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Sachse_SiechtumHello subspider  :_)02:08
Hellhound666I have a question about my USB devices...02:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:31
Hellhound666I have an old Microsoft USB mouse and a ALFA wireless adapter.  The mouse shows activity during installation but at the login prompt there is nothing.02:32
Sachse_Siechtumproduct name of the mouse?02:32
Hellhound666One sec plz02:32
Hellhound666Wheel mouse optical usb/ps202:33
Hellhound666Microsoft NOM just an old USB mouse02:34
Hellhound666and a new ALFA wireless adapter.  It's on my old computer so that may be the problem.02:34
Sachse_Siechtumare you using the adapter with the mouse?02:35
Sachse_Siechtum*just looking what kinda adapter that is*02:36
Hellhound666no I unplugged the wirless adapter I'm going to try and work on fixing only the mouse first02:37
Sachse_SiechtumI see02:37
Sachse_Siechtummaybe the USB slot, where the mouse is connected to, is not activated in the bios...02:37
Hellhound666It's an old AOPEN board02:37
Sachse_Siechtumwell my computer is from 2004 :-) and my mouse works....02:38
Hellhound666really nice BIOS I reset it to default.  not sure let me dig up some info real quick and I'll get back to you ok?02:38
Sachse_Siechtumtry to use another usb slot02:38
Hellhound666ha there is only 2.02:38
Sachse_Siechtumbummer :-(02:38
Hellhound666brb k02:39
Hellhound666I may have to update the BIOS.  Gimmie a sec I'm going to move my computer in here and connect it via ethernet02:42
Sachse_Siechtumbe careful updating it :-)02:44
Hellhound666I'm going to try all other options before I go that far02:45
Hellhound666one sec I'm trying to get this setup just right02:55
Sachse_Siechtumtake your time02:55
Hellhound666on boot the usb mouse initializes.02:57
Hellhound666I'm just waiting for it to boot up now.  I hope it actually boots.02:58
Sachse_Siechtumwhat version of xubuntu are you using? Karmic?02:59
Hellhound666pff great now it's not booting up03:00
Hellhound666hold up lemme check03:00
Hellhound666this is a 2001 AOPEN board03:01
Sachse_Siechtumoh :-(03:02
Sachse_Siechtumreally old *g*03:02
Hellhound666yeah I know03:02
Hellhound666almost 400mb of ram whooo03:02
Sachse_Siechtumwhoohoo indeed03:02
Hellhound666It's a server style case too03:03
Sachse_SiechtumI'd say best thing would be a bios flash. if there still is some for that board03:03
Sachse_SiechtumI see03:03
Sachse_SiechtumI have a Abit board ...and my bios update went flawless over update software...03:03
Hellhound666whoa it's loading up.  just takes a while03:04
Sachse_SiechtumI dunno Aopen though03:04
Hellhound666wtf now the mouse looks like it's on?03:04
Sachse_SiechtumI see03:04
Hellhound666now off hmmm03:04
Sachse_Siechtumits a generic cable mouse right?03:04
Hellhound666Old microsoft usb mouse03:04
Sachse_Siechtumhave you had other OS's on that computer before linux?03:05
Hellhound666a long time ago xp03:06
Hellhound666then freebsd03:06
Sachse_Siechtumwas the mouse working in XP?03:06
Hellhound666either I was impatient or it just wasn't loading up03:06
Hellhound666yes the usb worked in xp03:06
Hellhound666let me try something real quick03:06
Hellhound666I'm going to try and hook up my external to it03:07
Hellhound666external hdd03:07
Hellhound666there has to be some serious problems with this board.  let me try a few things be back in a second.03:10
Sachse_Siechtum(well a board from 2001..... I think you're lucky, it still works....)03:13
Hellhound666yeah I was over my parents house and forgot I had it stuffed in a closet.03:14
Hellhound666Guess what the problem was...03:16
Hellhound666I just fixed the thing.  I had two NIC's installed, and I think there was an IRQ conflict.03:17
Sachse_Siechtumoh IRQ conflict....hadn't have this one in ages *g*03:17
Hellhound666I guess a while back I was attempting a NIC bridge.03:17
Sachse_Siechtumwhat was a NIC?03:17
Hellhound666yeah jeeze an old one03:17
Hellhound666Network Interface Card03:17
Sachse_Siechtumah I see03:18
Hellhound666those old things we used to plug into the PCI slots03:18
Sachse_Siechtumsomething lik a ethernet   card?03:18
Sachse_Siechtumfor LAN?03:18
Hellhound666same thing03:18
Sachse_Siechtumwell I got a ethernet card in my PCI slot *lol*03:18
Sachse_Siechtumor no wait03:18
Sachse_SiechtumI got this thing on board..  have a wlan card *g*03:19
Sachse_Siechtumyeah that was it *g*03:19
Sachse_Siechtumso not its gonna work, I hope :-)03:19
Hellhound666wait what's the prob?03:20
