?03:13
freeaks_i see other ppl here they all use windows, using the same hardware, so i can see it works for them03:13
Out_Coldwolfjb, maybe firewall or porrly set up routing/03:13
thomas_Out_cold, ok, now it's just doing the same thing it was before, hangs, no errors or messages03:14
wolfjbOut_Cold, ah, could be, I'm in a hotel - I'll look into it03:14
Out_Coldthomas_, what is it supposed to do?03:14
thomas_Out_cold, open up a window with a list of board games to play03:14
martin__I have no sound on my system how do I fix this03:14
martin__how do I install my sounddriver?03:15
flaccidtry using windows :)03:16
keeenis it possible to put special characters in the LUKS Ubuntu system encryption password?03:16
Out_Coldthomas_, i dunno... my guess is that what ever command you ran, broke the gzz dependancies.. not too sure how to fix above what we did03:16
Parogarcan anyone please help me, I kinda screwed my PC up installing ubuntu'03:16
darolumartin__: do you see a little speaker icon on the top-right corner?03:17
martin__darolu yes03:17
ParogarI am taking an OS class in school, so I downloaded ubuntu, installed it on a spare partition, and everything worked fine. the only problem, is that now my windows 7 is dead. Says Hal.dll is corrupte03:17
keeenParogar, really?03:18
SrayahuParogar, you might also ask in #Linux and #Windows03:18
ejvgood riddance, just stick with ubuntu03:18
Srayahuejv, =D03:18
ParogarSo... that's it?03:18
Parogarit's gone?03:18
keeenejv, linux is the best but its hard to play some games on linux03:18
darolumartin__: right click on it, and go to sound preferences; play with the settings, check that you are using the appropriate channel (digital/analog) and that there is nothing muted03:18
SrayahuParogar, Nah, it's not. So you installed Ubuntu and it boots?03:18
brand0nwhats the command to make a directory writabe03:18
ejvof course its not gone, mount it and get your files03:18
* ejv facepalms03:19
brand0nchdod +x 775 or something03:19
martin__darolu: I did that03:19
Srayahubrand0n, chmod03:19
GibbyIs there a way to make a video stream say from zoneminder, show up as my screen saver?03:19
ParogarYes, I can get into ubuntu, but I can no longer get into Windows 703:19
brand0nyea but how do i use it Srayhu03:19
mattgyverI have a software RAID 1 on my server that i would like to image, is there a way to do that?03:19
keeenis it possible to put special characters in the LUKS Ubuntu system encryption password?03:19
ejvmattgyver: man dd03:19
ParogarI tried booting from each hard drive, and I just keep getting the error that hal.dll is gone or corrupted03:19
Srayahubrand0n, Well, the short answer is just chmod 77703:19
martin__darolu: my "mentor/friend" told me that to get it i need to install the driver03:19
Out_Coldkeeen, try it out... it'll give errors if it cant03:19
brand0nthank you03:19
`mOOse`funny - windows 7 is MUCH faster on my old laptop than ubuntu yet I don't sit here bitching and whining about it or throwing disparaging remarks to guys who have windows screw up their grub03:19
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:19
`mOOse`you guys are unbelievable sometimes03:19
xanguaParogar: well find oput what hal.dll is in a windows channel03:19
cheakoHello, I need some help debugging Upstart.  I don't have any getty!!03:20
ParogarIf I boot fro thhe win7 CD, it doesn't even know that I had a windows 7 installation03:20
ejv!chill pill | `mOOse`03:20
Srayahum00se, please watch your language. This is a PG chat.03:20
ParogarI definitely didn't delete the windows 7 partition03:20
`mOOse`ejv take your own advice, eh03:20
ejvi refuse.03:20
`mOOse`big surprise03:20
keeenOut_Cold, thanks but I'd rather not waste 5 hours encrypting my entire system to find out03:20
ParogarI think what happened is that grub overwrote something and that  won't let me use windows 7 anymore03:20
brand0nsrayahu im in the folder in the terminal03:20
ejvParogar: either repair your MBR with an fdisk /mbr or... setup grub again03:20
brand0nchdmod 777 doesnt work03:20
ParogarI did both03:21
keeenthat's why I'm asking here03:21
brand0nisnt there like +x or something03:21
keeento save a lot of time03:21
SrayahuParogar, unfortunately I don't use Windows. (At all) =( So I don't know what to suggest about a broken .dll (which is a windows file)03:21
ParogarI fixed my mbr several times03:21
LuigiBaiHi, I am using the Remix, but can't get the "User Switch" button on the lock screen03:21
ParogarI don't think it's merely a broken dll03:21
Srayahubrand0n, You're in the directory you're trying to change?03:21
Out_Coldkeeen, try a small partition... it should give you the error immediately when entering the password i would assume03:21
ejvParogar: ok so your OS is corrupted; time to evacuate your files and re-install :)03:21
SrayahuParogar, therein lies the issue - I don't know what I'm talking about concerning Windows.03:21
ParogarI think that the entire mbr has become corrupted, I will probably have to end up formatted, was just hoping not to have to03:21
LuigiBaiI checked .gconf/apps/gnome-screensaver/%gconf.xml and the setting (bool) is TRUE03:21
brand0ni wanna make the directory writable by everyone, or atleast by me03:21
brand0nwithout sudo03:21
Srayahubrand0n, Type this - "cd ." without the quotes.03:22
ParogarI just don't see how installing ubuntu destroyed my entire OS03:22
keeenOut_Cold, thanks03:22
SrayahuParogar, it most likely did not.03:22
ejvParogar: save time from trying to troubleshoot; just mkdir /mnt/fail; mount /dev/sd_() /mnt/fail; and copy ur stuff somewhere03:22
brand0nok done Srayahu03:22
brand0nwhat did that do03:22
Srayahubrand0n, it takes you up to the parent directory03:22
Parogaralright, grabbing the spare drive.03:22
SrayahuNow ls, find the directory's name, and chmod 777 the directory03:22
SrayahuParogar, give me a moment buddy. (Busy)03:22
ejvParogar: quite frankly a broken .dll sounds like diagnostics hell...03:23
ParogarI really like ubuntu, but windows is sadly still the only way to play directx games03:23
LuigiBaiany way to force gnome-screensaver to show a user switch button on Remix?03:23
SrayahuParogar, fail - Linux plays many of the games available on Windows. Including DirectX games.03:23
ParogarI would have migrated to ubuntu a long time ago if not for the fact that my favorite games run best or only on windows03:23
darolumartin__: having that icon dear, usually means the driver is already installed.03:23
seanbrystone_you grow out of games eventually, took me 35 years heh.03:23
ejvif you wanna argue about linux + games ---> #ubuntu-offtopic03:23
Srayahuseanbrystone, fail03:23
ParogarI am aware of that, however I don't get nearly the performance I would get in windows. '03:23
Srayahuejv, thank you03:23
Out_ColdParogar, linux isn't really a gamer's system.... things will change someday though03:24
SrayahuParogar, because you lack the skill to optimize a Linux machine to run said games. I game happily in Linux.03:24
darolumartin__: if you want to check, open a terminal and type: lspci | grep Audio03:24
ParogarI realize that, which is why I was hopinng to use it for everythign else03:24
brand0nok srayhhar03:24
brand0ngot it workin03:24
brand0nthank you very much03:24
FloodBot1brand0n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
seanbrystone_Srayahu, lol yep epic fail03:24
darkstar1Out_Cold: do I now need to add a folder to / so that the partition is mounted there?03:24
thomas_Out_cold, do you know how to fix broken dependencies? i reinstalled all of the ones in the list in synaptic, but i'm getting the same issues03:24
Srayahubrand0n, for future reference you can't chmod a folder while you're in the folder.03:24
brand0nfloodbot, please get off my nuts03:24
brand0nah ok03:24
ParogarSo srayahy you can lplay bad company 2 right now? at the same speed as windows03:24
brand0nthat was my problem then03:24
xanguaParogar: for games better buy a console03:24
Srayahuseanbrystone, They'll pry the controller from my cold, dead hands.03:24
martin__darolu: I found some commands and now it works,  thx for your help, i appreciate it03:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:25
Out_Colddarkstar1, i thought you wanted it mounted as /03:25
SrayahuParogar, I don't play Bad Company, but give me a disc and some time and I'll get 'er running.03:25
ParogarThat is an unreasonable request03:25
Out_Coldthomas_, try apt-get --build-dep03:25
darkstar1Out_Cold: wouldn't that conflict with my normal / ?03:25
Out_Coldthomas_, try apt-get --build-dep gzzboard03:25
SrayahuParogar, How so?03:25
Out_Colddarkstar1, yes..03:25
ejvSrayahu and Parogar, srsly, #ubuntu-offtopic03:25
ejvjust take it over there...03:25
ParogarSorry, I didn't mean to even bring it up03:25
Srayahuejv, SRSLY, we got your message(s) already. Cool off man03:26
ParogarI just want to save my windows installation03:26
ParogarI think that grub doesn't play nicely with windows 703:26
ejvsrsly people are dense which requires repetition03:26
SrayahuParogar, understandable - now, if you need help I am more than willing to assist you. I do feel bad that your first  Linux experience is turning out to be a bad one.03:26
seanbrystone_The OT police are out in force tonight, shhhh!!!! :)03:26
thomas_Out_cold, still nothing03:26
darkstar1Out_Cold: It's a partition that I want to use for Samba only. That's why I wanted it mounted at boot time03:26
ParogarIt's not linux' fault03:26
geniiParogar: To the contrary, it's Windows 7 that abhors Grub03:26
Srayahuseanbrystone, LOL03:26
Out_ColdSrayahu, in ejv's defence, I am trying to assist others and it's difficult to do so when there is so much idle chatter.03:26
SrayahuOut_Cold, I am as well. Upgrade your brain's processor. >_>03:27
ParogarI don't blame ubuntu. I just want to find a way to get them both running03:27
seanbrystone_vmware ftw03:27
darkstar1Out_Cold: but at the root level03:27
Out_Colddarkstar1, and you really want it mounted in /? then yes.. make a new dir there..03:27
ParogarI very much liked the few hours I spent with ubuntu watching movies, browsing ect, It was also much easier to get runnning and configured thanwindows03:27
darkstar1Out_Cold:  is that a bad idea?03:27
SrayahuParogar, I don't know what to suggest concerning your .dll. However, if you do have to reinstall across the whole machine then make sure you install Windows and then Linux. Windows likes to take over the whole MBR...03:28
LuigiBaiIs there a better place to ask Remix/UNR related questions?03:28
LuigiBaiOr GNOME/screensaver config questions?03:28
ParogarThat's how I had it03:28
ejvLuigiBai: #gnome-desktop ?03:28
neezerwill a gigabit LAN connection saturate the pci bus? or will I be able to get full capability out of gigabit LAN with a pci card. I don't have pci express in my server.03:28
SrayahuParogar, really, #Windows is the best place to ask concerning your .dll. We can't offer support for that here.03:28
Out_ColdLuigiBai, here would be the 'best' place03:28
ParogarI only had windows 7 installed, and today, I installed ubuntu . Perhaps next time I should install ubuntu FROM within windows03:28
ParogarSince I think that would be a far safer option03:28
ejvLuigiBai: #gnome sorry ;)03:29
ejvwas thinking #gentoo-desktop hahaha03:29
DKcrosshello people, i need help03:29
Srayahu!ask | DKcross03:29
ubottuDKcross: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:29
darkstar1Parogar:  Bad bad BAAD idea and I doubt you could do it that way anyways03:29
ParogarWell I just don't want a repeat of what happened tonight.03:29
SrayahuParogar, Wubi installs are... *cries*03:29
DKcrossSrayahu, wait03:30
cheakoSorry, I'm back.03:30
DKcrosswell. my problem is my 3g modem03:30
DKcrossmount like usb03:30
NetwizI am back for the first time in 1.5 years03:30
RPSI have lived those Wubi blues before & say NO THANKS. Laughing Out Loud03:30
cheakoI have getty's being started in several places, is that bad?03:30
ParogarThese are the EXACT steps I followed. I burned the ubunti image to a disc, booted from it. Selected a partition, using E something 4 (don't remember) and used / as the root. Installed completetly03:30
DKcrossand i  eject device but nothing..03:30
NetwizShould I install Ubuntu 64bit or 32bit?03:30
ejvum... what does your processor support Netwiz ...03:30
thomas_Srayahu, do you have any advice for programs with broken dependencies?03:31
cheakohow can I tell the current run level? I need to verify that it's 2.03:31
trevordoes anyone know how i can install the pixmap theme engine03:31
NetwizAre all the packages teh same and available for both?03:31
SrayahuParogar, ext4 is the file system you're thinking of. Did you do a manual partition scheme or a guided scheme?03:31
cheakosystem-services: /etc/event.d/tty603:31
GibbyIs there a way to make a video stream say from zoneminder, show up as my screen saver?03:31
Parogarcould that be why?03:31
cheakoupstart: /etc/init/tty6.conf03:31
Srayahuthomas_, Well, it depends on the program03:31
cheakoWhat should I do?03:31
NetwizAlso, how is a 7600 GT for Beryl?03:32
SrayahuParogar, Well, possibly03:32
thomas_Srayahu,, it's GGZBoard, from the Ubuntu Software Center03:32
darkstar1Out_Cold: I know I'm bothering you, but is my way a bad idea mounting a partition in root? I'm a Linux born again (Well newbie since I only ever used Unix before this and that was years ago)03:32
Srayahuthomas_, One moment...03:32
cheakoIs this a common problem?03:32
seanbrystone_Netwiz, its no longer beryl, its Compiz or Compiz-Fusion something like that03:32
Srayahuthomas_, You're on 9.10?03:33
Out_Colddarkstar1, not a 'bad' idea, just something i'd never do in practice..03:33
thomas_Srayahu, yes03:33
ParogarI'll try doing it differently next time then03:33
ejvdarkstar1: i'd say no, let's not get in the habit of doing that; i suggest you make a new folder in /media or /mnt and mount your device(s) there...03:33
Srayahuthomas_, run sudo apt-get update and make sure you have all the updates. I don't know what to suggest concerning it. I can try installing it and seeing what happens. One moment?03:33
Parogaron a slightly different note, another problem I am having with Ubuntu, is that when I try and compile using g++ programs I have written in windows. I get tons of parsing errors03:34
NetwizWow.  I cannot belive this is the busiest chat room on freenode03:34
ejvNetwiz: use 64bit, might as well03:34
NetwizWill do03:34
darkstar1Out_Cold: why?? I figure not to have it buried in the usual place will some how help traversing down dir tree03:34
Parogarsomeone said it has to do with end line characters from windows to ubuntu?03:34
ejvgone are the days where 64bit support sucked03:35
SrayahuParogar, concerning installing windows/ubuntu. Unless you know what you're doing I'd recommend just doing a guided install. I know what I'm doing and I usually just do a guided install anyway when I do dual installations, etc.03:35
Out_Colddarkstar1, that's where i'd put them too.. in /media or /mnt... good lessons produce good practice..03:35
Netwizdidn't you used to have an effects room?03:35
Parogarkk thanks will do that this time03:35
SrayahuParogar, you're using gcc?03:35
darkstar1Out_Cold: Ok03:35
Out_Colddarkstar1, you can really put it where ever you want.. but it's just good practice to do it that way..03:35
=== xnt14 is now known as xnt14[sleep]
Parogargcc Main.cpp List.cpp -o LinkedList03:36
Parogarthat's the syntax I am using03:36
seanbrystone_!away > xnt14[sleep]03:36
ubottuxnt14[sleep], please see my private message03:36
Parogarhundreds of erros03:36
Out_Colddarkstar1, like using sudo -i instead or su root or sudo su...03:36
zaikuranyone available to help with an apache issue?03:36
Out_Coldzaikur, we can't help if we don't know the issue03:36
trismParogar: you can fix the line ending problem with dos2unix in the tofrodos package (windows defaults to \r\n at the end of lines, linux uses just a \n)03:37
ejvand #apache is prolly a better place... lol03:37
Parogarand I just run my files through this?03:37
ejverrr #httpd03:37
ejvzaikur ^03:37
zaikurroger that. I just installed and when i go to edit the file for my website it's telling me that i dont have permission. I tried logging into root but it isn't accepting my password03:37
zaikuri only typed in one password when i installed ubuntu03:38
zaikurand that was for my login, nothing for root03:38
Out_Coldzaikur, easy solution...03:38
trismParogar: yes03:38
Out_Coldzaikur, use gksu gedit /path/to/file03:38
Parogarsorry for all the noob questions, I am brand new to linux.03:39
darkstar1How do I view a man file (on Mkdir) in gedit??03:39
Out_Cold!root > zaikur03:39
ubottuzaikur, please see my private message03:39
darkstar1Parogar:  Me too.. sort of03:39
thomas_darkstar1, right click and click open with other application...03:40
JbirkySorry bad Internet connection03:40
Out_Colddarkstar1, what's wrong with man mkdir??03:40
ardantushow to add % in mysql server in ubuntu 8.04 server?03:40
darkstar1thomas_: don't know where the man files are... just know how to terminal them up03:41
Out_Colddarkstar1, the right syntax is sudo mkdir /media/disk03:41
Dj-Pilot94if i want to create a game in linux - were do i start? and do i have to make it free?03:41
Jbirkysudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.003:41
thomas_darkstar1, type gedit, then path/to/file03:41
misterediawhat's up???03:41
thomas_darkstar1, like gedit path/to/file03:41
Dj-Pilot94Can somebody tell me?03:41
Out_ColdDj-Pilot94, you don't have to do anything... except include required licencing... and you would start with a programming app03:41
darkstar1thomas_: Like I said I don't know where the man files are03:42
von_neumannI'm trying to change my default WM under Karmic,  I have created a .gnomerc (which is ignored) and edited the window manager setting via gconf-editor (which is also ignored).  I have STFW and no luck, any ideas?03:42
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ardantusJbirky, i mean i want alow remote not only localhost for mysql server.03:42
mrkimHouston, we have a problem!  I'm runnin 9.10 (386) w/proprietary nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, then rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password sreen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  No windows to enter any info into, nothing, just the login screen background.  I worked with 2 folks here this morning and did03:42
Parogartrism: Your suggestion worked thanks. it compiled into something called a.out?03:42
Out_Colddarkstar1, there is an online man pages glossary03:42
darkstar1Out_Cold: I kinda figured that out I just want to open the Man options in a nicely formatted viewer to see what options it has03:43
ParogarIs it possible to name it LinkedList.exe or .out or whatever linux uses03:43
von_neumannmrkim: sounds like the resolution is too low and you are only seeing the top-left corner of the login screen03:43
von_neumannmrkim, I've seen similar... Try backing up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and regenerating it03:43
trismParogar: you can specify the executable name with -o, linux doesn't require a certain extention for executables, just that their permissions are set correctly (+x)03:43
Out_ColdParogar, you can name an mp3 on linux somesong.mp3.avi.mp4.exe.cab if you really wanted to....03:43
mrkimvon, no, resolution looks correct, and from prior checks drivers are ok03:44
Dj-Pilot94Out_cold what kind of programing apps are there?03:44
ParogarOther than C and C++ does ubuntu come with anything for assembler?03:44
ParogarI can't right 16bit assembler apps on windows. There's no way to do it. Was kind of hoping to do it on ubuntu03:45
mrkimvon, no terminal jockey here, I need the commands :>(03:45
Out_ColdDj-Pilot94, almost any kind you can think of.. search around in synaptic package manager03:45
Dj-Pilot94How are you Pming me?03:45
Dj-Pilot94/pm Out_Cold03:45
misterediaben!!! on fait komen ici???????????03:45
Out_Coldi'm not pm'n anyone :p03:45
Dj-Pilot94Oh? It shows as red?03:45
cheakoI asked in #upstart and they don't do user support.  Is there any one here who can help debug this?03:45
misterediaj compren rien du tt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:46
Out_Coldbut try /msg Out_Cold some stupid message03:46
misterediaplease help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:46
seanbrystone_oh good lord03:46
misterediaagain please!!!!!!!!!!03:46
InterficioAnyone have a quick way to switch between audio outputs, like headphones to speakers?03:47
Out_ColdInterficio, alsamixer03:47
rastaseanhello people. about 5 years ago i had a program running on my mac OS X system that allowed me to run many commands via web interface since apache was running on the computer. has anyone heard of anything like this for linux?03:48
darkstar1brb.. going to logout to test my changes03:48
misterediaplease don't let me be misunderstood!!!!!!!!!!!!03:48
rastaseanyou install the program on your system etc file and login to the specific port from web remotely03:48
warriorforgodrastasean: Was it webmin?03:48
misterediathank you!!!!!03:48
ChogyDanrastasean: maybe ebox?03:48
rastaseani'm rebooting in two minutes so try to think of is03:48
rastaseanwarriorforgod, that sounds right!!!03:49
rastaseani will look at ebox03:49
ParogarHow do you uninstall Grub?03:49
ChogyDanParogar: what do you want instead?03:49
rastaseanwarriorforgod, that can work on linux as well, right?03:49
warriorforgodrastasean: yes.03:49
Parogarwell I tried reformatting to get windows to work again, and Grub is still there03:49
Interficioout_cold: any chance of like a quick switch icon?03:50
rastaseani'll be back in a 5 or so03:50
rastaseanwarriorforgod, thanks!03:50
warriorforgodrastasean: np03:50
Parogarlol, it's been a nightmare since downloading the ubuntu ISO wish I could reverse everything I have done today03:50
Dj-Pilot94Have a usb?03:50
Out_ColdInterficio, find out how to add/remove the devices in the command line then make a shell script03:50
Dj-Pilot94Downlaod unetbooting and put it on there03:50
ChogyDanParogar: you need to start windows, and then run its command to fix the mbr.  Im not sure what the commands are though...03:50
seanbrystone_lol Parogar part of leaving the Windows nest, is a learning to like pain. :)03:50
Dj-Pilot94Much easyer03:50
ParogarI tried that03:51
von_neumannChogyDan, fdisk /mbr03:51
ParogarMy entire PC is pretty much down completly03:51
von_neumannor format /mbr03:51
scorpioneproblem ubuntu 9.10 with Modem sagem 800 port usb03:51
von_neumannbeen a long time :-)03:51
Dj-Pilot94What did you do03:51
RitleeParogar, fixmbr is the command if you're running xp or older, but... go into your bios and disable the virus protection if it has it03:51
ChogyDanvon_neumann: I hard it changed for windows 703:51
superloooooserwhats a good ubuntu distro for an old 600mhz pc03:51
ParogarHere is the full story. For the last year I have been running windows 7 perfectly fine. Today I downloaded Ubuntu, did a manual install on a spare partition.03:51
ParogarRestarted my PC03:52
superloooooserwith 700mb ram03:52
von_neumannmight have, seems like simply popping in the recovery CD would be a goof place to start though03:52
Ritleeit could be preventing you from writing to your mbr03:52
Parogargot an error that windows was corrupt, restarted again03:52
von_neumannerr s/goof/good/03:52
Ritleefixmbr changed at wind vista03:52
edbianParogar, It's a lot easier if you type everything on one line03:52
Parogarbooted rom teh HDD that ubuntu was in, and ubuntu worked03:52
Parogarok sorry03:52
darolusuperloooooser: with that ram, any ubuntu distro should run relatively fine03:52
ChogyDanParogar: do you have multiple drives?03:52
Dj-Pilot94Linux is not windows03:52
ParogarSo I booted from the hard drive that ubuntu was in. And everything worked fine in ubuntu, but I really needed to get windows 7 back03:52
ParogarYes I do03:52
darolusuperloooooser: I have a similar computer (P3@650Mhx with 384MB RAM) running Debian 5 amazingly fast03:53
Radio-b600mhz what03:53
Dj-Pilot94Did you install to the WHOLE disk?03:53
ChogyDanParogar: you may need to change which drive the computer is booting from in the bios03:53
mrkimHouston, we have a problem!  I'm runnin 9.10 (386) w/proprietary nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, then rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password sreen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  No windows to enter any info into, nothing, just the login screen background.  I worked with 2 folks here this morning and did03:53
