duncanidaho1 I have ubuntu 9.10 installed everything is up and running great.  So I thought I'd give KDE a try.  I installed it, everything seems to be great but getting a wireless connection.  I can see signals that are broadcast but I cannot get connected (in KDE, in Gnome it still works)00:40
holsteinanybody running a lucid studio yet?03:51
jussi01holstein: ScottL is, iirc07:48
holsteinthanks jussi0107:51
holsteini got lucid on my EEE today07:52
holsteinim looking forward to putting it on my studio box though07:52
jussi01yeah, should be good07:58
Zusgood morning, any one here use or now of ableton LIVE, and Reason? im looking for  linux versions or something as good or better12:07
AndillusionThere are no "linux-versions" for those products...12:09
Andillusionwhat exactly do you need?12:10
jussi01heh, I was just going to ask that...12:10
Andillusionhi jussi!12:11
Zusits the only reason why i still use windows, i have yet found programmes on linux12:11
Zuswith reason i have a lot of synthesizers and software studio, i can make music with, and saved songs can be imported to pro tools for mastering12:14
Andillusiontake a look at www.ardour.org maybe that looks nice to you...12:14
Andillusionthere is no _one software for all_ in linux.12:14
AndillusionBut they all work together in JACK very well.12:15
Zusableton is more of a "live" on the fly recording mix and loop  with all sorts of software instruments.12:15
Andillusioni know.12:15
AndillusionBut linux is different.12:15
Zusyes it is, im new, been usiing  ubuntu since 9.10 release.12:16
Zusthe ubuntu studio is this  geared for media?12:16
Andillusionsure it is...12:17
Andillusionis your audio interface running with jack already?12:17
Andillusionuhhh... that's a problem you should work at first.12:18
Zusi boot to my windows drive for my audio, and use rythmbox for my cd's when i use ubuntu12:18
Andillusionwhat interface do you use?12:18
Zusinterface as in gnome or KDE? i am using  gnome,  (ubuntu 9.10 karnic)12:19
Andillusionno sorry... i was thinking audio-interface and writing just interface...12:20
Andillusionwhat audio-interface do you use?12:20
Zushehe not rightly sure on this machine. on my other i have a soundblaster live card12:21
Zusif thats what you mean.12:22
Zusi downloaded live and reason onto the machine and they worked and did what i needed it to do so far, and never thought about much else.12:23
Andillusionwell... if they do what you want and what you need... why do you want to change?12:24
Zuskinda dont use wiindows for anything else, and was wondering if there are any open source software as powerfull as live and reason...12:26
Zusand i dont have a midi keyboard or what not i use live's feature to use the "typing" keyboard.12:27
Andillusionit's perfectly fine to use windows for nothing but music...12:28
Andillusion... that's the best way to keep it stable.  ;-)12:29
jussi01!info hydrogen12:29
ubottuhydrogen (source: hydrogen): Simple drum machine/step sequencer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-5.1ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 3206 kB, installed size 8976 kB12:29
jussi01for midi, theres rosegarden:12:30
jussi01!info rosegarden12:30
ubotturosegarden (source: rosegarden): music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.7.3-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 4020 kB, installed size 9788 kB12:30
Andillusion... this bot is cute !12:31
Zusnice,.. ill check them out.12:32
Andillusion!info ardour12:32
ubottuardour (source: ardour): digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.8.2-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 4587 kB, installed size 12824 kB12:32
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AndillusionThat impresses me even more.12:32
jussi01!no, owner is <reply>This bot is owned by jussi01 and kindly hosted by mFabrik - http://mfabrik.com/ - Questions about ubottu should be asked in #ubuntu-bots12:33
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0112:33
jussi01company changed name...12:33
AndillusionZus: Will that information help you, so far?12:35
Zusyeah im looking at the ardour link now.12:35
Zusim hoping i can master with it.... i think it should suit  just fine,...as long as i can import to pro tools, i should be fine,12:37
Andillusionwell... there is no "export to ProTools"-Button...12:38
AndillusionBut you can export your Tracks in Broadcast-Wave format...12:38
Andillusion... wich should be importable mostly everywhere.12:39
Zuson live i was able to save the song file as a .wav and use that. with reason and rebirth i could just patch into it.12:40
Zusand this is different than, ubuntu,  like  mint is different?12:48
Andillusionthe difference is not that big.12:49
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:51
jussi01you can just install ubuntustudio on top of your standard gnome install12:51
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation12:52
Zusi only know  ubuntu for the past 3 months or so, so many choices,12:53