Hellhound666thanks for helping me out here though03:20
Sachse_Siechtumyeah...well I think the mouse will work now03:21
Sachse_Siechtumno problem03:21
Hellhound666I might just make this computer an open FTP for anybody to put stuff on it.03:22
Sachse_Siechtumoh btw do you know the webcomic "general protection fault"?03:22
Hellhound666It's only 80gb but people can put whatever on it.03:22
Sachse_Siechtumaaah 80 gbyte is nothing nowadays *g*03:23
Hellhound666ah I've heard of a general protection fault but webcomic?03:23
Sachse_Siechtumgoogle for it :-)03:23
Sachse_Siechtumits good03:23
Hellhound666one sec firefox is giving me trouble.03:23
Sachse_Siechtumwhere are you from btw?03:23
Hellhound666cincinnati ohio03:26
Sachse_SiechtumI'm from lower Saxony, Germany03:26
Sachse_Siechtumgot to bed 7pm and woke up 1am *g*03:27
Hellhound666that's a long way from here03:27
Sachse_Siechtumhehe yeah it is. :-)03:27
Hellhound666yeah sometimes I'm up for days03:27
Hellhound666I have a terrible sleep schedule03:28
Sachse_SiechtumBut I like getting to know new people. :-)03:28
Sachse_Siechtumyeah I had too03:28
Sachse_Siechtumsome days ago....I was up til 6am and slept til 7pm03:28
Sachse_Siechtumsometimes I didnt see sunlight at all *lol*03:28
Hellhound666wow that's like a coma03:28
Sachse_Siechtumhehe yeah kinda03:28
Hellhound666yeah sunlight bad...03:28
Sachse_SiechtumLOL yeah...03:28
Sachse_Siechtumah well03:28
Sachse_Siechtumafter this winter I love a sunny day..03:29
Hellhound666hey I gotta little problem here maybe you can fix it03:29
Sachse_SiechtumI was just sick of all that snow and grey days...03:29
Hellhound666yeah I can't stand winter I'm thinking of moving to florida closer to the equator.03:29
Hellhound666ok I used to get prompted for plugins but it's not happening anymore.  firefox locked during plugin install and the option is gone now.03:30
Sachse_Siechtumnever had that one....lemme look after that03:30
Hellhound666I'm trying to install java plugins the easy way03:30
Hellhound666yup having my usual java problems03:32
Sachse_SiechtumI use that for java: http://openjdk.java.net/03:33
Sachse_Siechtumand it  works03:33
Sachse_Siechtumand its open source :-)03:34
Hellhound666thanks I bookmarked it.03:34
Sachse_Siechtumhmmm thats a good song.... *dreams*03:34
Hellhound666eh brb I have to put the panel back on my old case03:35
Hellhound666my old case has a lock on it03:36
Sachse_Siechtumoh my! *g*03:36
Sachse_Siechtum"high security" *laughs*03:37
Hellhound666yeah a lot of important data on that thing *pffff*03:38
Hellhound666your going to get blown away by my last leftover machine03:39
Sachse_SiechtumI need a new computer....03:39
Sachse_Siechtumah cant wait to hear the specs *g*03:39
Hellhound666Compaq 566mhz 64mb ram no cd-rom drives03:39
Sachse_Siechtumwow...awesome :-)03:40
Hellhound666I'm thinking about putting windows 3.1, 95 or a really old linux distro on there.03:40
Sachse_Siechtumhehe yeah03:40
Hellhound666ahh nm I only have a broken 6gb hdd left over.03:40
Sachse_SiechtumI used to upgrade some hardware on a compaq desktop once.. (66 MHz it had Windows 3.1 on it) ...it was impossible...03:41
Hellhound666I had to pull a pin out of it and solder one to my damaged cd-rom drive03:41
Sachse_Siechtumstrange pci/isa cards built in that board...*groan*03:41
Hellhound666yeah when I had my old packard bell we upgraded from 75mhz to 133mhz.  We thought we were the coolest on the block.03:42
Hellhound666old compaq are terrible to work on.03:42
jurek_whoops got a disconnect03:42
=== jurek_ is now known as Sychtum
Hellhound666now days you can replace a DVD-R/CD-R drive with one screw03:42
Hellhound666It's already tough to find a job and they are making it that easy for people.03:43
SychtumI really like my case...its kinda old..but really easy to open03:43
Sychtumwhat easy?03:43
Sychtumsorry I had a siconnect...I missed some03:44
Hellhound666I remember the time we had to set IRQ's with jumpers.03:44
Sychtumlol me too03:44
Sychtumor master/slave jumpers on hdd's03:45
Hellhound666yeah the old computer I have, the one I was having problems with is easy to work with too bad it's obsolete now.03:45
Hellhound666Master/slave jumpers are still used aren't they?03:45
Sychtumyeah the are03:45
Hellhound666man my computer keeps freezing for some reason...03:45
Sychtumbut I think they are mostly set on "Bios decides"03:46
Hellhound666nm I'm good now03:46
=== Sychtum is now known as Sachse_Siechtum
