gnomefreakmeowbuntu: i just commented on that thread00:18
gnomefreakthere another post that may be helpful :)00:25
meowbuntugnomefreak, i rellped to your reply00:26
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: ok checking00:26
meowbuntu* replied to00:26
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: 4 and 5 on your list or mine?00:27
meowbuntusorry my list00:27
gnomefreakok thanks i will post it in a minute00:28
BUGabundoAmaranth: something been beathing my head for a few days00:32
BUGabundoAmaranth: super+alt windows swicher is bugged, I bet00:32
BUGabundodo it once, you change to 2nd wind.00:32
BUGabundostop, do it again, you change back to 100:33
BUGabundobut. but you change to 2, stop change to 3, stop00:33
BUGabundoto change back to 1, you have to circle ALL windows, cause 1 is now LAST.00:33
BUGabundothat's not what I expected00:33
BUGabundobug or feature?00:33
peder_How do i install fglrx on lucid?00:34
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment00:34
peder_Any ideas?00:35
bjsnideruse jockey. but fglrx may not be compatible with the kernel yet00:35
penguin42peder_: Are you sure you need it - the open source ATI drivers work reasonably well for a lot of cards now, even 3d00:35
peder_Lots of compiz effects and other is extremly laggy.00:36
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: ok posted and i gave info on a couple of things that might help00:36
meowbuntugnomefreak, thanks00:40
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: np00:40
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: how do you subscribe to threads?00:42
rwwbjsnider: last I checked, fglrx and the kernel has a patch. it's fglrx and Xorg that's problematic.01:02
kermiacis the picture (set in "about me") in the "me menu" showing up for anyone?01:04
ddecatorkermiac, let me try a sec01:05
kermiachey ddecator :)01:05
ddecatorkermiac, hey =), and no, doesn't show up (at least not immediately)01:05
kermiachave you setup a pic using the "about me" thing?01:06
meowbuntugnomefreak, yes i do y01:08
ddecatorkermiac, just did01:08
gnomefreakmeowbuntu: nevermind i found it01:08
kermiacok, thanks for confirming ddecator :)01:10
ddecatorkermiac, anytime =)01:11
jo-erlendgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"01:18
jo-erlendyou remember the campaign to preserve the keys for dvd or blu-ray or whatever it was? :)01:20
jo-erlendthis will be much more widely spread if Canonical doesn't fix the placement of the titlebar buttons. :)01:20
Jordan_UI thought they had already reverted that change.01:22
kermiacnope... and the bug reports just keep coming in :(01:22
jo-erlendreally? That would have to have been in the last few hours in  that case. I upgraded only a few hours ago.01:22
jo-erlendUbuntu -- We're not just a cheap clone of Windows... we're a cheap clone of OS X! :)01:23
kermiaci just did updates & it hasn't been reverted - I'm not even sure if it will be :(01:24
jo-erlendkermiac, I'm not either. I remember reading something about Ubuntu starting to compete more with Apple than Microsoft. That makes sense, since we're now using Microsoft Bing as a search engine backend....01:25
olskolircmy friend is stuck on his login screen b/c he picked the wrong video driver using ubuntu Lucid and a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 ctrl alt f2 brought him back to the text login where from here please?01:25
* kermiac refrains from entering the search engine change debate yet again01:26
jo-erlendolskolirc, stuck? I also got stuck on the login screen after upgrade here. The graphics flickered. I booted from the older kernel, and everything was fine.01:26
olskolirche has a fresh install jo-erlend01:26
jo-erlendkermiac, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sink to that level. It's just that I'm so terribly disappointed at this point, I need an outlet. :)01:27
=== meowbuntu is now known as meowbuntu-away
jo-erlendolskolirc, stuck still doesn't describe much. If flickering is the issue, installing an older kernel might "solve" the issue.01:27
kermiacnp jo-erlend :)01:27
olskolirches froze jo-erlend as if he was on M$01:28
DanaG1hmm, geforce4mx? is it with the binary drivers, or nouveau?01:30
jo-erlendyes, because this is he correct timing for Ubuntu having fun at the expense of MS....01:30
DanaG1If it's the binary drivers, then that's just nvidia fail.01:30
DanaG1Two years ago, the nvidia 96 drivers ceased being able to do anything but segfault the X server.01:30
DanaG1And yet, they've updated them to "support" newer X servers.01:31
DanaG1"support" meaning "segfault". =þ01:31
jo-erlendthe new themes obviously haven't been tested, gwibber doesn't work at all, and the GUIs for it are so unintelligible, it's amazing if an average user will be able to use it, and to top it all, they change the titlebar buttons to suit left-handed people only, and rearrange the buttons....01:32
jo-erlendgranted, we still have some time, but these issues will have to be resolved, or we're in big trouble at least for the next two years.01:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383759 in gwibber "Gwibber fails to start when GNOME has a floating point font set" [High,Fix released]01:33
jo-erlendand I read sabdfls blog today... Was he drunk when he wrote that, or has he been to some halleluja design festival?01:34
meowbuntu-awayok i need a disk maintenance tool.01:39
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, ... what kind of maintenance?01:40
jo-erlendpalimpsest isn't sufficient?01:40
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend,  earlier today my hdd started to click adn freeze my os. i turned it off and gave it a rest for a while.01:41
meowbuntu-awayjo i dont knwo what you are on about01:41
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, palimpsest will warn you if smart-tests present suspecious results.01:42
rwwmeowbuntu-away: If your harddisk is making clicking noises, the only disk maintenance tool you need is dragging and dropping your important data to some other drive01:42
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, I'm trying to help you. You asked a question, I respond.01:42
rwwclicking noise = not good01:42
jo-erlendrwws advise is a very good one, at any time.01:43
bjsniderolskolirc, he needs to pick nouveau, vesa, or nv, in that order01:43
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, you are saying the drive is stuffing out01:44
meowbuntu-awayrww, i know its not depends y though01:45
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, let me put it another way; since Karmic, Ubuntu runs tests on your harddisks to make sure they're in good health. If those tests fail or doesn't completely pass, or returning strange results, then you'll get a popup and a warning icon in your notification area. This will probably not work with all usb harddrives, though, as it has to support SMART.01:45
meowbuntu-awayi took hdd out and left it to cool for a while then made sure it was compleatly flat adn its working ok so far01:45
rwwmeowbuntu-away: Regardless of what you did, it's going to fail rather soon.01:46
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, these tests are not the same as the usual filesystem tests that ubuntu and windows have run automatically for ages, mind you. They're tests to determine the physical health of your harddisk, not the partitions.01:46
meowbuntu-awayrww,  i know i have been using old computers for awhile01:46
jo-erlendrww, you have no grounds for saying that.01:46
meowbuntu-awayif i had the $$$ for a new one i would go get one but i dont01:47
meowbuntu-awayso i am stuck with this01:47
meowbuntu-awayCPU:       Single core Intel Pentium 4 (UP) cache 512 KB flags (sse2) clocked at 1836.497 MHz01:47
meowbuntu-awaySystem:    Host meowbuntu-desktop Kernel 2.6.31-20-generic i686 (32 bit) Distro Ubuntu 9.10 karmic01:47
rwwjo-erlend: It's making clicking noises. In my experience, that's pretty good grounds.01:47
jo-erlendrww, he never said that.01:47
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, never mind your system. Is your harddrive an external usb one?01:48
meowbuntu-awayrww, then if you can give me a working computer or hdd i would be greatul01:48
rwwjo-erlend: 17:41:18 < meowbuntu-away> jo-erlend,  earlier today my hdd started to click adn freeze my os. i turned it off and gave it a rest for a while.01:48
meowbuntu-awayno jo-erlend its not01:48
jo-erlendrww, right. He never said anything about noise. He could have meant "click" as in "stops working".01:48
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, then you should run palimpsest and run a smart-test. If your disk passes, you shouldn't worry too much, I think. It's always a good idea to have backups though.01:49
rwwAlright. I'll leave you to your word redefinition and spending time with Palimpsest when you should be backing up, then :)01:49
meowbuntu-awayit was a click not a thump thump thump01:49
meowbuntu-awayrww, i never said i had not already done that01:50
un214ok so my system started to mostly behave itself with the last update01:50
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, would you recognize the sound of your harddrive being spun down to preserve energy?01:50
meowbuntu-awaynot to sure01:50
un214I still have one more major problem: the boot time console driver is wrong so if I break X I get to fix it blindly01:51
jo-erlendthat might sound like "click, dead" if you haven't heard it before.01:51
un214basically, log in as root and run setupcon w/o looking at screen01:51
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, have a look at energy saving stuffs in System > Preferences. I don't remember the english terms for it ,as I'm using a norwegian translation.01:51
DasEiolskolirc: so .. copied xorg.conf ?01:52
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, make sure it's not set to spin down disks when inactive, or something like that.01:52
olskolircok ill check DasEi01:52
meowbuntu-awaythump thump = means stuffed. click click = some drives jut run noisy, wind down noise=drive is slowing down.01:52
meowbuntu-awayjo how do i find that out01:52
meowbuntu-away^ jo-erlend01:52
un214so basically for this machine to behave at boot time or when something is broken setupcon needs to run in the initrd01:53
Mage__Hey all.  Last time I was here crimsun said there was a way to get 5.1 through manually configuring a file.  Does anyone know how to do so?01:53
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, Ubuntu should run smart tests on your drive automatically, and it should warn you if there are any signs of hardware failure. You can run them automatically. Palimpsest is called something like "harddisk tools" in System > Administration.01:53
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, there is nothing like that in the menu01:54
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, I'd usually trust smart tests more than my own ears, even though I'm a musician. :)01:54
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, you're running Ubuntu karmic|lucid?01:54
olskolircok DasEi he did the xorg thing01:55
DasEiolskolirc: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:57
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, i would to even though i am also a musician too01:57
meowbuntu-awaySystem:    Host meowbuntu-desktop Kernel 2.6.31-20-generic i686 (32 bit) Distro Ubuntu 9.10 karmic01:57
DasEiolskolirc: then sudo reboot, see if (simple) graphics working again01:57
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, for internal disks, at least sata ones, ubuntu _should_ warn you in good time before a harddisk failure. It's not bullet proof though.01:58
un214how to configure console at boot time?01:58
olskolircok DasEi01:58
