ircuserHow can I convert many text files to PDF at once ( into a single PDF document or one PDF file for one text file) ? I've got some 200 separate text files I need to print to PDF.02:38
HenryKirk_this is a test, just checking if all is working....Hello02:42
pedro3005ircuser, you could first make them all one txt file and then transform that to a pdf02:42
pedro3005cat *.txt > bigfile02:43
pedro3005i think that works02:43
ircuserpedro3005: thanks..trying02:44
ircuserpedro3005: is there any way i can put something like a === or **** between text contents of every two files while combining into one?02:46
pedro3005ircuser, hm, don't know then02:46
ircuserpedro3005: anyway thanks a lot.....02:47
pedro3005ircuser, np02:47
pedro3005HenryKirk_, hello02:47
HenryKirk_hi pedro02:47
ircuserpedro3005: however, what command can i use to print a tet file to PDF so that i can use like " <command> *.* "?02:48
pedro3005ircuser, you have to use a pdf converter02:49
pedro3005PDF isn't plain text02:49
pedro3005HenryKirk_, what were you testing?02:49
ircuserpedro3005: yes..thnks02:50
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HenryKirk_only that the irc connection is actually working, now that it is, I proceed to joining a ubuntu test group02:50
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mongoosedoghey guy i've downloaded  an extract thunderbid, as i can't get evolution to work, anyone know how to get it to run?08:24
pleia2mongoosedog: how did you download it? through the package manager?08:25
mongoosedogno off the site, and i got the linux version08:25
pleia2ok, in Ubuntu you'll actually want to download it with the package manager, not by downloading it from the website08:26
mongoosedogok which package there are heaps08:26
pleia2you can open the software center08:26
pleia2search for thunderbird08:27
mongoosedoggot it08:28
mongoosedogdin't pop up last time08:28
pleia2ok, once you install it through the software center it'll show up under applications > internet08:28
mongoosedogthank you08:30
pleia2you're welcome08:31
mongoosedoghmmm, same problem here too08:33
pleia2same problem?08:34
mongoosedogmy password that works for the webbased email, won't work on the thunderbird or evolution08:34
mongoosedogand the web based thing is horrible08:35
pleia2does the email server support pop or imap?08:35
pleia2what kind of error do you get?08:36
mongoosedogbad login08:36
mongoosedogafter i type my oassword08:36
pleia2might want to ask your email provider what username you need to use in order to use a client08:36
mongoosedogyeah i might call them i had it working back on vista, oh well thanks anyway08:38
* pleia2 nods08:38
robbmunsonhi boys....and girls :)10:00
leoquantrobbmunson good morning10:09
VotebotEveryone run its robb! :) (Only kidding, its him controlling me, and yeah im sure I will "get it" eventually, but meh, once is fun!)10:25
leoquant!Votebot quiet10:41
VotebotFactoid votebot quiet not found10:41
mongoosedogguy mt media tomb stopped working, i just moved my computer so it dont shutdown, Unable to connect Unable to connect11:36
mongoosedogFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at blah bla, any suggestion, oh does ubuntu have any firewalls and whatnot?11:36
mongoosedog      11:36
mongoosedog      11:36
mongoosedog      11:36
mongoosedog      11:36
mongoosedog      11:36
mongoosedog        11:36
mongoosedog        11:37
mongoosedog          11:37
mongoosedogFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at11:37
Yosmongoosedog, can you connect to other websites ?11:39
mongoosedogyes i can11:46
mongoosedogsorry went afk11:47
mongoosedogit's a bit odd11:50
Yosmongoosedog, then it sounds like a problem with the site (server) and not with firefox11:59
YosAnd yes, ubuntu comes with a very good firewall but by default, it is turned off afaik12:01
vinux_hello, My wireless mouse is getting detected but does not work...can anyone help please ?12:15
AJHunterI'm having trouble with the Facebook Chat Pidgin plugin. It keeps asking for my birthday.14:42
leoquantAJHunter is this a login plugin?14:46
AJHunterno, it's the actual chat14:47
leoquantah ok14:47
leoquantstrange asking bout your birthday, it is done in your account, looks like a bug to me14:48
leoquantdoes pidgin come with this plugin?14:48
AJHuntersorry... I accidentally closed pidgin... :-[14:50
leoquant: http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-facebookchat/wiki/FAQ14:52
leoquantlooks like a bug14:52
leoquantno answers/solutions there14:52
drubinwhy notjust use facebooks jabber chat14:53
drubinAJHunter: You can use pidgin to connect to facebook. and NO you don't need a pluging14:53
AJHunterI don't?14:53
drubinNope getting a link for you now14:54
drubinhttp://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php AJHunter14:55
drubinthere you got, explains how to connection via pidgin :)14:55
drubinAJHunter: If you need a hand give me a shout14:55
AJHunterok... trying it now...14:56
drubinAnd this is why we need a bot to remind others about links14:58
AJHunterThanks! It worked! But of course, no one's on...:-/14:59
AJHunterthanks! gotta go!15:00
drubinVotebot: fb chat is http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php15:00
drubino ye you can't do that15:00
vinux_hello, My wireless mouse is getting detected but does not work...can anyone help please ?16:16
ShadowKnighthi, i had a quick question. i wanted to download Amarok for ubuntu but the only thing i see is either debian or kubuntu. which one do i download? or is there another music player that is able to add music to an itouch?18:15
