nightrid3rjust did a clean install of kubuntu netbook and can't get my usb 3G modem working00:03
wizkoderis it supported by linux at all? what does lsusb say?00:04
nightrid3rit worked on ubuntu00:05
nightrid3rits a huawey e16500:05
nightrid3rlsusb finds it and dmesg detects the modem ports00:08
nightrid3ri just cant get the NM applet to start my connection00:09
mefisto__nightrid3r: you want to use it as a modem?00:12
mefisto__have you tried with knetworkmanager?00:13
nightrid3rit doesnt allow to start the connection00:13
Daskreechnightrid3r: Gnome-networkmanager?00:14
Daskreechnightrid3r: install the gnome networkmanager then00:14
nightrid3ri can't install without the connection working :(00:15
Daskreechnightrid3r: Ah. Umm how are you here then?00:15
nightrid3rsame modem on a windows laptop00:15
Daskreechnightrid3r: ok download the packages from p.u.c00:17
nightrid3rpuc ?00:17
nightrid3rany dependency's i should take care of00:18
DaskreechYes it will mention it on the page00:19
nightrid3rtry that00:19
Daskreechlaunchpad-integration libgtop2-7 libgtop2-common liblaunchpad-integration100:20
Daskreech  whois00:20
Daskreechit seems00:20
luis_Hello I got problems with my laptop bluetooth: I have an aspire 4520 but the bluetooth doesnt works, the kbluetooth icon is grey00:21
luis_whats wrong?00:21
mefisto__luis_: my laptop does that when bluetooth is switched off (on the laptop). is there an led to indicate bluetooth hardware is switched on?00:23
luis_mefisto__: the bluetooth button, when clicked, just makes the volume bar pop up...00:24
mefisto__luis_: is there a switch or key combo to turn bluetooth on/off?00:25
mefisto__luis_: on the laptop, I mean00:25
luis_mefisto__: the bluetooth button, when clicked, just makes the volume bar pop up...00:25
hishis there any one know what is the good snd-hda-intel for Dell Latitude E540000:30
hishfor alsa00:30
hishI did try more than one module like dell, dell-m22, dell-bios00:32
hishbut non of them give me a goof qualtiy sound00:32
lynxgeeknychello people01:01
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:01
lynxgeeknycanyone here in nyc?01:01
Daskreechlynxgeeknyc: Umm ?01:05
lynxgeeknycUm Um Um?  :-p01:06
DaskreechAny other questions?01:06
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CartoonCatHellos. Im having a issue with my card reader (built into laptop)01:26
CartoonCatnamely, its not seeing my MSPD card01:26
joshuadoes anyone use kmail?01:41
=== joshua is now known as Guest53601
DaskreechGuest53601: yes01:43
DaskreechCartoonCat: umm ok what have you tried?01:44
CartoonCatDaskreech: pluging in the card, and nothing beyond that works (dmesg doesnt say anything)01:44
CartoonCatDaskreech: google tells me that the card reader <should> have been compiled into the stock kernel, so, it should be there01:45
m0arWhere does the xfce4-terminal house it's config file?01:45
m0aras default01:45
CartoonCatricoh_mmc is listed in a lsmod too, so, again, nost sure what is up01:46
joshua___why do i hear sound in my speakers and my headphones?01:46
DaskreechCartoonCat: Google can't tell you that. Check the kernel01:53
Daskreechm0ar: ~/.config01:53
CartoonCatDaskreech: and how can i do that? someone decided not to support /proc/config.gz01:54
CartoonCatDaskreech: as i said, the default build that i found for kubuntu says it is, but short of compiling a new kernel myself or access to the config, how to check01:55
DaskreechCartoonCat: should it get a /dev device node?01:56
CartoonCatDaskreech: ah yes, /dev/mmc and no its not there01:57
CartoonCatassuming they kept it as that01:57
joshua___why do i hear sound in my speakers and my headphones?01:58
Daskreechjoshua___: Alsa rules?01:58
linucksHello, I have problems with SKIM/SCIM Japanese Anyth input in Kubuntu 9.10 not working with Open Office but with most other things, can anyone help me diagnose and fix this?02:35
Daskreechusing Scim or skim ?02:36
DaskreechScim should work with OO.o02:36
linucksI have set up skim.02:36
Daskreechhonestly SKIM should as well but OO.o is kinda strange sometimes02:36
linucksscim works fine in gnome with OO but not kde :/02:36
linuckshmm, any idea what I might start checking to see what's wrong?02:37
linucksI don't know where to start02:37
linuckslike, the key command to change does not work in Oo02:39
linucksnor will it work by selecting the input method on the icon02:39
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judgenHow do i set the desktop folder to me the entire desktop? I had it that way before, just dont remember how.03:06
judgen_figured out03:21
daskreechjudgen_: Hmm?03:24
judgen_where is the theme settings for the taskbar?03:29
daskreechin system settings under appearance03:36
ethana2Anyone here using Bespin with global menu?03:47
daharonHey guys.  What ftp client are you using in KDE 4?03:56
daskreechdaharon: Konqueror04:07
zekohi guys, my mobile phone shows up on 'lsusb' but it does not have a mount point, how can i manually mount it?04:10
DaughainWhats the edit when going from gnome to kde to get the shutdown option back?04:13
|sysop|I put a second video card in my machine and I can see it in size and orientation but everything is greyed out. whats the next step.04:30
|newbie|i have lost my volume icon in the panel at the bottom of my desktop can anyone help me get it back?04:35
ethana2I just installed kubuntu-desktop and Bespin, but I don't know how to get the xbar plasmoid04:38
ethana2somehow I was messing up the package name.  copy and paste seems to have made progress :P04:39
davidI need help05:24
=== david is now known as Guest40272
Guest40272how can i see the version of my kubuntu  from terminal?05:24
Guest40272the problem is I cant see the youtube videos05:25
Guest40272because f the flash plugin05:25
Guest40272I try:sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:26
Guest40272and nothing happend05:26
Guest40272some idea?05:26
lynxgeeknychey there05:44
lynxgeeknycsorry about that05:44
lynxgeeknycwho needs help05:44
Ites|sleepback to bed :w05:50
lynxgeeknyci'm in nyc it's 1am and i'm trying to figure out Asterisk lol05:50
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tweetboxi just got lucid, what should I know before I screw it up?06:05
zubin71hi, right now , im switching workspaces with <ctrl> + f1,f2 etc... id like to use <ctrl><alt><direction-key> to navigate; how do i do that?06:11
tweetboxlet me see...06:16
tweetboxwhat version u using06:16
tweetboxzubin71 what version of linux u running?06:18
zubin71tweetbox, karmic06:18
tweetboxgo to system settings>desktop>Multiple Desktops and go to the shortcut tab. You can make it go to the right and make it ctrl alt >06:19
zubin71tweetbox, i dont seem to be having a shortcut tab at all!06:20
tweetboxreallly? I'm using lucid, so I have tried as much as i can06:20
tweetboxtry to find anything that says shortcuts anywhere in "desktop"06:21
zubin71tweetbox, thanks a lot for trying anyway... :-)06:21
tweetboxill brb in 3 min06:24
tweetboxi'm back06:26
lynxgeeknycso am i06:36
lynxgeeknycanyone here?06:37
G_Dogdoes any one know how to flash play on 64bit easier06:38
kaniiniyou may want to rephrase that06:38
kaniiniyou've gpt 64bit system and want to get flash animations play smoother?06:39
G_Dogdoes any one know how to flash play on 64bit easier ?06:40
lynxgeeknyci don't06:43
lynxgeeknyci don't even know what that is06:43
lynxgeeknyci'm trying to figure out Asterisk06:43
greggHi - i'm having HUGE problems controlling my smb mounted folders - right now I can't umount anything, even with -f, and a list over my mounts is showing the mounts several times - this is getting frustrating, and probably the reason my shutdown takes so long time :(06:49
lynxgeeknychey gregg07:00
gregglynxgeeknyc: hey07:00
lynxgeeknycthat is strange07:01
gregglynxgeeknyc: are you here to save me? ;)07:01
lynxgeeknycwhat version of linux do u have?07:01
lynxgeeknyci will try07:01
lynxgeeknycwhat foulder are u trying to unmount?07:02
lynxgeeknycexact path07:02
gregglet me show you output of my 'umount'07:03
greggsorry, that was 'mount'07:03
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FloodBotK1JigBoot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
lynxgeeknycdamn.. he sh should get kicked07:04
lynxgeeknycso gregg07:04
lynxgeeknycwhat u can do is get a GUI util07:05
greggummm, in kubutu??07:05
lynxgeeknycsupports all07:05
lynxgeeknycwhy are u using this anyways?07:06
greggwhat do you mean by "this"?07:06
greggusing it to share files from my server to all my machines07:06
greggit's my media server07:06
