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joerghow are u doing? :)00:50
HedgeMageNot bad, you?00:52
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admhi good nigth19:47
admi need help from install19:48
alkisgadm: where exactly?20:02
admalkisg: for instalation20:17
alkisgadm: ok, what is your problem?20:18
admis necessary sudo apt-cdrom add ?20:18
alkisgWhat version are you using?20:18
admalkisg: 8.0920:18
alkisgDo you have the addon cd? Or just the iso?20:18
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alkisgThen just insert the CD in your drive20:19
admi put cdrom20:19
alkisgYou don't need to open a console...20:19
admin drive20:19
adma shortcut is created in desktop20:20
admedubuntu 8.04 E20:20
admand stop20:20
alkisgDon't you see a dialog prompting you to install software?20:21
admshortcut is created and stop20:22
alkisgIsn't there some option if you right click on the cd icon that came up on the desktop?20:22
admmanual mode ?20:22
alkisgNo, something about installing software from this disk..20:22
admand synaptic ? possible ?20:22
alkisgYes, but it's more difficult20:23
alkisgIs that gnome?20:23
admright click icon ... i chose that option ?20:23
admwhat ?20:24
alkisgHere's a how-to with screenshots: http://edubuntu.org/GettingStarted20:24
admstart addon package not appear20:25
adm(first screenshot)20:25
admstart addon installer20:26
admdialog not show20:26
admwhat i start a dialog manually ?20:28
admright click in icon ?20:28
admtank you for help, i am not speak english, come from brazil20:30
thunsuckerwow.....i've never setup edubuntu and the 3.3g downoad surprised me23:29

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