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Some_PersonHow much space does a pbuilder thingy take?03:41
nigelbSome_Person: depends on what you do with it03:47
Some_Personthe base image, i mean03:47
Some_PersonThis machine has limited HD space, so I need to knwo03:48
nigelbhold on, lemme check mine03:49
keithyhi, anyone here can talk about licencing of a project (again)03:49
nigelbSome_Person: mine seems to take around 100 MB03:49
keithymy emails to support have been ignored it seems03:49
nigelbkeithy: want to talk to an LP admin?03:49
keithythat'll do03:49
Some_Personnigelb: It'll be a tight squeeze, but I think it'll fit03:50
wgrantkeithy: The European or American working week is a much much better time.03:50
nigelbkeithy: yeah, monday to friday EU time will have better luck03:50
Some_PersonHow can I screw the pbuilder stuff from my system when I'm done?03:50
nigelbSome_Person: donno what you mean + this is the wrong place for this discussion I think03:51
Some_Personnigelb: What is the right place?03:51
nigelbwgrant: #ubuntu-motu would be beter?03:51
Some_PersonAnd what I mean is, how can I get rid of this 100MB image when I'm done?03:51
Some_PersonWhat's #ubuntu-motu?03:52
nigelbSome_Person: I'm not sure how to remove the basefile other than to remove pbuilder.  we generally dont need that feature03:52
wgrant#ubuntu-motu is probably better, yes.03:52
nigelbSome_Person: join #ubuntu-motu channel and ask there, a lot more experts will be around03:53
Some_PersonWhat is "motu"?03:53
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU03:53
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Some_PersonIt said my package was building now, but a minute later it says it'll start building in an hour06:33
wgrantSome_Person: Are you sure you weren't looking at different architectures?06:34
Some_PersonNo, I just refreshed the page06:34
Some_PersonNow it says it's building again, though on a different builder06:35
Some_PersonIt's a really fishy package, so I want to make sure it builds and works properly06:35
wgrantSome_Person: Link to the build?06:39
Some_Personit's finished building now06:40
micahgare we allowed to make our ubuntu.com addresses default on LP yet?07:11
rwwmicahg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/5292 is still open, so I'd guess not07:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 5292 in launchpad-foundations "People setting preferred contact address to @ubuntu.com" [Medium,Triaged]07:12
micahgrww: so, is that the same as having bugmail coming from the ubuntu.com address?07:12
* micahg subscribes to that bug07:12
rwwmicahg: i think so07:14
micahgrww: so I'm wondering how people do it now07:14
rwwmicahg: example?07:14
micahgrww: PM?07:15
persiamicahg: The reason it works for me is very old and historical, and predates that bug by a long time.07:15
micahgpersia: you were going to be one of my examples :)07:15
persia(and happens to be different than the other reason it works for certain people)07:15
persiaBasically, there are some folk who have @ubuntu.com not related to launchpad (for historical reasons), and there are some folk who have @ubuntu.com cowboyed in during early days of integration with launchpad, and it works for them, but it doesn't work for new folk since the improved launchpad integration.07:17
persiaThat's theoretically fixable, but hard, and making it work the way it works for either of the first two classes of people is just broken.07:17
persia(hence the bug)07:18
micahgrww: nm07:19
persiamicahg: Sorry to disrupt your PM: I just don't think there's anything there which isn't public (the former case can be understood by reviewing MX records, and the latter case (mine) are a set of known exceptions and workarounds).07:24
micahgpersia: I cancelled the PM request07:34
persiahence my apology :)07:35
micahgpersia: I asked for a PM because I wasn't sure if people were doing stuff wrong and didn't want to "out" them in public :)07:39
persiaI don't think any of the individuals did anything wrong.07:39
micahgpersia: right, but I didn't know that when I started asking...07:40
persiaThe issue with namespace collision on the mailserver is long-standing, and awkward to address.07:40
persiaThe few of us who have hand-entered aliases from the beginning of the LP integration stuff are just acceidents of timing.07:40
persiaA real fix to the bug is to be able to separate target address from preferred address in LP.07:41
persiaAnd then to notify all the special cases that they need to set things properly.07:42
persiaAnd then set up a new mailserver, have it pull from the new LP stuff, and then change MX records.07:42