greggis there a better alternative?07:07
lynxgeeknycFile Server07:07
lynxgeeknycor VNX07:07
lynxgeeknycVNC is the best alternative actually07:07
lynxgeeknycI mean VPN07:08
greggwas gonna say.. lol07:08
lynxgeeknycVirtual Private Network07:08
lynxgeeknyci know lol sorry07:08
lynxgeeknycbrain fried07:08
FloodBotK1lynxgeeknyc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
greggwhat's the easiest? ;)07:08
lynxgeeknycVPN in the long run07:08
lynxgeeknycu can connect to a VPN from anywhere and share files. Even outside network07:09
lynxgeeknycFiles, Printers, etc07:09
greggwell i don't NEED that, but as long as i can get rw access from my laptop to my server than i'm ok07:09
lynxgeeknycyou can do all of that07:10
greggok - i'll searching now07:10
pteaguei love these dependencies... i'm wanting to install k3b and have no need for mysql-server-core-5.1 on a particular box... however, k3b -> kdebase-workspace-bin -> plasma-widgets-workspace -> akonadi-server -> mysql-server-core-5.1 ...  really? must i?07:10
lynxgeeknycno way07:11
lynxgeeknycu don't need it07:11
lynxgeeknycoh wait07:11
lynxgeeknycactually i think certain functions require mysql07:11
gregglynxgeeknyc: still not sure how to clean up my samba problems though07:11
lynxgeeknycnautilus-share   ...  get that07:12
lynxgeeknycsee if it will help07:12
pteagueakonadi-server depends on mysql-server-core-5.1 & akonadi-server is a pim, but i have no interest in using akonadi07:12
lynxgeeknycsudo apt-get install nautilus-share07:12
gregglynxgeeknyc: not gonna do it - it wants me to install gnome07:12
lynxgeeknycohh.. what do u have now07:12
pteaguethis particular box is accessing a mysql server *remotely* there's no reason for a local mysql server07:13
lynxgeeknychmmm..  I use gnome.. lol07:13
greggthan what are you doing in the kubuntu channel? ;)07:13
lynxgeeknycsmarter people lol07:13
lynxgeeknycwhere are you located btw?07:14
lynxgeeknyctry this07:15
lynxgeeknycamerican internet sucks lately07:15
lynxgeeknycfor instance, my ISP blocks Port 80 and 21 lol07:16
lynxgeeknycunless I pay a lot of money07:16
lynxgeeknycwow. this is sooo cool07:21
lynxgeeknyci have been using my screen name for quiet some time now and still haven't played around with Lynx.. I just downloaded it and playing with it now. I think Lynx is awesome for SEO07:22
naught101_Every time my computer goes to sleep (suspend to ram), it wakes up, and then immediately sleeps again, but only once.07:44
naught101_It's not critically annoying, since the second sleep/wake cycle is pretty quick, but does anyone know what might be causing this, or how I might fix it?07:44
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bdizzleI was wondering if someone could help me unlock the add / remove programs, I did something in terminal that managed to wipe firefox and flash09:01
bdizzleI got firefox back, minus the bookmarks (sad day)09:01
bdizzlebut it gets stuck on the flash process09:01
Peace-well ...09:01
Peace-so .. your flash videos can be played well?09:02
bdizzleno, I managed to uninstall the plugin and flash in general somehow09:02
bdizzlenow I can't unlock anything to be able to uninstall the messed up download to reinstall the new one09:02
Peace-bill_: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:03
Peace-bdizzle:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:03
bdizzleright now I'm getting:  debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable09:03
bdizzlewhen trying sudo dpkg --configure -a09:03
Peace-bdizzle: close every window less of course the IRC window09:04
Peace-bdizzle: then... try to open a terminal09:04
Peace-and type09:04
Peace-sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:04
Peace-if you get the same message you should consider the easier way ... reboot09:04
Peace-and then...09:04
Peace-sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:04
bdizzleE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:05
Peace-if you don't want reboot ....09:05
Peace-bdizzle: mmm09:05
Peace-that is bad09:05
bdizzlebasically I'm locked out09:05
Peace-what did you do before?09:05
bdizzlehad a really slow internet connection, and managed to close out the terminal at about 1% (it had taken 10 minutes to get that far) under sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer09:07
bipolarbdizzle: what else does the error message say?09:07
Peace-bdizzle:  sudo apt-get  install -f09:07
bdizzleis there a place to post it so that it doesn't spam?09:08
bdizzledebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable09:09
bdizzleSetting up flashplugin-installer ( ...09:09
bdizzledebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable09:09
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:09
Peace-bipolar: i think he should reboot09:10
Peace-bipolar: easier way09:10
Peace-sad but easy09:10
bdizzletried that once, didn't work09:10
bipolaryeah. that would be the easy way.09:10
bipolarwell then.. forget that :P09:11
bdizzletried deleting the lock file09:11
bdizzleit only came back09:11
Peace-bdizzle:  sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer09:12
bdizzleokay, hold on09:12
bipolarbdizzle: try running "fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat"09:12
bipolarmaybe we could see if a proc has that file open09:12
bdizzleI think that may have worked09:13
bdizzlethe apt-get remove09:13
Peace-bdizzle:  then ....  sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree09:13
Peace-bdizzle: so after that  ....  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:14
Peace-that should fix it09:14
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bdizzleis there a way to purge the file and any partial installs?09:15
Peace-sudo apt-get remove --purge09:16
Peace-sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename09:16
Peace-bdizzle: have you reboot ?09:17
bdizzleI was able to get the non-free09:17
bdizzlebut the flashplugin-installer is giving issues09:17
bdizzlenot recently, I did do that before09:17
Peace-reboot please09:17
bdizzlek, brb09:17
bdizzleI forgot how quickly sudo reboot worked09:20
bdizzleokay, so now try to install?09:21
Peace- bdizzle: now try to do:  sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer  flashplugin-nonfree09:21
Peace-sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:22
bdizzleokay, its running now09:22
Peace-well :)09:22
bdizzlesadly going to take a while, I think the school put a bandwidth cap for 24 hours on me, something about taking a day off and trying to catch up on hulul09:22
Peace-you didn't need to reboot like said from bipolar there was a way...09:22
Peace-but.. well reboot was fastest09:23
bdizzleyeah, I think the bandwidth hates me. Its claiming it will take two hours to download 3.8 MB09:23
luis_I need help kubuntu: I upgraded to KDE 4.4, but it had an error and after login it had a black screen. I entered secure mode and restored the packages, but now i have a desktop mounted over the other!09:31
Peace-luis_: mm09:38
Peace-luis_: could you explain better ?09:38
Peace-i mean a desktop mounte over the other?09:38
Peace-anyway ...09:39
Peace-luis_: you could try this sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop09:39
bdizzlePeace-: I think its working, its just going to take all night for some reason to download09:39
Peace-bdizzle: well09:40
bdizzlebut hopefully it will work09:41
Peace-i should09:41
bdizzlecool, thanks so much for your help, this almost seemed like something basic that I manged to forget09:42
bdizzletypically I stay out of command line unless I have to use it for something09:42
Peace-basically one installation istance was in background ... and linux allows only 1 installation istance09:42
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bdizzlehmm, I keep getting "partial content" downloads09:49
bdizzleis there a way to stop it and purge what has been downloaded so far?09:49
bdizzlethen have it install via the gui?09:49
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Peace- /var/cache/apt/archives/ here there are all debian packages09:50
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neo_matrix Hi09:51
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snow_usais there a live CD for kubuntu ?11:09
ghostcubesure www.kubuntu.org downloads11:10
snow_usaghostcube, no, liveCD, run on RAM11:10
snow_usanot touch harddisk11:10
Tm_Tsnow_usa: yes, basic kubuntu cd runs as livecd11:10
Peace-desktop version is a live cd11:14
Peace-alternate no11:14