ParogarSo I tried the recovery console, it no longer could find my windows installation. I used bootsect to repair the mbr to no avail. Now i just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 and formatted the ubuntu one. And now windows 7 loadsinto a black screen and grub is still on my PC03:53
superloooooser600mhz intel pentium 3 (as oppossed to an awesome 600mhz omap3 arm)03:53
ParogarChogyDan: I have tried manually  booting from each drive to no avail03:53
Dj-Pilot94Yea i did that before03:54
Dj-Pilot94i used nuke and boot and redid everything03:54
Parogarthis happened to you?03:54
Dj-Pilot94I had no data i needed to keep tho03:54
Dj-Pilot94Yea kinda03:54
Dj-Pilot94Not with win 7 tho03:55
ParogarKinda wish I never got involved now03:55
ParogarUbuntu just wiped out my entire system lol03:55
ParogarIf I could only get rid of Grub03:55
Out_ColdParogar, to ubuntu's defence... YOU erased everything.. not ubuntu03:55
Dj-Pilot94Did you happen to use THe WIBI ( the exe to instal inside windows )03:55
Hellhound666Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with java.  My plugin installer isn't showing up in my browser anymore.03:56
Out_ColdParogar, look at Hirem's boot CD03:56
Dj-Pilot94Also i agree with Old cold03:56
port80Parogar: did you want to try Ubuntu, but still keep windows?03:56
ParogarI didn't erase anything Out_Cold03:56
Parogarmy important windows 7 is still on the hdd03:56
neezerwhat is a great Wireless router with wired gigabit ethernet on it? I'm not really looking for anything fancy.\03:56
Parogarmy motherboard/mbr or whatever just doesn't know it's there03:56
ParogarI didn't change a single thing on it03:56
neezerWireless N would be nice.03:56
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:56
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:56
Radio-byou can either reinstall grub or run the windows repair utility03:56
ChogyDanParogar: can you keep your comments to a single line?03:57
Dj-Pilot94!grub 203:57
Radio-bdepends on what you like to see first03:57
ParogarUbuntu did something to my mbr and now I can't boot to anything anymore. Sure chogy, sorry03:57
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:57
rastaseanwarriorforgod, i'm back. its been a very long time since i used webmin. does it require apache on?03:57
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ChogyDan!webmin | rastasean03:58
ubotturastasean: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.03:58
Kalidarnhow do you make the keyboard map permanent ie: setxkbmap us03:58
stealth-while trying to install TOR in the ubuntu live cd, I added the respritory, and then apt-get crashes while downloading with "tor: Depends: tsocks but it is not installable". Anyone know what to do here?03:58
Dj-Pilot94parogar - type !grub203:58
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:58
rastaseanubottu, thats sad. does that require apache on?03:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:59
ChogyDanstealth-: maybe you need to enable the universe repos03:59
darkstar1What's the command option to run cairo dock with no openGL as my openGL version is broken?03:59
ph1gSo i'm running xdmcp on my ubunut box. When I hit it from a terminal, it loads up but it's running really sllllloooowwww. It doesn't seem like a resource issue - plenty of cpu and mem not used and the CLI runs fine.03:59
ph1gAny pointers?03:59
Dj-Pilot94grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:59
stealth-ChogyDan: Okay, I'll give it a shot.03:59
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:59
darkstar1Yes I asked in #cairo but no one's answering03:59
ubottuxdmcp is the X Display Manger Control Protocol -- look at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ to find out how to configure it03:59
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI04:00
ParogarThis is weird. Now I can't even boot into the windows recovery DvD?04:00
Dj-Pilot94make sure you boot to CD in bios04:01
Radio-bParogar: with bios boot sequence set to CDROM?04:01
stealth-ChogyDan: It worked :) Thanks04:01
Dj-Pilot94What Radio-b said04:01
Parogaryeah, It tries to, I see the windows logo, and then I get a black screen04:01
ParogarI think I just destroyed my entire PC04:01
Semitonesis it possible to give pulseaudio a higher priority? So my audio doesn't stutter whenever the CPU does something else?04:01
Radio-bthat sounds like hardware failure04:01
RPSHello Guys, could someone take a look at the something for me & make sure I'm thinking correctly (before I melt my laptop down?) LOL https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:01
luciocomo es el canal en español04:01
nomnexI need package information: what do I need from the repos (9.10) to be started with LaTex. Is "texlive-latex-base" the full or meta-package for LaTex? Total beginner here. Thanks04:01
RPSIt's simple what I want to know04:01
RitleeSemitones try nice?04:02
ParogarIt's not. The only change I've made in this last year is downloading that ubuntu ISO04:02
ParogarIt crippled my entire PC04:02
Ritleesemitones nice -9 or 10 is default04:02
Radio-bhardware death happens regardless of what you download04:02
Dj-Pilot94Parogar - Downlaoding something will not kill your PC04:03
Kalidarnhmm, usually you change the keyboard in xorg.conf however it's not in /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:03
ParogarI'm sure there is probably some really difficult method of getting SOMETHING back up and running.04:03
Out_ColdParogar, please don't blame your downfalls on ubuntu or us.. instead look for solutions using ubottu, google, ubuntu forums and lastly us04:03
Kalidarnhaie with Option "XkbLayout" "us"04:03
ng0nupdate blew my grub file.. what do i do ?04:04
Radio-bif your system fails to boot a windows disc, something is more wrong than the software04:04
mrkimHouston, we have a problem! Runnin 9.10 (386) w/ nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password sreen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  I worked with 2 folks here this morning and did verify that my Xserver is ok so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with my display capabilites.04:04
Absolute0How can I use the open source ati driver?04:04
Absolute0there is not default xorg.conf file04:04
Radio-b(assuming it booted windows prior)04:04
Dj-Pilot94ng0n i had that same thing happen to me04:04
ng0ndj. uggg. it's sick huh ?04:04
ng0ni'm using wubi. if it was on a linux filesystem i could fix it.04:05
ng0nbut wubi is new to me.04:05
ChogyDanSemitones: I heard that was delayed.  Maybe in lucid or something04:05
Dj-Pilot94Dont use Wubi04:05
ng0nnow u tell me :)04:05
rastaseandoes anyone know how to get video chat working with the kopete application for yahoo04:05
ng0nit's been updating FINE for a month.04:05
ng0no well.04:05
Dj-Pilot94I have never had it work for me and just ends up haveing to reinstall everything04:05
rastaseanthey submit it for me to see and i accept but never shows up04:05
rerereHello good people, can someone please help me? I have installed ubuntu on my ps3, did everything correct but the user i have created do not have permissions to change anything... even if i try to poen "user and groups" automatically receive a message "you have no permissions"04:05
ng0ni can't seem to boot it from grub.04:06
Dj-Pilot94rererere use sudo COMMAND04:06
ng0nit finds the vmlinuz.. but blows up on initrd.04:06
ng0nsudo.. hmmm.04:06
Kalidarnwhat's the correct way to change the keyboard layout systemwide?04:06
ng0non initrd it says "no such disk'04:06
cheakoHay, runlevel returned unknowen.  so I ran telinit 2 and my system came up.  Would that mean something happened?04:07
Ritleererere have you tried to use sudo?04:07
SemitonesRitlee, ChogyDan, if pulseaudio is already nice -9 by default, would making it even less nice really help things?04:07
port80Parogar: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk04:07
Ritleehehe semitones, use nice -704:07
ng0nis there a wubi amd 64 boot CD somewhere ?04:07
ng0ni can fix it if i can get into it.04:07
Semitoneswouldn't that make it stutter more04:07
Ritleeyour programs open at -9 by default, the lower the number the higher the priority04:07
Absolute0The default ubuntu install has no xorg.conf, how can I add more resolutions?04:08
SemitonesRitlee, I thought positive numbers were "nice," ie they let for other things to finish first04:08
ParogarI have just made some progess. I was able to put ubuntu at least, back on my PC. but only after removing every single trace of windows. What it seems like is that ubuntu wasn't at fault after all. it seems like Windows didn't like glub, and set off a bomb in everything04:08
rererethank you very much dj-pilot and ritlee yes i already try sudo but it starts saying that my user name is not on sudoers file04:08
nomnexKalidarn, system, preference, keyboard04:08
ChogyDanAbsolute0: have you tried xrandr?04:08
SemitonesRitlee, so the more negative a number was, the higher priority :P04:08
Ritleesemitones hehe the - signifies an option04:08
Absolute0ChogyDan: I tried the gui tool04:08
BilliardAbsolute0: you can use an xorg.conf if you make one04:09
Ritleesemitones no04:09
Absolute0Billiard: i'd probably mess that up04:09
Dj-Pilot94Parogar : Now reinstall windows04:09
ParogarThe ubuntu disc was able to repair my mbr, and I'm now able to boot into things again, but only after I completley removed everything windows. For better or for worse, looks like I'll be stuck with ubuntu for awhile04:09
BilliardAbsolute0: what gfx card do you have?04:09
Absolute0Billiard: radeon hd 557004:09
Absolute0not supported :)04:10
BilliardAbsolute0: ok idk what the ati tool is04:10
ubottuchanserv.py is a ChanServ helper script for !XChat | http://www.kaarsemaker.net/downloads/code/chanserv.py04:10
Dj-Pilot94Parogor : Now reinstall windows04:10
Absolute0Screen 0: minimum 640 x 400, current 1400 x 1050, maximum 1400 x 105004:10
Absolute0my screen is 1920x108004:10
ParogarDj-Pilo94: I think I'm going to hold off on that. My #1 use of my PC is programming and watching movies. since I reformatted my PC, I won't be able to use windows anymore anyway04:10
Hellhound666this doesn't make any sense, I just installed java and I go to test my java and supposedly it doesn't exist???04:10
ParogarMicrosoft only lets you format 3 times with the one I bought, after that they won't let you use the serial anymore04:10
cheako<Keybuk> cheako: edit /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf and remove "and net-device-up IFACE=lo" from the "start on" line04:10
donvito2how to edit ifconfig04:11
Dj-Pilot94parogar : Oh wow i forgot but you could install it and use the tiral at least04:11
Ritleeparogar, lol call them to activate they'll reset it04:11
Dj-Pilot94And then get a new key04:11
holmserI'm trying to set up a mail server, and I can recieve mail perfectly, but when I go to send mail I get this error:  Mar  4 20:10:01 H4ckM3 postfix/smtpd[32548]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from m0f0e36d0.tmodns.net[]: 554 5.7.1 <holmser171@gmail.com>: Relay access denied; from=<chris@holmser.net> to=<holmser171@gmail.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<localhost>04:11
Radio-byou can install as many times as you want so long as the hardware doesn't change drastically04:11
port80Parogar: if you need windows, you can also do a trick that i am doing.  I have a PC that is work issued, so I cannot put anything on it but I still wanted Linux for my own use.  So I put it on an external usb drive and boot from that when it is not work; leaving the windows C: drive alone.  works fine.04:11
Red_HamsterXholmser, that's likely greylisting.04:11
Kalidarnhow do you make the keyboard map permanent ie: setxkbmap us04:11
Hellhound666yet somehow I'm playing double dragon in java...yet I can't launch java virtual machine.  java --version04:12
Dj-Pilot94I do what port 80 did04:12
archlichholmser, you didn't enable mail relaying on postfix04:12
Red_HamsterXholmser, send it again in about ten to thirty minutes. Google the concept.04:12
rastaseanso i'm looking to an alternative to webmin and ebox. does one exist?04:12
holmserwill do04:12
Hellhound666dunno I'll come back...04:12
ParogarIn the long run this is probably for the best. I don't like how fragile windows is. It blows up if you do anything04:12
Dj-Pilot94OLny if you dont know what your doing...04:12
Ritleewe might have a convert yet04:12
Radio-bI'm really curious as what you are doing Parogar04:12
ChogyDanHellhound666: java -version04:13
Dj-Pilot94Me too04:13
ParogarI don't profess to be the greatest at anything. But if windows is going to massacre my mbr just because I installed ubuntu04:13
ParogarThen perhaps I am not smart enough to use it04:13
Dj-Pilot94How old are you? 13?04:13
mikebuntulooking for a gmail checker app of some sort that works with IMAP IDLE and also has filtered notifications... any ideas?04:13
Scarra3What is a good software for ubuntu that allows me to encrypt my thumb drives04:13
Radio-byour windows 7 serial will work as many times as you want if the hardware doesn't change04:13
Radio-bI don't know where you're getting that info from04:14
Dj-Pilot94scarra3 - Hang on i can help let me just get the name04:14
ParogarI bought an OEM copy from newegg. They don't follow the same rules as regular copies04:14
mrkimParogar, I'm 53 and I can break ubuntu like a champ ;-)04:14
Radio-byeah they do04:14
Dj-Pilot94OEM will install 9999999 times if its windows 704:14
Hellhound666ChoggyDan:  can't start java virtual machine04:15
Radio-bthe only reason it wouldn't validate is if the hardware was changed04:15
Radio-bor died somehow04:15
Radio-byeah, I think you have some hardware failure somewhere04:15
Hellhound666could not create java virtual machine.  strange I'm playing a java game online right now04:15
ChogyDanHellhound666: o well, when I had 2 -'s, it gave me that error, but one -, it was fine.  Maybe you could pastebin everything04:15
ParogarI really don't think my hardware is failing. After reinstalling Ubuntu, and deleting all my windows partitions, I'm able to get into ubuntu and run perfectly04:15
darkstar1what is the best GUI program/widget/tool for configuring SAMBA?04:15
Flare183!best | darkstar104:16
ubottudarkstar1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:16
holmserwhats strange is that I can telnet into postfix and send messages to my gmail account04:16
Radio-bno one knows the story regardless04:16
holmserbut it won't let me send messages from my phone04:16
RitleeParogar, seriously, call to activate, they will reset if you explain, they don't ask many q's and it doesn't matter oem or not04:16
port80Parogar: there is a learning curve to Linux, but relax, it gets easier.  Besides, if you use windows, you can use it forever and never learn a thing; but w/ Linux you will learn so much every time you boot... explore, enjoy.04:16
Hellhound666CoggyDan:  I'm going to try and get some things working and I'll let you know when the errors start flyin at me.04:16
Scarra3Ok thx Dj-Pilot9404:16
ParogarI am going to stick with it for quite a bit. Ritlee: I will call them, but you really think they will let me reactive if I explain it?04:17
Hellhound666thanks though04:17
Ritleehehe port80 i agree completely... though take my class and i might get a fchance to show you a thing or two with windows ;) sadly i have to teach it... amy uses it :(04:17
ParogarFrom this whole experience, I gather that the step where I went wrong, was NOT using a guided install. It was at that point that everything broke04:17
darkstar1ubottu: I'm new to the whole linux thing and samba. I'm also determined to fully make the transition this time that's why I'm asking because I'm not even sure I have a gui for configuring it on my system04:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:17
lyraecould i ask for ffmeg help here? and encoders?04:18
Parogarthe only reason I did a manual install in the first place, was because it was the only option that allowed me to select the partition that I wanted to put it on.04:18
RPSHey Guys I'm being asked to reboot from terminal window & I can't figure out if I need to just hit reboot or do something else before I reboot. I've pasted in what they asked for & now I'm not sure... can someone take a moment and look it over?04:18
RitleeParogar i have two valid license for vista, one for my x64 machine and the other for my old p4, and i blow them out all the time... and forget which went to which04:18
vavoyshHi, I have a question. A few months ago, my computer's sound card started emitting static. I disabled the mike, removed all peripherals, and there was still static. I opened up the case to check the wires, and they appear fine. I have another sound card in my computer, a CA106 Soundblaster, only it doesn't work in ubuntu, even after messing with it in alsamixer. It does work in windows. I went through the huge thread in the fo04:18
vavoyshrums pertaining to sound cards, and it didn't work. Can anyone help me either remove the static or get the other sound card to work? Thank you in advance04:18
mrkimParogar, once you get used to it you'll throw rocks at 704:18
ZykoticK9RPS, to reboot from terminal you can use "sudo shutdown -r now"04:19
RPSDang it looks like its sound card day04:19
Hellhound666ChoggyDan:  Well i'm installing Netbeans, it has everything so if I still run into problems then I won't know what to do.04:19
RPSZykoticK9, well it's a weird place I'm at04:19
ZykoticK9RPS, did you create a pastebin?  if so what's the link?04:20
RitleeParogar i have two valid license for vista, one for my x64 machine and the other for my old p4, and i blow them out all the time... and forget which went to which04:20
Ritleepiss damn netbook04:20
port80Ritlee: I am sure I would learn a lot; but i have so much to learn here.  I will say that I think it was a good thing that Microsoft will allow you to download Visual C++ for free.  Perhaps a smart move on their part.04:20
RPSZykoticK9, I'll do it right away! Thanks04:20
Ritleeport80, they need a lot more good moves to do anything good anymore04:21
ChogyDanHellhound666: i dunno, sorry04:21
holmseranyone feel like taking the time to help me troubleshoot this mail server problem?04:21
holmserI would really appreciate it04:21
KutakizukariInstalled ubuntu notebook remix, when I try to open an application it says "Failed to execute child process "/usr/games/gnomie? (No such file or directory)". It does this with everything. What is did I do wrong and what can I do to fix it? Thank you!04:21
hydoskeeI'm trying to install  libmozjs-dev  - and I'm getting " Package libmozjs-dev has no installation candidate"  - but I know it exists and is needed by couchdb04:21
hydoskeeany ideas?04:21
RPSZykoticK9, http://pastebin.com/KS9isyMD04:21
Hellhound666ChoggyDan:  I haven't installed it yet, but I'm sure this will work just fine.04:21
Ritleeport80, but i still do much prefer *nix, i teach Solaris 10, before i teach microsoft, and even my students wish they were back using unix04:22
port80Ritlee: do you think Microsoft is getting to the point that they are on the decline, given the increase in Linux users, Mac presence and Google's moves?04:22
mrkimPlease help if you can. Runnin 9.10 (386) w/ nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password sreen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  Worked with 2 folks here this morning and did verify that my video settings are Ok.  I'm on my second machine which I have also already taken the same 04:22
Ritleemany students that didn't know anything about computers other than double click the blue e04:22
Radio-bport80: no where close04:23
Ritleemac will never rival microsoft... they're too expensive... otherwise i'd have one too :P04:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:23
ng0nlatest wubi upgrade blows up.04:23
RPSZykoticK9, This is where the info came from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:23
vavoyshHi, I have a question. A few months ago, my computer's sound card started emitting static. I disabled the mike, removed all peripherals, and there was still static. I opened up the case to check the wires, and they appear fine. I have another sound card in my computer, a CA106 Soundblaster, only it doesn't work in ubuntu, even after messing with it in alsamixer. It does work in windows. I went through the huge thread in the fo04:23
vavoyshrums pertaining to sound cards, and it didn't work. Can anyone help me either remove the static or get the other sound card to work? Thank you in advance04:23
Ritleeport80, but yes microsoft may not be on the decline but their not climbing near as fast as they were04:24
Ritleevavoysh your card is probably going south04:24
bazhangRitlee, port80 please continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic04:24
vavoyshRitlee, which one? The static or the soundblaster?04:24
ParogarJust tried reinstalling windows 7, and it blew up ubuntu lol. I guess I really have to pick between one or the other04:24
Ritleevavoysh, the one emitting the static04:24
Ritleesorry bazhang04:25
Parogarthe mbr doesn't seem to abe able to acoomdate them both. I must be doing something wrong.04:25
vavoyshRitlee, so do you know how to get the soundblaster one working?04:25
rastaseanhello people. i am looking for an alternative to ebox and webmin. Do any of you know an alternative?04:25
mrkimParogar, you need to install windows 1st, then ubuntu04:25
ZykoticK9RPS, i'm no sound expert - but from the help.ubuntu site instructions it seems like you should reboot after your change from your pastebin04:25
Ritleeyeah but it under your tire before you go to work04:25
bowserinmario3 ok i just installed xbmc live and i have a f6d4050 v2 usb wifi adapter, how do i get it working?04:25
Ritleeafter my 1 year old soundblaster sc wasn04:25
port80sorry bazhang, my appologies04:26
RPSI added the line & now just hit reboot? Seems odd, but if thats right04:26
Ritleevavoysh, after my 1 year old soundblaster sc wasn't supported under vista i replaced it with a generic and never looked back04:26
ZykoticK9RPS, what do you mean "hit reboot"04:26
kr0kDCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 004:26
=== carlos is now known as Guest48290
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.04:26
gopihi i am using ubuntu 9.1...after installing on my system having intel graphics card945cg series...i could use the compiz on first start....but i have a viewsonic 22" monitor....i get only max 800x600 resolution....i tries in display setting it shoes max 800x600...the drivers are ok ...how to increase resol?04:26
RPSZykoticK9, reboot the computer04:26
vavoyshRitlee, so just replace the sound card?04:26
robbso, what utility to use files that were "deleted" not moved to trash can...?04:26
Ritleevavoysh, most likely they're cheap anymore04:27
ZykoticK9RPS, reboot using the "sudo shutdown -r now" command in terminal, or use the GUI restart04:27
bowserinmario3it apparently comes with wireless-tools wpasupplicant but how do i acess it?04:27
RPSZykoticK9, and THIS is why I needed help. LOL04:27
rastaseangopi, what video card are you plugging it into?04:27
archlichanyone here work for canonical?04:27
RPSZykoticK9, I'm embarrassed, but I'd rather be embarrassed than waste a bunch of time ;)04:28
ZykoticK9RPS, for sure!04:28
tomatoes7any suggestions on a good distro for small kids to use?04:28
gopiintel graphics card04:29
adi_Help, my Ctrl key is invoking XF86HomePage for reason and so its doing weird stuff and Iḿ unable to use the regular Ctrl shortcuts like Copy/Paste04:29
bazhangtomatoes7, edubuntu04:29
gopiIntel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller04:29
TironnWould anyone recommend 10.04 for general use?04:29
rastaseangopi, is that intergrated onto mobo?04:29
tomatoes7bazhang, any others?04:29
adi_I installed KeyTouch to fix problems with my Super_L not working but I think it messed up my Ctrl key :(04:29
geniiTironn: No04:29
RPSZykoticK9, that command is not working from there ...I'm confused04:30
rastaseangopi, desktop what?04:30
genii!lucid | Tironn04:30
ubottuTironn: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+104:30
ZykoticK9Tironn, you should be asking in #ubuntu+1 - but the answer is NO unless you want to help submit bugs :)04:30