pedro3005ShadowKnight, are you on ubuntu right now?18:15
ShadowKnightyes i am18:15
pedro3005ShadowKnight, Click Applications then click Ubuntu Software Center please18:16
ShadowKnightk i did it18:16
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pedro3005On the search box type amarok18:16
pedro3005Select Amarok and press the arrow next to it18:16
pedro3005Scroll down and click Install18:16
ShadowKnightoh okay now it comes up. so i just press the arrow and install it?18:16
pedro3005You're done ;)18:16
ShadowKnightthank you soooo much :D lol. is this the best music player? im new to ubuntu so im trying to get the necessary software that i would need for my daily uses lol18:17
pedro3005ShadowKnight, yes. the ubuntu software center have thousands of good software this way, and you'll be downloading directly from their servers, no security risk or anything18:17
ShadowKnightoh okay, so i never download from websites, i just go there?18:18
pedro3005ShadowKnight, if it is there, it's recommended you install it from there18:18
pedro3005and normally, it WILL be there18:18
ShadowKnighthmmm okay then thats good to know then :)18:18
pedro3005Sometimes it's not there but you can download a .deb file. That is good too, just double click the file and click install18:18
pedro3005ShadowKnight, but many software you download manually for linux is just code that you have to compile, which is complicated for beginners and can generate a load of problems. So always use one of these two preferred methods and avoid compiling anything18:19
ShadowKnightoh okay then thank you for that. ill be sure to do those two methods only until i understand this18:20
pedro3005ShadowKnight, now, about players, there are many, you just have to see which you like best. There is Rhythmbox, which comes with ubuntu, there is Banshee, there is Amarok and others. All of these you can find on the Software Center.18:20
ShadowKnightokay ill look into all of them :) thank you so much :)18:20
pedro3005ShadowKnight, no problem. come back anytime18:21
jdeloachI have a problem with my DVI-to-VGA converter. Can someone help me? It's like the graphics card wont do it, as I have another graphics card that does it fine.19:09
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Phreajdeloach: dvi is backwards compatible with vga via such a convertor, so I dont think it's the convertor itself that's at fault [unless it's just broken somehow]20:17
KevinswensonHey, does anyone know how to create a group in terminal?21:21
drubinwell that wasn't fair giving us only 3mins to answer21:40
pedro3005drubin, I have answered him 'groupadd' lots of times21:41
pedro3005but it's for a homework assignment and I wouldn't spoon feed the answer for him (told him to look at the man page)21:41
Kevinswensonanyone on?21:46
Phrea[22:41:05]<pedro3005> drubin, I have answered him 'groupadd' lots of times21:47
stlsaintKevinswenson: yes21:47
Kevinswensoni still dont get it!21:48
nigelbKevinswenson: if its for a homework assignment, I would prefer that you learn than us spoonfeeding you the answer21:49
stlsaintKevinswenson: look at man page21:49
stlsaintor not it seems...21:50
Kevinswensonsorry trying to figure it out21:51
stlsaintKevinswenson: trash the man page idea...sorry was trying to give resources21:51
drubinnigelb: you can word that in a nicer way. Simply ask where he gets stuck and point him in the right direction21:59
nigelbdrubin: Didn't mean to be rude.22:00
drubinnigelb: you weren't :)22:00
Jesse1984Hi All, im a Linux n00b, and im trying to get my ATI graphics card on my laptop working, its a HP 8530p Core2 T9600, 4GB DDR2, 15.4 1680x1050 Widescreen display and mobility Radeon HD 3650. I have installed Karmic and it was running ok with full res to begin with but laptop was getting really hot, i have read in different forums that the proprietary ATI driver fixes the overheating, so i have been trying to get it working, fi23:42
Jesse1984rstly i used the hardware update tool GUI from within Karmic, rebooted, had a black screen, went into recovery mode, tried a heap of things nothing worked then found this command which sort of reset things i guess and allowed me to boot in with low vga mode : sudo apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx, then: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg -so from there i went here http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installa23:42
Jesse1984tion_Guide and followed the guide to install the prorietory driver manually by building the package, which all went through ok, then a black screen on reboot - now when i log into recovery mode my keyboard doesnt work (which was also happening the first time i went to recovery mode but some how i got lucky and kept rebooting then the keyboard started working last time, this time its not working again)... sorry for the massive23:42
Jesse1984 amount of info.. hope someone can help???23:42
celthundergive us a sec to read all that :)23:43
Jesse1984:) thx23:43
celthunderyou basically forced yourself into 16 bit mode23:44
celthunderand completely removed ati drivers23:44
celthunderso what do you want us to do?23:46
celthunderyou could get back in to where you originally first started by installing the open source ati drivers again23:46
Jesse1984just any pointers on where to go from here would be great :)23:47
Jesse1984yes, but the laptop was getting really hot, have you heard that withough the proprietary drivers laptops can overheat ?23:47

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