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HunterFetthey folks. I was told I ought to check out pulse audio to resolve my sound issues. However, adding that package tells me it needs to remove libsdl1.2debian-alsa. If I click okay, it tells me it's going to also remove what looks like my entire linux installation. What to do?11:48
=== madagu_ is now known as MadAGu
HunterFettI was told I ought to check out pulse audio to resolve my sound issues. However, adding that package tells me it needs to remove libsdl1.2debian-alsa. If I click okay, it tells me it's going to also remove what looks like my entire linux installation. What to do?11:52
ghostcubeHunterFett: hmm pulsedauio shoudlnt be needed for working sound12:07
ghostcubewhat problems do you have12:07
orioli use kubuntu, when i try to eliminate large amount of files the trash its get full very soon, it's possible to eliminate a file without sending it to trash ?12:10
oriolin kubuntu ?12:10
ghostcubectrl + entf12:10
ghostcubeshould just delete it12:10
oriolentf ?12:11
oriolwhat key is that12:11
ghostcubei have a german keyboard sorry12:11
ghostcubeand you can set in dolphon options the setting to show delete in the context menu for an file12:12
ghostcubenot only move to trash12:12
ItesI messed something up, that desktop window, I minimalized it to system tray. I deleted that then, I hoped it would come back to the way it was before but now it's gone, how can i make it appear again? :s12:20
ghostcubeItes: its an miniprogram show folder :)12:20
ghostcubejust add it do the desktop again12:21
Iteswhere? :p12:21
ghostcubeyou see the cashew in the right corner12:22
ghostcubeclick it and use add miniprogram12:22
ghostcubeor widget12:22
ghostcubewhats it in english kde :s12:22
DolphineHello! Amarok wont play my music, got Kubuntu 9.1012:24
ghostcubeother media players play music ?12:24
Dolphineghostcube: yes12:24
Dolphineghostcube: atleast vlc12:24
ghostcubemp3 ?12:25
Dolphineghostcube: yes12:25
Dolphineghostcube: I'm new to KDE12:26
Iteswel no ghostcube when i do that I have a button to click to return to Desktop. But there was also an apart window where i could see files i dl'd to dekstop, and it's not the same...12:26
ghostcubeItes: if you look at the widgets there is an widget for displaying any folder you want on youre workspace12:27
ghostcubeit shows files of desktop or what you want12:27
Dolphineghostcube: i've already fixt it :)12:28
Itesyes I'm looking at that ghostcube, but it's not the show dekstop12:28
ghostcubeDolphine: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras12:28
Itesim looking12:28
ghostcubeDolphine: oh ok12:28
Itesgonna retsart KDE12:29
ghostcubeItes: hmm i dont have an english kde aand iam not on kde right now :)12:29
boesmanshmm no it's gone -_-12:32
reanimationhello linux12:33
|sysop|I have a weird one. my swap wont mount on boot. but if I use swapon it works fine.12:34
|sysop|I tried using mount manager to rewrite my fstab and now everything has uuids but still if I swapoff the swap partition and do a mount -a and then do a top its not mounted. but if I do a swapon again it works fine.12:35
|sysop|this didnt happen till after I moved my installation to a new hdd. and changed the swap size from 6 to 10 gig.12:36
|sysop|is 10 gig too big?12:37
|sysop|but swapon forces it?12:37
vishali am having a lot of issues with pulseaudio ... i am on ubuntu 9.10 (karmic).....system freezes, hangs, auto is garbled ...etc etc..........any one has any pointers for help?12:44
vishali am having a lot of issues with pulseaudio ... i am on kubuntu 9.10 (karmic).....system freezes, hangs, auto is garbled ...etc etc..........any one has any pointers for help?12:44
boesmanscan i, instead of amsg, using another command to send a msg to all channels of server i'm currently on?12:47
vishali am having a lot of issues with pulseaudio ... i am on kubuntu 9.10 (karmic).....system freezes, hangs, auto is garbled ...etc etc..........any one has any pointers for help?12:50
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:55
ubuntuI am new here12:59
ghostcubehi ubuntu :)12:59
ubuntuThank GOODNESS someone TALKS12:59
ubuntuActually i am new to LInux:$13:00
robin0800ubuntu: youv'e not ssked a question yet13:00
ubuntuHOw are you13:00
ubuntuWell, WHat is this a chatroom or ?13:01
ubuntuWHat reallyW13:01
ubuntuWill anyone tell m13:01
ghostcubeubuntu: its a support channel chat is in offtopic13:01
ubuntuOh thats nice i just downloaded it hhhhhhhhhh13:01
ubuntuOkay so will anyone tell me WHAT'S THE BEST MSN FOR UBUNTU ? I am using emesen13:02
ubuntuEveryone sleeping ?13:04
ghostcubehmm most its sunday :)13:05
ubuntuWell here its not a holiday on sunday !13:05
ubuntuWhere are you from ?13:05
ghostcubegermany :)13:06
ubuntuReally far13:06
ubuntuYou there ?13:08
ubuntuWILL ANYON13:12
ubuntuHELP ME ?13:12
FloodBotK1ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:12
ubuntuOkay cool !13:12
ubuntuTell me13:12
ubuntuHOw can i install windows live messenger ?13:13
ubuntuon this ubuntu13:13
machotyou can with wine, but Kopete is better for this13:13
ubuntuI mean messenger ? yeah so WINE and Kopete ? they are good ?13:14
ubuntuI am using Emese13:14
ubuntuThanks its downloading :)13:15
machotwine need you for installing wlm, but kopete is a nativ kde messenger client13:15
ubuntuSo after installing wine ? i can install the wlm.exe on ubuntu /13:16
zekohi guys, how can i enable the shut down option in kubuntu13:17
zekothat is , i installed kde onto ubuntu13:17
ubuntuThanks a lot :)13:17
ubuntuI am new to it so thanks a lot really :)13:18
ubuntuWhat's Kubuntu ?13:18
KyrilHas anybody besides me noticed that PolicyKit does not work after update to KDE SC 4.4.1?13:18
zekoubuntu: ubuntu + kde13:18
ubuntuAnd what is KDE ?13:18
ubuntuKnown as13:18
zekoubuntu: i think Kool Desktop Environment13:19
ubuntuThere is WINE BETA RELEASED and which should i install ?13:19
ubuntuOH um interesting13:19
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OxymoronHow to fix video issue with 4.4.1?13:21
ubuntuCan i know a better video player for VOB formats mosty DVD like Wndows got K lite /13:21
robin0800ubuntu: vlc?13:22
ubuntuYeah right Robin13:22
ubuntuActually i am installing programs and looking what cani really install in Ubuntu13:22
ubuntuBut is there any chance to install programs of windows ? on ubntu13:23
ubuntuThanks for the Kopete MACHOT13:23
robin0800ubuntu: well vlc plays most files as far as I know13:23
ubuntuYeah that's right13:24
ubuntuLemme get that :$13:24
ubuntuIs there any patch for Kopete ? or something13:26
ubuntuAny help13:26
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde413:35
ubuntuHow to install windows live messenger after installing WINE ?13:41
shadeslayerubuntu: why do you need Live messenger? just use kopete?13:44
k4hdfgin ubuntu there is generally a replacement program for every windows program13:44
shadeslayerubuntu: youll find this very helpful : http://www.osalt.com/13:44
shadeslayerOpen Source as a Alternative,its a site which lists closed source alternatives ;)13:45
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ubuntuOh thanks K4 :)13:48
snow_usavery strange13:53
snow_usaI changed the hwadress !!!13:53
ubuntuWHat are you saying dude13:54
snow_usaI changed the hwaddress by editing in /etc/networking/interfaces ; => /etc/init.d/network restart ;13:56
snow_usathen, I can not come back to my original HWaddress13:56
snow_usaI have already removed the line I added to /etc/networking/interfaces ; and restart the network13:56
snow_usabut the HWAddress doesnt' come back !13:57
ubuntuOkay listen i am new here its my first day, PLease ask anyone else :)13:57
ubuntuBRB after a restat13:57
FloodBotK1ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:57
SaiNumerineed some help figuring out how to rip a dvd, iffin someone knows how to do such a thing14:10
Peace-SaiNumeri: of course14:10
Peace-SaiNumeri: italian ?14:10
SaiNumerido i speak italian? no, sorry...14:11
SaiNumerii could use google translate though14:11
Peace-SaiNumeri: no no i thiked you were italian14:11
Peace-well there is a lots of software to do that14:11
Peace-for example k3b14:11
SaiNumeriright, kubuntu came with that14:11
SaiNumeriand ive downloaded DVD::Rip14:12
SaiNumeribut thats confusing as i'll get at14:12
rogue780I'm mainly familiar with ubuntu but I've decided to move to kubuntu...what, if anything, should I know that will help me with the transition?14:13
Peace-SaiNumeri: screenshot working14:13
Peace-SaiNumeri: http://imagebin.ca/view/YnXqVl0.html14:13
Peace-rogue780: my blog ? xD14:13
Peace-rogue780: you can find a lots of stuff here they are my "notes" http://imagebin.ca/view/YnXqVl0.html14:14