Hellhound666Well it should be easy to build my dream computer now days then.03:47
Sachse_Siechtumdont just use the most cheap components...03:47
Sachse_Siechtumor ram from different vendors...03:47
Hellhound666oh no if I'm going to build it, it will be the best.  It's going to cost me a lot of money.03:48
Hellhound666I'll have to save up to buy the best of each part.03:48
Sachse_Siechtumyeah me too03:48
Sachse_SiechtumI wanna play CoH in max settings :-)03:49
Hellhound666I was thinking about Alienware but I think it might be cheaper if I buy the components and build it myself.03:49
Sachse_Siechtumyeah mostly it is...03:49
Hellhound666what's CoH?03:49
Sachse_SiechtumCompany of Heroes...03:49
Hellhound666I looked it up real quick but what's it about?03:49
Sachse_SiechtumRTS set in WWII setting03:50
Sachse_Siechtumin multiplayer....well...3 ressources..03:50
Sachse_Siechtummanpower fuel and munitions03:50
Hellhound666wow that looks awesome03:50
Hellhound666like RA2/Generals and such.03:51
Sachse_Siechtumfun to play..03:51
Sachse_Siechtumah :-)03:51
Sachse_Siechtumwell in CoH you have popcap03:51
Sachse_Siechtumthe more strat points you cap the more popcap..03:51
Sachse_Siechtumbut there is always a limit...03:51
Sachse_Siechtumso you could never build bazillions of just one unit03:52
Hellhound666massive panzer divisions03:52
Sachse_Siechtumyeah *g*03:52
Sachse_Siechtumbut the engine is really sweet03:52
Sachse_Siechtumdestroyable environment03:52
Hellhound666oh wait you can't build tons of one unit?  I don't like caps though.03:53
Hellhound666oh I see03:53
Hellhound666so they had to set a limit huh03:53
Sachse_SiechtumI never liked that aspect in C&C03:53
Sachse_Siechtum"build a huge army of... tesla tanks and overwhelm your enemy"03:54
Hellhound666ah yeah...03:54
Hellhound666but they have the same opportunity.03:54
Sachse_Siechtumjust..base raids are kinda seldom in CoH...03:54
Hellhound666well hey I gtg for a little while.  I'm going to mess around with my old comp but I'll be around here and there.03:54
Sachse_Siechtumalright hf03:54
Hellhound666see ya in a bit03:55
Sachse_Siechtumbye :-)03:55
BalsaqGood Morning to all who reside here in the peaceful, binary rainforest known as .......Xubuntu!05:46
Balsaqhows it goin deathcannon...whew, quite a nick!05:54
TheCashI downloaded the moonlight2 theme from xfce-looks.org and put it in /usr/share/Themes, then when I went to settings -> apperance and changed to the theme it looks boxey and the colors are wrong05:59
Sysiwhat version of xubuntu?06:06
Sysimaybe it has been made to older GTK06:08
Sysihmm, it's not that old06:09
TheCashwhen I go to Settings -> Window Manager and change the style to moonlight2 It makes the boaders correct06:11
TheCashbut the rest is still wrong06:11
deathcannonis it just that theme or have you tried others06:12
Sysithose are handled by different apps06:12
TheCashI've tried a few others and had the same problem06:12
TheCashany ideas?06:15
Sysiit's working for me in lucid06:15
TheCashI'm thinking about reinstalling and trying agian06:15
TheCashto get too a clean slat06:15
Sysii extracted that .zip folder and then the tarball inside it and put it to ~/.themes06:16
tamranhowdy everyone06:25
tamrandoes anyone know about "magnet links" in xfce?06:25
tamranI've got a torrent program that supports them, but the associations aren't working when I click the link in chrome06:26
tamranI know it has something to do with "xdg-open" (or the xdg subsystem) ...06:26
Sachse_Siechtumhmmm I dunno.06:29
deathcannontamran: have you set it in chrome then?06:29
tamrandeathcannon: chrome tries to use xdg-open06:30
tamrandeathcannon: I had it all working on a straight ubuntu 9.10 (with transmissionbt 1.91) right out of the box06:30
tamrandeathcannon: I have no idea how to make chrome act differently06:30
tamranno google search turns up anything fruitful06:31
balvonashad it working with chrome?06:32
balvonasi doubt06:32
deathcannonthe problem here is chrome, seems like some other users have the same thing on different distros06:32
tamranit works in straight ubuntu (gnome) but I'm using xubuntu on this box06:33
Balsaqdoes utorrent work in xubuntu?06:33
tamranBalsaq: probably through wine?06:34
tamranBalsaq: transmission is quite decent I think06:34
balvonasBalsaq: transmission supports magnet links, problem is chrome does not06:34
Balsaqcause i knew zero about it...and it worked for me 1st time in xp pro06:34
tamranbalvonas: but in gnome chrome does it fine out of the box06:34