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, why are you asking here?01:58
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, i am naving ide disks01:58
meowbuntu-awayno answer in #ubuntu01:58
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, it's the same in lucid, though, but I think support for karmic is slightly offtopic for this channel.01:58
meowbuntu-awayok thanks for your help though Jo01:59
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, oh, ok. I'm not sure if they support smart-tests. I'd look that up, were I you.01:59
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, in any case, backing up a disk is really, really easy.. dd if=/dev/sda of=somefile. Split the file up, and burn it to dvds or something, if you don't have a new disk available. If and when the disk fails, and you get a new one, merge the files and run the opposite command, and you'll be back up.02:00
olskolircDasEi, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg brings him back to the bash prompt no complaints02:00
DasEiolskolirc: again , see above02:01
olskolircohhhh ok sorry02:01
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, is ubuntu-one (or similar) good for backup02:01
DanaG1In terms of efficiency, just plain copying is more efficient.  DD includes all the empty space.02:02
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, not for an entire harddisk. It's good for backing up files and such though. I use several. I make an encrypted and compressed file of a folder, then upload it to several sites.02:02
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, good idea incase one site crashes or goes under.02:03
meowbuntu-awayjo-erlend, what encription do you use02:03
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, in reality, I don't encrypt. I just wanted to be a good role model. :)02:06
meowbuntu-awaywell jo-erlend what compression do you use then02:06
jo-erlendzip or something. I don't really have a very strong preference, though bz2 is good too.02:07
meowbuntu-awayzip iz not so good on ubuntu though02:08
meowbuntu-awayif archive manager cant handle the format then the format is crap02:08
meowbuntu-awayarchive manager cant do zip files02:09
meowbuntu-away7zip does not have a gtk theme for it02:09
BUGabundowhat went wrong here ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/390015/02:09
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, it can.02:09
BUGabundo/home/bugabundo/Downloads/flashcam-1.4.4/vloopback/vloopback.c: In function ‘kill_proc’:02:09
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, by default, even.02:10
meowbuntu-awayBUGabundo, delete the file if there adn redownload it02:10
DasEiolskolirc: basic graphics back ?02:10
BUGabundomeowbuntu-away: why?02:10
olskolircno DasEi02:11
BUGabundoseems ok to me02:11
DasEiolskolirc: but did the reboot ?02:11
olskolirche froze at the graphical login screen again DasEi and yes he rebooted02:11
jo-erlendmeowbuntu-away, then your experience is wrong. :>02:11
meowbuntu-awayBUGabundo, errors in the out put pointed to that beiong problem not downloaded corectly02:11
DasEiolskolirc: ok, then we got to find out which wrong driver was installed02:12
olskolircthe newest one he said02:12
olskolirc187 i think02:12
meowbuntu-awayBUGabundo, you posted the error02:12
meowbuntu-awaytry redownload and see fi its still same02:12
DasEimeowbuntu-away: have a look at unp, a nasty lazy tool for all compressed02:12
BUGabundomind downloadoning and match a md5 ?02:12
BUGabundo6d0c82f7d065e8c1159bbb3b1cf18b77  flashcam-1.4.4.tgz02:13
meowbuntu-awayDasEi, its not installed02:13
DavieyDanaG1: ok, sorry for my poor layout02:13
meowbuntu-awayDasEi, i have 7zip already02:13
BUGabundosame prob meowbuntu-away02:13
DanaG1what about me?02:14
meowbuntu-awayok make sure another process like symaptic is open.02:14
DasEimeowbuntu-away: unp covers various formats in one cmd , just have to have had the packers installed too ( like 7zip, tar , and so on)02:14
meowbuntu-awayBUGabundo, i gtg anywwa02:14
meowbuntu-awaythanks all for helping me02:14
DanaG1dtrx is a handy extracter, also.02:15
TLFit's possible to recver the volume control from the panel??02:15
BUGabundoTLF: add volume indicator02:19
BUGabundoright click the panel, press add02:20
BUGabundopick volume indicator02:20
BUGabundoas always been done02:20
DanaG1  what():  Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.24" (uid=1000 pid=1379 comm="./main) interface="org.bluez.Manager" member="ListAdapters" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="org.bluez" (uid=0 pid=1290 comm="/usr/sbin/bluetoothd))02:21
TLFI don't see volume indicator, BUGabundo02:21
TLFthat's why I'm asking02:21
BUGabundoit has been renamed02:22
BUGabundoits now Indicator Applet02:22
TLFthank you very much02:24
TLFthough I liked the slider to be vertical instead of horizontal02:24
DanaG1great, so my thing works as root, but not as my own self.02:25
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGah, adding myself to 'lp' group fixes it.  weird.02:26
BUGabundobjsnider: around . want to pesk you with a request02:41
bjsnideryes i are02:42
bjsnideri have to stop listening to rod stewart or i'll go mad02:43
BUGabundoweasel reference? ehe02:43
BUGabundoI know flashcam?02:43
BUGabundotrying to get it to work02:43
bjsniderwhat about it?02:43
bjsnidernever heard of it02:43
BUGabundosicne my web cam aint detected by flash02:43
BUGabundocan't make it complie02:44
BUGabundoand found a PPA02:44
BUGabundobut its terribly outdated and i386 only02:44
DanaG 'udisks-part-id /dev/mmcblk0p1' unexpected exit with status 0x000702:44
BUGabundowould you mind trying to get me a 64bits deb?02:44
bjsniderwhat did you do to try to compile it?02:45
BUGabundostep by step from the page guide02:45
bjsniderterribly outdated? those packages are only 4 months old02:45
BUGabundoits pre karmic :D02:45
BUGabundoand 4 releases of flashcam old02:46
bjsniderBUGabundo, the errors in that make are due to symbols being missing our outdated in dev packages. did you install the dependencies before you ran it?02:47
BUGabundowhich ones did I miss?02:47
BUGabundoI tried to follow the guide and forum comments02:47
BUGabundoall dev stuff should be here02:47
BUGabundosome kernel dev package maybe?02:48
bjsnideri don't know, where are the instructions?02:48
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=== kermiac_ is now known as kermiac
AmaranthBUGabundo: the windows are sorted in order of last usage so yes, that's expected03:37
BUGabundoAmaranth: I expect 3,2,1,4 etc03:38
BUGabundowhich seems to be what I'm seeing03:38
AmaranthBUGabundo: ah, not sure about that03:38
AmaranthBUGabundo: the plugin sorts them in the stacking order03:38
BUGabundomade you think now , ehn?03:39
AmaranthBUGabundo: so window on top is first, next down is second, etc03:39
BUGabundocan you check when you have some free tiem?03:39
BUGabundoI just tested03:39
BUGabundoand its not doing what I expect03:39
BUGabundoI know sound crazy03:39
Amaranthfile a bug report upstream please03:39
BUGabundobut window 1 , is in the bottom03:39
BUGabundowill do03:39
BUGabundoAmaranth: what the heck does apport collect  for compiz-plugin??03:42
BUGabundoits on 5% using all my upload bw03:42
BUGabundohuge LOG03:42
AmaranthBUGabundo: everything :)03:42
BUGabundono no03:42
BUGabundoits uploading the empty sectors of my HD03:42
AmaranthBUGabundo: it pulls dmesg, xsession-errors, lspci, etc03:42
BUGabundoeven linux pulls that03:42
BUGabundoand its smaller03:42
Amaranthxorg log, xorg conf03:42
Amaranthyeah, not too much03:43
BUGabundonever seen anything pull such a big log03:43
Amaranthyour ISP is fail? :)03:43
BUGabundoand I file a lot of bugs03:43
BUGabundono, upping at 150KB/s03:43
rwwooo, awesome, an Amaranth03:44
* BUGabundo rm's pr0n03:44
rwwAmaranth: my alacarte is broke :(03:44
* BUGabundo hands duct tape to rww03:44
BUGabundowoot 20%03:44
Amaranthrww: yeah I haven't worked on that in like a year03:45
Amaranth(no one has)03:45
* BUGabundo will be marking this bug as private!03:45
AmaranthBUGabundo: sounds like it's uploading like 200MB of stuff...03:46
AmaranthBUGabundo: wait, why are you using apport anyway?03:46
Amaranthlaunchpad != upstream :)03:46
BUGabundothough it was a project tehre03:46
BUGabundowell now, ill just downstream link03:46
Amaranthsimply to have a way to link to the upstream bugtracker03:46
Amaranth(I admin the compiz project in launchpad)03:47
AmaranthBUGabundo: http://bugs.opencompositing.org/03:49
BUGabundoalmost there03:49
BUGabundo50€ as it will fail03:49
BUGabundoAmaranth: what ever it is, its recent03:49
BUGabundowasn't here like 2 or 3 weeks ago03:50
BUGabundoAmaranth: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/533632 sending upstream now04:04
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/533632)04:04
BUGabundoAmaranth: http://bugs.opencompositing.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127604:08
ubottubugs.opencompositing.org bug 1276 in Plugin - Shift "shift switcher has wrong stack of windows" [Normal,Unconfirmed]04:08
BUGabundothanks Amaranth04:08
Jordan_UNifty, didn't know ubottu understood upsteam bug trackers too.04:08
BUGabundoit does04:09
=== rabbit is now known as rabbit1
MindVirusPlease help me kill maximus.04:23
bjsnideroh, not this again04:24
MindVirusbjsnider: My problem was never solved.04:24
rwwsudo apt-get purge maximus04:24
MindVirusbjsnider: You may get upset with me repeating this over and over, but please understand that I need to get this fixed.04:24
MindVirusrww: That removes UNE.04:24
dns53is there a boot option to not start plymoth04:26
BUGabundodns53: not that I know of04:26
* dns53 messed up his install by trying to remove the nvidia drivers04:27
dns53do you know how i can mount my dm_crypt partition, i need to chroot and reinstall nvidia or something04:29
MindVirusdns53: Try recovery console.04:29
dns53yeah, it does not get there, it starts x and i get a black screen04:30
dns53i wonder if ssh is working04:30
DanaGMaximus?  Well, the only auto-maximize thingy I know is "devilspie".04:31
timboyso I upgraded to lucid from karmic and I don't get pretty boot splash... I get the ugly white to blue bars... something i can do to fix it?04:50
ddecatortimboy, i get the same thing04:51
timboyddecator, yup04:51
timboydang proprietary drivers! support needs to be better for them...04:52
ddecatortimboy, it's noveau, not the proprietary driver. it conflicts with plymouth04:53
timboyddecator, ah. so just installing proprietary driver will fix it?04:53
timboywhy don't proprietary drivers show up in hardware drivers window?04:54
ddecatortimboy, didn't for me, but once plymouth and nouveau get fixed more then it should work04:54
ddecatorthey did for me04:55
jo-erlendgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close" :)04:55
ddecatorjust a friendly reminder? haha04:56
timboyI've set that command to run on startup just in case updates change it back!04:57
jo-erlendgood man! Now, go make some noise :)04:58
timboyjo-erlend, there's a poll in forums. I think it should be in the Topic!04:58
timboyI think if they want to change it give the option with picture on install!?!04:58
ddecatori'd be fine with it if they just provided an option to switch it back and forth easily04:59
timboyneeds to be in appearance04:59
Jordan_Utimboy, They are never going to clutter the installer with a question about window decoration.04:59
jo-erlendtimboy, yes, something like: «I prefer Ubuntu to be a cheap clone of: a) Windows, b) OS X»? :)05:00
DanaGAs it is right now, it's a crappy cross between the two.05:01
DanaGit makes zero sense.05:01
DanaGAnd it's not even a valid "cross between the two" -- it's just a "fail".05:01
ddecatoranyone else think "radiance" looks like coffee stained teeth?05:01
timboyC) "crappy cross between the two"05:01