persiaThat's hard, and it's questionable whether it's worth it.07:42
persia(especially because there are a few hundred special cases)07:43
wgrantpersia: Are the special cases those Canonical employees with canonical.com aliases that happen to work on ubuntu.com too?07:44
persiawgrant: Not all of them.  There are two classes of special case.07:45
wgrantWell, yes, I meant the big one.07:45
persiawgrant: So, there's the @canonical.com @ubuntu.com thing (some of which I believe was addressed about 18 months ago, but I'm not sure).07:45
persiaYeah, the majority are probably those.07:46
persiaBut also there are folk (like me) that ended up with hardcoded aliases to work around bugs with the LP integration back in the early days.07:46
persiaSo in the beginning there was a big aliases table, and new members got added there.07:47
persiaThen we wanted to use LP more, and sometimes that worked, and sometimes it didn't.07:47
wgrantAnyway, it's not actually much to do with LP -- IS handles it.07:47
persiaAnd now LP mostly just works, so nobody gets added to the aliases table anymore.07:47
persiaWell, there's a few bugs in IS, but the bug in LP is that it doesn't differentiate "preferred address" from "alias target address", making the bugs in IS hard to fix.07:48
wgrantLP doesn't know about aliases.07:48
persiaIt would have to grow that as an attribute to fix the IS stuff.07:49
persiaWithout that attribute, it requires additions to the aliases table, which are currently (partially) automated based on LP preferred address (as I understand it: I'm not privy to the code)07:49
wgrantAlternatively the IS thing could be replaced with a simple webapp authenticating against LP and checking ~ubuntumembers membership.07:50
persiaIndeed.  That's probably better than trying to force LP to do it.07:50
wgrantNow that authentication and membership verification against LP is easy, that is probably the way to do it. Plus it could be decoupled from the LP username, which is probably a good thing.07:51
persiaSo user@ubuntu.com wouldn't necessarily be lpnet/people/user ?07:51
persiaI suppose it isn't always now do to how the mailserver works anyway.07:52
wgrantIt could be implementable like that if so desired.07:52
persiaThat sounds like an excellent suggestion, except that I'm unsure IS is likely to develop such a webapp.07:52
persiaBut I'm now convinced this isn't an LP bug.07:53
* persia updates the bug based on this discussion07:57
persiaI've bumped into a bug: if a bug (e.g. bug #410028) has nominations for releases against multiple tasks, I don't seem to be able to approve one without leaving the other unapproved.  Does anyone happen to know if this is already filed?08:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410028 in openobject-client-kde "Add view buttons" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41002808:09
persiaErr, that was supposed to be 401028, but I'm guessing nobody heard of this before anyway.08:15
persiaFiling now.08:15
* persia should trust the find-similar-bug algorithm more: it's bug #27169708:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271697 in malone "Javascript for approving / declining nominations is confusing " [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27169708:22
wgrantpersia: You mean that you can't accept nominations for different source packages separately?08:29
wgrantBug #1119508:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 11195 in linux-source-2.6.15 "ripping from CD-ROM non-functional" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1119508:30
wgrantBug #11019508:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 110195 in malone "Nomination for a release on one source package shouldn't affect any others" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11019508:30
wgrantI filed it about 3 years ago.08:30
persiaIs 271697 a dup, or just an expression of 110195 also in javascript?08:31
wgrantThey are separate.08:31
wgrantAlthough fixing 110195 will probably fix 271697, since the nomination objects will be distinct.08:31
wgrantBut 271697 could be fixed independently.08:32
p_mashoanyone here who can help a newbie. I want to "upload" around 300+ debs.11:49
p_mashoIts for the flightgear project. There are over 300+ aircraft, which are just a bunch of files (images/xml) in a directory.11:50
persiap_masho: Why do you need that in 300 different packages?12:10
p_mashoeach aircradt needs to have its own ppa, they average around 10meg each..12:11
p_mashojust realised I cant do this anyway.. after rtfm ing ;-(12:12
wgrantWhy can't you?12:12