bazhangtomatoes7, ubuntu support is here, so I would recommend edubuntu ; should you wish a more general chat then  please join #ubuntu-offtopic04:30
ZykoticK9RPS, "sudo shutdown -r now" isn't working?  thanks very strange04:30
LivePCOlá a todos04:30
ZykoticK9RPS, are you in the vi editor by chance?04:30
cheakoGoodby all.04:31
rastaseanRPS, copy the error message here04:31
rastaseangood by, cheako04:31
* cheako nods04:32
RPSZykoticK9, this is how I got there .... sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base04:32
robbhow do you find the FS (ext2/ext3?) on 8.04?04:32
port80RPS: can you CTRL ALT F2 to another terminal?04:32
RPSZykoticK9, I opened that in the terminal04:32
RitleeRPS try telinit 004:32
LivePCé minha primeira vz aki04:32
LivePCgostaria de saber se alguém pode m ajudar com uma dúvida04:32
Satoru-sanLivePC: no04:32
ZykoticK9RPS, in nano use Ctrl+O to save, then Ctrl+X to exit then run the shutdown command04:32
ZykoticK9RPS, be sure "shutdown" isn't saved in that file though!!!04:33
mrkimPlease help if you can. Runnin 9.10 (386) w/ nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password screen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  Worked with 2 folks here this morning and did verify that my video settings are Ok.  I'm on my second machine which I have also already taken the same04:33
rwwubottu: pt | LivePC04:33
ubottuLivePC: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:33
aidan160 04:33
RPSZykoticK9, I hit Ctrl+O and it brought up a line at the bottom. File Name to Write: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base04:34
ZykoticK9RPS, does that file have everything you have been trying to type in it?  like the shutdown stuff?04:35
RPSZykoticK9, No the only at all that it has is the line it told me to add from the site I sent to you04:36
robbi am trying to use recover on 8.04, need to know FS04:36
ZykoticK9RPS, then just press Enter04:36
RPSZykoticK9, only thing at all04:36
Interficioanyone know a command line way to set an audio output device?04:36
RPSZykoticK9, It says .... Wrote 3 lines04:37
ZykoticK9RPS, then ctrl+x to exit04:37
RPSok I'm out of there04:37
ZykoticK9RPS, "sudo shutdown -r now" and hopefully your sound will work :)04:37
rolsworthi just launched the new version live cd and it pretty much looks the same04:37
rolsworthI wonder why they do that04:38
rolsworthubuntu could do with a major face lift04:38
ZykoticK9rolsworth, if you're talking about Lucid, join #ubuntu+1 (you basically have to manually set the new theme)04:38
robbwhat would be the user ID of files deleted via "delete" command in a file browser? would it be the actual user, or the bin that did the delete?04:40
* seanbrystone_ agrees with rolsworth .04:40
gopii dont have xorg.conf04:40
Ritleeummm robb lemme check ;P04:40
Hellhound666Interficio:  try alsactl04:40
rastaseani'm looking for help/assistance with ebox. anyone use it?04:40
ZykoticK9gopi, there isn't one be default in Karmic04:40
gopiis that cause of resolution prob04:40
helluplinecan anyone help me with "quickly", i am having problems with "quickly release"04:40
Hellhound666I'm not sure though.04:41
Dj-Pilot94hELL sEE MY PM04:41
gopiviewsonic lcd 22" i get max resokution 800x0004:41
gopiviewsonic lcd 22" i get max resokution 800x60004:41
Dj-Pilot94*** I meant HellHelpline04:41
Dj-Pilot94 gopi04:41
RPSI'm back, but sadly STILL don't have sound04:41
Dj-Pilot94RPS - hi there04:42
rastaseangopi, are you plugging monitor into video card of mobo or another?04:42
d5j9Grub is just giving me grub rescue. Can anyone here help?04:42
d5j9starts with error: unknown filesystem.04:43
Ritleehmmm rob forgot where the trash bin actually is... though i believe the file will retain it's original owner's name04:43
gopi@rasta...i have no video crad externally...i m using my viewsonic with desktop pc's backside blue socket04:43
d5j9Computer seems to have just quick while partitioning free space.04:43
Dj-Pilot94PLEASE use new windows when helping04:43
rastaseangopi, you mean the internal video card of the mother board?04:44
crankbiteanyone know of a work around for locked avi files.....x3player?04:44
RPSI just finished checking to make sure things were not muted and they were not ...even in the alsamixer settings from the terminal04:44
rastaseangopi, have you done system > admin > hardware drivers04:44
rastaseanmaybe it will scan and see your new monitor attached04:45
mrkimPlease help if you can. Runnin 9.10 (386) w/ nVidia 185 drivers & installed a kernel update this morning, rebooted as instructed. Machine reboots->username screen ->password sreen then ... the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  Worked with 2 folks here this morning and did verify that my video settings are Ok.  I'm on my second machine which I have also already taken the same 04:45
robbRitlee: the file did not go to trash can, used the direct delete context menu04:45
gopiya..it says no proprietary driver in use...i can use compiz-effects in 800x600...mean driver is ok i guess04:45
sensaeIs there any way to turn vsync on in movie player? I'm getting tearing on playback.04:46
Ritleeoh then no clue there... i would expect it not to be there without some form of recovery utility04:46
rastaseangopi, well when i got my new monitor, it wasn't displaying correctly so i used my video card drivers (different than mobo drivers) to make the adjustments04:46
robbRitlee: yea, using "recover" now, but i am not sure i have ext2 FS04:46
robbsome command to confirm?04:47
Ritleecheck google?04:47
robbyea, maybe my google-fu is weak tho04:47
gopi@rata wa monitor?04:47
gopi@rata which monitor?04:48
rastaseangopi, mine04:48
seanbrystone_gopi, this isnt twitter, no need for the @nick. :)04:48
gopik :P04:48
gopirastasean: u use viewsonic?04:49
rastaseangopi, no its hanns g04:49
robbah crap, ext304:49
crankbiteanyone know of a work around for locked avi files.....x3player?04:50
rastaseanwhat other monitor do yuo have?04:50
Interficio'cat /proc/asound/cards' shows 2 cards, as it should. Can anyone tell me how to switch between them via command line?04:51
osirisx11how can i go into safe mode when there is no grub prompt? it goes right into ubuntu04:52
ZykoticK9osirisx11, hold shift down during boot04:53
gopiif i create xorg.conf...do i need to give any chmod the file for permissions04:53
osirisx11ty ZykoticK904:53
Ritleerobb try $mount | grep ext04:53
Ritleenm just saw your post above04:54
coz_hey guys.. off the wall question... glchess in normal mode is slow and jerky... last install I installed some library  that I cant remember,, for another applications and glchess worked fine    any ideas?04:54
Billiardgopi: you probably should make the owner/group root and set it to 64404:54
Dj-Pilot94Coz - i cant understand what you said please re-ask04:55
=== Dougdoug4_ is now known as Dougdoug4
coz_Dj-Pilot94,  ok... applications/games/chess.. the movement of the pieces are slow and "jerky"  last install of karmic... I had installed some application that require a few libraries and after wards chess worked smooth04:56
RPSOk Guys, I actually fixed it with the line I added a 15 minutes ago, but missed one setting ...when I got it right everything is fine now. Thanks to ALL who worked towards helping me fix things! It appears that Ubuntu works too well these days and us "less educated" linux people can;t remember everything we learn because we don;t have to use the things we learn often enough! :) Once again Thanks!04:56
ranjananybody tried the new ubuntu theme?? proposed for Lucid???04:57
coz_ranjan,  which theme is that?04:57
ranjancoz_, radiance04:57
bazhangranjan, lucid support and discussion in #ubuntu+1 please04:57
lyraethe purple and orange one?04:57
lyraeits sexy =|04:57
coz_ranjan,  no I dont think so ..let me check on my lucid machine if it is there04:57
MoatI'm trying to run a game called "WOrldOfGoo" on ubuntu, I've got whine installed but it's running horribly slow, any ideas?04:58
ranjancoz_, i think its the latest addition04:58
Dj-Pilot94ran - link please?04:58
gopiMoat try changing refresh rate04:58
geniiMoat: "world of goo" also comes in a linux version04:58
coz_ranjan,  ok it is there and just enabled that theme...looks nice:)04:58
Moatgopi how?04:58
Moatgenii where?04:58
geniiMoat: a minute I'll find it04:59
ranjancoz_, do you know its based on which theme engine??04:59
coz_ranjan,  would you like a screenshot of something opened?04:59
gopiMoat: is there a setting in game?for graphics etc04:59
ranjancoz_, yes04:59
coz_ranjan,  ah let me check onine for that04:59
=== tomatoes7 is now known as tomatoes7_is_now
ranjancoz_, k..thanks04:59
Ritleemaybe $apt-get install ??04:59
Moatgopi; nope04:59
=== tomatoes7_is_now is now known as sad
gopiMoat:u got compiz working rit?05:00
coz_ranjan,  I am not seeing that theme listed here but let me screenshot a few aplications  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid05:00
hajmolai'm trying to play songs off the jamendo thing in Rhythmbox and I'm getting this error: "http://api.jamendo.com/get2/stream/track/redirect/?id=377210&streamencoding=ogg2": Not Found05:00
Ritleehey 2 hours in the chan, and i remember why _I_ came in here... lol05:00
bazhang!lucid | coz_ ranjan05:00
ubottucoz_ ranjan: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+105:00
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data?05:00
ranjanubottu, actually i want to enable it in karmic ...thats y using this channel05:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:01
Ritleeanyone know how to change "Dell's" version of ubuntu into a real distro without f'ing up the broadcom drivers?05:01
rwwRitlee: Do you know which broadcom card you have?05:01
major_redhatranjan: ubottu is a bot, not a person05:01
ranjanmajor_redhat, ok...:)05:01
Ritleerww, ummm gimme a minute lol05:01
rwwRitlee: If it's like my Dell netbook, there'll be a sticker on the bottom05:01
rastaseananyone know anything about ebox?05:02
Ritleerww its BCM431205:02
claws_guys... i need some good links for learning shell commands05:02
geniiMoat: http://worldofgoo.com/dl2.php?lk=demo&filename=WorldOfGooDemo.1.41.deb05:02
gopiJon-4: on karmic?05:02
SerraphynIs there an easy way to repartition a hard drive without loosing the data so that I can make a partition to install the pre-release versions of ubuntu?05:02
boobooranjan,  here are a few screenshots of radience  http://www.speedyshare.com/files/21264410/radience.tar.gz05:02
rastaseanclaws_, google them05:02
rastaseanclaws_, what do you want to do?05:03
Jon-4gopi: Yes05:03
Ritleerww it's a dell mini-9 fyi05:03
coz_ranjan,   that was me from the other machine:)05:03
=== sad is now known as tomatoes7
rwwRitlee: do you have an ethernet cable or something you can use for internet access temporarily?05:03
claws_rastasean: well... this is my 10'th day on linux.. i realy need to learn from basics05:04
rastaseanclaws_, type in a command and --help it will tell you all it does05:04
Ritleerww, plugged in now05:04
rastaseanclaws_, congrats on using linux05:04
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro05:05
rwwRitlee: Install Ubuntu as normal. After installation, restart into the new install, plug in the ethernet cable, and do "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter bcmwl-kernel-source". Restart. It should then work fine.05:05
gopiJon-4: do a fsck05:05
rwwRitlee: the b43-fwcutter package will ask you whether to download firmware during installation. Hit yes, and make sure you leave it connected to the internet all the way through the installation05:05
carllli just got my ubuntu cd in the mail but i realized i want kubuntu WHAT DOES I DO?05:06
Ritleerww okay, got that saved in a txt... now how 'bout the mini's crazy screen size will it be supported?05:06
Jon-4gopi: Failed, see http://pastebin.com/GApRNLyx05:07
voriancarlll: download kubuntu or request a kubuntu cd from shipit05:07
carlllOK i will do that05:07
rwwRitlee: I'm using a Dell Mini 10v, with 1024x600 resolution. It works fine, though I occasionally have to hold down alt and drag windows around to see all of them.05:07
Ritleerww resolution is 1024x60005:07
coz_ranjan,   I dont think those themes will work on karmic however  they do need a different engine and I dont see reference to that05:07
bazhangcarlll, install kubuntu-desktop then remove gnome?05:07
Ritleerww sweeeeeeeet05:07
claws_rastasean: thank u :) im happy it made me able to throw ms cd's in my fireplace yesterday05:08
gopiJon-4: ROOT?05:08
rastaseanclaws_, good place for them! ha05:08
Ritleetyvm sounds like a weekend project05:08
Jon-4gopi: Same error. It's in FAT not EXT205:08
coz_ranjan,  however...if you go here    http://www.webupd8.org/2010/02/install-proposed-community-themes.html  it tells you how to install the updated murrine engine for thise to work in karmic05:08
Jon-4gopi: Does fsck work on FAT?05:08
gopiJon-4: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery05:09
Jon-4gopi: [FAT32 of course]05:09
fannagoganna1Jon-4, fsck works on vfat, prob. not FAT05:09
ranjancoz_, k thank you..from the same site i found it..thanks for ur help :)05:09
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data?05:09
geniiJon-4: fsck.vfat05:09
geniiJon-4: Also remember to use something like sync to flush computer data to removable media before actually pulling them out05:10
Jon-4genii: Additional help please? It's asking me 1) Copy original to backup 2) Copy backup to original 3) quit, and what do you mean by "use something like sync to flush computer data  . . ."05:11
rick_hey whats up?05:11
mrkimPlease help if you can. Runnin 9.10 (386)  & installed a kernel update this morning, rebooted as instructed. After entering user/pass the ubuntu logo and progress bar vanish leaving only the login screen background on the screen.  Worked with 2 folks here this morning and did verify that my video settings are Ok.  I'm on my second machine which I have also already taken the same update but haven't rebooted yet before getting my other05:13
geniiJon-4: USB drives, or other removeable media like external hard drives... the data you think is written to them is not always immediately written to the physical device yet but waiting in a queue on the computer until so much data gathers and then it is written. When you issue command: sync     it flushes the data residing on the computer to the external storage and writes it making sure no half-written things are existing.05:14
carlllewispopeI have a very dumb question, but i want to know the answer,05:14
carlllewispopeWhen I'm using windows vista my laptop gets kinda hot, but when i switch to ubuntu on the same laptop it stays between cool and a little warm. why is this?05:14
Jon-4genii: Ok, as for now, I want to copy backup TO original yes? This would restore what it can? Other option is copy original to backup.05:14
Ritleecarlllewispope, could be just not as many processes taxing out your cpu05:15
tp43_carlllewispope, you got viruses05:15
tp43_carlllewispope, somebody is sleeping in your bed05:15
bazhangtp43_, that is not appropriate for here05:16
=== carlllewispope is now known as carlll
geniiJon-4: You said earlier yo wanted to try and rescue data off it. For that I'd suggest ddrescue. As for copying orignal to backup or backup to original, etc... I have no context for how you are using that05:17
Jon-4genii: Here's context:05:17
Interficionow that asoundconf has been removed, how do I switch soundcards?05:17
Jon-4sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdc105:17
Jon-4[sudo] password for jon:05:17
Jon-4dosfsck 3.0.3, 18 May 2009, FAT32, LFN05:17
Jon-4There are differences between boot sector and its backup.05:17
Jon-4Differences: (offset:original/backup)05:17
FloodBot4Jon-4: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
Jon-4  65:01/0005:17
* genii sips05:17
Jon-4My bad, should have pastbined it.05:18
carlllis there a way to get internet explorer on ubuntu?05:18
Ritleecarlll WHY!!!!05:19
archlichcarlll, yes, check out wine, i'll get you a link05:19
superfirelord42carlll: yes, use wine05:19
geniicarlll: Aside from the question of "WHY?"  google ie4l05:19
Jon-4genii: Should I use ddrescue before fsck.vfat ?05:19
geniiJon-4: Yes05:19
carlllidk i like ie more than any except google's05:19
archlichcarlll, http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks05:19
Ritleecarlll ie is horrible05:19
archlichyou can install wine from the repositories05:20
Ritleeie is a resource hog, and atleast inside of windows is a portal for malware05:21
Jon-4genii: How do I use this? Just sudo ddresuce /dev/sdc1 /some/backup/location?05:21
superfirelord42carlll: just to warn you, i show that IE6 is rated only at bronze by the wine appdb05:21
iflemacarlll copy and paste this into a terminal sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chromium-browser05:21
Ritleechromium = google chrome?05:22
ZykoticK9carlll, if you must have ie (for reasons I cannot even fathom) you might want to check out ies4linux at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page05:22
coz_ranjan,   dont forget to reboot for those to take effect by the way :)05:22
impi_morning, and happy friday, does anyone know of some clock in software?05:22
ZykoticK9Ritlee, actually "chromium != google chrome"05:22
Ritleelol k thx :P05:23
DcMeeseGuyz, what are the best ubuntu packages on software center? I have PuTTY already.05:23
coz_impi_,   like for the desktop?05:23
archlichDcMeese, what are your requirements05:23
ZykoticK9Ritlee, chrome is based off of chromium though05:23
superfirelord42DcMeese: depends on what you want to do05:23
tp43_I think chrome browser is missing zooming and horizontal scroll05:23
impi_coz_, uhm, ja or web?05:23
Jon-4genii: How do I use this? Just sudo ddresuce /dev/sdc1 /some/backup/location? I don't want to break anything.05:23
RitleeZykoticK9, love the response, and the extra info thx05:23
coz_impi_,  there are several ways to get a clock on the desktop...one is sudo apt-get install screenlets... the other is sudo apt-get install cairo-clock05:23
coz_impi_,   that nick reminds me of the now gone pay version of ubuntu05:24
impi_coz_, lol sorry, maybe i explained wrong. clock-in to show my boss when i arrive at the office and when i leave :D05:24
DcMeeseIm a webdesigner, I create iPhone themes, and I want to create cydia repositories, and also compile deb's05:24
coz_impi_,  oh  sorry :)05:24
coz_impi_,  time clock05:24
impi_coz_, ja in my country south africa an impi is a zulu warrior - lol05:24
impi_coz_, thank you let me check it out05:25
coz_impi_,  yes and  the icon for  impi linux was a zulu shield05:25
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data? [I have ddresuce but I don't want to use it improperly, anyone help?]05:25
superfirelord42Jon-4: umount the drive now to preserve data05:26
Ritleejon-4 haven't you been listening to what people have been telling you?05:26
coz_ranjan,  i am liking this one theme radiance  :)05:26
Jon-4Ritlee: He just told me to "run ddresuce" and didn't tell me how to use it. Thanks for being a jerk05:27
Jon-4superfirelord42: Done05:27
rastaseandoes ANYONE have experience with ebox?05:27
superfirelord42Jon-4: use ddrescue to make sure to get a good image of the USB drive.05:28
DcMeesearchlich & superfirelord42:  Im a webdesigner, I create iPhone themes, and I want to create cydia repositories, and also compile deb's... I am also interested in customizing the boot menu...05:28
soreau! anyone | rastasean05:28
ubotturastasean: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:28
archlichDcMeese, mind if i pm you? i have a hust list05:28
Jon-4superfirelord42: so remount, and then do sudo ddresuce /dev/sdc1 /some/backup/location  ?05:28
archlichhuge* list05:28
Hellhound666Is there a way to list IDE devices like you can with pci or usb devices?05:28
rastaseanI am looking assistance with ebox and installing it on ubuntu.05:28
DcMeesearchlich: Go ahead05:28
superfirelord42Jon-4: you should not need to remount the drive05:28
=== david is now known as Guest82879
{CR}ronoshi my video card has fried so i am now using my onboard graphics, but i do not have the correct drivers installed. how can i do this?05:28
Jon-4superfirelord42: ok05:29
DcMeeseHUST LIST!!?!!05:29
RitleeJon-4, http://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Ddrescue05:29
rastasean{CR}ronos, attempt to scan hardware05:29
cy__hello very one05:30
carlllok i know i just asked about ie but i also want THE FASTEST browser. (any suggestions?)05:30
superfirelord42DcMeese: from what I read, cydia tutorials for debian are valid in ubuntu. i dont know about iphone themes, i tend to only do function grub modifications, so i dont know anything special for that, but I found a list of software for web devel for ubuntu http://tips.webdesign10.com/using-linux-for-web-design-and-development-ubuntu05:30
Hellhound666what's the command for this cronos?05:30
soreau{CR}ronos: What is your card model as reported by the output of lspci|grep VGA?05:30
Hellhound666oh lol05:30
Hellhound666I'm an idiot05:31
coz_carlll,  chromium....05:31
coz_carlll,  if you want one that already to go05:31
superfirelord42Jon-4: once you use the drive to get an image of the drive, you can try to run photorec to recover individual files from both the drive and the image. Is this a flash disk or a usb hard disk?05:31
dyess002I need help     I have changed to a session called Matchbox and now it is unresponsive and I can't log out and change the session. I can Log out but it don't give me the option to change sessions anymore it just goes back to Matchbox05:31
superfirelord42carlll: IMHO that is chrome/chromium05:32
archlichcarlll, prism =p05:32
archlichHellhound666, you can do a fdisk -l   to show all disk drives/partitions05:32
Hellhound666I'm looking for an old DVD drive connected via IDE05:32
dyess002I have tried   gdmflexiserver but that won't work05:33
Hellhound666archlich:  I need to scan for CD drives05:33
Jon-4superfirelord42: This is just a 4GB USB thumb stick, so I would assume it's flash.05:34
soreaudyess002: Sounds like its bypassing your DM05:34
archlichHellhound666, lshal might suite your needs05:34
superfirelord42Hellhound666: did the BIOS show that the drive is connected during post?05:34
coz_carlll,  the problem with chormium is it doesnt have the plugins that I use on firefox05:34
soreaudyess002: How did you enable the matchbox session?05:34
mdelcoz_: yeah like FIREBUG05:34
superfirelord42Jon-4: okay05:34
Jon-4superfirelord42: Almost done first pass through [just a --no-split] with 0 errors05:34
dyess002I loged out and changed it from there05:35
coz_mdel,  havent tried that one  ..googling now :)05:35
mdelcoz_: only useful if your a webdev05:35
Hellhound666superfirelord:  yes it sure did it's weird.05:35
sriniUbuntu Support Internet Explorer>05:35
Jon-4superfirelord42: Finished with 0 errors.05:35
RPSGuys is there any other place to check volume controls. Mine seems a little bit lower than before. I opened alsamixer in the terminal and cranked it up to 10005:35
xiambaxHey, I just had an idea but I don't know if anyone has done it before. I installed the ubuntu netbook remix UI on a base install of ubuntu for a HDTV setup and it works awesome05:35
superfirelord42Jon-4: you used it to create an image file?05:35
holgattiCan anyone tell me how to install my drivers for a Gforce 6600? where can I find the drivers for kharma koala?05:35
coz_mdel,  oo I play and tinker so maybe I can try this one :)05:36
Hellhound666superfirelord:  It has to be some sort of hardware failure.  maybe there is a bent pin in there, or the drive is just failing.  It's really old.05:36
xiambaxThe big clickable buttons work great05:36
mdelcoz_: its awesome.. simply the best05:36
superfirelord42Hellhound666: thats really strange there, normally from my expirence if it shows in POST, linux finds it05:36
Jon-4superfirelord42: I ran "sudo ddrescue --no-split /dev/sdc1 usbback1 usblog1"  which as far as I know takes the USB drive, does not split sectors, and makes a full backup to usbback1 and a log usblog105:36
absolutex3lolz  Youg is root on his box05:36
fluxyHello. Is there a (simple) means to do mesh (wifi) networking in ubuntu?05:36
Jon-4superfirelord42: It finished with 0 errors.05:37
geniiJon-4: Apologies, had a system lockup and required reboot. Syntax is like: ddrescue /dev/sdX# /some/other/place/not/on/sdX#/backupname.img05:37
=== EntityReborn is now known as FatherPrime
