kwwiizacbarton: hey, I realized that I had tried your solultion before...if you change th font size things crazy01:05
kwwiithings *go* crazy01:06
kwwiianyway, time for sleep01:06
rippsHey, I was wondering if any of you artists would like to give me an honest this new gtk theme I made, it's based of the new Ambiance theme: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=12111802:47
ripps^honest opinion02:47
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comutamikehi guys - I'm struggling with packaging themes for Ubuntu - do we have any guidelines or notes on how to do it ?16:15
dashuaGetting used to these metacity buttons on the left side already after just a few days.  It's a actually quite nice.16:15
kwwiicomutamike: nothing of that sort that I know of, take a package and look at how it is done, copy that16:41
comutamikeI tried that with the ubuntu artwork package - I tried uploading my version of that to launchpad, but it complained about the rules file - wich was't in the source.16:44
sanderqdkwwii: would it be possible to add some spacing between the legacy systray icons, to make it look more consistent?16:44
kwwiiwell, ubuntu-artwork is not the package you should look at, I think16:44
kwwiicomutamike: what are you trying to package?16:44
kwwiisanderqd: yeah, I was thinking the same thing16:44
kwwiisanderqd: not sure how easily doable it is, but I will look into it16:45
comutamikeI'm trying to package some wall papers and themes - That's what in the ubuntu artwork package16:45
sanderqdkwwii: it works out nicely in gnome-shell, and the spacing can become clickable so that it's easier to open their menus16:45
comutamikeis there a better package i should use?16:45
vishkwwii: sanderqd: its being done in fedora , http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/wp/mclasen/2009/10/26/5-little-things/16:52
sanderqdyeah, was looking for their code16:52
comutamikekwwii: I'll try re-packaging - ubuntu-wallpapers packages...16:53
sanderqdkwwii, vish: mclasen's patch for fedora is here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34343617:03
ubottuGnome bug 343436 in Panel "gnome-panel should allow to set margin/padding for icons on panel" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]17:03
sanderqdthis has shipped in F12, hopefully it's not too late to include in U10.0417:03
thorwilso far the only adjustment of the Artwork section of the wiki to the new situation is the removal of my Numerals page17:13
thorwilexplanations of the new strategy as partly happened on Mark's blog should land in the wiki, too17:15
thorwilalong of checking whether the message/audience stuff still makes sense17:16
thorwilwould create a todo if only i could be bothered17:16
thorwiltroy_s: you're much too nice and open for those commentators on reddit17:18
troy_sthorwil: Lol.17:18
troy_sthorwil: I got a warning from the forums. I was rather shocked on that front.17:19
thorwiltroy_s: it's like a high-society gentleman trying to discuss greek philosophy with slum dwellers17:19
troy_sthorwil: I'm not very good with those high-society types. /me is from the slums.17:20
thorwiltroy_s: warning on the ubuntu forums? did you raise the level of insight into critical heights?17:20
troy_sthorwil: Lol. No. I just tried to respond politely to what seemed to be a knee jerk comment.17:21
thorwiltroy_s: just teasing you a bit. the contrast is there, though17:21
thorwilvish: just in case that isn't clear, i removed that myself17:22
vishthorwil: nah , i got that ;)17:22
vishthorwil: just today i was wondering about the numerals work you did and the revs it underwent..17:30
thorwilvish: i just file that as nice training17:30
vishthorwil: hehe , you should get into typography  ;p17:31
thorwilvish: what, should i get out just to reenter? ;p17:32
vishthorwil: lol.. i meant full-fledged17:32
vishhehe , noticed several comment on sabdfl's blog asking canonical to hire troy_s ;)17:35
thorwilyeah, i'm doing it wrong17:41
troy_sGod that would never happen.17:43
troy_sI'm well underqualified.17:46
thorwili'm about 2,5 meters sideways-qualified for about everything17:47
* thorwil leaves to move a fork to his mouth many times in succession17:48
knomehello thorwil18:27
thorwilhi knome. how is the mouse doing?18:27
knomehaven't moved much during the weekend18:28
knomewill get going again on monday when the design team returns to work18:28
knomei've been working mostly with the new website theme18:28
kwwiia mouse that doesn't move much must be dead ;)18:28
knomewhich is actually doing pretty well!18:28
knomekwwii, it's just paralyzed by my farts18:29
dashuakwwii, Fixed about 10 reported bugs and another 10 unreported for light-themes.18:46
kwwiidashua: wow, sounds good!18:48
dashuaI subscribed you to the branch.  Just let me know of any changes you need?18:49
