ubuntujenkinshow do i merge lp:~quickshotdevs/quickshot/luke-quickshot  into lp:quickshot?00:27
MTecknologyubuntujenkins: pull the lp:quickshot branch, go into that directory, then br merge lp:~quickshotdevs/quickshot/luke-quickshot00:35
ubuntujenkinscool thanks00:35
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sciboticHi, I want to have a subdirectory of a repository to have seperate defaults to the rest, is it safe to just initialise another in there or is there another way I should approach it?08:00
sciboticOh hmmm, I probably should just avoid adding that directory ey?08:04
en1gm4Hi all12:24
en1gm4can anyoune tell me what's the command to view a screen like this: http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr/bzrk.png12:25
jelmeren1gm4: bzr viz12:25
jelmerit's part of the bzr-gtk plugin12:25
en1gm4jelmer: thanks a lot!12:25
en1gm4yes I installed it but thought its command start with g***12:26
en1gm4ok it works thanks!12:26
jelmermaxb: hi16:28
meoblast001ok, i've probably asked this before, but i tend to forget things a lot18:53
meoblast001but when you move files, doesn't Bzr only log a move?18:53
meoblast001actually, i'm sure i've asked that before, but don't remember the answer18:53
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ronny_meoblast001: kind of, it just reflects the changed locations of things in the inventory19:25
meoblast001ok, so it doesn't log as file deleted, new file created?19:26
ronny_just a move19:26
meoblast001ah, ok, goo19:28
ronny_i dont think there is a vcs that records a delete+new (all that im aware of is recording copy+delete)19:29
luksronny_: CVS? :)19:44
ronny_luks: is cvs really a vcs?19:45
lukswell, it has it even in it's name19:46
lifelessronny_: git19:46
lifelessronny_: (doesn't record copies, so it does delete + new)19:46
ronny_lifeless: git doesnt record deletes either, it just records tree state19:46
lifelessronny_: well, from that angle so does bzr19:47
ronny_lifeless: bzr cares about item histories and where a item is uniequely placed19:48
ronny_git is just a state of trees of blob19:48
lifelessronny_: its tooearly for this. I assure you though, bzr does not record deltas.19:48
lifelessany more than git does; bzr is snapshot focused.19:49
ronny_lifeless: i didnt mention deltas, afair all of the major 'good' vcs's see them as internal optimazion19:49
ajeansjelmer: I'm coming from LP #533407, do you have instructions on how to use the trunk versions of dulwich and git ?19:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533407 in bzr-git "bzr-git craches on pull in shamap.py , add_entry()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53340719:50
lifelesswell you claim 'git doesn't record deletes' - a delete is part of a delta19:50
lifelessyou can't have a debate about 'storing deletes' - or not - without the concept of a delta being present.19:50
ajeansjelmer: I grabbed the trunks of both, but how do I set them up ?19:50
luksdarcs doesn't count as good anymore?19:50
ronny_luks: darcs isnt major19:51
lifelessI wants: http://web.media.mit.edu/~marcelo/cornucopia/19:51
ronny_lifeless: everyone that saw star-trek does19:52
ronny_hmm, i think git is the most snapshot oriented, bzr carries way too much metadata about inventories19:53
luksonly the file ID19:56
luksthe rest is the same19:56
luksbut the file ID makes a big difference19:56
luksthe difference? in how you can view the system19:57
ronny_the only thing it really can help is annotate on a single file history19:58
luksoh, I didn't mean functional differences19:58
ronny_my usual view is tree of files' how do file-id's add a new perspective?19:59
luksthey don't (most filesystems represent files as ids anyway), git's no-file-ids add a new perspective20:01
ronny_so where do they make the difference in viewing the system20:02
luksin the definition of a snapshot20:02
luksyou said that git is the most snapshot oriented system20:03
luksbut the only difference is that bzr keeps file ids20:03
luksso there is a difference in what people consider to be snapshots20:03
ronny_bzr has a lot of metadata that relates items within one snapshot to the previous snapshot20:04
lukswhat kind of metadata?20:05
lifelessrelates items in one snapshot to any other snapshot <- I'll accept that statement20:05
lifelessluks: file id, content-revision-id20:05
ronny_lifeless: my sloppy wording again :(20:06
luksoh right, I forgot about per-file revisions20:06
lifelessronny_: :P de nada20:06