Jon-4genii: Does it work without *.img?05:37
Jon-4genii: I just ran "sudo ddrescue --no-split /dev/sdc1 usbback1 usblog1" and it finished with 0 errors.05:37
Hellhound666superfirelord:  I'm looking for a program that will scan my system hardware right now.  maybe a diag program would help too.05:37
geniiJon-4: Yes, .img is optional just makes it easier to know what type of file it is05:37
superfirelord42Hellhound666: not sure on that and im trying to log off, genii you got Jon-4?05:37
holgattiCan anyone tell me how to install my drivers for a Gforce 6600?05:38
geniisuperfirelord42: For a little while at least05:38
Jon-4genii: Does 0 errors mean that it did not recover anything?05:38
dyess002soreau:  I had a login screen before that but not anymore it goes straight to Matchbox05:38
superfirelord42genii I was going to have him run photorec to try to recover files on the USB05:38
soreau{CR}ronos: Whats wrong with your drivers exactly?05:38
srinii want to use internet explorer on ubuntu... how to install???05:38
geniiJon-4: No, it means that it took a bit-by-bit copy of the hard drive or partition and copied that to a file without experiencing a problem05:39
holgattidont know where to get drivers that are compatible05:39
todaysrinni install inside wine05:39
Hellhound666superfirelord:  alright I'll let ya go thanks for the help anyway.05:39
Jon-4genii: Alright. What is the next step?05:39
blakkheimsrini: why would you do that05:39
tp43_omg, why people luv ie so much?05:39
FireCrotchsrini: I wouldn't recommend that at all - you're better off running Internet Explorer inside of a Windows virtual machine05:39
soreaudyess002: Try getting to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F1, then kill X and do /etc/init.d/gdm start05:39
xiambaxhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/xiambax/4407479317/ <--- netbook remix UI running on HDTV05:39
todaytp43 ihate IE05:39
xiambaxpretty sweet eh?05:39
Ritleesrini seriously we were just there.... WHY!?!?!05:39
todayi usually run FF05:39
soreau! pm | {CR}ronos05:40
ubottu{CR}ronos: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:40
FireCrotchsrini: that said, there is a project called ies4linux that allows you to do so, available here: http://www.tatanka.com.br05:40
tp43_I always install firefox, I never use ie, if I am on a windows os05:40
johnnyCbadWhat time did the new Lucid themes roll out? They're really great :)05:40
carllli want "object dock" but idk if it comes FOR linux05:40
geniiJon-4: You then loop-mount the file that was made and try to copy whatever might be useful from it05:40
sriniFireCrotch:: Wine support ie?05:41
Ritleewhy leave windows if you can't leave IE?05:41
DcMeesesrini: Why IN THE WORLD would you want IE on linux? For webpage testing?05:41
Jon-4genii: Assume I am a complete noob. I don't know how to do that.05:41
soreau{CR}ronos: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to pastebin.com and quit pmming me please05:41
Hellhound666whoa whoa whoa somebody wants IE on linux...wow05:41
FireCrotchsrini: Pretty much. The link that I posted makes it pretty easy to set up - it does all of the special wine configuration for you05:41
Hellhound666trying to run IE in wine?05:41
johnnyCbadHaha IE on linux05:41
tato_42i thought Lucid wasn't coming out until april05:41
Ritleelol second person tonight is getting even more of a response05:42
Jon-4genii: The drive mounts fine, and the files that ARE there are fine, the issue is there are blocks of files with very odd files names that are completly unusable, I am assuming this is fragmented data from a bad removal.05:42
coz_its not05:42
johnnyCbadIt can be done, install wine-tricks05:42
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:42
coz_tato_42,  I mean you are correct05:42
Hellhound666I don't even use IE on my win7 partition.05:42
tp43_yeah, thats the second dude, unless he just changed nick05:42
johnnyCbadIt isn't out, I'm using the dev release05:42
Flannel!ies4linux | srini05:42
ubottusrini: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!05:42
geniiJon-4: Use the iso loopmount instructions but specify: -t vfat      for filetype05:43
DcMeese!google IE sucks05:43
carllli want "object dock" but idk if it comes FOR linux.05:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:43
FlannelDcMeese: Please help keep this channel ontopic, thanks.05:43
johnnyCbadLucid is going to be the best release yet, even if a lot is the default app choices for me05:43
FireCrotchDcMeese: If you'd like to play with the bot, please do so in a private message05:43
sriniok Thankyou05:43
coz_carlll, well there are docks available for linux  one is almost identical to the macosx dock  named cairo-dock05:43
johnnyCbadWish they'd get rid of openoffice though when google docs is o good05:44
carlllcoz_,where can i get this "cairo-dock"??05:44
johnnyCbadI like AWN05:44
coz_carlll,   meet me in #cairo-dock channel05:44
Jon-4genii: These are the same garbaged files as before. The others [that were still okay] have already been backed up.05:44
Hellhound666contstat problems with this java crap!!!05:44
tp43_I think cairo-docks is more functional05:44
Jon-4genii: Is there anything else I can do to try and restore those files?05:44
Ritleejohnny then how would you put ona presentation withouht openoffice presenter? will google docs full screen a second monitor?05:45
Hellhound666I just installed jdk, now I'm trying to install netbeans and at the bottom it says "No compatible JDK found"05:45
todayhow about Laptop mode some body05:45
johnnyCbadRitlee: Fair point, not sure on that05:45
RitleejohnnyCbad, hehe ;) just playin devils advocate05:46
johnnyCbadRitlee: Although ubuntu has two virtual desktops default, it's totally possible05:46
claws_no sound on youtube :( anyone ?05:46
FlanneljohnnyCbad, Ritlee: #ubuntu-offtopic is a better place for that conversation, mind taking it there?  thanks05:46
johnnyCbadFlannel: Opps, sorry05:46
Ritleesorry flannel05:47
Hellhound666carlll:  u can easily get cario-dock through synaptic05:47
Jon-4genii: Would it be time to try fsck.vfat? I don't mean to bother you but these files are important.05:47
rpkHey, does anyone know of any well written guides to fixing internet connection problems (i'm on ubuntu server 10.04.a.3 btw)?05:48
Hellhound666carlll:  or through the command line but you have to add the repository first I think.05:48
Flannelrpk: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, thanks.05:48
guest1claws: Did you check your ALSA settings?05:48
rpkFlannel: I'm pretty sure its not a lucid specific issue?  still go there anyways/05:49
claws_guest1: doesnt say me anything05:49
guest1claws: What do you mean?05:49
Flannelrpk: Yep, alphas mean things breaking randomly is normal, so it could very well be that.05:49
rpkFlannel: kk05:50
guest1I am excited for 10.0405:50
claws_the system has sound.. but when playing through youtube... sound doesnt work05:50
todayhow share data between Ubuntu and window xp ? ^^ can any one help me05:50
guest1today: Do you need to access the files in windows?05:51
Ritleetoday are they seperate boxes?05:51
todayGuest1 i want share data05:51
todayi want share date about ubuntu and windows xp at Lan05:51
guest1today: You can create a NTFS or FAT partition and then both linux and windows can see it05:52
SirVirtueHi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with a weird problem with apt05:52
Jon-4genii: Are you there?05:52
Flannel!samba | today, you want samba:05:52
ubottutoday, you want samba:: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:52
Ritleetoday share a folder with full perms off of windows , and connect to it under ubuntu05:52
guest1SirVirtue: Whats going on?05:52
todayGuest1 i see we can use Sam ba05:52
Ritleeshould find it under the file browser05:52
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data? [I have used ddrescue to create a backup, no errors were found. What is...05:53
guest1Today: I have never used it, but it looks as if it will work fine05:53
Jon-4...the next step?]05:53
SirVirtuegetting a segmentation fault or something05:53
SirVirtueshould I post the error message?05:53
SirVirtueit's not too long05:53
todayyou never share in LAN Guest105:53
Ritleelol sir probably not you'll be silenced05:53
SirVirtueI haven't been on irc for a while05:54
SirVirtueforgotten the etiquette05:54
guest1today: No, I rarely use Windows.05:54
Ritleeheh been damn near 12 years for me05:54
SirVirtueso pastebin then?05:54
todayhow do we share data from windows xp to ubuntu 9.10 Guest105:55
guest1Today: I just mount my windows partition, then copy and paste any files I need to move.05:56
soreau{CR}ronos: You need to uninstall the nvidia glx driver module05:56
todaymeans, i want to share data for other PC on LAN ( local Aera network) guest105:56
Ritleetoday, try $mount -t NTFS <ip address of windowsbox>:<share name> /<mount point>05:56
Ritleetoday i think i got the syntax right05:57
guest1Today: I have no clue, but I think Ritlee knows05:57
SirVirtueRitlee: ^^05:57
todayi dont understand what you say Ritlee05:57
=== Semitones is now known as Sleepytones
Ritleebut also if you use the file browser in ubuntu it will most likely find the share on it's own if you look under network05:57
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data? [I have used ddrescue to create a backup, no errors were found. What is...05:58
Jon-4...the next step?]05:58
todayi see, we can insall samba for share some thing at LAT05:58
Logikosgot a new computer that is 64bit that came with windows7 on it, my partition programs wont work with 64bit for some reason .. if i boot to the ubuntu run cd, can i partition it useing gparted?05:58
{CR}ronosthanx but how do i go about doing that05:58
Ritleetoday, an example $mount -t NTFS /mnt05:58
todayat LAn, but i don know how to config samba Ritlee05:58
Logikosi want to resize the primary partition05:58
Logikosand make another partition05:59
Ritleeummm shouldn't need any config should work once installed05:59
thalesWhere is the Ubuntu 10 beta available for download?05:59
guest1Logikos: You can do it that way, or you can use the tool in windows05:59
todaywow, it's straight05:59
Logikosthe tool in windows doesnt allow me to shrink the partition enough05:59
soreau{CR}ronos: Look for packages with ii next to them in the output of  dpkg -l|grep -i nvidia05:59
todaythales:  at Ubuntu.com05:59
guest1Logikos: Do you have the windows CD?05:59
thalesI'm stumped looking for them at ubuntu.com06:00
Logikoson a 1TB drive with only like 15GB used .. it only allows me to cut the drive in half or so06:00
Logikosi want a 100GB drive for primary06:00
Logikosand the rest secondary06:00
todayRitlee: do you know how to config samba06:00
kayveI have Matlab and it requires this libdap thing and I'm lost06:00
Ritleetoday, samba shouldn't need any configuring06:00
Logikosi dont have the windows cd no06:01
kayveit slurps data. I got rpms used alien06:01
Ritleetoday, or do you mean to download?06:01
Logikospc came with it pre-loaded06:01
Logikosbut i have a win7 iso downloaded06:01
Jon-4I just had a USB drive in my computer, and I deleted a file, went to umount it, it said "would you like to empty trash?" I said yes, and then after 2-3 minutes of it still waiting to be safely removed, I pulled it myself. Now over half my files have garbaged names like 6√┤@Bƒσ.╘┴3  Any way to recover my data? [I have used ddrescue to create a backup, no errors were found. What is...06:01
todaywhat download ri06:01
Jon-4...the next step?]06:01
Logikosvia torrent06:01
SirVirtuethales: I don't think the beta is acutally out yet06:01
Logikosthat i can load into a virtial drive06:01
guest1Logikos: I never had luck using Gparted to shrink my drive.  Maybe someone else can help a little more06:01
SirVirtuethales: there is an alpha though06:01
SirVirtuethales: gimmie a sec06:01
geniiJon-4: Apologies, helping my roomate get his webcam going under Kubuntu. The idea of using ddrescue is to make a frozen image of the disk, errors and all, into a file which you can mount into a directory, then pluck the important things which remain from there to somewhere you want to save them. So to loop-mount you use the same idea as loopmounting an iso file06:01
SirVirtuethales: I'll find a url06:01
thalesAlpha works for me,06:02
guest1Out of curiosity, anyone here using their iphone in linux?06:02
Jon-4genii: This is done. Is there a way to recover the fragmented files now?06:02
geniiJon-4: eg: sudo mount -t vfat /ddrescueimagefile /some/directory06:02
Ritleetoday, if you dont06:02
Ritleetoday if you don't have samba installed yet ummm let me figure that one out...06:02
Logikosso useing Gparted isnt a good solution06:02
{CR}ronossoreau will i uninstall these?06:02
todayi installed samban Ritlee06:03
NetwizzI installed Ubuntu tonight06:03
ZykoticK9thales, get the Alpha daily from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/06:03
geniiJon-4: You can theoretically run fsck.vfat on the mounted directory06:03
NetwizzIt was pretty easy to install; I mus tsay06:03
NetwizzWhen does the new RTM get released?06:03
geniiJon-4: If it works you can then use it on the original06:03
thalesawesome, thank you very much. :-)06:03
todaybut i cant share my data for my friend ( use XP)06:03
guest1Netwizz: Now try to install Gentoo :)06:03
Ritleetoday, okay then it should be ready to go, no config needed06:03
Jon-4genii: What options should I be looking for?06:03
NetwizzI bet that is a lot more work06:03
SirVirtueZykoticK9: cheers06:03
guest1You have no idea06:03
todayi dont thing so Ritlee06:03
NetwizzI have not even figured out getting everything working on Ubuntu again.  It has been almost 2 years since I last ran it, so it will take some time to get it working perfect, but I think it should be easier this time.06:04
todaybecause, i try to share folder, but not done06:04
Jon-4genii: Oh, and the data is far more important frankly. I can always reformat the drive.06:04
Ritleetoday, i could be wrong but i don't remember doing a config for it, it worked as is06:04
soreau{CR}ronos: You need to remove the nvidia glx driver packages. It should be ok to leave the alias packages installed06:04
geniiJon-4: Generally if you use "-f" on fsck it tries to auto-fix erors06:04
todayit so ok Ritlee :)06:04
guest1Netwizz: It is.  I am in the same boat.  I went back to Linux after a 4 year absence but I only use Windows to print and for iTunes06:04
SirVirtueRitlee: did you get a chance to suss out my error?06:04
todaywhat version linux you use Ritlee?06:05
geniiJon-4: When it finds unlinked files, etc it will usually put them in a dir called lost+found06:05
RitleeSirVirtue, piss what was it again?06:05
Ritleetoday, ubuntu 8.0406:05
Jon-4genii: Says "is a directory" when I attempt to run it on /media/temp [where I mounted the image file with loop-back]06:05
Tecanis the server down for karmic debs ?06:05
SirVirtueRitlee: http://pastebin.com/hg94PMDA06:05
soreau{CR}ronos: After this, you need to remove or rename your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file06:05
geniiJon-4: OK, hangon06:06
SirVirtueRitlee: do you want a pm so it's easier to keep track?06:06
SirVirtueRitlee: (you seem to be getting hounded :P)06:06
todayhow about 's Login Screen on Karmic Ritlee?06:06
RitleeSirVirtue, i06:06
RitleeSirVirtue, i'm good so your trying to install rhythm box?06:07
todayhow is login screen change? Ritlee06:07
SirVirtueRitlee: well not really, it just pops up every time I try to do something with apt06:07
SirVirtuealso totem06:07
Ritleetoday, dunno i've only spent any surmountable time with 8.0406:07
RitleeSirVirtue, OH06:07
today;-)you wait 10.4 release Ritlee06:08
RitleeSirVirtue, that's beyond me then sounds like apt is bugged06:08
NetwizzYeah it is going to be tough to relearn linux06:08
Ritleetoday, lol hopefully better lookin than 9.'0406:08
geniiJon-4: the fsck.vfat manpage doesn't have some force or override option for loopmount, unfortunately.It wants to work only on partitions, etc. So try to recover from the mounted image what you can, then run the fsck.vfat with -y option on the affected drive and check the lost+found directory there after for recovered files06:09
Ritleeahwell i06:09
Ritleeahwell i'm out, thanx all06:09
shazbotmcnastywhat do I do if I think someone is going to try and hack me?06:09
SirVirtueRitlee: oh well, thanks for you time06:09
todayBye Ritlee06:09
guest1Netwizz: Its not that bad with Ubuntu.  I have had a hard time with some things, but this chat and all the forums are amazing!06:09
Jon-4genii: Unfortunately because I had created the backup, I have done a few things to my original USB drive. Is there a way to restore it or emulate a mount as a physical device for fsck.vfat?06:10
=== hackoo1 is now known as hackoo
NetwizzI used to run Ubuntu exclusively in 2006, 7, and part of 806:10
geniiJon-4: No method that I know of06:10
NetwizzI ran Dapper Drake through 8.0406:10
NetwizzOr actually 7.1006:10
guest1Netwizz: Why did you leave?06:11
geniiJon-4: You can use the ddrescue image however to write it exactly back to a usb stick using dd06:11
SirVirtueanyone else here an ap06:11
SirVirtueanyone else here an apt-get wizz?06:11
NetwizzThe Video driver broke for Nvidia GLX06:11
mrpink57guest1: same reason we all do further customization06:11
geniiJon-4: eg: sudo dd if=/the/ddrescue-imagename of=/dev/sdX#06:12
NetwizzEach time I rebooted, I had to re-install the video driver, and it stunk?06:12
geniiJon-4: Then run fsck.vfat on that06:12
shazbotmcnastywhat do I do if I think someone is going to try and hack me?????06:12
geniishazbotmcnasty: Unplug the ethernet cable06:12
guest1Netwizz: Tell me about it.  I HATE proprietary drivers.  I have ATI and I swear I will never support them again06:12
guest1Netwizz: How is the driver issue now?06:13
alankilaNetwizz: sounds more like ubuntu bug than nvidia bug, though. The driver worked but it screwed up something.06:13
todaymy Ubuntu run Gnome 2.28, how do we upgrade Gnome man06:13
=== sacho_ is now known as Sacho
NetwizzI have no driver issue06:13
NetwizzI did a clean install of 9.04 64 bit06:13
NetwizzI was running 7.10 32 bit06:13
NetwizzNo problems yet anyway06:14
bowserinmario3im having troubling enabling my wifi usb adapter (050d:935b) any help?06:14
guest1Do you use the open source driver?06:14
NetwizzThe problem is that it will probably take forever to get everythign up and runnign again06:14
Jon-4 genii of=sdx#  realy? never seen sdx before only sdc and sda06:14
Netwizz@bowserinmario3 you need the ndiswrapper unless that changed in the last couple years06:14
alankilaJon-4: x means "fill in what suits for you"06:14
bowserinmario3on the ndiswrapper website they don't mention support for my usb06:15
geniiJon-4: "sdX#" means substitute for "X" the letter of your real drive and for "#" put the partition number: eg: sda3   or so06:15
NetwizzYou really just have to try it06:15
NetwizzI was able to make it work with my old Netgear WG111 or something like that06:15
bowserinmario3yea ill give it a shot06:16
geniiJon-4: But use some USB stick name and not sda3 as i just wrote06:16
NetwizzThere must be some switches06:16
NetwizzI think you did something like ndiswrapper -i /path/to/driver.inf06:16
Netwizzregardless man ndiswrapper06:16
Netwizzor ndiswrapper -?06:17
geniiJon-4: I must leave for sleep soon, it's 1:17AM here06:17
Jon-4genii: OH NO I USED SDA3  *computer dies*   haha, don't worry :D06:17
Jon-4genii: What would you recommend after fsck.vfat? -y on drive? Any options left?06:17
Jon-4ignore ?, typo06:18
SirVirtueone last try, anyone here an apt-get wizz?06:18
geniiJon-4: Check in the directory on the drive called lost+found. If any unattached files were found it will file them in there. No names though just sequential numbered files so tedious to wade through06:19
NetwizzI have never seen anything in there06:19
Netwizzwhat does NTFS have for Lost and Found?06:19
geniiJon-4: (but at least hopefully somewhat intact)06:19
NetwizzWhere do those files go?  chkdsk?06:19
geniiNetwizz: this isn't a Windows support channel06:19
devDMy karmic have a serious problem, my keyboard freezes sometimes and I need to restart system , this time its freezed and not unfreezing even after reboot. what to do now ?06:20
theadmindevD: And how on earth do you type? :/ This sounds like a problem of IBus if you're using it06:20
todayi have trouble some thing like devD06:20
todayi dont use ctri - keyboard06:21
evan0116so Karmic never wakes up when idle and i move the mouse06:21
evan0116how can i fix that?06:21
todaywhen i run VLC and turn on Playlis ( Ctrl + L) it not work06:21
todayhelp me now06:21
FireCrotchSirVirtue: What is your apt-get question/problem?06:21
theadmintoday: Check whether the layout is set correctly06:22
todayhow theadmin06:22
{CR}ronosanyone else get really slow transfer speeds to a usb device in 9.10?06:22
SirVirtueFireCrotch: http://pastebin.com/hg94PMDA does that make any sense to you?06:22
theadmintoday: System  - Preferences - Keyboard - Layouts06:22
theadmin{CR}ronos: Yeah, if it's a NTFS device06:22
todayi run Ubuntu on HP 540 Laptop , how choice layouts corrects theadmin06:22
SirVirtueit's a segmentation fault trying to install remove a couple of packages06:23
Enissay{CR}ronos, yeah , me!!06:23
theadmintoday: Sorry, never saw those %) I'm on an ASUS. Might be a good idea to check your manufacturer's site06:23
DcMeeseHow do I view & kill processes in ubuntu?06:23
{CR}ronosi get slow transfer speeds on all formats06:23
evan0116Why does ubuntu 9.10 never wake up after monitor is set to black? and how can i fix this?06:23
theadminDcMesse: killall processname to just kill. You can install "htop" to view all processes.06:24
theadminevan0116: Seems like something with motherboard or it's drivers06:24
DcMeesetheadmin: Thx....06:24
tom_mahoon1hey guys i'm trying to update my nice on my file server over the network. i've compiled a new driver, but it keeps loading the old one. any ideas on how to get rid of the old driver and replace it with the new one?06:25
todayim comming theadmin06:25
EnissayDcMeese, or you can use System>Administration>System monitor06:25
todayplzz support me06:25
evan0116the admin: i do have a relatively old system, an 05 dell. any suggestions?06:25
theadminevan0116: Actually, if Dell produces Linux drivers, check for those06:25
theadmintoday: Huh? o_O06:25
FireCrotchSirVirtue: Are those the only two packages that have the problem?06:25
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
todayabout my keyboard06:26
SirVirtueFireCrotch: yup06:26
evan0116theadmin: drivers for the motherboard, correct?06:26
theadmintoday: Oh, check your manufacturer's site, maybe they have some forum or IRC channel or just some info on this06:26
theadminevan0116: Yeah06:26
todayhow config layout keyboard , i use HP 540 Laptop06:26
evan0116theadmin: thank you im checking now06:26
SirVirtueFireCrotch: pops up evertime I try and do something with apt06:27
SirVirtueFireCrotch: although it doesn't seem to inhibit the installation of removal of other packages06:27
]|[RoMeO]|[][][][-somebody here-][][][06:27
]|[RoMeO]|[][][][-somebody have some password for nod32 actualizated-][][][06:27
theadmin]|[RoMeO]|[: Stop writing ][][][-like this-][][]] please, it floods somewhat06:28
FireCrotchSirVirtue: Yeah, it won't stop any other packages from installing and will happen every time you use apt06:28
dehqanhow remove configure files of purged package ?06:28
theadmin]|[RoMeO]|[: This is Ubuntu support channel, and piracy is not greeted here.06:28
theadmindehqan: When you purge they're automatically deleted06:28
FireCrotchSirVirtue: Not sure how to resolve it, I've seen some suggestions that it may be due to a broken dependency06:28
dehqantheadmin: what is the difference betweeen purge and remove ?06:29
SirVirtueFireCrotch: fair enough06:29
claws_the system has sound.. but when playing through youtube... sound doesn't work.. any help will be much appreciated06:29
strauss-bariumI have a ThinkPad with an Intel Wi-Fi/WiMAX 6050-series card, but the firmware seems to be missing.06:29
DcMeeseHey ]|[RoMeO]|[06:29
theadminBleh. Why Ubuntu LAMP renamed "apachectl" to "apache2ctl" and "htdocs" to "/var/www"?06:29
]|[RoMeO]|[][][][-im here-][][][06:29
devDMy keybord locked in karmic, how to unlock it ? I am in other OS now ?06:29
theadmindehqan: Remove leaves configs, Purge removes them06:29