Peace-rogue780: sorry was this one http://nowardev.wordpress.com/14:14
rogue780Peace-: thanks. i'm starting to read it now14:16
Peace-rogue780: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/gnome2kde/14:16
SaiNumeriPeace-: ok, so i opened up k3b and tried to do what you illustrated in that screenshot, but the same menu didnt pop up. possibly an update issue?14:16
Peace-SaiNumeri: mmm wait thinking14:17
SaiNumeriPeace-:  also, last night when i tried to rip with k3b it kept throwing up error messages14:17
Peace-rogue780: and this one http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/top-application-free-software/14:17
Peace-SaiNumeri: omg that is a bad issue then14:18
Peace-SaiNumeri: maybe you should try another ripper14:18
Peace-but k3b should work very well14:18
Peace-anyway i have to remmeber the onther software14:18
SaiNumeriPeace-: tried dvd::rip too, same issue. and toggen<or whatever the hell its called>14:19
Peace-looks like you have a messed up system14:19
SaiNumerioh boy....14:19
Peace-*i think*14:19
SaiNumeriknow any way i could diagnose? <<<<windows spoiled14:20
SaiNumeriheh, cool, we have the same dvd drive, i think14:22
SaiNumerimatshida dvd-ram uj-850514:22
SaiNumerior is that some code that i just dont know....14:22
Peace-yea i have a mashita14:23
Peace-or whatever14:23
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:24
SaiNumerimorning to ya14:24
robin0800BluesKaj: afternoon14:25
BluesKajhi robin080014:25
Peace-SaiNumeri: http://linuxappfinder.com/14:26
Peace-should help you14:26
SaiNumeriill check it out14:26
SaiNumerityty, bbiab14:26
Peace-SaiNumeri: should sstart with k914:26
Peace-SaiNumeri: k9copy should be14:27
SaiNumeriPeace-: downloading k9copy atm14:32
SaiNumerii wonder if its a dvd drive issue...14:33
SaiNumeriit works with my cd's though14:33
Peace-SaiNumeri: dunno man14:35
SaiNumeriPeace-: ok, so i have k9copy up and running, and im looking at the title tree. i'm assuming that the largest file is the actual movie.14:35
Peace-i guess yea14:35
SaiNumeriok, well i guess i'll try it and see what happens14:36
SaiNumerity again btw14:36
SaiNumeriyay, working so far14:38
devurandomCan someone please tell me the output of "dpkg --search /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/oxygen-air"?14:38
devurandomI am running Kubuntu 9.10 + KDE 4.4 and apparently the kdm themes got lost...14:38
devurandomThe only dir I have is /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais...14:42
devurandomAnd kdm refuses to start: ~"the design file /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/oxygen-air cannot be opened".14:44
BluesKajdevurandom, try  /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/default just to get kdm up and running14:50
devurandomBluesKaj: How shall I "try" that?14:50
BluesKajdevurandom, in the terminal,  sudo /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/default restart14:51
devurandomThat directory does not even exist... And how shall a directory ever be executed?14:52
robin0800devurandom: ctrl alt f1 for tty prompt14:52
devurandomI know how to get to a VT... I just dont know how to get that theme directory...14:53
devurandomOr how to get kdm to use a different theme.14:53
robin0800devurandom: try startx14:53
devurandomThat will start an x session as the user I am logged in, not?14:53
Aisonhello, it's a littlebit ot, but here my question: I installed eclipse, I installed tomcat, inside eclipse I installed these WebDevelopmentTools14:53
BluesKajdevurandom, drop to a TTY , sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start14:53
devurandomBluesKaj: That produces the abovementioned error message.14:53
Aisonbut under Preferences -> Server -> Runtime  I cant select tomcat apache14:53
devurandomBluesKaj: And kdm refuses to start...14:53
BluesKajwell, i would worry about themes right , I'd try to get kdm working14:54
devurandomBluesKaj: KDM does not start because there is no theme it can use...14:55
devurandomThere is simply *nothing*...14:55
devurandomSo it is apparently unable to show "nothing".14:56
BluesKajdevurandom, there's a default theme14:57
robin0800devurandom: does start x work14:57
devurandomBluesKaj: Named "default"? Then not.14:57
devurandomrobin0800: No, doesnt, complains that module "i810" is not available.14:58
devurandomBut kdm start at least shows me a dialog box, so it cant be that bad.14:58
HandyGandykoala here. Running kde 4.4. Something weird has happened.  I rebooted. Lost my pager on the bottom panel. Got it back. The thing is I have a right panel, before windows could be moved under, but when I maximized the window did not go under. Now windows can go under but when I maximise the windows use full screen. including under the right panel. How do I reset this?14:58
devurandomI even reinstalled kdm, still nothing...15:06
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Peace-devurandom: what's the problem15:09
devurandomPeace-: kdm refuses to start, shows ~"the design file /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/oxygen-air cannot be opened" in a dialog box right after x started.15:10
Peace-mmm sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop15:10
SaiNumeriwow... tried ripping and my computer just slowed to the speed of smell...15:11
devurandomPeace-: Further, there are no themes installed, besides "ethai".15:11
Peace-devurandom: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop15:11
devurandomYes, trying that right now.15:12
devurandomIssue is that this tries to install network-manager, while I want wicd...15:12
devurandomI'll accept for now and hope it brings the missing files...15:12
SaiNumeriPeace-: thanks for the help earlier, im out15:12
Peace-SaiNumeri: bye15:13
devurandomPeace-: The themes are still missing.15:13
Peace-wai t a second15:14
devurandomkdm start still complains.15:14
Peace-i will search15:14
devurandomPeace-: Thanks.15:15
devurandomMaybe dpkg --search /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/oxygen-air can already help me.15:15
Peace-sudo apt-get install oxygen-icon-theme-complete15:15
schultzaWhat do I find the Repositories for Handbrake and Skype?15:16
schultzaWhere, not what15:16
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga15:17
schultzaThank you.15:18
devurandomPeace-: No, still missing any theme but "ethais".15:20
devurandomdpkg -L says oxygen-icon-theme-complete contains /usr/share/doc/....15:21
Peace-oxygen-icon-theme ?15:21
devurandomis installed15:22
Peace-o wow15:22
devurandomtrying to reinstall it now...15:24
BluesKajdevurandom, about the network manager , you can install wicd and when doing so nm will be disabled15:25
devurandomYes, did that. Thanks for the tip anyway. :)15:25
devurandomPeace-: I think it's a bug in some package...15:25
devurandomSo probably a dev has to deal with it.15:25
Peace-devurandom: well i think it's not15:25
devurandomHow come? :)15:26
devurandomPeace-: What did dpkg --search say whom /usr/share.../oxygen-air belongs to?15:26
devurandomPeace-: Are you also using the kubuntu-ppa with KDE 4.4.1?15:26
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.15:26
lacysinx i have a quick question  how do i see my hardrive on my computer  when i installed Ubuntu it was able to see my 500g  but Kubuntu isn't ?15:26
Peace-i am using devurandom backports.15:26
Peace-i am using devurandom backports. devurandom and not kubuntu ppa15:27
schultzaOk. Not the info I was looking for...15:27
devurandomPeace-: "devurandom backports"?15:27
devurandomMy PPA contains no Ubuntu packages...15:27
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM15:27
Peace-devurandom: i use backports and stop15:27
Peace-and i have kde 4.4.215:27
devurandomAh, ok.15:27
Peace-and i have kde 4.4.115:27
devurandomOn Karmic?15:28
devurandomHm, maybe I messed something up...15:28
lacysinxi guess no one can answer my question lol15:28
devurandomHm, it seems as if I am not using the PPA either...15:28
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap15:29
devurandomAh, there is a .d directory.15:29
BluesKajschultza, sudo fdisk -l , but you can also see your partitions with kde partion manager or gparted15:29
lacysinx is there a  help channel ?15:29
pascalFR!partition | lacysinx15:29
ubottulacysinx: please see above15:29
* schultza is still looking for Google and Handbrake repositories for 9.10 Kubuntu.15:30
BluesKajerr lacysinx, sudo fdisk -l , but you can also see your partitions with kde partition manager or gparted15:30
BluesKajschultza, try medibuntu15:31