ronny_lifeless: i decided to degrade bzr from fully wanted to 'pass the tests' in anyvc20:15
lifelessronny_: oh, thats a shame20:34
ronny_lifeless: since having bzr in my mind actively complicated some of my mindmodels more than ever should be necessary i lost all reasons not to20:55
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itistodayanyone from japan here? Or know japanese immigrants who've lived in the USA whom I can ask a few questions?22:14
mwhudsonjelmer: "merge dave" isn't much of a commit message :-)22:55
mneptokmwhudson: but makes a great potential title for a romantic comedy (or porn film)22:56
* jelmer tries to be smart and keeps quiet23:07
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RenatoSilvais there any command for undoing a given diff?23:41
bob2kinda out of scope23:42
bob2patch -R23:42
RenatoSilvabzr: ERROR: no such option: -R23:43
bob2nothing to do with bzr23:43
bob2the gnu patch tool can apply diffs backwards23:43
RenatoSilvacan you get what I want?23:43
RenatoSilvae.g. you are in rev 10023:43
RenatoSilvathen you realize that rev 80 was a mistake, then you want to undo it23:43
idnarbzr merge -r 80..7923:44
RenatoSilvait would be nice to have something like bzr revert -r 8023:44
RenatoSilvaidnar: nice, will try it23:44
idnardoesn't look like there's an easier way to specify it23:44
idnar-c 80 will get you 79..8023:45
bob2-c -80?23:45
RenatoSilvabzr merge -r 80..79 doesn't work, it generates a conflict in a file, non-sense, the file wasn't edited in that revision23:46
bob2bet you it was23:46
idnarbob2: -80 will get you the revision 80 revisions before HEAD, I think23:46
idnarRenatoSilva: are you sure r80 is the one you want to revert?23:47
RenatoSilvaof course23:47
RenatoSilvait's actually 146, but that doesn't matter23:47
idnarso you're using -r 146..145?23:47
RenatoSilva146 should not exist, so bzr merge -r 146..14523:47
fullermdYou need the dot.  "bzr merge -r80..79 ."23:48
idnaroh, that's my bad23:48
fullermdThat won't make it not exist.  It just reverses the change and sets you up to commit that.23:48
RenatoSilvaof course23:48
fullermdThere's no way to make it not exist without rewriting all the revs after.23:48
RenatoSilvano one said it would23:48
fullermdWell, re "<RenatoSilva> 146 should not exist [...]"23:48
RenatoSilvafullermd: and?23:49
fullermdJust sayin'.23:49
RenatoSilvano, I didn't say23:49
bob2oh, I think RenatoSilva meant "146 is the rev I'd like to undo the effect of"?23:49
RenatoSilvashould != will23:49
fullermdI know.  I'm just clarifying.23:50
RenatoSilvabob2: should not exist == if I could go back in time, I would not commit it23:50
RenatoSilvawhich may be possible if I find The Island23:51
RenatoSilvafullermd: ok23:51
RenatoSilva bzr merge -r 146..145 . is sort of workaround right? it generates a conflict for the change, it doesn't actually patch the file23:52
RenatoSilvahmm, it doesn't work either23:53
bob2it's not a workaround, it is asking bzr to undo that change23:53
RenatoSilvaif I simply accept the merge source, I could be reverting valid changes in further commits (my case here)23:53
RenatoSilva<<<<<<< TREE23:54
RenatoSilvadiv.header, div.footer, div.sidebar, ul#timings, div#interwiki, table.navigation, a.action {23:54
RenatoSilvadiv.header, div.footer, div.sidebar, div#interwiki {23:54
RenatoSilva>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE23:54
RenatoSilvait should be:23:54
RenatoSilvadiv.header, div.footer, div.sidebar, div#interwiki, ul#timings, {23:54
RenatoSilva>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE23:54
bob2is this repo available?23:54
RenatoSilvahmm that's right23:55
RenatoSilvaif a further rev did not chnage that line, the conflict would not happen I think23:55
idnarif there have been other changes since r146 that conflict with undoing r146, then I would expect to see conflicts23:55
idnarwhich you'll then have to manually resolve23:55
RenatoSilvait's really a conflict I must solve23:55
RenatoSilvaso ok, my bad, but I don't get bzr merge -r 146..145 ., although I know the pratical result. I would get better bzr revert -r 146..14523:57
RenatoSilvaanyway, this is not so useful, it's more easy to just see the changes and undo them manually23:57
RenatoSilvabut thanks all anyway23:58
RenatoSilvais there how to bzr diff -r 146..<current_uncommitted_changeset>?23:59
lifelessbzr diff -r 14623:59
RenatoSilvaok thanks!23:59

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