Mage__Hey! they suggested I come here to propose programs for packaging.  Is this true?00:46
sistpotyMage__: partially, we're in feature freeze right now, so new programs will most likely only make it to lucid+100:49
Mage__Oh alright, well I just wanted to suggest two games to be packaged for the repository, not necessarily included by default00:53
persiaMage__: The freeze applies to things not included by default as well.00:56
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports00:56
Mage__Oh alright, thanks for the info:)00:59
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micahgpersia: I'm gussing a missing man page doesn't need an FFE?02:58
ScottKMissing man page is a bug.  No.03:10
micahgScottK: thanks03:10
YokoZarAre http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/pidgin-mbpurple  and http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/pidgin-microblog  competing packages of the same software or two different plugins with the same purpose?04:22
micahgYokoZar: same thing, apparently debian chose a different name04:29
YokoZarmicahg: actually I think they might be entirely different packages - different original maintainers04:30
YokoZarmicahg: here, I sent out an email to -motu04:30
micahgYokoZar: no, one was made in ubuntu, one in debian04:32
micahgsame upstream code04:32
YokoZarright that's what I mean04:32
YokoZarsame upstream, different packaging04:32
* micahg is not sure exactly what to do04:32
ScottKIf it's just Debian picked a different name, add a transitional package to the Debian one and ask to have our copy of the source removed.04:36
micahgScottK: will debian take transitional names for our packages or is that an ubuntu change?04:37
micahgYokoZar: did you want to do that or should I?04:37
ScottKmicahg: It's an Ubuntu change.04:37
ScottKIt can be dropped after Lucid releases.04:37
micahgScottK: the ubuntu package was in karmic as well04:38
YokoZarmeaning we need to at least have a dummy package04:38
ScottKmicahg: That's why we need the transitional package.  So that upgraders get moved to the new one.04:38
micahgScottK: ah, you meant in lucid + 1?04:39
ScottKmicahg: Yes.  In lucid+1 "after lucid releases".04:39
micahgScottK: k04:39
micahgYokoZar: so, did you want to do that?04:40
YokoZarmicahg: sure.  I'll email the person at the top of the changelog too04:40
Some_Personpbuilder can't build packages that depend on virutal packages?04:43
persiaSome_Person: It can, but packages should never depend on a pure virtual package: the dependency should always be of the form <real-package> | <virtual package>04:44
Some_PersonWhat if the real package isn't known by the packager?04:44
Some_PersonI'm trying to build a package where all I know is that it depends on gnome-desktop-sharp204:45
persiaSome_Person: Check your local apt cache.  I'm sure there exists some real package that provides that.04:46
Some_Personmy local apt cache?04:47
persiaSure.  You have an installed system for testing, right?04:47
Some_Personbut I don't know how to do what you're asking04:48
persiaSo, what package actually gets installed when you try to install the virtual package there?04:48
Some_Personall the ones it depends on, i suppose04:48
YokoZardo you mean metapackage04:48
YokoZaror virtual package?04:48
persiavirtual packages don't have dependencies.04:48
YokoZar*or dummy package04:49
persiavirtual packages are provided by non-virtual packages that may or may not have dependencies.04:49
Some_Personpbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: gnome-desktop-sharp2 which is a virtual package.04:49
YokoZarvirtual = named in a Provides line04:50
YokoZarmeta/dummy = depends on other packages, has no files but is a "real" package (is contained in a source package)04:50
Some_PersonI have it installed on my actual system though04:50
Some_PersonAccording to Synaptic, it is a metapackage04:51
persiaSome_Person: You can't have it installed.  virtual packages cannot be installed.04:51
ScottKmetapackages can, however, be installed.04:51
YokoZarpersia: apt-cache show gnome-desktop-sharp2 (on karmic) looks like a real package though04:51
YokoZaror rather metapackage04:51
