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CIA-3ubiquity: superm1 * r3896 ubiquity/ (4 files in 2 dirs):03:09
CIA-3ubiquity: Remove has_separator property from gtk dialogs to prevent a warning03:09
CIA-3ubiquity: from gtk.Builder when they are loaded.03:09
shtylmanhow man one human deal with all the launchpad email03:46
superm1filters :)04:36
Ou42hello, anybody home?06:10
cr3I'm getting an apt-setup/cdrom/failed error window when installing the desktop image today. is there a convenient way to get log files from the system being installed over the network? on the alternate, I'm used to calling httpd which is a simple script calling nc to open /var/log through http15:53
cjwatsoncr3: you could install openssh-server and scp them - just remember to set PermitEmptyPasswords yes, since the 'ubuntu' user has an empty password17:37
cr3cjwatson: I was hoping for a consistent way to retrieve information across alternate and desktop images, so perhaps I could simply run the same nc command as in the httpd script for the desktop install17:47
cjwatsoncr3: up to you, I guess that would work modulo slightly different list of files to fetch19:30
cr3cjwatson: good point, /var/log/syslog (alternate) != /var/log/installer/debug (desktop)19:31
shtylmancontains the language bugfix and greeter functionality ^22:40
shtylmana code review would be appreciated if there is time23:06
evI'm not convinced we need the "please choose the language to use for the install process" message.  It's a pretty straightforward interface.23:08
shtylmanev: think so? I dunno... cause the old message used to talk about selecting the language to continue... but the new one doesn't... and feel that it is a bit unclear (at least to me) what I am supposed to think about this random box with languages in it23:10
evshtylman: also, do you have any objection to using ubiquity/text/install_ubuntu instead of ubiquity/text/begin_install_button?  I think it's more consistent.23:10
shtylmanyea... by objection is that I feel the text "install ubuntu" is unclear... and feels like as soon as you hit it, it will perform the install23:11
evoem-config doesn't have any description text23:11
evit simply puts the languages in front of you23:11
evwith the theory being that if the text is in a language you don't understand, you'll find your language in the list and click on it23:12
shtylmanev: ubiquity/text/welcome_text_oem_user_label23:12
shtylmanlook at that template23:12
shtylmanI think thats what it uses... no?23:12
evonly because I missed that when updating the interface23:12
evI'm keen to strip the last line off that string23:13
evI don't want to overcrowd the interface with text to the point that people cease to read it23:13
shtylmanev: I think it is a very helpful line23:13
shtylmanright.. but in this case the text is actually telling you about an option23:13
shtylmanleaves all guessing aside23:13
shtylmaninstalling is important.. the user should never feel like they arn't aware of what is happening23:14
shtylmanjust my thoughts on it23:14
shtylmanI won't cry if it is taken out...23:14
shtylmanbut I did have a reason for adding it23:14
shtylmanlikewise for the "continue installation" text :)23:14
shtylmana valid concern is more text to translate... ill give you that23:16
evsure, which is why I asked if you had an objection.  I have no intention of trying to strong-arm you.  If you want to leave it in, by all means. :)23:16
evI still disagree, but I don't think anyone is going to complain of massive UI differences between the GTK and KDE frontends on account of a single line of text.23:17
shtylmanev: :) I would prefer to leave it just on the grounds that it makes things clearer (at least to me) ... but then again.. I wrote it... so I am biased23:17
shtylmanev: noted23:18
shtylmansomething I do want to look at tho... unrelated to these changes is the slowness in startup23:19
shtylmansomewhere there is a bottleneck... cause in my vm... when I launch the installer I can see the unreplaced text before it replaces it23:20
shtylmanlike its still thinking about something23:20
shtylmanI will need to investigate that23:20
* shtylman just finished yelling at my monitor... I think my neighbors think im crazy23:23
evshtylman: see my change to the GTK+ frontend on that23:25
* ev digs for the revspec23:25
evwe hide the text and language selector until they're ready23:25
shtylmanev: ahh.. I see.. interesting..23:25
shtylmanev: a nice fix... but I do wanna know why it takes a while for it to start up... is this internal behavior? or frontend specific?23:26
evthe page is shown as soon as it can be, not as soon as the text that's going to be displayed is known23:27
evbetween those two states is the running of localechooser23:27
evwhich can take a noticeable amount of time23:27
shtylmanI see23:28
evso roughly, start up ubiquity and its ui frontend -> run the d-i component for the language page (localechooser) -> wait for a the localechooser/languagelist debconf question to be asked -> build a translation map, figure out the default language, etc -> populate the UI with the language list from debconf -> select the default language -> translate and substitute (RELEASE, MEDIUM, etc) the instructional text, and now we're ready for the user :)23:33
shtylmanand this can't happen quickly? :p23:34
shtylmanI would think 2 cores of an i7 and 2 GB of ram.. it should be a _bit_ quicker than it is...23:34
evit's a lot quicker than it used to be23:35
shtylmanbut maybe I have unrealistic expectations... sigh23:35
evno, but it's a hard nut to crack23:35
superm1i think that is causing problems if you run ubiquity in non maybe mode where quit keeps focus23:36
evI've noticed the quit keeps focus thing as well23:36
evI suspect it's that we try to set the next button as the default but it's disabled at the time23:36
eva race of sorts23:36
superm1so maybe need to special case it that after the text gets substituted in and shown, reset next as the focused item23:37
evor perhaps we should always wait until next can be selected to make it the default?23:38
superm1that probably is the smarter way23:39

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