dashuaIt's pretty easy to fix as it looks like a majority of the code is based on Dust ;)18:49
kwwiidashua: excellent, thanks! I'm heading out to the cinema in a bit18:49
kwwiidashua: indeed it is ;)18:49
dashuaHave fun :)18:50
kwwiiI will check it out first thing tomorrow morning18:50
kwwiiI hope to ;) you too!18:50
dashuaThx :)18:50
psyke83dashua: just took a look at your -refresh branch - is the combobox arrow part of the widget supposed to have that strong outline?18:55
dashuapsyke83, Actually no.  I wanted it to all blend in.19:18
psyke83dashua: it's caused by a combination of the border_colors and contrast engine settings for the button style (lines 129, 130... at least in Ambience)19:24
psyke83commenting the lines seems to fix the problem19:25
dashuaOk cool. Thx.19:27
dashuaAwesome.     Works great :)19:29
psyke83I'm not sure if you added the border_colors option to your refresh, or it was Ken and the other art people... but I think it slightly changes all button outlines when you comment it19:29
psyke83nevertheless, I think all buttons look fine (better?) with the lines commented :)19:30
dashuaI added the border_shades and colors for the dimensional look, but this works out better.19:31
dashuaSeems the combo isn't honoring the shades and colors even if added to combobox.19:32
psyke83well, the button style supersedes the combobox style19:33
psyke83it's something like GtkWindow.*.GtkComboBox.GtkButton19:33
dashuapsyke83, Do know any workarounds for Vino?19:34
psyke83what's the problem?19:34
dashuaIt's taking the tooltip_bg color making it unreadable from the dark purple.19:34
dashuaOpen Remote Desktop19:34
dashuaYou will see it.19:34
psyke83it may be possible to add a theme override, but this is genuinely a problem with the application that should be fixed in its code19:35
psyke83it would be less painful if it used the tooltip_fg_color as well19:36
psyke83dashua: the eXperience gtk engine is useful for problems like this19:38
thorwilvish: added manual title page tests to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Artwork (look for 2010-03-07 a to e)19:38
psyke83dashua: I'm checking it now, but here's instructions for reference: http://ebm.pastebin.com/9sYVCptP19:39
dashuaYeah, the only I could only come up with lightening the tooltip_bg but that takes away from the projected look.19:40
dashuaNice, Let me check that out19:40
psyke83dashua: 'Classpath: GtkDialog.GtkVBox.GtkVBox.GtkVBox.GtkHBox.GtkEventBox.VinoMessageBox : "tooltip"'19:41
psyke83so you can add a "*VinoMessageBox*" override, perhaps19:42
dashuaLet me try it.19:42
vishthorwil: > #u-manual19:42
psyke83dashua, this works: widget "*VinoMessageBox*" style:highest "murrine-tooltip2"19:48
dashuaHa cool19:48
dashuaJust tried this style "vino_bg"19:49
dashuafg[NORMAL] = @bg_color19:49
dashuawidget_class "*VinoMessageBox*" style "vino_bg"19:49
psyke83however, I can't make it change the tooltip_bg_color, only the tooltip_fg_color (so you can make the text white, for example)19:49
dashuaAnd the text is readable now19:49
psyke83right... it's odd that the bg can't be changed19:49
psyke83perhaps it's drawn by a different class19:49
psyke83it still doesn't look perfect (the progress ring is still in black, and is barely visible)19:51
dashuapsyke83, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/45705/screenshot_011_YCVGYy.png19:55
dashuaNot so good.19:55
psyke83just a sec19:55
psyke83dashua: it's better to patch vino, gimme a min20:01
psyke83dashua: is a bug for this issue filed yet?20:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533520 in light-themes "Unreadable hint in Remote Desktop Preferences" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:05
psyke83ok, I've modified the source and it now works fine20:12
psyke83however, I merely removed the code telling to use the tooltip_bg_color20:12
psyke83if I add code to make sure it uses the tooltip_fg_color, it may still look ugly20:12
dashuapsyke83, pushed those border fixes for the combobox20:28
psyke83no prob20:28
dashuaSo vino just has to be patched for this to work correctly?20:30
psyke83dashua: the style override in the gtkrc is messy20:36
psyke83I've attached a patch that removes the usage of the tooltip style20:37
psyke83result: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/1820/screenshotremotedesktop.png20:37
psyke83(that's not the ambience theme, but uses the same tooltip colours)20:38
dashuaAh nice20:39
dashuaWorks good psyke8320:47
psyke83considering the issue with that spinner not being visible when the tooltip bg is used, it's better that way IMHO20:48
kwwiiI am amazed that nobody picked up on the fact that the font is being created by one of the leading fontographers23:49

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