jdongmain vs universe?04:51
persiajdong: Indeed.04:51
jdongyup, it's in universe.04:51
jdongSome_Person: your pbuilder likely is not universe-aware :)04:52
Some_PersonAh, so I need to add universe to my pbuilder then04:52
vishduanedesign: "patch"  ;)04:52
Some_Personthank you, it seems to be working now04:56
Some_Person(by that I mean it's downloading a buttload of packages right now)05:00
Some_Personnow how do I resolve this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/390092/05:15
Some_Personnvm, got it05:18
Some_Person(wow, that's the first time i've used netspeak in years besides 'lol')05:18
nigelbpersia: got some time? need a little bit of training :)05:40
persianigelb: As always, ask a question generally, and someone who is around may be able to help.05:41
nigelbi'm really not sure where this goes05:41
nigelbI'm trying to understand cdbs and dh and how to port from one to other05:41
nigelbwell, the desktop team has some plans for porting a few in lucid+1 cycle05:43
persiaBother.  We should really be following Debian on these.05:46
persiaWhat bits don't you understand?05:46
nigelbum, I was looking for a starting point to play around first05:46
persiaI'll encourage you to play with something else :)  Moving from one class of magic to another should be essentially invisible.05:48
persiaSo it's probably something like `dh --with gnome $@` that is the equivalent of including the gnome entry for CDBS, with the same lack of anything else.05:48
persiaBut getting into why and how is very in-depth.05:48
nigelbI guess this is not something I could learn fast enough then05:49
persiaWell, rather, learning how and why won't necessarily help you participate in migration.05:50
persiaYou could certainly learn, but unless you're planning to participate in the development of the magic, it has questionable value.05:51
nigelbactually when I asked seb what's there in desktop team todo, he referred me to this porting05:51
persiaPersonally, I think it's better for you to concentrate on other things until you've learned more.  Perhaps work with some CDBS and dh(1) packages to get a feel for how the systems work.05:51
persiaWith no documentation?  Go ask in #ubuntu-desktop for help then :)05:52
nigelblemme look for more unmet deps then05:52
persianigelb: Or help with patch review.  That always needs work, and I'm sure you encounter a fair number of patches in your work with bugsquad.05:53
nigelbah, yes.  I did plan on doing that 15 patches05:53
persiaThere you go then :)05:55
persiaSomething to keep you busy, and you'll surely encounter some CDBS and dh(1) stuff along the way which will help you understand how they work.05:55
nigelbah, that leads to a question I had earlier05:55
nigelbif a patch is submitted and upstream comment is awaited, what tag does it get?05:56
persianigelb: I don't know it gets a special one.  I just usually leave a comment that the patch is awaiting comment upstream.05:57
persianigelb: I think the workflow for that stuff needs work: maybe we can discuss it at the next bugsquad meeting, or on the mailing list?05:58
nigelbpersia: does reviewer's team have a mailing list?05:58
persia(and I think this is more on-topic in #ubuntu-bugs, although not entirely off-topic here)05:58
nigelbper topic would be #ubuntu-reviews I guess05:58
persianigelb: Yes, but it's crammed with all the bug comments (I don't subscribe)05:58
persiaOh.  Yes!05:59
persia(but I think it *should* be of interest to bugsquad and MOTU also)05:59
nigelbcan someone help me port a bug fix to karmic?08:03
persianigelb: Sure.  Which bug?08:03
nigelbbug 40102808:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401028 in papyon "telepathy-butterfly crashed with TypeError in b64decode()" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40102808:03
persianigelb: OK.  The first step is to nominate it for the target release.08:04
nigelbnominated for karmic08:05
persiaNext step is to get someone to approve your nominations.  I'll approve pymsn.08:06
nigelbits not pymsn I think08:06
nigelbits papyon08:06
persiaGrr, there's a bug :/08:07
persiaYou nominated both :p08:07
persiaI can't approve pymsn.08:07
