gnomefreakbug 45814801:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458148 in lightning-sunbird "Thunderbird and Sunbird claim to be able to open PNG , JPEG and GIF files" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45814801:25
micahggnomefreak: yes?01:30
micahgyou want that closed for TB3?01:30
gnomefreakmicahg: yes and lightning-sunbird01:30
micahggnomefreak: k, well, I'm preparing a new TB3 upload this weekend, so I'll fix it01:31
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks01:31
micahgas for sunbird...we'll have to see if we can get to it01:31
gnomefreakmicahg: i wouldnt bother for 0.9 unless there are other fixes. if i get time i will run through some of the 0.9 bugs and ill see if i have time to look at them01:32
micahggnomefreak: definitely not..as we need to release 1.0 in lucid for TB#01:32
gnomefreakgood point i forgot tb3 and 0.9 dont work01:33
micahggnomefreak: I don't know if I'll get to the tb-dev headers this weekend, probably next weekend01:33
micahgthis weekend I have to finish getting xul192 ready for lucid01:34
gnomefreaki thought you finished that already01:34
micahggnomefreak: yes, but the build system needs adjustment01:35
micahgfennec and prism won't build without extra files01:35
* micahg wonders if we'll need a maildev build system as well01:36
* gnomefreak brb01:47
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micahg[reed]: around?03:25
[reed]micahg: yeah03:27
[reed]micahg: what's up?03:27
micahg[reed]: do you know a good way to see what commonalities there are between extensions?03:28
micahgboth prism and greasemonkey are preventing firefox 3.6 from launching twice03:28
[reed]hmm, no... hmm03:29
* micahg checks upstream build...03:29
micahgalso broke on upstream build...03:30
micahgat least on an old profile03:30
micahgIt's weird, I have no problem with greasemonkey in a new profile03:31
micahg[reed]: what's related to compatability.ini in the profile?03:31
ddecatori have no problems with gm or prism...03:32
micahgddecator: prism from daily build?03:32
ddecatormicahg, yes03:32
ddecatorgm doesn't work on 3.7, but doesn't hinder it at all03:32
micahg[reed]: yeah, if that file is removed, it starts once03:33
micahgso I figure it's updating a sqlite db somewhere03:33
micahgand there's a mismatch03:33
micahgbut not sure how to test03:34
ddecatoralright, time to try songbird in safe mode...04:05
ddecatorwell now it's working...04:09
ddecatornvm, no it's not...04:15
ddecatoranyone debug songbird before?04:41
micahgddecator: no, have you tried a new profile?04:41
ddecatornot yet, i've tried safe mode, checked the error console, and ran it in the terminal with no errors, but i'll give that a shot04:42
ddecatorstill not working right...04:48
micahgddecator: can you give me the package version?04:51
ddecatormicahg, 1.5.0~a~svn20091001r15096-0ubuntu1~usd104:52
micahgddecator: the only quick thing I can try is to respin that version of the package04:53
ddecatormicahg, up to you, i can use rhythmbox for now, i know you have a lot of packaging to do this weekend04:54
micahgah, it was never built for lucid04:55
micahgsuccessfully that it04:55
micahgI'll respin this oen04:55
ddecatorthanks much04:55
micahgif I can find the .dsc...04:56
micahgoh, right it was removed :(04:57
ddecatorno go?04:57
micahgyeah, no go04:57
micahgI'll try to fix songbird before lucid is released04:57
ddecatoralright, np, i'll just keep using rhythmbox until i see an update for it04:57
ddecatori really want to get the packaging thing figured out so i can help you guys with stuff like this...04:57
micahgddecator: well, the current issue is patch rebase(easy) and make the build pull only add sqlite in addtion to the files it's already pulling04:58
ddecatormicahg, haha, see i have no idea what that means...04:59
micahgddecator: anyways, you're helping a lot with the bugs04:59
ddecatormicahg, good. now that i'm starting to feel better i'm hoping to get more work done on that front. however i still want to learn packaging at some point. persia's "easy steps" were over my head so i'll need someone to walk me through it sometime haha05:00
ddecatorafter all of these major deadlines have passed though and i'm not worrying about finals05:02
ddecatormicahg, not sure which channel would be best to ask this, but are there any upstream mozilla devs i should know and work with, or shouldn't i worry about that?05:55
micahgddecator: don't worry about it for now, a few are in here05:55
ddecatormicahg, alright, thanks05:56
tvwI am using thunderbird 3.0.  Since today, thunderbird does not allow me to enter text into the message body of a new mail. I wonder why?14:36
tvwRestarting resolved the problem. I tried this before, but I guess, that there still was a stale process left, so it really did not help at first time.14:39
tvwOops, the problem occurred again: When I try to respond to an AOL-mail from my sister, I cannot edit the message body. But not only for the response but for every mail I try to write. I have to restart thunderbird to solve thist problem.14:45
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micahgasac: available for a few questions?21:21
cousteauhow can I install thunderbird 3 in jaunty?23:28
micahgcousteau: right now only the daily PPA23:30
micahgcousteau: we'll have a thunderbird-stable PPA soon23:30
cousteauok, thanks :)23:30
micahgfta: do you remember where the clean targer for the xulrunner build system is?23:39

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