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:31
BluesKajfor handbrake15:31
devurandomHm, how do I downgrade packages?15:31
lacysinx ok so i need to mount the drive then ?15:32
devurandomHm, the channel topic disagrees with Peace-... " KDE SC 4.4 in the Kubuntu Backports PPA: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4 "15:33
pascalFRlacysinx: what disk are your talking about ?  a second drive ?15:33
lacysinxyes i have a 1t drive which has kubuntu installed and a 500g15:34
pascalFRlacysinx: ok  how is the 500g connected to the box?15:34
lacysinxsata ?15:34
pascalFRlacysinx: ok internal  not a usb disk15:35
lacysinx the only thing i know is  when i installed ubuntu 9.10 it was able to see the 500g  but not kubuntu15:35
pascalFRlacysinx: ok first install a partition manager15:37
pascalFR!partitionmanager | lacysinx15:37
ubottulacysinx: PartitionManager is a !KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !KPackageKit, !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install partitionmanager » in a !terminal15:37
lacysinxok its done now what15:38
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr15:39
lacysinx thanks15:40
tom_hi all15:42
schultzaLater. Thank you.15:47
Fieldyhello, I am using Jaunty. I used the little network management app (I don't know what it's called) to set up a custom ethernet connection with custom DNS servers and so on (the DHCP server in my router sucks, short story). When i set up that custom connection, I did check connect automatically. The thing is when I power up or resume from sleep, the connection settings go back to Auto eth0, which does not have the settings I want. I have to r15:50
Fieldyight click and choose my custom connection every time. how can I get it to use mine all of the time? Auto eth0 is not listed anywhere, thus I can't delete it.15:50
FloodBotK1Fieldy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:50
FieldyI didn't, i pressed enter once. I didn't think it was that long. sorry.15:50
lacysinxok my question is  this on my second drive which has windows im just trying to access that drive from Kubuntu16:00
pascalFRlacysinx: ok16:00
lacysinx i dont wanna  partion the drive i just access it16:01
pascalFRthen you have to add en entry in fstab for this partition16:01
pascalFRlacysinx: do you to have permanent access to it ?16:01
lacysinx i dunno how can i tell16:01
pascalFRlacysinx: the partitionner shows you the partition name16:01
pascalFRlacysinx:  first go to superuser shell16:02
pascalFRlacysinx: in konsole   sudo -i16:02
lacysinxok 1 sec16:02
lacysinxok im in16:03
pascalFRlacysinx:  copy the fstab  in case you do something wrong:   cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.org16:04
lacysinx do i pass that16:04
lacysinxpaste that  is16:04
lacysinxok done16:05
pascalFRlacysinx: create a directory to mount the windows partition16:05
pascalFRlacysinx:   mkdir /mnt/windows16:05
lacysinxi paste that in term  right16:05
pascalFRlacysinx:    ls -l /mnt/windows16:06
lacysinxtotal 016:06
pascalFRlacysinx:    ls -ld /mnt/windows16:06
lacysinx4096 2010-03-07 11:05 /mnt/windows16:07
pascalFRthe begining is missing :)16:07
lacysinxits there16:07
pascalFRdrwxrwxrwx 10 pascal pascal 4096 2009-11-03 08:39 /mnt/windows16:08
pascalFRis mine16:08
pascalFRlacysinx: ?16:09
metelliusI am going to file a bug on kdm terminating the current session without warning when the package is updated, but I'm using the kubuntu ppa to get kde 4.4, so I'm not sure where to report the bug. does anyone know?16:17
iRenegademay i ask, how do you get java jre on kubuntu?16:34
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resBuenas deseo ir al irc en Español UBuntu17:00
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ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:09
pascalFR!es | es17:09
ubottues: please see above17:09
dolioIs anyone using the 4.4 ppa packages? And if so, are they, perchance, causing xorg to use 100% CPU followed by the system hard locking during KDE login? :)17:10
pascalFRyes  no proble here17:13
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution17:14
* pandamonium is flabbergasted17:17
pandamoniummy GUI has gone. disappeared. won't come back :(17:17
lacysinxi have a question im useing usb speakers  but i have no sound ?17:46
robasgood day to all17:50
spirov92_hi there. I want to try kubuntu, but it seems the normal download is going to take all day. is there a torent somewhere?17:51
robasTorrents are at the bottom.17:53
boesmanscya alllllllllllllllllll17:53
lacysinxcan someone help me with a  sound problem  im useing usb device17:53
lacysinxusb speakers17:53
spirov92_robas: thanks17:54
robasany toughbook cf 28 touchscreen users over there?17:57
stiivekubuntu lucid lynx is pretty hot18:03
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kubuntu_girli'm in the kubuntu community? right?18:09
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satubutnu fr svp????18:11
satubutnu pour les français je vous prie merci18:12
robaskugirl hi18:12
sathi robas18:13
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satqlq parle le français??18:14
satqlq'un parle le français??18:14
robasIm ussing the most popular language in the world..... yes thats bad english :D18:15
BluesKaj!fr | sat18:15
ubottusat: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois18:15
robasenglish or lithuanian?18:16
satmerci ubottu18:16
jonathan_hello how do i enable nvidia drivers on a clean install kubuntu 9.1018:22
chrisssi need help converting a ps file to pdf using ps2pdf18:22
chrisssps2pdf only converts the lower left corner to pdf18:23
jessi90hello  all18:24
jonathan_can anyone help me enable nvidia driver in a clean install?18:25
BluesKajwhich nvidia card , jonathan_ ?18:25
jessi90I do not succeed to insert the codec w32codes in kubuntu, does not appear not even in kpackgekit18:26
BluesKajon karmic?18:26
jonathan_i think last time it just popped up saying do you which to uses these drivers... yeah karmic18:26
BluesKajw32codecs, jessi9018:26
BluesKaj!medibuntu | jessi9018:27
ubottujessi90: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org18:27
jessi90because I do not see the rows grandfathers, solo the voice18:27
robasmight help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114918418:27
jessi90BluesKaj: how I must make?18:28
jessi90BluesKaj:  I type then on   free software   and .......  ?18:30
BluesKajjessi90, just follow the instructions , they are very clear18:31
jonathan_so what do i have to do?18:32
BluesKajjonathan_, do you see the hardware drivers in kmenu/system?18:33
jessi90BluesKaj:   Browse through the lists of packages:   karmic.hardy intrepid ??18:33
jonathan_yay! thank you my good fellow18:34
jessi90I use kubuntu18:34
BluesKajjessi90, whatever kubuntu you have installed , use that.18:34
BluesKajjessi90, in the terminal , do this : lsb_release -a ..that will tell you which version of kubuntu you have installed18:35
jonathan_what email client is everyone using these days?18:40
lalalolhi, if i add the ppa for KCE SC 4.4.1, will i get auto-updates for versions later than 4.4.1 such as 4.4.2 and onwards?18:40
jonathan_still thunderbird18:41
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde418:45
ubottuKDE 4.3 is the latest major release of the KDE Software Compilation. Packages can be found at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.3.4 - KDE SC 4.4 Beta1 packages for !karmic are available here http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4-beta-1 - Support in #kubuntu18:45
lalalolok, so this is the right channel18:46
lalalolso who knows?18:46
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chxis it possible to use gestures (like opera does) that are only specific button combinations? Click middle, keep it pressed press left , release all == back.19:12
jessi90 lsb_release -a19:16
jessi90I do not see the films .avi, only the voice the screen is black thing I must make?19:17
jessi90I do not see the films .avi, only the voice the screen is black thing I must make?19:17
AltrortlAknetworkmanager tells me device eth0 device unmanaged... internet connection belong to a lan. But I can't surf in internet and knetworkmanager remains as a green globe. What sould i do?19:22
VonVonHello where in kubuntu can I define shortcuts?19:34
binarylooksVonVon: one possibility: open two dolphins side by side and drag your file to be linked from one location to the next19:46
binarylooksVonVon: a popup will show with "move, copy and lilnk" options19:46
VonVonbinarylooks: yeah I've already found it but thank you anyway19:47
