shtylmanDaskreech: yuriy: disabling the plugin helps00:51
Daskreechshtylman: of course00:53
neversfeldeScottK: ping01:13
neversfeldeScottK: I have to leave this place and will be off for another few days. I am not sure, if I have someting more to do to get kfritz in the archive, you said you'll do the new archive review? I am afraid, I will be away for 2 weeks now and I cannot change anything in this time.01:20
Riddellneversfelde: fear not, we'll get it in01:22
Riddellhave a fun two weeks01:22
Daskreechapachelogger: ping01:24
Daskreechwait he's sleeping01:24
neversfeldeRiddell: thanks, that's good :)01:28
* shtylman needs to get off his lazy ass and do this samba stuff ... :/ its getting too close to deadline...01:29
apacheloggerDaskreech: pong01:55
Daskreechapachelogger: how come the CD size dropped that much?01:56
apacheloggerDaskreech: mostly trimming unnecessary dependencies that landed via bad packaging (e.g. recommends) on the CDs, also we stripped a lot of unnecessary artwork from the CD01:57
DaskreechThe KDE3 backup Icons?01:57
apachelogger+ unvealed that the knetworkmanager runtime data creates icon cache01:57
apacheloggerDaskreech: we never had backup icons on the CD?01:58
apacheloggercertainly non for KDE 301:58
Daskreechapachelogger: It's a joke :)01:58
apacheloggertoo late for jokes really01:58
apachelogger+ I got too much guiness :P01:58
DaskreechTo bed so you can perform for the Groupies tomorrow01:58
apacheloggerthat said, I am going to do a talk at Linuxtage Graz in april (hopefully)01:59
apacheloggerI just dont know about what01:59
apacheloggersuggestions are very welcome01:59
apacheloggeruser focused stuff is preferred I have been told01:59
DaskreechHow about barriers between users with interests contributing to a project?02:00
_Groo_anyone using amarok 2.3 from git? can someone confirm a bug for me?02:11
DaskreechWhats the bug?02:26
_Groo_Daskreech: the info applet will crash amarok on next start,,, already confirmed it with lfranchi on #amarok02:29
Daskreech_Groo_: Ok :)02:36
ScottKDaskreech: The problem isn't barriers, the problem is they aren't motivated enough.02:36
DaskreechScottK: in what way?02:38
_Groo_anyone knows if the RECORD extension can/will be backported for X 1.7.x?02:38
_Groo_actually its working with latest 1.7... will it enter lucid?02:38
ScottKLot's of people who are sufficiently motivated manage to contribute.02:38
Daskreech_Groo_: Look at Phoronix.org they had an article on it today or yesterday I think02:38
ScottKIME the ones that aren't don't stick around even after you help them get started.02:38
_Groo_Daskreech: i know.. i wanna know is (k)ubuntu will have it for lucid02:38
_Groo_ScottK: raises hand!02:39
ScottKSo even if you lower the initial barriers, I don't think you really get much more in the way of contributors.02:39
_Groo_ScottK: laziness...02:39
ScottKFOSS takes a fair amount of self motivation.02:39
_Groo_Daskreech: for instance.. im trying to gather some courage (aka out of laziness) to contribute kchmviewer latest version (which JontheEchidna told me it could help me promote to lucid after the freeze)02:40
DaskreechScottK: Scratch your own itch02:40
Daskreechgotta go02:40
_Groo_Daskreech: did the package.. its working... i just need to please the motu gods (apachelogger, ScottK, etc).. tomorrow ill probably will upload it02:41
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yuriyhmm motu gods is kind of redundant02:48
_Groo_yuriy: yes but they love redundancy.. who am i to judge :D02:49
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seeleblah the user help channels are never any help03:19
daskreechwell at least it's not a blatantly confusing as it used to be03:22
daskreech granted we need more knowledge floating in #kubuntu03:22
daskreechI can't be on there nearly as much as I used to be03:23
ScottKUsually it's not knowledge that floats.03:23
daskreechWell then we need someone to hand out diving suits to retrieve the knowledge03:23
shtylmanhow do you guys deal with mailing lists that you rarely use?03:35
shtylmanlets say I subscribed to ask a question once or twice03:36
shtylmando you unsubscribe?03:36
shtylmanor just filter all the mail to trash?03:36
seelei usually forget to unless there is a lot of traffic then i will unsubscribe03:36
shtylmanotherwise I get tons of unread mail in the mailing list folders03:36
shtylmanyea...some of these are high traffic03:36
seeleyeah i usually unsubscribe hehe03:37
daskreechshtylman: If you aren't contributing or getting benefit then un subscribe03:37
shtylmanmakes sense... and then resub when needed03:37
seeleugh.. forums. never understood why people use them so much03:37
shtylmanit makes me sad to unsubscribe... like a part of me has died .. :)03:37
shtylmanI never use forums03:37
shtylmancause I don't want to go there to check stuff03:37
shtylmanI want updates to come to me03:37