nigelbubuntu-drivers have to approvE?08:07
persiaNo.  It's a UI issue.08:07
jdonglol yay launchpad bugs08:08
persiaNext check http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets to find out which team handles papyon08:08
hyperairarand: huh? .selected_editor? i haven't heard of that file before08:09
nigelbokay, ubuntu-desktop :)08:11
jdongat any rate, ping me when the SRU team needs to poke the bug08:11
nigelbjdong: will do :)08:11
jdongmy best friend authored the original patch, so I'm sure he'll nag me too when it happens :)08:11
jdongbut until then, it is 3AM and sleep would be nice08:12
persianigelb: So go get someone in #ubuntu-desktop to accept the nomnation for papyon08:12
jdongpersia: does the button that shows up under papayon not work?08:12
nigelbpersia: oh, well.  they tend to wake at eu timings08:12
persiajdong: For me it works too well.  I'm not a core dev, but LP things I am, and I can't accept the nomination for pymsn without accepting papyon.08:14
jdongpersia: ah, papayon shows up for me first and the approve-decline button under it seems to appear, though I'm afraid what might happen if I click it....08:15
jdongI'm not core-dev either08:15
nigelbany of the core devs can approve?08:16
jdongbut IMO nigelb can still continue preparing a SRU debdiff and preparing a SRU-able bug description in the meantime while we wait for the right person to press shiny buttons.08:16
persiajdong: Then you are also experiencing the bug I'm filing.  If you're around for a bit, I'd appreciate a confirm.08:16
jdongpersia: I'll try to keep my eyelids open for a couple more minutes then! :)08:16
persiajdong: True.  I want to file this bug: if you have time to lead nigelb through the next step now, that would be great.  Otherwise I'll get back to it in a bit (and it's day in the EU now anyway)08:16
nigelbpersia: desktop tends to take a break on weekends :)08:17
nigelbs/desktop/desktop team08:17
jdongnigelb: if you haven't already, please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure08:18
jdongnigelb: namely, (2) takes a chunk of time to write up08:18
* nigelb has second thoughts now08:19
nigelbhehe.. kidding08:19
jdongand for the mentioned "patch", a ready-to-sponsor debdiff is preferred08:19
nigelbbasically, I just add a comment and a ready to sponsor debdiff?08:20
nigelband the comment explains (2)08:20
jdongthat is correct.08:20
jdongand subscribe the ~ubuntu-sru team.08:20
nigelbyes, that would be understood :)08:21
persiajdong: It's bug #27169708:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271697 in malone "Javascript for approving / declining nominations is confusing " [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27169708:21
jdongpersia: thanks08:23
jdongok I'm going to sleep now08:23
persianigelb: Do you still have outstanding questions, or are you deep in the SRU process?08:24
nigelbpersia: deep in :)08:24
persianigelb: Excellent :)08:26
nigelbum, what does "sending a malformed SHA1C value via an msn_object avatar"08:27
persiabad checksum of some type, I'd guess.  But if you're doing an SRU, and you don't know, you get to learn.  It's always important to understand what you're doing.08:28
nigelbI was afraid you would say that08:28
nigelbnow I get to create an msn account08:28
nigelbbut if its merged in upstream code, do I still have to do all this?08:28
* nigelb feels lazy08:29
nigelband I have to reproduce the problem again too?08:32
persiaConsider that what you're doing will deploy code to millions of users.  Consider whether you want to be the person who broke stuff.  Now, consider whether you want to learn about this :)08:32
persiaWhy?  Surely it will help you be a better developer, and surely you'll derive enjoyment out of helping millions of users.08:34
nigelbyes, but signing up for another mail ID is not fun ;)08:34
* wgrant ended up creating two fake Passport accounts for debugging telepathy-butterfly.08:35
nigelbfake enough to share? ;) or reproduce this issue?08:35
wgrantNot that fake.08:36
nigelbhehe, I was just being hopeful ;)08:36
wgrantBut it's trivial to create extra ones, particularly if your mail provider supports + extensions.08:36
