cheakoHello, I'm running Ubuntu and I don't have any getty.  I'm like them plz.03:35
sadmaccheako: this channel is for general upstart development discussion. Your question deals with ubuntu-specific configuration issues03:36
cheakosadmac: So it's a known ubuntu configuration issue?03:37
sadmaccheako: not necessarily, but its not on topic here :)03:38
cheakoI get no love from #ubuntu, who else uses upstart?03:38
sadmacfedora, debian, and dozens upon dozens of embedded devices from the palm pre to obscure little microcontrollers nobody will ever hear of.03:39
cheakoI'll try #debien then, thatnk you.03:40
cheakoThe ppl in #debian were slightly more perceptive then the response I got here.  Still they won't support Ubuntu.  Is there any where to get support?04:00
cheakoHay, runlevel returned unknowen.  so I ran telinit 2 and my system came up.  Would that mean something happened?04:06
ionAre you running lucid? Is your system up to date?04:07
cheakoThe ppl in #debian threatened to silance me.  So don't ever tell any one thjat Debian uses upstart... they don't.04:07
cheakoYes, it's upto date... however I can't find lucid.04:08
cheakoperhaps it a version and not an applicaion04:08
Keybukcheako: edit /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf and remove "and net-device-up IFACE=lo" from the "start on" line04:08
cheakoI'm running this karmic thing, Keybuk I'll try that.  Thank you.04:09
cheakoSounds like a winner.04:10
* Keybuk has got quite used to the whole ".conf" thing now04:12
KeybukI thought I'd never like it, but somehow it seems better04:12
cheakoWith any luck, I wont be back.04:31
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