deathcannonchrome is not in the box so to say06:35
tamranBalsaq: utorrent on windows is good06:35
Balsaqgosh if xubuntu can nail this stuff...it will be number one, IMO06:35
tamrandeathcannon: fair enough06:35
tamranhere's a better question ... how do I modify what xdg-open does?06:35
deathcannonBalsaq: try deluge ;)06:36
Balsaqwhat is that06:36
tamranBalsaq: deluge is another BT client06:36
Balsaqdoes it work in xubuntu06:36
balvonasdeluge is a clone of utorrent06:36
balvonasBalsaq: yes it does06:37
Balsaqoh good thanks...always tring to bring my xubuntu computer up over my xp and w706:37
deathcannontamran: man xdg-open06:37
tamrandeathcannon: I've read it a couple times ... I am not getting it06:37
tamranI don't think the docs are complete06:37
tamranit also doesn't mention how to actually "tweak" what xdg-open does ... and the docs on freedesktop.org don't really explain it either06:39
tamranI "think" it has something to do with the "helpers.rc" file06:39
tamranI also looked at (and tried) this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=710780&postcount=606:53
tamranbut it will only work in gnome I think (since it's gconf)06:53
Balsaqthat hurt a lil....06:56
Balsaqweclme back 'moose'07:33
Balsaqwelcome....i meant07:33
deathcannonbtw Balsaq, why do you still hang on to windows?07:34
Balsaqwell we have to use it at work all day07:37
deathcannoni see, that seems to be pretty common07:40
Balsaqbut i do have 5 dedicated linux computers here...and only3 windows07:40
Balsaqand one mac07:40
Balsaqnot dual boot..all to themself07:41
tamranBalsaq: it's good to see a full mix ... it keeps one objective :)07:41
Balsaqhelps me learn started late07:41
tamranI like things about all the different desktops ...07:41
Balsaqbut as soon as i installled xubuntu 904 iwas really into it07:41
Balsaq904 was a cool installation07:42
Balsaqcant give it up...will kepp until they basically forc me out of it07:42
tamranI agree that 9.04 was where Ubuntu really "got it"07:43
Balsaqthe only thing that lookes funny too me are the desktop icons....hehe07:43
Balsaqi even like the word xubuntu07:43
Omar87Hi all.07:43
Balsaqhowdi Omar8707:43
Omar87For some reason, the screensavers isn't working with me.07:43
Omar87I leave the machine idle for a long time, and come back to find the screen still on.07:44
Balsaqpower setting have been manipulated a bit?07:44
Omar87I don't think so, no.07:44
Balsaqis it an oringinal install with settings as they were07:45
tamranhi Omar8707:45
Omar87tamran, hi.07:45
Omar87Balsaq, yeah, the power settings are intact.07:46
Balsaqwhat has changes lately?07:46
Balsaqrt click on desktop07:47
Balsaqget into display07:47
Balsaqjust make sure yoy reboot when you adjust it07:48
Balsaqright click on desktop...trying to remember ,,,on xp now07:48
deathcannonOmar87: right07:48
Balsaqor fins diplay in the drop downs07:49
Balsaqor find i meant07:49
deathcannonfins :)07:49
Balsaqomar87, did you by chance have ubuntu and then do the xfce install over it?07:52
Omar87Balsaq, yes, that's what happened.07:53
Balsaquh huh07:53
BalsaqBasically, the newer gnome-screensaver uses gnome-session for the idle timeout. Xubuntu doesn't use gnome-session, so gnome-screensaver doesn't work. Here is the upstream bug report for the issue:07:54
Balsaqbut then again...i just use the xubuntu 904 all by itself on one computer...and fool around with ubuntu on another one-all by itself....but thats just me.07:56
Balsaqweclome back 'moose'07:59
Balsaq'm00se' i meant07:59
Balsaqits a long way ...08:00
Balsaqto the top...08:00
Sysiac/dc again?08:00
BalsaqSYSI!!!!!!!!!!!ytou know ac/dc?08:00
Balsaqa coder that knows how to rock?08:00
Sachse_Siechtumhello everyone in the Linux world :-)08:00
Balsaqi goota jackson electric guitar08:01
Balsaqan and amp that has software08:01
Sysii can't play anything but metal is commonly listened by nerds in finland08:01
Sysipropably by rest of europe also08:01
Balsaqwho knew?08:01
Sachse_SiechtumSysi, I'm from Germany and I second that08:02
* Sachse_Siechtum is geek and metal listener08:02
Balsaqi thought the nerdy coders of norhtern europe simply ruled the binary kingdom?08:02
Sysioldschool geek is thin and has thick glasses and listens techno08:02
Sachse_SiechtumSysi, I'm not oldschool...I'm 28 *g*08:03
Sysinewschool is thick and listens heavy metal08:03
Sachse_Siechtumoh....I'm rather...with muscles *g* because I do...ungeeky judo *g*08:03
Sysii look like oldschool but otherly i'm new08:03
BalsaqSysyi is a thoroughbred08:04