binarylooksVonVon: np19:47
Schenkerthe kubuntu's cd brings kde4.4, right?19:50
ubuntuNew here !19:54
Schenkerubuntu: welcome ;)19:55
binarylooksSchenker: current lucid yes, but karmic not19:55
binarylooksSchenker: but lucid is in production, so no final release yet19:56
ubuntuCan i know whats the latest Ubuntu released ?19:56
ubuntuI'm on the one released last year19:56
binarylooksubuntu: karmic (9.10)19:56
binarylooks9 means 2009 and 10 means october19:56
binarylooksnext one will be 10.419:56
ubuntuYou are using Ubuntu 9.1019:56
ubuntu                - the Karmic Koala - released in October 2009 and supported until April 2011.19:56
ubuntuThis ?19:56
FloodBotK1ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:56
ubuntuOh i see19:56
ubuntuWhen ? will it be19:56
Schenkerbinarylooks: ah ok19:56
binarylooksubuntu: i like living on the edge. am using a development version of 10.419:57
remur_030!seen tpearson19:57
ubottuI have no seen command19:57
remur_030hmm, hey guys, anybody know how to reach tpearson?19:57
ubuntuWhat does it means supported untill 2011 ?19:57
ubuntuDo i have to install the new one then or whats that really19:57
binarylooksubuntu: it means here will be security updates for it, there is a nice explanation on the wiki. let me look19:58
poseidonubuntu, it means updates will be made by cononical until 201119:58
ubuntuYeah i got it now :)19:58
ubuntuAll right, So what's the difference between RED HAT Ubuntu and Mandriva ? I'm a beginner19:59
poseidonAnyone know what version of kde is supposed to be bundled with 10.04?19:59
binarylooksposeidon: whatever will be out when lucid releases19:59
binarylooksposeidon: probably 4.4.219:59
poseidonk, thanks19:59
binarylooksposeidon: then there will be updates during the lucid lifecycle19:59
poseidonI'm going to go ahead and install the alpha 3 build now :)20:00
binarylooksubuntu: the differences become less every year.20:00
ubuntuWhy is that ?20:00
ubuntuI mean the same with windows these days !20:00
binarylooksubuntu: its mostly behind the scenes differences and differences in versions of software that ships with releases20:00
binarylookseverybody uses gnome or kde so the desktop is kind of fixed. some distros add their own stuff like the ubuntu music store or things like that20:01
nightrid3rubuntu: redhat uses older versions of software and is more aiming at enterprises20:01
ubuntunighttrid3r: What's ubuntu for really ? i mean it's what i don't get it20:02
ubuntuWhy ubuntu is called Kubuntu ? I mean its the same OS or ? is it /20:03
nightrid3rubuntu = gnome desktop kubuntu = same with KDE desktop20:04
ubuntuAnd WHATS KDE ? then20:04
nightrid3rits a desktop20:04
ubuntuIt's like Aero theme in Vista or ?20:05
nightrid3rno, its what you see on your screen, menu's windows and icons20:05
ubuntuAre the ubuntu's command woth using it ?20:05
Kageubuntu: think of KDE as explore.exe + AERO20:05
ubuntuYeah the complete desktop20:05
ubuntuYeah good KAGE, now i got that :)20:06
ubuntuThanks :)20:06
ubuntuThat was quick and nice explaning there20:06
Kagewell... technically, applications that come like KDE, could be related to applications that come with windows... like paint, minesweeper, notepad, etc20:07
Kagethough, the important thing to know, is KDE is the background, the thing that puts the title bar on windows, the panel, etc...20:08
ubuntuSO what exactly is the different between Kubuntu, Just the KDE ?20:08
Kageubuntu: you can think of ubuntu as a core (I.E. system software) like the kernel, package manager, etc20:08
KageKDE runs ontop of the ubuntu core20:09
Kagemaking it kubuntu20:09
ubuntuOh !20:09
Kagewhile normal ubuntu uses Gnome (a alternative to KDE)20:09
ubuntuHey, DOes anyone knows which application runs dreambox ? cause i heard its on Linux20:09
Kagewhats dreambox?20:10
ubuntuGnome i know where that thing is ! :$ (i'm new to it so)20:10
ubuntuDreambox ? the satalite receiever based on Linux OS !20:10
ubuntuIts a. CCAM20:10
ubuntuBased ! so for Card sharing20:10
Kageubuntu: most likely, if its custom hardware, they have a custom version of Linux supporting it20:11
ubuntuYeah that's right20:11
ubuntuBut i mean how do they share all those channels ? really20:11
ubuntuBy setting up a server20:11
Kagethis channel is for kubuntu support20:12
ubuntuSorry :)20:12
KageI don't even know what a dreambox is, much less what it does and how it works20:12
ubuntuhaha okay :)20:12
ubuntuI am not on Kbuntu so :$20:12
ubuntuAre there any third party softwares ? for it or ?20:14
Kagefor what?20:15
ubuntuOnly those in updates and software center20:15
ubuntuI mean any kinda20:15
ubuntuCan i install Adobe Photoshop CS4 on this  ? the one i used to use on Windows ?20:16
Kageubuntu: there is a program called wine that allows you to run some windows programs on Linux.   I think all versions of Ps work with it20:17
ubuntuYeah actually i just downloaded it today :)20:17
ubuntuSomeone told me here20:17
ubuntuWhat's the best Windows Live Messenger ? for ubuntu ? Any help on that20:18
KageIf your using kubuntu, use kopete.  If your using ubuntu, use pidgin20:18
GrillostHi, how can i do knetworkmanager starts again in system startup?20:19
Kageubuntu: according to the wine website, Ps CS4 probably won't work.20:19
tj___gimp is a good alternative20:19
Kagehowever, there is a alternative program, called GIMP, which while many people don't think its as good as Ps, a lot of other people do like it.20:20
Kageand it is free20:20
Kageand open source20:20
tj___its not as good as ps20:20
tj___but as good as you can get i think for free20:20
ubuntuIs it in there software center ?20:21
tj___yes it is20:21
ubuntuLemme see20:21
Kagetj___: IMO, something being better or worst is a matter of opinion.20:21
tj___kage: that is true20:22
ubuntuIt's  GNU paint ?20:22
ubuntuthis ?20:22
=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower
KagePersonally, I think 40% or so of people that don't like GIMP, is most likely because they are not use to it, and are more familiar with Ps20:22
ubuntuYes Kage i guess you are right, This seems MSPAINT !20:22
Kageubuntu: GNU paint is not the same as GIMP20:23
tj___MSPAINT works good under wine too20:23
ubuntuOh actually its already installed !20:23
Kageall those trash programs that come with windows works fine on wine20:23
Grillostsomeone knows how to start knetworkmanager in system startup again?20:23
ubuntuOh under wine ! really20:23
KageGrillost: you need to add it to the startup session20:24
tj___now kage, you have to admit, there are SOME good programs for windows. especially gamming.20:24
ubuntuhaha well who's the one for support here ?20:24
ubuntuKAGE ? you ?20:24
Kageubuntu: nobody is paid for support here... we all just help with what we can20:25
ubuntuOh that's nice of you all ! :)20:25
Kagetj___: no doubt.  Though I have a moral obligation to only use open source software.20:25
ubuntuHey, Is it true Linux is always been used for hacking purpose ?20:26
ubuntuDoesnt really seem !20:26
Kageubuntu: first... change your nick name... type:   /nick <NewNickname>20:26
ubuntuOkay wait20:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed
AhmedNow ?20:27
Kagesecondly, hacking is a long tradition of Linux... Linux was created by hackers, for hackers.   Though you are most likely confused on what a hacker is.20:27
=== Ahmed is now known as Guest52590
Kagea hacker is someone that is skilled in computers (basically)20:27
Guest52590Oh ! :)20:27
tj___be ethical20:27
=== stephen is now known as Guest99927
Guest52590How can i set my name I AM UBUNTU !20:28
Steve__Hi, my wifi does not work in kubuntu 9.10, it's realtek 8192 on a samsung n22020:28
itscrimetimehey all20:28
Kagewhat you are most likely, talking about, is what called a "cracker".  Person who cracks passwords, encryptions, etc20:28
tj___guest52590, are you using a live cd?20:28
KageGuest52590: with /nick <name>20:28
=== Guest52590 is now known as AhmedBH
AhmedBHI see20:28
itscrimetimehow can i get my alsa from mono to stero20:29
AhmedBHSo whats so especial here in this ubuntu really that you can be so much genius at ! Oh a hacker20:29
Kageand yes... many crackers do use Linux, mainly for the amount of control it gives you20:29
AhmedBHLike how, May i know how to start :)20:30
Kageitscrimetime: kmixer?20:30
itscrimetimei tried kmixer20:30
KageAhmedBH: you want to become a cracker?20:30
itscrimetimeit only shows master as mono20:30
tj___there is only three ways to get the kind of control you get with linux in windows, HACK,CRACK, and lots of money.20:30
