lifelesspersia: so01:12
lifelesspersia: I have dug01:12
lifelesspersia: its terrible code quality; terrible infrastructure01:13
lifelesscrying out to be autotools or some other HLL based environment01:13
lifelessthe .so files the iegd config thing makes are X 1.6 at best01:14
lifelessso 1.7 won't load them01:14
lifelessno obvious source :- cannot fix (except perhaps, by writing a 1.6->1.7 driver loader)01:14
persiaIs there a quick hack available like there was with the displaylink stuff?  (change a couple calling conventions for >> 6)01:14
lifelessI'm going to to back-burner this till 10.4 or whatever is released01:14
lifelesspersia: if I had source, likely.01:15
persiaOh, right.  Forgot about that bit.01:15
lifelesswe get kernel module source; not X driver source.01:15
lifelessterrible. anyhow, thats just a FYI01:16
lifelessStevenK: ^01:16
lifeless'do not try 10.3 on lucid, its a fail'01:16
persiaSo the conclusion is that it needs a weeks work to have a sane buildsystem, etc., and a couple days work to be compatible with modern X, but needs source for either?01:16
lifelesspersia: If I was upstream, its probably under a week to adjust the X driver to X1.7 - at most01:17
lifelessthe install script is GPL of all things; we could start fixing that now, but no public VCS etc make that a likely losing proposition01:17
lifelessWhat it /needs/ is X 1.7 compat - it passes the selftest for the new kernel modules01:17
lifelessthere is still a dedicated drm, but its now namespaced not to mess with other drm modules.01:18
lifelesseverything else is dealable with debian/patches or whatever we might choose to use.01:18
lifelessoh, and its non redistributable - the version I got anyway. So we'd need a mscorefonts approach to doing it.01:18
lifelessIt looks like its DKMS'able-with-some-effort.01:19
persiasmcorefonts+dkms+build-time patching sounds like sufficient pain as to deserve to wait until other things are sorted.01:19
persiaUnfortunate that the hardware involved happens to be inexpensive.01:20
lifelessno point until the blob they ship can work01:20
lifelessand popular01:20
persiaIt's only popular because it's inexpensive.  Even in environments where there *is* a working driver (e.g. hardy, jaunty, windows), the performance is apparently only acceptable.01:21
lifelessthe newer drivers manage accelerated mpeg, 3d games at ok frame rates01:21
lifelessfrom what I've read01:21
persiaIndeed.  "only acceptable".01:22
lifelesshowever there are plenty of CPU's more expensive than an entire poulsbo lapop01:30

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