Sachse_Siechtumbut I also played on a c64 when I was 13 :-)08:04
Sachse_Siechtum*lol* http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/default.aspx08:05
Balsaqoh no a ctcp version ahhhh08:05
Sysibtw, we have #xubuntu-offtopic and it's rather dead08:05
Balsaqwhat is that08:06
Sysinow we could fix that!08:06
Balsaqok ill shut up08:06
Sachse_Siechtumthis channel is rather dead at times too08:06
SysiSachse_Siechtum: there comes great metal bands from germany08:08
Sachse_SiechtumSysi, yeah :-) and from Holland too08:08
Sachse_Siechtum(loves Epica)08:08
Sachse_Siechtumthe new album from Flowing tears (german) is great :-)08:08
Sachse_Siechtumnice and heavy08:09
Sysibut i'm on biology lesson and i should concentrate to that ->08:10
Sachse_SiechtumSysi, yeah. Learn biology. Its interesting :-)08:11
Sachse_SiechtumI love biology :-)08:11
eev2hi all, I have a problem with my xubuntu: after I installed the latest linux-headers my monitor became so dark i can barely see anything. Can someone please help me?09:15
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, what graphics card are you using?09:16
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, maybe this could help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-149539.html09:17
eev2i have nvidia go5200, i had the nvidia-glx-173 package yesterday and i thought that was causing the problem, so i removed it, but still no solution09:17
Sachse_Siechtumapplications > system > Nvidia X server settings do you have that?09:18
eev2no, i dont09:19
deathcannonnvdidia-settings from terminal09:21
Sachse_SiechtumI think there is also a nvidia driver version 185 ..maybe try that one.09:22
eev2nvidia-settings doesn't run09:22
eev2does 185 work for my card?09:22
Sachse_Siechtumjust a moment09:22
eev2let me also say that the monitor is almost black from the very beginning of the boot process, when it shows the dell logo09:23
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, adjust the gamma directly on your monitor?09:24
Sachse_Siechtumwith the on screen display09:25
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, are you using crt or tft monitor?09:25
Sachse_Siechtum(crt: the old bulky ones)09:25
eev2i don't know how to do that, i have a laptop, i tried the xgamma command: xgamma gamma 1.0 but nothing09:25
deathcannondoes your laptop have function keys for that?09:27
eev2yes, i tried those too09:27
Sachse_Siechtumno change?09:28
deathcannonare you running on your battery?09:28
Sachse_Siechtumthats odd09:29
deathcannonor is it plugged in09:29
eev2right now yes, but i also tried plugged in09:29
deathcannoncould be some weird power-saving thing09:29
Sachse_Siechtum( I dont have any experience with laptops..)09:29
Sachse_Siechtumlemme take a look in the energy managment..09:30
Sachse_Siechtumhmm nope09:31
Sachse_Siechtumjust options about standby and timeframes09:31
deathcannonSachse_Siechtum: the battery specific options usually dont show unless you're on a laptop09:32
Sachse_Siechtumdeathcannon, I see. Thanks.09:32
Sachse_Siechtum"Open a terminal window and type: xgamma -gamma 1.13609:33
Sachse_SiechtumAdjust 1.136 (I think this is default for xgamma) to your liking.09:33
Sachse_SiechtumReference (http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=05/02/07/2244242) (search for xgamma on the page)"09:33
Sachse_Siechtumyou might try that.09:34
Sachse_Siechtumor read the info09:36
eev2didnt work, sorry09:36
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, did you try different values?09:37
eev2yes, 1.36, 2, 20 and 20009:37
Sachse_Siechtumlemme try that...09:37
Sachse_Siechtumtry xgamma -gamma 1.60009:39
Sachse_Siechtumon my monitor thats REALLY bright09:40
eev2with the dot?09:40
Sachse_Siechtumthe value goes to 1.99909:41
Sachse_Siechtumor wait09:42
Sachse_Siechtumgot xgamma -gamma 3.000 ..really bright09:42
eev21.600 doesn't make it bright but 5 does, but i still cannot distinguish anything (it's just a bright black), 1.999 is also less bright09:42
Sachse_Siechtumtry 1009:43
Sachse_Siechtumcant barely read the text when I have this setting09:43
eev2i have a feeling that it's something with my nvidia drivers bcse when i was updating it was doing something with nvidia but i dont remember what it was (i wasnt paying attention)09:44
Sachse_Siechtummaybe you lack contrast too09:44
Sachse_SiechtumI had the problem once, that my nvidia driver didnt have sudo right to change the settings...09:46
