Havok88Hey guys01:46
Havok88Does anyone know about the tomboy notes sync issue with U1? Wondering if there are any workarounds; nothing I've tried works01:47
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patchmonsterIs there anywhere I could offer a suggestion (without patch >_>)?06:29
* rye is away, for a couple of hours, feeling rather dumb11:26
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duanedesignthrowing together a script that writes my computers package selections to a couchdb.20:48
duanedesignalso reads the selections, after Ubuntu One replicates them, to make sure i have all my favorite apps on alll my computers :)20:49
aquariuscool :)20:50
aquariuswhen you've done that, write about it on your website :)20:51
duanedesigngood idea20:51
artirduanedesign:  I had the same idea :D20:58
artiryou'll need polkit :)20:59
artirbecause I guess that if you run something as sudo, it uses another couchdb20:59
aquariusyou shouldn't be talking to couch as root21:00
aquariustalk to couch as not root and then be root to install the packages21:00
artirthat's why polkit is needed21:00
artirat first I thought of creating an "orbiter" sudo application to install the packages sent from the user-space app21:01
artirbut then I said, hey, why am i overcomplicating it :D?21:01
artirI may code the actual app in a month21:02
artirfor fun!21:02
artir(and evil)21:02
duanedesignartir: yeah i have been coming up with a lot of ideas to practice/entertain myself with couch/U121:04
duanedesignartir: thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. I m still on the 'def makeDB():'21:04
artirfor the app mention, you could store the package list as a string or separate, and you'll want to separate the packages the system has by default and the ones you installed21:05
artiror just limit the app detection to certain apps and have lists with checkboxes to sync and install that21:05
jcastroanyone know what would be up with this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/389200/21:07
duanedesignjcastro: this is Lucid?21:11
jcastroduanedesign: yep21:13
jcastroI wonder if it's my metadata (again)21:13
jcastrothat happened to me last week21:13
duanedesignrye: poke21:14
aquariusthat doesn't look like a metadata problem. that looks like a code problem. you might have out-of-sync packages? maybe dist-upgrade again?21:14
VoytechHey guys, Do You know something about removing databases from desktopcouch ? Will it be implemented in next releases ?21:16
aquariusVoytech, which DBs do you want to remove? YOu can already do so21:17
Voytechauarius,Yes ? I thought that if I remove database it will be replicated back to my desktopcouch if it was replicated previously21:18
aquariusVoytech, it will, but you can remove it on the server too :)21:18
Voytechaquarius, ok but if for example server replicate the database to another computer :)21:19
aquariusVoytech, what do you want to do? completely delete a database from everywhere?21:19
aquariusto do that, delete it on all the clients and delete it on the server at roughly the same time :)21:19
Voytechaquarius, yes21:19
Voytechaquarius, hmmmm but for example I maight have no access to one of my computers which can have a database that should be deleted21:21
aquariusin that case it's a little more awkward, at the moment.21:22
Voytechaquarius, but do You know anything if it will be improved ?21:24
aquariuswe don't have anything planned for improving it, but if you've got some ideas, I'd like to hear them21:25
Voytechaquarius, in my opinion there is very simple solution for that situation21:25
aquariusanother good way of making sure that this sort of thing doesn' get forgotten is to file a bug about it agaisnt desktopcouch21:25
Voytechaquarius, a replicatable database that for example replicatable_management that will keep a names of databases to be removed21:26
Voytechaquarius, that should be removed21:26
aquariusand then when replication happens, desktopcouch-service looks in that database to see if anything has changed, and then deletes any databases in the list?21:27
Voytechaquarius, If a database is present on desktopcouch it is removed21:27
Voytechaquarius, Yes21:27
Voytechaquarius, Isn't it simple ? In my opinion It should work21:28
aquariusthe problem with that is that if you create a DB called "voytech", delete it, and then six months later create a new db called "voytech", it'll get deleted even though you didn't want it to21:28
Voytechaquarius, but if You create a database And in record containg removed databases is that name, the  name could be removed to not remove it anymore ? :)21:29
aquariusgood idea, but it breaks. I'm just writing down why :)21:30
aquariusImagine you have three computers, A, B, and C, all paired with Ubuntu One. C is not connected to the network.21:33
aquariusA {databases: voytech, deletes: - }, B {databases: voytech, deletes: - }, C {databases: voytech, deletes: - }21:33
aquariusDelete voytech on A. This removes the database and adds it to the deletes list21:33
aquariusA {databases: -, deletes: voytech }, B {databases: voytech, deletes: - }, C {databases: voytech, deletes: - }21:33
aquariusreplicate A with Ubuntu One, then replicate B with Ubuntu One.21:33
aquariusA {databases: -, deletes: voytech }, B {databases: voytech, deletes: voytech }, C {databases: voytech, deletes: - }21:34
aquariusB sees the voytech entry in deletes, deletes the voytech DB, and removes voytech from the deletes list21:34
aquariusA {databases: -, deletes: voytech }, B {databases: -, deletes: - }, C {databases: voytech, deletes: - }21:34
aquariusreplicate B with Ubuntu One, then replicate C with Ubuntu One (by plugging it into the network)21:34
aquariusA {databases: -, deletes: voytech }, B {databases: -, deletes: - }, C {databases: voytech, deletes: - }21:34
aquariusC doesn't see the "voytech" entry in the deletes list, because you've already removed it.21:34
aquariusWorse, C will then send the voytech database *back* to Ubuntu One, and then it'll appear on all the computers again!21:34
Voytechaquarius, wait a moment I have to look at You have written, I knew that it cannot be so simple to do it, in other case the problem would be solved, but must be solution for that21:38
ryeduanedesign, don't know whether that is still valid, but pong21:38
Voytech B sees the voytech entry in deletes, deletes the voytech DB, and removes voytech from the deletes list - why after removing voytech B - deletes it from list  ?21:41
VoytechIt should be removed only if we create a database which name is in deletes list21:42
VoytechThat means we delete it only when current machine on which we are working wants to create such database again ? in other case it may still be in deletes database21:43
aquariusOK, I understand that approach21:43
Voytech<aquarius> Currently I am about to create my own release of desktobcouch that will be compatible with that on ubuntuone - deletion on ubuntuone will be performed by that script -the rest will be as I described above ... I dunno if it will work.. But I'l try. But it may take some time.. I have been never writing in python, so I have to get used to it :)21:47
aquariusif you build it and it works, then submit it as a merge request to desktopcouch and we'll probably include it :)21:48
aquariusI don't really like having a whole database just for this, though :(21:48
Voytechaquarius, Hmmm21:49
ryeok, I am now really going offline.21:51
Voytechaquarius, In fact such aproach makes desktopcouch more hmm ... junky (I do not know if You know what I mean)21:51
aquariusI do know what you mean21:52
aquariusI'd like there to be a better way of doing this, I think :(21:52
ryeRe: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/389200/ - that's definitely the code problem21:53
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duanedesigngetting some bug reporrts about the Beta/PPA23:16
duanedesignSorry, the package "ubuntuone-client-gnome 1.1.2+r407-0ubuntu2~ppa1~" failed to install or upgrade.23:16
duanedesign/var/cache/apt/archives/ubuntuone-client-gnome_1.1.2+r407-0ubuntu2~ppa1~jaunty_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-login', which is also in package ubuntuone-client23:17
duanedesignthis is one of them bug 53293423:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532934 in ubuntuone-client "package ubuntuone-client-gnome 1.1.2+r407-0ubuntu2~ppa1~jaunty failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-login', which is also in package ubuntuone-client ..." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53293423:23

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