sherrI have noticed this morning that someone called "Khazar" in #ubuntu-server has been making some extremely racist posts e.g. 05:14 UTC. Not sure if this has been dealt with, but the log is very ugly. Whoever this is, should be kicked and banned.07:40
persiaIt has been dealt with (unfortunately the response time was slow due to timezones: needed a european)07:44
persiaThe log won't be adjusted, in the interest of having true logs.07:45
sherrpersia: Thanks.07:55
xnoxtopyli: Hello. Can you please give an Ubuntu member cloak? https://launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov13:01
xnoxnhandler:I bet it's still night over in Americas but would you be able to give me Ubuntu member cloak? https://launchpadnet/~dmitrij.ledkov13:03
topylixnox, just a sec please13:05
xnoxtopyli: ok thank you =)13:05
topylixnox, confused, because launchpad doesn't show you as a member of the members team13:07
topylihow recently exactly did you become one? :)13:07
xnoxtopyli: I'm member of ~universe-contributors13:07
xnox~universe-contributors is a subteam of Ubuntu Members13:07
rwwtopyli: https://launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov/+participation , right column :)13:08
topylinhandler, niko, Pricey et al, can we have an ubuntu member cloak for xnox please?13:09
topyliso many are away it's almost like sunday! :)13:10
topylipoking VorTechS for good measure13:12
xnoxYeap =) this is the furthest I got actually past couple of attempts a few weeks ago noone actually replied on this channel.13:12
topylicheers for membership though!13:13
xnox=) thanks ;-)13:14
nhandlertopyli: Do we still need a cloak for xnox ?16:08
topylinhandler, yes16:09
* xnox is here =)16:09
nhandlerxnox: You are now all set16:12
xnox=) awesome16:12
xnoxtopyli: nhandler: thanks a lot!16:12
topylithanks nhandler16:12
crimsunthere's still a limit on the number of additions to a cloak that one may have, correct?17:34
guntbertsomeone in #ubuntu asked for "ubuntu translators channel" - is there one?17:41
m4vmaybe any #ubuntu-l10n-* channel?17:43
guntbertm4v: worth a try17:44
m4vuhm, there's only one?17:45
m4valis shows only u-l10n-es which is kind of strange, there were more17:45
guntbertm4v: thought so too17:46
m4vguntbert: #ubuntu-translators17:50
guntbertm4v: thx - care to tell me the search string you used?17:51
m4v/alis list *ubuntu*transla*17:51
guntbertm4v: so * work inside too !! great17:52
m4vI thought the naming convention was to use l10n for translating channels (like in mail lists) but it seems this isn't the case17:55
nhandlerguntbert: You need to use a * most of the time with alis when trying to find channels17:56
guntbertnhandler: yes, I'm used to using two - but just learned that three also work :-)17:56
m4vit seems you can add as many as you want17:57
guntbertm4v: in the light of that: probably17:58
m4vhum! #kubuntu-es contact's are erUSUL and p3l|c4n0? tsk tsk18:04
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