eev2ok, with higher gamma number it becomes brighter, i can distinguish something but still not good enough09:46
eev2what is the highest i can put ?09:46
Sachse_Siechtumeev2,  can you go into detail?09:46
Sachse_Siechtumtry it09:46
eev2i cannot really read what is on the terminal09:47
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, I dont wanna try it, because on 10 my screen was barely readable...09:47
Sachse_Siechtumwhy not?09:47
Sachse_Siechtumtoo dark too bright?09:47
eev2too dark09:48
Sachse_Siechtumdid it get worse with higher gamma=09:49
eev2no, it got better09:49
Sachse_Siechtumwell type in xgamma gamma 40 ....just go step on step higher til you can clearly read it09:50
Sachse_Siechtumxgamma -gamma 3.00009:51
Sachse_Siechtumthat is09:51
Sachse_Siechtumxgamma -gamma 4009:51
Sachse_Siechtumok it goes til 1009:52
Sachse_SiechtumI just found out09:52
eev2i was just about to say that09:53
eev2it doesnt accept values higher than 1009:53
Sachse_Siechtumeev2, how does it look at your screen?09:53
eev2i'm still not able to read anyrhing bcse it's too dark09:54
Sachse_Siechtumdo you have a manual for your laptop? there might be something about changing gamma09:55
eev2you mean from the bios?09:55
Sachse_Siechtumno. something like a on screen display...but since I dont own a laptop, I dunno if those have one09:56
eev2no, there isn't something like that, i know this laptop very well09:56
eev2i think i will try and install the nvidia drivers again, mayby that will fix it09:57
eev2thanks for your help Sachse09:57
Sachse_Siechtumyou could also try another build on the grub boot menu09:57
eev2i will write back if i have a solution09:58
xubuntuhey, was wondering if anyone uses xubuntu with fluxbox as the window manager.  I'm trying this combination on an old desktop and need a little help getting things the way I'd like11:11
bazhangI imagine that would be fluxbuntu11:12
Sysino if you want only replace xfwm11:13
bazhangnot an official part of ubuntu iirc11:13
xubuntuI've looked through the wiki at fluxbox.org but can't find the piece of information I'm looking for11:13
xubuntuspecifically, how to stop the fluxbox system tray so that the xfce4-panel notification area can start11:14
xubuntuwhen I started xfce4-panel I got an error saying that a notification area was already running11:14
Kangarooo1hello can anyone tell me how to make terminal show latest errors? like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dogtail/+bug/530064/comments/11 charlie added this file?11:48
Sachse_SiechtumKangarooo1, I think it was the dmesg command11:50
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Kangarooommm no it looks a litle different but it gave some info of what proces did what11:53
Kangarooothis is also good but whats that command witch charlie got in that post?11:53
Sachse_Siechtumcouldnt find any other command11:55
hakanhowdy folks, does anyone know if its possible to reinstall pulse audio, I just last audio on a macbook installation for some unknown reason14:40
[BG]ZloboMiRsudo apt-get install pulse Tab Tab ?15:02
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Lupus-SLEEvening fellow people. I seek computery wisdom. I've got an old PC with an 800MHz AMD Duron and some SiS chipset motherboard which I've put Xubuntu on. I'm having issues with it not shutting down, the last message it gives me is "System halted" but then it stays powered on. Could anybody give any suggestions as to why?19:02
charlie-tcacheck the bios and make acpi is enabled19:03
charlie-tcaI think is what it is called19:03
Lupus-SLEI believe it is19:03
charlie-tcaThat is usually a bios setting about power19:03
Lupus-SLEYes, it's set to enabled19:05
Lupus-SLEI could reboot and double check the setting name and value if it'd be some help to you.19:05
Lupus-SLEI found a similar issue in an ubuntu thread which suggested adding "apm power_off=1" to /etc/modules but it doesn't seem to have worked19:06
Lupus-SLEmodprobe apm returned an error saying the apm module doesn't exist...19:07
Lupus-SLEPower Management in BIOS is currently set to APM/ACPI19:09
Lupus-SLE"the one i have now is good tho desktop =/"19:10
Lupus-SLEAppologies, wrong window on that last message ¬_¬19:10
Lupus-SLEI'm going to try setting APM and ACPI seperately... see what happens19:11
charlie-tcaWon't help me to double check. That is the only thing I know about this issue.19:11
charlie-tcaI had it happen to me wiht a couple of old systems, one it worked to change bios settings, one it did not.19:12