jo-erlendit's ugly, and try it with awesomebar in Firefox, and you'll really hate it.05:02
rwwI wish everyone had complained about the last few releases' themes as much as they are about this one. They might have gotten rid of the brown sooner...05:02
jo-erlendrww, I just changed back to human, thank you.05:02
ddecatori was actually hoping they would go with more orange...has more of an ubuntu feel that way05:03
rwwdark themes :(05:03
jo-erlendhuman isn't a dark theme. And I really don't understand what people have against brown.05:03
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jiehanHello! Does anyone would help me solve the VirtualBox USB problem in Lucid Lynx alpha 3?05:25
jiehanI can't use USB inside my guest host, I'm under Lucid Lynx, what should I do / check?05:28
jimmyxujiehan: Try #vbox05:34
jiehanjimmyxu: OK, thanks.05:34
throughnothinghas anyone else noticed clutter being very very slow in lucid recently....only in the past few days maybe05:40
Jordan_Uthroughnothing, Probably a graphics driver problem. How are other 3D apps?05:42
throughnothingcompiz and everything runs fine...and clutter ran fine days ago05:42
throughnothingclutter meaning gnome-shell as well as games such as gnometris and gnibbles05:42
throughnothingnow all of those apps that use clutter are very very very very slow, yet compiz and such remain snappy05:42
throughnothingI don't know if clutter is the cause, but it seems either clutter, or something that clutter uses got upgraded and caused this to happen05:43
throughnothingJordan_U, are you running a fully upgraded lucid system?  If so, are gnibbles or gnometris slow for yoU?05:45
throughnothingmay have to install gnome-games to get them05:45
Jordan_Uthroughnothing, I'm not running lucid right now, sorry.05:46
throughnothingah ok, no problem05:48
=== kermiac is now known as kermiac_
tweetboxi just got lucid alpha 3, what should i know before I screw it up06:08
ddecatortweetbox, installed on your system or in vm?06:09
tweetboxon system06:10
ddecatorwell, first thing, do you have nvidia?06:11
ddecatoryou might have it where pressing <enter> and/or 2/@ will cause X to crash and gdm to load...06:11
tweetboxtogether or just randomly06:12
ddecatorrandomly. it usually happens right after logging on (or while trying to login) so if it didn't happen yet, you should be good...06:14
tweetboxany other huge things06:15
ddecatornot that i've come across...06:16
tweetboxthank you, nobody anywhere else is helping me06:19
tweetboxare there any working nvidia drivers for lucid?06:27
ddecatorthe proprietary work fine for me. the problem is with nouveau, which conflicts with plymouth sometimes06:32
DanaGwait, that's backwards: nouveau should do plymouth fine; nvidia binary doesn't do KMS, and thus no plymouth.06:35
ddecatorwell something related to nvidia isn't working quite right with plymouth...doesn't even display for me07:04
ubuntuI just upgraded to 10.04 beta, but ubuntu is now wanting to mount USB to boot how can I change it to mount my harddrive?07:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Fentas
ddecatorif no usb is inserted, then it should automatically boot from hdd, but there should be a way to change it in the bios (i have to press F9 on my HP laptop for that)07:05
Fentasit's not a boot order, Grub loads, then dies when it tries to mount the USB saying "No file system found"07:06
Jordan_UFentas, What makes you think that grub is trying to "mount the USB"?07:08
Fentasbrb, I'll grab some logs here in a second.07:09
naught101_Every time my computer goes to sleep (suspend to ram), it wakes up, and then immediately sleeps again, but only once07:28
naught101_it's not critically annoying, since the second sleep/wake cycly is pretty quick, but does anyone know what might be causeing this, or how I might fix it?07:28
naught101_I'm using kubuntu, if that matters...07:32
Fentasnaught101_:  My laptop had the same issue using 8.10, I didnt find a solution (but didnt search too far either)07:37
naught101_Fentas: to be honest, I could have had the problem since 8.10. I've only just started using suspend. Haven't found any thing about it on the 'net yet though07:39
AtomicSparkSo, anyone else notice that the new theme for gdm made the icons barely visible?07:41
torasukuCan I get the Lucid themes in 9.10?07:44
AtomicSparkOne would only have to save them and send them to you.07:45
torasukuDo you know if they have been uploaded somewhere? Or if someone would be willing to do so07:45
AtomicSparkThey're in package format. So... I donno. I've never really installed custom themes before. :P07:46
torasukuhttp://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/new-ubuntu-1004-light-and-dark-themes.html in case anyone else was wondering.07:47
AtomicSparktorasuku: you can get the source here http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/adium-theme-ubuntu07:48
AtomicSparktorasuku: you also need the new icon pack, which isn't a dependacy for that for some reason. lemme see if i can find the package.07:48
AtomicSparktorasuku: oh wait thats not it. silly me. thats the empathy theme ;307:49
AtomicSparktorasuku: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/light-themes07:49
torasukuAtomicSpark, that link I posted has a link to the icon theme as well ;]07:49
AtomicSparktorasuku: well there you go!07:49
AtomicSparkthe theme needs some help, but it's a lot better than human.07:50
Fentasapparently the installer didnt remove "none /proc/bus/usb usbfs ..." from fstab causing it to hang on boot up.08:01
FentasI do like this new look :), gj ubuntu08:07
phaidroshow to fix the following problem: upgraded since early alpha a lucid system worked nice until a certain kernel version, since then the initrd got way bigger and when booting it doesn't ask for the crypt passphrase anymore (which makes it unusable :)08:13
mostafakvdhow to run a shell command from a c++ file ?08:35
vivid<DaZ> mostafakvd: #c08:36
mfraz74upgraded my netbook to 10.04 from 9.10 yesterday. noticed today that the ubuntu package search is missing in firefox08:43
xiambaxHow can i remove all botched nvidia drivers and go back to the state i was in before i installed them all08:58
xiambaxso my x is working ETc08:58
ZykoticK9xiambax, have you just tried moving your xorg.conf file to xorg.conf.disabled08:59
LucidFoxDon't tell me there is no way to use the proprietary NVIDIA drivers undeer Lucid?08:59
ZykoticK9LucidFox, don't worry - proprietary nvidia works fine!09:00
mfraz74is the fan bug still present?09:00
ZykoticK9mfraz74, that's pretty new - so probably...  don't know for sure09:00
LucidFoxThe kernel module doesn't work09:01
LucidFox"FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current ..... No such device"09:02
knittlmy x crashes after standby09:02
ZykoticK9LucidFox, use jockey to install?09:02
ZykoticK9the "Hardware Drivers" built in thing09:02
LucidFoxI used the Restricted Manager09:02
LucidFoxand yes, that's what I used09:02
ZykoticK9LucidFox, are you using Kubuntu?09:02
LucidFoxGDM works, but I can't modprobe nvidia09:03
LucidFoxand trying to launch a session crashes X09:03
knittllatest updates and nvidia card09:03
ZykoticK9LucidFox, what card & what driver version?09:03
xiambaxYeah. Resetting xorg config didnt work09:04
LucidFoxnvidia-current version 195.36,0809:04
LucidFoxGeForce 8600GT09:04
xiambaxi know what driver i need but i dunno how to install it via terminal09:04
xiambaxnvidia-glx-173 is what i need09:05
LucidFoxresetting seems to have fixed it09:06
LucidFoxbut now usplash doesn't work09:07
ZykoticK9xiambax, you can use "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173" to install from cli09:08
Jordan_UWill update-manager use policykit instead of gksudo in 10.04?09:17
mortal_urban terror does not work on lucid09:41
mortal_says something about menddef.h09:41
mortal_might be a bug in the C library or something09:41
mortal_someone else had hit it too09:41
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
virtualdthe new new theme doesn't work with transparent panels © virtuald 201010:06
Damascenehello, I wanted to install xen but ubuntu-xen-server couldn't be installed. now if I want to remove the packages that order installed. I don't know what is the command10:09
virtualdi don't think there is a command for that but there you have them listed anyway so use that © virtuald 201010:12
Damascenethe package is broken I think and didn't get installed. only some dependences instead10:13
Damasceneso I don't know how to remove the dependencies of un installed package10:14
kklimonda|G1Is the reason for moving window control buttons to the left known? Right now the most popular reason people give is "Mac OS X rip-off"10:14
Damascenemaybe the Arabic language would be the default for Ubuntu :)10:15
LucidFoxSo, is there a workaround for the NVIDIA 195 fan bug?10:15
Damasceneit right to left language10:15
Damasceneany one have working empathy?10:25
infectohello, for today everything is ok? i want to upgrade to curent vers lucid :)10:29
infectoand i dont know, will i broke smth or not :) what shoudl i expect10:29
DamasceneI've updated today but I didn't restart yet10:29
Damasceneevery thing seems well10:29
infectoDamascene: ok ;)10:30
vishhmm , is the devicekit-power still having broken dependencies.. or does it have to be removed?10:31
vishkklimonda|G1: the buttons/theme/icons are all WIPs , so it might not be the same during release.. we might end up doing the notifications middle to top shift ;p10:32
yofelvish: removed10:33
yofelvish: it's being replaced by upower10:33
vishyofel: sure?  have you removed it? and nothing is gonna explode right?10:33
vishah , ok..10:33
yofelvish: read the upower changelog ;)10:33
vishoooh.. kinda sounds like iPower  ;p10:34
Damasceneany one having problems with empathy?10:43
Damascenewhat happened to ipconfig?10:46
Damascenesorry ifconfig is there :)10:46
infecto /var/cache/apt/archives/kubuntu-firefox-installer_10.04ubuntu6_i386.deb10:52
infectoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:52
infectouuu ;)10:52
rednow my maximize, minimize and close buttons have jumped to the left side10:52
redand I was happy that they stayed right for me due some odd reasons heh :)10:53
red4 days after upgrading they just magicaly switched after a reboot10:53
redis there a easy way to revert to old style (except for reinstalling karmic xP)10:54
Kamping_Kaiseryeah. its becoming the chant of the channel.10:55
vish!ohmy | infecto10:56
ubottuinfecto: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.10:56
Kamping_Kaisergconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"10:56
Kamping_Kaiservish: surely you can be doing something more useful then ohmying people >.>10:56
Kamping_Kaiserred: the gconftool is for you :)10:56
vishKamping_Kaiser: huh?10:56
vishKamping_Kaiser: there is a basic decent behavior your need to maintain in irc ..10:57
Kamping_Kaiservish: looked decent to me: nothing obscene, hardly something that could be seen as obscene.10:58
guntbertKamping_Kaiser: keep you innocence but please don't correct vish (in this case at least :-))10:59
* Kamping_Kaiser is reminded why he stopped hanging out in ubuntu channels :(11:00
infectovish: i`m sorry, but i share the same fault that red is. So? why only me?11:02
vishinfecto: not you alone ;) red  too :)11:02
Kamping_Kaiservish: sigh?11:06
LucidFoxOh by gosh, what is it with NVIDIA drivers and unstable Ubuntu versions...11:10
* LucidFox bashes her keyboard11:10
ubuntujenkinsis anyone else having this error when clicking on their home folder in the places menu "No application is registered as handling this file"11:10
ubuntujenkinsI Nvidia drivers are being anoying I haev just done a clean install to see if that helped, which it didn't11:11
LucidFoxI rolled back from 195 to 190 from the PPA.11:11