nigelbwgrant: can I ask for your help?08:42
wgrantnigelb: Sure.08:43
nigelbor else I'll have to create one more live id hehe08:43
nigelbcan you befriend my fake Id with your fake id?08:43
wgrantLet's be fake friends!08:43
persiaWarning: this is not an actual friendship.  It exists only for testing purposes.  If this were a real friendship, it would be evidenced by significant interaction.08:46
nigelbwe interact enough to be friends alpha08:47
nigelbwe'll get to the Beta stage once empathy decides what do with friendship requests on msn08:47
wgrant(progress is being impeded by it being just about impossible to add MSNP contacts in Empathy)09:00
nigelbpersia: wgrant have successfully gone on to Friend RC ;)09:26
nigelbthoughts on this explanation for an SRU http://paste.ubuntu.com/390209/09:44
skwashdhi all10:46
skwashdis it too late to push for a package to be synced from debian for lucid?10:47
persiahey skwashd10:47
skwashdhi persia10:47
persiaskwashd: Depends on the nature of the changes.  What package, and why?10:47
skwashdsolr because 1.2 is dated and debian testing has 1.410:47
skwashdi am trying to minimise the amount of stuff i need to port from debian for my own lucid repo10:48
skwashdpersia: and 1.4 has far nicer replication support10:49
persiaskwashd: Looking at upstream, it would need a freeze exception.10:50
persiaskwashd: And unless it's *much* better, completely stable, and doesn't have any reverse dependencies, the chances are low.10:51
skwashdpersia: checking debian bugs now10:51
persiaFinding a release critical bug is always helpful justification.10:52
iulianskwashd: Also, you might want to take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess.10:52
skwashdiulian: thanks ... i've got things through in the past ... will check it next10:53
skwashdok quick look at the debBTS suggests it looks pretty solid http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?src=solr10:56
skwashdthis ubuntu bug can probably be closed as WONTFIX ... 1.3 is no longer in debian ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/solr/+bug/32188910:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321889 in solr "Please merge solr 1.3.0+ds1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged]10:58
persiaskwashd: Or taken over to be the request for 1.4.10:59
skwashdpersia: happy to update it if you think that is the best way to do it10:59
persiaskwashd: The advantage there shows that a merge was started some time back, but not completed pending the resolution of build issues that 1.4 fixes.11:00
persiaskwashd: I think so, just because 1.4 fixes a FTBFS, and we would have sync'd 1.3 if we hadn't had a patch.11:00
persiaskwashd: Note also that I'm not convinced we *can* sync directly: one needs to consider if a merge may be required.11:01
skwashdpersia: i haven't gone back through the history of the ubuntu package ... about to pull up the debian/changelog in karmic in a sec11:02
persiaFrom the changelog it looks like it could be a sync, but some investigation and explanation is warranted.11:02
skwashdgot lots of tabs open11:02
skwashdpersia: comment added https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/solr/+bug/321889/comments/511:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321889 in solr "Please merge solr 1.3.0+ds1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged]11:17
skwashdpersia: should i sub ubuntu-release to it or just nominate it for release?11:18
skwashdor both? :)11:19
persiaJust subscribe.11:22
persiaWe tend to use nominations for past releases.11:22
persiaBut change the bug title :)11:22
skwashdoh yeah11:22
persiaThe description too :)11:22
skwashdalso noticed that tomcat5.5 has been dropped from lucid11:23
skwashdso hardy solr-tomcat users have no upgrade path11:23
persiaThen maybe it needs a different patch :)11:23
skwashdno ... debian ships solr-tomcat that depends on tomcat611:23
persiaMaking the metapackages handle the upgrade patch cleanly is another good argument for update :)11:23
skwashdshould i prepend FFE to the title?11:24
nigelbum, any idea if brian will be around today?11:24
persianigelb: He often doesn't spend much time around on the weekends.11:27