Lupus-SLEoooo... a secret is revealed19:50
Lupus-SLEApparently the fact the BIOS is 13 years old is an issue19:50
Lupus-SLEIt claims I need to use acpi=force but I've no idea where exactly to put that...19:51
Sysixubuntu karmic 9.10?19:51
Lupus-SLEDo I just append "acpi=force" to the end of the file?19:56
Lupus-SLEI notice most the commands in there begin with "GRUB_"19:56
Lupus-SLEI also get the feeling that sodding this up will ruin my system19:56
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Lupus-SLESysi: Input?20:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:03
Sysithere are instructions20:04
Sysisorry if i didn't follow this channel for a while20:04
Lupus-SLESysi: I may have misunderstood, I've added acpi=force to the lines GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX and GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and haven't been able to fix the issue ¬_¬20:16
Sysithen it maybe don't just work or you need to add different thing20:16
Lupus-SLEIt says the cut-off is 2000 and the bios is 199720:18
Lupus-SLEBut in the BIOS the power is set to ACPI20:19
charlie-tcaLupus-SLE: you need that on the same place as "quiet splash" just add it before quiet20:20
Lupus-SLENo, I'm idiot20:20
Lupus-SLEIronic how I missed the 'a' there...20:20
Lupus-SLEI forgot to run grub-update20:20
charlie-tcaYeah, I know that one, too. I booted for two days, trying to figure out why my change hadn't taken. Forgot to "update-grub"...20:21
Lupus-SLEcharlie-tca: I don't believe so... otherwise it isn't enabled for recovery mode aswell20:23
charlie-tcaBelieve! It doesn't need to be enabled for recovery mode.20:23
Lupus-SLEIt does...20:23
Lupus-SLEOtherwise how the hell do I shutdown in recovery mode?20:24
Lupus-SLEI noticed I put it on two lines and it appeared twice for the non-recovery mode items in /boot/grub/grub.cfg20:24
charlie-tcaHow often do you boot in recovery mode?20:24
Lupus-SLEWell... never20:24
charlie-tcaIt is not really the mode to run all the time. If you check the wiki page, it will tell you to where to put it.20:25
Lupus-SLEBut still! D:20:25
Lupus-SLEIt goes in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX20:25
charlie-tcaAs often as you use it, is it really too much to shut the power off?20:25
Lupus-SLEIt's just as much work to put it in the default one only20:26
Lupus-SLEin GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX it's in all linux entries, which is what I want20:27
Lupus-SLEAnd where would we be if we just accepted common faults, eh?20:28
* charlie-tca thinks the answer is "working systems" ?20:28
Lupus-SLENevermind, didn't work anyway20:29
* OmegaPhil is loving XFCE20:29
[BG]ZloboMiRLupus-SLE, I would say that Linux gave us the power to customize according to our own SPECIFIC needs. So go customize. :)20:34
tamranhi guys. I'm having some trouble getting to a network share (dns-323).  I get it fine in Ubuntu or Kubuntu (out of the box) but xubuntu doesn't seem to have the things installed that I need20:35
[BG]ZloboMiRhmm, is samba server ok?20:35
* charlie-tca thinks Xubuntu is harder to configure. 20:36
[BG]ZloboMiRtamran, if I were you I would narrow up the differences between ubuntu and xubuntu, and add the missing20:36
tamran[BG]ZloboMiR: it almost seems to be a good idea to ditch xubuntu and just install xfce from an ubuntu install20:37
[BG]ZloboMiRstill there will be much trash on drive...20:37
[BG]ZloboMiRjust a sec20:37
charlie-tcaIf you really think that would be easier to configure...20:37
tamran[BG]ZloboMiR: yeah, I tried just that and just had too many services fighting with each other20:38
[BG]ZloboMiRnope, nothing on google20:40
[BG]ZloboMiRMe away for a movie20:40
Lupus-SLEAs a general question, would you fellow people say there's a significant performance difference by using xubuntu over standard ubuntu?20:56
charlie-tcaLupus-SLE: almost always depends on the computer hardware20:57
Lupus-SLEBut... generalise for me would you please?20:58
Lupus-SLEI've got a PC with a 800MHz processor and 512MB of SDRAM20:58
jstAnyone have a list of changes to Xubuntu 10.04?20:59
jstLupus-SLE, you would see some improvement, yes.  Particularly on older hardware... one second.21:00
jstRunning this command from a terminal really sped up GNOME and XFCE for me: echo gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.021:00
jstAt least it made it "feel" faster.21:01
charlie-tcaI find on my 400MHz and 866MHz both, Xubuntu is considerably faster.21:02