LucidFoxAnd I *still* get these graphical slowdowns11:11
LucidFoxthat I used to back in unstable Jaunty11:11
=== tester01_ is now known as uaa
ubuntujenkinsI just have detection if it is active issues11:13
vishubuntujenkins: do you have a nautilus sidepane ?11:13
vishalways showing?11:13
vishubuntujenkins: there is a bug about that happening only for the first time11:14
uaais there any known bug that empathy doesn't show your contacts?11:14
* vish tries to find bug11:14
ubuntujenkinsvish I did a clean install this morning hoping that would fix it11:15
ubuntujenkinsit does work fine in the side panal its the places menu thats the problem11:15
vishubuntujenkins: does it happen every time? or only once?11:15
vishsidepane i meant== extra pane11:15
LucidFox......Okay, I just don't get it11:16
* LucidFox RAGES11:16
ubuntujenkinsevery time I click any icon in the places menu except computer11:16
LucidFoxIt's not GPU temperature.11:16
LucidFoxIt's not fan speed.11:16
LucidFoxThen WHAT? Why do I get those slowdowns?!!11:16
LucidFoxRegardless of driver version11:16
LucidFoxI didn't in Karmic11:16
LucidFoxin World of Warcraft, only in Dalaran, fine in other locations11:17
ubuntujenkinsis world of warcraft ain wine?11:17
ubuntujenkinsmaybe its the wine version?11:18
* LucidFox shrugs11:18
vishubuntujenkins: yours must be a different bug then.. if it is not in lp do file one11:20
ubuntujenkinscool I will look into thanks vish11:20
vishubuntujenkins: i thought yours was > Bug #52068511:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520685 in nautilus "Opening "Computer" with nautilus fails 1st time after login when using Extra Pane view (A.K.A "split view mode")" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52068511:20
mfraz74Filed bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/533739 against missing 'ubuntu package search' in ubuntu 10.0411:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533739 in firefox "ubuntu package search searchengine missing from firefox" [Undecided,New]11:21
LucidFoxSuppose I could try rolling back to the Wine version I used in Karmic11:23
ubuntujenkinsworth a shot11:23
ubuntujenkinsthanks vish that bug wasn't my bug but the same error come up11:23
vishyeah.. np..11:24
Ian_Corneany place I can find what the letters between  {} during an aptitude full-upgrade mean?11:26
Ian_Cornemore specifficly {a}11:26
LucidFoxRolled back wine, same problem11:31
LucidFoxxfwm is to blame11:32
LucidFoxor specifically its compositing mode, I presume11:33
osviHi! I'm using Lucid, and my sata disk continuosly starts and stops, how can I prevent this?11:34
redKamping_Kaiser: I only found a way to toggle the order of minimze maximize etc buttons but not their side11:53
redie back to right hand side of the menu bar11:54
redthe same which you basicly pasted to me, except thru menus11:56
redaah, the colon was the key11:58
redmuch better11:58
rednow only thing that is missing is the "app" button that used to be on the left side of the name of the window11:59
redthe one with close etc11:59
redfound it11:59
redto revert to old style: menu:maximize,minimize,close11:59
penguin42is anyone having problems with launchpad not taking a new bug from ubuntu-bug12:00
rabbit1guys, jus checkin how lucid is shaping up ?12:02
waltercoolrabbit1, iss fine12:04
rabbit1waltercool: r u involved in development ?12:04
waltercoolrabbit1, no, im just a user who report bugs to launchpad12:04
rabbit1waltercool: ok, now i use 8.04 next with upgrade to lucid, i have LAMP. after upgrade should i change anything?12:06
waltercoolrabbit1, whats lamp?12:07
penguin42waltercool: linux+apache+mysql+php (I think I got that set right?)12:10
penguin42oh the p being anyone of php, python or perl12:11
waltercoolpenguin42, oh... seems like i have xD12:11
waltercoolyeah... whats about cgi? =P12:11
redbtw the alt-tab dialogue comes up very slowly in lucid12:15
redanyone noticed?12:15
waltercoolred, try disabling effects12:17
robin0800red: works fine here12:17
waltercoolred, im using a basic intel 945 and works fine12:17
redthey are disabled at the moment12:17
redit takes a good half a second for the alt tab dialog to pop up12:17
redvs. instantly hmm12:17
waltercool(and using boinc, in other words... cpu 100%)12:17
waltercool0.1s here with alt+tab without effects12:19
waltercool0.4 with effects12:19
red0.5sec with / without effects12:19
redeverything else is snappy and fast12:20
redbrowser starts in 0.1-0.2sec12:20
redconfusing :)12:20
waltercoolhow is your cpu load?12:20
redload average: 0.26, 0.10, 0.0812:20
redrunning Vuze at the moment so it slows things a bit12:20
redbut with it off the alt-tab is still slow12:21
tgpraveen12red: its meant to come slow as many people keep switching between 2 apps only many times12:21
tgpraveen12so the switching occurs and the list shows up only when pressed for a little while12:21
tgpraveen12it works well actually once u realise this12:21
redtgpraveen12: ah it's intended behaviour12:21
redyes the "fast switch" is instant between last used app12:22
tgpraveen12red: but if it is really much slower than might be some other thing a bug12:22
tgpraveen12red: oh yeah then its the intended behavior12:22
redguess im just used to it popping up instant like in windows12:22
redany idea what it could be named in gconf editor?12:22
redill see if theres some way to tweak the delay12:22
waltercoolred, upgrade from karmic or fresh install of lucid?12:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 442436 in empathy "empathy contact list does not appear in window-picker applet" [Low,Confirmed]12:23
uaalooks like Lucid have similar12:23
redupgrade, i tried to do a fresh install but the .iso I downloaded won't boot12:25
redI just get to pick try with live, install etc, and then i get the usplash loading animation for few minutes until it freezes (red dots no longer move)12:25
redbut so far I've only had one bug due upgrade and that was nautilus going berserk doing "Starting File Manager" every 0.5seconds12:26
reddisabled nautilus handling the desktop icons and everything works as should as far as I've noticed past three days12:26
redit's something with the ubuntu gnome install discs always, never got even one of those to work on this particular machine :)12:27
waltercoolred, make another account and try12:27
redinstalled using xubuntu disc and removing everything that has to do with xfce and installing all missing ubuntu-desktop packages :)12:27
redill try, brb12:27
redno difference12:31
waltercoolidk so =/ is working fine here12:33
krosonhi people12:36
krosonim having a trouble with the latest builds of lucid12:37
krosonat least with the livecds12:37
krosonwhen i boot i always have graphic errors, and in order to fix them i have to logout and login again12:37
krosonwhat is the problem? plymouth related?12:37
krosonim using todays daily build12:38
zniavregood afternoon12:59
zniavrehow is launched your openoffice , i mean with wich theme ?12:59
alex88_hi guys, this is my point, i've a pc with 10.04 installed, it was working fine, then i've installed windows on other partition, reinstalled grub with bootcd's grub-install, now when i try to boot into ubuntu after it says /dev/sda1 clean bla bla bla the boot stops13:32
alex88_just the boot, not the pc, i can ctrl-alt-canc correctly to reboor13:33
alex88_also recovery mode does the same thing13:35
alex88_so no way to get some kind of console13:35
alex88_i've tried /join ubuntu13:39
alex88_-.- sry13:39
apparlehi guys13:47
ManDayWhen is it due (approx)?13:47
alex88_hi ManDay13:47
ManDayhi alex13:47
apparleI am thinking of installing alpha3 on wubi.... but  the wubi installer tries to download the 9.10 image13:47
tgpraveen12!info chromium-browser13:47
alex88_ManDay: i've a problem13:47
alex88_this is my point, i've a pc with 10.04 installed, it was working fine, then i've installed windows on other partition, reinstalled grub with bootcd's grub-install, now when i try to boot into ubuntu after it says /dev/sda1 clean bla bla bla and the boot stops13:48
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0.307.9~r39052-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 10920 kB, installed size 37380 kB13:48
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:48
* penguin42 wonders why ubottu responds to when like that13:49
rskto when like that?13:49
rskwhat does that mean13:49
penguin42rsk: Yeh ManDay's query a few lines back13:49
penguin42rsk: It gave a chromium thing13:49
penguin42oh! I see it was interleaved withanother request13:50
apparleanyone tried wubi with 10.0413:50
krosonive just installed lucid daily build14:01
krosonand i installed the proprietary nvidia driver from hardware drivers14:01
krosonbut now both nouveau and nvidia binary have a green light close to it14:01
krosonshould i remove nouveau or leave it like it is?14:01
Ian_Cornekeep it as is14:01
Ian_Cornenoveau is there for plymounth during boot14:02
krosonive just had a stupid bug14:02
krosonopen a terminal for the first time14:02
krosonentered ls14:02
krosonand voila, login screen again14:02
krosonis this a known bug?14:03
penguin42kroson: That shouldn't happen!14:03
krosonit happened once14:03
penguin42kroson: Sounds like an X server crash, probably graphics driver?14:03
krosonthen i entered terminal again LS and it worked14:03
krosonpenguin42: just installed the latest nvidia from hardware drivers14:04
krosonbut i have both nvidia and nouveau enabled there, so i thought that could be the problem14:04
krosonby the way, plymouth works sometimes when i boot (it shows the logo), other attempts it doesnt and i boot without seeing it14:05
krosonill reboot see what happens14:07
judgenwhere is the GTK-QT in lucid?14:16
aboSamooron boot the partitions are all the time checked ! do you know any related bug ?14:17
krosonpenguin42: after doing some tests i can i say that my X server crashes the first time i log in14:17
krosonwhen i start the computer14:17
krosonso i have o re-login14:17
alex88_aboSamoor: that's normal, is just a fast check...not the complete14:17
krosonthis happens with both nouveau and nvidia binary driver14:18
krosonwith nouveau i can see plymouth, with the proprietary no14:18
aboSamooralex88_, I do not think it is fast in my case. I am using intel drivers.14:18
krosonso could this be some plymouth bug related?14:18
penguin42kroson: I have heard of a similar sounding one14:18
krosonpenguin42: i dont mind have to restart x, as long as i have a command to do so directly from the login menu14:19
krosondoes ctrl+alt+backspace work in ubuntu, or something similar?14:19
alex88_aboSamoor: it takes to me about 2-3 secs14:20
judgenkroson: the X11 devs removed the ctrl+alt+bcksp as far as i know.14:24
judgeni miss it alot14:24
krosonjudgen: thanks, i solved my problem :)14:24
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:24
penguin42judgen: I think one of the suggested alternatives is alt-sysrq-k14:24
penguin42judgen: the same button as print-screen14:25
krosonjudgen: ctrl alt backsp can be activated14:25
echahi, just upgraded, nautilus doesn't start, dies instantly and tries to restart resulting in flashing behaviour of taskbar items14:26
echawindow shadows also seem to flash14:26
judgenkroson: How? enabling it in xorg.conf does not work any more.14:26
IdleOneö Ö14:30
boondoklifeDoes lucid kick off the Ubuntuone sync on its own or do I have to force it when I want it to using u1sync? I can't seem to get it to push and pull files on its own with lucid.14:32
judgenI cant seem to be able to downgrade firefox to 3.5 from 3.6... odd.14:33
judgenaaah the 3.5 is only a dummy for 3.614:34
judgenhow sad.14:34
penguin42judgen: Out of interest why do you want to?14:35
judgenpenguin42: Got a large amount of add-ons that does not work with 3.614:35
penguin42ah right14:35