seelesame here.. unfortunately no one is helping me in #ubuntu and most of them would just tell me to search the forums anyway, heh03:38
shtylmanseele: what ya need?03:39
seelemy encrypted /home wont mount on boot and i dont know why03:39
seelei can manually mount it in the recovery partition, although i dont know how to mount the encrypted fs03:39
seelefsck just reports a problem trying to mount the partition, but manual fsck from recovery shell is clean03:40
seelei dont know where to start03:40
daskreechI have RSS on my forums03:40
shtylmancan you mount in under normal circumstances?03:41
seeleyou mean did it used to work? yes. i didnt do any updates or anything between the last working boot and the problem either.03:41
seeleand clean shutdown/unmount03:41
shtylmanseele: no I mean... you say you can mount in recovery mode.. can you just boot and mount it normally?03:43
shtylmanalso... does syslog say anything about it?03:43
shtylmanthere might be a clue there...03:43
seeleno.. it stops at the kubuntu logo screen and fsck messages popup and say it cant mount /home03:43
seeleand that's all it says.. no useful error message03:43
seelehmm.. syslog. where is that?03:44
shtylmancat that and grep it for encrypt03:44
shtylmanor something along those lines...to see what it complains about..03:45
shtylmanalso.. you can try this... boot into the recovery mode03:45
shtylmanand edit your /etc/fstab file to comment out the mount for /home03:45
seelesyslog had nothing relevant, will try recover mode next03:45
shtylmanthen when you reboot it will just make a new home... which we don't care about03:45
shtylmanbut the point is you will be able to login03:46
shtylmanto investigate further03:46
shtylmanand try to run disk check on it when its not mounted and whatnot03:46
shtylmanand then try to mount it manually03:46
seelehmm.. i hope this times out. it's idling at trying to mount /home03:47
shtylmanbasically... need to get it to stop trying to see whats up03:48
seeleyeah.. well recovery mode doesnt seem to be working. it's sitting at trying to mount /home and i cant do anything about it03:49
shtylmanheh... helpful03:49
shtylmanyou might need to get a live cd and just edit the fstab file from it03:49
seelei'll ahve to do more research tomorrow. i'm too tired to deal with this now.03:50
shtylmanif the situation gets dire03:50
seelethanks for your help though :)03:50
shtylmanno probs...good luck03:50
fabodanimo: qtcreator slow startup issue seems related to help index rebuild.07:43
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apacheloggerScottK: Instead of sctaching one's itches one could also take a shower every once in a while ;)12:41
apacheloggerScottK: though I think that most potential contriubtors have a problem with finding an itch, which is probably what we should help with12:42
apacheloggermarkey: ping13:04
freinharddo the latest lucid cd builds contain kde 4.4.1 packages?13:08
markeyapachelogger: pong (shortly, gotta go)13:12
apacheloggermarkey: nvm ... some dude requested that all media players in ubuntu have the same default volume13:12
markeywell I guess you could do that by tweaking the config13:13
apacheloggeryeah, pointless on many levels13:13
markeyit might not actually reach the desired results13:13
apacheloggeryeah, that is what I tried to explain to him :)13:13
markeynot the best idea imho ;)13:13
markeyyep :)13:13
markeyok, laters13:13
apacheloggermarkey: anyhow, he also claimed that videos appear to be less loud, so I just claimed it be perfect that dragon and kaffeine come with 100 and amarok with 80 ... also the 2.3 volume slider only looks good with 80 as preset ;)13:14
freinhardhas a installer bug concerning repartitioning the hardisk beeing fixed since 22.02.01? downloaded a daily build that day and that one crashes reproduceable.13:15
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seeleso weird14:03
seeleshtylman: so fstab by default grabs UUID for the disk and mounts it that way14:04
seelei just changed it to /dev/sda5 or whatever .. oh wait14:04
seelekubuntu started but /home still didnt mount wtf14:04
* seele cries14:04
seeleso /home mounted.. it must be the encrypted home directory?14:05
jussi01stupid chrome.14:18
jussi01doesnt play streams for me - its like the plugin doesnt work :(14:19
* Riddell uploads kdevelop beta 9 to beta PPA for lucid17:18
verbalshadowRiddell: what's new in beta 9?17:39
shtylmanRiddell: yay!!17:52
Riddellverbalshadow: it's 0.0.01 better than beta 817:54
shtylmanRiddell: you might wanna also add that to the kubuntu webpage?17:54
Riddellit's not released until tomorrow17:54
shtylmansome people (myself) might care17:54
shtylmanRiddell: kdev failed to build :(18:03
shtylmanI cry in sorrow18:03
Nightroseanyone working on the new choqok for karmic already? http://choqok.gnufolks.org/2010/03/choqok-1-0-beta1-is-ready-tulip/18:04
