rwwbazhang: Mr. _cached is aka cyberbluntz, btw, if that helps jog your memory.06:32
bazhangrww, did not know he was banned, thought just removed06:33
rwwbazhang: that might be it. My mental bantracker is a little fuzzy on details ;)06:33
bazhangnope he's ban evading06:35
vishali am having a lot of issues with pulseaudio ... i am on kubuntu 9.10 (karmic).....system freezes, hangs, auto is garbled ...etc etc..........any one has any pointers for help?12:44
guntbertvishal: this is the wrong channel - please ask in #ubuntu12:50
rwwvishal: or #kubuntu, since you're using Kubuntu :)12:50
vishalok thank you @guntbert12:50
guntbertvishal: np - btw it helps to read the /topic of a channel :-))12:50
rwwIt entertains me that people presumably find their way here through #ubuntu's /topic, but don't read this channel's /topic :\12:51

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