SirVirtueFireCrotch: I was just going to try a clean intall but Im on my eeepc and am having troubles with installing from USB06:29
SirVirtuemight be a project for another day06:30
SirVirtuecheers anyway06:30
SirVirtuemight see you later06:30
Archy1987how to install global equalizer on ubuntu???06:30
]|[RoMeO]|[<@  Dcmeese @>· ][][][--][][][06:30
]|[RoMeO]|[][][][-im here-][][][06:30
claws_pleas dont let all the help FLOOD in06:30
Flannel]|[RoMeO]|[: Please turn that off06:30
Archy1987how to install global equalizer on ubuntu???06:30
theadminFlannel: He's a spammer, look a few messages above... :/ he's asking for a NOD32 key :/06:31
dehqanhow to fix this ? http://pastebin.com/zHjaQWzT ?  libgd2-noxpm and  libg2 also are removed06:31
theadminArchy1987: Stop repeating quickly, it won't make anyone help you more or less06:31
NetwizzWhere I work, I have to deploy a Server 2003 Domain controller tomorrow; I am not happy06:31
alankilaArchy1987: a global equalizer, like for sound? I'd imagine that falls in pulseaudio's turf, but I have never seen any kind of DSP systems for it, oddly enough.06:32
Archy1987theadmin, what is minimum time to repeat?06:32
Cednatry apt-get install -f06:32
theadminArchy1987: It's not stated, but not like every minute %) Maybe in ten minutes or so...06:32
FlannelArchy1987: 20 or so minutes is a good starting point.  Take the time in between to checkthe internet/forums/etc06:32
Archy1987theadmin, ok, thanks for info. Sorry for my incompetence06:32
DcMeeseOtherwise peoples Getz mad06:32
Cednadoes packages looks like depended some packages...06:32
FlannelArchy1987: Everyone's new at some point, no big deal.06:33
claws_GUYS!!  the system has sound.. but when playing through youtube... sound doesn't work.. any help will be much appreciated...06:33
Archy1987alankila, yes, global equalizer - not equalizer foru separate program06:33
theadminclaws_: Sounds like some flash player bug to me06:33
alankilapulseaudio is strangely half-baked. It doesn't seem to have any DSP programs, and no GUIs to tune them. :-/06:33
Cedna...or also you can try does package manually..06:34
alankilaAt least nothing I saw with "apt-cache search pulseaudio" discovered anything that looked like DSP To me06:34
]|[RoMeO]|[][][][-when is my turn?-][][][06:34
Archy1987ok, i will try pulseaudio06:34
claws_theadmin: can i do a apt-get install flashplayer ?06:34
alankilaArchy1987: you're already using it. I'm just saying nobody has had your concern at heart so far06:35
theadminclaws_: We have a flash player package. In Interpid and earlier: flashplugin-nonfree, starting from Jaunty - flashplugin-installer06:35
Bash23Hey guysc06:35
Bash23Does anyone know how I can fix GDM?06:35
evan0116dell is no help when comes to linux drivers06:35
evan0116night guys06:35
Bash23It says "cannout find custom.conf"06:35
Moathi my icons and coloured backrounds are now showing up properly as according to my theme i have set06:36
Moatwhat do i do?06:36
theadminMoat: What's the problem with that?06:36
ubuntufreakHow can i remove the Google Chrome which i installed using the .deb file in my ubuntu 9.10 ?06:36
Moatwith my icons and windows theadmin06:36
Cednaplease let us show Xorg logs..06:36
claws_ah gr8! now my firefox wont start cuz it have hangd up06:37
theadminubuntufreak: Just like any normal package, but i don't know it's name, search Synaptic06:37
claws_so what do i do ?06:37
Moattheadmin they are not showing up accorind to my theme06:37
Bash23It's loading the background but the login window isn't showing up06:37
theadminMoat: Maybe the corresponding GTK engine is not installed06:37
Moatthey worked before06:37
Moatnow they don't06:37
Moatall i did was install a graphics triver06:37
dehqanany opinion ?06:37
ubuntufreaktheadmin: thanks would check that06:37
theadminubuntufreak: Check what? o_O06:38
theadminMoat: Hm, strange06:38
Moati'll send u a pic of the problem06:38
alankilaArchy1987: I found a hack based on ladspa and telling pulseaudio to route its sound output through user's .asoundrc06:38
Archy1987alankila, how to access pulseaudio output settings?06:38
dyess002soreau:  are u still in here06:38
ubuntufreaktheadmin: i mean the synaptic to remove the chrom package06:38
soreaudyess002: Sure, why?06:38
theadminubuntufreak: Ah, okay06:38
alankilaArchy1987: maybe there's a better part than this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578 (see Appendix D), maybe not06:38
alankilaa better way, not part.06:39
dyess002i finally got it fixed the matchbox deal06:39
claws_GUYS! how can i list running programs and kill them ? ex. firefox freez, so im not allowed to open06:39
dyess002thanks for the help06:39
von_neumannubuntufreak: Run this, dpkg -l | grep -i google-chrome06:39
Archy1987alankila, ok, i will check it. Thanks06:39
theadminclaws_: try "killall firefox"06:39
soreaudyess002: What did you have to do?06:39
von_neumannubuntufreak, then dpkg -r the exact name of the package06:39
ubuntufreaktheadmin: its coz i had installed chrome and today i installed Chromium so thought of removing Chrome06:39
Bash23I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:39
Cednaclaws_, open terminal, and type ps -ef | grep process name..06:40
Bash23Does anyone know how I can fix GDM?06:40
Bash23It says "cannout find custom.conf"06:40
Bash23It says "cannout find custom.conf"06:40
ubuntufreakvon_neumann, thanks for the help but i was able to remove it using synaptic06:40
FloodBot4Bash23: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:40
dyess002I got htop up and was able to kill the  matchbox session from there06:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:40
von_neumannsudo dpkg -r google-chrome-beta06:40
von_neumannfor me anyway06:40
von_neumanndoh, sorry06:40
alankilaArchy1987: now that I am reading through the link, there's a suggestion for karmic, a PPA with package called pulseaudio-equalizer06:40
Cednathan, it seems like PID(number) ... process pipe name06:41
geniiBash23: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gdm06:41
soreaudyess002: Cool. Glad you got it working06:41
dyess002me to  it was looking like a reinstall06:41
Bash23I tried sudo aptitude reinstall gdm06:41
Bash23it didn't work.06:42
alankilaArchy1987: it looks pretty nify from description. Hopefully it does the trick for you.06:42
Cednaif you followed this steps, now you can kill pid numbers. more informations, try man kill06:42
claws_theadmin: thank you :) it worked06:42
theadminCedna: Wouldn't it be a lot simplier to stick to killall when you don't know the exact PID?06:42
Shay27Hello , does someone here specialize in hardware ? I'm going today to buy a new computer, but there is little problem, I'm not hardware wizard :) I have the ability to choose between two types of motherboards : Intel Skyberg DP45SG and Asus p5q pro , can someone recommend me which one is the best ? and which motherboard will support Ubuntu without problems06:42
claws_but is there possible to list all running apps06:43
tehbautanyone know if 9.10 live cd supports gparted and formatting partitions as hfs+ out of the box?06:43
Cednayes. killall commands pretty simple.06:43
NetwizzYou can use the top command06:43
Netwizzor ps06:43
Cednabut i think that was too simple for me..06:43
coz_or install htop06:43
coz_much nicer ^^06:43
Bash23Does anyone have any other tips?06:43
claws_so i do a..  ps list ?06:43
NetwizzThe command is ps06:44
coz_netmind,  yeah sudo apt-get install htop  and the command is   htop06:44
NetwizzGreat, but what is it06:44
geniiBash23: What were you using to try and customize your GDM?06:44
NetwizzI will just look it up hell06:44
theadminNetwizz: A process manager06:44
Cednaotherwise, you can also try like that - ps -ef | grep name | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill -9 :)06:44
Bash23There is no custon.conf.06:44
coz_systemn monitor of sorts I guess you can call it06:44
NetwizzIt does not look very good06:44
Bash23That's the prob06:44
NetwizzIsn't the built in one better?06:44
coz_Netwizz,  system monitor of sorts  with many options06:45
theadminI dunno.... I assigned "xterm htop" to Ctrl+Shift+Esc lol and it works fine, system monitor is a bit too greedy06:45
Cednayes. system monitor too greedy06:46
coz_Netwizz,  did you check out htop?06:48
theadminWhy when i want to check updates manually i need a password while when it's automatic, it's asking nothing?06:48
coz_theadmin,  it should unless you recently used the terminal with a password and it didnt time out06:49
NetwizzI checked it out06:49
theadmincoz_: I see, yeah, that was true06:49
NetwizzThat video rocks06:49
NetwizzIn traffic court, you have to pay the plantiff to show up!!!06:49
momosanwhat's the ubuntu equivalent of the unstable/testing branch in debian that I can put in my sources.list?06:50
Cednabecause... that was configured in polkit settings, i think.06:50
blakkheimmomosan: there is none06:50
coz_momosan,  well  actually none  unless you want to try the alpha06:50
claws_how can i get more info on the PID's?06:50
Netwizzwith switches06:51
coz_momosan, but then it would be an install of that alpha06:51
rwwubottu: ot | Netwizz06:51
ubottuNetwizz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:51
coz_momosan,  which means what you have would either be upgraded or you would have to clean install the alpha  ubuntu lucid 10.406:51
theadminmomosan: We have free-supported: main, non-free-supported: restricted, free-unsupported: universe, non-free-unsupported: multiverse. And we have backports.06:51
coz_momosan,  I think it is still in alpha let me check06:51
coz_momosan,    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule06:52
momosanokay thanks all06:52
Archy1987alankila, i did Appendix D: System-Wide Equalizer06:53
Archy1987alankila, how to open equalizer graph now?06:53
alankilaArchy1987: what did you do? Are you using karmic? Did you notice the ppa?06:53
phani hi. I have hardy 8.04 version newly installed . When I do apt-get update or upgrade gets segmentation fault error ... So, I have deleted the bin files from /var/cache/apt but still it doesn't work any ideas ?06:54
Archy1987alankila, i use ubuntu (latest)06:54
alankilaArchy1987: well, did you use the solution suggested at "Warning 1: karmic users please do this instead". My fault for not noticing it, but it was the first line and I merely scanned the document based on quick google query to see that someone had indeed done something like this06:54
Hellhound666wow vuze works just fine when I download it from the repositories.  seems java runtime isn't the only dependency requried for it to operate correctly.06:55
=== Podfish is now known as opop
alankilaArchy1987: the ppa contains a full GUI for a global equalizer, allegedly.06:55
coz_Hellhound666,  isnt that using alot of cpu for you?06:55
Archy1987alankila, what is "ppa" ?06:55
Hellhound666coz_: isn't what?06:55
alankilaArchy1987: personal package archive.06:56
coz_Hellhound666,  vuze06:56
Hellhound666coz_:  not really06:56
Archy1987alankila, i am not shure that i understand what to do now06:56
coz_Hellhound666,  even when it was called azureus it use mucho cpu on my systems06:56
alankilaArchy1987: I tried to tell you to use the karmic-specific solution some 15 minutes ago, but it was too late.06:56
alankilaArchy1987: revert your changes, follow the karmic-specific instructions. You'll be a lot happier with that -- assuming it works at all...06:57
Hellhound666coz_:  It works fine on my old 800mhz 300mb ram crap computer.06:57
coz_Hellhound666,  wow mmm   I might try it again although I am using transmission for torrents06:58
theadminWhy are some "cups" always upgrading?06:58
Archy1987alankila, i just realized, that my laptop don't have sound at all now :D06:58
coz_Archy1987,  in terminal   alsamixer06:58
ThunderguyIf I wanted to 'apt-move sync' all my packages to put on a cd, would it be that simple as it was on deb?06:58
coz_Archy1987,  anything turned down or muted?06:58
blakkheimtheadmin: security patches06:58
coz_Archy1987,  pulseaudio sucks on karmic right now06:59
theadminblakkheim: What IS "cups" anyway06:59
Hellhound666check out netbeans if you're into programming too.  It's excellent I think.06:59
blakkheimtheadmin: common unix printing services06:59
theadminHellhound666: I agree on that06:59
theadminblakkheim: ...I don't need that... lol06:59
Cednaapt-cache show cups06:59
Archy1987coz_, nope, nothing is muted06:59
blakkheimtheadmin: then why do you have it?06:59
alankilaArchy1987: yes, you are best off canceling all the modifications & using the karmic-specific solution. Or debugging what went wrong with your changes.06:59
coz_Archy1987,  mmm06:59
blakkheimtheadmin: i use a minimal iso install and only install what i want. the default install is very bloated06:59
theadminblakkheim: Maybe it came defaultly. I don't need empathy either, but i knew i don't need it at least06:59
Hellhound666I was using Dev C++ on windows 7.  Turns out the only way to get Bloodshed Dev C++ on Linux is ordering the cd.  Well I'm know there are other ways but it's the least I could do is buy it.06:59
coz_blakkheim,  mm I might try that next time  sounds like a good idea07:00
alankilaI'm pretty optimistic that even that .asoundrc-based hack can be made to work if you try hard enough, despite it using plughw and not raw hardware access ...07:00
Archy1987coz_,  alankila  i will now revert changes and infor you what happens then07:00
theadminblakkheim: Meh, default is a good enough for me07:00
blakkheimtheadmin: ok, if you can deal with all the bloat and unneeded services and updates that you don't even know what they are07:00
alankilaArchy1987: here's a sneak peek at what you should get with the package:07:01
theadminblakkheim: If UBUNTU is bloated... lol, better don't even touch Linux Mint07:01
alankilaer... was that link really truncated?07:02
Flannelalankila: No07:02
oneinchwhat is the kde metapackage to install it via apt-get?07:02
theadminoneinch: kubuntu-desktop07:02
Moathello i'm having issues, i can't edit my task bar or menu bar, here is a pic http://i47.tinypic.com/acsw93.jpg it seems i can't do it..i dunno why, my theme said i should be able to07:03
oneinchthank you07:03
Moathello i'm having issues, i can't edit my task bar or menu bar, here is a pic http://i47.tinypic.com/acsw93.jpg it seems i can't do it..i dunno why, my theme said i should be able to. i just want to edit the main task bar, i.e. change it's colours and symbols.07:04
mihiri can´t find wireless network in range even if hardware is properly detected07:05
Archy1987i reverted changes, and relogged - at last i have my sound back. I now will try to install that equalizer, that alankila gave me :P07:05
Hellhound666theadmin:  I haven't been programming for long but I'm catching on rather quickly.  I'm going to school for Network Admin but I wonder If I could take a coding course too?07:05
AfterBlend4Dhow to check the people in the channel join howmany channel.07:06
mihirhello friends07:06
deanfxmihir: what type of wireless controller do you have?07:06
AfterBlend4DWhols ?07:06
alankilaArchy1987: yeah. I really wasn't aware that there had been any progress on this front. I've been expecting DSP software to arrive for pulseaudio, like headphone virtualization and stuff like that, and nobody seems to have been working on it07:06
theadminHellhound666: Don't give any such things :D Sorry... I gotta learn PHP someday :/ static webpages are a bleh07:06
tallyhoi can't seem to CD into C:\ in winconsole cmd07:06
Hellhound666theadmin:  that sucks huh.  I went to school years back for programming and all they had was microsoft Visual Basic!!07:07
Archy1987alankila, i followed that website's instructions, but terminal says me -07:07
CednaMoat, can try killall gnome-settings-daemon ; gnome-settings-daemon ?07:07
Archy1987archy@archy-laptop:~$ cp /usr/share/applications/pulseaudio-equalizer.desktop ~/Desktop/07:07
Archy1987cp: cannot stat `/usr/share/applications/pulseaudio-equalizer.desktop': No such file or directory07:07
theadmintallyho: In Windows, you'll have to try something like "cd /d C:\", but we don't really provide Windows support07:07
Moatccenda how do i do that?07:07
alankilaArchy1987: well, did you install some .deb first?07:07
tallyhoim using ubuntu theadmin07:07
Cednaon terminal07:07
Cednatype same things :)07:08
Archy1987alankila,  no, i haven't07:08
theadmintallyho: Ubuntu doesn't have C:\.07:08
alankilaArchy1987: well there you go then.07:08
hidensofthi every one07:08
Cednait make some changes?07:08
hidensofti need desktop recorder application07:08
adarshaHow do i get all my drives to be mounted automatically as soon as i boot  into ubuntu?07:08
hidensoftfor creating learning movie07:09
theadminhidensoft: try gtk-recordmydesktop07:09
geniihidensoft: VLC can record the desktop also07:09
adantehi, is it safe to upgrade distributions without applying patches for existing distribution?07:09
theadmingenii: VLC sucks on that, it's too complicated to actually do it.07:09
coz_ussaine,  salut  bonjour ca va?07:09
theadminadante: Not recommended07:09
theadmin!fr | coz_07:09
ubottucoz_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois07:10
rpkIs there a roadmap for ubuntu networking?07:10
geniitheadmin: I've been playing with it, not that horrible07:10
hidensofttheadmin, i search that from ubuntu soft wear center , but i can't find this application07:10
ussainemon emesene ne narche pas on dit le protocole n'est pas supporte07:10
mihirdeanfx are you connected07:10
rwwubottu: fr | ussaine07:10
ubottuussaine: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois07:10
genii!info recordmydesktop07:11
ubotturecordmydesktop (source: recordmydesktop): Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 52 kB, installed size 148 kB07:11
hidensofti want create learning movie ,07:11
mihirhow to find wireless network in range07:11
psycho_oreosmihir, use network manager07:11
mihirplease help me07:11
adarshamihir: do u have a wifi card?07:12
geniihidensoft: You need "universe" repository enabled07:12
Archy1987alankila, everything works just fine :)07:12
mihiryes i have wifi card and i am using wifi in xp07:12
Archy1987alankila, thank you a lot. have a nice day, good luck07:12
hidensoftgenii, how ? im new in ubuntu07:12
genii!repos | hidensoft07:12
ubottuhidensoft: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:12
adarshamihir: then, ubuntu should automatically detect wireless networks. check ur panel, there should be a network icon.07:13
alankilaArchy1987: great!07:13
psycho_oreos!networkmanager | mihir07:13
ubottumihir: networkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager07:13
ghostnik11hi i have a problem in ubuntu 9.10 with the file system, for some reason when it tries to load it says /dev/desk/ by-uuid/ ... is missing and does not exist. which is impossible b/c last night my ubuntu was working pefectly fine till i turned it off07:14
ghostnik11does anyone know how to fix this problem07:14
adarshamihir: if u don't find it, open a terminal and type networkmanager. i think it should open networkmanager.07:14
Archy1987if linux could run same apps as windows can, i would never use windows OS07:15
Archy1987someone thinks like me ?07:16
mihiri am using ubuntu 9.1007:16
psycho_oreosArchy1987, there's a fair amount of differences between the two, for most parts wine should work, but then there's crossover/cedega as well as vm07:16
psycho_oreosmihir, did you read the link on network manager?07:17
_KAMI_1I need some help07:17
_KAMI_1regarding U10.0407:17
_KAMI_1and radon driver07:17
theadmin_KAMI_1: Just ask your question...07:17
Flannel_KAMI_1: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, thanks07:17
psycho_oreos!lucid | _KAMI_107:17
ubottu_KAMI_1: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:17
geniiArchy1987: If you're just looking for something to replace windows and run windows applications underneath you don't really need linux, maybe check out ReactOS instead07:17
theadminArchy1987: Can't it do so already?07:18
theadminArchy1987: I mean, we DO have WINE07:18
Archy1987i have wine too07:18
_KAMI_1okay sorry07:18
Archy1987but i was impossible to run any of win-based apps07:18
_KAMI_1Then I go to there07:18
theadminArchy1987: Hm, it indeed is not very good, but... well, i keep a dualboot07:19
psycho_oreosits not impossible, it just requires work to get it working07:19
mihiryes i have read but it says it is for older version i am using ubuntu 9.10 karmic kaola07:19
adarshatheadmin: but wine doesn't work for many windows applications.07:19
ghostnik11has anyone ever had a problem with 9.10 and the file system not being found07:19
Archy1987theadmin, me too :P i have dual ubuntu - xp boot07:19
Archy1987theadmin, because i am a civil engineer, and i need AutoCad - program, that cannot be run on linux07:20
theadminArchy1987: Ahaha, EXACTLY same here. Ubuntu 9.10, Windows XP SP3 RU07:20
whorushhi, i'm making figures for my thesis in geometry.  my figures are polygons.  so i'm using inkscape, and it ALMOST works perfect, but some things are really tricky, and they ignore me on the irc :-).  maybe i should use the gimp?  but the gimp is complicated!  anything else?  thanks!07:20
Archy1987theadmin, hahaha, exactly same! ubuntu 9.10 + xp sp3 ru07:20
psycho_oreosmihir, its almost the same, there should be network manager icon on your desktop, more specifically a task bar07:20
Flannelwhorush: Join #ubuntu-offtopic and explain what's tricky07:20
Peddywho else isn't liking the 10.04 concept art?07:20
FlannelPeddy: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid, thanks07:20
claws_dont i need a sort of ccleaner when i remove a software ?07:20
eeexceptionHi. Has anyone tested ubuntu 10.04 alpha? Is there still a problem with usb flash drivers? At this morning I was trying to connect to my laptop with ubuntu 10.04 Sony Reader prs-300, but was nothing. lsusb also was empty07:20
Peddykthx Flannel07:20
theadmineeexception: #ubuntu+107:21
rwwubottu: lucid | eeexception07:21
ubottueeexception: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:21
Peddy1/join #ubuntu+107:21
kinja-sheepclaws_: Registry cleaners in Windows does not really make things go faster. :)07:21
mihiryes it is there and right now i am using internet through lan07:21
whorushFlannel, thanks07:21
mihirbut there is no wireless network in range there07:21
psycho_oreosmihir, so right click on it and click on enable wireless07:21
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claws_kinja-sheep: i was more or less thinking of config files that i have to remove manualy07:22
theadminclaws_: We don't have a registry or that kinda crap on Ubuntu, when you remove, it's removed, and so there.07:22
mihirit is enabled07:22
theadminBleh. Why when i try to set the homepage in Firefox to, it freezes? Only on Ubuntu, works fine on other Linux's and Windows07:23
psycho_oreosmihir, and so when you left click on the network manager icon, you don't see any networks with bars?07:23
kinja-sheepclaws_: You could "sudo aptitude purge <xyz>" that will remove the package's config files. As for personal yet package-related config files, it is usually untouched in ~/ (Only because that's personal config files)..07:23
psycho_oreosmihir, open up terminal, type in "lspci -nnk" *without quotes* and pastebin the output07:23
kinja-sheeptheadmin: Try localhost? :007:24
mihirhow to open terminal07:24
theadminkinja-sheep: Hm, weird.07:24
kinja-sheepmihir: In Applications --> Accessories.07:24
theadminkinja-sheep: But it worked07:24
alankilaArchy1987: sadly, I don't believe Linux will ever get the hordes of popular software, unless it changes its culture in some obvious way. Linux is associated with highly idealistic people who hate proprietary software past all point of reason in my opinion. There is no sympathy for the realities of commercial software making & distribution.07:24
adarshatheadmin: my firefox doesn't freeze, just says can't connect to
kinja-sheeptheadmin: Weird, indeed.07:24
theadminadarsha: Hm. Running no server i belive? :D07:25
alankilaArchy1987: consequently, there will never be such software and the best we can hope is to clone Windows and OS X APIs so that we can run the software meant for those platforms.07:25
adarshanope! i'm using a laptop. :)07:25
theadminadarsha: Server as in Apache07:25
psycho_oreos!terminal | mihir07:25
ubottumihir: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:25
adarshatheadmin: oh! no..07:25
mihirall the hardware connected are listed07:26