krosonwhats the difference between Alt-SysRq-R and Alt-SysRq-K?14:37
boondoklifewow guess no one around uses u1?14:38
penguin42kroson: 'r' just switches keyboard mode to normal ascii for the consoles, k is SAK which kills everything on the current console14:39
krosonpenguin42: when in the login screen i can press Alt+F1 to go to a console14:39
krosonis there a command to restart X there?14:39
penguin42kroson: In principal r followed by ctrl-alt-f1 say would get you a working console - but the old X server would still be running if it hadn't crashed14:39
krosonlike sudo gdm restart, if theres something like this14:39
penguin42sudo gdm restart should work - if the old X server is dead14:40
krosonpenguin42: i dont know if its dead or not14:40
penguin42ps -eaf|grep X14:40
krosonbut that i have a problem with it, i know i have14:40
krosoncant know if its dead at all14:40
krosonok ill try it :)14:41
krosonpenguin42: i could do sudo killall gdm and then sudo gdm star?14:41
krosonor just sudo gdm restart?14:41
krosonwouldnt it do the same?14:41
penguin42not sure what that does if X is still going14:41
krosonok ill test it14:41
* penguin42 wonders why Exaile seems to be preferentially playing from the new stuff I just added14:44
krosonpenguin42: it didnt work14:45
krosonsudo killall gdm14:45
krosonit says gdm: process not found :P14:45
krosonsudo gdm restart or sudo gdm start do the same, i have an error14:45
krosonstartx doesnt work too as X is already working14:45
krosonany suggestions?14:46
penguin42kill X14:46
krosonalt+sysrq+k kills x?14:47
penguin42ps -eaf|grep X   find the X server and kill it14:47
krosonwhat is the sysrq key?14:47
penguin42you don't want alt-sysrq-k unless you have the X console showing14:48
bjsniderwhat is kroson trying to do?14:53
kroson_bjsnider: im kroson14:54
penguin42bjsnider: restart X, he's not sure it's still going14:54
kroson_but my previous nick wasnt killed14:54
kroson_penguin42: i made it14:54
kroson_directly with alt+sysrq+K14:54
kroson_its the perfect key combination :)14:55
kroson_has anyone been able to install restricted extras in lucid?14:59
* guntbert is trying15:02
kroson_guntbert: to install it?15:02
guntbertkroson_: yes15:02
kroson_guntbert: with software center i couldnt, but now i installed with the terminal15:03
kroson_are you having an error?15:03
guntbertkroson_: update is still running I will tell you15:03
guntbertkroson_: install takes a lot of time - but I never used software center before - so I'm not sure if its normal15:12
kroson_yes it takes15:12
kroson_guntbert: 32 or 64 bit?15:12
kroson_and what version? alpha 3, daily...15:12
guntbert64bit daily in a VBox VM15:13
kroson_guntbert: what is the mirror you are using?15:15
kroson_from what country?15:16
guntbertkroson_: austria but that doesn't matter as there is not network activity but a lot of cpu load15:16
=== jastor_ is now known as jastor
guntbertkroson_: after maxing out the cpu for some time it seems to have installed them just fine - what the simplest way to check?15:21
guntbertkroson_: seems fine15:24
kroson_of course it has to do15:25
kroson_the portuguese mirror (the one i use) has done a bad synchronization of the package libdvdnav415:25
kroson_so this package is corrupted in this mirror (wrong size)15:25
kroson_so i couldnt install it so no gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad so some file extensions not playing D15:26
kroson_guntbert: ive checked the austrian mirror and there the file is right15:27
jiehanzhengHello, I can't use USB inside my VirtualBox (non-free, virtualbox-3.1) guest OS, what should I do?15:27
guntbertkroson_: ah - did you get a "file not found" error? could be due to late syncing of your server...15:28
jiehanzhengHello, I can't use USB inside my VirtualBox (non-free, virtualbox-3.1) guest OS, what should I do?15:28
kroson_guntbert: the file was found, wrong size error15:29
kroson_i checked and its only 11kb15:29
kroson_it should be 70 or something like it15:29
kroson_this is the only fault file,15:29
guntbertkroson_: do you use a http proxy? they *sometimes* keep a truncated file and deliver it again and again15:31
kroson_guntbert: no15:32
guntbertkroson_: then I assume "time will heal it" :)15:33
kroson_i also have some mirrors that are not working15:34
kroson_when you update your server list15:34
kroson_are all mirrors correctly updated?15:34
guntbertkroson_: I never do that15:34
kroson_guntbert: sudo apt-get update15:35
guntbertkroson_: that updates the package database - not the server list - and no I never have issues with that15:36
guntbertkroson_: but I usually have only one mirror set15:36
kroson_guntbert: me too i always use the default mirror set15:40
kroson_but this time with today's daily build im having this trouble xD15:40
kroson_besides this and the xserver crash, no bugs in lucid15:41
kroson_for me15:41
kroson_guntbert: there are having problems with the portuguese server, now im using the main server from ubuntu and no more problems xD15:48
guntbertkroson_: good - have fun15:49
mike31member:anyone know where the sources to the new gtk2-engine are?16:01
mike31anyone know where the sources to the new gtk2-engine are?16:01
mike31or what the package name is?16:02
zniavremike31, ubuntu-mono ?16:05
vishmike31: ubuntu-light-themes16:05
mike31zniavre: thanks, will re-check package db...16:05
mike31vish: thanks16:05
mike31zniavre: sure about the name?16:05
zniavresorry do what vish told you16:05
zniavrehe s better than me16:05
mike31zaroo results on packages.ubuntu.com16:06
vishmike31: whats the bug? mostly all the bugs have already  been filed16:06
mike31why bug?16:06
vishah , first person to sya no bug ;)16:07
vishmike31: you want the source for the new themes , ambience and radience?16:07
vishor the murrine engine?16:08
mike31vish: confused now. I thought there's a new gtk2 engine.16:08
mike31vish: couldn't find ubuntu-light-themes in the pkg db16:08
mike31vish: searching archives/pool.....16:08
vishmike31: try just light-themes16:09
vishmike31: btw,there is a difference between the gtk2 engine and the theme engine and the themes16:09
vishnow ,i'm confused what you are looking for ;)16:10
mike31vish: I only need the gtk2 engine not any of the other 'themes'16:10
mike31vish: is it a new engine or just a theme using known engines?16:10
mike31mono -> icons16:11
mike31and it's using murrine16:11
mike31I see16:11
zniavremurrine and pixbuf for new theme16:11
vishmike31: murrine is the latest from the git16:11
mike31vish: I may be blind but cannot see where the gtkrc is in here http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/light-themes16:11
mike31oh wait16:12
mike31dumb me16:12
mike31been lookin on at the deps16:12
vishmike31: download the tar.gz it has the themes and the gtkrc16:13
yehiahello, iam using ubuntu 10 .4  and i was  i was searching on line how to speed up my ubuntu as its a bit slow - and i found this link   ,,    http://yoten.blogspot.com/2007/04/speed-up-ubuntu.html    . any body thinks that it really works16:13
mike31vish: I have, I was dumb for a second16:13
vishmike31: it happens to all of us ;)16:13
mike31vish: happens due to interplanetary cryonic ambience lighting dissolving problems16:13
vishyehia: what is actually slow [in your install]?16:16
vishor just boosting it for  fun ;)16:16
linux2324does the ubuntu usb creator work only with ubuntu isos?16:19
linux2324and why were netbook img's changed to iso's16:19
linux2324? so they cant be dd'ed to the medium directly?16:19
mike31vish: uhoh, it's using pixmaps in the theme. whatever...16:21
vishmike31: yup its a combo16:21
vishmike31: from what i can see it is only the scrollbars which use pixmap16:22
tgpraveenvish: u know if they are going to make the envelope icon green for new messages?16:25
mike31vish: yeah, seen that. tested and it looks clunky to me.16:26
tgpraveenthat along with no notifications in fullscreen and empathy not opening windows/tabs for new msgs is going to really bug people again16:26
vishyeah its a bit clunky16:26
tgpraveenits karmic/jaunty all over again16:26
vishhehe ;)16:27
mike31compared to OSX we do have a choice (XP also has but not sure abot 6.x or 7.x of RedmondWare)16:27
tgpraveen1anybody experience the problem holding down a key has  effect only once.16:33
tgpraveen1like to scroll down pressing down the up/down key has effect only once. so basically key repeats not working16:34
tgpraveen1happening since 1-2 days16:34
vishtgpraveen1: hmm , that was an old bug.. but was fixed..16:38
tgpraveen1vish: i am having it since last 1-2 days fully updated lucid16:41
tgpraveen1link for the old bug16:41
tgpraveen1by any chance/16:41
vishtgpraveen1:  hmm , seems my awesome bar has amnesia ;)16:43
happyhoboHow do I get the maximize, minimize, shrink buttons from the left side back to the right side as God intended.16:43
vishtgpraveen1: i recently shifted to clean profile firefox , so its probably a month old bug16:44
vishhappyhobo:  gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"16:44
vishhappyhobo: enter that in the terminal^16:45
redvish, happyhobo: gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"16:46
redotherwise you will be missing the menu button in the left hand corner :)16:46
vish;)  yeah menu oops16:47
happyhoboIt didnt do anything.16:47
Volkodavanybody got the older Radeon cards to work ?16:48
Volkodav9600 I have16:49
Volkodavyo yo16:49
happyhoboIs that you?16:49
Volkodavwhat do ya think ?16:49
happyhoboYou're running uBUNTU NOW?16:49
Volkodavat work yeah16:50
happyhoboMe too.  I was against it at first but quickly found it just works.16:50
happyhoboWhere are you working now?16:50
Volkodavsame place16:50
Volkodavsup with you ?16:51
Volkodavleft mepis huh ?16:51
happyhobored and vish I tried both of your commands and they are still mac'fied  YUK16:51
happyhoboIve been without a car for 2.5 months so far16:51
VolkodavThat Ford truck died ?16:51
happyhoboI want to find a part time job but can't do that.  The truck was taken off the road in 06 when it wouldn't pass inspection anymore.16:52
tgpraveen1happyhobo: u tried it after hitting alt + f216:52
happyhoboJust did and it worked.  Now it looks correct.16:53
happyhoboMy current car is an 80 Ford Fairmont Futura with a permanent transmission leak.16:53
happyhobowas there a reason to switch from right to left?16:57
happyhoboI would like to voice a complaint16:58
BUGabundohappyhobo: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"17:01
BUGabundothere's a pool in brainstorm and a bug in LP17:01
happyhobowhy does 2.29 look like 2.28 look like 2.26 look like 2.24 . . .17:02
happyhobothe only difference I see is button output17:03
happyhoboI mean placement17:03
vishhmm , how do i check disk activity from terminal?17:07
vishah iotop17:09
BUGabundobut I like atop + 'd' better17:11
Some_PersonWhat does Lucid's new theme look like?17:16
penguin42Some_Person: Purple17:17
Some_Personpenguin42: Seriously?17:18
JoshuaL lol17:18
penguin42Some_Person: I've switched theme and background out17:18
Some_PersonI mean, what does the default theme look like?17:19
penguin42Some_Person: I think this is the default: http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=3&id=121184&file1=121184-1.jpg&file2=121184-2.jpg&file3=121184-3.jpg&name=New+Wave+Lucid+theme17:19
penguin42but I'm not 100% sure - I switched it away pretty quickly17:20
Some_PersonAlso, is it true that GIMP is no longer included?17:20
penguin42Some_Person: It's in the repositories so it's trivially easy to install, just not installed by default17:20
Some_PersonI think that's a poor decision. I did not even know GIMP existed until I saw it included back when I first tried Ubuntu Breezy17:21
penguin42Some_Person: It's pretty big and hard for people to learn - a lot of people just want something that can slice and dice their photos17:21