Nightrosei offer cookies :D18:04
Riddellshtylman: it didn't fail, it's just dependency waiting on kdevplatform18:05
shtylmansure sure...you say that now...18:06
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apacheloggerNightrose: I would suspect neversfelde wants to do the honors?19:43
Nightrosethat'd be great19:43
neversfeldeI can do this tomorrow evening19:43
apacheloggerneversfelde: why not today?19:44
neversfeldeapachelogger: I am on vacation, will be at home tomorrow for a few hours19:44
neversfeldeif someone else wants to update it, I do not think that there are many changes to do19:45
apacheloggervacation? do not know what that is :P19:45
apacheloggercome to think of it19:46
neversfeldethere are unreleased changes in bzr19:46
apacheloggerRiddell: where would we publish betaware that cant go to current dev series?19:46
Riddellapachelogger: how do you mean current dev series?19:48
apacheloggersoftware that cannot go to lucid19:48
apacheloggere.g. choqok's latest beta19:49
apacheloggerit is not sure whether the final will be out before lucid release so we would not want to upload that to lucid19:49
apacheloggeryet provide packages to lucid users19:49
apacheloggersince technically it might become a backport of lucid+119:50
Riddellapachelogger: yes in kubuntu-ppa/beta like kdevelop19:56
apacheloggerok, thanks19:56
* apachelogger adds that to the wiki page19:56
neversfeldeapachelogger: there is an alpha version of choqok in Lucid, so I suppose beta is better :)19:57
* neversfelde has to go, bye19:58
apacheloggerwhy do we have an alpha in lucid at this point????19:59
neversfeldeapachelogger: upstream wants us to ship 0.9.* and not 0.6.620:00
apacheloggerneversfelde: I sure hope upstream gets to a stable release before lucid, or I will rant my arse off!20:01
apacheloggerneversfelde: your jabber is a bit wacky btw ;)20:01
* apachelogger gets online notifications every other second20:01
apacheloggerneversfelde: btw, such stuff should be mentioned in the changelog20:02
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 53399020:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533990 in kubuntu-debug-installer "[MIR] kubuntu-debug-installer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53399020:24
Riddellapachelogger: can you add it to the seeds too please20:25
Riddellapachelogger: I'll ping pitti on monday but if it doesn't get done this week I'll just promote it anyway so it gets in for Beta 120:25
apacheloggerRiddell: I think kdebase-runtime should depend or recommend it20:25
apacheloggerdrkonqi is only half as useful for upstream with the debug installer20:26
apacheloggers/with/without :)20:26
apacheloggerRiddell: made it recommend now20:37
* apachelogger sighs20:58
shtylmanRiddell: I installed the new kdevelop... the about page still says .9821:36
shtylmanis that correct?21:36
Riddellshtylman: hum21:37
Riddellshtylman: he remade the tars this evening with that fixed21:37
Riddelland I used the new tars in that upload21:37
shtylmanRiddell: do you have the same problem?21:38
shtylmanor is it just me?21:38
bulldog98see http://www.kdevelop.org/ that the momentary version is beta8 which meens .9821:45
Riddellshtylman: I only built it locally with the old tars, but uploaded it with the new ones21:46
Riddellshtylman: can you apt-get source it and see what's in CMakeLists.txt for KDEVELOP_VERSION_PATCH21:47
shtylmanRiddell: will do21:47
shtylmanRiddell: 9821:48
Riddellwhat have I done?21:50
shtylmanRiddell: taken over the world?21:51
Riddellno, I think I failed to unpack the new tar so the old version will be in the .diff.gz21:53
shtylmansounds bad21:53
shtylmanhow many kittens died?21:54
Riddellnone so far and if I upload the new version quickly none will have to21:55
shtylmanvery good21:55
Riddellshtylman: when was bug 532533's fix committed?23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532533 in ubiquity "Kubuntu ubiquity crashed after selecting the language" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53253323:05
shtylmanRiddell: I have committed it to my branch23:05
shtylmanand asked for the merge request23:05
shtylmanRiddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~shtylman/ubiquity/kubuntu23:06
Riddellyou don't have commit rights yet?23:06
shtylmanRiddell: I do23:06
shtylmanbut the branch also has some things I basically want code reviewed23:06
shtylmanat the very least looked over and whatnot..cause I also added the greeter functionality23:07
shtylmanand put back the new progress bars23:07
Riddellshtylman: did you find out anything about the mysterious crash?23:07
shtylmanRiddell: nope... and I have never been able to reproduce it on my end23:08
shtylmanlike... it has never happened23:08
shtylmanin all the time since i added the progress bar23:08
Riddellhow annoying23:09

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