persiaPackages like that are trivial to do, but often need a lot of consideration.12:12
p_mashowats a pain in the ass is the updates12:14
p_mashoats them moment its (once in a blue moon ) >> "cvs co " (yes cvs).. >> scan dir for updates >>  make tarball >> upload tarball.. to ftp site >> mirrored12:15
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askhlHi.  I have a couple of different PPA packages which I would like to make available for different Ubuntu series.  One package contains only data and is quite universal, but depends on less universal packages.  Do I really have to make copies of this package for each series?15:08
geseraskhl: is the data package build from its own source package?15:13
askhlgeser: yes it is.  Also I wrote something wrong: it doesn't depend on anything - other packages depend on *it*.  Sorry15:14
geserdepending on the packages you have (if they need a rebuild or not) it might be enough to copy them (through the web UI) to the other release15:14
geserfor a data package copying should be enough15:15
askhlThe data package is 20MB, so I would rather avoid that15:15
geseravoid the copying?15:17
geserwithout a copy it won't get published for the other release, I assume that this won't use any additional space in your PPA15:18
askhlSo copying for different releases doesn't count against the PPA size limit?15:18
askhlAnyway, I'll just create copies if that's what it takes, whether or not it takes some space.15:19
geserI'm not sure, but as you re-use the same files and as they even stay in the same location I doubt it15:20
askhlOkay, that makes sense.  If I need to update the data package, though, what is the procedure?  Update the newest and then copy to other releases, or update each one individually?15:22
askhlI guess I should try to find these things in the Ubuntu or Debian packaging guides15:22
askhlI'll browse the documentation for further information.  But I'll make copies to support different series in any case.  Thanks a lot for the help, geser.15:28
d34df00dAre there any plans for supporting TS (Qt Linguist) translation files in Launchpad?15:38
d34df00dI've googled a bit and only found recommendations to use translation-toolkit.15:38
d34df00dAlso, there is an open wishlist bug on the tracker starting back from 2006, but it is quite inactive, and it is neither accepted nor rejected.15:39
d34df00dConverting to and from PO is a solution, but it is seems more like a workaround, and this way one would need to upload files manually.15:41
d34df00dOr keep the POs (which are, in fact, duplicates) in Bazaar repo.15:41
rdzhi all. i have a question regarding deb packaging for my PPA. is this the right channel to ask?17:23
rdzi try to build a binary package from the sources by doing: 'sudo pbuilder build ../gavl_1.2.0pre1-1.dsc'. it stops with this error: "make: dh_testdir: Command not found" . however, 'dh_testdir' exists (debhelper is installed). how comes that fakeroot does not seem to find the dh_testdir command?17:36
geserpbuilder uses a clean and bare chroot for building. if you need any special package during build (like debhelper) you need to specify it in Build-Depends17:37
geserin debian/control17:38
rdzgeser, thanks17:38
rdzgeser, am i right in thinking, that i should adapt <source-directory>/debian/control ? i added 'debhelper' there ('doxygen' was alreaday there), but when executing the 'pbuilder build' command, i see that it is still only installing 'doxygen', but not 'debhelper'. sorry for the noobish questions17:50
rdzthat is the complete output:  http://pastebin.ca/182729217:56
geserrdz: did you recreate the source package (debuild -S) after you changed debian/control?18:29
rdzgeser, thanks.. yeah, i got it in the meantime18:30
rdzgeser, now i am stuck at another issue:  http://pastebin.ca/1827344. there seems some problem with the debian/rules file18:31
rdzthis is the 'clean' section of debian/rules: http://pastebin.ca/182734518:33
rdznow, after i performed './autogen.sh' before doing 'debuild -S', it seems to work. does this mean i should add the './autogen.sh' command add to debian/rules?18:45
rdzor is the usual way to prepare a package to bring it into a state ready for doing ./configure ?18:46
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rdzI just uploaded my first source package to my PPA. Will I just have to wait until I see it appear?19:38
mwhudsonrdz: you should get an accepted mail within 5 minutes19:42
askhlSay, if you 'import' a translation in Launchpad, what happens if the msgids are not the same?19:44
askhlPresumably it is strictly required when 'importing' as well as when 'uploading' that the po-file in question actually contains exactly the same msgids.19:45