Some_PersonWhat will take GIMP's place?17:22
Some_PersonI wouldn't call it "big and hard"17:22
penguin42I think f-spot will do most people17:22
crimsunnothing is taking GIMP's place.17:22
crimsunas penguin42 said, it's still in main; it's still supported; it's still installable. It just isn't shipped on the Lucid desktop cd.17:23
Some_Personf-spot is too limited and is library-based17:23
penguin42Some_Person: It's fine for the people who just want to tweak their photos, and the people who want more can just install gimp17:23
crimsunSome_Person: so install GIMP after you establish a network connection.17:23
penguin42(although I agree, I don't find f-spot's libraries that intuitive)17:24
Some_PersonI don't generally like library-based applications (with some exceptions). A lot of the image editing I do ends up not belonging in a library17:25
penguin42Some_Person: Which is why you'll still install Gimp!17:25
crimsunthere has been no infringement upon your "right" to use GIMP. Move along, nothing to see.17:26
Some_PersonI know, but it does decrease awareness of it17:26
crimsunhow, praytell, would that be the case?17:26
crimsunIf anything, thanks to google search results, it's now *more* visible.17:27
penguin42crimsun: I suppose the argument is you just try Ubuntu and try everything in the menus and find gimp17:27
penguin42crimsun: Which to be fair does happen for those who don't know about it17:27
crimsunpenguin42: and those same people are not well-suited to use the GIMP as an editor.17:28
Some_PersonLike I said, if it were not included back when I installed 5.10, it would have taken longer for me to know about it, while the whole time I'd probably be using something like gpaint (because I was used to mspaint and its limitations)17:28
penguin42crimsun: I don't know, there are arty people who do get on with tools like that but might not be generally that familiar with the rest of computing17:29
penguin42crimsun: Heck, there are people who can understand blender.....17:29
crimsunit's pretty difficult not to see Applications> Ubuntu software center> search box> gimp17:29
Some_PersonWhy not just make f-spot default and include Gimp for those who want/need it?17:30
penguin42crimsun: No, not search - that's if you know there is a thing called gimp to look for17:30
crimsunor, if you don't know "gimp", you could use "image editor"17:30
penguin42crimsun: But Applications->Ubuntu software centre->Image editing should show it you - I think software centre does solve this problem to quite a degree17:30
crimsunSome_Person: because there's this thing called a limited amount of space on the cd.17:31
Some_Personpenguin42: But I think you're far more likely to use what's included than install X random program and try it17:31
Some_Personcrimsun: It fit before. I asked what's replacing it, and was told nothing.17:31
penguin42Some_Person: software centre is quite nice for that because you can browse it in the same way as the menus and it has review scores17:31
* penguin42 hadn't realised why software centre was any use before17:32
crimsunSome_Person: f-spot is there, but it isn't a replacement.17:32
mc44crimsun: if only DVDs were ubiquitous! :p17:32
Some_PersonWhat's replacing its space on the CD?17:32
Some_Personmc44: 4GB download on my connection = hell17:32
crimsunSome_Person: language packs, if possible.17:32
penguin42Some_Person: The CD is a pretty tight squeeze17:32
mc44Some_Person: just because it could be 4GB doesn't mean it would be, but yeah it'd probably be bigger.17:33
tgpraveen1Some_Person: pittivi video editor17:33
Some_PersonI would argue that it would make sense to remove other things before gimp (e.g. tomboy)17:34
Some_PersonWho the heck uses tomboy for anything productive anyway?17:34
penguin42Some_Person: The '4GB is hell on my connection' is why it's good to have a relatively small CD and then people who just want gimp or the like can get that rather than have a bigger CD/DVD17:35
crimsunSome_Person: people argue all sorts of things.17:35
crimsunSome_Person: also, nothing prevents you from respinning the cd, removing mono, and readding gimp.17:35
Some_Personpenguin42: That's why I think apps should be prioritized. Most important/popular gets in, less important/popular hits the bin17:36
bjsnidergimp isn't on the cd anymore? oh no, it's tragic17:36
bjsniderpardon me while i hang myself17:36
crimsunI know -- end of the world17:36
Some_Personcrimsun: Mono's included now?17:36
crimsunmono has been there for ages.17:36
penguin42Some_Person: Of course but important is different for different people; most people just want to be able to crop/colour tweak photos and hence f-spot is more important than gimp, and now cheap cameras can do video it's more important to gain a simple video editor17:37
mc44should replace the GIMP with Paint.NET17:37
Some_PersonIs a "simple video editor" included?17:37
om26erSome_Person, yes17:37
om26erSome_Person, its called pitivi17:37
penguin42(I wish it was called video editor or the like, heck everything else is going that way)17:38
Some_PersonOk, I totally agree with including a video editor.17:38
om26erhow would you pronunciate that. peetv?17:38
crimsunpenguin42: instead of "Pitivi Video Editor"?17:38
penguin42crimsun: Oh yes, I missed it included 'video editor' in the menu option17:39
mc44Hmm, shouldn't totem be "Totem Movie Player" instead of "Movie Player"17:39
Some_PersonOk, so maybe this isn't a bad decision after all17:40
sebsebsebSome_Person: Just joined, maybe what isn't a bad decision after all?17:40
Some_Personsebsebseb: removing gimp from a default install17:41
sebsebsebSome_Person: That doesn't really effect me, it's also in the software centre recommended apps.17:42
bjsnidersebsebseb, william shatner making another album17:42
Some_PersonI just hope Empathy improved since Karmic17:42
sebsebsebbjsnider: What?17:42
sebsebsebSome_Person: Well you can use Pidgin :)17:42
sebsebsebSome_Person: for IM17:42
Some_Personsebsebseb: When I'm using a live CD for whatever reason, I tend to use whatever IRC client is there, and ubuntu has Empathy17:43
Some_PersonDoes Empathy at least allow normal IRC / commands?17:44
Some_Person(in lucid)17:44
om26er_dcSome_Person: yes17:44
crimsunmc44: possibly, but it's the official GNOME player, where as Pitivi isn't official17:44
om26er_dcSome_Person: /part dont work17:45
crimsunmc44: so, arguably, the distinction is useful17:45
badpis Tracker the Ubuntu-supported indexing system?17:45
sebsebsebSome_Person: For IRC it's probably better to still use real IRC clients such as,  Konversation,  Xchat,  and IRSSI17:45
crimsunmc44: then again, I tend toward consistency and would likely be happy to see a bug report asking for the Name to be changed for Pitivi17:45
Some_Personsebsebseb: But none of those are included, and I find it inconvienent to install an app every time I boot to a live cd17:46
sebsebsebSome_Person: I see17:46
badpdoesn't freenode come with a webchat of sorts?17:47
Some_Personbadp: Java17:47
badpquakenet has an OSS ajax chat system that works with no addons, but that doesn't help you :)17:48
guntbertbadp: webchat.freenode.net17:48
badpoh, that one :D17:48
badpthere you go, Some_Person :)17:49
mc44crimsun: I suppose it depends on whether you think it fits in the category of things like "Sound Recorder" and "Calculator", though the fact is it does have a separate name, and should probably be the same as say rhythmbox17:50
tgpraveen1 is it possible to have group chat/conference in yahoo using empathy/telepathy?17:50
tgpraveen1it is possible using pidgin17:50
Some_Personbadp/guntbert: Oh, I didn't know about that17:50
om26er_dctgpraveen1: no17:50
om26er_dctgpraveen1: works for msn17:50
om26er_dcnot for msn17:50
tgpraveen1om26er_dc: u sure? it works for xmpp too17:50
Some_PersonI also think something should be done about gnome-screensaver's preferences17:55
crimsunSome_Person: file a bug report, please.17:57
Some_PersonIt was filed years ago17:57
Some_PersonThe problem is that gnome-screensaver doesn't allow configuration of each individual screensaver17:58
Some_PersonSomeone did create an app intended as a replacement for gnome-screensaver's preferences that does allow this (and it's what I use), though it is a bit rough around the edges, requires mono, and has compiling problems18:01
crimsunI'm sure the fact that it requires Mono will make all the naysayers smile.18:02
Some_Personthe app I refer to: http://software.xfx.net/utilities/sss/18:03
crimsunnonetheless, Chris C is pretty awesome at fixing GNOME bugs despite his time being snatched by new father duties.18:03
Some_Person(don't download the .deb package on that page, it is totally borked)18:04
Some_PersonI put in a PPA which supplies good .deb packages18:07
penguin42crimsun: I find people who I know who have just gained fathering duties tend to suddenly find a lot of time to do stuff at 3am18:19
BUGabundoanyone here uses mumble?18:20
Ian_Cornebut not actively last week18:21
Ian_Cornestopped playing wow again :p18:21
BUGabundoI'm testing it a bit18:22
BUGabundoand trying to get an android app that uses it protocol18:22
Ian_Corneah nice18:22
BUGabundodoes it do cross server?18:22
Ian_Cornecross server?18:22
BUGabundoor only ppl in the same server?18:22
Ian_Cornenot that I know of18:22
BUGabundoyeah, if can talk to you if you are on another server18:22
BUGabundoaka federation18:22
Ian_Cornewhy would you want to talk to people on a diffrent server?18:22
BUGabundoease of connection18:23
Ian_Cornethere's a mumble channel18:23
Ian_CorneHaven't read anything about it tho18:23
Ian_Cornehow come on one system, libx264-85 shows as a dependecy of vlc, but on another not?18:24
BUGabundoupdate apt?18:24
BUGabundono, I mean apt db18:28
Ian_Corneit's updated :p18:34
Ian_Corneor ?18:34
xiambaxCan someone tell me what im doing wrong18:35
xiambaxim using jockey to install my nvidia drivers18:35
xiambaxand my jockey log states18:35
xiambax2010-03-07 12:25:34,235 WARNING: modinfo for module nvidia failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nvidia18:35
Ian_Cornemaybe something ubuntu-devs did to protect your computer?18:37
Ian_Cornewith all the overheating risks and stuff18:37
Ian_Corne13:15:51 <@Ian> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODA0MA18:38
Ian_Corne13:15:59 <@Ian> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-March/030380.html18:38
BluesKajxiambax, using jockey is hit and miss at best , which nvidia card18:39
xiambaxnvidia 7050 integrated18:39
xiambaxshould i update to latest and try again?18:40
xiambaxthis is a clean alpha 3 install18:40
Ian_CorneI'd update18:40
Ian_Cornefirst thing I do when a clean install is, update and upgrade :)18:40
Ian_Cornethe installer has this new feature, to update the installer18:40
Ian_Cornewich is nice!18:40
xiambaxOk. I will be back in 40 mins when this is done downloading18:41
xiambaxHaving 6 of your own computers and two roommates who both torrent is kind of a pain sometimes18:41
bjsniderBluesjockey is not hit or miss18:45
bjsniderjockey works fine18:45
BUGabundobjsnider: you got any luck on that build of flashcam?18:50
bjsniderBUGabundo, i've been doing other things today so far18:56
bjsniderhaven't got round to it18:57
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BluesKajis the nvidia Riva/TNT/Geforce driver a modded 195?19:00
bjsniderBluesKaj, negative. no worries there19:04
BluesKajbjsnider, I got it from alberto milone's repos ..his stuff is usually reliable19:05
bjsniderthen why are you badmouthing jockey?19:06
bjsnideralberto designed it19:06
bjsniderit's his code19:06
BluesKajI bjsnider , it works for some and not others19:06
bjsniderthat's not the position of the x devs19:07
badpWhat is the package that handles font rendering? I have an issue to report with FreeSans bold.19:07