AhmedBHYeah i think so :) but who is there to help me anyways20:30
AhmedBHHUH HUH !20:31
AhmedBHKage: Are you serious ?20:31
KageAhmedBH: I will not help you become a cracker...20:32
AhmedBHI mean i don't know a thing about it :) I even just installed This thing today i am talking to you guys on20:32
lovrehi all20:32
AhmedBHI mean at least give me a start :)20:32
AhmedBHHi !20:32
lovrei have a plasmoid that is in source, how do i compile it now? And what do i need to have installed for this20:32
KageAhmedBH: if you want to become more proficient in GNU/Linux, I suggest you start reading tutorials20:33
Kagelovre: type ./configure in its directory20:33
Kagethen make && sudo make install20:33
AhmedBHumm :)20:33
tj___hey AhmedBH, you should learn html and some programming. that will give you a start.20:34
AhmedBHI mean I am good at windows ! Anyone knows that20:34
AhmedBHYeah HTML thats it Tj20:34
AhmedBHDoes keylogger works on linux ?20:35
Kagetj___: IMO its easier and more useful to learn your way around a command prompt before you start learning programming20:35
AhmedBHCause even tho WIndows 7 is been infected by this thing20:35
AhmedBHI got a mailbox there are 10,000 emails and couting20:35
tj___yes it is20:35
AhmedBHSO just !! Its working awesome20:35
KageAhmedBH: you could write a keylogger for Linux, though to be effective it would most likely have to run in the kernel, which requires a lot of permissions to install20:35
tj___i am asuming that if you are learning programming, you already know your way around the terminal.20:36
Kagetj___: I highly doubt he does20:36
tj___i know20:36
AhmedBHYeah but i mean i'm here to see what's the difference between Windows And Linux :) (Especially Ubuntu)20:36
AhmedBHumm...Something wrong ?20:36
lovreKage: it says: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory20:36
DaughainAhmedBH: Linux is better.:P20:37
Kagelovre: ok, just try typing make20:37
Kagelovre: not all programs need to be configured20:37
lovreKage: make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.20:37
lovreKage: maybe im in the wrong folder... i dont know20:37
Kagelovre: ...20:37
lovreKage: or maybe i dont have compilers installed...20:37
AhmedBHDaughain: Umm reason ?20:37
tj___lovre, try config first, then make20:37
Kagetj___: he said [15:36] <lovre> Kage: it says: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory20:38
tj___or configure20:38
bucketheadAhmedBH: Cost is a major factor.. Ability to do what you please with the code is  another.20:38
DaughainAhmedBH: Less crap using resources. I charted a 40F core temp drop simply by switching from windows to Jaunty.20:38
lovreKage: it is this that im trying to inastall, maybe you can take a look? http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Eventlist?content=10777920:39
AhmedBHDaughain: That's nice explaning !20:39
bucketheadI can customize a system to meet my needs much easier with linux, and am now completely legal software on all systems.20:39
KageAhmedBH: I suggest you start here: http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/linuxcommand.org/learning_the_shell.php20:39
DaughainAhmedBH: *Then* we get into the flexibility of the OS...And, the fact that it effectivly doesnt get virus'.....20:39
DaughainAhmedBH: Ya, that first fact alone blew my mind.20:39
AhmedBHWindows, 7 isn't bad as XP and Vista is, (Only if you really know how to USE it) But like 80% are infected with some types of viruses and just tonns of crap, I mean20:39
Kagelovre: do you have KDE 4.3?20:40
AhmedBHI am an old user on Vista20:40
tj___oh , plasmoids,20:40
DaughainAhmedBH: Win7 starter crashed the 1st day OOB.......I dont consider it any improvement.20:40
AhmedBHKage: lemme see20:40
lovreKage: yes, 4.3.220:40
AhmedBHReally ?20:40
pandamoniumwhat's going on with the upgrades?20:40
* Daughain nods.20:40
pandamoniumi've upgraded, totally lost my xserver so decided on a clean install20:40
AhmedBHHey NIce20:40
DaughainAhmedBH: Join #Kubuntu-offtopic if ya wanna chat about this some more.20:41
AhmedBHNice thing to start really20:41
AhmedBHOff topic ? whats that for20:41
DaughainTopics like this, which dont involve discussions of kubuntu problems.=)20:41
pandamoniumdownloaded 9.10 and installed it, ran updates and now it won't even boot up20:41
pandamoniumi get "udevadm trigger not permitted while udev unconfigured"20:41
pandamonium"cannot open /dev/mem"20:42
AhmedBHHOw to get to another rooms such as Kbuntu offtopic ?20:42
AhmedBHBy myself ?20:42
pandamoniumis kubuntu broke?20:42
KageAhmedBH: /join #channel20:42
tj___nope kubuntu is not broke20:42
Kagepandamonium: did you restart before the update was finished by chance?20:42
pandamoniumwell the update manager told me it was all done20:43
pandamoniumand then the whole system hung20:43
pandamoniumi had to hard reboot20:43
tj___what kind of computer do you have pandamonium?20:43
Kagemeh.... what type of hardware are you on?20:43
pandamoniuma smashed to bits one if it doesn't stop annoying me20:44
tj___is it an old one?20:44
pandamoniumit's a ... asus k8 nvidia chipset20:44
pandamoniumwith a athlon 6420:44
pandamonium1.5gb of ram20:44
Kageits 64bit?20:44
pandamoniumit will be 640 bit by the time i'm finished with it20:45
pandamoniumbut yeah20:45
Kagepandamonium: are you trying to install the 32bit version, or 64bit version of 9.10?20:45
pandamonium64 bit20:45
pandamoniumand it was a clean install20:45
pandamoniumbecause the previous upgrade lost my xserver on reboot20:46
Kagepandamonium: I would maybe try the 32bit, and see if you get the same issue...20:46
tj___try the 32 pandamonium? just for kicks .20:46
tj___i have problems with 64 on mine20:46
Kagetj___: we think a like...20:46
tj___and i have no problems with 3220:46
pandamoniumhmmmm, everything was fine when i was on the .0420:46
tj___i have noticed that kage20:46
Kageyeah, it is20:46
pandamoniumthat means downloading another cd image20:47
Kagepandamonium: yeah20:47
tj___yes it does20:47
pandamoniumthat means *another* 5 minutes wait20:47
* pandamonium wonders what the point of 64 bit processors is20:48
Kageyou can download a 700MB ISO in 5 mins :\20:48
Kagepandamonium: to extend the length of time_t20:48
pandamoniumyeah, got a 16Mb/s connection20:48
* Kage steals pandamonium's internet connection and hides it20:48
tj___takes me about 15 to 20 mins20:49
tj___wish i could do it 520:49
Kagetakes me... like.... 2-3 hours :(20:49
tj___2 to 3 hrs20:49
tj___i hope its dial up20:50
tj___i would be switching to cable20:50
pandamoniumcrikey! you being traffic managed?20:50
Kagewell... if I maintain my max download speed, I could download the image in 1.3 hours20:51
Kagebut a lot of times, it jumps between 50% and 100% of my max download speed20:51
pandamoniummine seems quite steady20:51
pandamoniumit's max 24Mb/s but i was on about 19-20 until i moved half a mile further from the exchange20:52
KageI really should look into changing ISPs20:52
pandamoniumyou know what, linux has changed little since i first dabbled some 10-12 years ago20:53
KageI have had this one for like, 15 years20:53
Kagepandamonium: ummm... your kidding right?20:53
pandamoniumit still frustrates the living daylights out of me20:53
Kageoh, lol20:53
pandamoniumthen again so does the WinDOS20:53
KageAll software is made by humans.  Humans suck.  Thus all software sucks.20:54
pandamoniumwhy can't we all just use CP/M and flashing green block cursors?20:54
pandamoniumah... pr0n... i forgot that20:55
Kagepandamonium: we could go back to ascii porn :P20:55
tj___we can, just pull out one them old apple computers from way back20:55
tj___apple one, i think20:55
pandamonium1.7MB/s i'm downloading at20:55
pandamoniumapple lisa20:56
|john|hello all20:56
Kagepandamonium: thats more then 10 times faster then mine...20:56
Kagemost I ever get is 150KB/s20:56
pandamoniumi'm paying £18 pm20:56
pandamoniumplus line rental20:56
KageI pay $30 pm20:57
pandamoniumi'm at 87% at the moment20:57
* Kage moves to Europe20:57
pandamoniumis that aussie dollars?20:57
tj___kage, cable is just 10 dollars more20:58
pandamoniumman... do they send wimminz round to clean your house?20:58
tj___and faster i think20:58
tj___least in my experiance it is20:58
Kagewell... £18 is not that far from $3020:58
Kageonly about 10% cheaper20:59
Kagebut... still... its 10% cheaper, and >10 times faster20:59
pandamoniumwell with line rental mine is almost £30 which is about $45 or so20:59
Kageits $4521:00
* Kage <3 Google21:00
tj___what is wimminz? pandamonium. cant help but wonder21:00
pandamoniumwomen ;)21:01
