ScottLthemuso, sorry to see you go :(00:15
TheMusoScottL: Thanks. I wish I had enough time and energy for lots of FOSS projects I care about, but alass this is not the case.00:16
persiaTheMuso: Thanks for making the resignation and reasons clear.  I'm not sure who can step into your shoes, but at least there is some time.00:21
TheMusopersia: No problem. Re who fills my shoes, I am unsure either, however I will burn out if I don't cut something loose. The goings on in the text to speech field have muddy waters atm, and I want to giv emy full community time focus to them to clear those muddy waters. :)00:22
persiaIndeed.  That's an area that will benefit far more from your attention than here.00:22
persiaDebian Multimedia does an amazing job, and so while there's work to be done here, it's something many can learn to do.  Learning to do text to speech requires much deeper investigation.00:23
TheMusoYeah I agree.00:23
rlameiroTheMuso: sad day :(00:26
rlameirobut I hope that you acomplish everything you want00:26
TheMusorlameiro: For the project, possibly. For me, not so much. It would be a sadder day if I totally burned out.00:26
rlameiroTheMuso: I could helped more if my technical abilites were stronger00:27
rlameirobut i think you are making a good choice00:27
rlameiroI really need to learn to make deb packages :D00:28
persiarlameiro: Actually, 90% of the work needed is precisely not making packages.00:30
persiaIt's stuff like making sure the installer works, and that the correct selection of software is installed.00:30
rlameiroI do not programm in C yest00:31
persiaThat's fine.00:31
rlameiroand my graphic abilities are ..... welllll00:31
rlameirovery bad00:31
rlameirobut what is needed more at the moment00:31
rlameiromaybe there is something that i can do00:31
rlameiroor i would want to learn and do00:31
rlameiroI did ported studio controls from libglade to gtkbuilder00:32
rlameironothing spetial00:32
rlameirobut i needed to study the gtkbuilder api to do it00:32
rlameirowhat can i do to help?00:32
persiaRight now?  Look for bugs in our packages.  Try to find fixes in Debian/Upstream/in other distros.00:33
persiaApply, test.00:33
persiaTest daily images to make sure that they can install.  Test applications to make sure bugs are reported.00:34
rlameirowill look into that00:35
rlameiroi am waiting for my second hdd to make a partition for iso testing only00:36
rlameirowill test with usb audio interface and firewire00:36
rlameiroand also the restricted modules for wifi on the RT kernel00:36
ScottLTheMuso, thank you for working with me and sharing your experience.  I feel fortunate to have worked with you00:42
TheMusoScottL: Thanks, I appreciate your comments.00:43
ScottLpersia:  you around?04:07
ScottLtrying to work on plymouth and I need to install gtk+-2.0=>2.12 but it appears to be uninstallable right now.  is there a definitive way to find out why?04:12
ScottLthis is in lucid btw04:12
persiaaptitude why-not is usually recommended04:13
ScottLi shall try that..thanks :)04:13
ScottLhah, i'm bonkers, sudo apt-get update worked04:52
ScottLand i've built plymouth with x11 plugin support, but I had to do it with sudo make install and now things are getting weird04:53
persiaDid the base packages in lucid not work for you?04:53
persiaI think you're going at this the hard way :)04:54
ScottLyeah, probably   lolz04:54
persiaare you in a lucid environment?04:54
ScottLhold on04:54
ScottL_persia, was putting son to bed and moving back upstairs05:01
ScottL_i'm in lucid environment now05:01
persiaSo, in that environment, you should be able to just apt-get install any packages or development libraries you need, rather than compiling them.05:03
ScottL_well, perhaps I misled you...i'm running the lucid alpha, it's not a pbuilder environment05:04
ScottL_i see there is a plymouth-x11 package05:05
persiaRight, so apt-get install plymouth-x11 will install it, without you needing to build it.05:06
ScottL_but its still telling me to run plymouthd as root and i worry it will bork video05:07
persiaGreat.  You've just saved yourself a build.  What's next on your shopping list?05:07
persiaIt may well bork video.05:07
persiaplymouth tries to do that.05:07
persiaWhen it does, reboot.  Maybe to single-user, and change the config thing you changed back.05:08
ScottL_oh cool, it's working this time :)05:08
persiaExcellent.  Easier this way, no?05:09
ScottL_heh, well, yeah05:09
ScottL_i had found a tutorial on ubuntu forums that mentioned about building the x11 support in a ppa and biased my thoughts that I would need to do it also05:10
ScottL_couple that with the fedora tutorial and well, I went to town building it05:10
ScottL_okay, i accomplished my goal to get plymouth working tonight and I get up in six or so hours, so I bid you goodnight05:11
jussi01ScottL: ping10:23
jussi01he went bedways...10:23
jussi01tomorrow then.10:23
ScottLjussi01, okay, I was thinking of waiting another day just to give other people a chance to respond to my email before I contacted jdong again unless you think we should just go ahead and move forward12:47
jussi01hrm, I wonder why we have 2 logbots...12:47
jussi01ScottL: just mail the list, say something like, ok, looks like we go with ubuntu studio, unless anyone has any final issues? then say you will get it changed tomorrow if there is no objections on the list12:49
ScottLjussi01, after I get the kids up and ready I'll send the email12:50
ScottLjussi01, I just had a thought...when I first read your email about the name change I was favoring using "Ubuntu Studio Support" and I was gong to actually argue for it but13:00
ScottLthe word "support" connotes something you need when something else it wrong and this would limit the scope, or perceived scope, of the forum13:01
ScottL"ubuntu studio" is open to ALL discussions about studio and not just when something is broke13:02
ScottLpersia, ubuntu studio plymouth splash proof of concept - http://fossmusicproject.org/public/ubuntustudio-plymouth-poc.png17:01
ScottLit's not pretty but it tests well17:01
ScottLjussi01, persia TheMuso : if anyone has an artistic direction we want to go with the plymouth theme please let me know and I'll work in that direction17:20
ScottLfor the current time (in the above screenshot) I just used the existing ubuntu_logo them and replaced a few things17:20
ScottLbut perhaps we want to stay the the "ubuntu studio" outline which fills in as progress bar usplash graphcis17:20
ScottL(basically what we have now but translated to plymouth)17:21
ScottLplymouth theme update:   http://fossmusicproject.org/public/ubuntustudio-plymouth-2.png18:55
ScottLchanged back to existing usplash artistic direction but notice the progress bar, it works well for a single, solid bar to be scaled and "unscaled" to fit18:57
ScottLbut I'll looking at the other existing themes to see if I can steal their progress bar code18:57

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