bjsniderall you ipod people switch to this and suffer no more: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-12519_7-10396458-49.html19:07
BluesKajwell, it's not a position so much as an opinion on my part, from the probs I've seen with it here19:08
bjsniderBluesKaj, people in here who have had problems with it recently have pooched their systems and jockey failing is just a by-product of that19:09
BluesKajok, I've been trying to avoid using it and advising ppl to drop to a tty and remove their old driver and then install the proper driver after stopping g/kdm. You may be right that jockey is finally working the way it's supposed to.19:12
AlienXbjsnider, that looks pretty slick19:23
AlienX(the iAudio 9)19:23
bjsniderAlienX, it lacks the main feature of an ipod: the remarkable ability to get the user to buy more stuff from apple19:25
alex88_hi, i've a problem, the system won't boot, it stops booting after fsck19:26
bjsnideryou plug it in and drag & drop your songs onto it like a usb thumb drive, no crap transcoding happens19:26
AlienXbjsnider, heh, I have an iphone, mostly because i ditched the android phones since the OS is still a bit buggy but I've never actually used it to play MP3s lol19:26
AlienXalex88_, any error messages?19:26
BUGabundoAlienX: you are SOOO wrong19:26
BUGabundomine plays pretty much anything I trow at it19:27
bjsniderBUGabundo, the android does?19:27
alex88_AlienX: i've removed quiet from grub, it loads something, that changes resolution of screen, then it says /dev/sda1 clean and nothing else19:27
BUGabundobjsnider: sure does19:28
bjsnider24-bit flac?19:28
AlienXBUGabundo, well, put it this way...I worked for google while the phone was in development, and I still have lots of friends using the nexus 1 and while they all say it's quite a bit better than the older release versions, things like the on screen keyboard still leave a lot to be desired, apps still crash fairly frequently, etc.19:28
alex88_AlienX: i'm on livecd you need some logs?19:28
BUGabundorunning cianogenmod based in 1.619:28
BUGabundoAlienX: good for you ! but I don't use standard Android or HTC_IME keyb19:28
BUGabundoI use ASK and swype19:28
AlienXalex88_, what's your hardware?19:29
BUGabundoI don't remember when I had my last FC19:29
BUGabundoand I have 65 apps installed im my SD19:29
BUGabundoI got a 1yo HTC Magic19:29
AlienXBUGabundo, I'm not trying to brag, simply making a point that I do have a certain familiarity with the devices :)19:29
alex88_AlienX: i'm on asus g2s laptop, sorry, i've forgot to say that it was working fine, i've just reinstalled grub after windows install19:29
BUGabundoAlienX: I do love the plataform, and my magic!19:31
AlienXalex88_, what's your video chipset out of curiosity?19:31
BUGabundoiphone tells me nothing19:31
AlienXBUGabundo, what do you mean it tells you nothing?19:31
alex88_AlienX: nvidia 8600M gt19:31
BUGabundoI get lost in that19:31
BUGabundowas trying to set up google contacts in one , yesterday19:31
BUGabundokeept opening windws I didn't ask for19:32
BUGabundoand very ugly UI to change stuff19:32
BUGabundoits so easy in android19:32
AlienXalex88_, you might be having an issue with plymouth which (in my opinion) is a rather dreadful addition to the OS.19:32
BUGabundo....rather *broken* one19:32
alex88_AlienX: i've removed it some days ago due the enter press bug19:33
AlienXBUGabundo, well, given the fact android is developed by google, it's absolutely reasonable their apps would work better. Though I do admit, I really can't stand that apple has blocked google for actually making their apps useful on the iphone.19:33
alex88_AlienX: i've chrooted and it's not installed19:34
BUGabundowell, move to #android or #cyanogenmod if you want to keep up discusing this offtopic... ppl here do mind OT19:34
AlienXalex88_, if you do have any logging, you might want to put it up on pastebin and see if there's anything useful there to look at19:34
disenoproblerma con driver nouveau en ubuntu alpha 3 10.0419:35
alex88_AlienX: http://pastebin.com/9Ujg4nBM here is /var/log/dmesg19:36
alex88_http://pastebin.com/fiFB5LLU here it is19:36
alex88_AlienX: i've also tried to enable /etc/default/bootlogd but /var/log/boot still remains empty19:37
AlienXalex88_, hm, i don't see anything particularly out of the ordinary with your dmesg output. It does look like you're running an older revision of the kernel from the current.19:39
alex88_AlienX: but it worked fine still i've reinstalled grub.. :S19:40
alex88_AlienX: for install lastest kernel i can download from ppa and install using chroot+dpkg?19:40
AlienXYeah, that's pretty odd, I'm not sure what to tell you. You could try to do a reinstall again without formatting any of the disks and see if that helps19:40
alex88_AlienX: reinstall without formatting? doesn't install automatically format when you say what partition to use as / ?19:41
guntbertalex88_: you are not talking about ubuntu lucid - are you?19:41
alex88_guntbert: yes i am19:41
BUGabundoalex88_: no19:41
BUGabundounless you choose too19:42
AlienXalex88_, you can always tell the partitioner not to format the device.19:42
BUGabundosince 8.0419:42
alex88_BUGabundo: ok, i'll try later, i have to save some things before19:42
alex88_AlienX: thank for your help19:42
alex88_btw, what's latest kernel in lucid updates?19:43
alex88_guntbert: why you think i'm not on lucid?19:43
danisbtw, 2.6.32-15-generic19:44
alex88_thank you danis19:44
guntbertalex88_: no - I was asking about the topic of your conversation - but forget my question19:44
alex88_guntbert: np man.. =)19:46
=== trash_ is now known as prjktdtnt
prjktdtnton alpha 3 where would i go to change the position of the maximize, minimize and close buttons? for some reason they've moved to the left side of the window (think mac style) and it's driving me bonkers19:49
guntbertprjktdtnt: gconf-editor apps/compiz/general/buttonlayout19:49
prjktdtntguntbert, thx i'll look at that one19:50
Ian_Corneany gui editors for fstab?19:50
guntbertprjktdtnt: yw - not completely certain about the path though19:51
alex88_Ian_Corne: http://pysdm.sourceforge.net/19:51
prjktdtntguntbert, can't be sure either, it's core dumping on me19:52
Ian_Corneoh gparted does it too19:52
prjktdtntguntbert, http://pastebin.org/10396419:52
alex88_brb, restarting19:52
prjktdtntalthough at least you've got me going in the right direction, used to know this but it's been so long since i screwed about with window stuff19:53
guntbertprjktdtnt: just start gconf-editor - the path was meant to be followed inside19:53
prjktdtntguntbert, oops ok i'll take a look at that19:53
Ian_Cornenope, gparted just shows the current mountpoints19:53
un214looks like I need to full disable noveau drivers, kms, and fbcon19:53
un214the stupid driver is too unstable19:53
prjktdtntguntbert, if you're running no vis effects the keyname is /apps/metacity/general/button_layout19:55
prjktdtntand again thankyou for pointing me in the right direction19:55
un214does anybody actually know how to do it?19:55
guntbertprjktdtnt: you're welcome :-) and thx for reporting back - my memory fails sometimes :-)19:56
prjktdtntguntbert, also appears that compiz will follow metacity's setting for that, thanks again :)19:57
guntbertprjktdtnt: glad to hear :)19:57
un214help, how to purge nouvau driver from my system?20:04
alex88hi, i'm alex88_... xD20:05
mdlueckI just updated my Alpha 3 VM today, and suddenly the window close X jumps from the top/right to the top/left. Why!?!?20:18
mdlueckTo match Mac OS rather than Windows?20:19
DanaGnope, it doesn't even match OS X.  It's just "fail".20:19
ZykoticK9mdlueck, this was a design change -- see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side if you want to switch it back20:19
DanaGIt's a design choice -- a bad one.20:19
DanaGIs there some actual _bug report_ about that?20:20
BUGabundocrimsun: pavucontrol is showing chromium (flash) but not messuring the volume scale20:20
mdlueckDanaG: I came here first. Did not dig into the sea of tickets first.20:20
mdlueckZykoticK9: Thanks for the pointer. Ubuntu makes my head shake.20:21
mdlueckLike I want to go hand tweaking every box I am on under the sun! Gnome took the button away that flipped between button and path in the "URL" bar, now Ubuntu switches the default position of buttons, "but they can BOTH be undone via hacking the config files" WHY!?!?20:23
arandDanaG: After running the themes for a while I have to agree, buggy, ugly.20:25
penguin42mdlueck: I wish I knew, I think you should be able to script the fixes - but it is a pain20:25
jo-erlendis anyone able to connect to facebook chat with empathy in lucid?20:25
arandA great releif that human-theme is still in the repos..20:25
ZykoticK9jo-erlend, it's certainly working with Pidgin for me20:26
jo-erlendarand, yes...20:26
mdlueckJust applied latest updates to A3, via Gnome interface can not connect to a Samba share. Fill in the first dialog screen, next should come a prompt for password, none comes up, and I see processes stuck in ps aux. Can anyone confirm this?20:31
mdlueckpenguin42: Yes I "can" script an "Undo-Ubuntu.sh"... just annoying when such things are worked on while other bugs go untouched.20:32
happyhoboSince no one seems to like the left orientation, can we make our voices known to authorities that be we want our right orientation back?20:43
happyhoboThat sounds kind of sexual.  LOL20:43
mdlueckhappyhobo: :-)20:48
happyhoboHi mdlueck20:48
alex88happyhobo: there is a pool about that20:49
happyhoboI upgraded from 9:10 to 10.4 alpha 3 by doing a dist-upgrade.20:49
alex88http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1422422 i think they put it back to right20:49
crimsunBUGabundo: only for chromium?21:13
BUGabundocrimsun: didn't try in FF21:14
BUGabundofrom my testing input levels work fine21:14
BUGabundooutput not so much21:14
BUGabundolet me open mocp21:14
BUGabundocrimsun: confirmed: mocp is also not showing levels21:15
crimsunBUGabundo: I presume that mocp is using the pulse alsa-plugin?21:18
BUGabundono idea21:18
BUGabundohow can I check?21:18
crimsunBUGabundo: what does it show in pavucontrol?21:19
lamalexcan anyone play dvds with menus in totem?21:20
BUGabundocrimsun: alsa-plugin21:20
crimsunBUGabundo: I'm pretty sure that would be a local issue21:20
BUGabundocrimsun: ok, so how to debug and fix?21:21
crimsunBUGabundo: first, is it reproducible after you logout and login?21:21
BUGabundolet me purge flash and reboot21:22
crimsune.g., I can't reproduce that symptom. http://www.trilug.org/~crimsun/Screenshot.png21:22
BUGabundocrimsun: could it be theme wise?21:23
LinuxGuy2009When is Beta 1 gonna be here? Is it expected to have all of the new changes and features incorporated into it so that i can begin testing for bugs on my hardware?21:23
BUGabundoLinuxGuy2009: /topic21:23
BUGabundoLinuxGuy2009: the earlier you start the better21:23
BUGabundobeta will be prob to lat21:23
crimsunBUGabundo: "theme wise"?21:24
BUGabundoim not using ambience21:24
BUGabundobut new dust21:24
yofel!schedule | LinuxGuy200921:24
ubottuLinuxGuy2009: A schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule21:24
LinuxGuy2009Ok Im willing to start testing now.21:24
crimsunBUGabundo: I don't see how a gtk theme would affect the pulse alsa-plugin ...21:24
BUGabundobut the drawing of the bar, maybe21:24
LinuxGuy2009Thats one thing I hope will work on release. pulseaudio. Dread dealing with that. Ok Ill go download.21:25
crimsunBUGabundo: well, does pavucontrol emit gtk errors when started from a terminal?21:25
BUGabundolet me see21:25
BUGabundo(pavucontrol:5149): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot register existing type `gtkmm__GtkTextBuffer'21:25
crimsunBUGabundo: well, revert to ambience and reproduce it21:26
BUGabundonothing more then that21:26