nigelbpersia: I thought so.11:27
nigelbtake a look at bug 40102811:28
skwashdpersia: i think i am all done on it now11:28
skwashdlook right to you?11:28
nigelbit seems ken already attached a karmic debdiff11:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401028 in papyon "telepathy-butterfly crashed with TypeError in b64decode()" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40102811:28
persiabug #32188911:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321889 in solr "Please merge solr 1.4.0+ds1-1 (universe) from Debian testing/unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32188911:28
skwashdgot 1 week before beta1 freeze :)11:30
persiaskwashd: You need an explanation of why the prior Ubuntu patch can be dropped.  The rest looks good.11:30
persianigelb: Excellent.  Just shepard it through then.11:31
skwashdpersia: comment 5 doesn't cover that or it should be in the description?11:32
* persia rereads11:32
skwashdpersia: Solr 1.4 (1.4.0+ds1-1) is in debian unstable and testing. Ubuntu has been shipping 1.2 since hardy.11:33
persiaskwashd: No.  You need to identiy the prior patches and why they are no longer required, specifically.11:33
skwashdoh the ubuntu patches?11:33
skwashdnow i get you11:34
nigelbif someone replied to me, I missed it.11:42
skwashdpersia: you mean the section titled "Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:" from the changelog at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/solr/1.2.0+ds2-5ubuntu1 ?11:42
skwashdquick check the of debian diff they are both no longer needed ... and have justified that in the comment i am about to post11:43
skwashdanything else i need to add? don't want to add 4 comments in ~1hr to the same but with no follow ups ... people will start thinking i talk to myself11:44
persiaskwashd: That's usually it.  Wait for response from the release team.  They will advise if more is required.11:53
nigelbwhen building a debdiff for sru, I make it against the release that we are proposing SRU?12:08
persianigelb: ${release}-proposed12:09
nigelbcan you take a look at bug 40102812:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401028 in papyon "telepathy-butterfly crashed with TypeError in b64decode()" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40102812:12
nigelbthere is an attachment, 401028.debdiff which seems to do the job12:12
persianigelb: Almost.  Needs to be against karmic-proposed.12:14
persianigelb: Also, needs SRU team ack.12:14
persiaAll the justifications, test case, etc.12:14
nigelbI put that there12:14
persiaAnd it needs upload.12:14
persiabut the sponsor can s/karmic/karmic-proposed/ : that's not worth redoing the debdiff.12:14
nigelbno more changes right?12:15
persiaYou need someone to approve the nomination to karmic.12:15
persiaThat solves it for the papyon task.12:16
persiaThe pymsn task is entirely separate, and needs different thought.12:16
persiaSo, pymsn appears fixed upstream: I suspect it's also fixed in lucid (needs a double-check of changelogs, etc.)12:16
nigelboh well desktop team member is here )12:17
nigelbchrisccoulson: need a nomination approval :)12:18
chrisccoulsonnigelb - a bug nomination?12:19
nigelbyes, bug 40102812:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401028 in papyon "telepathy-butterfly crashed with TypeError in b64decode()" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40102812:19
nigelbthe papyon task.  there is already a debdiff attached.  you only need to change karmic to karmic-proposed I guess12:19
persiachrisccoulson: If you want to accept or decline, and LP won't let you, make a comment indicating your determination, and I'll approve the nomination.12:20
persia(this would be a bug if it is required)12:20
chrisccoulsonpersia - thanks. LP let me approve the nomination for papyon though, so i've done that now12:21
persiaOh cool.  I feared there'd be a bug about packageset teams.  I'm glad to hear it just works.12:21
persiachrisccoulson: For extra points, feel like sponsoring Ken's debdiff (after retargeting to -proposed)?12:22