pandamoniumhahah i can't believe it's been put on there21:02
=== |john| is now known as Colonel_Panic
pandamoniumbut yeah, it's either a) females who're destined to be housewives or b) those feministy types21:03
pandamoniumit takes almost as long to burn as it does to download21:03
KageIMO, that is sexist :P   BBL21:03
pandamoniumyeah it is rather21:04
=== Colonel_Panic is now known as manga_lloyd
* netdaemon needs to get a few more flash drives so he stops burning discs....21:04
pandamoniumi've had 2 16GB ones that i have 'loaned' to people and subsequently never seen again21:05
netdaemoni'v got a few spindles to go through21:05
netdaemonwell typically i just give people the iso and have them burn it themselves if they want a copy21:06
pandamoniumi think it's about time we were born with usb connections on our fingers21:06
pandamoniumand SDHC slots on our forearms21:07
netdaemonwould be nice, but people might steal our fingers because they have better storage capabilities than theres :(21:07
netdaemoni'd like esata fingertips that link with my brain :D21:07
pandamoniumyes i can just see wives going astray because some other bloke has a larger storage capacity21:08
tj___ok, the fall apart thingy just isnt working. i clearly have it checked and its not working.21:14
pandamoniumhmmm the 32 bit installation disc is chucking up loads of errors21:15
Wolfcastlehow can i stop knetworkmanager from starting automatically?21:15
Wolfcastlei want to switch to the gnome version21:15
[mors]my web cam seems to be properly detected by it is not mapped to /dev/video0. Any clues ?21:17
pandamoniumright reformatting now and installing the 32 bit21:23
lacysinx i need help with my sound can someone help me21:39
WaltzingAlonglacysinx: the 1st issue being getting out what the problem seems to be21:41
lacysinxwell i have USB speakers and  im not haven no sound at all21:41
blueyedwhat's the equivalent to "System→Administration→Hardware Drivers" in Kubuntu?21:50
netdaemonApplications -> System -> Hardware Drivers21:51
netdaemonfrom the kicker21:51
pandamoniumhmmmm, this installation has been on 80% for ages21:52
pandamoniumi'm giving up21:57
pandamoniumhmmmmm, i think my problems lie with my hardware22:00
pandamoniumsomething's not correct22:00
pandamoniumit hung at 80% so i rebooted and it hung on the language selection splash of the installation CD22:01
dustyhello i was wondering where wine installs my programs22:04
=== azazel_ is now known as azazel__
* netdaemon too lazy to type out the rest22:05
ilumii have a harddrive with ntfs, i can see it dolphin but when i click on it it says "permission denied, refusing to mount"22:08
ilumihow can i fix this22:08
dustywhere is ~22:09
ilumi~ is home22:09
dustythere it is thanks22:10
dustymy file was hidden22:10
WaltzingAlongilumi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions22:11
KageIm in love with this video: http://www.xvideos.com/video120201/sarah_blake_forced_orgasms22:12
Kageerrrrr... ignore that :(22:12
ilumiWaltzingAlong: thanks, will check it22:14
judgenWhat channel is the channel for asking about hte kde3 remix?22:14
judgenexcuse my poor spelling.22:14
WaltzingAlongjudgen: this one?22:17
ubottuKubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page22:17
judgenWaltzingAlong: yes, but i suppose they have a irc channel?22:19
WaltzingAlongjudgen: check the link. i think support is via the mailing list22:21
judgen8.04 was hardy?22:25
WaltzingAlongjudgen: yeah22:26
cvdupdates,updates and more updates , cheese22:33
ScuniziWhere in the menu's do I add a printer K > Computer > System Settings > Printer Configuration shows what I have installed but doesn't have an option to add another.. I know I can "http://localhost:631" but I want to figure out the menu structure first.22:33
axiomlooking for some sound advice about boxee22:41
judgenMy sound stopped working... how odd.22:48
axiom@judgen: happens to me all the time.  tried 'sudo alsa force-reload'?22:49
judgenaxiom: still nothing22:50
judgenkubuntu does not use pulseaudio, right?22:51
axiomgod I don't know22:51
axiomsound is making me sad right now22:52
axiomnot sure I am in a position to help you22:52
axiomI've been told both things22:52
axiomthis may help you, though it is really outdated http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544922:54
=== ncc1701 is now known as seawolf
racecar56why does pidgin not show up in the indicator applet in kubuntu 9.1022:57
racecar56and if gnome is installed, it also gets the same problem22:57
racecar56but if i installed ubuntu from scratch and then installed KDE it would probably work22:57
blueyedracecar56: indicator applet? I know the one from kubuntu lucid only, where it's in the system tray.22:59
blueyedI have not installed pidgin, but it shows kopete in there.22:59
racecar56blueyed: it also can call it indicator display22:59
blueyedwhere is it? in the panel?23:00
racecar56blueyed: for me it's just to the left of the clock, this install is nearly default23:00
racecar56blueyed: this install is rather new because i was getting sick of the problem23:00
racecar56blueyed: but the new install didn't help :/23:00
blueyedok, then I just don't have it, nor know what you mean. sry.23:00
judgenstill no luck with the sound...23:03
ilumijudgen: did you try to see if its not muted23:03
racecar56i just left because i was trying to close the buddy list on pidgin but i wasn't supposed to do that, because it would close pidgin instead of going into the indicator applet23:06
racecar56how annoying23:06
judgenilumi: Olldy enough, when i unmuted the mic channel, it started to work.23:06
judgenoh well, as long as it works. im happy.23:07
judgenok back to an old problem, how to get firefox 3.5 instead of 3.623:09
racecar56i got pidgin in the indicator applet!23:10
racecar56i enabled libnotify popups23:10
judgenwhere do i set desktop effects for kwin?23:14
ilumijudgen: why do you want old firefox23:14
judgenilumi: beacuse of my myriad of add-ons that does not support 3.6+23:14
axiomanybody use boxee?23:14
ilumijudgen: okey, i only use noscript and adblock, those pretty much work in every version23:15
judgenyes they do, but i use mouse gestures and alot of other stuff. Like template completer.23:17
shamwowis anyone available to do work with me in private chat on my Kabuntu and KDE4 issues that I am having23:23
shamwowi am a noob23:23
cvdwhy on kubuntu i cant choose 'Find Best server'  but in ubuntu i can23:25
shamwowis there anyone here can help out a noob?23:27
BluesKaj-Laptop!pm | shamwow23:29
ubottushamwow: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.23:29
shamwowcheck thx ubottu23:29
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, we're not here to help in an exclusive manner23:30
shamwowi am using a spare computer |vista/mirc| to do my chatting23:30
shamwowi have kubuntu 9.10 w/ KDE 4 and I can not get wireless to work23:30
cvdshamwow:  ask on ubuntu23:35
cvdshamwow: if you wanna answers23:35
shamwowi downloaded wicd, wlassistant, and wpa_supplicant but I don't think I am proficient enough to get these installed correctly23:36
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, what wifi setup hardware do you have ?23:39
shamwowcable modem to router wireless to labtop (need more specifics)  | honestly i can't get the wireless tab in knetworkmanager to be highlighted23:40
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, have you installed wicd?23:41
shamwowi guess i installed wicd... i mean i ran it like it said, but honestly I am not 100% sure how to run the app23:44
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, if you installed wicd then network-manager is disabled23:45
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, alt f2  , wicd-client23:46
shamwowok i didn't install it correctly23:47
shamwowcan anyone walk me through installation proceedures23:48
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, did you use a package manager ?23:48
BluesKaj-Laptophow then ?23:49
shamwowpython cmd23:52
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, open a terminal , sudo apt-get install wicd23:52
shamwowin the same folder that i extracted the file to?23:54
shamwowthe response I get is E: Couldn't find package wicd23:54
BluesKaj-Laptopshamwow, it's easier if you open your package manger and enable all your sources , then you'll have access to even more apps23:57
shamwowwhere can I go to find instructions on how to do what you just said?23:57
=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower

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