ghostnik11can someone help me get my ubuntu 9.10 to load, it won't load please07:26
chdI'm having trouble configuring my dual display. I'm on ubuntu 9.10 and when I run my display preferences and try to enable my second display I get this: The current settings cannot be completely applied due to one or more of the following reasons: and it gives 5 bullets. I had it working fine just a day ago and then bam, its fucked up.07:26
psycho_oreosmihir, correct, now copy and paste the contents of that output into pastebin (a website) then paste the link to it here07:26
giacomo_carissimcan anyone help me reinstall grub.  i dual boot and i reinstalled windows and now mbr took over grub and i can't get back to my ubuntu partition07:27
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:28
Moatthanks to whoever helped me07:28
Moatit's fixed now07:28
mihirhow to copy in terminal07:29
theadminmihir: Select, right click, and copy. Ctrl+C won't work07:29
=== hektor-t is now known as hektor-b
ravenis it VIRTUALBOX OEM what provides usb access?07:30
psycho_oreosmihir, select the text, right click on highlighted text and click on copy07:30
ikoniaraven: the non-free package does07:31
mihirmihir@mihir-laptop:~$ lspci -nnk07:31
mihir00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 Host Bridge [1002:5950] (rev 01)07:31
mihir00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge [1002:5a3f]07:31
mihirKernel modules: shpchp07:31
mihir00:04.0 PCI bridge [0604]: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge [1002:5a36]07:31
FloodBot4mihir: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
mihirKernel modules: shpchp07:31
psycho_oreosraven, only PU does07:31
psycho_oreosmihir, I said pastebin not paste07:31
ghostnik11hi has anyone ever had problems with there ubuntu 9.10 going to the splash screen then not going to the log screen07:31
theadminraven: USB access ain't provided in the OSE package for reasons weird and unknown07:31
psycho_oreos!pastebin | mihir07:31
ubottumihir: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:31
theadminghostnik11: That's a GDM problem07:31
ghostnik11theadmin: what were do i go to get help with that07:32
alankilaghostnik11: you can try a debug boot or press esc maybe to close the splash and perhaps see some errors.07:32
mihirhow to use pastebin07:32
ikoniamihir: exactly as the link says07:32
soreau! paste | mihir07:32
psycho_oreosvisit those sites on pastebin, copy and paste it in there07:32
ghostnik11theadmin: i got the error and i wrote it down07:32
ZykoticK9raven, VBox with USB from http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads07:32
ubottumihir: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:32
theadminmihir: Uh, that's so simple... You go to pastebin.com, you paste stuff, you click submit, you give us the link you receive07:32
ghostnik11alankila: i got the error and wrote it down07:32
oriCan someone help me? i Installed a whole bunch of screensavers from the synaptic package manager, and nowi want them gone07:33
soreaumihir: Just go to pastebin.com, put what you want in the testbox, hit paste then post the link it gives you back here07:33
Flannelori: Remove those packages from synaptic07:33
booni got this07:33
soreauori: You can remove the packages the same way you installed them07:34
ikoniaboon: what is that ?07:34
boonit was ubuntu source?07:34
ikoniaboon: that looks like a non-ubuntu kernel07:34
mihirmy patebin url http://pastebin.com/pWC74kX807:34
ikoniaboon: ok - that's a non-ubuntu kernel07:35
claws_why is my adsl speed so low on linux.. im on wlan07:35
boonwhat is that?07:35
booni have no idea07:35
ikoniaboon: a kernel that's not provided by ubuntu07:36
psycho_oreosmihir, you'll need to install firmware to get that device to work07:36
kinja-sheepDoes Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD provide OEM mode?07:36
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev) Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/08c7f565-ca69-4e5e-aeaa-6b1df372d9af does not exist.  Dropping to a shell07:36
mihirhow to install that07:36
JaraHey guys running alpha 3 from liveusbstick and I just have to say the speed is crazy  once the software center and a few bugs this is going to be crazy07:36
jk-nguyeni find my friend07:36
ikoniajk-nguyen: lucid is discussed in #ubuntu+1 channel07:37
ranjanhello every body yesterday i was trying to configure lan @ one of my friends place .. he was having .. private set of ip values .. every thing went well for the first time .. of the configuration wizard .. but after an restart ... of the system .. ubuntu failed to get conected with the internet world .. can any body can provide me some info on this regard .. why this happen .. last night.. any ideads or help would be of great help .. thanks in advance ..07:37
ikoniaJara: sorry - that was for you, lucid is discussed in #ubuntu+107:37
psycho_oreosmihir, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing%20BCM43xx%20drivers07:37
ikoniaranjan: check if his cards still have IP addresses07:38
Jaraikonia,   Knew it probably had it's own channel just wanted to share my wow with everyone07:38
adanteis there a good flatten & reinstall guide for ubuntu07:38
ikoniaJara: share them in the correct channel please07:38
ikonia!install | adante07:38
ubottuadante: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:38
adanteseeing as upgrading distros is apparently dangerous07:38
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
ranjanikonia: ya all the values are there .. even though i am able to find out the url for login's to be opening ... but i am not being able to get connected .. to the internet .. well on the windows part it is working with charm .. there is no issue with it ..07:40
mihirwhere to write that firmware line07:40
ikoniaranjan: if the cards all have IP's the next step is to look at the default gateway and dns servers, check they exist and are valid07:41
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev) Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/08c7f565-ca69-4e5e-aeaa-6b1df372d9af does not exist.  Dropping to a shel07:41
psycho_oreosmihir, if you followed that page, and restarted, you won't need to worry about firmware07:41
AndorinAlright... I'm in serious trouble... Ubuntu is suddenly failing to mount my portable hard drive... just, out of the blue... And I really really need to get it fixed...07:42
ranjanikonia : all this values are present and not only that ... i am geting the ping response from the dns server .. but i am failing to get conected ..07:42
ikoniaranjan: what is your ip address, and what is the ip address of the dns server you can ping ?07:43
solid_liquidthe new bootsplash and logout artwork are now in the repos for 10.04...  if you're running 10.04, and you update/upgrade, you'll get the cool new cool installed on your system (I just discovered this a couple of hours ago)07:44
ikoniasolid_liquid: lucid is discussed in #ubuntu+1 please07:44
solid_liquid*cool new look07:44
solid_liquidikonia, it is?07:44
solid_liquidikonia, ah cool, thanks :)07:44
hidensofttheadmin, i have gtk-recordMyDesktop now07:44
hidensoftbut i cant creating movie for learning07:45
racerdwhat is lucid?07:45
AndorinThis is serious... I cannot afford to lose access to the data on this drive.07:45
tehbautracerd: 10.407:45
hidensofti need write something in text file07:45
tehbautlucid lynx07:45
hidensoftbut i got error07:45
theadminhidensoft: Uh, you can....07:45
racerdi c07:45
soreau! lucid | racerd07:45
ubotturacerd: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:45
tehbautanyone know if 10.4 has native support for hfs+ ?07:45
theadminBy the way what's that with Lynx? Isn't it a console browser?07:45
racerdyou guys run empaty?07:45
solid_liquidtehbaut, lemme see07:45
hidensoftcannot open file for writing => error07:45
ranjanikonia : i am provided with as ip values subnet and as dns .. primary .. and when i am pinging on this dns i am geting response .. there is no conection time out.. response .. i am wondering with it ..07:45
hidensoftwhen type something in gedit07:46
theadminracerd: I myself use Pidgin07:46
hidensofti have this error07:46
tehbautsolid_liquid: and I meant with formatting partitions as hfs+ in gparted07:46
racerdis it decent?07:46
solid_liquidtehbaut, it's in the manpage for mount, so I'd say it does07:46
AndorinGuys, Ubuntu has suddenly stopped being able to mount my portable HD, and I REALLY need access to it!07:46
theadminhidensoft: You probably have no permission to write to where you're trying to.07:46
racerdpidgin i mean, my win7 just expired and i was using wubi07:46
tehbautsolid_liquid: I know it's supported for read and write07:46
racerdi am full blown linux now07:46
theadminAndorin: Try to fsck it07:46
hidensoftthat is unsaved document !07:46
soreauAndorin: How does it connect?07:46
tehbautsolid_liquid: I just want to format partitions as hfs+ in gparted07:47
ikoniaranjan: is this on a wired or wireless network07:47
Andorinsoreau: USB07:47
solid_liquidtehbaut, I don't see a mkfs for hfs+07:47
ikoniaranjan: ahhh there is no reponse, it's a time out, that's because you're not on the network07:47
ranjanit is an wired network .. by the means of lan07:47
soreauAndorin: Do dmesg and lsusb show it after you plug it in?07:47
ikoniaranjan: ok - so look at your default gateway address, what is that address07:47
Andorinsoreau: lsusb does, I already checked that.07:47
KutakizukariInstalled Ubuntu 9.10 on a Dell Latitude D600, cannot get connected to the interent wirelessly. I tried sudo lshw -C network and it is disabled. Does anyone know how to enable it or something else I should try?07:48
racerdyou guys like pidgin?07:48
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, pastebin your lspci -nnk output07:48
soreauAndorin: Can you mount the device from the node it is assigned? (reported by dmesg)07:48
ranjan10.10.249.1 it the default gate way ..07:48
soreauKutakizukari: What kind of wifi device do you have?07:49
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos do that in the termerinal?07:49
hidensofttheadmin, ican't type anything in any editor !07:49
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, yes07:49
hidensoftplease help me07:49
Andorinsoreau: Do you mean something like /dev/sdf1/?07:49
soreauAndorin: Yes07:49
ikoniaranjan: and can you ping that device,07:49
ranjanikonia :: yes07:49
ikoniaranjan: you can ping the default gateway, what does it repond with (please paste)07:50
ranjanand i am geting the response07:50
Andorinsoreau: Well, I'm pretty sure that that's where it gets assigned, but when I run "sudo mount /dev/sdf1/ it says it can't find it in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab/07:50
ranjan64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=4.46 ms07:50
maxagazwhy don't I have permission to post a new thread on ubuntuforum ?07:50
ranjan64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=6.71 ms07:50
soreauAndorin: You have to mount it to a location, like an empty directory. For example, sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /media/disk07:50
NetwizzThat is a unix like ping07:50
ikoniaAndorin: you need to specifivy the device and the mount point07:51
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
ranjanikonia :; 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=6.71 ms i am geting this07:51
ikoniaranjan: ok - great, so in that case it's either a.) the dns servers are not valid, b.) the default gateway cannot route to that subnet07:51
Andorinsoreau: Okay, I get an error, shall I pastebin it?07:51
ikoniaNetwizz: and ?07:51
racerdhey i am getting an error when i am trying to save me nvidia settings07:51
soreauAndorin: If its more than a couple lines, yes07:51
racerdfailed to parse existing x config files '/etc/x11/xorg.conf07:52
Andorinsoreau: http://pastebin.com/ipsemTYd07:52
ranjanikonia :; so i nead to reverify this details .. for my friends computers07:53
soreauAndorin: It is telling you what to do..07:53
Andorinsoreau: I don't have a Windows box.07:53
ikoniaranjan: ok, well, it's one of those two problems07:54
Andorinsoreau: Unless you refer to the rest...07:54
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soreauAndorin: AFAICT, the device had been plugged into a windows os box and not properly unmounted07:54
dehqanwhat does "iU" mean in statu of  a package07:54
ikoniasoreau: bang on07:55
soreauikonia: ?07:55
ikoniasoreau: you're correct07:55
Andorinsoreau: That can't be the case. This drive hasn't been plugged into a Windows computer for... about a month, maybe. This error just started happening about fifteen minutes ago.07:55
soreauAndorin: I assume the device is ntfs or fat fs?07:56
tehbautok, this is annoying... I installed hfsprogs via Synaptic, and I still cannot format disks as hfs+ ...only as hfs07:56
soreauikonia: Pretty obvious, with the plainly descriptive output and such ;)07:56
tehbautanyone got a clue why that might be?07:56
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
Andorinsoreau: Yes, NTFS07:56
soreau! hi | tobiaz_tuz07:56
ubottutobiaz_tuz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:56
ranjanikonia :; so i nead to talk to the network admin with this issue .. and one last question .. if there have been any issue with the values then i could not have recived the login portal page .. but it is showing up .. and not only that i am able to make login to the portal.....07:56
ikoniaranjan: that portal maybe on the same network07:57
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: common problems: boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)07:57
ikoniaranjan: or be cached07:57
tehbautbtw, what _is_ casper-rw?07:57
=== lance_ is now known as Guest10301
soreauAndorin: Well I dont think linux has any utilities designed for checking that file system. You will have do plug the device into a machine that has an os with utilities for its fs07:57
tehbautnot finding anything on Google...07:57
psycho_oreoscasper is kind of like compressed filesystem07:57
DcMeesehow so I install "google-fu"07:57
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
KutakizukariAfter the lspci -nnk output it displays usage: lspci [<switches>] and a bunch or text like basic display modes and other stuff. what do I do next07:58
soreauAndorin: If the device had an ext fs on it, this wouldnt be a problem ;)07:58
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, you're not typing it right, a correct output would show you all the devices connected via PCI or related methods07:58
Andorinsoreau: I don't understand how this could have come about... I plugged the drive into my desktop (both computer run Karmic) and copied my .mozilla folder onto it to put on my laptop, onto which I just reinstalled Karmic. I unmount, wait until it says "It is now safe to remove the device," unplug it, take it to the laptop, and it doesn't work.07:59
=== Guest10301 is now known as lance----
ranjanikonia:: cached.. i am not geting this .. i think i nead to talk with the admin of this network ..07:59
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: common problems: boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)07:59
Andorinsoreau: And I would have an ext file system if I didn't also have to sometimes use the drive with someone's Windows machine.07:59
soreauAndorin: Something happened and the fs decided to fail you. Since it is not a native fs for linux, there arent any native utilities to fix it08:00
tobiaz_tuzpantaskah aq ini jadi penghuni sorga08:01
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: common problems: boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)08:01
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: I did it with sudo it now says PCI access options08:01
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, that isn't right either08:02
soreauAndorin: And fwiw, there are drivers for windoze so it can read ext fs08:02
claws_why is my adsl speed so low on linux.. im on wlan.. anything im missin?08:02
ikoniaclaws_: probably poor wirless card support08:03
Andorinsoreau: Sure, but... primarily I use it with public library computers. Also, I don't know what I'm going to do... I don't have a Windows OS on any of my computers...08:03
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: ok tried this sudo lshw -C network and it show that it is disabled08:03
ikoniaAndorin: you can use the "force" option to mount without checking08:04
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, I don't need lshw, I need "lspci -nnk"08:04
AndorinIs that really something I want to do?08:04
soreauAndorin: Try asking in #linux or #hardware?08:04
ikoniaAndorin: not in my opinion, but it's an option08:04
nomad77Andorin: check out ntfs-3g maybe?08:04
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, here: http://mike.passwall.com/nblug/kernel-talk/lspci.html08:04
soreauAndorin: Well yes, you can use -f.. but I wouldnt openly recommend it08:04
AndorinOkay, well, I don't want to screw anything else up more than this situation already is... I mean, I NEED this drive.08:04
ikoniaAndorin: you need to start backing it up then08:05
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: got it to work was typing output with it08:05
ikoniaAndorin: and you need to use a windows machine to check it08:05
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: what do you need now08:05
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, need you to copy the contents of that output and paste it into pastebin, then send me the link08:05
plumis there any way to have windows partition be able to view the linux(ubuntu) partition?08:05
psycho_oreosplum, you'll need ext2ifs I think08:06
soreauplum: Yes08:06
plumis it free?08:06
soreauplum: Yes08:06
nomad77Andorin: testdisk might be useful,but read before using it.08:06
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this error that i get: common problems: boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)08:06
plumawesome :) thanks, looking into it nowe08:06
plumnow *08:06
soreaughostnik11: Is that message causing a problem for you?08:07
ghostnik11soreau: yeah i can't load my filesystem for some reason and i don't know it was working perfectly yesterday and puff everything goes wrong when i wake up to turn it on08:07
lucid_intervalAndorin: there _is_ a utility to do an fsck on an NTFS FS on Linux - it is called ntfsfix - google it. But use at your own risk08:07
Bear10Whats the equivalent of ctrl alt delete in ubunutu?08:08
lucid_intervalAndorin: the full functionality of SCANDISK on windows for NTFS is not replicated in ntfs-3g (whatever that full functionality may be)08:08
Bear10I think my ubuntu froze :(08:09
claws_ikonia: im not so sure aboute that... here is my Router "http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Communication/Products_Spec.aspx?ProductID=2974&ProductName=GN-BR32L-RH"  and my wireless card is a Intel pro 2200bg.08:09
tommisBear10, you cann add shortcut into the system manager thinhy08:09
tommisi dont know what it is in english08:10
soreauBear10: You might be ale to get to a console with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and back to X with Ctrl+Alt+F708:10
claws_ikonia: my adsl speed 1mb/s08:11
xorxesIf I have ssh'ed into a server, what command can i run to copy a file over to my local machine?08:11
titan_arkhello everyone :)08:11
claws_ikonia: anyway... in linux i dont get half the speed that i get when in ms08:11
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von_neumannxorxes: psycho_oreos is correct, scp08:11
soreauxorxes: scp /path/to/file user@<ip-address>:/path/to/save08:12
=== Mud is now known as Mud|shower
lucid_intervalxorxes: sftp / scp in reverse direction. or end ssh session and sftp / scp08:12
dehqanhow to reinstall package that are from 9.10 repository  (distro is 9.04 and now repo is 9.04 ) ?08:12
Bear10is there a way to specify search directories only?08:12
DcMeese!welcom | titan_ark08:12
titan_arki am facing some trouble quite often while booting i am told there is a filesystem inconsistency and i need to press Ctrl+D and that doesnt work and i need to do fsck manually. this is happening quite often now08:12
DcMeese!welcome | titan_ark08:12
ubottutitan_ark: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:12
titan_arkhello DcMeese :)08:12
soreauxorxes: Conversely, you can use scp user@<ipaddress>:/path/to/file /where/to/save  since you dont have to be sshd into the box you are using scp to copy from08:13
xorxesthanks dudes :D08:13
DcMeeseIm  an ubuntu nooby, but I recently got my wg511v2 wireless card to work with ubuntu, titan_ark... Im so excited, ubuntu is so fast and amazing... Even on a 256mb ram  laptop08:14
titan_arkDcMeese, :D08:15
icerootDcMeese: nice to hear you got it working08:15
titan_arkgood for you DcMeese08:15
titan_arkanyone with a solution to my issue?08:15
claws_indeed it is.. DcMeese... this is my 10'th day on linux.. im lovin it!  but got a lot of reading ahead  :)08:16
DcMeeseIceroot titan_ark thanks08:16
DcMeeseKool thanks claws_.... All I had to do was locate the winXP driver (.INF) and use wireless hardware driver program, and whammo... Success!08:17
equivoci'm just reading on ubuntu's "Light" theme on the news08:19
equivocis this theme already somewhere for download?08:19
DcMeese!welcome | equivoc08:19
ubottuequivoc: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:19
equivocDcMeese: thx08:20
Archy1987what the hell. http://www.failiem.lv/down.php?i=spscew&n=Screenshot.1png08:20
DcMeeseHow do you like the "sand" theme, equivoc?08:20
Archy1987i dont have "save target as" in the right click08:21
equivocDcMeese: i prefer the Dust theme tbh08:21
DcMeeseequivoc: Woops that's what I mean. Dust rox08:21
DcMeeseIts what I use.08:21
equivocsame here :)08:21
equivocDcMeese: but i'd like to try "Light"08:22
DcMeeseIsn't that the one with light blue topbar08:22
equivocreading here08:23
Logicwaxwhats the point of partitioning an HDD with a specific partition table, when you can just directly format it?  (mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda)08:23
Logicwaxi mean, on a seconary drive with just multimedia on it and such08:24
Logicwaxnot a boot drive08:24
claws_archy1987: save link as?08:24
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: I have no way to copy anything over right now does this help? 02:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705M Gigabit Ethernet [14e4:165d](rev 01 Kernel driver in use:tg3 Kernel modules:tg308:24
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:24
Logicwaxis there an advantage or disadvantage?08:24
DcMeeseLooks nice equivoc08:24
soreauArchy1987: Use Save Image As?08:25
psycho_oreosKottalizer, wrong line08:26
psycho_oreosKottalizer, sorry wrong person08:26
KutakizukariWhat do I need to look for for you?08:27
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, wrong line, that's not a wireless chipset, google it and you'll see what I mean or paste the whole thing08:27
ActionParsnipKutakizukari: wassup dude?08:27
ActionParsnipPsycho_oreos: awesome nick08:28
psycho_oreosActionParsnip, err ok thanks :)08:28
Logicwaxno one knows that answer, eh08:29
ActionParsnipLogicwax: I joined after the question. Maybe I can help08:30
psycho_oreos<Logicwax> whats the point of partitioning an HDD with a specific partition table, when you can just directly format it?  (mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda)08:30
psycho_oreosI just noticed that08:30
Logicwaxthere we go08:30
Logicwaxbecause i just built another raid5 mdadm array....and im formatting it right now directly.  and i never made a partition table on it....and it works08:31
psycho_oreosand no I don't quite understand the question either, read it the second time08:31
Logicwaxwas wondering if theres a downside to it08:31
Logicwaxor something that will come and bite me in the ass down the road08:31
Logicwaxpsycho_oreos: like say...for example, you have a new HDD..../dev/sdb08:31
psycho_oreosa partition table sets up various limits, and it prevents excessive fragging on one partition. if its a huge partition and it needs to be fsck'ed it will take awhile08:32
ActionParsnipLogicwax: not sure. Both a "normal" partition and the drive as you have it are files in Linux so are equal in that respect08:32
Logicwaxso writing a partition table and THEN formating isnt going to make any difference then just straight direct formating without a table?08:32