chrisccoulsonpersia - i'm not sure how it works at the moment, I don't seem to be able to approve nominations for all packages i can upload to12:22
chrisccoulsoni will review the debdiff there today though12:22
persiachrisccoulson: There's a bug.  You might have been able to approve it because of bug #11019512:23
nigelbyou want a new debdiff, let me know12:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 110195 in malone "Nomination for a release on one source package shouldn't affect any others" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11019512:23
persiachrisccoulson: Have you filed a bug about not being able to approve some nominations?  If not, please do so.12:23
nigelbpersia: 1 down 2075 to go, *sigh*12:23
persianigelb: you picked a hard one to start :)  Most are easier.12:24
chrisccoulsonah, right, the bug has a task against pymsn which is in universe. that might be why i could approve the papyon nomination then12:24
persiaRight, but you should have been able to anyway, because you can upload it.12:25
nigelbwhy is there is a pymsn task there?12:29
nigelbbecause i dont find what pymsn has got to do with this12:30
nigelbthe whole bug is with telepathy-butterfly and python-papyon.  where does pymsn come to the picture at all?12:32
nigelbor am I looking at it wrong?12:32
persianigelb: Maybe one could also use pymsn?12:32
persiaMaybe pymsn also has the bug?12:32
persiaNote that there was an upstream task marked "Fix Released" for pymsh.12:32
nigelbthe bug was opened against telepathy-idle12:32
nigelband the deb is also against butterfly12:33
nigelbsomeone who's not even in bugsquad changed it12:33
persiaAs is the upstream task, although incorrectly attributed.12:33
nigelbI was getting there :)12:33
persiaWell, you could make the pymsn tasks Invalid (with an appropriate comment)12:33
nigelbor change to telepathy-butterfly?12:34
persiaOr ask pedro, who set the pymsn task triaged (and this belongs in #ubuntu-bugs)12:34
nigelbI suspect pedro only saw that upstream task was opened and set it to triaged12:35
nigelbhe goes through loads of bug reports12:35
nigelboh no, someone subscribed reviewers instead of sponsors? bug 45867713:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458677 in file "File report iso image application/octet-stream" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45867713:18
nigelbpersia: can you unsubscribe reviewers from this bug ^13:24
nigelbI'll subscribe sponsors13:24
nigelbah, fixed that one :)13:28
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
nigelbpbuilder does not use a patch system?13:59
hypera1ras in pbuilder's source package?14:02
nigelbthere is that bug that does not allow building a sid chroot14:02
hypera1rpbuilder appears to be a native package.14:03
hypera1rno patch system needed/possible14:03
nigelbah :)14:03
hypera1rjust make the changes directly14:03
nigelbI thought that might be it14:03
* nigelb puts off for later.. sigh14:05
* hypera1r wonders if lucid is worth upgrading to yet14:08
sebnerhypera1r: sure, never used something else :P14:09
hypera1rsebner: how can you not have ever used something else?14:09
hypera1rmaybe i'll upgrade tomorrow night14:10
sebnerhypera1r: I mean, I'm using lucid since the repo opened14:10
hypera1rthat sounds assuring14:10
sebnerhypera1r: (virtual) life without breakage is b0ring14:10
hypera1rand that sounds not so assuring14:11
hypera1ri kinda need this machine to work.14:11
sebnernow you see where the excitement starts :P14:11
hypera1rsebner: too much excitement leads to a shorter life.14:59
sebnerhypera1r: It's *positive* excitement :P15:00
geserwho wants to live forever?15:00
hypera1rnot me. =p15:00
Nafallogeser: vampires15:00
hypera1rbut i'd like to live for a considerable amount of time.15:00
hypera1rNafallo: who says vampires like their immortality?15:00
Nafalloand zombies don't really care... they just die and live and die and liv...15:01
* sebner doesn't need immortality but the other abilities of vampires :P15:01
Nafallohypera1r: well, that's why they are vampires in the first place... immortality.15:01
hypera1rNafallo: that doesn't mean they *want* to be vampires =p15:02
Nafallothe blooddrinking bit they can do as regular humans if they'd want too...15:02