jussi01yeah, some people find it all a bit much - they like to be told, use this....12:54
Zuslets hope my connection holds out while the torrent  does its thing12:58
Zusthank you guys for the help.13:03
Andillusionyou're welcome.13:04
Andillusionjussi's done the job.13:04
Zusi wanted to say thanks before   got  knocked offline... for some reason the wifi works well at night and as the day begins i get less and less of a signal...13:05
Andillusionhere it is 14:05 now... bright sunlight but a little to cold outside.13:09
jussi01Zus: heh...13:10
Zus lol ok...13:12
Zusdid my question go through?13:13
Andillusionnot at all...13:15
Zuswhat is all in ubuntu studio? file manager and browser?,  can i install it like  i would KDE with gnome? and  login as a different session?13:20
AndillusionIf you do that13:23
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation13:23
AndillusionThe special things of UbuntuStudio will be added to your existing Ubuntu installation13:23
jussi01no, its gnome.13:24
jussi01basically a set of packages with some tweaks13:24
jussi01so there isnt a different session, it just adds to your current gnome13:25
Andillusionwhat do you mean whith "its gnome" ?13:25
jussi01well it uses the gnome DE13:25
Zusthast why i asked i didnt see anything on karmic,....  best wait till lucid then... i dont ahve a vanilla install of  ubuntu .. less it dont matter13:26
Zusif by vanilla install they mean with out installing other programs just yet..]13:30
Zushehe, i guess ill wait till lucid, no telling whats been downloaded and deleted  on this, as i've been using  karmic to learn on.13:32
Zusi still havent gotten my video card and sound card to work  on here  yet13:33
ScottLAndillusion, you can find more expansive information on upgrading from vanilla to ubuntu studio here:    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu13:56
Andillusionhmmm... i don't need further information on that, thanks Scott.13:57
AndillusionBut i have another question...13:58
Andillusionit's about the snd_usb_audio driver...13:58
Zusi did hehe thanks )13:58
Andillusiondoes it support every Class Compliant device?13:59
AndillusionHow can i tell if my USB-Soundcard is Class Compliant?13:59
AndillusionOr is there any change in any configuration i must make?14:00
AndillusionSearching the web for VendorID and DeviceID brought no results.  ;-)14:01
Andillusionhmmm...    silence again...14:02
Zusreading these links i got here to day, sorry i dont know the answer to your question14:04
Andillusioni am already browsing the source of ../alsa-driver-
AJH101Evening! I installed all the Studio apps (only) in my version of Karmic Koala but I would like to uninstall them and set up an installation in its ouwn partition. Is there any easy way to uninstall the apps or do i need to do it all one by one?! Thanks20:19
holsteinhey AJH10120:19
AJH101holstein hi20:20
holsteinAFAIK if you install from the meta packages20:20
holsteinthe apps are kinda stuck to gether20:20
=== kosmitek is now known as kosmita
AJH101i just followed a quick bit of terminal code to install them20:20
AJH101can i do the same to uninstall?20:20
holsteinif you install ubuntustudio-audio20:20
holsteinif you try to uninstall say ardour20:21
holsteineverything else in the metapackage will want to be removed as well20:21
holsteinthat was the behavior i have seen in the past20:21
holsteinnot too long ago20:21
AJH101and that is a problem because? i would install everything again in its own partition20:21
holsteinSO you had a vanilla karmic install20:22
holsteinyou added ubuntu studio packages20:22
holsteinand now you are?20:22
holsteinthe short answer is, if you do sudo apt-get autoremove ubuntustudio-whatever20:23
holsteinyou should not need to remove them one at a time20:23
AJH101wanting to remove them and reinstall studio on its own partition20:23
holsteini would just do whatever you plan on doing to move it20:24
holsteinimaging or whatever20:24
holsteinand just leave the packages there20:24
holsteinunless your going to do a fresh install20:24
holsteinthen just do that20:24
AJH101i may do a fresh install when lucid arrives - that was part of the reason for wanting to get this straight - ok but i am guessing i do not use 'whatever'20:25
holsteinwhatever ubuntustudio metapackages you installed20:26
holsteinubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics20:27
AJH101oops - i just cut and pasted some lines - not very helpful! :-(20:27
holsteinif your planning a fresh install20:27
holsteinjust backup what you need, and abandon what you got20:27
holsteinyou can probably be using lucid20:28
holsteini put it on my EEE yesterday :)20:28
holsteini moved, and dont have my studio box here at the new place20:28
holsteinbut i plan on installing lucid ASAP20:28
holsteinfiling bugs and whatnot20:29
AJH101ok thanks20:29
pilotbubblessetting up a keystudio 49 for monitoring on ubuntu if anyone could pm with tips would really appreciate =D22:55
pilotbubblespretty please23:04

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