LinuxGuy2009Do i need to do a hard drive install or can I just do testing on the live CD session and be ok?21:26
crimsunLinuxGuy2009: bare metal installs are always more useful, but solely the latter would help, too21:27
BUGabundocrimsun: it shows now21:27
LinuxGuy2009Ok I guess Ill be brave and just install. hehe21:27
crimsunBUGabundo: right, I'm not the caretaker of gtk theme boogs ;-)21:27
BUGabundocarry on21:28
LinuxGuy2009Where do i download Lucid from Ive never download a testing version.21:28
LinuxGuy2009NM got it21:28
yofel!daily | LinuxGuy200921:29
ubottuLinuxGuy2009: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:29
BUGabundoLinuxGuy2009: you can also upgrade those images with $ zsync21:30
BUGabundoso no need to re-download the all thing21:30
* BUGabundo defaults to Ambience and tries to stick with it21:30
LinuxGuy2009zsync something new? Ive used jigdo many times but never heard of the other before.21:30
BUGabundoI do like the dark menu21:30
jason_I downloaded ubuntu 10.04 alpha just to try it out but was wondering if I update through the update manager when 10.04 becomes stable will that work or do i need to reinstall with the stable version of 10.04?21:32
* duffydack likes ambience..21:32
crimsunjason_: just continue to update with whatever intended frequency, and you'll have 10.0421:33
crimsunthat said, it being a dev release, you probably want to check updates daily21:34
crimsunnote that I said "check", not "apply blindly"21:34
Mage__crimsun, do you think you could show me how to edit the file to get full surround sound? :)21:35
crimsunMage__: the what?21:35
Mage__crimsun, last time i was here you said that there was a way to get full surround sound, but i would have to edit some files.  since i can only get 2.121:35
jason_crimsun, that was my next question ... where do i check here?21:35
crimsunMage__: you've given me no actual context [for your hardware]21:36
Mage__crimsun, the asoundrc file you said i needed create a custom one.  my motherboard is a asus m2v, the sound card is an alc 66021:37
crimsunMage__: did you establish that speaker-test -c6 -Dplug:surround51 -twav does not work?21:38
BUGabundooh man.... ambience is toooooo bright21:38
Mage__crimsun, yes, i only get sound from the front left and right21:38
BUGabundoits burning my eye balls :(21:38
jason_crimsun, is it safe to update today?21:38
crimsunjason_: yes21:38
BUGabundojason_: seems so21:39
crimsunBUGabundo: indeed21:39
jason_crimsun, where do i find out when its safe for the future? here?21:39
crimsunMage__: I think you can take a bit of intiative and run the alsa-info.sh and proceed21:39
Mage__crimsun, alright i'll look that up21:40
BUGabundocrimsun: worse part: all changes  I try to do to the collor sceme make it WORSE21:41
Mage__crimsun, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=bd6c67411687998fcbab6373aa1fbfabca2e6942 there is the link it produced21:41
voidmagerhythmbox is segfaulting with "(rhythmbox:28480): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_sequence_get: assertion `iter != NULL' failed". No apport icon shows up in my tray, and when I try to report it I have options "interface is not working correctly", "no sound is being played", and "some audio files are not played correctly"21:57
voidmagenone of those seem to describe a segfault so I don't know how to properly report the bug21:58
solid_liquidanyone else had a problem with the computer locking up whenever the screen blanks?21:58
poseidonHey guys, I was trying to install kubuntu lucid lynx on my 64bit intel centrino 2, however after I selected install or to test without installing, my screen went blank22:06
poseidonI was using the alpha 3 build22:06
crimsunvoidmage: firstly, create a new user and reproduce the symptom.22:07
crimsunvoidmage: if you can reproduce the symptom, continue debugging with gst-launch playbin [..]22:07
poseidonI used the 64bit install cd22:14
yofelposeidon: I think I got the same here too, you could try a daily build22:16
solid_liquidposeidon, daily builds worked for me.  Everything before 10.04 daily gave me that same problem (including 9.10, 9.04, 8.10) on my new core i5 laptop that has the GPU integrated into the same package as the CPU22:19
BUGabundowhere is that little brat that kept murfing for two cycles about aptitude progress bar????22:58
BUGabundoyou are the root cause of Bug 515525, probably my only consistent bug in lucid22:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515525 in aptitude "aptitude assert failure: *** glibc detected *** aptitude: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08f9d658 ***" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51552522:59
yofelBUGabundo: you mean, output not progessing when screen too large?23:00
BUGabundohumm no23:00
xiambaxsorry i quit23:02
xiambaxdid anyone reply?23:02
seanbrystonexiambax, doesnt look like it23:04
xiambaxAh shucks23:04
thakHey, I was wondering whether the task bar volume control disappearing in lucid is expected behaviour?23:04
xiambaxThis noscanout is a bother23:04
xiambaxthe graphics driver is working23:04
xiambaxbut max rez is 600x80023:05
seanbrystonethak in a alpha *ANYthing* is "expected" but i'd check the bug reports to see if its been reported yet23:05
xiambaxit has23:06
infectoi have no sound under kde23:06
infectopulse audio should be first or last in Sound configuration?23:07
seanbrystonethak, you can check for bugs here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/23:09
thakYes, I've begun exploring...23:09
thakI don't see it, but I could just be searching for it incorrectly...23:10
=== francis is now known as Guest10472
Guest10472how do I try the new lucid theme please? do i need to download it seperately23:25
=== Guest10472 is now known as francis03
yofelfrancis03: they should be installed by an update (called ambiance and radiance in the menu)23:25
francis03yes I thought this but I updated to find nothing?23:26
JanCit worked for me23:26
francis03i get the new wallpaper at login but then it changes abckl to old one23:26
happyhoboThe new one is doofunkus23:27
JanCyou have to change to the new theme in teh Appearance applet23:27
francis03but I dont see them there, just the usual dust, sand etc23:27
yofelfrancis03: do you have 'light-themes' installed?23:28
francis03not sure23:28
francis03i just installed lucid to try the new themes, updated the system logged back in and all I see different is a new wallpaper at login nothing else23:29
happyhobofrancis03:  how did you miss the buttons on the left?23:30
francis03hehe they arnt on the left thats what I mean, they are on the right and its not the new ones its the old brown ones :(23:31
yofelfrancis03: well, can you check in synaptic if you have 'light-themes' installed, that's the package with the new themes23:31
JanCfrancis03: what theme is on the login screen?23:31
happyhobobrb you kooky crazy cats23:32
francis03yofel installing now =D23:33
yofelfrancis03: and if you have the 'ubuntu-artwork' package installed23:33
francis03JanC looks like a light one with the new purple wallpaper but then it logs in to the brown and orange  theme23:33
yofelfrancis03: actually... do you have 'ubuntu-desktop' installed?23:33
sahk0anyone having problems with networkmanager 0.8? i dont seem to be able to connect with it ever. in 9.10 it works great23:34
francis03yes already do yofel23:34
francis03whooo ambience is cooll23:34
infecto50% cpu usage playing hd avi by mplayer :)23:35
francis03but buttons still on the right =/23:35
BUGabundofrancis gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"23:38
BUGabundobah he left23:38
yofelsahk0: it doesn't seem to recognize my mobile phone anymore, but works fine for wifi23:38
sahk0the 9.10 has the best networkmanager ive seen. but 0.8 version in 10.04 doesnt  work AT ALL for me23:39
sahk0it never connects23:39
JanCanything in dmesg or syslog?23:39
yofelsahk0: what connection type?23:39
JanCmight be a driver issue too then23:40
sahk0JanC: didnt check yet tbh. i just booted back to 9.1023:40
* yofel would think so too23:40
JanCwhat wireless chip?23:40
BUGabundoI was using NM from ppa and it was fine23:40
BUGabundobefore it broke on dhclient23:40
sahk001:00.0 Network controller: RaLink RT286023:40
BUGabundoahhh ralink23:41
sahk0i downloaded 03/07/2010 netbook iso btw23:41
sahk0BUGabundo: what does that mean? :p23:41
BUGabundoit sucks23:42
BUGabundosorry,.... no ....23:42
BUGabundoits PAST sucking23:42
yofelsahk0: odd, I have a rt2860 too, but it works fine with knetworkmanager 0.823:42
thakWhat is the widget that controls volume called?23:42
BUGabundothak: Indicator Applet23:43
sahk0BUGabundo: i just care that it works (in previous versions)23:43
BUGabundolucky you23:43
thakWhat controls the applications that appear in the Add to Panel dialog?23:46
yofelthak: depends on what applets are installed I think23:46
thakand the volume control is indicator applet?23:46
Ian_CorneI forsee problems with people that upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and have remove indicator applet from the panel23:47
JanCralink is past sucking because it randomly works or not depending on the manufacturer's janitor's current mood23:48
thakSo, it has purposefully been removed?23:48
Ian_Cornewhat has?23:49
thakThe volume control?23:49
thakfrom the panel?23:49
sahk0it works very good with wicd all the time. plus it also works reliably with 0.8git-something 9.10 had. so it seems like a netwoorkmanager problem to me23:49
Ian_Corneit's merged into the indicator applet23:49
yofelthak: isn't that part of the indicator now?23:49
yofelah :)23:49
thakI don't know what the indicator is...23:49
thakWhat did the indicator do?23:49
Ian_Corneit showed an enveloppe23:50
Ian_Cornenow it does alot more23:50
thakI turned it off because it annoyed the crap out of me23:50
sahk0i will check  the logs now. bbiab23:50
thakThanks, now it makes sense23:50
BUGabundook, get seated23:51
BUGabundoyou are going to laught at this23:51
BUGabundoso, every distro and WM design team23:51
thakWhere would I re-add the new messaging center thing23:51
BUGabundofight to get rid of the notification bar, cause it was very much badly use and abused by all apps23:51
thakThat went next to the clock23:52
BUGabundoso now we are abusing the indicator?23:52
Ian_Corneindeed BUGabundo23:52
yofelBUGabundo: well, we have to abuse *something*23:52
Ian_CorneI don't really get it :p23:52
yofelpreferably the most popular bit of the panel23:52
Ian_Corneand it forces all these apps to put the entire menu on a left click23:52
sahk0hhm which file does networkmanager log into?23:53
thakSo, with the new messaging thing23:53
yofelsahk0: /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog I think23:54
thakIf you want to use Pidgin, will it work with that as well?23:54
sahk0syslog has entries indeed23:54
Ian_Cornemight have something too23:54
BUGabundothak: pidgin isn't even properly themed23:55
BUGabundolook at my screenshots at p.bugabundo.net23:55
BUGabundoyou get a WHITE background23:55
Ian_Corneempathy is the way to go BUGabundo !23:56
test34why the redirectect from bugadundo.net to posterous.net to bugadundo.net?23:57
* BUGabundo slaps Ian_Corne with a koala tail23:57
BUGabundotest34: ?23:57
BUGabundoits a work in progress23:57
BUGabundoI killed my old jaiku account that was the div in there23:57
test34ok just wonderign23:57
BUGabundoand yesterday I spent like 30 min _fixing_ it23:57
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: i'm stuck with my Milestone and it's non-free bootloader :(23:58
BUGabundomilestone is yet to be rooted23:58
Ian_Corneeverything is signed :(23:58
sahk0does this tell anything to someone? http://pastebin.com/LnSwrgqX23:59
BUGabundoyou read the bad news article on that?23:59
h00kdoes Gnome in Lucid have RGBA support?23:59

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