ActionParsnipLogicwax: if it works and its performing ok then keep it ;)08:32
psycho_oreosand having separate partitions can possibly safeguard some bad mistakes, like deleting stuff from /boot or /home, etc when they are mounted on different partition08:33
ActionParsnipLogicwax: I've never had a drive with a single partition on it08:33
Logicwaxoh no this isnt going to be used for the OS, or be divided into partitions08:33
psycho_oreosif you format without a table, you don't really have a partition table or you probably have one big partition08:33
dehqanhow to reinstall packages that are from 9.10 repository  (distro is 9.04 and now repo is 9.04 ) ?how to fix this error ? http://pastebin.com/2cSMkQNN08:34
dehqanhow to fix this error ? http://pastebin.com/2cSMkQNN08:34
ActionParsnipLogicwax: sounds like a miniresearch project. I'd ask in #hardware too08:34
Logicwaxso i was just wondering if having no table will haunt me in the future......maybe cause problems08:34
holmserI'm having an issue sending mail with postfix.  When I telnet in locally, I can send mail just fine.  but when I try to do it from anywhere else, I get this error: Mar  5 00:31:31 H4ckM3 postfix/smtpd[31198]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from c-67-185-215-55.hsd1.wa.comcast.net[]: 554 5.7.1 <holmser171@gmail.com>: Relay access denied;08:34
psycho_oreosI don't have experience in RAID setups08:34
Logicwaxwell forget that its a RAID08:35
ActionParsnipDehqan: mixingdebs from diffferent release is heavily discouraged and not supported08:35
Archy1987claws_, soreau if i use save image as, it downloads only that small download.gif image. How to open that image ? :D08:35
Logicwaxi just have it as one device right now.   or lets say this question pertains to my other single hdd08:35
holmseranyone have knowledge of mail servers that they would like to send my way?  I'm a complete newb with this.08:35
Logicwaxim just wondering if the partition table matters08:35
brjannLogicwax: after a few minutes with google, I've found a few offhand remarks about using the entire device, but nothing specific so far.08:35
dehqanhow to fix this error ? http://pastebin.com/2cSMkQNN ActionParsnip08:35
Kutakizukari<psycho_oreos> internal Mini-PCI Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g) wireless support; does this help?08:35
bullgard /usr/share/doc/linux-doc/00-INDEX: "This is a brief list of all the files in ./linux/Documentation." What is meant by './linux/Documentation'?08:35
brjannLogicwax: remarks about it being a bad idea, i mean.08:35
psycho_oreosLogicwax, probably not ideal to not have a predefined partition table even if you're going to use the entire drive08:35
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, no, not one bit08:36
ActionParsnipDehqan: not sure. Log a bug. If you have mixed release debs then this is the result08:36
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, in fact that's worse than your previous guess08:36
Logicwaxbrjann: bad idea?08:36
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, there's like 7 different wireless manufacturers out there08:37
ActionParsnipDehqan: jaunty debs are for jaunty only. Karmic are for karmic only. If you mix them you will get a mess and break your install08:37
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, and I can't see how you can't copy the entire lspci -nnk output08:37
brjannLogicwax: using the entire device unpartitioned.08:37
KutakizukariI can copy it but have nothing to transfer it of to my desktop08:37
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, you mean its on another computer?08:38
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, do you not have a spare network cable that you can plug it into?08:38
ActionParsnipKutakizukari: he only needs the product line of the wireless device08:38
claws_can i play normal games on linux ?  :/08:38
Kutakizukaridell latitude d60008:38
psycho_oreosclaws_, there are some linux games and then there's cedega08:38
ActionParsnipClaws_: define "normal"08:38
Kutakizukaribradcom corporation08:38
KutakizukariBroadcom Corporation08:38
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, lspci -nn| grep 14e4:4308:39
ActionParsnip!games | claws_08:39
ubottuclaws_: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:39
claws_ActionParsnip: as in... downloading and installing dragon age ?08:39
pabloalguien de mexivali08:40
psycho_oreos!es | pablo08:40
ubottupablo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:40
ActionParsnipClaws_: if its a windows game you will need to check the appdb and install wine to run it. If its a linux native game then go ahead08:40
dayawhich pkg includes lib/udev/vol_id , I have installed udev, but the file doesn't appear in my system08:40
brjannLogicwax: none of these newsgroup threads or anything mention specific bad things. I'd say you're probably fine, but if you're worried about it enough to ask here, why not just partition it with a single partition and be done with it?08:40
ActionParsnipClaws_: I fully recommend penumbra and urban terror08:40
pratik_naraincan I dump my virtualbox ubuntu installation to my harddrive08:41
Logicwaxbrjann: will do that.  i was curious for the education of it....and because ive done it to other drives that i havent backed up yet08:41
ActionParsnipClaws_: penumbra isn't free like beer but the demo is08:41
psycho_oreospratik_narain, not easily no08:41
claws_ActionParsnip: il check those out  :) thank u vm08:41
pratik_narainpsycho_oreos: doesn't need to be easy if its possible08:41
ActionParsnipPratik_narain: ask in #vbox08:41
pratik_narainActionParsnip: thnx08:42
brjannLogicwax: ah, okay. about the only thing i've found is a reference to one specific kind of drive that stored some kind of firmware after the partition table that would get nuked. i can't imagine that's common though.08:42
Logicwaxoh, weird08:43
Kutakizukari<psycho_oreos> 02:03.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4309 802.11a/b/g [14e4:4324] (rev 03)08:43
pratik_narainActionParsnip: I'm going to #vbox but if you know please help08:43
LogicwaxHDDs store their firmware on the platter? wha???08:43
yurka:/join ubuntu-ru08:44
brjannLogicwax: it may not have been an hdd08:44
dehqanwhere to get ldconfig & ldconfig.real of jaunty ?08:44
Logicwax[00:34] <ActionParsnip> Logicwax: sounds like a miniresearch project. I'd ask in #hardware too  <--- how do i get invite to #hardware ?08:45
tehbautif my USB install doesn't use a casper-rw file, I can't install stuff and keep that installed stuff?08:45
brjannLogicwax: probably don't need an invited, just a registered nick08:45
MyrttiLogicwax: it's ##hardware08:46
brjann(or that)08:47
Logicwaxtwo pounds?08:47
Logicwaxna i just needed to ask the holy nickserv is all08:47
Logicwaxwhat would two pounds do????08:47
ZykoticK9Logicwax, two pounds means the channel is "unoffical" type thing08:48
Logicwaxoh...it joins the same chan08:49
tehbautcan I put a smaller casper-rw file into my USB install?08:50
tehbautsmaller than 1GB*08:50
tehbautmy USB is only 1GB08:50
John_Doe_12345Has anyone been able to get a video call going using Empathy w/ a MSN account?08:52
Nico___Hi! I'm currently working with apache and08:54
Nico___Hi! I'm currently working with apache and  I was wondering what the use for NameServer. Is this just for virtualhosts or has this another purpose?08:55
Kutakizukaripsycho_oreos: 02:03.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4309 802.11a/b/g [14e4:4324] (rev 03)08:57
pippo__hello everubody08:58
pippo__my laptop has not hard disk08:58
pippo__I want install an OS on my flash usb08:58
pippo__can I install ubuntu?08:58
soreaupippo__: yes08:59
pippo__I didn't fine any guide or help on google08:59
holmservery easy.  boot the live cd, and go to system->administration->USB startup disc creator08:59
pippo__and I wnat know if there is an optmized version of ubuntu to be installed on usb flash drive (the sort of optimization of slax)08:59
Firefishehow does one install the proprietary nvidia driver?09:00
pippo__Where can I find some help?09:00
holmsertry the startup disc creator first09:00
soreauFirefishe: sys>admin>hardware drivers09:00
holmserits easy, and its probably exactly what you need09:00
Firefishesoreau: life saver.  thanks :)09:01
adantei upgraded from 8.10 to 9.0409:01
adantenow my keyboard is utterly moonshot09:02
Gneapippo__: nothing official, you may have to dig around to find something like this: http://stevehanov.ca/blog/index.php?id=4809:02
Firefishetrashed, mangled, damaged? ;)09:02
Gneadvorak? qwerty? tohsnoom?09:03
adantewell q = c09:04
psycho_oreos!broadcom | Kutakizukari09:04
ubottuKutakizukari: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:04
adantew = ., s = b09:04
adanteand so forth09:04
adantethis is in gnome09:04
gaspardhey there where can i find the version of ubuntu that i can put on my 128 mb usb stick to install a server that hasn't any cd rom drive ?09:04
adantei remember there was a way to fix this but i can't remember the specifics, could someone advise09:04
pippo__Gnea: i'm going to read now09:05
psycho_oreosKutakizukari, read the part on "Installing b43/STA hybrib drivers"09:05
FireCrotch!mini | gaspard09:05
ubottugaspard: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:05
c0l2ehow can I disable USB storage access in ubuntu.. even disable mouting09:05
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
gaspardthnx FireCrotch  looks like it is a common version09:06
Gnea!keyboard | adante09:06
ubottuadante: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts09:06
FireCrotchgaspard: yeah, it's quite common :)09:06
adanteGnea: yes, i am trying that, my country is no longer in the layout list09:07
Gneaadante: 'no longer'? which country?09:07
adanteGnea: australia09:07
gaspardI googled before asking but didn't get any relevant results I should edit this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick which is very well referenced.09:07
Gneaadante: odd.09:08
adantewhat are the chances of me getting a working keyboard in say the next 15 minutes09:08
Gneadoes it show up again if you choose another country?09:08
adantejust ballpark figure here :]09:08
Gneaheh, I don't do well with theory09:08
iwobblesyou on a laptop Gnea ?09:08
Gneaiwobbles: are you?09:09
tehbautdang, the universal usb installer failed :/09:09
adantewhat should i be changing09:09
adanteto get a keyboard which types "asdf" when i type "asdf"09:09
iwobblesits shift + scroll-lock on a lot of em eh09:09
adanteinstead of my current setup which types "abfh" when i type "asdf"09:09
Gneaadante: try iwobbles suggestion?09:10
Nico___anyone knows what the purpose is of "ServerName" in apache? is this just for virtualhosts or has this another purpose?09:10
KutakizukariThank you all for your help!09:10
FireCrotchNico___: it's for virtual hosts, yes09:10
Nico___nothing else?09:11
dehqanhow to tell apt-get to not stop at error like a package is not in source09:11
FireCrotchNico___: It *might* be what $_SERVER['host'] or something is set to in PHP09:11
Nico___okay thank you!09:11
tehbautis it possible to make a 273MB casper-rw file?09:12
brjannadante: do you by chance use vino or vnc?09:12
adantebrjann: vnc09:12
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c0l2ehow can I disable USB storage usage for users????09:14
brjannadante: okay. you're experiencing what is apparently known as the abfh bug, which appears to be somehow related to vnc. try this: open up a terminal window and type (sorry)    gconf-editor09:15
dehqanhow to make apt-get to not stop at E: Package gstreamer0.10-nice has no installation candidate09:15
Gneaadante: or just cut 'n paste it if it won't type out09:16
adantebrjann: lol, ok :]09:16
brjannadante: then navigate to desktop > gnome > peripherals > keyboard > kbd09:16
FireCrotchc0l2e: Users have to use sudo to mount devices. you can limit what commands can be run by editing the sudoers file09:16
adantehmm does base ubuntu have an onscreen keyboard09:17
c0l2ei mean totally ban usage of USB drives or external usb drives09:17
mawstWhat's that thing that shows the white ubuntu icon when you first boot? I know it's themeable I just can't rememebr09:17
Gneaadante: should be under the accessibility options09:18
bungive updated recently using the auto updates, and now scrolling in firefox is verychoppy09:18
Gneac0l2e: to lock the desktop down?09:18
bungnew .20 kernel?09:18
adanteGnea: where is that, exactly?09:18
c0l2eno i just need to disable usb storage so they cannot use USB storage / external usb storage to store data from network...etc09:19
Gneaadante: I think it's under System->Preferences09:19
FireCrotchc0l2e: Right. My solution should prevent that, since they won't be able to mount the devices to use them.09:19
Gneac0l2e: just make sure they're not part of the group associated with usb drives09:19
brjannadante: you shouldn't need it. once you have gconf-editor open we can see if this fix will work in about 30 seconds09:20
FireCrotchc0l2e: As long as you have no daemon running that will auto-mount them, that is09:20
c0l2e FireCrotch:   tried  adding usb-storage to blacklist of modprobe.conf09:20
adantebrjann: ok, i made it!09:20
c0l2ebut  not working09:20
c0l2eFireCrotch:  where is that?09:20
adantebrjann: yeah, i couldn't actually even find the letter 'g' after  pressing every key on my keyboard... but nm, i launched gconf-editor from a shell09:21
adantebrjann: i'm at the kbd node anyway, what's the next step09:21
brjannadante: hooray! navigate to desktop > gnome > peripherals > keyboard > kbd09:21
brjannadante: okay, on the right you should see either an empty value [] or something like [us] or [<your country code>]09:21
FireCrotchc0l2e: Right now, do USB drives auto-mount?09:22
adantebrjann: i have 3 key-value pairs09:22
adantebrjann: layouts:[us,gb]; model:<blank>; options[grp grp:alts_toggle]09:22
c0l2eI can set nautilus not to mount them.. but still they can see  the new storage device in nautilus and click it to mount09:22
brjannadante: okay, doubleclick layouts and just pound your keyboard a few times to enter some garbage09:23
c0l2ebut I do not want to disable all usb devices.. just for storage only09:23
adantebrjann: easy! :] done09:23
brjannadante: i.e., remove the layouts that are there and add a new garbage one09:23
adantethat, i am good at :P09:23
brjannadante: hehe, okay. hit okay and close gconf-editor, then cross your fingers and test your keyboard09:24
adantebrjann: hrm no luck.. would i have to restart my x session? will try that now09:24
brjannadante: hm, gconf settings usually take effect instantly. but sure, you can try that09:24
mawstOk what's the splash after grub but before usplash?09:25
FireCrotchc0l2e: "gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/media_automount false" should disable automounting09:25
toaderHi, what is the meaning of POSIX-compatible  filesystem?09:26
adantebrjann: sadly no vnc server does not start at all09:26
c0l2e FireCrotch:  yeah i got this but it still shows that a new storage devices is available09:26
c0l2ejust click and it will mount09:26
brjannadante: hm. you have ssh access? we can reset that key from the command line09:27
=== ktogias_ is now known as ktogias
FireCrotchc0l2e: I believe it showing up there is handled by udev, so you'll have to write a udev rule to stop it from doing that09:27
adantebrjann: yeah i do09:28
c0l2eFireCrotch:  yeah. but I don't have any idea how to do it09:28
brjannadante: okay, login and run   gconftool --set /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd/layouts --type List --list-type String [us,gb]09:28
sriniany option to lock icons on desktop in Ubuntu??09:29
adantebrjann: hmm tried that but vncserver still doesn't run09:30
adantebrjann: i'm not sure if this is related to the gconf setting or not, seems kind of odd09:30
FireCrotchc0l2e: This might be a good place to start with that: http://siliconbased.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/ignoring-devices-with-udev-rules/09:30
brjannadante: it does indeed, keyboard layouts shouldn't prevent vnc from starting09:30
c0l2efound a way to bind it to a group09:30
adantebrjann: sadly i am unsure how to get any form of logging on vncserver09:30
brjannadante: i haven't used vnc since like 1998, so i have no idea either :)09:31
mtx_initMost people just use X11 forwarding via ssh, its similair and more platform independent09:32
aeiou_is apache2-mpm-peruser included as a package for any version of ubuntu?09:32
=== shai_ is now known as Guest74561
brjannadante: i'd either reboot or at least restart gdm and see if that helps09:32
jellowHow big does a live cd usb have to be ? 700 mb?09:32
adantex11 forwarding via ssh is more platform independent than vnc you say09:33
mtx_initadante: I would say so09:33
FireCrotchaeiou_: I don't see it for Karmic09:33
sabgenton_in grub209:33
sabgenton_how does grub-mkconfig know what partion to assign to  root=bla09:33
FireCrotchaeiou_: you can check packages.ubuntu.com to check the other versions09:33
mtx_initadante: on OSX ssh will just work, on ant unix like system ssh will be there and in windows just install xwin3209:33
jellowI mean a (Live-cd) usb install stick , 700 mb?09:34
aeiou_FireCrotch, ok thanks I'll have to compile then09:34
FireCrotchjellow: the same as for a CD :)09:34
mementomoriis it possible having a dual head pc with a monitor using a full screen virtualbox session?09:34
=== sabgenton_ is now known as sabgenton
jellowFireCrotch: Ok thanks09:34
FireCrotchmementomori: basically so that you can have, for instance, Windows on one monitor, Ubuntu on another? Certainly09:35
Basaliskdoes anyone know how to extract external links from a pdf document09:35
adantebrjann: well i'm trying to forge ahead with an upgrade to 9.10 now anyway via cmd line09:35
adantebrjann: thanks for your help, appreciated!09:35
Basalisk(this is the pdf embedded in a browser split into many files problem)09:35
satdavHey guys do you instal yum on Ubuntu09:35
mtx_initmementomori: im doing it right now, you just need the vbox guest additions09:36
mementomoriFireCrotch, exactly. which video card should I buy? ndivia or ati?09:36
mtx_initno ati09:36
FloodBot4mtx_init: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:36
FireCrotchmementomori: nvidia, for sure09:36
tehbautcan someone ...anyone... tell me why I cannot format a partition as hfs+ even after installing hfsprogs?09:36
brjannadante: no problem. here's the link to the page i was looking at, there's one other possibility in the comments that might help related to the .vnc/xstartup script: http://blog.yclian.com/2007/12/3-solutions-to-gnomevnc-keyboard.html09:36
FireCrotchsatdav: Um why would you want to do that?09:36
tehbautthis has me seriously flustered09:36
bazhangsatdav, you dont09:36
mementomorimtx_init, what happens if you try to "rotate" the cube?09:36
satdavyum is a good service09:37
FireCrotchsatdav: yum is horrible09:37
bazhangsatdav, nonetheless ubuntu uses apt09:37
mtx_initmementomori: I disable all of that stuff, Im not a fan of fancy gui;s, so I have no idea09:37
FireCrotchsatdav: and ubuntu uses apt09:37
satdavwhat is apt09:37
satdavI never hered of that09:37
bazhang!apt > satdav09:37
ubottusatdav, please see my private message09:37
mementomorimtx_init, so you dont have compix. ok09:37
FireCrotchsatdav: it's ubuntu's package management system09:37
mtx_initmementomori: nope, well it is likely on the system, but I spend most time in the terminal, so I dont use it09:38
satdavOK does it include openfire on that09:38
mementomorimtx_init, how many virtual desktop do you have?09:38
bazhangsatdav, what is openfire09:38
FireCrotchmementomori: I *think* you can set each head separately when it comes to the cube and stuff, but its complex09:39
mtx_initmementomori: I have a few windows installs for different purposes.  One to print ecoupons lets say, another to download ebooks, another to work on my resume and thats about it.09:39
satdavit is a java based irc cliant09:39
mementomoriwhat I want to know is each head is binded to a different X session or to a different virtual desktop09:40
bazhangsatdav, what version of Ubuntu are you using09:40
satdavthe latest one09:40
bazhangsatdav, apt-cache search openfire09:40
satdavso I need to ssh to it09:41
c0l2eFireCrotch:  found it and now it works09:41
PingFloydwhy different windows installs as apposed to one window install to handle all of that?09:41
FireCrotchc0l2e: Yay09:41
c0l2ehow can I test for group in udev's? rules?09:41
c0l2eI'll post it in my blog09:41
mementomorimtx_init, FireCrotch...09:42
c0l2eNow secondly, how can I bind that rules against groups??09:42
satdavhey guys what is the command to install tomcat09:42
mtx_initwhats up?09:42
FireCrotchmementomori: you can have separate x sessions09:42
c0l2eexample  only users of group usb_users can access USB drives09:42
=== djungelkraem_ is now known as djungelkraem
bazhangsatdav, tomcat6?09:43
=== guestt13215 is now known as poetroue
mementomoriFireCrotch, should I configure them manually or will it be done "automatically"09:44
=== aeiou_ is now known as aeiou
FireCrotchc0l2e: I would have udev mount USB drives as being read/write for only the usb_users group09:44
masteranybody from cali09:44
c0l2eFireCrotch:  yeah09:45
masterIM FROM THE BAY09:45
Tecnomanhi guys i install ubuntu remix in my acer aspire one but i have problems with 3 things , microphone , i can read any sd card and the mp4 videos run very slow.09:45
soreaumaster: What does this have to do with ubuntu?09:45
c0l2edoes this  GROUP=="GROUPNAME" WORKS?09:45
bazhangmaster, did you have an Ubuntu support question?09:45
c0l2esorry for the CAPS09:45
PingFloydmaster: which bay?09:45
masterhahahahahah im a pimp see yaaaa09:45
FireCrotchmementomori: if I recall correctly, nvidia-settings lets you set it to be separate X sessions09:45
gbisgood morning09:45
PingFloydfrom the bay of pigs?09:45
Tecnomanhi guys i install ubuntu remix in my acer aspire one but i have problems with 3 things , microphone , i can read any sd card and the mp4 videos run very slow.09:46
mementomoriFireCrotch, can you point me to any doc about this topic?09:46
FireCrotchc0l2e: I think it will09:46
gbisi need your help for a pb with ubuntu server 9.1009:46
MrNaz_ymaany bash gurus here bored and want to earn a quick buck? i need  a small script done and im happy to pay by paypal if someone does it for me09:46
c0l2eFireCrotch:  ok better try it.. hahah thanks dude09:46
mtx_initMrNaz_yma: try #bash09:46
=== abhijit is now known as abhi_nav
MrNaz_ymamtx_init aah cool09:46
satdavyes tomcat 609:47
bazhangsatdav, sudo apt-get install tomcat609:47
ravenvirtualbox+usb - right vb version and guest-additions installed but still usb function deactivated/grey - what could i do?09:47
Tecnomanany help ¿?09:47
rocketeerbkwwhy can't I create a directory when I'm a member of a group with rwx?09:48
mementomorirocketeerbkw, type the command "id" in the shell you are trying to make the dir and see if you are actually in that group09:49
FireCrotchmementomori: I don't know of any specific docs, but I did check, and you can set each monitor to use a separate X session with nvidia-settings09:49
brjannrocketeerbkw: is the filesystem readonly?09:49
mementomoriFireCrotch, thank you.09:49
lamefunIs there some distro, even more newbie-friendly than Ubuntu?09:49
zetherooI should be able to have more than 10 tabs open in FF without it acting like it wants to crash every 2 min09:50
mtx_initlamefun: maybe mint09:50
rocketeerbkwFireCrotch: id says I'm not, but groups does09:50
rocketeerbkwbrjann: nope09:50
soreaulamefun: For linux, I would say probably not09:50
mementomoriFireCrotch, should I login in both head?09:50
bazhanglamefun, that is outside of the scope of this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic09:50
brjannrocketeerbkw: did you happen to add yourself to this group during the same login session you're in now?09:50
induslamefun, mandriva09:50
zetherooFirefox is feeling very buggy and overweight09:50
FireCrotchmementomori: what do you mean?09:50
mementomoriFireCrotch, if I have two different X sessions at startup will I have two different gdm login screens?09:51
rocketeerbkwbrjann: yes, is it as simple as logging out and in again?09:51
brjannrocketeerbkw: yep09:51
mementomorirocketeerbkw, you can try to cast "su -"09:51
rocketeerbkwbrjann: thx!09:52
