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lifelessjml: I'm curious how https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jml/zope.testing/subunit-output-formatter/+merge/19825 is progressing10:22
jmllifeless, it's paused for the moment, due to me releasing Twisted12:44
jmllifeless, I'm going to get back to it soon.12:44
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asabilhi all18:28
asabilanyones know how to turn a project into a meta project ?18:29
asabilis there any script in the launchpad source tree ?18:29
lifelessasabil: rename the project; make a meta project.19:46
asabillifeless, how ?19:46
lifelessyou'll need LOSA support - file a question on answers.launchpad.net/19:47
asabillifeless, I am asking in launchpad-dev19:48
lifelessyes, sometimes folk do this ;)19:48
lifelessok, so do you want apis, or admin interface hints?19:48
asabiladmin interface hints19:48
asabilis there an admin interface for launchpad ?19:48
lifelesswhen you're logged in as an admin, some pages show an admin link, yes19:49
asabiloh I found that19:50
asabilbut no mention of creating a super project19:51
lifelessnot sure where it is in the ui - check the zcml pages20:00
lifelessa meta project is a 'project' in the lp codebase.20:00
asabilok thanks20:19
asabiland a side question20:19
asabilI am getting a ForbiddenAttribute error when listing the branches on a specific project20:20
asabilany idea ?20:20
asabilModule lp.code.browser.branchlisting, line 1277, in initial_branches20:20
asabilbranch for branch in branch_query[:max_branches_from_query]20:20
asabilForbiddenAttribute: ('__len__', <storm.store.ResultSet object at 0x7ad9bd0>)20:20
lifeless__len__ isn't on that interface apparently20:35
lifelessor something like that20:35
asabillifeless, it happens only on a specific project20:35
lifelessis it private?20:35
lifelessdunno then20:35
lifelessoh possibly lots of branches20:36
asabilfound the bug20:37
asabilmax_branches_from_query == -120:37
asabilor not20:42
mwhudsonjelmer: did you write some greasemonkey scripts for all the import herding you've been doing recently?20:43
lifelessanyone that works on oops tools around: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=1527L226221:06
lifelesswhich is ironic21:06
jelmermwhudson: no, what I do basically is open all 50 links on the table that lists the imports and then when I have a spare moment I process a tab and close it21:48
mwhudsonjelmer: :)21:54
jelmerI think I've processed most of the failing bzr-svn imports that could be restarted21:55
jelmerthere are still a few that are fixable but require the branch to be nuked and created again from scatch.21:55
jelmerUnfortunately it's not possible to see what sort of subscriptions people have that are subscribed to the branch.21:55
mwhudsonjelmer: yeah21:56
mwhudsonthat can be done server side, when we can find a sysadmin21:56
wgrantAnd then there are those like mine (multidistrotools) that you retried yesterday that can probably never succeed because somebody imported a bzr branch into svn, versioning even the .bzr...21:57
mwhudsonhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/533225 will help with that?22:00
mupBug #533225: shouldn't create working tree for foreign branch imports <code-import> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/533225>22:00
mwhudson't help you do anything useful with the resulting branch i guess22:00
wgrantRight, I saw that yesterday.22:00
jelmerwell, you could push it back into svn or git and then check it out using either of those tools ? ;-)22:01
wgrantBut then realised that it wasn't going to help when somebody actually tried to use it.22:01
mwhudsonif you can convince whoever's running the svn repo to delete .bzr from tip though, then that should be enough22:05
wgrantI wonder if the repo is still alive.22:07
wgrantDoesn't look like it.22:09
jelmermwhudson: btw, is there any reason for launchpad refusing usernames and passwords in import URLs?22:32
mwhudsonjelmer: er, pass?22:32
jelmermwhudson: it seems like if the importer is allowed to use a particular combination it's not so secret?22:32
mwhudsonjelmer: i plead "before my time"22:33
jelmermwhudson: (e.g. tigris requires or required test/test as username+pw)22:33
jelmermwhudson: ah :-)22:33
mwhudsonif there's a reason to change it, i guess we should do that22:33
jelmer(bazaar transports support usernames/passwords in URLs so using that would avoid involving the LOSAs where public credentials are involved)22:33
mwhudsonthat sounds like a reason to change it22:34
* jelmer files teh bug 22:55
* thumper goes back to reducing unread count in his inbox22:58
wgrantDo tree builds really need to take this long?23:00
wgrantcombinecss and create-lp-wadl take approximately far too long.23:00
wgrantAnd I'm sure that most rarely use either.23:00
thumpermwhudson: you looking at bug 497428 ?23:05
mupBug #497428: Import on a large git repository is failing <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/497428>23:06
mwhudsonthumper: i'23:06
mwhudsonthumper: it was reported against launchpad-cscvs23:06
mwhudsonthe fix is to scrap the branch and re-import it i think23:08
mwhudsonwhich means waiting for spm to materialize23:08
wgrantPublic holiday.23:09
mwhudsonso, tomorrow23:09
* thumper runs to get Maia and food23:22
mwhudsonmmm food23:28

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