jstYeah, Xubuntu is noticeably faster on my HP Mini 1000.21:04
jstLupus-SLE, you could always $ sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ... and see if you like it.21:05
Lupus-SLENo, it's alright - it was just a general interest question.21:05
Lupus-SLEThis old rust-bucket PC I have is running Xubuntu21:06
Lupus-SLEI 'might' try xubuntu on my laptop21:06
Lupus-SLE1.4GHz Dell Inspiron 130021:06
Lupus-SLEBut it's not really that slow21:06
Lupus-SLECurrently with Ubuntu 9.1021:06
jstYeah... You could always play with "swapiness" and /etc/init.d/ondemand.21:07
jstThose seem to have given me the biggest boost in performance.  Also, installing the preload package may speed up loading programs.21:08
charlie-tcajst: what kind of changes do you mean for Luxid?21:14
charlie-tcaWe do not plan any major application changes, it will mostly be updates to the apps in 9.1021:14
jstcharlie-tca, thanks.21:17
charlie-tcaYou are welcome21:17
charlie-tcaDid not mean to ignore you, just missed the question21:17
Kangarooocan anyone try to join https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BF_ZuEyY0A ?21:27
Kangaroooi made wave for ubuntu we could try to use it to work collaborativy in real time and results could be posted to wiki if some wiki subject is discused in wave21:28
charlie-tcaKangarooo: Apparently not anything I use21:57
charlie-tcaIs that something like gobby?21:58
knomeKangarooo, we don't specifically want to use wave, since not everybody will have access to it. we already have irc, the forums, the wiki, the mailing lists and as charlie mentioned, gobby, which does pretty much the same then wave, except when you are finished you have a single document and don't have to awkwardly copy from wave22:00
knomeKangarooo, on another note, if you'd like to DISCUSS something, feel free to start the discussion in any of the formats mentioned, and ping/point us to that if needed.22:01
Kangarooocharlie-tca: well wave is better then gobby since i dont know where is link to installed gobby witch could be used for ubuntu related things.22:05
Kangaroooups . i mean gobby needs to be installed..22:05
knomeKangarooo, install gobby from the repositories, join gobby.ubuntu.com. again wave is NOT better since it's not available for EVERYBODY.22:05
Kangarooowiat ok ill try that22:05
charlie-tcaTo use wave, I have to sign up for something. If I am not signed up for it, I can not use it.22:07
charlie-tcaI think I am already over extended on signing up for things22:07
Kangaroooi think everyone has at least one gmail or google account22:07
Kangarooook i installed gobby tring it now22:08
charlie-tcaBut I went to wave. It says I have to sign up for it, now22:08
charlie-tcaI don't think I need to sign up for anything more22:08
knomeand what it comes to gobby, it's not the #1 tool for xubuntu developer communication since we are a quite small team22:09
knome#xubuntu-devel and the xubuntu-devel mailing list are the most used.22:09
KangaroooWoohooo gobby is good. but it needs like folders. couse all docs are showed in one window. also gobby needs to be put in some wiki as tool for collaborating.22:10
knomeKangarooo, feel free to write a specification for obby and implement. :)22:11
Kangaroooi hope i will get spirit of reporting bugs back when some of my bug reports finally get fixed. in this week ive got about 15 bugs but reported about 1022:12
charlie-tcaIt already is in the wiki. Just use google to search for it22:13
Kangarooomaybe im just tired for today.22:13
knomecharlie-tca, the folders for obby spec?22:13
Kangarooocharlie-tca: i mean it should be writen about gobby and this gobby.ubuntu.com in https://help.ubuntu.com/community22:14
charlie-tcaNo, the part about using gobby for colloborating22:14
knomecharlie-tca, right ;]22:15
charlie-tcagobby spec probably is blueprinted, too22:15
Kangaroooknome: here i wrote spec for goby folders https://blueprints.launchpad.net/gobby/+spec/folders23:13
knomeno, that's not really a blueprint.23:13
knomethat's a sentence.23:14
Kangarooobut it says all :)23:14
Kangaroootheres nothing to add23:14
knomeyes, but a blueprint covers the topic like how it could be done23:14
knomewhat would be obstacles23:15
Kangaroooah ok but for this i dont know how could it be done and wht would be obstacles23:16
Kangarooohow could it be done i cant say it in programming23:16
knomeKangarooo, please read that page23:16
* Kangarooo will finish that in morning. bye :)23:18

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