gesersebner: like getting burned to ash in sunlight?15:02
hypera1rgeser: that's not an ability.15:02
hypera1rbut yes, i'd like the other abilities as well15:02
Nafallowhat would be the other abilities? :-)15:03
hypera1rthe ability to go without sleep?15:03
geserhypera1r: so you would prefer to be a "daywalker"?15:03
hypera1rsure i would15:03
Nafallohypera1r: the hulk has strength. probably more so than vampires.15:03
hypera1rNafallo: vampires are cooler. hulk's... big.15:04
Nafalloand vampires sleep in their coffins during daytime, no?15:04
Nafallosebner: http://content6.flixster.com/question/57/74/63/5774636_std.jpg <-- not a vampire15:05
Nafalloso not mutually excluded to them :-)15:05
Nafalloregular humans can have it.15:05
sebnerNafallo: ????15:06
sebnertransformation into a bat15:06
hypera1roh yeah! that'd be cool15:06
hypera1ri'd like to be able to fly =p15:06
Nafallowell... seen batman!? ;-)15:06
hypera1rmeh =.=15:06
hypera1rhe can't fly.15:06
Nafallohe's not a vampire!15:06
hypera1ri'd like to fly15:07
Nafallofor flying I'd propose someone like superman :-)15:07
Nafalloso basically a specific kind of alien.15:07
NafalloI like vampires eyes though... not sure it'd be worth giving up life for though -)15:09
Nafalloand not all vampires can fly btw ;-)15:09
sebnerguys, we tend to drift off a little bit .. *OT* :P15:10
hypera1rhmm i don't mind being superman, minus the responsibilities15:10
Nafallosebner: oh. I thought "Masters Of The Universe" was all about comics, but you're proably right ;-)15:11
hypera1rthen i don't need to wait for those damned buses in the morning15:11
hypera1rNafallo: =D15:11
geserthat http://www.video123.net/something-new-section/ we be a coffin for a modern vampire :)15:11
sebnerWe should be called Masters of Disaster though :P15:11
hypera1rsebner: disaster? why so?15:12
sebnerhypera1r: see our talk xD15:12
sebnergeser: wanna have :D15:12
hypera1rsebner: what talk?15:12
sebnerhypera1r: the last 15 minutes here15:14
hypera1rsebner: i don't see how that's considered disaster =\15:15
sebnerhypera1r: we a obviously not doing serious talk/work :P15:15
Nafallosebner: bonding... "team building exercise"15:16
* hypera1r agrees heartily15:17
=== hypera1r is now known as hyperair
sebnerNafallo: hehehe, right but I'm wondering when the next will complain that we are OT. On the other hand it's sunday and it seems everybody is lazy anyways15:17
hyperairsebner: actually i usually do most of my FOSS work on weekends =\15:18
BlackZhow can I import my personal pgp key in gnupg ?15:18
sebnerhyperair: heh, yeah but I was referring to the chan activity15:18
sebnerhyperair: .. and again I'm wasting my time here instead of studying xD15:21
hyperairsebner: as am i. >_>15:21
geserBlackZ: how did you create the key?15:21
hyperairsebner: well then, i'm really off to study this time.15:21
BlackZgeser: with gnupg, and I have uploaded & confirmed it in launchpad15:22
sebnerhyperair: that motivates me too :D15:22
hyperairsebner: shutup, stop pinging me and go study >:O15:23
BlackZgeser: but I haven't it now as my personal pgp key15:23
sebner!ohmy | hyperair  :P15:23
ubottuhyperair  :P: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.15:23
* hyperair attempts to put a fierce face to scare sebner into studying15:23
hyperairsebner: urusai!15:23
* sebner hides15:23
sebnerhyperair: bacca!15:23
hyperairthat's baka.15:24
geserperhaps we should ban sebner from this channel till his exam15:24
sebnerhyperair: damn15:24
sebnergeser: hehehe, same goes for hy15:24
sebnergeser: hehehe, same goes for hyperair15:24
iulianAnd hyperair. *G*15:24
* hyperair runs away15:24
geserBlackZ: what you mean with "personal pgp key"?15:24
geserwith sebner gone he can't highlight hyperair anymore and distract him :)15:25
* hyperair coughs.15:25
hyperairand there you go highlighting me15:25
sebnergeser: you are mean :P15:25
* hyperair glares15:25
sebnergeser: and hyperair distracts me and not the other way round :P15:25
BlackZgeser: the pgp key. If I import it from keyserver.ubuntu.com it doesn't work - in seahorse is listened as "Other keys"15:25
BlackZso I can't sign packages with debuild15:26
