doctormopleia2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j5bbi-OzFY&feature=SeriesPlayList&p=6B32C3E77661668A02:07
mhall119|worknigelb: done02:35
nigelbmhall119|work: thank you :)02:35
mhall119|workabsolutely deserved02:36
nigelbmhall119|work: next time I should bug michelle for something  want from you ;)02:36
mhall119|worklol, yeah, that's pretty much the way to get me to do things02:36
mhall119|workshe's harder to ignore than evolution's notifications02:36
* nigelb is laughing too hard today02:37
mhall119|workforget notify-osd, I need to write notify-wife, I'll be far more productive02:37
nigelbnaah, you just need to hack notify to pop in your wife's computer than yours02:38
mhall119|workpleia2: it took us nearly 12 months to finish unpacking after the last move02:39
nigelbmhall119|work: whoa, thats a very generous testimonial, thank you :)02:40
mhall119|worknigelb: no it's not02:47
pleia2mhall119|work: I'm glad I'm not the only one :)02:48
nigelbevenin pleia2 :)02:50
pleia2hey nigelb :)02:53
nigelbpleia2: /me needs to work on the uclp course.  been lazy to write02:56
pleia2doctormo: hah!02:57
pleia2nigelb: yes :) I need that course to write mine!02:58
nigelbI suck at anything to do with writing, like blogging.  its just starting trouble02:58
nigelbwhen I get one good free day with piece of mind, will get it done02:58
nigelb(tonight seems like a good candidate, only engagement is a dinner out with a cousin)02:59
pleia2I will try to work on some stuff this week too03:00
nigelbpleia2: at some point we need to touch terminal ;)03:00
nigelbI sat and got a workflow written down on paper03:01
pleia2oh good03:01
nigelbI'm trying to write it onto a wiki for new contributors03:02
pleia2I have a wiki page created already03:03
pleia2"Complete details coming soon"03:03
nigelbyes, will add to that thing03:03
nigelbI have it on my bookmarks :)03:03
pleia2hm, we need to have a meeting sometime03:04
nigelbyeah, only thing we're all at wide apart timings03:04
* nigelb proposes pleia2 wake up early for the meeting ;)03:05
pleia2the ~2:00 UTC meetings we used to have still work fine for me03:06
nigelboh, not for me.  I'll be at work ;)03:06
nigelbor 00:00 UTC?03:06
pleia2I could do 00:00 too03:06
* nigelb will have to wake up early in that case03:06
nigelboh wait, 0000UTC is 5:30 am03:07
nigelbtoo late,03:07
nigelb2300 UTC03:07
pleia2that should be doable too03:08
nigelb4:30 am, is a beautiful time for a meeting.  fix it on any day and send a mail at least 24 hours in advance so I can set my alarm :)03:08
pleia2ok, I'll ask around to see if others can make it03:09
pleia2might end up with a doodle poll though03:09
nigelbwe'll keep it next week sometime then, so a week for the doodle poll03:10
mhall119|worknigelb: my testimonial wasn't generous at all, it's barely adaquate03:12
nigelbmhall119|work: haha, so you say.03:12
mhall119|workhey, it's my testimonial, so my say counts03:13
nigelbhaha, okauy03:13
nigelbpleia2: why isn't there 24 hours in a day?03:19
pleia2because that's the time range we've previously decided was good03:20
nigelbpleia2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/extra/video/p0069qmr03:26
pleia2the google wave crack was great03:31
nigelbpleia2: I finally decided to bite the bullet and take the session on contributing03:33
nigelbpleia2: can you get cp or dinda to give us a moodle demo?03:34
pleia2session on contributing?03:35
pleia2and sure, I'll see about lining up something in -classroom with cprofitt03:35
nigelbyup, added to agenda03:37
nigelbso, I'll get times and announce officially during meeting03:37
pleia2oh good, thanks :)03:38
* pleia2 wonders why the wiki didn't email her about the agenda update03:39
* nigelb thinks wiki is overloaded with the digg effect from new branding03:39
pleia2yeah, it's been misbehaving a lot in this way lately tbh03:39
pleia2terribly frustrating though, I depend upon these update emails03:39
nigelbpleia2: you're a geek, you can fix it03:40
pleia2can't fix something I don't have access to fixing :)03:40
nigelbset up a cron job to keep downloading it every 12 hours and mail you if it updates03:40
nigelbhaha, too geeky I guess03:41
pleia2but for all the wiki pages I monitor...03:41
nigelboh well, pain03:42

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