rdzmwhuds ah.. i see.. it was not accepted .. thanks19:45
rdz "i386   - Pending publication": Am I required to publish this package? or do I simply need to wait?20:43
rdzIf it requires me doing something, what shall i do?20:43
rdzah.. i had simply to wait20:46
blueyedIs OOPS-1527L2262 because somebody changed the package while I was typing for minutes on a comment which appears to be lost now?21:01
lifelessblueyed: huh, that oops itself oopses21:06
blueyedOOPS-1527L2276 also?21:06
lifelessblueyed: that one isn't replicated yet21:07
blueyedlifeless: then it's probably no error.. ;) - btw: another case of the comments/data being eaten. I really get to the habit of copying the most important fields to the clipboard before submitting something on LP. Chromium does not refill the form elements when going back.21:12
lifelessblueyed: file a bug ?21:13
lifeless[on chromium]21:13
blueyedI guess it's rather related to cache headers/ssl which prevents this. could be the case with FF, too.21:14
lifelessblueyed: filing a bug means  it might get fixed.21:15
blueyedI would bet that there's a bug filed for both LP and Chrome already. and yes, it might get fixed.21:16
lifelessup to you, I wouldn't bet anything on that bet21:22
rdzhi all. i added a package to my ppa which has version 1.2.0pre1-1. ubuntu repos have version 1.1.0-2. although i added my ppa to the sources, aptitude still wants to install ubuntu's version. how are versions compared? do i have to specify the package at a different location as well (beside debian/control)=22:20
geserrdz: have you run "aptitude update" after you added your PPA?22:38
rdzgeser, i did22:40
geserwhat's the package name?22:40
Some_PersonI have a 75MB package in my PPA. I need to get my debian folder out of the package but do not want to download 75MB because of my slow connection. Anything I can do?22:43
geserSome_Person: if it's a non-native package and the upstream tarball didn't contain the debian dir, then downloading the diff.gz is enough22:44
Some_PersonPackage has a completely different rules file than the one upstream due to changes since that version22:45
geserrdz: does "apt-cache policy" list your PPA?22:45
Some_PersonAlso, wouldn't the diff.gz only give me changes since the last version uploaded?22:45
rdzgeser, no, it doesn't22:46
geserthe diff.gz contains all differences compared to the upstream tarball (like e.g. a debian directory or patches)22:46
Some_PersonThere have been numerous changes since upstream22:46
Some_Personupstream package is 2 years old, lots of development since then22:47
geserrdz: then you probably didn't add your PPA correctly. how did you do it?22:47
geserthen the .diff.gz will contain all those changes (if they aren't part of the .orig.tar.gz)22:47
rdzgeser, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:reduzierer/rdz-pd-extra+deps22:48
rdzgeser, when adding the ppa the traditional way (adding to /etc/apt/sources.list manually, adding the key manually) it works22:55
rdzalthough it did not work before, my ppa was listed by the software-properties-gtk gui program22:56
rdzgeser, thanks for your help22:59
rdzi have troubles finding the information: how can i tell the ppa to compile for many supported distros?23:09
geseryou need to re-upload for each release you want to support (and update the version and distribution field in the changelog)23:20
rdzgeser, i see. why does the verion also need to be updated?23:21
geserbecause you can upload a version only once (and because all files for a package are stored together and the version is part of the filename)23:22
rdzhm..how do you call the different versions then (that are actually the same)?23:23
rdzsorry for the noobish questions...23:23
geseryou can just append e.g. ~karmic or ~jaunty to your version string. that's enough to make the different23:24
rdzgeser, thanks23:25
pooliehi thumper - which bug has >1000 subscribers?23:39
poolieoh nm, i can find out23:41
pooliebug 1 of course23:42
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)23:42
pooliejeez, why would someone want to subscribe to that?23:42
idnarI was just thinking the same thing23:42
poolielifeless, btw https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/534066 broke hydrazine bugclient fairly completely :-/23:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534066 in malone "can't update bugtask importance via api" [Undecided,New]23:50
lifelesspoolie: ugh23:59
wgrantI wonder if it's the heat bug.23:59
wgrantBut it seems unlikely that that would fail every time.23:59

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