geserBlackZ: you need the private (secret) part of the key which is also generate together with the key15:27
BlackZgeser: I have lost it, where can I found it?15:27
geserin your backup15:27
geserwithout the secret part your gpg key is useless15:28
BlackZok, so I must recreate it15:29
geserso you lost the secret part after you registered the key in LP?15:29
geseras you need the secret part to decipher the mail from LP15:29
BlackZgeser: exact, but I can check also if I think I'll not found it, btw I have signed a package for the upload on revu with the old key. Should I change the key in that package?รน15:30
* geser points BlackZ to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto just in case15:31
geserBlackZ: as long as REVU still knows your (old) key, you can upload already signed packages to REVU (but obviously don't sign new ones anymore)15:34
BlackZgeser: can I re-sign it with new key?15:38
nigelbI'm trying to propose an SRU for debootstrap for the bug that doesn't let building a sid chroot in pbuilder16:13
nigelbwhen I add entires to the changelog, it should read karmic-proposed?16:13
ScottKnigelb: Yes.16:19
nigelbthank you :)16:19
nigelbso, testing would involve me creating a karmic chroot?16:19
comutamikehi guys - I'm stuggling trying to package wallpapers and themes.  I've tried copying the format used in the ubuntu-desktop package but I'm stuggling - mainly to do with the rules file.  Do we have any guides somewhere?16:30
geserBlackZ: yes, debsign thepackage_source.changes17:00
gesernigelb: is the bug fixed in lucid?17:01
nigelbgeser: yep17:01
gesercomutamike: where are you stuck?17:04
BlackZgeser: if I should modify a package (debian/control) and in (debian/changelog) is present the line: package (1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low should I add (1.0-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low with dch -i ?17:05
geser1.0-2ubuntu1 (it's the first Ubuntu modification to 1.0-2)17:06
geser(and versions should be monotonous increasing)17:07
BlackZgeser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/390453/ can be it ok so?17:10
geserBlackZ: mostly yes, the changelog entry itself is almost ok (missed the # before the bug number). But we shouldn't update the standard-version for packages imported from Debian (it has no real benefit but only increases the Ubuntu delta) and I hope you thought of updating the maintainer field (it shouldn't be documented in the changelog entry)17:13
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
nigelbanyone can confirm bug 533369?20:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533369 in debootstrap "Fails to debootstrap squeeze chroot due to missing apt-get" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53336920:34
cody-somervillepersia, re: "Confusing intertwining of Ubuntu Development teams for Membership", alternatively couldn't we make any team that should grant membership a direct member of the ubuntumembers team?21:24
randomactionI'm looking at mit-scheme, which is a package that build-depends on one of its own binaries. It was bootstrapped using a .deb from Debian back then for feisty, and this patch has been kept in a couple of merges. This is not good, is it?21:25
cody-somervillepersia, I think this provides a number of benefits including making it easier to audit to ensure only teams intended to give membership give membership.21:25
debfxsiretart: could you please ack the keepassx sync request (bug #533873)?21:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533873 in keepassx "Please sync keepassx 0.4.3-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53387321:47
nigelbcan someone help debug this build error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/390671/23:27
geserfor which ubuntu release do you try to build?23:33
nigelbits for an SRU request23:35
gesertry logging in into your pbuilder "pbuilder-dist karmic login" and see what happens when you try to "aptitude install debhelper"23:42
nigelbgot the trouble23:44
nigelbit was a rogue line on pbuilderrc that I created to test a bug23:44

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