brjannrocketeerbkw: no problem :)09:52
FireCrotchmementomori: I don't think you'll have two gdm login screens, but I'll have to defer to someone else on that question, since I don't have my other computer anymore to try it out on09:52
piojunbabiai accidentally mess up my compiz configuration... i can no longer use my left click button on my mouse unless i hold press ctrl first before using the left click (or right click too maybe) how may i resolve my problem?09:52
soreaupiojunbabia: ccsm>Preferences>Reset to Defaults09:53
soreaupiojunbabia: Or, sys>prefs>appearance>visual effects>none09:53
piojunbabiasoreau let me try, thanks09:53
brjannmementomori, FireCrotch: no, if you set up seperate x screens using nvidia-settings you'll still only have the one gdm login screen.09:53
zetheroowhat is a good lightweight alternative to FF?09:53
mtx_initzetheroo: edbrowse09:54
skritezetheroo, ff as in firefox?09:54
FireCrotchbrjann: Thanks for chiming in :) Am I correct in saying that he'll be able to have separate compiz cubes on them?09:54
zetherooskrite: yep09:54
mementomoriFireCrotch, ok. last question: will I need two mice and keyboards or is sufficient to move the mouse in the screen I want to work on to focus it?09:54
JonathanEllisI am running Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Yesterday Ubuntu downloaded updates including a kernel update. Grub update asked to replace menu.lst so I clicked on what seemed the most sensible option (replace with package maintainers version). Now Ubuntu wont boot. Grub comes up with Error 11: Unrecognized device string. Now this happened last time I had a kernel update and I fixed it by replacing the uuid entries with /dev/sdxy entries but I think this should09:54
skritezetheroo, google-chrome is pretty cool09:54
FireCrotchmementomori: just one kb and mouse :)09:55
zetherooskrite; is that in the repos?09:55
soreauFireCrotch: Yes, but you wont be able to move windows from one screen to the other09:55
brjannFireCrotch: i'd imagine so. in every respect they're separate screens. they could run different WMs if he wanted09:55
skriteno, easy to get though, one click09:55
skritezetheroo, will get you the link09:55
mementomorisoreau, this is not an issue for me...09:55
zetherooChromium Browser09:55
zetheroois that the same09:55
piojunbabiasoreau: geee thanks it worked!!!!09:56
induszetheroo, add the ppa09:56
induszetheroo, i suggest just download chrome09:56
wubrgamerany excel nerds in here?  How do I count a column for the number of instances of cells containing the letter B ? say "wubrgamer" (my nick) if you care to respond please!  This should work in Calc too09:56
soreaupiojunbabia: cool09:56
induszetheroo, www.google.com/chrome09:56
srvi have 2 network interfaces, Can i use make ssh to use only eth0 and not wlan009:56
FireCrotchbrjann, soreau: Thanks again :) I haven't had too much experience with dual monitor setups09:56
vorlockguys any idea what error -3 means when running splashy?09:56
zetherooindus: is it the same as Chromium Browser09:57
FireCrotchsrv: are we talking about on the ssh server or client?09:57
soreausrv: You could unload the wifi driver module09:57
JonathanEllisI just reinstated my old menu.lst and it works. Thing I cant understand is why the uuid version doesnt work when the uuids have been generated by grub update and they appear to be correct09:57
srvssh client09:57
induszetheroo, its the same underlying code but its a google product, chromium is open source09:57
piojunbabiazetheroo, i think cromium and chrome are just the same09:57
induszetheroo, its a long story09:57
srvsoreau: i dont want to do that, i have some apps using wlan009:58
induszetheroo, chrome is stable, chromium is development and will break09:58
zetherooindus; I have Chromium Browser Daily Builds in Ubuntu Tweak as a PPA repo I can add09:58
mr-greyI have a quick question, I just got ubuntu and I'm rather new to lynux and I downloaded a game from the software center and my sound goes out of wack when I play it, also I can't use the rythembox and play the game at the same time my sound goes entirely out... any sugjestions?09:58
induszetheroo, what exactly do you need09:58
soreausrv: Well you said you wanted to use eth0 and not wlan0. Maube you should describe a bit more in detail your situation09:58
zetherooindus: there is another repo I can add called Google Stable Source09:58
induszetheroo, where?09:59
JonathanEllisI am running Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Yesterday Ubuntu downloaded updates including a kernel update. Grub update asked to replace menu.lst so I clicked on what seemed the most sensible option (replace with package maintainers version). Now Ubuntu wont boot. Grub comes up with Error 11: Unrecognized device string. Now this happened last time I had a kernel update and I fixed it by replacing the uuid entries with /dev/sdxy entries but I think this should09:59
induszetheroo, i dont know , i just use chrome it crashes a lot though09:59
srvi  have some apps (mozilla firefox)  using wlan0; i want ssh to use only eth009:59
zetherooindus: FF is just horrible for anything more than 4-5 tabs for me ...09:59
ravenvirtualbox+usb - right vb version and guest-additions installed but still usb function deactivated/grey - what could i do?09:59
induszetheroo, how much ram? did you know that firefox consumes least amount of ram with mor e tabs compared to other browsers?09:59
zetherooindus: I am using Ubuntu Tweak .. it has a heap of cool repos10:00
indushmm never heard of it10:00
Rezuubuntu chat going on10:00
Rezujoin us on tinychat10:00
FireCrotchsrv: use iptables to block outgoing port 22 on the wireless interface10:00
bazhangRezu, dont paste that here10:00
zetherooindus: I have 4 GB of RAM ... 320 GB 7200RPM HDD ... Core2Duo T9300 2.5GHZ ... Ubuntu 64bit ....10:01
FireCrotchsrv: or better yet, forward it to the eth0 interface10:01
srvFireCrotch: how can i do it?10:01
zetherooindus: I believe I have enough resources :)10:01
industry chrome10:02
indusits nice and light10:02
brjannsrv: may i ask why you want to do prevent ssh from using a specific interface? there might be an easier way to accomplish your goal10:02
zetherooindus; thing is that I see it using about 200MB of RAM with a dozen tabs open ... which means there is heaps more RAM left to play with ... but it start greying out here and there and the whole system starts slowing down ... even the mouse is jerky10:02
abhi_navtesting quassel10:03
Ububeginwhen I was tar -xwvf afolder.tar .......... i kept getting extract `fileA.txt'? and then I have to press *y*... I dont wanna keep doing this over and over again... any ideas, on how I can force it run all the way10:03
srvbrjann: my wlan0 network is outside the firewall10:04
tehbautwhat will it take for ubuntu 10.4 to get hfs+ formatting capabilities in gparted by default?10:04
tehbautgparted live cd has support10:04
bazhangtehbaut, lucid?10:04
=== administrator_ is now known as abhi_nav
solowmy sound on firefox stopped working. anyone know why?10:04
tehbautbazhang: yeah10:04
brjannsrv: so you want to prevent ssh attempts from your machine to other machines on your internal network?10:05
bazhangtehbaut, please take lucid questions to #ubuntu+110:05
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=== Test_ is now known as MalayanPasig
solowlike, youtube stopped making sound, but my mp3's still work10:07
srvbrjann: my wlan0 network is a separate network which i want to use for browsing, eth0 for accessing my servers10:07
srvhow can i use iptables to do this - help me10:07
FireCrotchsrv: then just use the local address of the server. it'll be routed properly automatically10:07
mr-greyeverything such a challenge to work proper lol unreal.10:08
srvFireCrotch: it doesnt work10:08
srvssh hangs and tries to use wlan010:08
brjannsrv: are you perhaps using an ip block on your internal network that's actually routeable?10:09
srvhow can i know10:09
anubhavare UTF8 charset names supported ?10:09
brjannsrv: what IP addresses are you using on the network connecting to eth0?10:09
anubhav s/names/usernames10:10
mr-greyI'm assuming my sound drivers are installed ok because I have sound in ubuntu and the music players but when I play a game it goes all out of whack, really staticy and cuts out. any tips on figuring that out?10:10
brjannsrv: (also, how do you know it's trying to use wlan0 when it hangs?)10:10
FireCrotchsrv: you might need to add a route to the routing table for the other local network.  route -add eth010:11
FireCrotcher... without the - before add10:11
mr-greyalso when i run rythumbox and play a game at the same time it completly shuts my sound down and I gotta swap settings in the volume menu on your panel10:12
mr-greyto get it going again10:12
solowI want sound :(10:12
HangukMigukany conky gurus in here? i've been having trouble with conky displaying ttf fonts: it only displays one, any others, it defaults to Sans.10:13
srvwhat is
FireCrotchsrv: My apologies, I forgot to mention that you need to change to the IP subnet that your eth0 network is using10:15
srvFireCrotch: i know, i replaced it with my ip lol10:15
srvhence i asked why 24?10:16
srvactually, i meant that10:16
solowI just checked out sound preferences and it said with applications, firefox, mute. But I unmuted it, and still have no sound. question #1: How did it get muted? I never did that. #2: WHERE IS MY SOUND :(10:16
FireCrotchIt shouldn't be your machine's IP, you want the network's address. so if your IP is then you want to use
srvNo, i am asking about /2410:17
FireCrotchsrv: the /24 specifies that the first 24 bits of the IP are the network portion of the IP10:17
mementomorisrv, /24 is the netmask bit10:17
FireCrotchit's equivalent to the subnet mask being
srvwhen i do that i get route: netmask 000000ff doesn't make sense with host route10:17
mementomorisrv, what's you network problem?10:18
mementomorisrv, what's your network problem?10:18
srvwhen i give "route add" i get route: netmask 000000ff doesn't make sense with host route10:19
mementomorisrv, paste somewhere the ifconfig and route commands' outputs10:20
srvFireCrotch: mementomori: i guess it has worked10:20
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Guest10546
srvi did a "route add eth0" and it worked10:20
mementomorioh, yes... you was missing the interface... ;)10:20
srvdoes it mean "Use eth0 for all addressed in network10:21
srvwhat does it mean then10:21
FireCrotchyep, that's what it mean10:21
mementomoriyou just added a new route10:21
=== Guest10546 is now known as Blue-Omega
srvcan you explain10:21
mementomoriyou should add a new default gateway for having what you asked for10:21
srvmementomori: what should i do now and how10:22
srvsorry for being so stupid10:22
FireCrotchsrv: you're now able to ssh to your servers, correct?10:23
srvyes i am right now10:23
mementomoriso dont do any changes10:23
srvbut tell me this default gateway thing?10:24
mementomorimaybe I'm getting a bit confused...10:24
srvwhat does it mean10:24
mementomorisrv, the default gateway is the default route your packets will be sent to10:24
FireCrotchsrv: you'll want that route to be added every time the eth0 interface is brought up, so you'll need to add something to /etc/network/interfaces also10:24
mementomorisrv, the default gateway is the default host  your packets will be sent to10:25
srvokay got it10:25
srvsince i have 2 interfaces, i want to send packets to the other one as well, i dont want default gateway10:25
mementomorisrv,  sure10:25
srvokay guys, i got what i want - thank you10:25
mementomorisorry for my bad answers...10:26
srvmementomori: i love you ;-)10:26
abhi_navcan i play songs (any format) from command prompt? e.g. playing songs from ubuntu server etc (not gui)10:26
FireCrotchsrv: in your /etc/network/interfaces file, for the eth0 interface, you'll want to add this: post-up <the route command from before>10:26
mementomorilol ;)10:26
srvFireCrotch: you were talking about doing this "port" wise correct?10:26
FireCrotchsrv: I had mentioned doing it per port, but this is the proper way to do it10:27
FireCrotchI wasn't thinking when I said to forward the port10:27
ddavidspls i plug my ethernet cable from my modem to my karmic emachine laptop and does not even display auto etho but it does when i connect it to my karmic desktop... what does this mean?10:28
HangukMigukcan anyone help me with this problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=891941910:28
abhi_navwhat is emachine?10:28
srvabhi_nav: its a chinese company10:29
abhi_navI need command prompt (terminal) alternatives of these applications: web broswer, audio player. anyone knows is there any?10:29
srvI better get some coffee now my things are working10:29
abhi_navsrv: ok10:29
CroeVay be10:29
Paulo39hi, i'm using Chromium on Ubuntu karmic and i'm not able to see videos on youtube, but i can do it without any problems on firefox10:29
ddavidsabhi_nav: its an acer laptop10:30
daroluabhi_nav: I like "links" (text web browser), for audio I usually use mplayer (command line)10:30
daroluabhi_nav: other text web browsers are elinks and lynx10:30
abhi_navdarolu: can you tell me how to install and how to use it?10:30
abhi_navdarolu: which one is the bset?10:30
starhallo all10:31
zetheroohow do I boot into a previous kernel?10:31
starwonder if anyone can help10:31
daroluabhi_nav: sudo apt-get install links mplayer elinks lynx10:31
Paulo39and i think it's not about flash, because i can see videos on vimeo.com, for example. Actually, i think this starts to happen when i switch to the new theme/look of youtube10:31
starinstalled ubuntu studio10:31
abhi_navdarolu: ok10:31
=== star is now known as Guest65162
Guest65162since then my gnome panel is not smooth :/10:31
Guest65162it just looks weird all my gtk apps :(10:31
=== Guest65162 is now known as star3am
HangukMigukPaulo39: You mean the HTML5 version?10:31
daroluabhi_nav: there's no "best" program, I like links more, but others like lynx the best as it has 'pretty colours' :P10:31
HangukMigukaka the beta one?10:31
RootRatHi guys Top of the day to you .. Problem .. Installed Adobe flash player with deb package manager ... Says its installed but will not work .. help !10:32
Paulo39HangukMiguk: hum.. i dont now, its a new template from youtube website10:32
Paulo39it's possible that tey are using html5 and chromium doenst have support for that yet?10:33
abhi_navdarolu when using ubuntu server how to switch from irssi to command prompt without closing irssi? actually I want to run irssi, links(or other) and mplayer (or other) simultaneously10:33
FireCrotchRootRat: Have you restarted your browser?10:33
Paulo39abhi_nav: you can use screen10:33
daroluabhi_nav: a VERY popular audio player for the command line is mp3blaster, but I haven't used it that much10:33
RootRatFirecrotch yes sir /mame10:33
HangukMigukPaulo39: I think the HTML5 player doesn't have support in Linux yet.  I know it doesn't in Firefox yet, but it might not in Chrome yet either.10:33
FireCrotchRootRat: What browser are you using?10:34
abhi_navPaulo39: what is screen? is it any apps?10:34
daroluabhi_nav: with Ctrl+Alt+Z  you send apps to the background10:34
Paulo39hum.. but in firefox i am totally able to see the videos10:34
abhi_navdarolu: ok but i wll install that also. thnx10:34
dehqanwhen login page comes up , mouse and keyboard does not work , how to fix it ?10:34
RootRatFireCrotch  I am using firefox10:34
daroluabhi_nav: with $ jobs you see what apps you have running10:34
abhi_navdarolu: $job ?10:35
abhi_navdarolu: its not working10:35
abhi_navPaulo39: what is screen? is it any apps?10:35
daroluabhi_nav: jobs with an S10:36
Paulo39screen is a program that lets you to have multiple apps/processes running from the same terminal10:36
abhi_navPaulo39: thnx :)10:36
Paulo39and you can switch between them without to have to stop each one when you wanto to switch10:36
abhi_navdarolu: ???? can you give me the actual command? jobs s is not working too10:36
mtx_initPaulo39: you dont need screen to do that, you do need screen to multiplex them for your viewing.10:36
abhi_navPaulo39: hmm ok10:36
Paulo39it's really  useful10:36
daroluuhmmm "jobs" is the actual command to list what you have running in the background :S10:37
ddavidsmtx_init: how do u mean - multiplex?10:37
Paulo39mtx_init: if i want to run, for example, irssi and finch, its very useful to have screen and i can switch between them easily10:37
HangukMigukPaulo39: looks like chrome works with HTML5 player.  I'm really not sure...10:37
mtx_initPaulo39: yes, but you dont need it.10:37
abhi_navdarolu: it just executes that jobs command but not showing any results??   :(10:38
Paulo39mtx_init: how would you do that?10:38
mtx_initddavids: if you dont use screen and put programs to the background, they can still print to the forground.  screen works as a multiplexer for tty's.10:38
mtx_initPaulo39: just run each as a backround process.10:38
Paulo39mtx_init: it's possible, but is not useful10:39
abhi_navmtx_init: can you please tell me teh keyboard shortcut for tihs? i am new10:39
abhi_navyah i am using screen also10:39
mtx_initscreen is great10:39
mtx_initone of the best tools out there10:39
abhi_navno but you tell me that other process naa?10:39
piojunbabiawhat is screen?10:39
daroluabhi_nav: if you haven't sent anything to the background with "Ctrl + Z" it won't show anything :p10:39
ubottuScreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen10:39
daroluabhi_nav: to bring the "job" back you run "fg <jobnumber>"10:40
dad_mythtv g\hard drive full10:40
=== dad_ is now known as Guest22591
RootRatFireCrotch  when I bring up the site that uses flash player it want to direct me to the adobe site to install flash player again . is there a way I can find out id flash player has been successfully installed ?10:40
abhi_navdarolu: ok it worked thnx10:40
Guest22591my mythtv hdd is full yet recording are on another disk10:40
FireCrotchRootRat: about:plugins page10:40
Guest22591what is filling the disk10:40
Guest22591live tv on another disk as well10:41
abhi_navthnx all of you darolu, Paulo39 and mtx_init: bye :)10:41
RootRatFireCrotch  okay  will look10:41
Guest22591mythbuntu disk is full10:41
q0_0phow is mythbuntu10:41
q0_0pnever tried it10:41
Guest22591yes good thc10:41
dehqanany opinion ?10:41
Guest22591my hdd is full but recording and live tv on anotehr disk10:42
ddavidsi have lynx installed but pls i need a few tips on how to use it, id like to explore it...10:42
Guest22591so what could fill disk?10:42
tehbautis it possible to make a 273MB casper-rw file?10:42
tehbautI want to fit a persistent 9.10 on a 1GB usb drive10:43
ddavidscan anyone help wt a few tips and commands...10:43
FireCrotchddavids: you can read the lynx manual page :) man lynx10:43
Guest22591david any quesion u have with commmands in terminal type man command name10:43
Guest22591eg man sudo10:43
Guest22591or man ls10:44
FireCrotchtehbaut: yes you can do a persistant 9.10 on a 1GB drive10:45
tehbautFireCrotch: I was using this method, but it seems it require 2GB or more for persistency10:46
abhi_navhow to login to only command prompt. i.e. terminal. i dont want to login to ubuntu eachtime. some times i only wants terminal as same as that of ubuntu server10:46
mtx_initabhi_nav: uninstall xorg and gnome10:46
mtx_initthats the easiest way10:47
Guest22591ctl alt f110:47
abhi_navmtx_init: i said sometime10:47
abhi_navGuest22591 for the ctl alt f1 first i need to login intu ubuntu naa?10:47
Guest22591you dont10:47
Guest22591but you can10:47
Guest22591then do it10:48
Guest22591then to stop gdm10:48
abhi_navthen i can youse this shortcut in that login windwos, in that windows where it asks for username and pass?10:48
Guest22591type sudo stop gdm10:48
abhi_navi am trying that now10:48
abhi_navthnx all10:48
FireCrotchtehbaut: I think that might just be a limitation of their setup tool10:49
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE10:49
FireCrotchtehbaut: you should just be able to create the casper-rw partition using fdisk10:49
tehbautFireCrotch: ok, any idea what the command is for that?10:49
roba0665greets all, I have a Ipex laptop (rebadged asus A3000N) that wont run up Ubuntu 9.10, I can get the liveCD to run okay tho using apic = off noapic nolapic  .. Strangely the latest debian runs okay...10:50
FireCrotchtehbaut: I assume you have the 750mb partition made already?10:50
sledgeanyone use BitchX ?10:50
tehbautFireCrotch: yeah, it's loaded and live10:52
tehbautFireCrotch: I have 270MB free on the drive10:53
FireCrotchtehbaut: sudo fdisk /dev/sdX (where sdX) is whatever the USB drive is10:53
kianHow I can open archives folder and increase packages! it does not allow me normally?10:53
zogg_co_JKT <-- spamming on channel join10:53
kl0xI've got a problem guys10:53
FireCrotchtehbaut: then type n to make a new partition, then p to make it a primary, then 2 to make it partition 210:53
stronzehow do i upgrade from 9.04 yo 9.10 without the network? i downloaded the ISO and also burned to DVD-R10:54
kl0xdunno what to do, actually don't even know the problem's source10:54
FireCrotchtehbaut: then accept the defaults for the starting and ending partition, then w to write the changes to the disk10:54
kl0xstronze, which ISO?10:54
kl0xstrauze, you need alternate i think10:54
dehqanwhat does "rF" mean in statue of package ?10:54
tehbautFireCrotch: hmmm, couldn't I just do this in gparted? ;)10:54
stronzek10x - how do i get alternate?10:54
anarkihi all :)10:55
tehbautFireCrotch: (I have to make room for a second partition anyway)10:55
roba0665stronze: check your favourite local mirror10:55
FireCrotchtehbaut: oh, yeah, definitely. just make sure it's ext2 and the label is casper-rw10:55
tehbautah, that's it?10:55
kl0xstronze, i guess from the same server you took the live one10:55
FireCrotchtehbaut: yep10:55
stronzeroba0665 k10x - i downloaded via bit torrent from ubuntu.com10:55
tehbautFireCrotch: sweet, so can I take all the free space, or does ubuntu need just a tiny amount to run?10:56
kian How I can open archives folder and increase packages! it does not allow me normally?10:56
tehbautI assume it loads everything into memory, so no need to leave anything10:56
sledgei cant figure out how to join multiple servers, or multiple channels10:57
FireCrotchtehbaut: well, everything I've seen says to make the main partition 750MB10:57
kl0xstronze, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate10:57
=== sledge is now known as wzhya
tehbautFireCrotch: cool, that's fine... I'll leave 750MB then10:58
roba0665greets all, I have a Ipex laptop (rebadged asus A3000N) that wont run up Ubuntu 9.10, I can get the liveCD to run okay tho using apic = off noapic nolapic  .. Strangely the latest debian runs okay...10:58
roba0665I think its the X part that is crashing but dont know how to start debugging the issue...10:58
kian How I can open archives folder and increase packages! it does not allow me normally?10:59
kl0xMy keyboard doesn't work on my session10:59
stronzethanks k10x - i think i know why i couldnt find it10:59
kl0xinstead, works perfectly on this one10:59
kl0xstronze, np10:59
stronzek10x - just another 2-3 days to download now10:59
kl0xIt stopped working after I.. after I run Windows XP T.T11:00
kl0xstronze, uf... don't you prefer dd?11:00
stronzek10x - dd? i gotta use bit torrent cuz im on a very horrible internet connection and downloading any other way tends to corrupt files11:01
roba0665where can I get 10.04 from?11:01
=== mrjohns_ is now known as mrjohns
FiNkdo you speak turkish ?11:01
jolarenHow do I download the source for my kernel 2.6.31-19-generic ?11:01
bazhangFiNk, in #ubuntu-tr11:01
kedy07what is nohup for?11:02
kl0xroba0665 http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha211:02
FiNkthank yoU ;)11:02
bazhangroba0665, please /join #ubuntu+1 for lucid support and discussion11:02
farsanAny Landscape users around? Got some questions about backup.11:03
kedy07other than having output directed to nohup.out11:03
brjannkedy07: it prevents the launched program from terminating when you log out11:03
kedy07brjann: oh ok. thanks11:03
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FiNkBana Bi Kod öğrEtenin40 yıl köleSi oLuRum :D11:04
stronzek10x i gotta say thanks for the link.i KNOW why i couldnt find it now and feel like an idiot.11:05
abhi_navpppoeconf give error that he scanned for 4 devices but access concentrator did not replied. i want